Killer Bean Unleashed

4.7 (1.2K)
237.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Killer Bean Studios, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Killer Bean Unleashed

4.72 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
3 months ago, streatchy cat
Perfect game
Killer Bean unleashed is the best mobile game in my selection at this moment, because of it’s difficulty, killer bean unleashed isn’t like any other games that is easy to beat this game challenges me and that is why I love it I recommend Killer Bean Unleashed to anyone who is up to the challenge and most of them fail but that’s why they keep on playing. The challenges of Killer Bean Unleashed has helped me to learn how to overcome challenges in my own life such as work, school, sports, Killer Bean Unleashed taught me to figure new ways to approach the challenge in a different way and how to dominate and beat what ever challenges is facing me just as in this game you have to think out side the box on how to complete the level and it has been very helpful to me. Thank you Killer Bean!
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6 months ago, The killer beannn
I am the bean
Ever since I started playing killer bean unleashed I have been going outside at night and killing beans and by beans I mean Mexicans and when I do after the deed is done I say you just got killer beaned and this game is truly a masterpiece I have dumped all of my children’s college money I have been saving up over these past few years into investing in the killer bean franchise next is when I die I will donate my body for the production of Killer bean unleashed 2 over all this is a great game and I would play it 10x over if I did not spend all my money on this game anyways yall killer bean out.
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10 months ago, igotamassivedick69
woulda gave the game 6 stars if i could
i have no words. this game is easily the best game i have ever played. playing it makes me feel like THE killer bean. after downloading, i instantly became crazy buff, tonna money fell from the sky, and all the women want me. not only did the game bring me success, but it brought me happiness. everytime i open the app and the incredible music starts to play, i cry a tear of happiness. i can feel the warmth in my heart grow everytime i shoot down a enemy bean. this is the real way to live, the. the way of killer bean.
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2 months ago, ochyboy
Make more levels
Make more levels the néw dungeon feels like playing the same level over again no fun’s Make more mad level . Hundred of more levels will be appreciated I love the game so much
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8 months ago, Ohyemuate
Fun game, could use some tweaks
Game is great, although I think that maybe it would be fun if you could make a coin system (maybe you get coins for kills) and you can use those coins to permanently unlock the weapon upgrades. I also miss the survival mode.
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7 months ago, tony-ze duck
cool game needs to be fixed tho
its a great game and everything but BUT not enough check points thats my only complaint also could u make a online killer bean?like an all out game for online people to go vs each other
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8 months ago, kirbymage
This games make me feel like THE KILLER BEAN super fun. After watching all the ads it’s a blast even while watching the ads it was all worth it recommended.
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3 months ago, Killer bean is the best
It killer bean like who doesn’t like killer bean he is better than John Wick
The game is difficult but fun because it is killer bean the best action movie ever in this game is the best action game ever
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10 months ago, Rgribeiro2009
This has to be a hidden gem
This brings out the vintage feel of old games and uses the killer bean character soooo welll, love this
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11 months ago, xoxpxy
New update
When is the new update is coming out am done with this with 3 stars
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1 year ago, stoneymaloney77
Killer bean made my whole childhood
Best of the best and most of the kids now days wont understand it and only legends know ;)
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2 months ago, Star Biano!!!
They didn’t allow me to change the gun
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1 month ago, I play ur game123
Can you do this
Can you add a sandbox mode and survival mode please and thank you also I love the killer bean movie
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1 year ago, Mexican9999
Let’s gooo!!!
I was checking the game and then found out that there was a massive update. That’s amazing!!!
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11 months ago, hgcsscvhjnvx
Wastage of data
Why is it that anytime I unlock the armors, they get locked the next day, like WHY!!!!. It’s disheartening wasting data on unlocking it everyday. More so you’ve to do more levels coz I’ve completed all the levels, so I’ve to wait every 24 hours for new dungeon level
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11 months ago, skedo 001
Why is it that the weapon you buy today have to wipe off in the second day I don’t like that but the game is awesome
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2 months ago, R r am
Best game
I enjoy this game when your bored you can play it
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7 months ago, Ltd2019
Please add controller set
I love this game and playing it. I want to be able to play it with my backbone controller.
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2 months ago, Pablo Tee
I want to upgrade the game more
I want to upgrade the game more
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10 months ago, plain scholar of hairy castle
Changes that will make the game feel more enjoyable
Please let Killer Bean punch, kick, and crouch please!!
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2 months ago, ColdRasherLasher
This game is so amazing
I love this game alot and how much is the killer bean game on the computer?
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12 months ago, Rowix
Very bad games
Don’t try to download it Anytime I open all the weapons with my data On second day they will locked everything back Don’t try to waste your data on this games Bad games even bad luck
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1 year ago, KFCman456
Good update
I’m glad the game is still being supported!
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1 week ago, yuououiuoyhgghhuffxwggcfh
Incredible game
I love this game and recommend it to anyone
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1 year ago, clutchmaster 63
Killer bean unleashed is truly superior
This game is the definition of what a mobile GAME SHOULD BE
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1 year ago, livelikemorgan
I love this game sooo much. Can’t wait for the update 🔥
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3 months ago, @REDTHEKILLER4444
I love playing this game
Love red
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6 months ago, gfrry(857
I hate this game
It’s such a waste of storage when I plug it in just install it I think it’s very fun but suddenly it gets boring and it’s really dumb
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4 months ago, Bad game".......
I love bean’s. Easy five stars.
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2 months ago, alliciakey
I open up all weapons with my data and the weapons will reset tomorrow that is rubbish now
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5 months ago, djdjndhd
This game gets all beans “ Decaffeinated”-Killer bean
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11 months ago, sisisusususususususususus
I like eating and killing beans
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4 months ago, Kxng_doc
Purchasing ammo
Am having difficulties purchasing ammo need to fix that
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7 months ago, Jepekei Jr
I love it … it’s the best version of all
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8 months ago, lifethencard222
Best Game Ever
I Played This Game, Good Game.
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4 months ago, chardude19000000
Bad game
I think I would give a 5 if it was ragdoll
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1 month ago, Swedi OG
This game is good
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9 months ago, fvcbvfj
I saw the movie and it was beutiful and this game beutiful
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1 month ago, S.dollar junior
Love it
Love it
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8 months ago, tee chase
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9 months ago, Holy crap I can't think of one
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4 years ago, Amazing, but buggy
This game is great! I would love to see a sequel.
This game is very interesting. It follows the plot of the movie Killer Bean Forever, keeping the story in order, having you play as Killer Bean fighting against the Shadow Bean association. I love the level design and weapon options, but I feel that there should be a token system or something instead of so many ads. If you were able to buy new guns by unlocking them with tokens (or just simply buying them with in-app purchases), it would not only add on to the game, but also serve as a way for you to make money off it. With more weapons and ways to unlock them, this game can become bigger and better. As for the game’s physics, I think they’re pretty good, but can use some improvements. Maybe adding a walljump for better mobility and making Killer Bean’s movement a bit smoother can help improve it. The writing could also have a bit more work. It doesn’t sound as good as the movie and comes across as more of a comedy than what we loved about Killer Bean. It was a silly idea with a serious attitude. It was unique, but didn’t focus on comedy. Overall, this is a great game and while I’m not quite finished with it, I really enjoy it. With some more work, I would love to see more movies and games. I would love Killer Bean: Reloaded!
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4 years ago, Liberalhater606
I might cream
This game is something else and I have to tell you the graphics aren’t the best part of the game. First, the compelling gameplay and platforming mixed together in a hybrid of fun and chaos with the family friendly factor also included for the younglings. Second, the guns and story which are indeed very good and it wouldn’t surprise me if a triple A studio stole the story from this amazing title and the guns are something else I tell you the fire and ice weapons are so good with verity for people who are in to that stuff (not gonna judge) but yeah I’d say the developers did really good. Third, this game really helped me connect with my father who has ptsd we really got to share moments of sadness, anger, and happiness but then he had an episode because of the guns and died in a gang shoot out in San Francisco. In the end, this game has changed my life and many others so I hope you check it out and enjoy it for what it is.
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4 years ago, anonymous philosopher.
I came into this game with an extemporaneous mindset. Came out awakened!!!!
Upon immediate arrival I was galvanized by the distinct quality exuded from this game. This programmer is one of the most reputable vendors I have come across ever! Though arcane, certain qualifiers are shown that resemble those of AAA class titles such as: 1. High end realistic physics programming. This imperative feature immersed me to the point of flabbergasting disbelief. I couldn’t believe how realistic it is!! 2. The story. The story has everything, Heartfelt emotion, romance, revenge, relatable characters, a discord contrived by a boss who you love to hate, a satisfying ending... what else could you ask for?!? Minutes after I entered the world it came quite clear to me It would be pretentious to claim that this game is anything short of a modern masterpiece. You’re immediately presented with contravention, you must act quick, make difficult decisions and let go of what your character one loved... it’s too difficult to explain the fantastic epiphany without superfluous malapropisms so all I can do is swear my eternal recommendation! Get this game, the beneficiaries will change your life!!!
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8 years ago, shine4362
Old school platform fun!
I've never heard of the movie this game is based upon but I luv a good platform game so I thought I'd give this one a try. It's fun enough but a tad frustrating. It takes forever to earn coins and I'm perfectly willing to watch the offered videos to earn the allotted 200 coins per day except it doesn't seem to be available anymore?? There a message that tells us that the vid is not ready, come back in 1 minute. That minute never seems to be up. This leads me to wonder if the Dev(s) are even doing updates on this game anymore , it's been around for awhile and I haven't seen any changes. It would be nice if we could shoot in different directions (up/down) since all the enemies are able to do so. It's kind of an annoying disadvantage to the player.... and of course, please fix the video so we can obtain coins or at least make it a tad easier to do so. This is a cute/fun game but I only play it when I'm bored with other things simply because it takes way too long to obtain other weapons.. etc. Thanks :-)
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3 years ago, KillerBeanFan69420
Even thought it has been 8 years since the release of this master piece, it still holds up to its name, the graphics are short of amazing, the controls are better than going to Disney land but then noticing you can’t be within 3 miles of the theme park. I hope this game gets a sequel of the game AND the second episode of killer bean. My boy killer bean got that swagger, his guns are more beautiful than my last relationship, and my relationship was pretty ugly. The enemies have some crispy guns, but nothing compares to the two UNITS that killer bean has on his back. The difficulty in this game makes it feel like dark souls, it’s difficult but doable, though I feel like the enemies’ bullets hit harder than being friend zoned. Overall, this game has a variety of beautiful content, and I think everyone should play this, even embryos.
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3 years ago, Fruitie tooty
I do not know about this game
1st of all it does not even have a store like I see but I can see the bullets but I can not buy or watch an AD for the special bullets I have no store in mine and 2nd of all the levels are really a bit too hard I just keep on dying and dying and dying and it is starting to make me upset and mad at this game and it is a great game but it is a bit too hard and the shop is not showing up in the menu and it is just too hard without the special bullets other than that it is and ok game a little bit short of a game but I have not beat it yet because of level 5 it is so hard without the special bullets that’s why I want the shop for the special bullets so yeah that’s all I have to say about this game it is a bit annoying and hard because of no special bullets once again but other than that it is really good and really fun sorry that this is so long but I fell to have to get this off my shoulder and hope you can fix this game thanks :D
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3 years ago, choppygraph
Good game and fun but it needs some fixes
So I’ve watched killer bean and I’ve seen most of everything to come with it, once I noticed a game came out I decided to get it, it’s still a fun game but there are some bugs as I see, I can’t buy any thing nor can I get any power ups. Everyone I see doing it online somehow has a shop in the main menu and I don’t. So I’m stuck with the normal and magnum bullets and I can’t complete any levels :edit: I was playing some more and found a few more bugs, I can get ads when I fail a mission but o can’t watch any ads when it comes to the power ups, also apparently whenever you get hit you can’t move and I get killed with it a lot, lastly when I spawn in on some levels the beans will start shooting me immediately and I die and fail
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3 years ago, ZAKBRANDS
Incredibly Inbalanced
I love the Killer Bean movie, but this game doesn’t do that justice. The gameplay is very uneven and has an extremely exaggerated difficulty level. Some enemies flinch from getting shot while others endure a barrage of bullets just to keep shooting you down. The concept itself is simple fun but it becomes nearly impossible unless you cheat. Also, there is no way to access the other power ups, as it says that there are no videos available. There should be a progress-based mechanic behind the acquisition of power ups. Hoping this gets a more balanced update in the future. I enjoy a difficult game but not at the point where I literally cannot even play the game.
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3 years ago, Dominic Caywood
One special weapon, fifteen bullets
This game claims to let you watch ads to gain significantly more powerful weapons, but time and time again I try to watch these ads, but I guess at this point in the game killer bean studios has given up on collecting ad revenue, therefore making you go through the entire buggy game with the starter weapon and fifteen bullets. It took me about 6 hours to complete level 4 with 3 stars, and I can’t even get through level 5 because you spawn in with no special ammo and Major Firepower misses a grand total of zero percent of his shots. This special ammunition needs to be unlock able through leveling up or some kind of point system with the stars. Otherwise, the game is completely unplayable past level 4 and, while it may be a bit fun regardless of the consistently bad mechanics, should be deleted from the player’s mobile device.
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