Killer Bean Unleashed

4.7 (1.2K)
237.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Killer Bean Studios, LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Killer Bean Unleashed

4.72 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
1 year ago, streatchy cat
Perfect game
Killer Bean unleashed is the best mobile game in my selection at this moment, because of it’s difficulty, killer bean unleashed isn’t like any other games that is easy to beat this game challenges me and that is why I love it I recommend Killer Bean Unleashed to anyone who is up to the challenge and most of them fail but that’s why they keep on playing. The challenges of Killer Bean Unleashed has helped me to learn how to overcome challenges in my own life such as work, school, sports, Killer Bean Unleashed taught me to figure new ways to approach the challenge in a different way and how to dominate and beat what ever challenges is facing me just as in this game you have to think out side the box on how to complete the level and it has been very helpful to me. Thank you Killer Bean!
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1 year ago, The killer beannn
I am the bean
Ever since I started playing killer bean unleashed I have been going outside at night and killing beans and by beans I mean Mexicans and when I do after the deed is done I say you just got killer beaned and this game is truly a masterpiece I have dumped all of my children’s college money I have been saving up over these past few years into investing in the killer bean franchise next is when I die I will donate my body for the production of Killer bean unleashed 2 over all this is a great game and I would play it 10x over if I did not spend all my money on this game anyways yall killer bean out.
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2 years ago, igotamassivedick69
woulda gave the game 6 stars if i could
i have no words. this game is easily the best game i have ever played. playing it makes me feel like THE killer bean. after downloading, i instantly became crazy buff, tonna money fell from the sky, and all the women want me. not only did the game bring me success, but it brought me happiness. everytime i open the app and the incredible music starts to play, i cry a tear of happiness. i can feel the warmth in my heart grow everytime i shoot down a enemy bean. this is the real way to live, the. the way of killer bean.
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4 days ago, Biller Kean
This game saved my life
Before I got this free, no money required at all, I was in the worst slump of my life. My dog died, my dad died, my mom died, I lost everything that I could I think of. But within the darkness, this game showed the light with its righteous stupidity. The beauty within every frame, every second, every passing second, I rose from the ashes like phoenix. 10/10 game would recommend.
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9 months ago, Luckypre15
What a amazing game
This game and movie has been one of the best works of art I’ve seen in a while not only is this game fun but is also very interesting because kinda like a mini sequel to the movie and the pc game is going to be a banger
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5 months ago, Marelis polite
Peak mobile game
The only reason I gave it four stars is because the "watch to continue" mechanic. can you guys add a coin currency like after you complete a level you get 100 or 200 coins? and whenever you die on a level, you have the choice to exit the level, watch to continue, and place 100 coins.
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12 months ago, ochyboy
Make more levels
Make more levels the néw dungeon feels like playing the same level over again no fun’s Make more mad level . Hundred of more levels will be appreciated I love the game so much
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1 year ago, Ohyemuate
Fun game, could use some tweaks
Game is great, although I think that maybe it would be fun if you could make a coin system (maybe you get coins for kills) and you can use those coins to permanently unlock the weapon upgrades. I also miss the survival mode.
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1 year ago, tony-ze duck
cool game needs to be fixed tho
its a great game and everything but BUT not enough check points thats my only complaint also could u make a online killer bean?like an all out game for online people to go vs each other
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8 months ago, 4BoyalovesKB
You should make it a sandbox mode where after you finish all the levels, you can make your own! Other than that it’s a great game!
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1 year ago, kirbymage
This games make me feel like THE KILLER BEAN super fun. After watching all the ads it’s a blast even while watching the ads it was all worth it recommended.
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1 year ago, Killer bean is the best
It killer bean like who doesn’t like killer bean he is better than John Wick
The game is difficult but fun because it is killer bean the best action movie ever in this game is the best action game ever
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2 years ago, xoxpxy
New update
When is the new update is coming out am done with this with 3 stars
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2 years ago, Rgribeiro2009
This has to be a hidden gem
This brings out the vintage feel of old games and uses the killer bean character soooo welll, love this
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2 years ago, stoneymaloney77
Killer bean made my whole childhood
Best of the best and most of the kids now days wont understand it and only legends know ;)
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1 year ago, Star Biano!!!
They didn’t allow me to change the gun
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11 months ago, I play ur game123
Can you do this
Can you add a sandbox mode and survival mode please and thank you also I love the killer bean movie
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2 years ago, Mexican9999
Let’s gooo!!!
I was checking the game and then found out that there was a massive update. That’s amazing!!!
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2 years ago, skedo 001
Why is it that the weapon you buy today have to wipe off in the second day I don’t like that but the game is awesome
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1 year ago, Ltd2019
Please add controller set
I love this game and playing it. I want to be able to play it with my backbone controller.
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12 months ago, R r am
Best game
I enjoy this game when your bored you can play it
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12 months ago, Pablo Tee
I want to upgrade the game more
I want to upgrade the game more
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10 months ago, Da best video game
I wish it was killer *wink*
I wish the cut scenes showed killer bean walking to levels
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2 years ago, plain scholar of hairy castle
Changes that will make the game feel more enjoyable
Please let Killer Bean punch, kick, and crouch please!!
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12 months ago, ColdRasherLasher
This game is so amazing
I love this game alot and how much is the killer bean game on the computer?
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2 years ago, KFCman456
Good update
I’m glad the game is still being supported!
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8 months ago, naztuv
I hate killer bean
Your lucky I even gave you a star killer bean. I’m going to find whoever made this game and make sure they sleep with one eye open for the rest of their lives. I’m gonna hunt you down, whoever you are.
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10 months ago, yuououiuoyhgghhuffxwggcfh
Incredible game
I love this game and recommend it to anyone
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2 years ago, clutchmaster 63
Killer bean unleashed is truly superior
This game is the definition of what a mobile GAME SHOULD BE
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2 years ago, livelikemorgan
I love this game sooo much. Can’t wait for the update 🔥
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2 months ago, boogah12345
So fun, especially when you get amazing bullets😍😍😍 I love it
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8 months ago, magnus xchange
Good Game
But we need all the guns please add all the guns
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1 year ago, gfrry(857
I hate this game
It’s such a waste of storage when I plug it in just install it I think it’s very fun but suddenly it gets boring and it’s really dumb
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5 months ago, Mrssimpekware
My childhood now am a young teen
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1 year ago, @REDTHEKILLER4444
I love playing this game
Love red
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1 year ago, Bad game".......
I love bean’s. Easy five stars.
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12 months ago, alliciakey
I open up all weapons with my data and the weapons will reset tomorrow that is rubbish now
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1 year ago, djdjndhd
This game gets all beans “ Decaffeinated”-Killer bean
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1 year ago, Jepekei Jr
I love it … it’s the best version of all
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1 year ago, Kxng_doc
Purchasing ammo
Am having difficulties purchasing ammo need to fix that
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4 months ago, YOSHIpuppetvr
Best game
Best game of 2023 and 2024 with 9/10 or 29/30
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1 year ago, lifethencard222
Best Game Ever
I Played This Game, Good Game.
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1 year ago, chardude19000000
Bad game
I think I would give a 5 if it was ragdoll
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2 years ago, yemskid
Killer bean
Killer bean
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2 years ago, fvcbvfj
I saw the movie and it was beutiful and this game beutiful
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2 months ago, jane Charlotte
Mr Oladejo
It’s cool and interesting
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8 months ago, Texwire22
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5 days ago, Hxfuuzxyychvh💐💐💐
That’s just it
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11 months ago, Swedi OG
This game is good
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6 months ago, Wish this game was good ish
The ads to play the game bad
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