Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

4.7 (214.3K)
153.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Glu Games LLC
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

4.68 out of 5
214.3K Ratings
3 years ago,
love, but needs improvement
i love this game, but some of the main things i don’t like about it is the energy, and k-star offers. to begin with, the energies are somewhat agitating and they take way too long to refill. it takes 5 mins to refill ONE energy out of 22 energies. i feel like instead of it taking 5 mins for one energy, that they should change and allow for it to be 5 mins to refill 22/22 energies so that our events could go smoother, quicker and more efficient. consequently it costs real life money to buy energies as well as to buy more K-stars. moving onto the K-stars and its offers.. basically if you don’t have K-stars you’re basically classified as broke because almost everything in the catalog is worth K-stars, it also costs K-stars to buy energies too, but you have to buy K-stars with real life money as said before; or you could otherwise— watch ads which only give you 1 K-star per vid, or also you could do offers which make you have to either take surveys which take long or making a purchase and which if you’re like me, i know you wouldn’t want to purchase something in real life just to get a certain amount of K-stars. all in all, i just think they should do more to support their users by giving them more K-stars, and energies because those are everyone’s weaknesses, so they should cater to that since people are taking their time to play their game (and the people who buy their K-stars/energies).
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3 years ago, E__P__H__
I love this game
This game is not only very addicting but it’s fun to grow into a big celebrity. Their are a few things I wish I could change about this game though. I wish that it didn’t take as long to get energy and that some items were cheaper. i also wish that all of my time durations didn’t take as long. because it takes like 8 hrs and then i run out of energy so i get off the game and sometimes i forget to come back or i can’t come back and the time for the event has ran out and i lose fans. There are a lot of things i really love about this game though. Overall i would say my one major complaint is that it takes too long. For another example i’ve been playing this game for 6 months and I go on dates with my husband in the game almost everyday and I still don’t have the option for a baby yet. Part of this is because i don’t have enough energy with wanting to complete events and hang with my hubby. The game is kind of realistic though because these things don’t just happen over night. So good job Kim i’m proud and i love this game. And if you are reading this trying to decide whether or not to get the game, i would for sure. It is free unless you want to pay for the extras (and I haven’t which is another reason why it’s kind of slow to get places) but it’s still super fun. Just remember to have patience.
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3 years ago, BeautygoddezzV
K-stars, Cash, Energy
Well for starters I never thought I’d be playing this game😂 but quarantine. I feel like this game needs some improvement as well. I know you trying cater to everybody but you know for the people who don’t have the cash to buy k-stars or cash(money in real life) there should be other ways to make k-stars except for the offers(that make us pay) or offer a little more K-starts or energy for goals Or reduce the price on certain K-star or cash items. I feel it’s kinda ridiculous I have all this cash from earning that I can’t spend it unless it’s over 10,000 on a Decent shirt or even can barely decorate all the home the game makes me buy . The shop should have less K-stars more cash items. As far as the energy goes like another comment said maybe the goals shouldn’t be timed ? Yea I get it’s supposed to be like real life as well but it’s a game sooo I feel we either get more time and earn more stars and have the energy for it or we just loose a lot of fans for getting 3 stars and wasted all our energy. So I feel they shouldn’t be timed or even make it where the stars we earn from the energy can make a bigger impact. Overall it’s a good game, just wish it was less k-star items in the shop, more cash items, more energy refill time and the ability to have no time limit or shorter energy refill time . Not everybody can buy a monthly subscription for VIP or pay to buy cash, k-stars or k-stars for energy.
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9 months ago, Thicclynne
Addicting but could be better
I’ve been playing this game for a while now, and some things I’ve noticed would dramatically improve the game. For instance, the daily gift boxes. I realize there may be some better gifts than others, but this game seems like there are a handful of them are common and you get more often times than not. It’s so frustrating. I’ve had over 60 green dyes at one point, because of all the times I’ve gotten it in randomly. That’s a lot of dyes for not even a very flattering green. Every day I get to have a chance at a random gift box, I feel like I can say I’ve gotten green color dyes more than anything. And for whatever reason, I can’t mix the dyes yet in my game though I’ve heard thats a thing. You should be able to sell them back, or something. That brings me to the currency. You don’t get enough lol. Most items are stars or diamonds and you get VERY few in the game unless you spend real money. So you almost feel like you have to spend real money to get what you really want, and you might still not even get it then. Diamonds are hardly ever given as rewards yet the Kollections cost 12 a piece and go up in price every time you try?! It’s pretty bogus to me and you end up with random bits and pieces of outfits all the time. It can cost 24 diamonds for one play, yet you get one or two diamonds in gameplay maybe every now and then And heath regenerates so slow too! Makes it hard to do events at your businesses if you own multiple.
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6 years ago, Yolanda lady luvin
Play everyday
I love this game so much, I've been playing it for years. Everything about the app is great- I love all of the choices you get to make! I will say that k-stars are incredibly hard to come by, especially for how much things are. I have spent a good amount of money on this game, and I don't regret it, but I can't do it forever! I wish some things were a little cheaper (like a baby!) Also, i wish the babies were more interactive, like I could take them out with me where I go (like the pets) and also maybe more baby-involved gigs? It would be nice, especially since baby's are so expensive and there's not really anything to do with them... Additionally, my entire feed is eight hour gigs, and all my dates are 8 hour dates. With energies taking 5 minutes for just 1... it takes way too long to completely events / dates and way too long for the energy to build up again just so you can go on another long event / date. I wish there were more 3 hour / 6 hour ones, that would be way more manageable and plausible. I also think the tab with all of the businesses you own would be so amazing! Sometimes I forget about my businesses I have so many, lol. (And their locations because i forget about those too, with there being so many different locations.
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2 years ago, themlschoonover
Ripped Off! 😤
I’ve basically been playing this game since the very beginning, so I remember when the SYS (Show Your Style) events weren’t a thing and when the original SYS events lasted a full week+ and weren’t occurring every week/weekend. At first, I didn’t like it because it was encouraging players to spend more; however, I quickly realized I had more opportunities to gain new items for my closet. It’s always been fun, until it wasn’t. I’ve been RIPPED OFF *THREE* times now participating in the SYS event- two times I had submitted outfits before the time expired, but never received the votes for them; the third one I had enough votes for 3rd place but got pushed down to 10th place once the votes were all finalized and counted (ie before rewards are collected). As a result of both of these instances, I went from being at the gold level to demoted to the 3rd silver level (meaning I wasn’t/am not eligible for all the prizes in the following event). The most recent occurrence of this happening was this morning (Thurs. November 11) … the most frustrating part is the fact that I had THREE outfits not count, one of which came from a purchased ticket, and I was only ~10ish votes away from leaping over the player in front of me (which would have placed me into gold standing eligibility). Until this app stops taking advantage of me, and starts giving me what I’ve earned, I’m only giving it a 3/5 stars.
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3 years ago, Giselle1018
Improve and Update for Mac READ PLEASE!!
I love this game but there are a lot of things this game could be improved by. First of all why does it take so long for energy to refill it makes not even want to play because the whole point of a game is to get you to play, to get your attention but with the time it takes to complete one task and for the energy to refill then people get bored and forget about the game. Second why is everything so expensive! I understand this is based on Kim kardashian’s life but we don’t all have that life and if you do want to leave the price of everything how it is then at least make the events and gigs pay better because the money that I get from events I have to then spend it on the next events with energy to be able to accomplish them so I’m not really gaining enough money or k-stars to buy anything like business or clothes that could help me improve my status or don’t put a limit on how many free videos we can watch to get money, energy and k-starts. Also there has to be a better way to improve your relationship level and a way to do events with your partner to help improve their status and together become a power couple it would make the game way more entertaining. Also I wish it could be updated to play it in MacBook Air computers!! Please I hope you guys can improve it because I really love this game and want to see this game do good.
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1 year ago, Brave hearts unite !
I have played this game for years!!!
Okay so I have been playing this game since I was younger, I’m now 25 and I still play this game. I love the updates that have happened overtime with the game. I know some people hate how much money the k stars cost. But I think it’s simple if you want to accumulate k stars everyday buy the vip. I have the vip the 5 dollar monthly membership and I think it’s fair for the game. I will say I feel like they should have an updated menu with quests because sometimes I forget which quests are older and some of the places that should of been unlocked a long time ago are still locked because I haven’t made it to the quest. Sometimes you get that weekly quest that you have to finish for the prize. I would say maybe an organized menu showing older quests would be nice. I also think there should be a way for use to increase our spouses rank, as far as being like an A list celeb. I would also like there to be a menu or something in the phone showing which houses and businesses we already have. I have several houses that a furnished too and I forget which houses I have. But overall I love this game, I spent lots of money and will continue too. See you in Hollywood !
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11 months ago, Sydney1799
love the game but it needs so much fixing
i play this game everyday and have deleted and redownloaded so many times. it’s somewhat improved over the years but come on yall.. it’s been YEARS and not much has changed. i really enjoy putting together looks for the sys events and the fact that you guys have came out with a lot of new colors for dyes and hair and stuff BUT….. BIG BUT, soooo much needs to improve about this game that’s literally ran by a family of billionaires. i wish some of the events were more inner-active like an actual game to earn energy to complete the tasks or something. i hate when i forget about a long task and only get a few stars. also you guys NEED to take the colors and energy out of the Kollection boxes that you spend 30+ kstars for when you can literally get them other ways for way less. keep the dyes in their own boxes that cost 1 diamond to open Please. It’s so annoying how much money i spend on this game. my boyfriend plays xbox all day and spends no where near as much money as i do on this freaking game. i totally understand you need to make your profit and pay your people off, but you guys gotta make things more accessible to people who don’t have the money to spend. and even at that, who wants to spend this much on a freaking app. it’s ridiculous and addicting like please do something about it.
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3 years ago, im done bro
It can get old
Kim Kardashian Hollywood is a very fun and addicting game, however, despite the story and it’s tasks, it can get old. I myself have spent over 100$ on this game, for even vip, and I think that it isn’t worth it. This game can interfere with your life because there’s a time limit on your tasks (8 hr, 3 hr, 1 hr) and there isn’t enough “energy” to complete it. If you don’t do well on your tasks you do bad in the game, and if you don’t go on dates with your partner they would want to break up with you. Yes it can be addicting at first and throughout progressing through the story, but no. I don’t want to do bad in the game just because I started a task and wanted to go to bed for over 8 hrs only to find out that I only made 2 stars on it. I have many clothing items, I have a husband, I have gotten to level 24, and after spending tons of money on this game... I’m bored. Energy takes too long to refill, the storyline just gets a bit basic, and the only option is to play or do bad in the game. This makes you want to buy more k-stars for energy, or buy things in the game... but in the long run it isn’t really worth it... If you’re a dedicated person and really think this game is for you then go at it... but for me I’m just not able to give this game the time of day and it definitely shows with how I’m doing in the game... ive lost fans, I’ve gone down on the top couple, and I’m honestly upset that I decided to spend my money on this...
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5 years ago, Annerdna
Not what it used to be
I’ll admit right off the bat: I have a purchased account. Meaning someone else put in the time to get infinite K stars, energy, and money and then sold it to me (and hundreds of others). Regardless, this account was what made this game worth playing. And part of that was having all of the Kollections. Like ALL of them. And after the last month or so I can see them, but it doesn’t let me play the roulette for them. (Obviously I have K stars to spare so I end up just spending 600 or so total so I can have the whole Kollection.) I tap the “Play Now” button and nothing happens at all. I’ve been searching for this issue online and turns out even iOS users who are NOT using a hacked game are having this problem. Apparently there’s some rumor that the game is no longer receiving updates for iOS??? I mean it would make sense because I haven’t received an update for this game at all in 2019. If this is true then the whole app has lost my support. It’s just not worth the time and effort (and definitely NOT my real money!!) to play this game and wait ages for energy to replenish just to finish 1/4 of a task at a time. Especially considering how much there actually is to do now! There’s ski resorts, you can make your own designer dresses and perfume, you’re constantly acting in movies, etc etc etc etc. Maybe if they allow the updates for the game on my platform again I’ll come back. But for now this game is in my trash folder.
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3 years ago, Sockpuppeteer
It used to be great
I spent hundreds of dollars on this game this year, and if there was a good prize for the style contest on the weekend I would plan my whole weekend around it. But now they have ruined the Show Your Style competition. Instead of a straightforward competition against other players with everyone voting, they have recently introduced a bunch of complicated new stuff with different levels, and how this plays out in game has taken most of the fun out of it for me. In fact, I no longer believe my score has anything to do with the votes of actual players anymore, and is probably driven by some software that is designed to make sure I fall a little short and am pressured to spend money for extra entry tickets. And now that it is nonstop contests every day of the week, and you drop down a level if you don’t do well, it is no longer a casual game you can fit in around your life. Play every round everyday, or be demoted to a lower group (as if we don’t all have enough morale problems these days) and not be allowed even a shot at the top prizes anymore. I'm not spending money on the game now, and not even watching all the ads I used to watch for rewards, and unless there is some change that makes me feel better, I'll probably be cancelling my subscription and avoiding any product from this company ever again. I have enough problems without the game I was using for pleasant escapism making me feel bad.
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6 years ago, TDIBattler
Very costly
I struggle with this game. A lot. Not that I’m bad at it (how bad could one person even be at a game this simple?), but it’s very difficult to make progress when you can only get small crumbs here and there to help you progress. The game expects you to have a diverse amount of clothing and to network efficiently, but the majority of these options cost insane amounts of K-Stars, which are given out even less than arrests for jaywalking. You have to drop some serious cash for this game to make good progress. And even though energy restores fairly quickly, the events are super short (sometimes as short as an hour). If you’re someone who is busy for multiple hours at a time like me, you can very easily get the door shut on your event before completely finishing it, which means the results come out poor and you lose fans. You literally have to schedule your daily life around the events in this game to make sure you have time to complete them. And you can only complete one or two events at a time before your energy runs out and you have to wait for it to completely recharge or slug through an event at intervals to finish it as your energy trickles in. I think this game is worth it if you have money to blow, and I defintely enjoy it, but the in-game items are so crazy expensive that it’s almost not worth the temptation to shell out real money to get them.
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3 years ago, EmojiLoverxxX
Very Annoying, I Wish I Could Give It Zero Stars
If you have money to constantly put in Kim's pockets than this is the perfect game for you . If not , run as fast as you can away from this app . Kim definitely made this game to be scam to take your money . Your energy takes way too long to reload , the events last way too long , every clothing items cost a K stars which are really hard to earn without purchasing them ... Basically this game is like real life , you don't make enough to Keep Up With The Kardashians 😒 . The money you make by doing jobs in this game is SOOOOOO far from being equivalent to buying things(clothes, house(s), car(s), pet(s), etc.), it's like living in poverty, unless you're spending your actual hard earn cash . And every time you come outside you’re getting calls from everyone! giving you a job to do, and the jobs just keep piling up on the list . You will never see your job list short again after a while of playing . I purposely started all my available jobs at the same time just to get rid of them and right after that, I’m getting call after call after call 🙄 to do another job that I don’t have the option to decline and on top of that the calls are annoyingly long 😒 . If you need something to occupy your time , I suggest Jelly Splash and/or Bubble Witch Saga. This game needs a serious update, especially with the jobs and phone calls , I would like the option to decline both!!!
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2 years ago, pennyproud💕💛💓🤍❤️💝🤎💖💖
I absolutely love the game but I do think we should have some type of options for like what we want to do like if we want to be a singer instead of a model then we can choose that or we can be a dancer we should choose that and I think we should have like more body options so like instead of just skinny girls would have more curvy people instead of the golden standard of what you should be when you wanna be a model I also think that like we should choose like our lovers and friends from like our squad so yeah oh and it would be cool if we could like take a picture of like our own clothes and then like the picture we took of our clothes can be our clothes for our characters andThen that will make Kim Kardashian Hollywood like a real fashion game I don’t know if this is too much for you guys but this is just what I came up with because I know if I like it Kim Kardashian Hollywood where to do this and that will take this game for like the next level and I was wondering if like our squad can have a chat room but so far this is a really great game great game I just wish that there were more like body options instead of skinny people that should be more curvy people instead.
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3 years ago, Matting2
Going downhill...
I’ve played this game off and on since I was in 7th grade. I’m in college now. The most recent time I downloaded the game, I ran into a problem I’ve never ran into before. Back when I’d originally played the game, there used to be about 5 or 6 tasks to do at a time, perfectly manageable. Now I have over 20 tasks at a time, and it’s gotten to the point where I don’t have certain things I’m supposed to at my level, like partnerships, because I don’t remember what event I’m supposed to do to lead me to it and there are 20 of them to do with new ones popping up each time I finish one. I’m on A list and I still have D list events because I didn’t realize I still had those to do, and they don’t order by when you got them. Also, DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THE GAME. It’s not hard to get k stars now that they have the ads you can watch, although I wish there wasn’t a limit on how many you could watch at a time. And you can get enough energy to finish 8 hour events all at once by traveling around tapping on fire hydrants, birds, etc. If you have the patience to do that for a while, you can easily make it from the bottom of B list to A list in one day (just did that!) by doing multiple events in a row without waiting for your energy to refill. I do about 8 events a day, in a row without waiting for my energy to refill for the most part.
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3 years ago, kmsaroo
I love love but..
I LOVE this game it’s so addicting. I love how you are starting from zero to an A+ celebrity. I love how you can build a family and their is drama. I love how you have jobs to do and you have an actual manager and publicists it feels like your an actual celebrity in real life. I use to have this when it came out but I deleted it for some reasons. I have reinstalled it cause of quarantine but I feel like you could update a few things. First, the cost of clothing. Now don’t get me wrong I love love the clothing they are everything but I don’t like how almost everything(including the pets and baby clothes)cost K-stars. It is pretty hard to get stars and I don’t really want to buy anything with real money. If more clothing cost money I think that would be better. One more thing is the energy. That is the main reason why I deleted it last time cause it gets sooo boring. I always have to wait for my energy to come back up again. Maybe if the energy could have more instead of 20. For example when you come back the next day you have more energy like 50 or something close to that. Or make it so we don’t have to wait as long like a few seconds or something like that. Those are my only two major things I don’t like abt this game but everything else I love love love.
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3 years ago, S Anonymous
My favorite game rn
For the people: Saw an ad for this game and holy cow it's so fun. It doesn't get old ever. It's especially great bc it helps you manage your break time. One of the main features of the game is you do events and you're trying to get five stars or hearts or whatever. But you only have enough energy to get a few (sometimes only one), so it forces you to leave the game and come back later when your energy is recharged. (Or you could spend money, but like I wouldn't; you don't need to). Overall this game makes me feel like I could totally be a celebrity irl (lol I wish), and it's just really entertaining and not too complicated at all. For the app people: The only thing I would add is while you're waiting for your energy to recharge there should be like a mini game or something for prizes - energy, money, Kstars, clothing, dye - to help you pass the time if you've got nothing better to do. And on the subject of Kstars, one thing I love most about this app is you don't really need to pay to win, except when it comes to Kstars. I would just make them less scarce in the gameplay. (Please I would like to buy a wedding dress without spending $10 in real money🥺) Keep up the great work!! <3
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5 years ago, pretty_lady7780
I enjoy this game BUT....
With all the money that I have spent on this game you’d think there would be more benefits. It should be easier to get energy. I have earned several homes but the only benefit is if i can afford to buy a pet that might get me an energy boost. I think more can be done on the developers part to make it worth playing. I know it’s noticed when we stop playing because when I’ve taken a hiatus, upon my return, you give all kinds of bonuses. You already know fans will pay. Since this is true make it worth our wild to spend our hard earned money. Make more items in the homes (that I actually pay for!) give me a bonus. I bought the dog but I also bought the couch, chandelier, coffee table, car.... no bonus when I tap them? And Maria popping up telling me to buy something (that you know I don’t have the credits for) to get a whopping NOTHING in respect to the game progression???? Do better, and I say that because I know you can. Prove us wrong that you care about your players having fun and not just getting our money. I wonder how much input Kim Kardashian has into what’s really going on. I’d like to think she thinks about her fans but if this is how the game continues (after YEARS) I’m thinking I’ll chop her up to just another money hungry person who fakes caring about her fans. I hope I’m wrong
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5 years ago, Vannah_96
I got this game/app as a fun way to pass time, only I’m now finding more problems than expected. I’m not too far in, so my energy doesn’t take too long to fill up, but from what I’ve read on here, I shouldn’t expect that to last long. It’s also way too easy to lose fans, since my life can’t revolve around this game, while doing events since I do still need to wait on energy to do anything and this usually means I don’t end up with a lot of stars when the event is over, apparently another thing I have to look forward to later. Something I have already learned though, and is the one BIG thing that turns me off from this game, is that to buy really anything (such as hair, clothes, make-up, etc.) you need K stars, and lots of them. Of course K stars are rare to come by, unless you buy them, which I’m not about to waste a good amount of my money on this game just to get K stars. To end this review, the game could be much approved on in some kind of update. Find a way to improve on energy in some kind of way, to get more K stars we can watch special ads or transfer the game money to K stars. I’m sure other people have good ideas too, but I honestly believe the creators of this game rely on the consumers money too much to change anything. So I don’t think anything is going to change anytime soon.
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5 years ago, Cecethatgurll
Like an overbearing mother
I LOVED this game? When I FIRST got it. I didn't mind watching the ads to get free stars and cash... occasionally paying the 5 dollars for more stars.. but as soon as you get to level B? If you don't sit on your phone and give this game all of your attention, you lose fans and your credentials. You're constantly given tasks that are impossible to finish in time before you're given several more to finish. You have to hold down a relationship at the same time? I'm 20, I have a real job and a life I also have to maintain, I don't want a second life, I just wanted to enjoy playing a game in my spare time, not develop a second life to juggle. I ended up deleting this app because it became impossible to bare. Please make this game more realistic. Other than that.. super fun! Love the options you have available and I love that you can even adopt a child and edit your husband/boyfriend and or Wife/girlfriend. I have a ball python so I loved that you even have the option of buying a snake! Some of your prices, like your cars, some furnishings and clothes are unrealistic and unfair to the children that are here to play to enjoy and can't afford to buy anything and didn't grow up with a golden pacifier unlike yourself, Kim. You might want to rethink a few things in your game. Other than that, it's fun.
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5 years ago, Afvhsabjhszk
I used to be obsessed with this game but over the years I’ve come to notice some things that absolute make me hate it. My most recent problem is that they took away the free k star option. I was willing to watch those few ads a day to get a few k stars, and they really helped me out. My biggest problem by far has been transferring from devices. I changed iPhones pretty often and it seems like every time I have to start over after I get so far. This last game I had been working on for two years, and literally completed everything, had made it to the a list about 4 times and was working on buying everything I wanted. Just recently bought a new iPhone, lost all that progress. Now I’m restarting, customer service is being slow to return my purchases. And there’s no way to get free k stars so I’m really struggling to advance like I did before and quite frankly, don’t even have to motivation to try anymore. I’ve completely restarted this game about 5 times so far because for some reason, my progress never saves to my iCloud. I think they should change it so that the game progress saves through Facebook. I’ve noticed I never have a problem transferring that way. I’ve played another game going on about 5 years and have not had to restart or lose anything at all in that time.
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2 years ago, UNHhhh
Needs improvement
The game was great until the latest update. I love that I can share my wardrobe with my partner, but I HATE the new voting system for show your style. I prefer it when it just counts every vote instead of this weird heart system. I had an outfit get 0 completed hearts, and therefore it didn’t count towards the next prize bracket, but there’s no way I received 0 votes. That has never happened to me before in any previous show your style events. It’s really frustrating especially with the couples mechanic that I can put time into styling 2 complete and polished outfits for one look and receive absolutely nothing for it. I’m also frustrated with the fact that I have to click through so many pop ups and news feed updates every couple of times I open the app in a day. I spend a lot of time on the app (probably more than I should lol) and I have spent real money on it. I shouldn’t have to click through all those ads just to start my day. I do really love this app and I love that the different styles of clothing keeps getting more and more diverse. Clearly, a lot of thought and effort is put into the designs, and I enjoy the weekly stories. But please, don’t ruin a good thing for the sake of “improvement”. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
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6 years ago, Seenaabed
I gave it 5 stars but read my response DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ
I do have a five stars because I really enjoyed the game but the problem is that I don’t have enough K stars to buy stuff I don’t know why all of the stuff needs to be bought with K stars if you want to buy hair all of the hair is with K stars so I do but offers and none of the offers work like they all me about 305 two stars I actually told him I did the offers so many time I do not see what I could be possibly doing wrong I’m doing it right because I do it for other games so I want to the review and other people have this problem to none of the offers work and they need to put more K stars or lower the price on the Kendall and Kylie game you can get keys stars very easily but I like for set up of the Kim Kardashian Hollywood game so that’s why play that game I like how the set up is but they just need to fix the K stars and they need to lower the price and PLEASE FIX THE OFFERS it’s not fair they only like 305 I did all the offers and none of them work and I looked at other peoples review and they said the same thing so I’m not the only one that has this problem other than that the game is good DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ THIS AND PLEASE RESPOND THANK U 😊
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3 years ago, Boom shakalaka...
FIX Hawaiian Luau
My submitted looks aren’t showing up even though i submitted twice and have no tickets left. And when I try to make a new look it says there are items that have been used so I definitely entered and yet im getting no votes and I can’t see what I submitted. Can u fix this? Because it’s pointless to use real money to buy tickets when the looks aren’t even showing up so I don’t know if im even entering the contests. The show your style event is going to end and I don’t have any looks or votes WHATS GOING ON? If this goes on and it never gets fixed the least you could do is give me the rewards I lost because of this damned glitch!! I should have three looks already but I only have one. I even have things that I can’t wear because they have been used before but the looks with those things don’t show up and I have no votes registered so even though I used the two initial tickets I don’t have looks to show for them. 😡 Im really low on ranking because of this. Now I only have TWO looks instead of the FOUR I should have because that’s how many I have entered. Also looks to vote on just suddenly stopped showing. Id be on my fifth look by now. 👎🏽 I am owed two tickets. Now I have four looks when I should have six. Im gonna keep sending this until it’s fixed. I could be in first place if you hadn’t stolen those two tickets from me, now I know never to waste real life money on this game.
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10 months ago, Grayce_456
KKH has changed
Kim K used to be a super fun game to play - new storylines, new challenges, new clothing - but it’s all gone now. They introduced a monthly game pass to the game and, while not my favorite game mechanism, I could overlook because we were still getting fun style contests and weekly storylines. I did miss the fun challenges throughout the week and the weekend challenges were always my favorite and I looked forward to them, but still, the game still felt fun and refreshing. Recently, they removed the weekly storyline and when I reached out asking if it was a bug since that had happened a few times before they confirmed my worst suspicion: weekly quests were no more. I was already heartbroken when they had removed the end of the week reward and replaced it with kstars, but now I was full on mourning. There was no soul left in the corpse of my former favorite game. The clothing rewards removed from the weekend style contests. The weekly storyline rewards removed. Then the weekly storyline itself gone. What’s left to keep older players interested? I’ve been a fan of this game since the beginning - sneaking in playtime during my lunch period and after a test in class - but now I believe you’ve officially lost me. This game will shine bright in my memories but this may be where we part ways. Goodbye Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
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3 years ago, Sean teen
My phone is messed up
Some things I would change some of the outfits and Kim Kardashian’s life it’s not too scandalous and pretty hairstyles not as what I thought it was but it’s OK and this is after I discovered that I had to pay for this app and do you know in the middle of a pandemic watching fabulous Kim Kardashian is making me happy the pain is really not her app is not giving me the light or happiness is giving me terrible headaches and I just don’t like it I’m done with this app and I’m done with the Kardashians and I’m done with Kylie and done with her make up I’m done with Kim’s make up and everything because if this app is not gonna be helpful why should I get itI downloaded this app to enjoy the amazing world of Kim Kardashian that model the queen of Instagram I’m just thinking when I first logged onto the app it asked me a lot of private information I thought it was to help the app learn more about her success but no they didn’t then I started to learn money was missing from my bank card and my phone started to act weird pictures were popping up on my social is that I did not post so in total this app is hacked my phone I had to get a new phone and had to re-download this app luckily it worked this time but I just came here to write a bad review of the terrible time I had experienced
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2 years ago, Collette Wood
love the game but it needs some work
I play KKH all the time but I think there are somethings that the developers can work on like K-Stars, and the money. it is so hard to get money in this game and everything is SO expensive! I would recommend making more options to getting K-Stars, and maybe making the work places give you more money. I also hate how long it takes to refill your energy, I think it should only take 3:00minutes and we need more refill slots like maybe c,b, and a list celebs should have around 40 energy slots. And weddings! omg weddings are so expensive! i’ve been working for weeks now since i’m engaged in the game to get a wedding dress and the venue, I recommend making more dresses a lot cheeper, like $500 instead of the $9000 nonsense. The amount of gigs you get is also crazy stressful! please make the player able to say no to little gigs and stuff it would make the game much more fun. also I think you could add more ways to get free hair and clothes, since they are so expensive it would be nice for the e,d list celebs to be able to have some kind of hair that isn’t og hairs. thanks!
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5 years ago, hannahmc23
Don’t get me wrong, I love this game!! The only reason why I didn’t rate it 5 stars is because of k-stars. It’s a free app- I get it Kim has to make money off of it somehow... but in order to get all of the cool stuff you have to spend actual money for k-stars. Kinda takes the fun away from the game. For example, the bel air house, you can’t decorate it at all unless you pay for k-stars.. :/ plus animals as well. Another thing, it keeps giving me tasks on top of tasks. So many I have 15+ to get through. Which is fine it keeps the game going and give you different things to do at a time but I still have tasks to do from when the game started! Of course I’m going to do the ones that are less time to complete because let’s face it, I don’t have time to keep coming back every hour to make sure I get a 5 star rating on an 8 hour task. That’s just too long. Regardless, I love this game and it’s very addicting I will keep playing. Just maybe take away as many k-stars for the bel air house and replace it with things I can buy with money I make from tasks. I definitely don’t like doing 8 hour tasks.. I do my best to avoid doing them. Also give me time to get through some tasks before piling so many up at a time. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Sanai McNair
this game i’m done with
to start off, i have bought a new ipad for christmas right. i haven’t been able to play since last year. now i have sent a email to the support company. and emailed them over 20 emails back and forth the same info and pictures each everytime. i’m done with that. i have the new update that ios has, the new ipad, over 30GB in storage. then they keep asking me, what type of update do i have, my ios, my storage. like what the heck?! i can’t even get past the Kim kardashian hollywood screen. like please make it make sense. and if anyone does reply to this. do not ask me what’s wrong or what’s my ios and anything of that sort. the only time i need y’all to reply is for to say we have fixed that issue. and they also said that “others are having this same issue” so i didn’t emil back for a day. then they want to cancel my spot in line or my ticket. like you said that others were having the same issue so i just left it. then about. day or week later i replied saying that the same issue hadn’t left and is still here. nope they asked me that same questions. like just back cause i’m sure that this is recording what i reply back so look back just they make you do in school. besides the point this game only as 1 rating from me. and if i have to find everything game this company owns then i’ll give it 1 rating each. i’m not happy. IM ANGRY AND NOT HAPPY.
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3 years ago, Morgan F. L.
Fun! But could always be improved
I’m obsessed with this game, I used to have it but lost my progress, and for the longest time I’ve kinda put downloading it again to the side as I didn’t want to have to work up to being an A-lister all over again. But, I’ve finally gotten back into it, and it’s just as fun, if not more fun than before! Buttt.. of course, everything could always be improved. Firstly, I think the Konnections feature is unrealistic. I feel like not every celebrity who is more popular than me would have to be bribed with k-stars in order to want to “kolab” with me (*wink*). Sometimes irl, more popular celebrities take smaller ones under their wing. And I don’t think the smaller celebs bribed them, as why would a more famous celebrity even need to be bribed with money? I’m sure they already have loads. I may add more here later, but also, I did a runway mission, and when the press reported on it, they said something along the lines of me looking great on the runway and seeing if I can keep it up, but then I lost 6,000 fans? I don’t see how me looking great would make me lose fans, as that sounds like positive news. But anyways, keep up the great work! This game is by far my favorite mobile game ❤️❤️
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6 years ago, princesaubreyy
Love love love!
i have been playing this game off and on since the day it came out & never get tired of it. i have deleted it a couple times & always end up redownloading it because i miss playing it. this game is great! i see a lot of people complain about the k stars & energy & those are the thing i never really have complaints about. (watch videos for i stars & tap random objects in the game & it will give you money, level up points & sometimes energy.) the only thing i wish would change in this game is, i don't understand for the life of me how this game has been out for so long & you still don't know how many points you need to level up. this has become a bigger issue for me since reaching higher levels. also since the VIP packages have come out it seems next to impossible for me to get partnerships in the daily gift boxes. the last thing is i wish you would get a notification for when you have an hour left in an appearance instead of 10 minutes. i never see my phone go off in time to get back on & play for the rest of my stars. other than those 3 small things this game is the best!
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3 years ago, Alissa_Liss
A few suggestions to keep me playing
I love this game but a few things I’ll like to suggest 1.) when on dates or at bars for events I should only have to purchase food/drinks once instead of constantly spending money every time especially when that’s the only bubble available to press. 2.) I wish it gives the option to long press bubbles as well of tapping them multiple times. But I still want to be able to tap them ... 3.) When leveling up I feel you should get more energy . I’m on level 25 and my energy max only goes to 35 and it’s been that way the last few levels I reached. Once I get to level 26 my max energy should be able to go higher than 35. 4.) and this game is getting a little too picky with my outfit choices. I will buy new clothes for a event and won’t get the bonus star on it 🤨 and before you say it’s probably because I don’t have any fashion skills that’s a lie because my last event was to do a workout set on rays show so I bought workout clothes for it just like Monica(who helps me run the gym) and I didn’t get my bonus !
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5 months ago, Maddygot
Just don’t bother with it
So I have installed and uninstalled this game probably around 3-4 times and it was cool when i first started playing it. But I had deleted it the last time because I stopped getting quests for months and I even contacted support like one of the other person’s review stated and they just told me to wait for the update or that I reached the max level and I’m not even at level 50 and that’s not the max level. So I uninstalled it and just recently got downloaded it again but I noticed how they have this 27 day event now where you can earn k stars, show your style tickets, and gift boxes which I thought was cool and nice but also made me think they might be done with the game, then once I saw that all the limited kollections are permanently there for people to get stuff from i was like yeah they’re definitely done with the game. Not to mention to this day I still never got a new quest, and they finally allow your character to date Cassio and you stop getting quests after a certain point, they also no longer give clothing or items/makeup in the show your style anymore so all those things really made me realize they’re just done with the game. Oh yeah and now I can no longer get in the game, it will load for like 5 seconds and then quit so I’m gonna take it as a sign to delete it permanently. 👋🏼
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5 months ago, Msgand3
I super love and appreciate the players choice format. I’m here to say, having show your style inspiration at the business center near LAX would be really good for every style event. Also please update the game to where the in game notifications are not randomly popping up. I would love to complete my actions without having random clothing combinations popping up in my face and I didn’t tap the icon. I would rather look through clothing combinations, buying dyes, and getting one hour energy intentionally, if I did not tap the icon at the side of the screen, these notifications should not be popping up in the game. Thank You. Also if you could make a Show Your Style Event for every single color individually, that would be great, I have a lot of gowns and dresses that I want to wear, so it would be nice if we could have events that focus on one specific color. A lot of clothes, and a lot of dyes, means maybe we should have a month or 2 focusing on every group of colors imaginable, like “pinks, blues, yellows, greens, reds, oranges, purple, blacks, golds, silver, whites, grays, browns, tans, all colors that can be identified as that one color within one style event.”
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2 years ago, moonwalkmars
Okay so here’s the sitch
I LOVE this game. I have played for years and years. so the new update with the addition of squads is really great!! one of the biggest appeals of squads to me is being able to raid the lookbooks of other players within your squad, but the drawback is that any items that have been from past events aren’t able to be purchased, and those items are so much more desirable than base game clothing/hair/makeup etc. if glu could make players pay k-stars to purchase old event items from people’s lookbooks instead of making them unavailable to purchase, it would make squads so much more fun! and being able to see the status of each person within your squad would be great too. A++ B C etc etc. and having everyone in your squad show up on your in-game celebrity ranking to compete against. squads is such a great way to interact with other players, and I think with the addition of chat features, showing each player’s letter status, and putting k-star values on old event items to purchase from friends’ lookbooks, it’ll bring kkh into ultimate relevancy again, and give players motivation to continue playing.
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4 years ago, Tina Harrington
quite stressful..but overall fun
When I first started playing the game I was alright with it things were going smoothly and I really enjoyed it. But throughout leveling up things have gotten harder and I know that’s the whole point, but it causes a lot of pressure and stress on me and maybe other people too.. Over all I think the game is very good, it has amazing graphics and well written as well. I highly suggest lowering the stress like not getting constant calls from the game and constantly getting you to do add compains and etc at least wait until we’re done with something then letting us go on. Another thing that bugs me is the way the outfits, hair, accessories, shoes, and ect cost K Stars. Almost all the outfits for the character cost either K Stars or just cost way to much in general. The last thing that bugs me is how the partner or a network person in the contacts calls you none stop to hang out or go on a date, that really stresses me cause then it lowers my fans because either the partner or networker posts how i’m apparently ignoring her or people spread rumors if something happened to us. It causes A LOT of stress cause I need to focus on my career in the game.. Overall I really love the game.. Please tone down the stress? 🙂💫
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3 years ago, ᑎᗩᑎᑕY
Let me start off by telling you that this game has became 100% garbage over the years.. I first started playing this game in 2016 I played it for about a year and I lost all my stuff in 2017... So I decided to not make another account for awhile. I started playing again in 2019 the game was fun and alright at first I could tell somethings have changed... Now it’s 2020 and ever since the last update for the SYS event this game has just made me livid to the point where I am going to quit playing this game... 2020 had already been hard enough on lots of people including myself and for the SYS event to change to nothing but garbage because you can’t even make it to 5th place anymore.... the reason being because their are bots playing this game and taking all the good places and giving us nothing but 100% garbage stuff. Before this update 1st-5th place would be the ones getting all the good prizes example hair, dress, heels, and etc... Now if your in 5th place which will never happen because of all the bots, you would only get the heels. I am not happy with this game... With 2020 you just want to have a good game to play to escape all the garbage stuff that is going on but this game is definitely not it... I would never recommend this game to anyone!! If this game doesn’t get changes happening soon I am done playing this game!!
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2 years ago, rykhgewrv
Not Worth It!
I would have to rate this game 2 stars because it is hard to make it to a #1 A lister without K stars. It’s possible but it will take you forever! Once you get to a C lister every event is almost 8 hours and you refill completely after almost 2 hours so a lot of the time if you don’t buy k stars you will only get a 3/4 star on an event and lose a ridiculous amount a followers so it leaves you with no choice to buy K stars because the game wants you to have 5 star events. Everything in the game cost K stars you can’t even buy a nice looking outfit without it. They give you a few options for outfits to buy with cash but it is VERY limited because if you do want to buy something with cash it’s like 10 thousand dollars for one shirt. Which is dumb because you rack up so much cash that you can’t even use or you don’t have enough cash for one item. At least make it realistic! We don’t need K stars in real life to buy clothes. Don’t be like me and spend 100+ dollars in offers to get K stars. Yes the offers are nice sometimes because you can give back and buy things you need but this game is not even worth $1! Don’t believe apple reviews for this game or any game for that matter go on google to read the real reviews!!
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3 years ago, wavetossed
Needs Two Changes
After playing the game for quite some time now, there are two changes I think would raise consumer satisfaction: 1. Take energy out of the weekend gift boxes. I just spent 120 hard-earned k-stars to get a ring, a pair of pants that look like every other pair of pants, and 50 energy. We don’t want the energy in weekend items and it’s such a bummer knowing now I won’t be able to gain enough k-stars to get at least one of the items I wanted to spend the stars on to begin with. 2. More opportunities to earn k-stars through the week/make some of the items have a cash option as well. Like I said above, much of the time you get burned spending your k-stars by getting the much-hated energy “gift”, the rest of the time, you’re saving your k-stars to hopefully get those said gifts. The little extra we make through the week tends to go to maybe one item we want outside of that, like a hairstyle or to buy one house decoration. If decorating your house and store options were cash accessible, many players wouldn’t feel so frustrated. I have heaps of money and no k-stars. It’s such a bummer. (I also don’t have the cute weekend items I really wanted 😔)
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4 years ago, Green Rising
Ummm no
Can this game at least give you more than five minutes before you get completely stuck because I know these games and I usually don’t download them because you only get five minutes to play the game without getting stuck on this quest that says go to this invisible area that you cannot get to and waste all of your energy on just trying to get on the specific level to go on the next storyline!!! How do you even do this I only got to level five before having to stop because I literally couldn’t figure out this one quest... I hope you now understand why I don’t download these types of apps. that’s not all. I have to pay this guy $750 for saying that I don’t or won’t need in the game at all?!?!?!? At least other games give you at least one day before you get stuck but no of course they want one star reviews so I’m giving you what you were going on my top 10 shortest games that I ever played because this game XD i’m going to give you a PopQuiz do you know where you can get this specific item it just sounds ridiculous if you say it in real life lol 😆🤣😆😆😂 and let me tell you I just downloaded this app and I know what a good game is and what a bad game is maybe you should give us more screen time before automatically closing this game five minutes later after you download it.
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2 years ago, RissaMarie112
Show Your Style
I’ve played this game for years. I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve restarted just so I could play the same stories again. I’ve spent a fair amount of money buying K Stars, outfits, and so on. I’ve always loved and admired everything the game has to offer. But recently Glu games has decided to become yet another company who doesn’t care about its consumers, only about the money people are willing to spend to play. The Show Your Styles events were always amazing and the highlight of my gaming experience. I appreciated the idea of separating “higher style level” and “lower style level” players apart to give everyone an equal opportunity to get first place. HOWEVER. I’ve noticed that only people in certain leagues, ie gold, get the best items from winning. Lower tier players are only able to get the bare minimum: the ugly shoes and purse. Everything that looks cool and is actually worth competing for? Goes to the people who are in the gold league. And how do you get there, you may ask? By spending money on the game. Pay to win games don’t deserve any respect. After years of playing the Kim Kardashian game, I think it might be time to uninstall the app and make way for ones that aren’t pay to win.
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5 months ago, cancel or reporting
Love this game but why?
I’m only giving this game 2 stars because of how enraging it is that you have to wait SO long for your energy to fill up, and the fact that it only fills up to like 30?.. 30 doesn’t even get you through a 3 hour event, now imagine my concern when I have to get through multiple 8 hour events! What’s even worse is when you watch a 30-50 second video, it only gives you ONE energy point. Why doesn’t it give 5, like seriously I spent 50 SECOND for ONE energy? Make that make sense. Don’t even get me started on the fact that this game barely EVER gives out K-stars, which you actually need if you want to buy more outfits and win in the competitions. You only use the actual cash to get to different places and spend on SOME clothes, but they only give you so many clothing items that cost cash and the rest is k-stars. It’s absolutely ridiculous and I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone, JUST because all they care about it your money (yknow, cause you can’t get k-stars and diamonds without paying or completing offers, but even then they’ll only give you 1 k-star) I genuinely do really love this game but PLEASE just fix this, you would benefit if you listened to your customers.
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5 years ago, kaitlynmetz1
Okay game
I enjoy playing this game but the events are super long and you have such little energy it stops you from being able to get good “scores” on your events. Also everything cost crazy amounts of K-stars and you can watch videos to earn some but some K-stars or download and complete certain tasks linked to the game (like partnerships) i have tried multiple times to do the partnership things instead of spending a ton of time watching ads or spending insane amounts of money on K-stars and on each occasion that I have tried to use the partnership feature which offers you different amounts of k-stars for each thing (example: download *certain brand* of solitaire and win a game earn 8 K-stars) I have completed some of the tasks and never get any K-stars for completing the task I am at a point where I can barely do anything without K-stars but I am not willing to spend tons of money on them I would love for this feature to be fixed to make my game experience more enjoyable. I feel if it is not fixed soon I will end up deleting the game because I will soon not be able to do anything at all with so little K-stars please read this and take this into consideration upon your next update
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2 years ago, Jazzi Babi
Needs improvements
I’ve been playing this game since 2011! That means 10 years!!! A couple things. It’s hard to keep up with what homes and businesses I own. I see that recently there has been a new thing with RT calling to help you keep up with your businesses, but what about your homes? Secondly it shouldn’t take 5 mins for ONE energy and I feel as tho whatever level you’re on, your energy level should match. I also feel as if I am at my max level and I when more energy or accidentally hit my husband and click on the energy, that I should loose out because of my energy being full already. If you’re going to do that, at least create a bank where it stores somewhere that we can use BEFORE we have to decide if we want to pay or not. And lastly, these events lasting for 8 hours and the amount of time that it takes to refill ratio is horrible. This game can be very time consuming. Please work on that and work on a menu and take all the stuff off the corners of the screen. Thank you
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3 years ago, Mostly entertained
The game is needs work
I’ve played this game on and off since it came out for a period of a year or two at a time. The game is extremely repetitive which is kind of boring. You’re always doing about the same jobs. All jobs involve just clicking until energy runs out (which you buy constantly) and to get pretty much anything to wear or address your houses with you have to pay money for K stars. I alone have spend close to if not over 200$ on this game. I don’t want to think about how much over the entire span. I gave three starts because the first few months it’s so addicting and enjoyable. You love it. And love coming up from where you started. But once you hit “A” it gets extremely boring. Which bring me to my next issue. Crashes. Since the last update the game will not even open for me. I have an X Max so I know it’s not a phone issue - and due to this crash I cannot complete my jobs on time. I’ve missed out on several opportunities due to this and it’s extremely frustrating. Over all it’s a decent game, just needs to be different. Different things you can do. And different ways to do them. Update to fix the crashes. Less expensive.
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4 years ago, stupidasszaps
I love the game, there are definitely a lot of cute outfits and fun customizations, but I lose interest really quick. I understand that there’s money to be made, but it’s sooooo difficult to advance in the game. It takes at least 2 hours for your full energy to recharge and then once it does you lose it by doing a gig in less than 10 minutes then you have to wait another 2 hours to recharge. If a gig says it’s 8 hours it’s more than likely really going to take you 8 hours to finish it. I usually either forget I’m even playing the game after 3 hours, I don’t have all day to spend on my phone. Then everything costs a ridiculous amount of k-stars, earning k stars is extremely hard, you either get one or two here and there and one dress costs 50 k stars then even if you buy some for $4.99 once again you only get 50 and that’s one dress 🙄 there are too many freaking ads I don’t mind watching them, but I literally have an ad pop up every 3 minutes and I’m not exaggerating. If a gig is going to take 8 hours at least have something more interactive going on than just pressing a button.
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6 years ago, Goldenqueenlay
I’ve had this game when it first came about and I instantly loved it. I would play everyday from sun up to sun down (even though I would have to wait for a few hours for my energy to restore). I was number one on the A list and everything that’s until I hit the delete all data button and it deleted. (I thought that it would ask you to confirm, but nope) once all my stuff was deleted I was pretty upset with myself and deleted the game in general. Then maybe a year later I re-downloaded the game and forgot how much work it was to make it back to the top so I deleted it again, lol. Now I have re-downloaded the game and I’m back in love with it, everything about the games makes me want to continue playing. But I’m giving this a four star due to the fact that, the wait is to long to do something else. Maybe we could speed up the process on energy? Make the clothes less expensive; maybe have the gigs a little shorter? People like me forget about time especially as a freshman in college. Other than that everything is amazing. I can’t want to restart my journey again.
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4 years ago, Jane Deer
Pretty great game but a few things are eh
Ok, I think this game is extremely amusing. Everyday I play it to see what will come next. Designing your character, meeting people, and all the fun stuff like that is so cool. However, although it is pretty cool, it bothers me that you have to use so much energy so often. Out doing movie or commercial shoots for example. It takes 3 or 4 energy jolts to take a break. After that break, you don’t have enough energy to deliver your lines. Then, the announcer guy come up in the corner saying something about breakups or stuff that you have not been doing so well at because you don’t have enough energy. This is really the only complaint I have to launch because otherwise, it’s very in depth and realistic. The drama with Willow Pape and getting to decide your choices on how you will react to her snarky comments never fails to amuse me. So, if you’re looking through the reviews thinking to yourself “huh, should I get this? Is it worth it??” We’ll the answer is yes. Enjoy making tough decisions and having a second life inside of this game. -A person who may or may not be addicted to this game 😂
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3 years ago, ashley bacon
New SYS has ruined the game!
I have been playing this game for a year now and I have been paying 50 dollars for the gold membership. I buy all the 3$ weekend deals and some of the daily exclusives and have spent a lot of money on this game. The most important part of getting all these clothes was to play the show your style events and create themes to match. It was fun to see what other players would come up with and compete. I was always in top 5 and now due to the new update I’m in 30th? The most votes you would have to get too was 600 to a little over a thousand. The person in first place right now has almost 5000! This is ridiculous!!! Even if they got 50 votes per ticket that would be a hundred tickets! It’s 9 dollars for 12 tickets? And there is still another day of voting to go! Do these people seriously expect me to pay 100 dollars every weekend to win a virtual outfit? I’d rather go buy real clothes! Because I can’t even attempt to win the events anymore I don’t think there is any point in playing this game. If I don’t see a change soon I’m cancelling my subscription and not putting anymore money in to this game! Whoever created this idea seriously must be crazy money hungry more then they already were!
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