Kinecta Mobile Banking

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Kinecta Federal Credit Union
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9 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kinecta Mobile Banking

4.74 out of 5
27.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Food234
Useful bank, useful app!
When I first downloaded the app, I didn't know what to expect using a mobile bank account on the phone. I didn't know what buttons to use to tap with if I was looking up how much money was in the tank or transferring money on the mobile phone. As it turns out, it's was fantastic! It's used by using your account to transfer to another account if you need to transfer money if you don't have time to go to the bank to deposit checks. Plus, using the Camera to snapshot that check both the front and the back, it will deposit into the account on where you want it to go. Thank you Kinecta for making that happen! Highly recommended and it has very useful information.
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1 year ago, AcctOwner
USERPASS LOCKOUT Issues for 2 years!!
I get locked out of my account every couple of months. Each time I have to spend an hour on my phone waiting for customer service. Today I also simultaneously spent 20 minutes on chat (as the phone hold message says to use online chat as it is supposed to be quicker) hold even though I was 1st in line!! I cannot even reset my password because after I enter all my information including SSN it says kinecta cannot validate my account. So I ALWAYS need to engage Customer Service which means an hour long queue. This is so frustrating! Customer service previously would unlock my account and make me change my password. Now they tell me it’s my password manager -which I was not using until the past year. My husband uses the same password manager for his account and has never had a lockout issue. Both of our accounts are migrations from Xerox XCEED. I have to question if there is some setting on my account that triggers this USERPASS LOCKOUT. I’ve tried to engage technical support before and was told there are no issues. I’m hoping perhaps there might be someone new who can troubleshoot this please!
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5 years ago, bigpapi73
Yes I said terrible. It’s a major inconvenience when I deposit cash into an ATM that’s a Feral Credit union. I made my deposit into an Altura... which is by my house. There are NO Kinecta Credit Unions close to me. So back to my 1star review... I don’t know if any ATMs that use an envelope anymore. So when I spoke to the Kinecta rep to see why my cash deposit was pending she explained to me that it shows my deposit was made in an envelope!! How the heck would you know that when they don’t have envelopes to use.... so in order to get my deposit released I’m suppose to 1-find the receipt and take a picture of it and FAX it in to them... seriously who the hell FAXES anymore... so she says just goto a staples of kinkos... so now I need to have the receipt and drive to wherever the closes place is.. INCONVENIENT!!! Sorry sir maybe you can take a picture of the receipt and use the secure email server we have available.... if I had the friggen receipt I wouldn’t need it. If I deposit cash into any of my other Banks it’s available immediately... why because it knows that I deposited cash! Why can’t you people get with the friggen program. I’m going to withdraw all my cash and leave!
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6 years ago, Spoonplayer
Love it!
I was a member for years and begged for an iPhone app. When it finally came out, it did not disappoint. I use most of its features regularly on my computer, iPad and iPhone. I saw a criticism of limited device accessibility. It’s a security feature I think. That happened to me but all I had to do was call up a live customer service rep and get the 3rd device recognized. (And btw, their customer service has always been great!) I especially like the bill pay feature. I’ve used it from the start through a couple of upgrades. It’s easy once you get the hang of the structure. And lots of back info available. I’m very happy with Kinecta’s app.
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11 months ago, cvnt42069
Consider Leaving
Like me I thought kinecta was supposed to be different than banks, and I was wrong. Im considering leaving them today if they aren’t able to help me finance, or find a way to get into a vehicle that will help me financially. Ironically I have no credit, which is what they want to see, BUT denied me a credit card to do so awhile back, so you can see where this company falls very short at helping their customers. If they don’t help me today I’m Considering leaving this place and I suggest you do to if you’re in the same boat. Good luck trying to get one of those through them as well. Thanks kinetca for doing nothing but keeping my money in one spot which I can do at my own home.
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5 years ago, dragoinlbc
Kinecta App
I’ve been a member for 30 plus and I’ve never considered leaving or sharing my business. Kinecta has worked with me on 5 home loans, 6 car loans and the usual checking, savings and credit cards. If you need to visit their offices the people are great and turnover is light so they must treat their employees well. My only suggestion for improvement would to have transfer from checking or savings to loans show immediately. There is always a 1 or 2 day delay from when the $ leave my account to when they get recognized by the destination.
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6 months ago, 25@27
To log on online
The worst experience in regards to online banking. Couldn’t log in at all, was forced to change my password! Very difficult because kept kicking me out and VERY user unfriendly!!!! Finally, after HOURS!!! of trying and making phone calls, my nerves were shot!!!! I got in and now I am scared to log in because I couldn’t go through this a second time! Thinking seriously of closing my account and pulling my money out! Your customer service is nonexistent and you folks need to wake up, there are other banks out there with excellent customer service and user friendly online services! If this EVER happens again I am gone, and I used to like Kinecta a lot but YOU HAVE CHANGED, and not for the better! A very very unhappy customer Inga Robbins. The worst part: you don’t care!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Juan1120
I recently refinanced my car loan with Kinecta and this app makes it so easy to check my payments sent and total balance due anytime i wish as one two three...bang! It was so easy to enroll online,you only need your account number of whatever business you have with Kinecta,whether is a savings account,checking account,credit card(s), car loan etc. and then you choose a password and three secret questions and answers and thats all,and with that you can check your account summary anytime you wish with this app...well done.
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3 years ago, not happy bank customer
Online syncing of account and bill pay is horrible
I have been trying to set up online bill pay to this account since November it’s still not set up and I can’t use the automated system so each month I have to pay a $10 fee to have a rep take the payment it’s not fair and not right and each month I am told it will be fixed by the time my next payment will be due. It’s still not fixed!
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4 months ago, Paris, Lee
Kinecta FCU is always fair!
I had been with Kinecta for 40 years and I learned a lot. Unfortunately I had a really hard time with debit cards. Someone was always getting my numbers and it just got to a point where I had to do all business in the branch. This became too much for me. I could not do business at home on the computer it had to be at Kinecta. It was my fault just could not be there always. So I found myself a new home.! Kinecta Is fair just and always on your side and will help you no matter what!!! My boyfriend, significant other, and we have been together for 41 years and he has been with Kinecta for 43 years in fact, it was because of him that I signed up with Kinecta! Always remember you won’t find a better place then KINECTA FEDERAL Credit Union! VIVIAN L WOODWORTH.
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5 years ago, PadsterBrutus
I use this app to do all my budgeting
Maybe once a year something happens that I have to go to my computer for. For weekly and monthly management of my accounts I use the Phone app. I know other banks have $300 bonuses blah blah blah... but managing my account with Kinecta using this app has been fast efficient and penalty charge free. My credit score has gone from so-so to stellar because I keep an eye on things by using this app. The Kinecta app plus Kinecta’s very reasonable service are a powerful combination.
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1 year ago, Mythical Wagyu
Frequently doesn’t work
Often times I can’t do anything with the mobile app because it just gets stuck on the login screen for several minutes before it times out. Mobile check deposit is a joke - it takes 7-10 business days for mobile check deposits to clear so you have to cash checks at a branch unless you don’t care about getting the money for 10 days. ATMs are almost always broken at the branch, and depositing cash at a different credit union with working ATMs means you won’t see the money for at least a week.
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4 years ago, Nahomster
I bank with Kinecta due to a loan on my vehicle and while setting up automatic payments for that was easy, I cannot for the life of me figure out automatic payments towards a credit card I got through this bank! I don’t reside in California so making payments has been extremely difficult as the only way I have been able to deposit into my account is by check which processes days later. I wish Kinecta had ZELLE but I understand federal credit unions are relatively cheaper for a reason but a very minimum make it easier for people to pay you back!
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2 years ago, Mr Banjoman
Transfer notes
When making a transfer from one account to another it is very helpful to have a note option in the transaction screen. When looking back several weeks or months it’s helpful to refresh yourself why you made that transfer. It was an option on my Xceed account that was used on every transfer. Thank you
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3 years ago, trump 3030
Unable to transfer
Unfortunately, I am unable to transfer money from my house bank, Wells Fargo, to my credit card directly. I must first transfer the money to a pre-established savings account with Kinecta, And then transfer money from the savings account to my credit card. This is an additional step, and additional time, that is redundant and ridiculous.
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5 months ago, RetroHippyKid
The app sometimes doesn’t sign it it kicks me out the app and I’m not sure why it continually does this I’ve tried turning off the Face ID and type my password and still doesn’t work maybe we need an update but I checked and it doesn’t have an update so I’m just frustrated and not sure what do to I need to check my balance :(
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2 years ago, Miguel_Ramos
Your banking technology is outdated with no true tech support contact
You need better banking technology Website says access denied with correct login credentials. Tried calling for tech support and it’s a long wait, tried the call back option and never received a call back. Would love to see Zelle option in App, make a payment option for Car payment and more. We have our home loan and car loan with Kinecta and starting to question if I will finance again with Kinecta. You guys need to improve your banking technology!
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4 months ago, KatenLu
If you’re looking for convenient and functional banking and banking app KEEP LOOKING This app is ALWAYS requiring me to change my password - today I used the current password and was forced to change it - put in the “old” password as a test and was told “can’t use current password as new password.” If that’s not enough they offer daily text account activity which you get daily (sometimes MULTIPLE times) until you randomly stop getting them and can’t turn them back on again. Enough is enough- KEEP AWAY and I’ll join you at another credit union ELSEWHERE.
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4 years ago, Digableart
Sub-par performance from you guys
1. ATM’s @ your Lakewood branch constantly having issues. Some examples: can’t accept certain transactions after-hours/weekends, one or more machine stuck in a mode & unable to function, exterior machine has seen better days. 2. Constantly having to reset “Quick Balance” feature. Why?? 3. Online banking not as “forward-thinking” as other banks; i.e. — Behind. The. Times.
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2 years ago, Swgalley
Does not let you paste password
I have a very complex 20 character password that I can typically then paste into individual logins. Since each one is different, for security, there is no way of remembering them. Apple allows you to secure passwords in its system, but the Kinecta App is not compatible. Ok, so I simply go get the info inside of Apple passwords and copy the password. Well, KINECTA programmers, in their infinite wisdom, will not allow pasting, on an apple product! Get with the program and fix this glitch!
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2 years ago, Paradise cove Malibu
A five star Kinecta Federal credit Union
Name: Vivian L Woodworth, I have been with Kinecta for 39 years and the employees are wonderful and extremely helpful when you need help! They’ve helped me through many things and have taught me the banking system. I’m still learning. Tomorrow I will have them help me set up bill pay. Definitely recommend Kinecta Federal credit union to anyone, also if I hear of someone looking for a place to keep their money I will let them know about Kinecta. There just isn’t any other place that’s as good and helpful as Kinecta and it’s employees. When I first joined Kinecta it was known as Hughes Federal credit Union, thank you for letting me be a part of you! Vivian L Woodworth
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6 years ago, EBERAMC002
Almost perfect!
Fantastic app!! Only thing I wish you could do is input a description when you do a transfer, like you can on the website. Other than that, it’s just as good or better than the website. I’ve found mobile deposit is actually BETTER than depositing checks at a branch or at the ATM, because that’s the only way I have a scanned record of the check - something that’s important to me as an independent contractor.
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6 years ago, FarisFox
This app gets the job done!
Update: please add iPhone X and Face ID support! Thanks! I'm happy with this app. It's not the flashiest mobile banking app I've seen, but it gets the job done, and they just added the one feature I was dying for (touchID), so I'm a happy camper! There is one complaint I have though, why can't we see pending transactions for our accounts like we do online? Fix this please!
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2 years ago, In my 80's ...
New to me
I am struggling navigating Kinecta as I find their website all around to be more cumbersome … however I received outstanding Tech Support from Elise in Bill Pay Support and also from her regarding changing certain Settings in Safari to assist with compatibility. Being with Xerox XFCU for 20 years, I was in the groove comfortably navigating their websites on my Apple desk top and iPhone and yet still feel improvements can be made to accommodate those who aren’t so so tech savvy.
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6 years ago, Sunny&70
Not so great
I’ve read many of the reviews and although I agree with the fact that transferring money is ez and mobile deposits are to, I get frustrated that each time I need to add a new bill, to the Bill Pay, I have to sign off and go to the actual Kinecta website to add a new bill onto my account. It would be much easier if we could utilize JUST the mobile app to deal with the “Bill Pay”. What a hassle. Many times I can’t remember which password goes to which website or the app, and I get locked out. Very, very, frustrating!!!! 😡
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7 years ago, Wst is best
Best CU and mobile banking
This credit union has excelled in service and in their product offerings Kinecta's mobile banking is far superior than than the huge banks , so is their website... not to mention their fees are much lower at Kinecta as well. I am moving all of my money to Kinecta, there is no reason to use big banks when you have an amazing credit union like this one.
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7 years ago, mobileann
Too many mobile devices
I actually love the app as far as using it and making mobile deposits. I don't ever go to the bank anymore unless I need to withdraw cash. HOWEVER...don't try to use it on multiple devices. I've always used my phone and computer, but when I added the app to my new iPad, it locked me out of my phone! I don't know how to get my phone linked back up, but I'd rather have it accepting my phone.
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3 years ago, Hot Cold Country
i am thrilled that at the end of the year Kinecta sends out all credit card transactions.
I very much appreciate having a mortgage, being able to re-finance, having an on-demand signature loan and my credit card through Kinecta. I also appreciate the checking and savings account service.
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5 years ago, AIJEV
Great app!
Easy to use:-) BUT..... would really like to be able to have a mechanism in place that would allow me to enter a payment on my Kinecta credit card account via the Kinecta web site from another bank account like MOST credit card companies allow for. Would make paying it off a LOT easier.
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6 years ago, Swim2Run
Decent Mobile App., That Needs Improvement
It’s only an ok application. It’s fine for normal activities, but it’s not all that great. One of the biggest hassles is the fact it doesn’t maintain the account number even if you use the remember me feature. Which means you can’t use the bio feature, and have re-enter your credentials each time.
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7 years ago, surfnsoccer
Could be good
GUI has much improved and app has gotten more useful. Unfortunately, if you have more than a few mobile devices, it makes you call a phone number to add additional devices. In this day and age when you need financial info fast, and you're constantly changing devices ....that's not convenient.
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5 years ago, Amazonshopper91273645
Very convenient
Use often and works well for me. Have three financial apps and this is the best of the three. Didn't take long to learn and now is easy to use. They have made some improvements over the several years I've used it... just keeps getting a little better each time they update.
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8 months ago, amersyumi
Kinecta credit union and to the kinecta staff
I truly like Kinecta credit unions loan policy. I do promise to payback. I do hope I can make up my lost income. As of now Kinecta accepted my part time driver job, which I only get paid in cash. Overall the kinecta staff is friendly, professional, and understanding their customers financial needs.
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7 years ago, Aliu517
Great app, easy to use
I've been using the Kinecta App for 2 years now and I've been very impressed by the improvements that the Credit Union has made, enabling Touch ID as well as allowing mobile deposits through taking photos of your checks. Its convenient, easy to use, and helps make sure that no unauthorized deposits or withdrawals are taking place. Highly recommend!
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2 years ago, Missionary Spouse
My Credit Union
Professionalism comes from training, kindness , and practice. Even the website at Kinecta is direct and easy to view accounts and transfer funds. We are physically challenged (disabled) and Kinecta heard our idea and adopted it on a trial basis. Now years later; it works. Join Kinecta, they (we) are real people!
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8 months ago, Gusto49
Gus Review
Gratitude is something few people can describe in few words, but with the VIP spirit of service that I have been welcomed and advised upon expressing my wish to become a member by your kind staff, and especially Jana Kriling and Josh Weinberg, I feel I must express a great sense of respect and inclusion with your credit union. A highly pleased client.
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2 years ago, a bad violist
The app itself is designed well enough and definitely beats the old Xceed one… but it locks me out almost every time I want to check my balance, even if I type the right password on the first try. I have to change my password each time just to get in. New passwords aren’t allowed to match ANY prior ones, so this is getting pretty tiring. That said, this is probably a problem with Kinecta’s online banking database as a whole rather than just the app.
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12 months ago, britneyyy
Best bank in the USA.. by miles
I’ve banked with many institutions and worked for a few as an IT professional and this bank is one hundred percent on your side. They are the right choice from the tellers to the managers to their car buying service no bank comes close.
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1 year ago, shsbdbaizbx
Face Recognition
The face recognition consistently goes off and on, causing the user to login with their password and enable face authentication within settings again. It happens very frequently - I’ve just committed to typing my password in now because it’s a waste of time to change the setting. Also every user name is taken when trying to submit a review. This review is through the app after sign in. Use a unique name tied to the secure sign in.
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1 year ago, ruffmoz
I wish you could be able to see your account number on the app. When you log in, you can see that anywhere on the account screen be it hidden or open. Secondly, I wish you could be able to add external accounts. It seems impossible to do so and unable to transfer from an external account. Lastly, modify the layout of the app. Feels so outdated.
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5 years ago, hheather.feather
Can’t Login
I downloaded the app to access my account faster. But when I tried to log in, it told me to enter any 4 digits to create a one time pin to get in. And then it said I’ll get an email that would give me a number to access my account. I never received an email, I got locked out of my account, and now I have the keep creating new passwords every time this app doesn’t let me log in. It makes no sense and I can’t use it. It’s very frustrating too because there’s no one I can contact for help. The number provided is an automated menu...
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7 years ago, S.C.F.F.
Love it!
This is a super easy-to-use app, very convenient, and I use it all the time :) My only request is that "Log Off/Sign Out" be an option on the quick menu button, instead of having to go back to the main page. It obviously isn't a big enough deal to lower my rating!!
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5 years ago, E Greenough
Out of Date - Does not have Zelle
Kinecta's app developers need to step it up a notch. It's a shame that I am forced to go into a branch to make a payment on my loan. With technology advancing as quickly as it is, Kinecta fails to show up to the table. Sadly there are very few Kinecta branches to start. The app flakes every time I attempt to deposit a check.
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3 years ago, #1 Kinecta Fan!
Love Kinecta’s Mobile App
Why would you fight traffic when you can do pretty much anything on your phone -securely. Love the biometric facial ID option. Foolproof. And it does so much! Can apply for a loan or credit card, move money, pay bills, deposit checks!!! It’s awesome
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1 year ago, Carlsbadian
Doesn’t work with VPN
It ok to use for basic banking needs on my iPad. Doesn’t work with VPN. They don’t have two factor authentication security. I can’t add or edit my payees in bill pay on the app. Interest on my accounts are basically zero. I’ll probably eventually move most of my money out into a better money market account at Schwab. Too bad after 20+ years with them.
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6 years ago, choid252
Customer service
Should have a messaging and/or email system for customer service. Called multiple times for help but no one responded. My only option was to go online and send a message but it was so annoying to go online everytime I have to check response. Maybe the app is good for banking but not for loan payment. Useless. Not much tool options for loan payment and very confusing.
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3 years ago, big hassle to get nickname
Kinecta On-line
This app is the easiest to use on my I-phone. I can do everything except get cash from my phone. But I can easily move $ between accounts so that I can check my balances and complete my transactions before going to the ATM to get cash.
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4 years ago, procoding
Problem with ATM quickly resolved
I had a car payment pending and deposited money to cover the payment, but part of the cash deposit was held. The representative was able to have the funds released while I was on the on the line. Easily confirmed with this ap. Thank you!! 😁
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7 years ago, 2 Lil Monkeys!!!
5 Star App Indeed
Thank you for having such a user friendly app. I moved to IL, so the app is clutch in depositing the occasional check, without having to run to a local credit union. If I could change one thing, I would add the ability to enter a memo or description when transferring between accounts.
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3 years ago, business etiq acct
Mobile access to business essential a/c
It makes me happy to have access to my business financials at the touch of a few key strokes when the need is “now” like many things these days working from home.
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