Kinecta Mobile Banking

4.7 (27.1K)
94.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kinecta Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kinecta Mobile Banking

4.74 out of 5
27.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Kmoorecreative
So many new wonderful features!! 😊
I am so very pleased with the new modern mobile app! So many new custom controls and alerts for my debit and credit card as well as additional alerts I can customize. Wow! There’s also a new Financial Wellness section that allows me to create personalized savings goals and track my spending based on categories. And so much more! Good job Kinecta! 👏
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3 months ago, Very PO'd customer
This new redesign needs improvement.
In my experience with it, this app has always been reliable and user-friendly… until this recent redesign that no one asked for. Now it’s harder to use and harder to read. The old version had expenditures/withdrawals in red and income/deposits in green. This new version has everything in black with a tiny, barely-visible minus (-) symbol next to withdrawals, which is a hard to read (at least for me) and less than ideal. Please fix this because the old version was working perfectly fine and I liked it. But this redesign made it demonstrably harder to use. It still technically works, but it adds a layer of friction and inconvenience that I never asked for and I’m not happy with it at all. Also, please, for the love of all that is holy in this or any other universe, *please* give us a dark mode. My phone is normally in dark mode everywhere, and I don’t enjoy being temporarily blinded by how bright this app is.
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3 months ago, PrinnieK
Could still use some work
I really enjoy Kinecta mobile app, and now that they have upgraded, I can see all of my accounts. However, it can be confusing. I think, it would be better if I could rearrange how I view each account. I would like to see the checking and savings account for one member account listed together, and then the checking and saving for the next account listed together, etc. As it stands now, I have to go through all the checking accounts that I’m listed on, and then I can go to all the savings accounts. I’m just saying it’s not as pretty to look at and it’s more confusing than it was before. It’s just aesthetics. At least I can do Zelle, although, finding the Zelle button is more difficult than before, and I can transfer funds, and I can see all of my accounts at one place. I appreciate that.
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3 months ago, Ludecrasher
2024 UPDATE: good but not great
Needs to add the GREEN color for deposits, like the app used to have. Made it easy to find all my deposits or credits made to my account. Right now everything is black. Need the ZELLE payment option on the main screen instead of having to go through the options, highlights payments and then hit Zelle. Trying to pay someone quicker, especially when the app is running slow due to crappy service at certain locations.
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3 months ago, Wyldceltic1
New app stinks!
I keep getting errors of trying to load my accounts. And now I’ve read from other people that you can’t make a mobile deposit easily. This app was not ready for prime time. Now I have to drive to Kinecta to deposit my checks. Hopefully they get this fixed very soon!
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3 weeks ago, Expect more from a bank
Kinecta App
This app is terrible! I jumped through the hoops twice to be able to use it to make my car payments, still doesn’t work! I’m taking out a loan elsewhere to pay my vehicle off so I don’t have to deal with this company anymore. Also, some genius decided to lock all accounts that hadn’t been accessed for a year. With automatic payments set up for years, I had no need to access it. Got a notice that my payment was delinquent because all auto pay stopped and told me to set it up through the app, yes, the app that doesn’t work right! Not good business in my opinion.
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3 months ago, jamnpi
Not working!
It keeps asking me to create a new password! I created a new password password, then logged out, and when I try to log back in, it asked me to create another new password!
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4 weeks ago, KinectauserM
Not a fan
I am seriously considering leaving Kinecta because of their app not being finished with all the bugs worked out. It is in fact not convenient for banking since it had to change my password 9 times since you updated the app. I can’t change my phone number even tho I asked one of your customer service rep to do it they told me no you can do it no the app. I cannot do it on the app so I am locked out of my own account for no reason. So over all I hate the new banking app and I’m gonna go to Long Beach credit union instead.
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3 months ago, UnhappyJackie
What just happened ??my husband and I have separate accounts- we each technically have access to one another accts if needed. This new update has all of our accounts in view: mine, his, even our daughters. I do Not like this. We keep our accounts separate for a reason. He spends his money how he likes and same for me. We pay our bills equally. Do I really want him knowing how much I spent at Target? No. A big thumbs down for me.
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3 months ago, lmaoimalive
New App
Kinectas new App is way more user friendly and helps make me self sufficient to the point where I don’t need to call Kinecta anymore, this was a needed upgrade and I’m glad it happened!!!!
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3 months ago, vp vero pla
A very happy member
I love the new mobile application. I can see all of the accounts I am a joint in and I love the new card alert features.
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3 months ago, Carma Chan
IPhone user issues
I have an iPhone 13, loved the previous app, but this new app released in March 2024, Not a fan! I lost biometric login. Mobile deposit issues, repeatedly. Not intuitive navigation—where is everything?! Message replies hard to open/read.
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2 months ago, Silent vote
Combining all accounts into one acct. worst idea ever
By Kinecta combining access to all accounts into one account es stage worst thing ever done. Now it takes me twice as long to do simple banking to ensure I’m correctly transferring funds or accessing correct accct. I ask that Kanecta ask customers if this is what they want before executing something that impacts banking.
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2 months ago, Bbydavid
Hate the update
Kinecta used to be the absolute best. Each new update is worse than the last. Previous revision was way better. Transfer between accounts showed current running balance. The new color scheme is terrible. The new interface is clunky. Adding my husbands account with mine into one login has made things confusing.
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2 months ago, Kenbrenan
Gone are the days of the good app
Kinecta had one of the best apps for banking out there, and then they decided to change it. Now, it’s probably the worst app for banking out there. They completely screwed over the login process, the transfer process, the everything! I would not recommend using the app, and use the website instead.
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3 months ago, app for morons
No problems
I have been a member for many years as well as my family and have had no issues. They have always been great!
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3 months ago, think before acting
I have enjoyed kinecta since i opened the account. They were more stringent then. Kinecta is now more flexible in lending money - back then, kinecta was very uptight about who they loaned money to.
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3 months ago, ProverbsCats
The mobile app makes everything so much easier for me!
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3 months ago, irlghost
New update is horrible
I loved the previous version but after the update transactions take DAYS to fully process on your account compared to minutes a few months ago. The new interface is alot more user friendly but the delayed transactions are draining to deal with.
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3 months ago, mariez41
New look
I love the new look….. print is much larger and easy to see …thank you so much
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3 months ago, NakeDrsFeelFriends
Great banking app, small greedy little bank
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2 months ago, GW Rider 61
Moving Backwards
The old app was better. It was laid out better, easier to navigate, and looked better. Now they’re adding advertisements for their loan products on to the home page. A perfect example of replacing something good with something new just for the sake of change.
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3 months ago, Long time Apple fam
Zelle lists all contacts
Zelle lists all contact phone numbers which can allow accidental sending to wrong person. Previous version only showed zelle recipients created.
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3 months ago, Jaydean21
New password everytime I open
It was pretty bad before the update where it happened every couple of week but ever since the update I think I’ve had to change my password almost every other login. It’s extremely annoying.
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3 months ago, frankygeekboy
Dark Mode please. 🙏🏼
App ok for now some bugs here and there, but with time will get better. Dark Mode is needed, please give us dark mode option. Thank you very much Kinecta Team. 🙏🏼
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3 months ago, Mgreenwade
New App
Love the easy navigation of the new App.
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3 months ago, Cbenter
New App Update it’s terrible
You can’t transfer from accounts on the app anymore you have to go online to do it!! Need to get that fixed asap!!
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3 months ago, Slaster master
It is very convenient I really like the new app. Much appreciated. Randall Reed.
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3 months ago, Jozay24
Best update
Loving the new app
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2 months ago, mymimiss
New update
Really don’t like the new update The transfer section to pay credit card is inconvenient .
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3 months ago, Cautious/optimism
Zelle connection⁉️
There’s a slow process and failed attempts ⁉️
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6 days ago, fraysldenhoven
Cannot Access Zelle
Cannot access Zelle using this app Not a problem if I log into Kinecta website I deleted the app and reinstalled — still no Zelle
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3 months ago, Roy3001
Doesn’t load on an updated ios phone.
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3 weeks ago, Velle323
5 stars
Great !!!!
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4 weeks ago, Tammy8000
Does not work in certain areas without wi-fi. Needs more work. I don’t like it.
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3 months ago, FullGL
New app is terrible.
Denser view of data, but almost no features.
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7 years ago, Muttidok
Easy to use interface
From the perspective of a longtime Kinecta member, this interface has come a long way from in-person banking in Culver City in the 80s. I can easily figure out how to do most tasks. We have had only one incident with a mobile deposit that was subsequently rejected. From reading reviews it was probably due to a short-lived glitch in the system in Sept 2016. I do wish that images of mobile deposit checks were available in the web-based Kinecta interface and that all the features in the web-based Kinecta interface were available in the cell phone app version. Overall, I am very pleased with the app and find it a convenient way to set up transfers to other Kinecta members with previously established transfer accounts.
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8 years ago, Brewmaestro
Mobile deposit Fail
The redesigned app seems nice. But I can no longer make a mobile deposit. You cannot see the picture you took on the main screen, but there is a preview screen, which is fine. My checks look great on the preview screen, surrounded by lots of extra space. But after submission I look at what was submitted and the check is cropped, and the routing and account numbers are all cut off. I didn't know that when I deposited lots of money and expected that it was already in available, only to get an email at the end of the day that the deposit did not work and my account was zero. Only after that email did I look to see the history of mobile deposits and saw a picture very much cropped from what I thought I submitted. I never had any trouble with the previous version of the app. Now I'm bouncing checks. The next time I knew better, and added even more space around the check (raising the camera higher). Again the picture I submitted looked great. this time I looked at the history immediately after submitting, and again it was cropped too much. So I tried one more time, turning the check 180°. But the app said that the check was a duplicate. It knows it's a duplicate, but it doesn't know the number of the check?! (Once it says it's a duplicate, I can't see what it thought I was submitting, so I have no idea how I might be able to fix the problem). Very very frustrating. Not to mention expensive (due to bounced checks)
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2 years ago, AcctOwner
USERPASS LOCKOUT Issues for 2 years!!
I get locked out of my account every couple of months. Each time I have to spend an hour on my phone waiting for customer service. Today I also simultaneously spent 20 minutes on chat (as the phone hold message says to use online chat as it is supposed to be quicker) hold even though I was 1st in line!! I cannot even reset my password because after I enter all my information including SSN it says kinecta cannot validate my account. So I ALWAYS need to engage Customer Service which means an hour long queue. This is so frustrating! Customer service previously would unlock my account and make me change my password. Now they tell me it’s my password manager -which I was not using until the past year. My husband uses the same password manager for his account and has never had a lockout issue. Both of our accounts are migrations from Xerox XCEED. I have to question if there is some setting on my account that triggers this USERPASS LOCKOUT. I’ve tried to engage technical support before and was told there are no issues. I’m hoping perhaps there might be someone new who can troubleshoot this please!
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6 years ago, bigpapi73
Yes I said terrible. It’s a major inconvenience when I deposit cash into an ATM that’s a Feral Credit union. I made my deposit into an Altura... which is by my house. There are NO Kinecta Credit Unions close to me. So back to my 1star review... I don’t know if any ATMs that use an envelope anymore. So when I spoke to the Kinecta rep to see why my cash deposit was pending she explained to me that it shows my deposit was made in an envelope!! How the heck would you know that when they don’t have envelopes to use.... so in order to get my deposit released I’m suppose to 1-find the receipt and take a picture of it and FAX it in to them... seriously who the hell FAXES anymore... so she says just goto a staples of kinkos... so now I need to have the receipt and drive to wherever the closes place is.. INCONVENIENT!!! Sorry sir maybe you can take a picture of the receipt and use the secure email server we have available.... if I had the friggen receipt I wouldn’t need it. If I deposit cash into any of my other Banks it’s available immediately... why because it knows that I deposited cash! Why can’t you people get with the friggen program. I’m going to withdraw all my cash and leave!
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7 years ago, Food234
Useful bank, useful app!
When I first downloaded the app, I didn't know what to expect using a mobile bank account on the phone. I didn't know what buttons to use to tap with if I was looking up how much money was in the tank or transferring money on the mobile phone. As it turns out, it's was fantastic! It's used by using your account to transfer to another account if you need to transfer money if you don't have time to go to the bank to deposit checks. Plus, using the Camera to snapshot that check both the front and the back, it will deposit into the account on where you want it to go. Thank you Kinecta for making that happen! Highly recommended and it has very useful information.
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6 years ago, Spoonplayer
Love it!
I was a member for years and begged for an iPhone app. When it finally came out, it did not disappoint. I use most of its features regularly on my computer, iPad and iPhone. I saw a criticism of limited device accessibility. It’s a security feature I think. That happened to me but all I had to do was call up a live customer service rep and get the 3rd device recognized. (And btw, their customer service has always been great!) I especially like the bill pay feature. I’ve used it from the start through a couple of upgrades. It’s easy once you get the hang of the structure. And lots of back info available. I’m very happy with Kinecta’s app.
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1 year ago, cvnt42069
Consider Leaving
Like me I thought kinecta was supposed to be different than banks, and I was wrong. Im considering leaving them today if they aren’t able to help me finance, or find a way to get into a vehicle that will help me financially. Ironically I have no credit, which is what they want to see, BUT denied me a credit card to do so awhile back, so you can see where this company falls very short at helping their customers. If they don’t help me today I’m Considering leaving this place and I suggest you do to if you’re in the same boat. Good luck trying to get one of those through them as well. Thanks kinetca for doing nothing but keeping my money in one spot which I can do at my own home.
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5 years ago, dragoinlbc
Kinecta App
I’ve been a member for 30 plus and I’ve never considered leaving or sharing my business. Kinecta has worked with me on 5 home loans, 6 car loans and the usual checking, savings and credit cards. If you need to visit their offices the people are great and turnover is light so they must treat their employees well. My only suggestion for improvement would to have transfer from checking or savings to loans show immediately. There is always a 1 or 2 day delay from when the $ leave my account to when they get recognized by the destination.
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10 months ago, 25@27
To log on online
The worst experience in regards to online banking. Couldn’t log in at all, was forced to change my password! Very difficult because kept kicking me out and VERY user unfriendly!!!! Finally, after HOURS!!! of trying and making phone calls, my nerves were shot!!!! I got in and now I am scared to log in because I couldn’t go through this a second time! Thinking seriously of closing my account and pulling my money out! Your customer service is nonexistent and you folks need to wake up, there are other banks out there with excellent customer service and user friendly online services! If this EVER happens again I am gone, and I used to like Kinecta a lot but YOU HAVE CHANGED, and not for the better! A very very unhappy customer Inga Robbins. The worst part: you don’t care!!!!!!
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7 years ago, Juan1120
I recently refinanced my car loan with Kinecta and this app makes it so easy to check my payments sent and total balance due anytime i wish as one two three...bang! It was so easy to enroll online,you only need your account number of whatever business you have with Kinecta,whether is a savings account,checking account,credit card(s), car loan etc. and then you choose a password and three secret questions and answers and thats all,and with that you can check your account summary anytime you wish with this app...well done.
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9 years ago, nosillacast
Yay for Touch ID!
I am SO happy that Kinecta uses touch ID now on iOS. I liked the app a lot before that but now it’s a no brainer that it’s easier to pay bills using my phone than using a computer. I gave them 5 stars but cautiously because I USED to have a lot of crashing problems when signing in. I don’t know if those problems have been fixed or not, but the touch ID thing pops up right where I would have been tapping on password, which is where it always crashed on me. Because of that I a) don’t know and b) don’t care. Great job on this!
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3 years ago, not happy bank customer
Online syncing of account and bill pay is horrible
I have been trying to set up online bill pay to this account since November it’s still not set up and I can’t use the automated system so each month I have to pay a $10 fee to have a rep take the payment it’s not fair and not right and each month I am told it will be fixed by the time my next payment will be due. It’s still not fixed!
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8 months ago, Paris, Lee
Kinecta FCU is always fair!
I had been with Kinecta for 40 years and I learned a lot. Unfortunately I had a really hard time with debit cards. Someone was always getting my numbers and it just got to a point where I had to do all business in the branch. This became too much for me. I could not do business at home on the computer it had to be at Kinecta. It was my fault just could not be there always. So I found myself a new home.! Kinecta Is fair just and always on your side and will help you no matter what!!! My boyfriend, significant other, and we have been together for 41 years and he has been with Kinecta for 43 years in fact, it was because of him that I signed up with Kinecta! Always remember you won’t find a better place then KINECTA FEDERAL Credit Union! VIVIAN L WOODWORTH.
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4 years ago, Nahomster
I bank with Kinecta due to a loan on my vehicle and while setting up automatic payments for that was easy, I cannot for the life of me figure out automatic payments towards a credit card I got through this bank! I don’t reside in California so making payments has been extremely difficult as the only way I have been able to deposit into my account is by check which processes days later. I wish Kinecta had ZELLE but I understand federal credit unions are relatively cheaper for a reason but a very minimum make it easier for people to pay you back!
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