King - Classic card game

4.6 (127)
78.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for King - Classic card game

4.6 out of 5
127 Ratings
3 years ago, Lost Spouse on post
Great Game! Quick ads
I love this game!! it’s a combo of different it really twists my brain to switch gears between taking hands and avoiding things. Most great games are ruined by crazy ads, but the ads in Kings aren’t too often and can all be easily skipped which is great :)
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2 years ago, SharpJoker56
Great Game; Could Be Better
I’ve been playing Barbu for years, and play King almost daily. I think the scoring can be improved in several ways. First, every hand should be worth about the same as every other hand. There is no need for Queens to total -6 and Losing Tricks to total-13. Second, I would not bonus people who take no (negative) tricks (or penalize someone who takes no (positive) tricks. One should be bonused if one outperforms the declarer and the declarer should be penalized for underperforming another player. Third, the nice thing about Barbu was that it was a zero-sum game; King should be too. Fourth, I loved FanTan. Can’t that be added back into King?
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3 weeks ago, AthenasDaughter
Rules are incorrect
You lose points for taking 0 tricks on a positive round. You can’t sluff anything but hearts in the “No hearts” round. You must play a trump card if you have a void in any suit led in all positive rounds. Anyone who plays trick taking games seriously knows these rules to be ignorant and nonsensical. Scoring is extremely punitive. Full minute of video ads which cannot be skipped or pay to not endure after each 40-second round of gameplay. Crashes a lot. This is an exercise in frustration for players.
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4 years ago, Cimbombb
Real feel of a card table
The game has great graphic to simulate a real card table. Ability to invite friends to play against would make it perfect. Seems like I am playing against random opponents at every hand which is a bit annoying. Why can’t we continue to play with same opponents.
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2 years ago, Ertpala
Best one so far
This is the best king version i have ever played. Great strategy by computer players at solo games. I really enjoy it and strongly recommend.
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3 years ago, sakataj
Took a second to get but it is fun afterward
I wish they had a way to get rid of the ads completely even may be a small fee to pay for it I wish while you were playing ahead with your first learned you could go back and look at how to play
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3 years ago, Meli00986
Even though some players loose game they don’t get their points deducted if they leave before the game ends. That’s not fair to others. Also it happened to me a few times that the same player got to be at the same table at two different spots. How is that possible?
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5 years ago, bobarue
Good to have big game option
Fun to learn all the games and switch between them. Sometimes it’s like playing Yahtzee, having to decide from limited options. It would be good it they could create a tournament, a bigger game option among four players committed to one tournament of 40 small games.
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6 years ago, Rupertronix
Used to love this game...
But in the latest version there’s a bug that resets the score on the offline mode every few games. Very annoying!!!
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2 years ago, Littletomatoe
Great game. Challenging and addictive!
Play against others or play solo. Good way to keep the old brain limber.
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4 years ago, Adrian999549
Good game
Good speed. Good visuals. No way you know you actually finished a game. You guys have to review that. I’m not expecting fireworks kind of things but at lest one message saying’you won’ or “you lose “ you would be nice. I’m just saying. People don’t always follow the game number I think. Otherwise, I personally, missed this game . It’s a good game although the rules are a bit off. And I’m one of the one national that basically invented the game. PS: I’m still bad ai it
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4 years ago, Shayan_ayn
Some mistake in “Hokm” game
First of all, thanks for this game, i know the rules of Hokm, there are hokm games in this program but the rules are not completely correct. I suggest you to correct these rules . Everything is ok but there is just this problem 😊🙏🏻
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4 years ago, Rod davis
Improvements needed
Itbis hard to figure out form a tiny logo what is the purpose of each hand. It would be great if you could play a complete game with negatives and positives
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4 years ago, wert237
Great app lots of gamers
King is a great and enjoyable app, way better than solitaire, you find people and AI to play anytime
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3 weeks ago, ghıyeycvhy
Very nice game
There are minor bugs but it’s still a great game. I enjoy it
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2 years ago, Meraki Group
Best king game
Played many but this one is the best by far
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3 years ago, HA574
Solo play
Playing for years. Solo play was very fun and challenging to play
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4 years ago, PJ Adventure
Needs end of game signal
I’m play along then notice I started another game. Needs “YOU WIN!” “YOU LOSE!” “GAME OVER” smiling face or sad face - SOMETHING!!!!! I love this game but pissesme off when I don’t know the set is over!!!
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2 years ago, JCP760511
Awesome Card game
Its great to have this classic card game on an app
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2 years ago, GBTC
Leaves a lot to be desired
And does not have an option for no ads — the game controls the plays and we need to simply sit and wait until the game decides for us? Poorly developed!
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4 years ago, Charles02474
Great design!
Keep up the good work!
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4 weeks ago, CLA1960
Willing to pay for ad-free version.
Good game, but excesively frequent and long adds make unusable. Would be happy to pay to play ad free. Waste of time with so many ads.
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5 years ago, Tired of this monopoly
Good game
I enjoyed playing King with this app!
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2 years ago, saffycoo
King classic card game
New at this but think I am catching on
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2 years ago, ocean blue ny
Great time
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11 years ago, Turgay_NY
Recommended for King lovers
I love the game and playing online is great experience. Thanks a lot!
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4 years ago, Fantabulously AMAZING!!!!!
good but could be better
it’s very confusing how to play and seems outdated
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4 years ago, blattke
It's cool, but cheats a little
It's cool, but cheats a little
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12 years ago, Cardplayer19736
Update Needed
This is a great game that I really enjoy, however, there are a few glitches and poor programming that needs to be addressed to make it better. The most obvious error is when playing with "Robot" players during a Negative hand of "no kings or jacks": the robots play as if they want to win each trick. Also, I am not a fan of being forced to play certain cards if I can't follow the suit led. For instance, when playing "no hearts" I'd rather be able to lay off a high card in an off suit than be forced to lay off a low heart that would likely never win a trick. A similar thing happens when playing with trump for positive hands. Just because I can't follow suit led doesn't mean I'm always going to trump it, especially if I know another player doesn't have the suit as well and that their card would beat my trump. If you fix little things like that then this game would get 5 stars from me.
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12 years ago, MahoLily
Robots badly programmed
This is a great game I used to play during my university years... Unfortunately, robots are not playing with any logic, for example, robot starts with an ace for the game of "No Boys". The game is also played at different times with different players... Penalty points and rewards do not make sense at some cases... Good application but expecting further improvements...
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7 years ago, lucasbravo
Great game, but annoying ads
Have been playing KingOnline for a while. It is a great game, but ads have become very long, making it rather annoying.
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8 years ago, Hamsiusa
Annoying ads
Too much ads
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8 years ago, Zohan990036
Near perfect
Great game. Would be even better with chat...
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12 years ago, Pasha68
Great Game
Would be nice if we could befriend people we are plying with , and also a chat option !
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7 years ago, Ssoyler
Fine game, some network problems, but it is addictive
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11 years ago, Oguzhan Yücel
iyi bir uygulama . Perfect application and game
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8 years ago, Goofy ditching
Fair game
Poor robot players
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9 years ago, Ptahmus
Good hybrid of Barbu & Barbuda.
Careful it's addictive.
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7 years ago, Can.birdy
addictive !
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12 years ago, s al mohannadi
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11 years ago, Profmad
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10 years ago, Enkyagu
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2 years ago, kikna0806
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3 weeks ago, Asirda
Muy bueno
Tengo años jugándolo
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2 years ago, jormogollon
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2 years ago, Titinprincesa
Excelente me encanta
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2 years ago, HDabooooooor
لعبه تعتبر ملكت الورق ارجو الاهتمام في العبه وتطويره
لعبه تعتبر ملكت الورق ارجو الاهتمام في العبه وتطويره
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4 years ago, Dagex
hace mucho quería un app de king
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3 years ago, serdarofficial
Bilende oynuyor bilmeyende,ebeyi batırmaya çalışacaklarına kendileri bencil olduğu için baştan alacağımı alayım vereceğimi vereyim zihniyetinde,kafayı yormuyorlar.Herkes oynamasın kardeşim bu oyunu
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5 years ago, solly setton
Muy buen juego
Me encanta
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