Kingdom Rush Tower Defense TD

4.8 (63.7K)
148.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ironhide S.A.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kingdom Rush Tower Defense TD

4.84 out of 5
63.7K Ratings
6 years ago, PurelyPlatonic
The Best TD Series On Mobile!
Kingdom Rush is one of the most impressive games I have ever played. It combines the best aspects of various genres to create an amazing experience all around - the depth of character and fantastic story of traditional RPGs, the side-scrolling action of classic adventure games, and the tactical depth of long-lived RTS titles all wrapped up in a neatly packaged tower defense game that will keep you entertained for hours. The vast cast of characters you have at your disposal will keep you engaged throughout each different level. Different classes of heroes allow you to refine whatever style of gameplay you want, and the leveling system rewards you for investing time into these useful allies. Optional levels of difficulty provide a great sense of progression and replayability, and the entire game provides a rewarding experience for gamers of all kinds. In a world filled with pay-to-win games and ad-ridden time sinks, Kingdom Rush stands out as a stellar example of proper gaming enjoyment. Highly worth the initial investment of a few dollars, you have the choice to enjoy extra power-ups for the price of some of your time watching ads. Or you can invest in a powerful new hero to use on the battlefield - but no matter your choice, rest assured that Kingdom Rush will never force you to do so. The game is playable, and completion is perfectly achievable without spending an extra penny or watching a single ad.
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3 years ago, Brandon1637592
Great,but a few things need to be tweaked
The game is peer good, the towers and the enmities have a good design and concept. Also the gameplay is smooth, no bugs, but here are some bugs that need to be changed -There need to be more rounds for some levels/the escalation doesn’t fit the round (like the ex levels after you finish the campaign need to be a little, A LITTLE! easier or there needs to be more rounds) -All of the ex levels recommend 50 stars for them, even though the max amount of stars you can get in the campaign is 36 (note you can still play them) -Some upgrades don’t seem worth the amount of gold it’s worth(like the ranger and sorcerer upgrades) -There should be a way to unlock some hero’s, not all of them but at least 3 of the premium ones, maybe after every level you get something that you can place into one premium hero of your choosing and after like 30 of those you unlock the hero (normal levels are worth 1 of these while ex levels are worth 2) -The endless mode is to hard in the beginning, maybe tone it down for a little bit -Just a nitpick of mine, but can I request a sandbox mode where you can test out strategies and towers, you don’t lost health, you have infinite gold, and you can spawn in enemies of your choosing -The encyclopedia for the enemies don’t show there weaknesses or strengths This is all, thank you for reading and possible considering my points.
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8 months ago, hdjwbt
So good but a few improvement ideas
This game is such a good game except for a few things. First I’ll point out some of the good things though. It has some really nice art, and the animations are very clean. It’s very fun to play except for a few things which I will explain later. All the levels are set up very well. And the design of the levels and the voice acting of the characters are so fun to listen and look at. Now onto the cons first off it is a very challenging game even on the easiest difficulty. Towers cost a lot. And makes it very hard to beat certain levels. A few ways I would fix this. Is by making the AOE damage of the bomb tower, a little bigger and also have towers cost less on easier difficulties. Apart from all this, I love the game though. Ps: I’ll bet you guys so many people would love the game twice as much if you added some sort ranged upgrade to the paladins, or even maybe add a separate path that let you choose between paladins the range guys and barbarians
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5 years ago, Spacepyrate
A literal masterpiece.
Kingdom rush was my first game when I had an IPhone 5s, about 6 years ago. I used to play Balloon Tower Defense 3 at school on the class computers, and when I found a similar tower defense game on the phone, I was hooked. I’ve played all of the Kingdom Rush Games, as well as Iron Marines, and I think the 5 dollars for this game is so worth it. Some levels are difficult, but not to the point of pay-to-play. I love this game series because Ironhide, unlike most game developers, really cares about its community and not the profit it makes. Honestly I’m shocked that this game series hasnt received as much attention as it deserves. But recently I feel like KR Vengeance, as cool as it is to play as the baddies and see the penultimate return of Lord Vez’nan himself, feels off. The devs are starting to go to the “pay to play” end of the spectrum, and when you have to pay for towers as well, it just seems unlike Ironhide. TLDR; never change, Ironhide. Your games are freaking amazing. :D
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3 years ago, Racc1738
The Greatest Tower Defense Series Out There
I first experienced the original Kingdom Rush game on the Ironhide Games website several years ago. I fondly remember the hours spent placing reinforcements, sending meteor strikes, and raging when my defenses finally fell. My classmates and I would compare our progress, racing to see who was the best at the game. Although it probably wasn’t wise of us to play during class, I am grateful for the experiences this game has brought me. The Kingdom Rush series is the greatest tower defense series on the App Store, and debatably, the best online too. It’s sequel, Kingdom Rush Frontiers, improves upon what makes this game so amazing, memorable, and loved. Thank you Ironhide, thank you for the wonderful gaming experience that is unlike any others. I will be purchasing Origins and Vengeance soon, I know I’ll love it. I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys fun, simple, and yet strategically challenging TDs. 6/5 stars.
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3 years ago, Phil Swift is so powerful
Best tower defense game ever
I remember when I first played KingdomRush it was a flash game that I played through armor games and it was instantly my favorite flash game ever and I played through the entire game at least six times before flash got discontinued and then I found it here on the App Store I think if you’re anybody that enjoys tower defense games it’s one of the best it has a unique art style and variety of towers my favorite being the archer tower that’s made of a tree I’d suggest this game if you’ve played balloons tower defense over the years they’ve come out with more and more sequels I think they have four at the time of writing this so I haven’t gotten the fourth one yet this game also has a lot of replayability as you probably noticed since I’ve played it six times through and now about two times through on my phone
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4 years ago, DarkGhost 01
I’ve played all the Kingdom Rush games with the exception of Vengeance, they’re all more or less fun and I wouldn’t rate any of them less than 4 stars. But this one is still the best, I like the towers better, I like the bonus missions better (although Frontiers is a close second in that regard) the enemies are better, the maps and their exclusive abilities are better, basically although this is a fairly old game, it’s arguably one of the best, it’s insanely fun and you can play it offline which is pretty good when you’re travelling. If you are still in doubt let me tell you, you don’t need to spend a penny to have fun or make progress, it’s always a fun game and feels like a brand new experience every time I start the campaign again. Get it, you won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, Henry Backus
Amazing game for free.
This game has so much stuff you can do and is so long that it is amazing that it’s still free. Sure, some hero’s are locked behind paywalls, but even without buying anything it’s still entirely possible to beat the game while still having a ton of fun and not spending money. unlike other free games where it either becomes a nuisance to beat after a certain pint or is nearly impossible to beat without spending money, this game lets you do almost everything you want without having to spend money. An amazing game in general, especially for free. Would definitely recommend. Only thing that makes it annoying for some people is it is pretty difficult if you don’t have a strategy, but if you know what to do, this is the best free mobile tower defense you can find.
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3 years ago, H20Hydra
This could be the best mobile game I ever played
I’ve been playing this game for around two days and it’s absolutely amazing it would be so incredible if they could add a sandbox mode were you could add any tower and any enemy that you want that would make the game 100 times more better so then not every two seconds I need to start playing one of the missions but overall this game is super fun you have all these towers and all these enemies they definitely shouldUpdate the game more often so then people will start playing in more they should also add it on various different platforms but overall this game is super fun but we need a sandbox mode and there should also be missions and for those missions that you complete you get a new hero that would be amazing but overall this game is really good.
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4 months ago, Loco ham
Easily the gold standard
This continues to be a great mobile game. I hope the folks who worked on it feel well-deserved pride in their creation. Over ~10 years I find myself reinstalling and replaying this old classic. Unlike some other classic TD games (PvZ) it has *not* been destroyed by advertising and monetization. You pay a few bucks and can play this game, and all the bonus levels, without buying extra trinkets or tolerating ads. There are still no ads. The main campaign is great. After the end, there is basically an entire second game of challenging but fun bonus levels to play through. It’s without a doubt the gold standard for mobile TD, along with the sequels of the same name. Thank you for keeping this gem going strong for years!
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10 months ago, Kloiper1
It’s rare to see a game focused on quality over profit - excellent job
I searched for a solid tower defense game to mindlessly play and encountered mostly garbage. Feeble attempts at effectively stealing money from people disguised as a mediocre game. Then I found Kingdom Rush. Not only is it free, the in game purchases aren’t required or shoved in your face every few seconds. And to top it all off, it’s one of the best actual tower defense games I’ve ever played. The overall experience is clearly focused on having fun and engaging gameplay. Tower defense games are, at their core, simple games - see tower, defend tower. No need to go crazy with it. Kingdom Rush strikes the perfect balance of easy fun and optional, complex progression. All around excellent game.
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1 month ago, Ama2016
Poorly balanced to force microtransactions
Update: it’s not that the levels are “tough”, it’s that the developer through updates has intentionally rebalanced even the easy setting to try to force players to buy microtransactions to beat the levels. This wasn’t necessary when the game was new and much higher quality. It is obviously intentional and not something that can be overcome with “strategy”. I played these games years ago and loved them at the time and recently downloaded them as a sequel is coming out. Even on the easy setting it’s been completely rebalanced to force you to use their microtransactions to beat levels. There doesn’t even seem to be a difference between easy, medium, and hard settings. It definitely wasn’t so impossible to beat the levels before. Well I’m glad I downloaded the old games before wasting money on the new one. Very disappointing to see this kind of greediness from what used to be a very talented gaming studio.
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3 years ago, troubleinc JR
The rotten forest is so hard how do you aaaaggghhh. All in all I’ve been playing this game for a long time and no matter what I enjoy it. EXCEPT WHEN THE SOLDIERS DONT ATTACK. Sorry just mad cause I just tried rotten forest for like the hundredth time and failed... that place is different and more difficult then the others so please add some more ease. Maybe remove half of the husks since they don’t drop money and they’re just tanks Edit: make an achievement called : “...who are you?” Description: get to round 100 on veteran mode on infinite mode and another achievement called: “impossible you’re suppose to be dead” Description: get to round 1000 on veteran mode on infinite mode
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3 months ago, preacher72950
A masterpiece of a game
I’ve been playing this game since 2012 when it was on Armor Games and still actively have fun playing it. The game takes a simple approach to tower defense with 4 core ways to defend splash damage, armor break, direct damage, and a way to slow enemies from coming. Kingdom Rush always had a place as one of my favorite tower defense games and I never got bored of it. The only critique I’ve ever had for the game was I wish there was a way to unlock all the hero’s from game progression. Even a way to unlock the mobile hero’s would be great like completing all of the heroic challenges, or Iron fist levels, completing the game on veteran difficulty, or surviving the arena.
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2 years ago, t-watze
Amazing game but hard to get stars
This is an amazing game as the other reviews say, but there is one problem I’ve seen which is probably not for all which is that once I get to the stages that require 50+ stars it gets so much harder because I have about 2 stars for each other stage before them, but can’t fit in the time to grind that extra star per stage, this is kinda like just a warning to new players, but I made the mistake of not putting in that extra effort to get 3 stars for every stage so I ended up behind. That is my opinion on the game but if you know not to make the mistake that will save u about an hour of grinding. Good game overall though just a minor problem for inexperienced players.
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5 months ago, Celticrebel1980
Best Tower Defense game on mobile
I don’t write a lot of reviews but felt I should here. I’m a fan of tower defense games but on mobile they’ve been very lackluster. Then I found this game. I was worried about ads but they’re handled perfectly! You can get gems to use on power ups in the shop by watching ads. So you’re essentially “getting paid” for watching them in a sense. They aren’t forced upon you by just playing the game. So if you want to spend $ on power ups or venture on without them, you can and no ads. Perfect way of handling them. They don’t feel so taxing when you know you’re getting some extras by opting in to watch them.
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2 years ago, footpack
Beautiful. Amazing. Strategical. Free. ( mostly ) This game is great 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 But can you PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZadd a sandbox mode where you can play endlessly without ever losing hearts and make it so you can choose if you want eternal GP or earned one and stuff. And make a thing where you can choose how many rounds you want and what enemies to show up on that round and all that stuff, because I've always wanted to play a round that only had like, THOUSANDS of goblins coming at me and satisfyingly poping them with the bombards 🤩 it would be great if you could add the but everything else is just. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ perfection
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11 months ago, HonestReviewer 1234
It’s fun, play it! Stop complaining!
God guys, it isn’t that hard! You guys literally complain about this game being too hard but I beat the campaign with every star without paying a dime! Jesus Christ! It pisses me off when reviewers bomb a game because it’s quote “Too hard! 😭😭😭” Play the game! If you fail, try again! If you fail, spec your perks differently! If you fail again, place the towers in different locations! If you fail, maybe you are just bad! Or you are an eight year old… I remember playing this game when I was ten and sucked. I redownloaded it awhile ago and beat it because I have more brain cells than last time.
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4 years ago, Some_Holy_Ferns
The ONLY Good Game on Mobile
So many mobile games these days are trashy monetization filled garbage festivals designed for mentally damaged giraffes. HOWEVER, the entire Kingdom Rush series is the best thing to ever happen to mobile gaming. Some of my best memories are from playing the Kingdom Rush games and 12 year old me staying up late for hours on end just trying to beat a particularly difficult level. Folks, if you haven’t checked out this absolute beauty of a series, please do. Whoever is making these games deserves to live long and prosper and maybe became president (collectively) some day I don’t know that’d be pretty awesome. 11/10 best mobile game ever and I can’t emphasize that enough.
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6 years ago, Chubbybobeziek
The best out there in its class unfortunately
I love this game. It’s dynamite and dynamic. It has all I want minus some small adjustments that so far in the genre/type it’s in the forefront of. I want more games like this with better micro animations and funnier bad guys. I was engaged in it extremely until i beat the main campaign. After that the leveling and gameplay kinda flattened out. More maps please. Weirder and more varied bosses and challenges! Just also give us a better range of free champs. Feel freee to keep the pay for ones OP but at least give us half or more what the PC version has for variance and upgrades. Anyway solid game needs more maps ttyl <3
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5 years ago, hGi3l42
Great game, but sized all wrong on iPad?
I’ve been playing Kingdom Rush for a long time, and always download it again with each new device. And it’s worked great all along... until now. The latest version on my 2018 iPad 9.7” acts like it’s only sized for iPhone, and the game play screen doesn’t fit the available screen space. What’s worse, the game play area is bigger than the window, so it’s impossible to see both where the troops enter and where they’re trying to go without scrolling around during the game. This is *not* ideal. If the game had always been this way, that’d be one thing, but it wasn’t. If it used to be possible to fit the game window to the screen size on iPad, why isn’t it now? Hopefully this can be changed in a future version.
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4 years ago, GabeN (JK)
I had a hard time finding something bad about this game. I played this in on my iPad and I got hooked quickly. This game brings an intriguing story, fun gameplay and lots of different possible strategies, with decent difficulty as well. When I was done with the campaign, I thought it might get boring, but no, many different side stories with separate paths popped up. This game is far from pay to win. In fact, All you can buy are some gems or heroes, and gems can only be used for one-time use items, and all the levels are possible without them. I beat all the stages with starter hero, and you really don’t need the paid ones. My only problems were one, the iron fist badge on certain stages were way easier to get than the heroic, which should be vice versa. Second, when I use the big boy, the plane has to fly on screen to drop it, and you can lose during that time and have the item go to waste. This is my favorite game of all time. Thank you, Ironhide.
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5 years ago, SashimiMole
Amazing Game
This is by far the best game app I have on my phone. I was introduced to this game by my brother, who suggested that I download it before a very long cross country flight. I’m so glad I did! It’s the only game I can play in “Airplane Mode”, which is a great feature for me. The game itself is interesting and fun. Instead of being some crappy turn based money grab, it’s a real game you can play all the way through. Just like the old console days. The animations and soundtrack are wonderful. And it is really challenging, without being impossible. Thanks for the best phone game ever you guys! Keep these amazingly fun games coming 😊
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6 years ago, Vic3437
Love this game, but they could improve the way it’s played on iPhones
Let me start out by saying I five starred this game for the iPad. It takes up a lot of memory because it doesn’t rely on WiFi or data, but it’s worth it! But on the iPhone, you can not see the whole map and that impacts your play. A zoom feature would help. Most importantly, when you add your support troops, if you touch the screen the least bit off you can restart the game!! This is a game that once you are in it and have your rhythm going you know what your next step is, so your fingers are already going. I’ve accidentally re-started my game so many times I’m ready to delete this.. . If they could fix that one thing I would five star this for iPhone also.
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3 years ago, 7262622'
Good but some things to change
The game is good smooth storyline but the extra levels can be really tricky I tried few of them they are really hard they need to be a little bit easier I have trouble beating the extra levels and for me there is a bug where here the music or the voices of the towers I really love how you can watch a add for 100 gems and overall it is a great game the other games that you make cost money and I don’t really like that and the game has great deals for heroes I love when the final boss turns into a giant demon the game is very good 10/10 REALLY GOOD GAME
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2 weeks ago, g-moonie
A great experience!
The term nolstalgia, as many of you know, is often associated with a certain block game I won’t mention because I fear the legal system. But, for me, this is the game that sparks the most nolstalgia, especially the first 4 levels. Every day after school I’d spend my free time, which was hard to come by, playing this master piece, and after discovering it back in 2015, I just want to thank the developers who made this game for the memories I have embedded into this game. I can’t wait to see what they are cooking up in the fifth (sixth?) installment of the epic franchise.
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3 years ago, 10pounds
Hilariously Addictive
Fun little game! The more you play the more you want to play. It’s the only game I play, that I laugh just as much as when I lose as when I win. It’s hilarious when I get overrun by a horde of monsters. Wish the entire scene was visible on my iPad but that just a minor inconvenience. Wish there were some instructions I could read so I’d understand all of the symbols and icons. I suppose that the game’s teachable purpose (figure it out as you go and don’t get frustrated, just have fun). This game has definitely helped me to conquer cabin fever.
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2 months ago, knightspear
Great game, but becomes pay to win.
This truly is a great TD game, but it’s ruined by the business model. After you beat the main campaign the levels become so hard that you cannot get 3 stars on levels without using power ups. I’ve tried every tower combination I could think of, but it’s never enough. Theres two ways to get gems, you can beat levels, or, like many predatory games on the mobile market, pay boat loads of money. There’s nothing wrong with a hard game, but I think there’s something wrong when you have to either grind hours and hours just to have enough gems to beat a new level, or pay money. I don’t believe it’s wrong to make money from your games, and you should be paid for your work, but this practice is predatory and I refuse to support it. I’m very impressed with the developers for producing this great quality game, but I’m disappointed and discouraged by their business model. I won’t be playing any other games from them because I refuse to be compelled to pay an obscene and unreasonable amount of money for an enjoyable experience.
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3 years ago, Farid 1
Hey it be cool if I get I response
This game is amazing and every other game to they have made this probably the first game I ever got on the App Store literally a master pice where you can not spend a dime to have advantage over another person and not ridiculous filled with adds the story’s great and the towers are fun and unique. Now getting my first job I can always spend the I work for to get all the cool hero’s and I wish next game is td. Boss are great, the enemies and towers are great, game on normal difficulty is still a challenge but is so fun and a great game to play during break.
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3 years ago, Rhkhfgjvgjbcgi
I never write reviews
I also never have had as much fun on a mobile game as this one. No ads, insanely non intrusive micro transactions. You get the premium currency, gems, really quickly. I believe I got $3-$5 worth on my first day. The only other micro transaction are the heroes, all of which are the same or worse than the ones you get for free. This is the only mobile game where I felt indebted to the developer for making such a great game, and spent money on it out of gratitude and respect for the devs. Great work on this, wish I found it sooner.
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2 years ago, PaulDPark
Been playing since the Armor Games days. Wish there were volume sliders.
Absolutely in love with the entire Kingdom Rush series but I always come back to the first and best. The gameplay, the voice acting, the sound effects. Everything is just superb. If there was one thing I would say about the app is that I wish it had volume sliders instead of mute buttons! I love listening to audiobooks in the background while playing and the app sounds are just a tad too loud. I guess I could just cast the audiobooks on a separate speaker 😅
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3 years ago, WhoMI????????
Awesome game!
This is a game that i played, and adored as a kid. I recently redownloaded it on my phone and I can say confidently that I didn’t just see it through rose tinted glasses, it holds up extremely strong to this day, I highly recommend this to anyone on the edge of buying it, there are no ads except for one, which is optional and it just gives you some gems, and there is nothing that you have to pay for, there are extra heroes that you can buy with money but they are optional and you can beat the game easily without them.
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4 weeks ago, Cooldude1497
The Best Mobile Game That I’ve Played In A While
I don’t normally leave reviews. This game deserves one though. In a world where mobile games have ads every 5 minutes, this one doesn’t. In a world where mobile games are so misleading… this game is not misleading at all. It’s a fun tower defense game with a fun story. I just finished the game and haven’t encountered any ads whatsoever… not even to get extra in game currency. You don’t need it and I like that the game is designed that way. Props to Alvaro and the other people who made this game.
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3 years ago, A.D.J.D
Please make the heroes free!
As everyone with taste does, I love this classic. It’s been free for years now on the App Store, but it’s been so long since this game has been released…so long, in fact, that the original platform of its release, a flash game it was, is dead. It’s time to offer the paid heroes for free! I don’t know anyone who would pay for these now, except for old times sake, but even if people are still spending the money Ironhide should give up the cash grab for a hot sec and offer it as a courtesy to it’s oldest fans.
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3 months ago, santaisdaddy
I retract my previous review it’s an amazing game.
I previously stated I loved the game until the very end and rated it the game only 3 stars, while I still don’t like the last levels, I don’t think it takes away from the great game this is. I’ve been playing the extra levels and it’s hooked me once again! It’s sort of an idle game but not really, you interact by placing you’re towers/defense and occasionally place your extras to defeat the enemy. It’s super fun and I’m saying that as someone who doesn’t enjoy idle games.
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3 years ago, Ɩıŋɖʂɛყ
Frustrating once first 12 levels are done
Once you complete the main part of the game, which is the first 12 levels, it gets impossible to do any more levels. The bonus levels say that “50 stars are recommended” because they are really challenging. But once you complete the first 12, you can only get a max of 36 stars, or 3 per level. So you can’t get enough stars to complete the other levels because it’s wayyyyy too hard. I don’t understand why they would set it up this way. I really enjoyed the game before that, but now I can’t beat any more levels and it’s so frustrating.
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3 years ago, guy guy binks
Really Not A Good App
The gameplay is boring and unoriginal (I understand that is the charm but come on, create something new after 12yrs). The interface during gameplay is slow to react and hard to manipulate, which is annoying given that those are the only controls. There are no options to adjust control settings (opacity, size, color etc.) so you’re stuck with tiny little buttons that aren’t very responsive. Small hiccups and glitches when using abilities create artificial difficulty which limits your adaptability in certain situation (ie. When u need reinforcements in a particular place on the board at the right exact time). Overall there are many tower defense style apps are absolutely superior in nearly every way, don’t waste your time on this app lol.
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2 years ago, Quagmire Toilet12
Great, but one frustrating thing…
Great game all around, free, fun, entertaining, but the one problem I have is a small, but really annoying one. The pause screen. On the pause screen, there are three, main, big buttons. Quit, restart, and X, which closes the screen. If you accidentally tap restart or quit at all, there is no confirm pop up, it just instantly restarts or kicks you out, restarting the WHOLE level. It’s an easy fix, I imagine, and I don’t know why this isn’t in the game.
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8 months ago, TTVwankystudios
Great game
First let’s get this settled kingdom rush is a hard game but it is NOT post to win I have thought the game was impossible at times, but this game is truly not just get a new strategy if you can’t three star a level or come back to it later in the game with better tech I own all off the kingdom rush games Frontiers bring my favorite I have three starred all of the levels on the hardest difficulty in kingdom rush without using a single power up or bought hero And make sure to NOT use aleria swift wind
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5 years ago, plz change ads
Good game but glitches
Great game to play in your free time and also requires a good amount of strategy and skill to play. The gem system is nice too making the extra powers not to hard to get and removes the pay to win aspect of the game. The problem is the glitch where when you tap the reinforcement button it can bring up the pause button and if you are placing the troops in the middle of your screen you will probably restart the level or quit is which is pretty frustrating especially when near the end of a hard level. Other than that the game is great.
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2 years ago, I am on a rampage
A Classic
This is one of the first games I bought when I was a little kid. I re-download it and beat it again every now and then. Even though it was so many years ago, it feels like I’m playing it for the first time. It’s still immensely fresh and jam packed with content. This is without of the doubt one of the best games on the app store. If you like tower defense or need to kill some time on the toilet or on public transport, you can’t go wrong with this amazing strategy game.
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5 years ago, LincolnsMine
Perfect game
alright, I’ve played Kingdom rush and KingdomRush frontiers for around 3 years. I find the original the most difficult one, and the extra, non-campaign levels are an added challenge. I love the free heroes, the special buildings, and all of the tower upgrades. I’d like even more levels and a whole new range of enemies, but I know that takes time and ends up in the next game. I hated the few KR Origin levels, definitely not worth the cost of the game. The first two provide plenty of a challenge, and I’m very satisfied with them.
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4 years ago, Hudson Spencer
This game is all out fun to play if you’re good at it. It’s fun, and it is not too hard to play so it’s good for beginners to try. If you complete the story mode you don’t have to worry because there are so many other levels that you can play to test your skills and you will have a harder time doing that. If you do somehow completely finish the game, consider playing it’s counterpart KingdomRush frontiers which is the hardest game in the series of 4. These games are fun and will keep you playing for quite a while!
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7 months ago, Kelael
Accidental restarts.
I’d loved this game for years, played it on pc years ago and have all of them in my steam library. This one is more geared to getting you to buy power ups, but it’s possible to play with earning gems. My complaint is how gd easy it is to restart the level when using your powers. I’ve reset the stages multiple times, and it doesn’t save or let you fast forward. And these are long stages to play with no fast forward. I’ve done it so many times I’m wondering if it’s even worth having on the phone.
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2 years ago, ndjehsvzh
Sound effects, music, and vibration do not work on iPhone 13 mini with iOS 15.6.1. I do not think they worked on my iPhone 12 mini running a previous iOS version a year ago either. A good game when it works. I remember playing this game years ago. Definitely a classic that many have tried to copy. - It would be cool if you guys made an outer space/alien invasion/conquest type of tower defense game. I do not really like the strategy style of your Iron Marines games.
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3 years ago, Depp andrus
Love this game so much
I have been playing these games for about four years now and I finally decided to white a review, I love all the KingdomRush games so much but the first one has got to be my favorite I love all the towers and enemies. The post campaign levels are amazingly designed because they are hard but not impossible (even pandaemonium is possible somehow) I don’t know if I will ever stop playing these games because I love them so much thanks ironhide!
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2 years ago, kingjesspine
Don’t spend money on it!!!! You’ll lose it
I’ve spend about $30 dollars on the game cuz I genuinely enjoy it and have fun getting all the achievements HOWEVER the game has crashed on me three times whenever I use the coins that I purchased, the money I spend is gone and the reason I decided to write this review is because I spend $5 so I could get some more coins and literally the last enemy would not die he kept walking towards the end even though his health bar was empty, whenever I clicked on the enemy his health would start dropping but he never died so I lost the money I spent again, Trust me don’t spend money on this game
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2 years ago, Matt Cayenne
One of the best TD games I have played
This game has a good balance between challenge and enjoyment. It is very fun, even on multiple replays, and I am quite tempted to purchase the sequels at some point. The only particular reason I am negating a star is because the screen does not go to sleep when I have the app open. I have on multiple occasions found the screen still brightly shining, draining my battery. I am sure there is a reason for this, but I think it could be implemented better so as to avoid this issue.
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6 years ago, Dwalthour
I used to love this game but the bugs are too frustrating now
I’ve played this game for years and always loved it, but now, on my iPhone 8, every so often when I press the reinforcements button I instead get the pause dialog. If I’m trying to place my reinforcements quickly, I will find that I am pressing the quit button instead and my game is suddenly over. This is very frustrating and happens quite regularly. At first, I thought that my other hand was accidentally brushing the pause button, but I have since become very careful about where my right hand is position and found that it still happens. I hope this bug gets fixed in a release soon as it is killing my enjoyment of the game.
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6 years ago, Whuzzup105
Let me back!!!!!
I bought this game awhile back and I was hoping to relive some memories when I click the I cloud thing a ma bob and I realize it’s not able to redownload this app. I was close to furious. I paid for the this game right when it came out on the App Store yet I’m not able to replay it? I really hope you guys see this cause I loved this game so much. It got me caught on for hours. This game is very strategy. I don’t think it’s possible to play to win? I’m not so sure. But anyways please let me back in on thus game and please ironhide let me back in. Please see this.
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