Kingdom Two Crowns

4.5 (680)
1147.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Raw Fury
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kingdom Two Crowns

4.46 out of 5
680 Ratings
4 years ago, Señorspacecookie112
Peasants problem.
I believe that Kingdom is an amazing game and i’ve played both the first and second game but while playing the second game i was on the first island and ive been playing for a while so i cleared out the whole forest in the first island and since i cleared out the forest theres no more Poor people so i cant hire anymore workers than i already have but since i wasnt able to go through the portal to the Greed’s dimension i wasnt able to completely finish them off so while im gone(in another island) they come and attack my kingdom and they attack my builders and take their hammers and the workers who were builders then pick up the bow and become soldiers and now i have lots of soldiers but zero builders so im basically stuck on the first island unless i reset the game because since i have no builders and i cant hire any new workers since i cleared out the whole forest now i have no one to build the boat for me so i haft to make a new save and start all over again.
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7 months ago, Ssturdi
Passable despite poor mechanics
iOS store has such a low bar for quality I get why this game is rated well however there is just a lot of frustrating game design choices that really take the fun out of the game. I am not afraid of difficulty at all but overcoming stupid problems is not the kind of challenge I’m trying to overcome. I can’t list everything but I just learned the “leaping greed” can knock your crown and run past you to get it… whatever, but I’m tired of starting back at island one, building a ship for each island to subsequently re-light each shrine, partially rebuild each island. This is just tedium which bring me to a rock and a hard, place do I lower the difficulty so by the time I get back to my main island the difficulty is right when I get there and suffer boredom until I do or leave it and possibly arrive at winter as it will take even longer to get there with higher difficulty. It’s just a lot of boring maintenance time. This is aside from others claims of garbage ai, inability to cancel anything, retaliation being a random side (not seeing it is boring and dangerous), RNG screwing you on a new island with no resources, no explanation of anything, lacking in real robustness, etc etc
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2 years ago, Reviewing473
Great Game (Want Endless)
I really like this game and am enjoying it on switch more so. The cross play to mobile is a nice support. I am excited to play this with my partner. The *Only element* missing, that I want from this game - is a good endless mode. I am confused why there is not one, because all the procedural pieces appear to be in place? This would give a far greater emotional investment knowing that my kingdom could last and continue to grow. I much prefer to choose when the game ends, rather than being forced to lose my progress and then stop. I get that you can replay in a different mode, but that is not the same... If you add this, then I will throw purchases and recommendations. I will come back and give a 5 star here, on steam, and switch, then buy all copies of the game for each platform, for myself and others.
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3 years ago, a jar of socks
Mostly Great experience
Firstly, the game starts with only a tutorial to introduce the controls. Everything else is up for you to find and learn yourself. I really liked having to try different things and use observation rather than just reading about what to do and how to do them. It made everything more interesting and engaging, while still being intuitive enough for me to figure out. I really enjoyed this type of play style, but it may not be for everyone. The changing background and music are neat, and fit well for pixels. However, the save system needs improvement. It’s inconsistent and you only get one save slot for every play through. Annoying, I get that it makes your actions have irreversible consequences, but it also throws me off from trying new things in fear of making permanent mistakes.
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6 months ago, Helloguns
Great game but….
This game is pretty much what I have been looking for…almost. I wish you could hire more swordsmen because that is what I like about games like these but oh no they are meant to lead archers….. It’s all about archers with you guys we need more swordsmen… I mean in the samurai mode yes you can hire some but they only come out at night…please add a swordsman station and maybe add some upgrades you can do to them and it would be just chaos when the greed attacks my base… which is what I like😈. Oh and in the Viking mode you can have some of your people have these shields which will give them the ability to go and defend. So what I am trying to say add more swordsmen in the regular mode… you know the first mode that was added..hope y’all understand what I’m trying to say :/
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3 years ago, ThisIsJoeD
Great game but too many glitches or not enough information
This is a great game but I’ve had to do a few restarts as I’ve lost islands due to glitches or the game not communicating what’s going on. Many times I’ve marked trees to be cut down and they stay up making it difficult to progress my boundaries further. Archers have decided to leave one side entirely and let the greed kings constantly attack. Archers have ignored posts entirely. Builders AI is ridiculous as sometimes some will run from across the map when another could do the job. I know the game is going for minimalism but I don’t understand why their can’t be ways to control units to go to certain sides or force them to work on specific structures. Also an indicator for how many units you have would be helpful. Having to run back and forth to see if you have enough units it’s just too time consuming when you’re forced to make large bases because the farm locations are so far away. It would be great if you could cancel things as there are times I didn’t want to upgrade or build something but mis-tapped or was trying to do something else. Overall great concept but the execution has been pretty poor. I’ve played the original on iOS before and I don’t remember it having as many issues but it also had less to do.
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2 months ago, Jman150000
Great Game
Reading most of the reviews most people who give this game anything less then a 4 star are people who don’t get the mechanics of this game or get upset losing everything but that’s the point of the game. U learn and replay based off your mistakes… been playing this on steam so finishing the game here is amazing I just wish it had a endless mode or more things to do after you beat all 5 islands besides clearing trees and upgrading everything on every island because that’s not very fun. But beating this game was super fun and straight forward and you can tell how much heart the devs put in this game. Very impressed by the simplicity of it making it surprisingly more fun. Great game worth a try if it seems interesting to you.
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4 years ago, 2coolak47
Love it but....
Literally everything with this game is marvelous except for a couple of things. Yes the game is still fresh and has some bugs here and there with the archers not coming back and the builders not continually cutting down trees after the raids. The biggest flaw in this game is the split screen coop mode in the game. I for one literally bought this game without hesitation because me and my brother both love playing the game but honestly playing split screen on a phone can seem to be difficult seeing how the gyroscope mechanics are constantly changing with every little gesture of your finger. I propose a Bluetooth or WiFi multiplayer experience and I’ll give this game a 5 star rating . That’s all I ask
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2 years ago, HappyGamer500
The “glitches” are not glitches
I love this game but reading he reviews, I was many things that are brought up as glitches or bad controls that have explications. The main one is trees not being cut down. As far as I’ve seen this happens when you give a cut order too close to a portal. The builders won’t go that close. Clear the portal before giving the order. Another is accidentally buying things. I don’t understand how this happens, you would need to be standing still, swipe down, and hold for at least a second while the game gives obvious visual cues that you are buying that thing to buy it.
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3 years ago, Skylar12 :)
Okay so to get straight to the point I had ONE ERROR that happened to me and it’s not that big of a deal, but sometimes when I would gather up gold coins and try to purchase something or use those coins for an upgrade, not all the coins would be visible it would just be invisible, but still allow me to do what and have what I paid for with the gold coins. PROS: -Love the graphics -MULTIPLE MODES LIKE YESSS MAAM -My character is just *chefs kiss* and also my companion animal IS A BIRD LIKE HSJSAOWHBRGE okay that is just super coolbeans -THIS GAME HAS MULTIPLAYER LIKE THTA IS JUST INCREDIBLE -Overall I like the game, but if I had to change ONE THING it would be to allow any ports or ships that we build to stay and last on an island that we leave so that we can come back to it whenever we need too. I get that it makes the game more challenging and difficult, but yeah 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ Anyway thank you to all the developers of this game for EXISTING!!!! LIKE YOU INCREDIBLE PEOPLE ARE SO CREATIVE AND SO INCREDIBLE THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME DHAKASJDVDB thank you :))))) Stay safe guys and have a great day 😁😁😁😊😊😊😎😎😎👍👍👍
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2 years ago, Albert_N7
Simple and yet Perfect.
This game is what gaming is all about. The overwhelming simplicity combines well with the no hand holding, figure it out yourself mechanics of this absolutely perfect strategy game. The innovation of taking what at first glance appears to be dated graphics 2D and changing up what side scrolling objective based warfare has the potential to be can only be described as a marvel. The fact that you only have four controls and still have full controller support is beyond words. Quality is in short supply these days but Kingdom Two Crowns in my opinion is gaming gold. Looking forward to this development team’s future endeavors.
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4 years ago, fydoh
Great except controls
I love this whole series and even love this game. But the controls are frustrating. When you hold down left/right, your character goes those directions. If you hold down, your character buys things with coins. Now imagine this on a touchscreen where you can easily try to send your character left/right but just slightly swiping down without even knowing it. As a result, your character buys something you don’t want. This has ended more than one of my games in disaster. That can be really frustrating. Fighting the enemy is one thing. Fighting the controls makes this mostly playable. If you have a different console or PC, I’d recommend playing on one of those. If this is your only option, be prepared for some frustration.
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4 years ago, Julius214
Love it
Literally played this game for 11 hours straight yesterday. I haven’t been that addicted to a game in a really long time! It’s a difficult game too. Got to the third land during winter, and didn’t stack up money before I left the previous land...suffice it to say, I didn’t survive haha. The music is incredible, as well as the scenery! Please add all the music you can, I love your selections. All that said, I really do wish there was an iCloud feature. I wanted to port over my progress to the iPad - Come top find out, though, I would have to start anew (unless I somehow missed the iCloud option?). But yeah, great game! Hefty price, but if you like simulators, this might be an awesome choice for you.
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2 years ago, 🤔😏🙃
Amazing 👑
I was truly stunned when I played this game you see I am a (noob) pixel artist so I played new lands on Nintendo switch because 1 it was on sale 2 I’m trying to get inspiration for my art But I just got distracted and was playing for HOURS so I got Two crowns on my iPad and it was even Better so after a while of not playing I got back into it on my pc by playing kingdom classic and OH BOY WAS IT AWESOME so I really hope you guys put kingdom classic on here and for all you people who want to play the very first and original kingdom it’s free on steam thanks for reading and I hope you play this game byyyyeee
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3 years ago, jgray19893
Zoom option!
I have played the first and second game countless hours and am accustomed to the normal zoomed in view but in the Norse dlc the view is zoomed way out to where you can’t see details and it’s honestly hard to play that zoomed out because I can’t make out the difference in my citizens. I’m on an iPhone XR and even with a decent sized screen it’s still almost unplayable. I’ll still give 5 stars because both the first and second games are flawless but they also have an option to change the zoom. Please just add the option to the dlc. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Star Light Purrito
Amazing game, but here is a idea
I have been a fan of the kingdom games sense the original, it’s a perfect RTS game for those who love a mix of money management, defense, and expanding. But there is one thing that bugs me in two crowns, it’s the knights. In kingdom new lands I noticed that when ever a wall is about to break your knights should begin falling back to the next wall before the greed would break through. But in two crowns I noticed that knights/squires no long do that, I always saw that this little fall back is a good way to have players see the difference between hunters and soldiers. With out that fall back I just see soldiers as hunters that don’t give you money making them almost useless besides for the fact of clearing portals. Seeing how this fall back mechanic is already a thing in new lands would it be to hard to to add it to two crowns? Maybe you could replace the knight statute buff with the fall back? Anyway I hope you guys add the fall back to two crowns soon, this has been my ted talk
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2 years ago, MDAFAMILY
It’s a good game but
First off it’s a good game but second off it is really hard call me like stupid or not very good at games but is there a way to make the game easier like I think there should be like regular hard extremely hard easy and utopia modes it would make my playing experience more awesome I doubt you’re listening to this but if you are please consider it PS can you tell me if I’m like bad at gaming because everyone else seems to be very good at this and 13-year-olds are supposed to be very but it video games but i’m not very good at playing video games
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4 years ago, uwillnotletmeputinmyname!!!!!
Wouldn’t recommend
I’ve followed the series since launch day on steam 5 or 6 years ago. Back then the developers were a little dishonest (stating that all future updates (on steam) to the Kingdom series would be “free of charge”, to those who purchased at the beginning stage of the franchise, but money signs took place of their integrity within two years). I no longer have a computer capable of running steam. So, my hopes were raised once I noticed it’s availability on iPad. But, it is unplayable due to having to swipe, slide, and touch the coin placeholders. It is a simple game with three controls (left/right/drop). Instead of keeping it simple and having a movable three button touch pad, they made it complex and unenjoyable. The company has a history of dishonesty and lack of attention to detail.
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4 years ago, LongJhonStevens21k
Love this game but have one request with some compounds. The only issue I have with the game is that I’d have no one to recruit if I build where the camps are. There should be a way to recruit even if you take down the trees near the camps. Perhaps you can renovate the camps into pubs where you can recruit people for some money? The point of the game is to build expand and defend but how can I do that without more people to add to my kingdom. Other than that I absolutely love this game and have played it for hours and will continue to play for more. Keep up the great work!
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1 year ago, MattByz
Bugged nearly broken
The new update for K2C viking theme is really bugged, it could be the whole game but i haven't tried the other versions lately. 90% of the time your units wont attack greed homes, if ur able to send out 2 units, 1 might attack while the 2nd runs back after reaching greed homes. If u send out a single unit they will just stand there after reaching the GH And get attacked until it loses its shield. The game will often have buildable upgrades layered over the top of another, making it unusable. Even on easy mode these bugs make it impossible to get ahead in the game properly. Its a fun start, but bugs are so bad. I would change the score if game worked properly.
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3 years ago, UrsaVerse
Extremely Buggy
I love the game, don’t get me wrong. The controls are simple and the concept is easy, but there’s so many things wrong with the game. 1. My squires won’t recruit free archers 2. Archers won’t go in their towers 3. I had a whole game almost completely reset every time I died so I would lose all my progress and not be able to rebuild and repair There’s also an issue in which if you destroy all the homeless camps then you can’t get new people so you can get trapped on the first island after death and not be able to do anything
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5 months ago, Blind oracle
Great game that I have played multiple times and not gotten bored. However, the main reason I got it was to play with my brother only to realize that the multiplayer was split screen and not multi device. I looked up if it was an issue on my device but I saw that the same issue was happening 3 years ago. If you are planning to get the game to play with friends then don’t. I am still going to play personally but if the developers read this then maybe you could add a full multiplayer mode with the ability for multiple devices to play on the same world.
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4 years ago, tdrui
A wonderful game!
The game is everything it was said to be. Really appreciate this developer and all there hard work. My only suggestion for the developer is to perhaps add in game instructions for in game controls or release a play through guide on their website. I had to write the developers of this game yesterday just to figure out how to use the new characters ability’s on the dead lands expansion two fingers on the screen side by side then swipe up. Works great just would have never known had I not asked there support team.
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4 years ago, —̲_̲▀̲̅˩̲̲̱̩̲̅̿̅
Apple Arcade? Who is she?
Shout out to the devs for releasing a finished product that doesn’t require a monthly subscription. It’s well polished. Fun (and in later stages not so fun (i mean that in a good way)) this game is very satisfying to brave. the sound design is immersive. the environments are beautifully crafted in that pixel goodness we’re addicted to. game feels more grounded than the previous in that you feel less like you can lose it all in an instant. more persisting. and playing with a friend just makes this the goat. so yeah. it’s worth spending the money on this game.
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8 months ago, _r3dness
Its fun game but 15min into the game a wild boar comes out and just kills everything. you have no chance of surviving it always happens when I start a new game and 15 minutes into it. I try re-installing the program into my phone just to have it happen over and over and over again now, normally you post to move over the bush where he’s hiding but he just appears in your kingdom and attacks you like a glitch is happening and they’re starting to get really frustrating
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3 days ago, Voncarp00
Lousy developers. Don’t buy!
Raw Fury is the absolute worst when it comes to customer responses and quality of life features. Any complaint or request will be absolutely ignored. Your true enemy isn’t the greed, it’s the clumsy controls and UI features. Hermits are always in your way from upgrading buildings and then you accidentally pick them up you are stuck with them. You waste 4-5 days waiting for them to exit your mount. You accidentally send troops to their deaths because of overlapping towers and walls. You can also play a map and have 0 wall placements. Effectively ending your game. All of this has been a concern for years. But all raw fury does is give the customers a middle finger. Don’t buy this!
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4 years ago, Snowman North
Good game need some improvement
Brilliant game, yet need some improvement. 1. Npc IQ need some upgrade, e.g. farmers keep going back to water wheel even when there is a greed raid. 2. Npc walks tooooooooo slow, especially when most of the island is occupied by my kingdom, sometime villagers wouldnt run towards tools/weapons due to distance and just hang around idle. 3. Musked greeds have a high dodge rate against Ninja's attack, causing them to turn back to villagers faster than normal, not sure if it is a bug. 4. Pikeman sometimes stay behind walls that are not the outer most, causing them to be rather useless. 5. It will be very helpful to show a statistic of how many builders, farmers, archers etc on the island, use ratios if the subject is side specific. 6. Even if the dock portal has been destroied, knights and archers will still pointlessly guarding that side, even when assigning new recruits, half of them goes to the portal side.
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4 years ago, Pip_squeek
Really disappointing
Thought it would be cool, It’s kinda fun, but that you don’t have control of any of your workers is really hard, a lot of the time the archers don’t go back behind the wall at night as there out hunting. unless your really gonna waste hours of your time spending the resources to put a wall every time you can, and if you do that and move to another land, everything is broken when you come back.... and you guessed it more time wasted on a repeat task which becomes very boring and annoying, it had a really cool idea, just to much repeating of the same thing and hardly and Sence of goal or achievement.
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1 year ago, Would you care to read me?
I enjoy it but please fix the multiplayer
I truly enjoy this game and have so much fun playing it. I’ve been playing the Xbox edition one and it’s been a blast. I enjoy this game because it allows coop and that’s fun. Though, coop best works on consoles because phone screens are too small to share. On Xbox, you’re also able to have players online join you. Please add that feature into this mobile version. Allow us to play with online friends.
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2 years ago, pokemonlover12138
Nothing to say about the game absolutely amazing. With all the visuals and stuff the only complaint or suggestions rather is making the coop be able to do online coop. This game is fun and all but I wanna play with my friends too even though you can split screen coop but it just feels different you know. I know this game is still relatively new so can’t wait until that feature comes out.
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3 years ago, senurka
Love the series if not the best strategy game I ever played on my phone… it’s amazing guys you just have to download it and enjoy the ride … a little disappointed at the new Zoom out style view .. I have a smaller phone and it’s unenjoyable for me because I can barely see some of the features … I will still play it it’s that good .. hopefully they are reading this and give us options to “Zoom” in .. enjoy !
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4 years ago, DgoLean
Amazing game but
The game is well worth it’s higher price point, I love it and spend too much time on it tbh. However even after 3 updates from the developers I’ve noticed that farmers still do not work correctly 3/4 of the time. It’s too bad because it’s a very fun and realistic way of income but they need to be fixed. Most of the time they won’t go to work at farms I’ve built. Please fix! Also adding a little more detail to the tutorial would’ve been very helpful.
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11 months ago, Bezz05
Love the game
This game has been great to play in any of the game modes and challenge islands. I’ve even shared with my friends and they like it to. The art and music work great together for any game mod plus no two runs are the same so it has plenty of replay ability. I would love to see a Rome or Greek era next. I feel like the devs could do a great job with that type of architecture and stuff of that manor.
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4 years ago, Razvan Claudiu
Easiest game in the series.
Finished it. It’s so easy compared to the two other games in the series. I must have struggled with new lands for weeks. The mechanics of this one makes it easy to win because you can build a lot, lose the game, return on the island and everything you’ve built is still there, plus portals don’t regenerate. In any case, it is good fun. I don’t know where the other biome is and multiplayer would have been nice, but it was worth ten dollars.
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2 years ago, I 💙💚💛❤️ Hogwarts
Amazing game, just have one question!
My question is about the Norse Lands map, which I still haven't found a way to access, even with the purchase of it. I don't see the update icon on the game, it looks like there's a challenge map still being built in my game, but I also don't know if it's part of the first world you start in or something. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME
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4 years ago, OldWearySoldier
Good Game
After finishing the first campaign the game is awesome! Sure their are some bugs that are in the game that are subtle that barely hinder the gameplay. Such as abnormal coloring for the knight, griffin and other bugs such as dancing villagers/soldiers. (Can’t decide what task too do) Hopefully coop mode would be updated to accommodate it more successfully. Ten bucks is a bit pricey and I recommend buying this game on sale and the New Lands for three bucks or two?
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4 years ago, Teach Em Up
Urban sprawl simulator
The graphics are pixelated loveliness, with some addictive mechanics and gameplay. The devs also deserve credit for not making it a pay to play. Unfortunately I think it fails to live up to the promise shown in the promotional trailers, which seemed to indicate you would be interacting with a rich, beautiful, mysterious natural world. The actual game involves chopping down the forest to build a bigger and bigger grey, uniform base. And then riding back and forth through your new McMansion endlessly to make sure your base gets bigger. What’s the point of bigger? It’s bigger! The animals exist for you to turn into coins to make bigger. The unlocks exist to speed up your base travel cause it’s so big. All of the beautiful art and exploration and mystery is ultimately window dressing, the point is grind baby grind, when it feels like it could have been so much more.
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4 years ago, tag009
Magic Keyboard support...almost
Game is beautiful, and extremely well done. I was very surprised to see keyboard support and it is my preferred method of playing. However, I am using the new Pro magic keyboard and the keys seem to lag specifically in the menu screen and when holding shift to gallop (gallops then immediately stops). Still deserves 5 stars, but I hope this small issue gets fixed!
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2 years ago, James235824773
Amusing but tedious
Fun for a couple hours but then becomes tedious. The strategy is very simple - you get builders, archers, farmers, etc - but the minimalist controls make managing this workforce laborious. For instance builders will drop tools when attacked, which you only know when you notice nothing is getting built or by hovering over them. Some more advanced controls would make the game a lot more fun so all your time isn’t spent micromanaging a handful of workers.
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4 years ago, alexryemaster
An annoying problem
there a problem where when ur builders get attacked while building something they run away but when they run away they completely forgot about the build so it pretty much broken because i can’t get the builders near the build so they can build but they to far away so i litterly can’t build that thing any more.
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4 years ago, iwastoldineedanickname
Disappearing Hermit BUG - RUINS GAME FUN (1 star)
Hermits disappear after unlocking. Imagine playing a game for hours and having one of the key components to success RANDOMLY DISAPPEAR. Start over. Watch it happen again after investing another 3-4 hours.. sound like fun? Well, it’s not. It is definitely 100% a bug. I’ve had 3 hermits disappear in 3 different back-to-back games - major downer. And no, they are NOT captured by greed. This last play-through I’ve been watching where the hermits go. Last night when I stopped playing they were both at the fire pit because it was early winter. Today when I started the game the Stable Hermit did not appear. THIS IS A BUG. This bug has been reported by others. If this bug was fixed it would be 5 stars. Until it is fixed, don’t bother with this game - or be prepared to restart multiple times, spending multiple hours each time only to have hermits be lost due to a bug.
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4 years ago, ITS A GREAT JAY
This game is great! I’ve had the pleasure of playing Kingdom 1 and 2 several times. I really thought this was going to be an online version, not a split screen hookiedookie. I recommend playing this game, just not split-screening. Throwing hands over annoyance of close proximity to each other is common amongst my siblings. Please add online, you make more $.(Then again, I’m no finance expert).
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1 year ago, KesaGatame
Time Waster mislabeled as Strategy
The game does itself … fine, but it’s not a strategy game. It’s a variant of an idle clicker game. It’s incredibly sloooow with you imagine spending 30 seconds trying to get from one menu to another, with the only recompense being pretty pixel art that you’ve been looking at for hours already. If you like time waster games then you might like this. But if people wasting your time frustrates you then you probably won’t. The game is very mislabeled imo.
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3 years ago, plorp19046
I don’t want to be stressed out
So this game is great 😊. But when I came back from island 2 my base on island 1 was destroyed. So idea: freeze the greeds from getting any stronger while the player is gone sound good? Also you should either remove the greed’s ability to steal the dog Or give the dog some usefulness. In fact please do both. An if no then just immortalize the dog.
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3 months ago, 🕋🇦🇪🇸🇦🚮U511
Best game on my phone
People dislike this game because of difficulty and and everything is up to you to learn, but that’s why i like it. There’s a wiki for a reason and difficulty is good, because it’s more enjoyable than an easy game for some people and makes it such a great time killer.
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10 months ago, Rince Art
Too random
In previous titles, it was much easier to plan ahead, as every building had a fix place. In this game, too much seems to be random; it is nearly impossible to get the blacksmith, and without it you cannot really progress. It has some good ideas, but way too random to be enjoyable. i recommend the previous iteration; that is a much more enjoyable game.
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2 years ago, Rodmandorski
Devs - Unlock fps limit!
Great game! One of the best on the App Store. The only issue for me is the game does not run as smoothly as it could. I believe it is limited to 30th so frame rate. Other games allow higher frame rates for a much smoother, less choppy experience (Deadcells is a good example.) Otherwise great game and effort by the dev team. Hours of fun and new updates are pretty regular!
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2 years ago, Wenslar
Amazing game, wish it was supported on apple tv
This is one of my favorite mobile games. Really creative and well executed! I think it would be incredible on the apple tv, especially with multiplayer. Any chance we could get a timeline for when it's coming to apple tv?
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4 years ago, NJJCW
Game is amazing, but Winter is crazy boring
This would be a five star game for me if they could do something about the enjoyment of playing through winter. While I enjoy the mood/setting, you’re literally earning no coins and just sitting in your fort if you don’t have a stockpile of cash already sitting with the castle accountant. I love this game, just please give me something to do in winter other than watching the sun come up and go down for days on end.
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2 years ago, Dissidence dualisms
Game breaking bugs
Can’t finish an island because my knights won’t attack portals, don’t even have the option to send men to attack them. All my knights are stuck on a boat it seems like… So if you build the boat too early, there’s no way to win. Also can’t get any gemstones because the merchant who sells them no longer appears…no idea why. Wish there was some explanation or forewarning for these type of things in-game. Also my builders won’t finish construction a wall or tower that’s nearest the portal…
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