King's Corner

4.7 (878)
1.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bitpress, LLC
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for King's Corner

4.73 out of 5
878 Ratings
2 years ago, aDuffBrew
Great Game
We all know that computers can’t actually perform a truly random task, right? Play this enough and you’ll start seeing patterns. Whether it’s the program dumbing down your computerized opponent or stacking your deck to keep your win rate at about 66% or the uncanny odds aces are dealt along with their opposing duces, there’s definitely nothing absolutely random about this game. But it’s still loads of fun. I love the interface too.
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4 years ago, WRS15743
Excellent design, excellent game
So glad I found this! The design and interface are super neat, everything flows smooth as can be. I’ve tried different types of solitaire games, and this is now my favorite one. It’s enjoyable to play, challenging but not frustrating. Way to go, developers! I also appreciate the fair premium price with no ads or IAP. I highly recommend this game!
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6 years ago, aSometimesIWon
Great solitaire game!
I love this game. It is addictive. I have had it on my phone for several years now, and have always used it on trips. I love this game. When you play with the computer, the computer is a telogen enough to give you a fun game. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to play solitaire. It is excess a bowl with voiceover, too, which makes it special for everyone.
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5 years ago, Mz. Dee~Dee
I Love this Game!
It took a few minutes for me to understand how the game worked. In the past I had Kings Corner on another device and it showed the entire game on the device. This is set up differently! You have to go one at a time which the game size is larger. I love it! This game and the way it's set up Definitely deserves a A+++++=5 Stars
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3 years ago, MrGoldenBrain
My favorite part of this app besides the clarity of it, is you are able to add a picture to the back of your card deck and that is awesome 👏
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2 years ago, BNS9
Game doesn’t stay connected on Game Center
Game consistently disconnects through Game Center if the app isn’t always in focus. If my screen shuts off while waiting for it to be my turn, disconnect. Answering a text, disconnect. Unfortunately if it doesn’t stay connected, the functionality I bought it for doesn’t work as intended. The game is fantastically designed otherwise.
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5 years ago, Kkpeh
Statistics bar
Love this game. Thank you for telling me that I just need to select the arrow at the top right of the screen to hide the bar.
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5 years ago, jpmeisch
Problem with right side dragging
No matter how I try to move the cards to the right side of the playing screen the card cannot be moved to the spot I want, this is very frustrating since I paid for this version. This happens in the free version as well and I thought if I paid for it I would eliminate that problem.
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5 years ago, RosieKitty1969
Awesome Game
I learned to play Kings In the Corner about 25 years ago and loved it. I'm so glad it's available in the app store.
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6 years ago, Grandma159
Okay against computer- rather play with daughter
I was hoping to play against my daughter but we have not been able to get the invites to be accepted😩.
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5 years ago, Copackrat
No multiplayer
Why haven’t you coordinated with Apple to fix the multiplayer functionality? Reading the reviews, it’s been broken for 7 years. Wrote to developer and they said its Apple Game Center issue. But it’s the developer’s problem if we can’t play their game with others as it is advertised in the description.
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5 years ago, Kdp43
Fun game
I love playing this game. However, if playing the computer, I get frustrated when the computer missed a move. I don’t want an easy game to win.
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6 years ago, Lr1971
Love this game. I can’t stop playing. So addictive!!!!
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7 years ago, He riser
Kings Corner
The game is well paced but occasionally it sticks and won’t let you move.
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8 years ago, Sheilayw
King's Corner
Went from 5 stars to 1. Do NOT like the update. It changed the look of the cards. I want the original back. I know you worked strenuously to update this but it is not better.
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7 years ago, Wil9999
This is my go to game!
Love this game, I play it every night
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13 years ago, Scott_GSD
excellent fun, excellent developer, and VoiceOver compatible.
When I learned about Kings COrner, I wanted to try it out. I like games that require some strategy and King's Corner does deliver and Justin the developer is correct that it is addicting. However, being blind I use VOiceOver on my iPhone and iPad, and King's COrner was not very accessible initially. I contacted Justin and with another individual's input, Justin very willingly and enthusiastically made King's COrner fully accessible. Now regardless of your visual acuity, you to can enjoy hours of fun. What is even better is the fact you can play friends, family, or a perfect stranger via Game Center. For those who are using VOiceOver, note that once you select the card to move, you will only receive indication of the stack where you can place the card. Thank you Justin for making King's Corner available to even more people. King's COrner is well worth the $.99 USD.
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4 months ago, Longhornsr1
I don’t know if I win, nothing says win or lose. No directions to go to on the board. How do I play this game? Its weird.
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6 years ago, LiarTool
Percentage of wins is game crashing
Like the game but tired of having to shut down and restart anytime drop down to check win streak or winning percentage completely locks up the game.
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7 years ago, Chilehead47
I like it very much, except that it keeps freezing.
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6 years ago, Gasol33
Can’t play multi player in game center
I used to love this game but now it won’t connect through Game Center. Now I can’t play family that lives in another state.
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6 years ago, Kdep9050
Kings Corner
I downloaded the free app, and bought the app. After a couple of games, it won’t let me play. Help please! Love the game, but I would like to be able to play it!
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7 months ago, RascalPgh
Predictive analytics
After awhile you can predict the outcomes of the games. The patterns aren’t really random generated.
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12 years ago, Tansey214
King's Corner
Update: Thanks for changing the volume setting! Very nicely made app. I caught on how to play this game fairly quickly and I really like it. The reason I took away 1 star though is because the app uses the ringer volume instead of the volume we set for app sounds via the + and - buttons on the side of our phone. Because of this, the sound is really loud. I'd really like it if the developer could fix this so the app sounds are what we set them as, rather than what our ringer volume is set as. I like to have app sounds enabled but not when they're that loud and I shouldn'tt have to sacrifice my ringer for a game's sound either.
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13 years ago, GPZ4189
Great Game with Lots of Strategy Involved
This game is very fun and has many strategic moves to challenge your skill level. I put the opponent speed on slowest to watch and learn. There is also a geat explanation on the game play given in the rules tab on the menu screen as well. One additional option I would recommend would be an auto sort cards option (from lowest to highest) to be included in the menu. It sure would help with finding the card your looking for when you have a lot of cards all at one time. One other thing I found was when I turned on the arrow button scrolling option, the arrows in the game play move the cards in the opposite direction in which the arrow is pointing. Just a small fix for the next revision maybe? I will be recommending this game to all my family and friends!!
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8 years ago, ghotighued
Best card game design I’ve seen
It amazes me how terribly designed so many card game apps are. I love King’s Corner as a game, but the way it’s been translated for iPads and iPhones is really stellar, and I can tell that the developer really enjoys their work. Multiplayer works really well for me (though Game Center itself has its own issues, as witnessed from other games I play), and the little details like the witty chat messages and the sound effects add the perfect touch of humor and delight. Keep up the great work!!
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12 years ago, Wintersjasmine
Awesome app!
I am so pleased with this app. Unfortunately I found that the only way to play it was to have to update my itouch which now I can't leave my wi-fi on cause it now drains my battery since the update. But I love kings corners, I have played this game since I was a kid and learned how to play from my grandfather. Sure brings back fun memories. Lots of fun!
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10 years ago, Eageralanpoe
Good Game...
I might have given it 5 stars. It's smooth playing, neatly designed, hasn't crashed yet (knock on iPad), and in general, is a pleasant pastime. The only reason I gave it 3 stars was the fact that it's designed to laugh at the player when he/she loses, which is often because of course, it's the computer's environment, designed to please itself. I have at least one other app that does this ridiculing of the player. It doesn't get played very much for that very reason. And really, isn't that just a sign of the programmer's lack of class?
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9 years ago, Jaelei
Love it but needs chance for 4th King
I've been playing this came with real cards since I was a kid so was thrilled to find an app for it. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was the fact that there's never a chance for all 4 kings to be played. I've been playing this particular app for a couple years on multiple devices and not once have I EVER had a game where all 4 kings were available for play. This is just statistically not likely.
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11 years ago, Danica Fan
Great For Train Rides
Really entertaining game and a bit addicting. - Not great for early morning gaming as you need to wake up and use your brain. It's more geared to after work train ride gaming, or bus ride if you take busses. If you are wondering if you should buy, I say get it. It's just like Solitaire but the table is different. You will enjoy this one. - happy gaming :)
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12 years ago, Pegbuck
Bummed out
Used to be good, but now it goes crazy. It will skip my turn over and over just letting the computer go. Then says Player 2 has won w/ cards still unplayed! If the phone rings during a game it messes up the cards and you can't fix them without shutting off the phone.
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13 years ago, XOGold
good game
this game is pretty addicting once you get the hang of it... the simple design works very well with the game... only thing i can say is that the colors on the card can throw you off, as the black cards sometimes have red (or orange looking) suits... other than that, i personally recommend this game. and i don't know about the person on here who wrote the review saying the computer cheats and you only win 5% of the games you play... i win more like 25% of the games i play, and i'm playing against 2 computers... so yeah, i disagree with tou
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11 years ago, PeprJax
Kings Corner Love it, Addicted
Love it. We all play every day. Please allow me to play against someone in my home. One question. We have never seen the second black King. Beginning to think it was omitted. Bring back the King and allow to play a shared game on one iPad, in home. Game is definitely addicting. Thanks.
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13 years ago, Dimples2266
Good Game
I love it!!!(: but two things u can do to make the game better is make it multiplayer so my friends can play too and have a setting on the computers there too hard and they never skip a good play witch makes it like impossible to win all the time:/
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12 years ago, Abby Tews
Great game, but a little buggy on multiplayer play. Single player had no problems at all. Would be great if you offered a peer to peer version as the invite method is a little buggy as well. My husband and I really like playing this together and it would be a 5 star rating if you fixed the multiplayer issues.
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13 years ago, kAv09
Good game, I miss playing this game but now I can play all the time! It also never has crashed while most of my apps do. But if the computer had settings of difficulty, like he would miss a move or two on easy that would be more fun
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9 years ago, Babchi
Play every day!
Love this game! Wondering if an update could consider having your statistics shown on the screen. Say you start out winning 50% of the time, you could always try to improve your statistics when you play. Thanks!
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12 years ago, garrena
I really like this game. I find I spend way too much time playing it! Some badly needed updates: an undo button (it's too easy to pluck the wrong card and put it on an open space), a scoring scheme beyond winning streak (count the opponent's points and play first-to-300 loses ... or something similar). Otherwise I enjoy you app!
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13 years ago, the_treads
Just like I remember
It's the game I used to play with my grandparents and it's just as good as I remember. I got a prompt response with a small issue I had discovered, and it was fixed within a week. Bravo!
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12 years ago, EGbabydoll
This is a fun game to play just gets boring after you play awhile just going against the ipad. wished there was some how someone could play against me that wasn't on the net. If you could make this a 2 person games it would make it a lot more funner.
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12 years ago, AmadeoRobert
Multiplayer play very buggy
Love the idea and game but the multiplayer function is very buggy. It was continually throwing an error saying "Player disconnected. One or more players were disconnected from the game. The current game will now end" while playing. I bought this game with the hope of playing remotely with my daughter as a way to connect with her. Has great potential...just need to work out the kinks.
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10 years ago, Tranasaurus Rex
Newest update needs work
This app has always been fine, but it's a little buggy with the newest update. If you have more cards than you can see on the available screen, you used to be able to scroll over to access them; that isn't working at the moment.
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10 years ago, Viscrimson Bane
Great but...
The app is well thought out and I like the new look, however, it is buggy. My wife and I played several games and each time had to restart due to the cards disappearing. We could see the back of the opponents cards but on our respective turns we could no longer see our own cards.
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10 years ago, cdwilk
Great game!
Love it. Challenging but winnable. The updates are great, thanks for giving us a running win percentage! The new colors are pretty bright but get used to them after a few games. I have not experienced any glitches, it's working great for me.
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13 years ago, 3K99Dad
Great Game & it's Voice Over Accessible!
It's great to be able to play a card game electronically again! Great game! Great inclusion for everyone! The headings in the settings options need to voiced too (not just the choices) but it's so worth the $0.99 USD. Thank you!
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11 years ago, Jpm24z
Love the game as single player, but should have local multi-player not just online opponents (play against my kids in waiting room). Should be able to "undo" at least one move.
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10 years ago, Tiger Lilypad
King's Corner
Thank you for making this app so human. I love that it sometimes does not see things and gives me a chance to win too. The sound effects are great and it is pure pleasure to play this game.
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13 years ago, Game Girl #1
Favorite card game
I loved playing this game with my family as a child. This is exactly the same rules. Very fun and operates very smoothly. I like that the game moves at the players pace. Can you make it a multiplayer game?
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9 years ago, M,ljhgf
Percentage doesn't work
Since when does winning 2 out of 2 games make 67%!! Also, must not have many players. You can only play against the computer. When you try to play others, it never comes up with an opponent. I would actually give it zero stars. I wrote an email using the "contact us" option to tell them the percentage calculation is wrong and never heard back.
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12 years ago, Annie Karaoli
I love this game. It so fun and addicting. It would be perfect of there was an undo option. Sometimes I do something and realize I missed an opportunity and I wish I could undo my last move. Other than that it's perfect.
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