King’s Corner

4.7 (8.4K)
18.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bitpress, LLC
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for King’s Corner

4.73 out of 5
8.4K Ratings
7 years ago, gsalex03
Love this game
This is my favorite solitaire type card game, because the gameplay is real quick and easy. Plus, it gets more intriguing the better you become. As you play more games you can figure out better strategies of when to play some of your cards so you can the control stacks. This is so you can dominate your opponent. Also, a great feature is you can stop a game at anytime by just not playing your turn. You can go do other things on your phone or even close the app, and when you want to play again the app opens right back to where you were in the game. So you can never get kicked out of a game you were in. And finally, even if you have no wifi or cell signal, you can keep on playing. Even though I've achieved Diamond, the game still won't give me credit for completing the achievement. The win percentage also doesn't seem quite accurate. If I win say 10 games in a row, the win percentage has me going about 8-2. I don't know if the win percentage counts a loss for closing the app or not playing my turn right away, but something is not fully accurate about the win percentage. A new stat I'd like to see is longest win streak. I like keeping current streaks going as long as I can, and it'd be fun to try and keep a current steak going to beat an all-time streak. Thanks, Gary
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1 year ago, two many glasses
I love this game so much!
This game is wonderful. I am completely blind, and I am able to play this game with voiceover. I shared the app with my grandma, and we played the multiplayer mode. She and I had the greatest time. Thank you to the developers who have made this game so much fun. My grandma said, “I should not have started to play this game, because now I don’t want to stop.” I feel the same way.
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1 year ago, 1stCeye
I’m a new player; never heard of this game… but since when can an AI place a 10 on top of a QUEEN…..something is missing here! I’m trying to learn this game, but I bet if I try to place 10 on top of a Queen, I’ll get slapped down!!!!! A suggestion…for us new guys: have some sort of reference guide to the game. I had no idea until the third game that I could move a STACK onto another stack and I had nothing to consult about rules! This is a pretty neat game if the AI stops cheating. TOO MANY ADS!!!! One ad after each game is too much. I hate boring ads…same one after same one….teach!! ***The AI JUST DID IT AGAIN! AI placed an 8 on top of a JACK!!! REALLY…?????? Game need s work guys!
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2 years ago, abjammin
Gameplay is good but coding makes the game cheat
I looked in multiple places for the rules in case I missed something. I didn’t. The place should be like solitaire in that house have to match an opposite color suit and descending numbers. At least 20% of the time, the game will put a card that is either 3 5 numbers down from was is a legal move. And most often when it does that, the game will win. It is a bit annoying but I like the gameplay so keeping it
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5 months ago, AE0R
Coding errors
This game is mostly OK but there are coding errors and a dumb design. Between games, when you might want to change settings such as how many players, the preferences menu is inactive because it's waiting for you to click on something in tge main menu. So you have to set preferences while a game is in progress. The option to reset the percentage wins does not work for a 4-person game. And Player 2 gets the first play far more often than any other player.
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6 months ago, pmcwells
Fun game, works well
Love this game! Completely hooked on it. Have it on my phone and play it whenever I’m stuck waiting somewhere or just need something fairly mindless to do at home to chill out.
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11 months ago, tochita
Really fun, but…..
I love playing this game. However often, and I mean often, the computer stacks a random card on a higher card with no sequence whatsoever. If it wasn’t for that, I’d be all in. Many others have complained about the same thing, so why can’t the developers fix it? What’s the point? We’ve noticed it, now please fix it. Otherwise, it’s a great game. I love the simple graphics, the speed a difficulty.
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4 years ago, Bodean8160
Kings corner
Find someone that can challenge me!!!!!!! I know the game cheats but a person can’t. I have waited 30 minutes for this app to find someone for me to play. No one apparently can do it. You design the game. You play me!!!!! I’m a master at this game! You beat me twice in a row and you already have my respect. Bring it!!!!!!! Find someone!!!!!!!
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2 years ago, Gertie#53
This is a favorite card game we play with real cards. This is a fun version of that. I would give 5 stars but , you can’t change your mind on a play, once you place that card, it’s forever. I have lost many times because I missed a play. Need an Undo option.
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2 years ago, $jbgamer
One problem
I sent you have trouble clicking the “new game” and end up with a different game. Then I have to delete it so I can begin playing the solitaire game again.
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3 years ago, Emmelyn Robinette
My grandma taught me how to play king in the corners when I had the flu and after she taught me how to play I played constantly constantly and constantly and now I’m a master at King in the Quarter in the scheme helps me practice my king in the corner game.
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5 years ago, jpmeisch
Paid version doesn’t solve problem
Purchased the paid version to try to solve problem of not allowing me to move cards to the right side, but it didn’t work. Very frustrated and wish they would fix it.
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4 years ago, MagicLouJohnson
Just as I remembered it!
It’s a fun relaxing game. Easy to learn and you can play it with friends with real cards. Also, I didn’t know you take a new card at the end of your turn and not the start of it. Thanks!
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3 years ago, MintyClinch
Good aesthetic, not a lot of competition
Looks nice. End of deck play is broken because players can keep passing back and forth without putting down cards. Multiplayer and Game Center games regularly crash or disconnect. Hame center itself is already a pain so it might take four or five tries to connect and play a full game without freezing or disconnecting. Can’t see cards in hand while waiting for opponent to finish turn. This is a strong personal preference and in my opinion makes planning moves more enjoyable and efficient. As it is now it is a solid 2.5/5 app. Ads are redundant and a pain to see constantly flashing, especially ones involving location cookies.
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5 years ago, sooooo triste
I love this game- I learned it at a nursing home when I went volunteering with my family. But there are random times when the computer player 2 makes move that don’t work. For example, there’s a red 8, and a black 2 is placed on top. This has happened in so many instances and it’s somewhat frustrating :(
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8 years ago, LibbyWB
Fun game
I enjoy playing this game. One suggestion to the writer: the opponent doesn't always do everything that could be done during their move. Also it would be nice to have the app keep a running track of the player's wins and losses beyond the current round.
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6 years ago, fuzzykat2
Unfair to “real” players
I love this card game and can’t always get hubby to play it with me. So I was thrilled to find it in the App Store. Unfortunately I think it is stacked against a human player. The computer wins most of the time and gets the best cards. When I have to pass several times in a row, “computer” keeps making plays. Several times before passing. I will delete this app now.
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3 months ago, jags-champion
Great game!
This is one of my favorite card games and being able to play it online is even better!
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1 month ago, Xaney600
Needs an “oops” function
Don’t like you can’t take a card back - I have fat fingers. Also don’t like that you can’t move a single card in the beginning. Other thank that it’s great!
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5 years ago, 1234gogogrl
Awesome sauce game
This card game is even better on my phone my mom taught me this game with cards I showed it to my friend who told her daughter about it then her daughter pulled it up on the phone wow now I can always play the game
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8 months ago, StGlassLady
My Son
My son and I loved to play cards together. He told me about Kings Corner. I’m so happy I found this game!! I pretend that we are playing “together” again❤️
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3 months ago, GeekyBlink
I just downloaded this game, and I'm disappointed, and frustrated. I am using VoiceOver, with an iPhone 13, and the only item that is accessible is the names of the cards. The location of where, and who placed cards during play are not spoken, and only sound effects are played. Some potential, but a waste of money at this time.
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3 years ago, DC13210
Like this game but...
I play this a lot but the problem is that it freezes about every 4-5 games and I have to remove the app and redownload. Annoying.
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5 years ago, Brianna ayy
Game Center game doesn’t work
I’ve tried playing with a friend and it doesn’t work no matter what we do. When we click on our invitation nothing happens - it just take us to the app but it doesn’t connect us. Fix this problem please!!! ):
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6 years ago, Zoe 401
I don't understand
I can't figure out how to play with voiceover because there is no tutorial. How do you move the cards? I can't figure it out.
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2 years ago, Sankerbrand
Fun but could be better
Very easy to grab the wrong card! Have lost many times because of fat fingers. An undo function is needed or else make it less easy to grab the wrong card.
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3 years ago, Country mom 7102
Not worth a crap for voiceover
Just download it today does not work with voiceover will not tell me open slots and does not tell me what cards are on the table when I’m trying to move a card and doesn’t even have a how to play option so I can look at commands I think I might just delete this app not worth my time
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7 years ago, K boutchia
Great game
I love this solitaire game. It is challenging when you just want to play a game with out waiting for an opponent to take their turn. The computer takes its turn swiftly.
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1 year ago, Littwoman
So much fun!!
This app is so much fun. Simple to play yet challenging enough. Download and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed .
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4 years ago, random_gummybear12
Smooth, easy gameplay and hardly any ads! I love how much you can customize the playing setup/background as well. Excellent rendition of a classic game.
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7 years ago, Alexz02
Amazing game, (suggestion)
Can you make more achievements to aim for during the game and a point system to buy more card colors and/or textures. Thank you, I love the game.
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7 months ago, M.Reyes54
As ad free as it gets.
If I play it much longer I’ll buy the app just to offer my gratitude.
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3 months ago, Paralover
Undo feature
I think you should have an undo feature for one when you make a mistake and you want to undo the mistake you made
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6 years ago, Sassy471290
Kings in the Corner
Love playing this game. It is always ready to go on my phone or I pad. Great to entertain yourself while waiting in the doctors office, etc. give it a try!
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6 years ago, Nana Boo
Four kings
I just learned how to play this game and looked online for a game to take with me on my phone. Love this game. I’ve even won a few.
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4 years ago, Assazzinator
Good game
It’s a great game but a lot of glitching while playing with others. And needs an open messaging dialog of communication. Also needs a time limit to end game for a disconnected player to give them a chance to return to game or reconnect
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3 years ago, Ll plano
Battle of the kings
I played kings in the corner as a child with my grandparents. I thoroughly enjoy the digital version.
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3 years ago, Skeetswa
Fun game and relaxing
I really enjoy this game. I would like to see it have an undo feature like many other solitaire game versions.
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6 years ago, Vcarm
Serious flaw
I’m not happy with this game at all. It was fun to play but when I’d exit and then come back I couldn’t start a new game. I had to delete it off my iPad and then reinstall it to play it. That got old fast. It was only a dollar but a dollar wasted. I told them it wasn’t working right but I never heard back from them.
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6 years ago, kgarza219
Good but needs improvement
Very great and fresh game but crashes from time to time
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2 years ago, Shainafromoz
Computer cheats
Fun game, but the computer cheats when you play against it. Seen it dozens of times.
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6 years ago, cards daily
I swear this game is rigged I know I cant move my card to a card with the same color but the app changes it and my opponent wins so basically the machine can change the card but other then that it’s ok
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4 years ago, kaym99
Most of the time when I try to play multiplayer it won’t show either of us our cards so we can’t play and then even when we do play it shuts down the app before I can finish
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7 years ago, Nubie2
We have tried repeatedly to play friends but we are completely unable to connect with friends through Game Center. We’re so disappointed. We tried for half hour. We tried through Multiplayer but it does not seem to be set up either. Please help!!
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1 year ago, MagicMike49
Great game problems connecting to iCloud
Game is great if you want to play alone, if you want to play with friends may have better luck elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Nevsko
I have been playing this game for quite some time & love it 🥰
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1 year ago, SlamTrain
Love Kings In The Corner
So glad to see my old game now digital. It’s fun and fast to play.
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8 years ago, MoNuttz
Game cheats in favor of computer
If you don't win within the first 5 minutes, forget about it. The computer you're playing against will miraculously have all the necessary cards that need to be played. I'll stick to playing with a physical deck of cards and another human
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6 years ago, carlexen
This is my favorite card game and this app does very well! I play it anytime I’m not busy!
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2 years ago, reveiw 99
Love the game but
We love the game but when we do the multiplayer and try to connect with friend or family it won’t stay connected. Please fix it
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