Kings in the Corners

4.8 (2.3K)
27.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kings in the Corners

4.8 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
2 years ago, cheter89
Great game, love it
This is a great game I love to play it when I feel bored or to get practice for when I play against my family and friends. I recommend it for anyone who loves a good game of kings on the corner, and there is no bugs as far as I can see.
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3 years ago, bhatt50
Pros: beautiful graphics, good game to learn on, AI will show you basic moves if you click the light bulb Cons: the AI wins 99% of the time. It’s both frustrating and discouraging. Also, there is a ‘pass’ feature but no explanation or tips on how to use it. I actually tried to monopolize, and therefore win, the game by passing and holding onto cards but I still lost. Finally decided, after just two weeks, to search for a new app with better odds.
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4 years ago, GGIN
Pass Button
I enjoy this game and how quickly a game can be played. My problem is that they put the pass button too close to the cards when it is my turn. I have hit the pass button quite a few times when I did not want to. I suggest moving the button further to the right to avoid this issue.
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2 years ago, pambjohn
Kings Corner
One of my favorite games! It’s a game that you can play while watching TV. It makes you think, which keeps the brain active!
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2 years ago, Shouldcookmore
Too many bugs
I enjoy playing this while watching tv since it can be fairly mindless. I recently switched to easy mode after a series of losses… I’m not looking for a challenge. Unfortunately, I went just back and forth with the AI opponent because they refused to play and I could not play any of my cards. So, that wasn’t much fun.
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6 months ago, Alvs22
I used to love this game but the wins from the computer seemed rigged I used to win a lot more games say I play 8 games I will only win 2 out of the 8. This game is rigged and the computer has every card it needs to win it’s becoming the impossible to win I get losing but no winning any games out of ten is ridiculous
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2 years ago, Jgh56
Not the same game!
I used to love playing this game, but it has changed. When you step away for even a couple of minutes, you have to start a new game. Also, if I am ahead a few games, the “house” will win over 10 times in a row, even without my making any mistakes. It’s just not fun anymore. I feel like I’m playing against a cheater. Boo for changing my favorite game!
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1 year ago, Lindanphx
I’m wondering f the deal isn’t weighted in the favorite of the computer player. Mine seems to get the first move and with multiple cards with a place to play. Far too often the computer opponent finishes the game without giving the human opponent a turn.
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4 years ago, Lorelai Leigh
Exactly what you want in a game that you are using to relax.
Extremely easy to understand and user friendly.
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4 years ago, DenFern
Screen Locks Up
After the game starts and is then stopped, sometimes returning to the game finds the screen locked up.
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5 years ago, forget just read
I think that the tuck for a single player isn’t always fair. There are times
Are times when i could win with a tuck. Ido enjoy the game
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6 years ago, T-storms 🌩
Great game!
Love the set up, and especially the lack of full screen ads. Lots of fun to play. I only with they'd let you get to start once in a while.
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4 years ago, 59Retired
Kings in the corner
This is a very fun quick game. No fees at all, not very many ads and it always has free hints for you to play and learn the game. It is also very fair in who the winner is😃
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1 year ago, Lewb53
Great game, but…
Love this game, but it freezes up constantly and have to delete then reload
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4 years ago, DorkFungus9782
VERY FUN !!!!!
I learned about this game last year and it has become one of my favorite new games to play!!!!
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10 months ago, #laughonme
Kings in the Corner
Very Relaxing game. Whenever I want to power down I play kings in the corner.
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5 years ago, Xavier Onassis
My favorite card game on the web . I’ve played over a thousand games. Cheers
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1 year ago, Lovel2020
The Cheaters are back!
They seemed to get all the moves while you are watching then you are getting one move at a time. I am very suspicious about this. I bet they can see and know what you have on your board. It’s pretty disgusting and dishonest!
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5 years ago, c,nays
King’s in corner.
Love the game , hate to stop playing trying to win.
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7 years ago, junosmom70
Fun & addictive
Esp. love that the ads are non-obtrusive & that they aren't popping up right & left
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2 years ago, Sassy 4260
Love it
Great game to make you think
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8 months ago, Memac76
I don’t understand
Why are my opponents are able to play a higher card and I’m not??
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5 years ago, JRN3088
Kings in the Corner...glad to find this entertaining
Fun game
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6 years ago, boncebaby
Many flaws
They don’t let you start, they give you terrible cards, and you can’t never win
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5 years ago, Missouri Slim
As much fun as playing live !
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5 years ago, Snyde1
Quick.... mindless....FUN!!!!!
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9 years ago, Jellyfish watermelon$89!
I love this game
This game is a great way to play cards when nobody wants to play with you. This is also a great app because sometimes on road trips you can't play card, but now you can!!!😃
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6 years ago, un der troir
Tuck under is cheating
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8 years ago, Warzybone
Please stop reshuffling
In real Kings in the Corners, you don't reshuffle the cards in the corners into the deck unless the deck runs out of cards. There have been too many instances when I draw the same card I just got rid of because of that. At least have an option to play with or without reshuffling.
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11 years ago, Mushu'sGirl
This game I must say first is wonderful follows all the same rules that I learned before the only complaint I have is the Pass button location, I have lost several games because of accidental pressing of the pass I think it needs to be moved to the top part of the screen away from the cards in "hand"
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10 years ago, Cambone11
Finally i found a game that doesn't have to be on my droid the only thing that could make this better is multiplayer
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7 years ago, Sho_Kase
Nan Wilson introduced me to this game and this version is just like the old school American pastime! Challenging as well. Wish I could play online with all my dear friends like Nan Wilson but until then this is fantastic. 👍🏽
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9 years ago, cinnamonlyra
Good Game!
I just recently started playing kings corner again and then I found this app. It's quite fun and a challenge. Thanks!
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8 years ago, Art funk
The game is fun to play, but it cheats! The 3 other players (the program) can place cards under the existing piles. In other words, if there is a 3 down the other players could put a 4 under it. I can't do that on my turn. That is cheating! It needs to be fixed!
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11 years ago, Prestocooker
Stars going down
I am not liking this game as much since the pass option was added. It needs to be moved out of the path of my finger because I keep hitting it as I slide the cards up into place. I don't want to pass!!!
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10 years ago, tucsonmac
Fun but different for me
I learned this game awhile ago and love it. The version I learned did not reshuffle but I have gotten use to it. I wish that it could be played both ways.
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7 years ago, Groffie
This game is great
This game brings back so many good memories of fun times. Can't put it down. Well deserved 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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11 years ago, gr/mom
Best solitaire game
I introduced this game to several friends & all are now just as addicted as I am.
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11 years ago, PR-NELZ
Love it!!! Grew up playing this mom & grandma. And here all along I thought no one new about this game!!! Brings memories
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8 years ago, C96061
Not bad
It's too hard to me and rules are not being good if you like to play card game or good at card game, try it!But if you are not good at card game, don't try it.
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11 years ago, James J!
Great game
Mindless entertainment on easy. Challenge on medium. Humbling on hard. It's a great waiting room game.
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12 years ago, Dcoleman88
Love the game but,
Gameplay is painfully slow with no way to speed it up. Would also like the ability to play with fewer players if I wanted to.
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12 years ago, Aimeeander0
The game won't let you end your turn until you complete all possible moves. Kind of like silly.
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10 years ago, 2018 resume ma
Can't exit out of the report a problem screen no x to cancel out. But love this game is available
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8 years ago, fungames
Hardly ever win
Each player's play is pretty much determined and I can rarely win even if I follow all of the hints. In one game, I could not make any move on 4 turns. I would not recommend this game!!!
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12 years ago, iPhone0521
Hardly ever win. Could be better!
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9 years ago, DD955
Not good
Your app continually allows bots to play in ascending order as we'll as descending, and sometimes allowed me. The flashing light is not only annoying, but is a cheat. Missing a play is part of the game.
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12 years ago, Jbark12
I have yet to win and I have played this game at least 40 times.
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12 years ago, Gratefuldead:D
Wouldn't let me play on my turn! Hopefully they fix this soon cuz I love this game.
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10 years ago, Ratt booi
automatic pass?
take off the automatic pass and put In-App purchase for the pro
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