King's League: Odyssey

4.8 (1.6K)
611.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for King's League: Odyssey

4.78 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
9 years ago, RainbowKash
A truly amazing game, with no In-app-purchases actually needed. I mean, seriously, how cool is that!? Not to mention all the activities inside the game itself, along with the strategies that you can make up. Only glitch I've ever encountered on it is a very small crash on a loading screen. Only thing I don't actually like about this game, is that there is one achievement that is impossible to get, Quinsforth, or Tybolt, depending on who you choose. Still amazing though, because of all the stuff there is to do besides the campaign, and I feel a sense of freedom with this game than I don't really feel like I need to purchase the stuff in it, although they look amazing. Basically, for a one dollar app, it's worth around seven. EDIT: Alright, so I'm not sure how, BUT I GOT BOTH QUINSFORTH, AND TYBOLT! All I did was keep on hiring from the city, and I got him... Well, both. I have them on a team with each other XD Not sure if a glitch, or what, so... Yeah. Try it out! Not sure if there's a specific order to the thing, but I got Quinsforth first. EDIT: Alright, again. PLEASE, PLEASE, Either do another update, or make another Kings League, because this is probably one of the BEST IOS/ PC games I have ever played. Btw, if your having crashes, try updating your IOS, as it is a huge game, even if it doesn't seem like it. I played on an I-phone 6 with no crashes. I think the other IOS's are crashing due to lack of space.
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10 years ago, mygreatopinion
Great game no IAP necessary!
This is a great, well thought out game. Yes, you don't actually control your "army" but you do get to train and upgrade them. I played the main story and beat it in a day. I plan on going back and playing through again in Hard and Insane mode with new armies. The only cons I can think of are some of the side quests and the Battlethon or whatever it is called can get tedious to watch. I wish there was more content to the main story but I can't complain as the game was only $0.99. I would gladly pay for new content. Also, I played on an iPad Air with no crashes.
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2 years ago, Jaxom078912
Great game, but the cost of in app purchases?
This game is a great game, I loved playing it and see myself playing it many times trying out different compositions. I thought it was so fun I decided I’d try out some of the purchasable characters. Apparently the purchases DON’T unlock those characters in every play through. Meaning if I spend $4.99 to buy Telzar the Dragoon on one save, I can’t use him on a separate save without BUYING HIM AGAIN. It’s $4.99 for a SINGLE unit. Why is it not a “buy one time and permanently unlocked” situation? That feels so scummy and cash grabby, which is what turned me away from so many other games in the past. I’m just lucky I bought the unit on my insane play through and not my normal play through. I would feel inclined to buy all the characters if I could use them on different playthroughs to test them in different compositions and difficulties, but that’s too much money for one unit I can only use in a single save. Such a fun game, but genuinely not worth spending more than the $1.99 on it unless they fix that critical, money-grabbing problem.
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4 years ago, Bob maguilcuty
Decent Game
This game was pretty fun the week that I bought it! It will grab your attention (maybe a little too much), but it won’t kill you when you have to put it down to go do something else. Now, why do I give it 3 stars? Well the game gets kinda frustrating in that it straddles the line between a wait to play game and a normal mobile game. By that I mean, because you have to be in the game to play it the wait (even at 3x speed) can kill the excitement. Along with the fact that waiting doesn’t seem to have any immediate benefit. It would be more fun to add something like a puzzle that gives out experience or add points to your stats. I understand that the game almost gets busted if you would always buff up your team, but considering most of the fights just seem up to chance, I would rather just grind to win the next fit! Finally though, I will say that it is worth the download, and that I must have loved it to write a review. PS: pleeeeeeeeease make a button that will cause chosen folks not to run forward!
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3 years ago, oogogrsss
Constant strange crashes
I really enjoyed this game, I even played it originally on Kongregate. I was so happy when I learned it had a ios version, but unfortunately I have been plagued by it ever since. I have no idea why there are technical issues for me, as it is neither an intensive game nor am i running it on an old phone. I have lost multiple save games, some over an hour in, due to crashing. I can no longer use my saves as it will instantly crash upon attempting to load them. Some of the in game options even crash the game, such as the place you view all the different units. I do enjoy this game, but I can’t give it a favorable review with its constant strange problems. Hopefully the sequel will work better, but I wish it wasn’t stuck in a subscription service model.
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8 years ago, Rangers1940
Very good job on the game. It's extremely addictive! The storyline is interesting, the characters are well designed for cartoons, and the variety of objectives is very wide. The only thing I would change is, "Insane" difficulty is far from insane. Even on Insane mode, I still can beat the king and Kraig in a matter of minutes. The second thing I would change is the action. I'd like more battle action than cartoons running into each other, and bounce back. Other than that, I had fun playing the game and hope to see updates, and more versions!
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4 years ago, I play to much games
Just some info on 1 glitch
I give this game 5 stars bc it feels like it has much opportunity and freedom, I have encountered 1 glitch throughout my gameplay of 2 years, this glitch is once you launch the game and click on your save file in that loading screen the game will crash. Other than that this game is fun and unique!
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4 years ago, jdkdjjvhshd
Great game, but...
This game is very well thought out. No ads, no need to spend money. Those are the best parts. Love it. No need to wait for energy to refill. Very fun. I’ve played for about a week now and the only thing that I don’t like is the game looses its appeal due to lack of continuous objectives. You can basically improve your characters indefinitely but it gets boring after a while. New content would be great. There is always something to do and is fun to burn an hour or so quickly, if you don’t mind mindless grinding.
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5 years ago, Crazycreamer09
Honest Review
I forgot how much i bought this game for but I had fun. I felt like they needed to increase the rewards and decrease the cost of upgrades. I pretty much beat the game and only had one maxed out unit and the others were half that units level. This disproportion of reward/upgrade cost might’ve been due to the fact that I like to play on Hard mode. I like challenges but maxing the difficulty just slows down the game. Get this game if it’s $3. $5 is a stretch though. No replayability also.
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4 years ago, Mr.taco909
Corthello is not obtainable
Excellent game but idk if I’m stupid or blind or what but corthello the cleric is not possible to get, I can’t trigger his return and the first time he appears is at the very beginning when it’s far too expensive and there’s no way you can make enough money to hire him, I wanna get all the achievements but if I can’t get corthello I’ll never be able to complete it.
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10 years ago, Mr. Sam Harrison
Great $1 game, but some small problems
No further payments necessary or even encouraged. Great game! Quite short, but for $1, great value! Problems with the game: * Hall of Fame always has one achievement you can’t get, since you can’t recruit both Quinsforth and Tybolt in the same game. * In-game rank should have six different values, but only 4 are accessible. Getting all achievements possible in Insane mode gets you 710 points, but you need 900 to advance from Castle Champion.
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8 years ago, TaterD01
Amazing game
This game is really fun however there is some flaws. When you start a game you always start with the same knight. This gets boring. Also, when recruiting, the same people always show up. Because of these thing, I often end up with the exact same team. It needs more variety is what I'm saying.
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8 years ago, Navvydj
Simply amazeballs
I absolutely fell in love with this game. Although a bit short, the value of it is well worth spending $.99. You get a simple yet very intriguing game and I personally got hooked the moment I started playing. I would recommend to anyone who needs something to pass the time or simply wants a great game for a low price.
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1 year ago, Gamergamergamer19
Please Help
I’ve loved this game since back in the days of Adobe Flash still running and being able to play this as a web browser. I was delighted to see that it was on the App Store and I’m so glad to see that it hasn’t changed much as an app. My only issue is that I can’t load my saves. Every time I try it kicks me out of the app and back onto my Home Screen. This game is otherwise a 5-star game, it’s just so disheartening not being able to log back into my save. Please fix this bug!
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10 years ago, Raven Reis
This game is by far one of the greatest games on the App Store. If you are even considering buying this app don't...Just. Buy. It. You won't regret it. The only bug I might point out is an occasional crash on loading screens, but it's only happened twice to me and I've had it for 2 weeks. Still an amazing game.
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8 years ago, Patchrick6
This is definitely a hidden gem! I enjoyed the progression without the need to pay for any IAPs, which is something I look for in any mobile games. If you're like me, who enjoys some RPG leveling progression without the reaching for your wallet at every twists and turns, then this game is for you!! Get it while it's still on sale!
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4 years ago, Tadtiger
Game-breaking bug ruins otherwise excellent game
I’ve been a fan of this game (and this developer) for years. However, I recently redownloaded it and discovered that the game is broken and essentially unplayable: no matter what I do, I can only recruit the first three characters over and over (Cyreno, Galvaro, and Aristo), even after recruiting them. Recruiting in different areas or when a special character appears has no effect (and I can’t recruit the special characters). The game would otherwise be 5 stars, but I can’t recommend buying it in its current state.
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4 years ago, cannonfodder323
A classic flash game
I’ve played this game when it started as a browser game. I’m glad they have found a way to make it on mobile and it isnt riddled with paywalls or mandatory micro transactions. To be fair I obtained the game when they allowed it to be downloaded for free. Please keep that in mind when thinking about downloading the game.
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4 years ago, sans isnt reel
Im back And YAYYYYYY
So i played for only 3 minutes but the old experience and the updated mixes with the reason why its a 5 star 1: Motion Storyline This makes it a bit cool and you can skip but also see everything in motion which makes it good. 2: New start When i was playing the pre crash game, it was like the old game but now its slightly better with a little bit of a new start. And 3: New characters There was from 6 to 32 (i think) uniques and there was a new storyline of kraig which made it better by a bunch because just ending on kraig was boring. And thats all and i hope it makes snese
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10 years ago, L.T.McCool
Great on both iPhone & iPad
IAP is not needed unless you are playing on the "Insane" setting & want to get the undefeated trophy! Then it becomes an absolute must have! But all together that's only $10-$12 AND it can be used in Every game you play on Every Device connected to your iTunes account!
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8 years ago, Squege
Awesome Game!
In app purchases aren't needed to make the game fun like most others; make it easier in the start is all they do. High amount of replay value which is hard for some games to achieve. The game flows smoothly and has enough elements to manage while managing time between matches.
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4 years ago, Asdfgghjjklsuwhbei worms sesks
This had so much potential...
Great game. I really enjoy these types of simple, rpg like gameplay. Only wish this had a multiplayer feature and global ranking. This had so much potential to be a lot more than a “just play once and delete” type of deal...
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4 years ago, nike86-815
great game. Need works
This game is great in the short term. However, it need to work on the endless mode to create more content after defeat the game. Bigger maps, more dungeons to conquer, more hero’s to collect. Just please add more content in the endless mode after the game is defeated. Thank you for a good but short game!
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8 years ago, Book w
Awesome game!
This is one of the best games I ever played! But can I ask for some new features next update? Firstly can we have an option for multiplayer battles and friends? To be honest that's all but keep it up and have many excellent updates.
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8 years ago, The guy u can trust
Great game but music is screwed up
The game is amazing with no IAP necessary. I did it on normal now I'm doing it on nightmare, really fun. But, the problem is when I try and listen to music while playing (headphones on and off) it crackles. I've tested it many times, please fix it. It would have been a 5* review. The game itself is flawless.
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10 years ago, Brady.D
Epic 5 Star Game
This game is AWESOME! It combines a lot of things I like including: Mid evil times type stuff and battle, defense, and strategy! In my opinion I think this should be rated on the top ten chart of the AppStore and the GooglePlay store! -Brady Thank you Gamenauts for creating this game for kids and adults! I love this game!!!😍😍😍😍😍 😃😃😃😃😃
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8 years ago, Nalyd99
Simple, But Deep
Anyone can pick it up and lose hours to its simple system and adorable art style and those of us looking for a deeper game can find great intricacies that you may never see in normal, but are necessary to pass hard.
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9 years ago, Mega fighter12
Best game
I love this game no iap needed unless you want some really good worriers. If you think you need more gems but don't know how to get them. Just take over more villages and your monthly income will increase.(level up your admin all the way)
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4 years ago, clash2323
I was kind of thinking that this game was going to be boring and full of slow gameplay but you are able to kill time and enjoy the game as your cheer on your army to battle
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10 years ago, JJ12345678910
Great game
Really good game that doesn't require internet connection to play this game is a definite buy only complaints i have is campaign is really short and there is a really annoying glitch that wont let me recruit the unique lancer
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9 years ago, P dogg. Loves GLWG
Great game, Don't have to pay to win
I really like this game, especially how you don't have to pay to win. I wish it was a little longer but other than that it's worth a dollar.
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10 years ago, DealerForTheCIA
No pay to win!
Great game! Nice visuals. Solid mechanics. There are in-app purchases, but unlike a lot of other mobile games, I never once felt compelled to buy anything in order to continue playing. Loved it!
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4 years ago, by momof2
Pretty amazing
So I completed the game. It is amazing! The characters, dungeons, and everything else is amazing. But once you complete everything (except quests) it gets pretty boring. So that’s what I wanted to let you know.
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7 years ago, ChesterTT
Amazing game
One of my favorite games to play but now I can’t play it bc it needs to be updated to be playable on the new iOS.. wish it could be updated but the last update was 3yrs ago
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9 years ago, Mcel41100
Replay value
Lots of fun, multiple difficulty setting that allow a lot of replay value. Also endless mode is fun. Not a money pit, no pressure to buy and everything is obtainable through playing. Good game
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10 years ago, Chuckknows
Excellent, no crashes
The original of this game was so great and this game is even better, I see a lot of people complain about crashes but I haven't even had any lag. I play on a 5c. This game is flawless.
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9 years ago, AlaninPana
Super Fun!
I barely ever write reviews, but this game is so fun I just had to say this short thing: it's very good and you should get it! I only wish there were a bit more instructions and different games modes.
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9 years ago, Dasfaust
Great game for the price...however
Okay overall, your money is well spent on this game. There are a few annoying problems that I notice though. 1. Screen blanks randomly and pauses the game during Battlethon. 2. Game locks up at the end of hard mode just before endless mode if you touched an event then another to quickly, resetting returns you back a bit. 3. The second series of battles feel a little out of whack, normal mode and hard mode I had to repeat once each time I arrived at that portion. The other series of battles were of a good tempo with the game mechanics.
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4 years ago, happyz :)
Awesome game but..
The game’s graphics I think are awesome and gameplay but would Kings legacy 2 every come out on the normal App Store not the Apple Arcade I don’t want to pay money each month just to play one single game
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4 years ago, Mama_Crushers
I used to play this game every day on the school computers and had to change tabs when the teacher came around. Amazing game btw.
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9 years ago, Max220019
Great game but some problems
Amazing game but sometimes when I play it, it will randomly exit to the home menu, and a message to mbarrows, u can recruit both quinsforth and tybolt, u just have to search for one after u recruit the other, otherwise than that one problem great game, fix for 5 stars!!!!
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10 years ago, Archangelryan
Great game
Take my money. I would love an expansion an just more to this game. It's insanely fun and addictive. Played it 4 times over now. Trying different army combos is just so fun. If there were some more expansions or something,
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10 years ago, g-dog10
Nice Update. Still a few hickups
I didn't receive my 100pts in Game Center for beating insane mode. Ridiculous! The is amazing but the frame rate is awful. Please fix. Don't wait 3 months to do a half *** job
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5 years ago, DarkWolf283
Still truly amazing
Even after years and years of not playing this game you can still come back to it and enjoy this amazing game.
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7 years ago, LiosKing
Freakin love this app!
Ugh I don't typically write these but, for my favorite game, I must say the graphics are so beautiful and the charm of this game wins me every time. I like how fun it is and how it goes on a timeline. It's so much fun and highly addicting!
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7 years ago, Doc Freeze
Rare gem
No in app purchases to play!! I have everything I need to upgrade and improve my heroes. Of course if I want the rarest best heroes then they can be purchased. I like the option. It reminds me of KingdomRush.
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4 years ago, KEVU24O8
Supper cool but can you Make it so we can get the 2 for free i love all your games and i might for Apple Arcade for that game just all around grate and the three sss what dos that mean because i have got that this is just a amazing game
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8 years ago, slackT666
Fantastic game!
Wow 99 cents for something that has expanded my view of gaming? Particularly because no limiting mechanics such as energy are involved? Very cool. I'll play this one over several times I'm sure.
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4 years ago, Pantsnax
Was fun
It was really fun, and the I quit it for a few hours and it wouldn’t re-open, updated my iOS and deleted some other games and still no luck, but if I tried a new save file it worked, please fix
Show more
10 years ago, Otty Ott
Very fun!
Awesome game, but way too short. I'd pay for an expansion pack. I've played through it on all three difficulty settings. Endless mode is ok, rather have more dungeons and cities and leagues.
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