Kippo - Come Hang Out

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User Reviews for Kippo - Come Hang Out

3.02 out of 5
369 Ratings
1 year ago, Rohan J.
The app is a blessing but it has inherent flaws
First of all.. who thought it was okay to literally have no option to enable notifications the proper way so that users can be notified when someone messages or replies?? It makes no sense to me how an app has no way to notify you if someone interacts with you. Manually opening the app is tedious for anyone. Secondly, I’d say this app is really effective at finding friends, and when I say friends I mean friends, because finding that special someone for dating or other interests is harder. This is because half the people you meet on the app are already taken or uninterested or just fishing for validation using the app as a means to promote something about themselves. I’ve even tried the subscription model to see if that hells me with unlimited likes but that doesn’t change much. You can have all the mutual games in the world but they still won’t reply to you unless you’re 1) really attractive or 2) are only looking for friends. And the best part of all, you can’t get notified even if you do send a message or they send you one 🤣
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8 months ago, Ra823
Not bad but needs more work
I had high hopes for the app but almost everyone I encountered pretended to play video games but when I got to know them more or exchanged numbers they didn’t seem to know anything about games or always had a story about the console was messed up etc etc. safe to say it’s just alot of fake pages and scammers so be careful. I hope they can make people prove their identity to stop the fake pages. Even past a test about video games to see if they even do play games lol
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2 years ago, Samokah_
Thank you
This goes out to the Kippo team and it's creator. I began using the app in June of 2021 alongside a couple other dating apps, Kippo hands down gave me the most connections with people, but in my case it was just a little over 2 dozen people over the course of 5+ months of being on the app. Skip to November of 2021 and I meet someone who I would end up creating a wonderful relationship with. It went from talking about games and playing them, to irl dates and creating so so many memories together. The relationship ended on neutral terms not too long ago, but we still communicate normally while trying to get through this. As an average looking guy who wanted a girlfriend to play games with, it is possible to get that on here, you just have to stay determined and be yourself. Take every shot you see and try to not have any regrets. Again, thank you to the devs for opening the doors to letting me have those experiences that I'll never forget
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2 years ago, A.Radon
An amazing opportunity to make friends!
Hello, I am writing this review to say that this app has been incredibly life changing. Since I have always been a quiet girl and struggled to make conversation with people due to my anxiety, Kippo has offered me a chance to practice my social skills. Having the Kippoverse world really is enjoyable, the graphics from the characters and the world itself is incredibly amazing. I have been on this app for more than two months and I can’t help staying away from it. The community is super nice and is such an enjoyable environment. I really would like to thank the creators for making such an app where people can meet and talk. Also you get the opportunity to get good outfits for your character. Overall this app is really something worth putting some time on, specially if you need someone to talk to or find people to game with. So please I really recommend downloading this app. :)
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4 months ago, BloodyBlade15674
5 stars for scammers
Never have I ever been attacked by scammers and catfish as much as on this app. There is no setting to enable notifications. If you want to message people on this app in a timely manner you better go to telegram or Snapchat because you’re not going to able to here. The interaction base on this game is terrible when you go into “the kippo verse” you expect to be able to meet with people on there near you but instead they are always 5000+ miles away. Your settings for matching with people goes out the window in the kippo verse. The whole scammer thing starts with bare bones profiles which is already a red flag but you bypass it because she’s cute then they make up a whole story that they are excited to meet you and they give you plenty of feedback. Then when it’s time to meet oh no I need gas can you send me money! You just instantly think how stupid you were for falling into a trap and block and report but you actually know that reporting them a not going to do anything.
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7 months ago, Techatticup
The downfall of Kippo
I got this app very early on in its history. And I met a handful of people from it, was good for a bit. But then the wall hits. There were always barely any people on this app. And I live in Chicago! One of the biggest cities in America. So it didn’t have the best start. Early on I knew there was an issues with this app and its advertising when I only found it through a Twitter ad. None of my irls, cosplay mutuals (many who are women), co-workers, or random stream convos have ever heard of this app. And that is this apps main demographic! Y’all should of been advertising at gaming and anime conventions. Have a bunch of streamers pitch the app for people to try! Then the real kicker, technical errors! The app barely functions half the time. Stuff breaks on a regular basis. And the money to fix this? All went into the stupid kippoverse! A metaverse knock off money sink that was fun to run around in… for 10min tops… And the people in there? Barely any looking to actually talk or do anything. And are they closeish by? No, never, everyone was in it all over the country+Canada Anyway, this app is on its way down to the bottom if it isn’t already there. Blame ur marketing team because how no one in the scene knew of this is beyond me and blame whoever was in charge of that kippoverse idea for sinking money into extra features that didn’t attract or maintain enough quality clientele while the rest of the app imploded!
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6 months ago, FadedTommy
Its meh
I live near the LA area and all i can say there isn't that much matches to begin with there is a handful of people whos active and actually looking for friends or a relationship. I would say 75% of the people you would swipe on is inactive/dead accounts , bots and people promoting their twitch! The upside to this app is you can talk to a lot of people far from you (different countries) so if you’re on here to date you’re most likely to have a long distance Be warned about buying subscription just cause you received a lot of likes i had 50 likes and was curious so i bought the monthly subscription they all turned to be people from 2,000+ miles away from me 🤣i felt scammed Pros: Meet people from far away Cons: to many bots and inactive people Not sure if developers even read this but i have one suggestion : disable or hide user who haven’t touched the app for over a month!
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3 months ago, Hitman2012
how can I see who matches me without paying? total sketch
How can I see who matched with me if I have to pay for it. Honestly, this dating app is sketch, I'm a gamer and how the **** am I supposed to use this with full efficiency if I don't see who likes me or not. I hope the devs see this, I would like to see the first five people who matched me and talk to them for a total of 3 days. Plus the pricing for the premium service... too high, it ain't worth the price... I asked a couple of friends who use a dating app like this, they looked at the fees for premium, they said even they wouldn't pay that much for 3-6 months much less a month. They've said they been on dating apps for while but never had to pay for the amount kippo is asking!!! My advice to those who are considering this app.. Don't attempt fate with this app, it ain't worth the time
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7 months ago, need sound filters back
I rarely used this app to begin with but was excited to get back on to meet new gamers (I’ve recently got back into gaming more and would love to play with people) when I realized they took the Kippo verse away I was confused and disappointed. I never really used this app as a dating app and I honestly think it should be reconsidered as it’s a global network. The likeliness of matching with a local person was rare. But again, I wasn’t looking for dating. Now that the Kippo universe is gone. There’s really no point in using this app. I’m in a relationship and the only feature left on this app is to match with people. Feels weird and I was just trying to find gamer friends. I hope they bring the world back. If they do I would be more inclined to use it. Other than that. It’s a useful app.
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2 years ago, Alleycat(ya from nostale)
ty kippo ♡
I’ve had Kippo for around a year now and made lots of friends (+ haven’t found any trolls or mean people, which I run into a lot on other apps). The multiplayer feature wasn’t a thing when I first started, but I think it’s a really cute idea! I would even download the app if it only had the multiplayer feature, but it’s just another add on to everything else Kippo already has. I love the community and it’s so easy to find other people to play games with, plus the app support is very friendly and helpful. I recommend trying out the app if you want to find new people to talk to and play with!
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2 years ago, ThtGirlisabel1
I’ve been using this app since April 2022 and it’s the app I use on the daily now. Met some of the best people on here and you can tell the team really cares about it’s users. The app would consume like 6-8 hours of my life just because of the people I met there, we would talk about literally anything and everything. Once you use the app you will see what I mean. The app is slowly growing and the detail and updates they add are so so so great, everything they add is because someone has requested (they really do listen to what the users say and their requests). If you haven’t downloaded it yet, please do!
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2 years ago, symrie
Kippo is amazing!
Honestly this is one of my favorite and most used social/dating apps. I’ve made so many great friends and even gotten a couple of dates from here. It’s really nice to know that you’ll have a hobby in common with people when you match. Kippoverse is honestly so cool too. When I don’t have anything to do I can go chat with other gamers which sometimes leads to co-op missions. I love having a little avatar that looks like me as well! Overall the swiping doesn’t feel as meaningless on this app and it’s nice to be in community with other people into games like me. I highly recommend this app to anyone!
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12 months ago, Spcaco52
Buggy? Maybe?
I thought you could just make friends on here and when I told it (twice I might add) that I didn't want to use the dating part of the app the option to look at other's profiles, without finding them on the weird (laggy!) in app metaverse first, completely disappears. That section seems to permanently be gone from my account now. I've had the app previously and used to see some accounts tagged with the "Friends Only" description while browsing on a profile with both dating and friends in mind, so did they remove this feature for friend only accounts or what? It seems like a weird thing to remove.
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10 months ago, Dac985
Felt deceived
I am trying to app for dating, so understand that I may not be using a lot of the functionality and that all may be fine. I had noticed that several likes were sent my way, and based on the silhouettes used, it seemed like it might be worth trying infinity to see who these people are and connect. The silhouettes could not have been further from actuality, and I absolutely regret spending any money. To the devs, I’d recommend using no silhouettes at all if they are completely unrelated to the user’s profile picture. To other users, don’t get suckers in by this approach if you’re considering paying.
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2 years ago, raamennn
Great app for socialization!
I’ve been using Kippo for about 4 months now and all I can say is that the experience has been great so far. Kippo has given me and so many others the opportunity to meet like-minded people and those that share similar interests to my own. I have made a couple of good friends that I talk to regularly, which has helped me expand my social circle and friend groups. Currently the app is still in its early stage, so definitely give it a shot! 😎
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8 months ago, Acegirl906
Stop showing my 3 year old profile to people
I made an account at least 3 years ago while still in college and deleted the app barely a month after. Recently I’ve gotten a bunch of Instagram dms saying they say me on this app and that’s how they found my ig. I definitely didn’t even remember this app existed. Are you so out of profiles you have to show 3 year old ones and send weirdos to my dms? I’m literally engaged and not to anyone I met off kippo. Update: there’s no delete profile button in the app??? Not that I can find??? No wonder the reviews claim dead accounts, I can’t remove myself even though I want to. Disturbing and scammy. Using dead profiles to bait men no doubt.
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6 months ago, Unsatisfied customer 3728596
Scam product. Stay away!
I paid for the 1 year subscription plan. After about 2 months on the plan, the message feature that allows you to send someone a message when you like them stopped working. I gave it a bit of time expecting it to be fixed in an update, but it never was. I’ve reached out a half a dozen times now to their support and have received no response. I’d like a refund and Apple refuses it because it’s passed the refund period, despite the fact I’m not receiving what I paid for and my subscription period is far from over. Plus, the service is flooded with fake accounts. I would avoid these thieves like the plague.
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2 years ago, gwen stephani
I have had so many people I had to report because of harassment and unwanted sexual advances that was not taken seriously. Ive been on here for a really long time and recently I just had to stop because it was getting bad and they weren’t doing anything about it. you can go on Discord and talk to them about it but if the person has discord and is in that group and doing these things and their friends you will have to contact them directly I did that and no answers. even in the report I have proof and I gave them where to contact me to get the proof.
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2 years ago, vongdarakia
Great app for making friends
Kippo is a great app for making friends who enjoy playing games. I’ve made 2 friends now who I chat with on the weekly basis. The free version of the app is already a nice experience. Even though you’re limited to 30 likes and one message, it forces people to think carefully about what to say, so most initial messages out there are more thoughtful than the typical “hi”. Their Kippoverse is a fun place for your personalized avatar to roam around and actually talk to folks. Yes, you can sit down at a bench and talk to people with your mic. And on top of that, there are plenty of activities around that you can do with people like volley ball or go cart racing. This is definitely one of the best social/dating app experience I’ve ever had!
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1 year ago, jasmien162645279194
developers dont care about anyone’s safety on the app . they allow people to run rampant making fake accounts but banned me while i was using my ACTUAL account . they allow people to sit up there all day everyday being racist , homophobic , fatphobic , & ableist . i was told multiple times by a character named tchalla , carmelita , & kevin to “off myself” but devs never done anything about it . they also put your safety at risk by allowing people to dox others . also , recording someone’s conversations without their consent or knowledge is illegal in most states . but yet you allow your users to do it , making your app liable .
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2 years ago, __________0908
Give it a shot !
I genuinely like this app. I think the profile features are unique and fun, making it easy to break the ice with some people. The kippoverse is an interesting facet as well. I’ve also had a lot of fun, interesting conversations on this app! Is it kinda buggy sometimes? Yes. Do you only get 30 swipes a day? Also yes. However, the team behind Kippo seems to be working on this app to make it better and more enjoyable day by day! So I’ll keep swiping :)
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1 year ago, Andi3Candi3
Login Struggles
I’ve been using this app for a while. Met some cool people but all of a sudden I can get into my account? I’ve always used my phone number and even paid a subscription and now all of a sudden it disappeared? I used my number go through the process but just leaves me on the first page of the background. Nothing else able to click on hmmm could you guys help out what is going on?
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2 years ago, wavvygia
Hey I love the kippo app I come on here everyday to see if the friends I’ve made on kippo are on and I love to make more and talk to new people everyday from different areas in the world. I enjoy the features of adding things to your profile for people to get to know you better, and how overall how fun it is. I think this is a great app to meet friends or maybe a future lover. 😏
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2 years ago, Pelum!
Very weird marketing scheme
The app plays up that is a more inclusive tinder. Just like tinder you either swipe left to dislike and swipe right to like, but the catch is that you don’t see who swiped right for you. So you have to pay to see who actually swipes right. Which puts the user at a cross roads. Am I really gonna pay $14 a month or $79 a year to see who swipes right for me? I feel like including that as “premium perk” really brings down the app as a whole. But that’s just my opinion. Happy chatting everyone :)
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10 months ago, Chelseaaa <3
Toxic people on app, beware & avoid trolling
Kippo needs to have better anti-bullying support because majority of people here are trolls who many times are racist and homophobic or just looking to cause drama. I have seen way too many people continue with their accounts even after saying extremely harmful and toxic words that even encourage people to hurt themselves etc. Some people here are just looking for drama to fill a void in their lives and project their own insecurities. please avoid this app if you are young, and to those looking for a safer community to get to know people.
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8 months ago, juhookerun
Can’t send messages since the revert to OG Kippo
I want to like this app, I do, but considering you can’t get support unless you’re on twitter/X it seems impossible to get developers to work on bugs. You can’t send messages since the revert/update. Distance keeps reverting to 5 miles when you open the app and it shows people that I’ve already liked/disliked. Please give us a better way to contact support. Many aren’t using twitter/X.
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2 years ago, itsjustClean
Likes, Matches, and Messages Disappearing
Lately if I try to match with someone after they liked me with the infinity subscription, they disappear. Only time I can message them is if I like them first. Also I would get a message and it wouldn’t even show up. I like the app because when it does work it’s great, but there are so many times that I missed out on because it just doesn’t work.
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1 year ago, DiegOwO
Does what it’s supposed to
I genuinely found the love of my life on this app. At first I was expecting it’d just be a waste of time, and even though it was for a while. There is genuinely good people on here as evidenced by my girlfriend. I feel as though the more people that use this app the better it could be for everyone. Good luck to all :)
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7 months ago, J.U.A.G
DM do not work
The app has a great concept, the profile system is unique and the developers could take this app really far if it wasn’t for one major caveat. In the swipe section there is a message now option that I couldn’t get to work so I bought a month of the premium plan and tried messaging and IT STILL DIDNT WORK. So basically just stole my money and I still can’t message anyone. Please fix this as soon as possible
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5 months ago, AlissaThuro
Getting Married
Congrats Kippo, I joined your app a few years ago and within a few weeks I met someone. Now we are rounding on three years of being each others duo partners. We are getting married in a few days and are still as happy as we were the day we met.
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2 years ago, Eastridz
Broken app/ Sells your information
The app was fun when it first came out now things have changed for the worse. First off it wants your phone number, so I wasn’t able to log into my old account. Second the app takes a couple of minutes to even load up from a black screen. Last after I upload a photo and hit next on making a new account it gets stuck I can not continue. To be honest not sure if anyone uses this app or if I ever get back on they probably all bots.
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2 years ago, FrankieChainz
Amazing social app !!
This app is so much fun! I love the concept and how you are able to meet new people and chat with them. Love how kippo has expanded the universe and added more places to socialize with everyone, there are cool inside mini games you can play with friends! I definitely recommend this awesome app to all !
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2 years ago, La Flame Gary
I love this app
Ive met allot of great people and have made friends close to home in here too.. this app has really helped me with my anxiety and depression by letting me make new friends and have people to talk to whenever i need to i get on this app every single day since i found out about it
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2 years ago, MaliceAlis
App was ok at first. But it takes forever to startup and most of time I have to close it out to start again. I’ll match with people and they’ll never respond. Also why did you take away the option for just looking for friends?? Not everyone is looking for someone to date. Also maybe make people put photos of themselves and not random crap?
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1 year ago, ButtThief
Weirdly buggy and empty
Got the app about 2 months ago. First thing to note is it’s very unoptimized, and buggy. Lags like crazy. It also doesn’t give you the opportunity to see who has swiped right on you—it’ll let you know people have but you don’t see them. Any other app will at least put the person in your daily swipe pile, but not here, unless you pay. Population is also weirdly low. Other apps I’ve gotten matches every couple days—here not 1 in my entire time using it.
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3 months ago, Jiminycracker
Matches AND messages are erased over time
It’s happened about 3 times now and all my matches and messages are removed and is practically blanked. NOT expired mind you. But completely gone. Also there’s no 2 factor authentication/verification. I talked to someone and wanted to move to discord and claimed he wanted to be my sugar daddy. I had to reverse image search this persons image and found out he was using a porn stars image. 🙄😒. Please fix this app and make it safer cuz I truly just want to find more gamer friends.
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4 months ago, JET SPEEDO
App is ok if you for some reason need help finding friends or meeting new people online. But is in just about no way a dating app. Everyone, their mom, and their dog are all only on here for friends. But honestly you should be on this app if you need friends. There are discords that can do a better job and believe it or not you can find/make friends in the games you already play most of the time. -2/10 wouldn’t recommend this app even if they paid me
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3 months ago, Lucky Girl Gamer
Very disappointed!
Very disappointed in the developers who created this app & not do any updates or changes for the long term. I have been using this app for about a year & no change, didn't create any new connections to meet new players to make friends. Do not waste your time downloading their app in order to see people who like your page. You have to pay $14 per month to see who likes your page. So, it's a complete waste of time
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5 months ago, ehndykeem
Isn’t this in grounds for a lawsuit?
Paid a premium to message and the app doesn't let you message. Despite it being advertised as “you can send unlimited messages with the premium!” The paid for feature does not work. Ive reached out via twitter, facebook, emails about the app not working and months of radio silence. At this point i paid a year membership and they scammed me and won’t even answer customer support. Isn’t this just a lawsuit?
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2 years ago, M.Alan.
Idk about you but I have a great time in school and this brings people from all around to meet, enjoy and pass the time. The ultimate Kippo experience is waiting for your arrival don’t miss out. Come enjoy a chat with me and my friends. And if you think I’m a bot find me in the Kippoverse. I’m Alan say hi 👋
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2 years ago, Suyeda
You can go on literal dates in this App
I love the idea of getting to know someone in an environment like this before meeting them in person! You can connect with them over mini games and go on little dates :) it’s like a carnival in a dating app!
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2 years ago, RiiiSE22
I was trying to check who I matched when and when the app was loading up it was just stuck on a black screen and then it loaded up but it wanted me to sign in and then when I put in my number it just tried to make me start all over again like I was making a new account. Please fix!
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2 years ago, lonelyoctane
Best experience
This is without a doubt the best app to meet new people. Especially with the simple and easy layout the app has. And the user support is extremely helpful and they’re quick to respond!!! 10/10!!!
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2 years ago, hgriffith12
Great experience
Great way to connect and meet interesting folks! Probably my favorite app I’m using right now. I love all the character customization features and the artistic direction. The app looks great and I encourage anyone and everyone to use it.
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2 years ago, Jeffrey😛
Such a cool app!!
This app is so cool to meet and chat with so many different people across the globe. I’m on there to meet friend but you can also look for a relationship!! I love that you can buy custom outfits and style your character as well!!
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2 years ago, keelssawayy
Very Great App For Gamers
I downloaded this app because the kippoverse looked very cool. I really enjoyed it once I realized I can sit on chairs and chat with people. I have met a lot of cool people. I made very close friends. The best socializing app for me since I have social anxiety. 100% recommend! 🫶🏼
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7 months ago, fbdbrhdb
Given up on
Used to use it every once in a while they don’t really take out inactive accounts but that doesn’t really matter now since I tried using it recently it just doesn’t work. You can’t send messages to people anymore the only that can happen is if you match with them. But this has been going on for a while now and response from support so I’m pretty the app is just dead
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1 year ago, Tbdsaints
Good but
It’s full of bots and if you pay for it you will get reply but mostly seem like they are programmed reply or greetings who then ghost. And if you decided to cancel after couple of month you will get likes and people who are interested but in order to see who it is you have to subscribe and when you do it’s no one in or near your area. But over all still better than that geek2geek scam.
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2 years ago, jskwjajsonxjakqjwbssbjwsammi
Everything is amazing but..
The app is amazing but my account got restricted and I have no idea why. It’s very frustrating because I love this app so much. I wish I could give it 5 stars but I don’t understand why my account was taken down. I’m 18, I’m not NSFW and I used the app appropriately. I’m going to miss all of my friends.. UPDATE!!!: I have talked to them about it and they lifted my ban and were very understanding! They responded within a couple days and are very kind and respectful!
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2 years ago, Blastek
Amazing and addicting
This app has been amazing. I’ve made so many new friends who I feel I can belong with. It’s become so addicting that it’s almost become habit to be on the Kippoverse everyday. It’s been so fun!
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