Kirtland CU Mobile Banking

4.8 (2K)
46.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kirtland FCU
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kirtland CU Mobile Banking

4.83 out of 5
2K Ratings
6 years ago, Mj________
Banking SO easy!!
Living in another state where there are no Kirtland banks to physically go to was a struggle. I downloaded the app and made moving my money around so easy! For the longest time I couldn’t see transactions on my credit card but they have changed the view so that you can see all of that just like tapping your checking account. Making payments to my credit card is super easy to and keeps my up to date on my balance and when I need to pay it! And customer service is amazing as well! Wonderful bank, wonderful people.
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2 years ago, Sgtkeebler
I love this app.
Way better then any banking app I have ever used before. Way to go kirtland you actually made your banking app excellent. Some bank apps half job it, but this app makes all my banking needs very easy. I love Kirtland. I love the quick balance widget, and the app works really well too!
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3 years ago, $$$$ robbed
Face recognition would be helpful or the ability to turn the password off. I lock my phone so why would I need a password? Logic... Make it simpler for people.
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2 months ago, Spielboss
Mobile Check Deposit
Is mobile check deposit ever going to work? Living out of state so I can't even physically deposit a check anymore. Have to mobile deposit to my secondary bank junk to get the funds in my main account
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6 years ago, krmuwumba
Secure and user friendly
This is the banking app that sets the bar for the other accounts I have. This app couldn’t be more user friendly!
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1 year ago, AliMckinney
Outdated Banking App
The user interface is so dated and clunky and PLEASE can we get TIMELY account updates and more notification options. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t have the option to get a notification with our daily balance or be updated WITHIN A FEW MINUTES (not hours) that a deposit was made. Modern banking apps are way better than this. KIRTLAND DO BETTER!
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6 years ago, Lsbrks707!
Just meh
Not the best of bank apps. I can see how much money is in my account and a quick transfer but that’s about it. Definitely no “online banking” bells and whistles.
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7 years ago, Taliatang236
Outdated technology
I can’t see my credit card transactions on the app and I only use my credit card. When I make transfers between accounts there’s like a 4 day lag, so I never know if I owe money on my credit card still or if the payment is just lagging. I switched credit card companies because this app is so bad, and only use this bank for my checking account now.
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3 years ago, supa larry
Simple to use.
It is simple and easy. No problems.
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2 years ago, Hshdhehebdjdben
Check deposit
Has always been wonky but now it’s completely broken. Tells me to rotate device to take picture and literally nothing happens. You can’t even go back or get out of app. You have to force quit. Useless app now honestly. The only purpose of mobile banking apps to most ppl is check depositing
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7 years ago, Beach2007
For several years now, KFCU has decided it's not important to view the transactions via the app for credit cards. Additionally, they will not allow to pay credit card balances via the app. They require payments to be made via the internet "full site", which no longer is enabled on the mobile platforms.
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5 years ago, deviewed
Overall good app... when it’s working
I love the way this app is set up. Easy to use and transfer money. The app is ‘down’ quite often and that is slightly frustrating.
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3 years ago, AMM2322
Unable to make credit card payment
This app does not allow me to make credit card payments.
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2 years ago, Evry name taken
Have to be approved to deposit a check by phone. They kirtland would rather have you bounce a check. I was sick with Covid, and was not allowed to deposit a check by phone. They are obviously more interested in the making money than helping.
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6 years ago, Lucky Member
Best Credit Union!
By far the best credit union we have ever dealt with! Love the people and love the services. 💗
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4 years ago, sghjuko
Your loan rates are not as competitive as they use to be.
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2 years ago, Artmom1
Check deposit broken
The mobile deposit has been broken for weeks now.
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8 years ago, Networking Norm
KFCU Rocks!
I have been a member since I was 19 years old and this credit union has taken such good care of me that despite all the moves and opportunities to change to a national bank, I've remained with them. This new app is just one more reason for my loyalty. Fingerprint recognition, electronic check deposits and so many great security features which helps maintain convenience without increasing client vulnerabilities. Highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, stesea.
Not easy to navigate
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4 years ago, rsp2299
Icon Issue
Icon does not show on phone
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6 years ago, RMS126
kirtland FCU
good bank and costumer satisfaction I love my kirtland bank ❤️❤️ 10 yars
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10 years ago, Long time KFCU Member
Fantastic app!
This app is such a breeze to use, I can check my balances while I'm out and about so I always know how much I have in each account. Also transferring money to my kids away at college is so easy with this app and such a help, I never have to rush to a branch before closing because I can instantly do everything from here! The format could not be simpler, or easier to use! Thanks Kirtland!
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8 years ago, KFCU is Great
Vast improvements
Vast improvements in the KFCU app since its implementation have resulted in a superior banking app that is user friendly and extremely efficient. A true pleasure to do many (all) of my banking operations from my iPhone. Please don't change it and require us to operate a substandard product just for the sake of change.
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7 years ago, Coach Garcia
Easy to use
The app allows the user to access all accounts, balances, bill pay options, and my favorite, mobile check deposit. Very handy if you do not have access to a laptop/desktop.
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10 years ago, CassJD_2013
Simple and Easy!
I found all the features to work as expected. The interface is simple and easy, which is exactly what I need on a mobile device.
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8 years ago, B-Welch@BSK
This app has low functionality.
This app just has limited information about your accounts and attempting to pay your bill and feel comforted it's paid is atrocious. Minimum dues with no information on date due. Limited notification to pay on accounts and feel the payment made with no updated due date information. I gave it two star for the update with Touch ID.
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10 years ago, Lchsflooter
Fantastic App
This app is fantastic. I recommend it to anyone with KFCU. The check depositing option is so easy and saves you a lot of stress and time trying to get to the bank. Truly a great app.
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11 years ago, Rackanak
Great but
It's awesome to finally have an app for my bank but being that I have an iPhone 5 I would love for the app to be optimized for my phone. I along with other would greatly appreciate it if you would fix this kirtland
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11 years ago, Dalonzo1041
Great app
Great app! Always able to access my account on the go, transfer money, pay my credit card and find bank/ATM locations!
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10 years ago, Avon Viv
Easy to use
Very easy to use and pay bank loans and credit cards right from the app
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10 years ago, Heedie01
Easy to Use
Use this app all the time to check balances, pay bills, and deposit checks! Such a time saver!👍
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7 years ago, ex_solid_soldier
Thumbs up
Great app, easy to use and the notifications keep me on track and up to date
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7 years ago, PixieLindsay
Works smoothly
The app does what it needs to: easy access to balances, quick transfers, and depositing checks. Having Touch ID is also a huge plus.
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10 years ago, SandraMichael
Wow, too easy!
This is my first time using this app, and it was so very simple! I loved the easy walk-through directions and the non-legalese used throughout the disclaimer. I am very pleased with this app so far.
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8 years ago, Prescrobot
Great app!
Super user friendly. I can't think of anything that would make it better!
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9 years ago, Chadjohnson8
Good App
Does mostly what I need, but I only use it to check my Credit Card info. If developer added the due date to go with min payment info, it would be 5 star. Please add ASAP!
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10 years ago, The poor speller
Gas saver
This app is so great. Now I no longer have to drive to the bank to deposit checks.
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10 years ago, UrMomWilLuvMe
Needs mobile deposits!
I use 2 other banks and they both have mobile deposits. With as few locations and CU any times there are, mobile deposits would be very helpful.
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10 years ago, Bxjv
Very good!
Perfect app for people like me who are new to banking. Makes everything so much better. Great app. 5 stars.
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8 years ago, Sarahromero012
I love it that it works really well where ever I go and I haven't had any problems with it.
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11 years ago, Airmanboi
About time Kirtland got an app I was going to join another bank that had 1
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8 years ago, Mick0027
Works after updates
It had taken a year to get the app updated to work with iPad and IOS 8+. Nice app now.
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11 years ago, iPod master who rocks at everything
Kirkland FCU Ap
Love the new ap, but drives me mad that I cannot see the balance after each transaction when looking at an account
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9 years ago, Tv Guru
Such a great app. Both the iPhone and iPad app are incredibly easy to use
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10 years ago, Mandevilles
Great app
The mobile check deposit app works great!
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10 years ago, Spector 007
Good Job
Does a good job, and does everything that I wanted to do. What more can I say.
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10 years ago, Ritchie Of NY
This app is moderate at best. Antiquated for sure. I recently thought I may have a breach of my password while traveling. I tried to use the app to change my password immediately. It can't be done. Not through the app. Lol. So much for me trying to protect myself on the go. And yes, photo deposits. Really? It's so four years ago. Come on now! Bring up the level for your busy and traveling owners! ASAP! Thank you. Richard Johnson. Albuquerque, NM
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11 years ago, FuzzyAphex
Great app
Better bill control would be nice.
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8 years ago, OtiSSitO31415
Great work-really though
Good work, easy to use!
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10 years ago, Qba505
The worst
Since the new upgrade this app has become the worst app I've ever had. It always quits on me and every time I open it it says error. Gone. Deleted. I much rather go to an ATM. The nearest CU Anytime is 15 minutes away but I rather drive than deal with this app.
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