Kitsap Credit Union

4.7 (4.6K)
40.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Kitsap Credit Union Mobile Banking
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Kitsap Credit Union

4.74 out of 5
4.6K Ratings
6 years ago, AKR4life
Love the bank, app kills me
So I just got a new phone but I will not put this on the phone. All my other apps work just fine. But every 7-10 days I’ll get an error on my app saying that it can’t display my information. No password changes or anything. I can close the app and reload. Restart my phone. All the same deal. But if I reinstall the app it will work for approximately the same amount of time. Then rinse and repeat. So I truly don’t think it’s my phone. But maybe an issue with KCU and iPhone8.
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5 years ago, L o b
Overdraft pay off amount
When paying off overdraft using the transfer function the app should show you what the total balance is to pay off including interest (and let you pay that off). Currently the app will not let you transfer an amount higher than what is showing as balance (even though more is owed)
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1 year ago, MaggsJames
iPhone 14 And Kitsap Credit Union app
Since I’ve got the new iPhone 14 the Kitsap Credit Union app is not working on this phone and I’m like another reviewer. I don’t think it’s the phone I think it’s the Kitsap Credit Union app so maybe the web developers need to look at the new phones with the 5G that for some unknown reason is not working on. These phones are usually balance transfer money between account through my phone now I can’t do it especially when I’m on the road so it is an inconvenience. Please fix this app. It worked beautifully on my SE phone.
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2 years ago, Taylorsmom5
I loved and use my KCU app all of the time. So since the last update I am no longer able to use the check deposit feature. What happened? Every time I try to use this when I go to take the actual pictures of my check the camera burrs out the shot. So now I have to physically take my checks to the bank for deposit. This ruins the mobile banking experience as this is not convenient. I want to go back to being able to use this feature on my app and return to my five star rating.
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2 years ago, goodnessme1982
Used to love the app
I love every part of this app, except the check deposit part that no longer works. When I try to deposit a check it gets stuck on a fuzzed out screen that says I need to rotate my device to continue. My phone is not on rotate lock, so I expected it to allow me to continue once I did rotate it. Instead, it just stays on that screen, doing nothing. I’ve been home sick all week & couldn’t deposit a much needed check into my account. I even deleted the app from my phone & reinstalled it - it’s still doing it. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, G@mePl@yer
Solid Banking App
This is a solid, polished app that gets the job done. The integrated cash-back feature is great to have on the go, and one of the more useful implementations. The whole design is clean-cut and user-friendly. It's because of this app and KitsapCU's superior online banking experience that I chose them over another local credit union.
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6 years ago, Harvydarabbit
Love KCU!!
Been a member of Kitsap Credit Union since the 80’s and they have ALWAYS provided the BEST customer service. Their phone, online & app programs are easy to use and provide everything you need. Every aspect has the customer’s satisfaction in mind. Credit Unions ROCK!!! Don’t pay $$$ for bank services, join KCU!! (p.s. this is a real long-time customer, not a paid reviewer)
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3 years ago, Dan Timmons
This app is great. There really isn’t much you can’t do from this app. Kitsap Credit Union is great too, been with them for over 30 years. The only thing I wish I could do is transfer funds from another bank into this one.
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2 years ago, Bo&Chloe
Super Slow Transfer
Paying off loan & closing account. Never had this much hassle making a payment in my life! Takes almost a week to transfer to savings from my bank (which only gives me option to pay from savings) & won’t let me make a payment from my bank even though I jumped through all the hoops & did their transfer of funds to verify. Said it was verified then disappeared so I can’t do it that way. Ridiculous & inconvenient! Never again!
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5 years ago, gardner80
I wish you would all look at customers history of over drafts, not all of us have the same problem. So when you changed the policy of putting a hold on all customers money for three days just doesn’t seem fair.
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2 years ago, rea nena
Very happy and satisfied
Love this bank so much , staff are so professional and nice , there’s always a smile soon you get in to the branch , thank you so much for the kindness looking forward to stop by soon, very happy and satisfied, I truly recommend it
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4 months ago, Ahhhhhh1209
I would switch banks if I could because of this app.
I don’t know which I hate more, the fact I can’t just make a simple payment on the website or how much of a pain this app is to navigate. The app makes it so that I can’t just make a payment with a credit card, I have to attach my bank account or set up a bank account with KCU. I don’t understand, don’t you want my money? Why are you making it so hard to make payments on my loan?
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4 years ago, Brain M
Very easy to use
User friendly able to do all my Banking from my phone, I have used others banking credit unions in the past this is the better Application.
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6 years ago, Farming In the City
Such a great system!
It works well and quick! The one problem is, it leaves banners saying how much the deposit was! Obviously you can turn notifications off, but still it’s a little personal!
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1 year ago, farmboss21
Works v well
Pretty much has allways worked really well, it’s simple and I appreciate that it doesn’t update and change all the time like some apps.
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2 years ago, Chloe N.M
Constantly Locking My Card
Why on God’s green Earth do I have such issues turning my card back on every single time I turn it off? 5 phone calls, 10,000 app refreshes later and I still can not access my card. This is negligent and dangerous, and it needs to be fixed. You’d think from how often the entire app is shut off for “maintenance” that it would actually work, but no such luck.
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4 years ago, JustinBlackwell
App goes down a minimum of 2x a month
This app is good and works well when the servers are up. However the amount of times I have needed to transfer money through the app only to find out the servers are down has happened probably 100+ times in the last 6 years. Kind of pathetic considering the bear minimum is response time and being online.
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2 years ago, Bassmanleo
Mobile check deposit and iOS 16
Good app, however, after upgrading iOS 16 I cannot do a mobile check deposit. I get a warning that says rotate the phone. Hopefully this will get fixed soon.
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2 years ago, dndhsuskakaiais
Good for a community bank!
App works well for basics and bill pay. Some links to other services/features are broken, plus you get TurboTax ads every tax season. But all in all a sold experience.
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4 years ago, Dano221
KCU has always been good to me. No ridiculous fees and they protect my account from suspicious activity. I have yet to have an issue with this credit union. If I did, I would of closed my account by now.
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1 year ago, Phairie
Easy to use
I gave the app 5 stars because it is easy to use and I have had no glitches or issues with it.
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2 years ago, me19987789
App is just as good as the union
It does the job but not very efficiently. It needs to be said I have never had so many banking issues as I have encountered with the credit union so I looked to see if they were just recently opened however they have been around for awhile so there is no excuse for the subpar financing experience. How does one check credit wrong?
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11 months ago, Oster987548386260
Great customer service!!
Always have helpful staff, fast and friendly.
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3 years ago, fro1881
Absolutely terrible
I don't even know where to begin, what I can say is that this app is absolutely a disaster! Closed my account because of how crappie this thing operated. Talked to reps and they told continuously how horrible the app is. It's 2021 now, I hardly have time to sit, wait and talk on the phone with reps. I rely heavily on apps to got all my banking done but this is is the worst!!! Make the bank itself feel like a crappie institute.
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3 years ago, Dshawn96
Love the app and really user friendly but would be even better if you would show pending deposits like some other banks do.
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1 month ago, waykokid
App updated and now it’s broken
The payment on the app is completely broken and not working making it hard to do anything. I wish they would’ve just kept the old app at least it worked….
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2 years ago, marckenn
Easy access fast service and friendly stuff .
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4 years ago, FlyFlorence
Great app
This app is a must have and is super convenient for having all your bank info at hand and easily accessible.
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5 years ago, aaron0277
Application error
Can’t pay bills and use my account due to application errors.
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4 years ago, benomarton
Good people
I’m very glade to have Kitsap credit union, there helpful and people you know that are on your side, And can trust.
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5 months ago, MustardMedia
User Interface needs update
Icons for selecting certain actions are not uniform with other action buttons leaving the experience to apply for credit cards less streamlined than it could be.
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2 years ago, AimMeesh71
Mobile deposit not working!
It was great until the latest iPhone update. Now it won’t rotate to get a picture in order to deposit checks.. and I’m not standing in line for an hour at the bank. I hope it’s fixed soon.
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2 years ago, exasperatedstylist
It won’t let me deposit checks
It keeps saying to “rotate screen” to take a photo of my check. It took me juggling my phone around for about 30 seconds to get one photo. I give up! I hope this bug can get fixed soon.
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3 years ago, Trebills
This app is rather wack
I don’t get why people like this app so much. If I was KCU I would try to hire the developers that make USAA and Chase apps to make the best one. This is wack in comparison. Best thing to do is design it with people that actually use it. A very important part of system design and analysis
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5 years ago, rjtmf
App has easy navigation
I enjoy the app as much as I do the credit union
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2 years ago, Jeep382
Love the way l can keep my account up to date
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2 years ago, purplerainbowz
Can’t use mobile deposit
This app is trash, it’s always bugging out and now the mobile deposit doesn’t work!
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7 years ago, Dc124
Best bank -
No issues with Bank or App in 2 years ; )
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2 years ago, Dave Birds
Bug Report - Check Deposit Rotation
Purpose of this review is to report on the bug of frozen on the check deposit due to an issue with the screen rotation and unable to proceed with the process.
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4 years ago, Sheilah_bby
This app is horrible and the web payment center and their website isn’t integrated yet, so it makes everything that much more confusing. Good thing Kitsap has decent customer service
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6 years ago, qqwwqqqwwfffvh
The makes it to manage my banking
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7 years ago, skahuhu
Awesome app!!!
Haven't had any problems with it.
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2 years ago, ChristieFox
iOS 16
As many have said, the recent update screwed the app when attempting mobile deposits. Absolutely needs to be fixed!
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5 years ago, murderwasrhe
Time saver
This app saves me so much time and hassle
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2 years ago, KayDubb13
The newest update does not allow me to use mobile check deposit. Otherwise the app is great. When fixed I will change my review. FIX THIS PLEASE!
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7 years ago, neontigress4
Kcu is the best
Love this app. I rarely ever have to go into the bank.
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5 years ago, brysmi
Keep interrupting me (2 times) while trying to deposit a check
I have had no time to really review. Annoyed.
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3 years ago, LonelyStan
Horrible banking app
I have to always go to the website, the mobile banking app shows nothing but my account number
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5 years ago, Needsmorelvls
Access to money
The wait to access deposited money to way to long
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2 years ago, Cocjen
Always and error when I try to log in
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