Klondike Adventures: Farm Game

4.7 (116.5K)
287.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Klondike Adventures: Farm Game

4.69 out of 5
116.5K Ratings
6 months ago, chancethetrapper
Honestly a really fun and addictive game!
I’m so obsessed with this game it’s actually embarrassing lol. I love Paul and Kate, Larry is so crazy, Silent Shadow is my favorite! I’ve spent a good amount on this game so far to get more energy and emeralds, but to me it’s sorta worth it. The only things I’d change are all the constant events make you feel like you’re missing out on progressing on the actual game bc it’s hard to do the events, the actual game, the trading company, AND the park. I know it’s so we can put in more money or whatever but it gets overwhelming, make condense it a bit or let the events be more spread out? And the ship that leaves in 15 hours is a great idea but it’s hard to do both that AND the requests for food and clothes on the board. Also the energy gauge only being at 56 is so random, it would be better if it were at 80 or something so we could put the game down and still have a bit more energy. Otherwise, I love this game! It’s so fun and there’s ALWAYS something to do. I love how you can decorate the park as well! The art is so cute as well! I loved the recent Mysterious Valley event. I don’t mind paying for the microtransactions but hopefully the developers allow for more time to finish the events or just spread it out to where there’s no events for like 2 weeks so we can progress in the main game. Overall such a great game, easily 5 stars! 🥰💕
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3 years ago, Xbackstar
Fun game but too many events
I don't usually review games but this is one the few games I've been playing for a really long time, so i guess I have a say. There are many similar games out there but somehow this one is able to keep me interested. I'm fine with the energy limit because that limits my time playing. HOWEVER recently (at least for the past season), the special events are being too frequent! They're fun but they always consume a lot of energy. Especially for a player like me who likes to clear an entire chapter before moving on to the next, frequent events has made it impossible for me to finish the regular chapters. Same with the trade company addition, It's like an endless event. Although I get some good resources from that, it's just redundant and not fun anymore. The "park" thing doesn't have a point. The only use is the weekly energy boost but you can offer that treat in a different form, without me entering the map and collect those bars. You can remove the park and the trade company, and instead have a garden map, where players can decorate with all the furnitures and animals. It's similar to the "park" but without those maintenance work and I don't have to squeeze everything there to get a higher score (which makes it ugly and chaotic).
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5 years ago, Ro3448148
Great Game.....However.....
So I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this game!!! I do have some suggestions though. I feel that it needs to be a little easier ti get energy and emeralds and things of that sort. I say this because the energy bar only goes to 54 and if you have nothing to add to it and you have to clear something it takes all of your energy in one tap. This makes me want to delete the game because I would love to play it for more than 8 seconds! I also feel that when building or needing extra supplies and you have to buy from the merchant... well i feel that it NEVER gives me enough time to complete and I end up waisting product that I could have used on something else. I have also found it very aggravating that the special quests also take ALL of your energy! I again would love to play longer!!! All in all this game is great and fun. I do feel that y’all could make it more fun by reducing the energy cost it takes to clear things. I also feel that y’all could give us more energy and boosts. The merchant should stay longer or the products we make need to be less and lastly, I feel that it would be more beneficial if we could get emeralds and ruby’s easier WITHOUT spending real money!!! Thank you for letting me write this review and thank you for taking the time to read it. Like I said earlier, I do love this game, However, I do feel that it could be a lot more user friendly so I could play longer.
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4 years ago, the unspekable gamer
Can only be played in short intervals 😕
This game has a great premise; however, it can only be played in short intervals. Well, unless you are willing to spend significant $$$$ on energy/emeralds, which I did, to see what would happen. I will most likely delete it because you can’t Maintain your progress in an “immediate gratification” sort of way (unless you spend money). Instead, it’s a few minutes here and there. If Im relaxing in the evening and playing a game - I want to play- not start and stop every few minutes because I used my energy in 30 seconds. Can I suggest that you have players earn energy every time they complete anything (even if it’s 1-2 energy). For instance, any time a pipe is made, a brick is complete, glue is done, flour is done, window is done, butter is done - whatever, a player earns at least 1-2 energy. This should be the same with farm animal production, any tasks, etc. I’d be more willing to spend a few bucks here-and-there, if I felt the game was fair. I’m at the point where I am not spending anymore cash until something changes. Otherwise, I’m on to the next game! Most games I play provide opportunities to earn freebies and extra energy/points daily. This keeps customers happy because they (I) will purchase things here-and-there, but don’t always feel the need to purchase to continue. Hope some changes can happen because the game is fun and user friendly!
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3 months ago, The lane 2119
Fun, but…
I actually like this game. It’s fun to play and they aren’t overly greedy like most games are nowadays. The big problem I’m having is that it’s really hard to get trowels. Even when I earn a reward that gives you tools every 20 minutes, for a limited amount of time, it only gives me saws and hammers. The only way I’m able to get trowels is through the order board which gets harder and harder to get to the rewards each time you complete it. From the last update, they changed how the order board works. It used to be that random orders would earn you tools. Now, you get points for every order you complete, easy orders only give you 5-10 points per order and more difficult orders will get you 30-45ish points per order. You don’t get rewards until you earn 250ish points at first, then it goes up every time you hit the points goal. You don’t get enough tools as a reward. There are supposed to be all these ways to get tools, but they always give me hammers and saws. Or I will get a bunch of hammers and saws and only one trowel. The reason it’s so frustrating is because several things require materials that you can’t craft without the trowel. So it’s hard to craft buildings, fulfill orders, complete tasks, etc. so that makes the game less fun. It’s still a game that I would recommend, I just hope they change that one issue in the future.
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4 years ago, PrepGirl14
Love this game!! Few suggestions though
I’ve been playing this game for over a month now and I love it! The storylines and special events are fun, and the prizes are great. However, I find it difficult that I can’t arrange my station easily. You can’t move a building when it’s being used, and re-arranging is difficult. A suggestion I have is to make a way “Erase All” putting all of the buildings into a place on the bottom of your screen you can scroll through and select buildings, and place them where you want without the hassle of waiting for production to be over or moving everything around at the same time. I also find it frustrating that energy takes so long to load. I understand that for business purposes there needs to be an appeal to subscription, but it makes me want to delete the game sometimes because I can only play for about 3 minutes or less at a time before running out of energy. The time for energy regeneration doesn’t have to change, but maybe the amount you can recharge to can? Or maybe have more ways to get energy, or have things take a little less energy to break? Other than that I think the difficulty and the challenge is good. Games where you level up too easily are pointless. Again, I love this game! But, I feel that something along the lines of my suggestions might make it more user friendly, and help people to play it longer. :)
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6 years ago, Hot Shot Man
Well worth checking out
I’ve never played the PC version or whatever came out prior to the iPad version, but it is a fun game to play. The first 5 Levels go by pretty quick and give you the basics of playing the game. The game slows down a bit until about level 10-15 as you build up and locate the items you need to produce needed coins and energy, but hang in there, it’s worth the wait. I’m at about level 18 currently and you can play for a longer length of time without running out of energy so fast. As a fan of FarmVille type of games I have found this to have a similar feel with some nice twists. I look forward to the ability to play with others as it is only a one player game for now. The game is regularly updated and special events are incorporated also. The summer faire event has been fun and I almost have it completed. You can play without having to spend real money on gems, but to excel the gameplay extra gems would help obviously. I haven’t spent money on the game but I personally don’t mind spending $5-$10 here and there to support the developers. It’s obvious a lot of work went into this game so don’t be so quick to judge if you find it getting frustrating earlier in the game. I do think the help section could be much more elaborate in explaining the challenges often faced in the game, but at least there is something to help you along your exploration. Enjoy!
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4 years ago, izzybz
Great game if you got the cash
I absolutely love this game but I am losing interest. It reminds me of FarmVille, you collect objectives and are able to make and sell goods and so fourth. However, you’re only able to explore if you have energy points. The game does give you 1 point every 1.5 minutes but it caps at 50. You do have the option where instead of 50 points the game will give around 80 and in a short wait time but that’s something you have to pay for. Even with buying energy and emeralds, they go so fast. I’m left with no gratification and sense of accomplishment. To break certain stones takes 23+ energy points and if you times that by 5 (because there’s that many piles you have to get through amongst other things) you’re left in the same position you started at.. I’ve purchased a few things but again it takes me about 2 minutes to be back at square one and waiting about an hour to collect the 50 energy points given and to have to wait again once there’re gone. I find myself picking and choosing events to play within the game. You wait so long for the energy points to accumulate that when you get them, you’re not wanting to let it go to “waste”.. It’s a great game but you need to have the money or time to go far.
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2 months ago, Disgruntelledtosaytheleast
Updates are NOT an Improvement
I have played this game religiously since the beginning and there are only a few games I can say that about. I usually download and delete most because they are not as advertised. What sets this game apart from most were the beautiful graphics. Slowly they have been updating the graphics on the items you make, like vegetables and dairy products etc. And the graphics are hideous and cartoonish compared to the actual game itself. Today I started playing and there must have been a major update that changed the look, feel, colors of everything you have to click on. There’s a garish white background on certain features and the store board where you sell goods. It’s like two different games overlayed on each other and it’s totally lost its charm! Undue the update and put it back the way it was and stop fixing things that aren’t broke. We play this game because it is different from all the other games out there with terrible graphics. And be more generous with the energy. I feel like everything takes longer than it used to and you get less. I’m sure I’ll get one of your auto 3-4 replies on this and that nobody reads these reviews or has any intention of listening to their customers feedback. Might be deleting after many years of fun, if the graphics don’t get restored to their original and more realistic form.
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2 years ago, Player-J24
An Amazing game and amazing team!
Klondike Adventures is always fun and entertaining! The developers keep it fresh and exciting introducing new events each better than the last. I love that they constantly ask for feedback to make sure the players are getting more of what they love. Now for a love note to The Northern Squad (their support team). They’re quick to respond to any game issues reported and ACTUALLY have a live support team! I can’t tell you how many games I’ve given up because of numerous issues that I’ve submitted to support that I’d just receive an automated message reply about that never get resolved. This would NEVER happen with Klondike Adventures. I’ve needed to reach out twice, for minor in game issues, and both times I had an actual team member respond! Yes, you will get an automatic notification from Silent Shadow that it’s being forwarded to the team but breath because it’s actually happening. Within 24 hours I had a Norther Squad member thoroughly explain my issue and even show me screenshots of behind the scenes diagnostics that show all was resolved. So to all The Klondike Adventures and Vizor team thank you for bringing us an awesome game, making sure your adventurers are seen and heard and for continuing to make it even better!
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5 months ago, *()68
I have been playing your game for about a year nor and I can longer get the order board which means I can no longer get the tools I need I need to build things, like building a crate for tomatoes watermelons pumpkins that need to be put in the crates to send off in the ship which means there are Tim’s I cannot send off a full ship and I find it frustrating, pluses I agree with the others you can really only play the game for maybe 5 to 10 minutes then wait 30 min, to an hour or more to play again, if I wasn’t so determined I would have deleted the game months ago, Thank you for the tools but my order board is still not working it keeps telling there are no available videos and on the rare chance there is one it still does not give me the tools, also the candy store constantly ends when I reach 40 points,I love the new addition of the balloons and the barrel. 😉every time I try to change advents it kicks me out to the loading, sigh,game beginning over and over again. It’s annoying enough to counting a having to do when playing the new game together energy again and again and again. It would be more interesting if someone that cannot buy something toacomplich than that I love the came
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4 years ago, scbskpkbp
Not a game that can be played for endless hours....
I have been playing this game for about 6 weeks, and have to say it is not a fast moving game Unless you choose to spend Lots of your own money, which I choose not to do. I play Several other games and those seem to move a long a Lot quicker, and I have no need to have to spend Any money on those games and can play much longer. What is most disappointing is the energy level never exceeds past 53 on its own, no matter what level you are on. It really should give more energy as you master higher levels, and so it is used up very quickly allowing you to move very slowly through the game, which doesn’t bother me as I have other games to go to while my energy builds back up again, but I am sure it is frustrating to others as I have read other reviews regarding this same problem. I however haven’t seen any changes from the developers to try to make this easier or more fun for people to play along quicker. Also, growing time for the vegetables is ridiculously long, and I wish it could be shorter as it can be frustrating as well. I really enjoy the storyline and building the ‘home’ plot is somewhat fun, though it takes lots of time to build up coins to spend on buying items. Hoping to see some changes on making things run through a little quicker and more rewarding for the longer someone plays the game.
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5 years ago, Dittoe1212
Fun but not 😅
This game is really fun. Just like other games that are similar, you get 1 energy every 1.5 mins, you have a farm, animals, build buildings and can essentially cook and create things from the ground up. There is a map you get to go to different areas. Only thing with this is you can’t go back to those locations once you leave which is kinda dumb imo. That’s a lot of RSS missed out on in the beginning if you don’t know this. The level climb is really slow as well and the energy you get per level makes the game, at times, unfun to play since it takes days to clear just a little patch of trees. You have the option to use gems which can be bought with real money or slowly earned through leveling and some events/jobs but honestly it’s not worth it if you need items that can be bought only with gems which are a lot. At level 16 you only have 52 every you can use without add ones such as food, candy from animals and the sweets shop mini game that has like a 4-5 hour cool down which only gives between 0-45ish energy. So when it costs 65 energy to chop down one tree, you can see the concern that a lot of these reviews are talking about. The game is fun and the story is cute but this isn’t a full time game. More of a, I’m sitting on hold for 10min and want something to do while I wait” game. Get the energy consumption under control a bit more and I think the ratings would sky rocket.
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5 years ago, Jgil1970
Great free to play game
I usually open up and play this app several times a day. It’s the sort of game that uses energy to play. Although you also can plant and sell crops and goods. (They cost game money, but not gems nor energy) On days that I’m too busy, I don’t have to worry about collecting items. The goods do not go bad or expire. The longer you play, the more energy you can store. Plus there are opportunities to earn trophies for events that give you extra energy. Game play could be frustrating until you understand the options on where to spend your energy. There is a main story line, the trial race story line, several events, plus a home location. You also have to know what resources you need to have on hand to produce goods that are needed often. For example fire. My advice is to not worry about the trial race or events until you figure out the game play. Realize that you will most likely have to play this game often for short periods of time. I have ADHD, so this works out great for me. Lots of options, so I don’t get bored repeating tasks. And I can spend 5 minutes and be done until I remember to open my app again. I have never purchased gems to play. There are videos to watch if you want extra energy or rewards. However you can always skip adds.
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3 years ago, chriscian
Fun game but be aware
I have been playing this game for a year now and I have to say it is fun! If you want instant gratification then this game is not for you. Yes, you use a ton of energy but if you know what to do you can gain more energy. Example: This game as a sweet shop, cauldron and furnace. You can play the little sweet shop game 3-4 times a day that allows for extra energy. Continue feeding your animals and collecting from them as once they max out you gain sweets that go towards the cauldron for energy as well. When clearing an area out, little by little you’ll receive fruits or what not that go towards the furnace again for energy. It’s not a game meant to be played for hours and I appreciate that. I can pick it up, play it a few minutes then sit it back down. It has a calming affect that way for me as I am spending so much time on it at a time. I also like to clear out all of the area before going to the next. There is no time limit for this, so even when I have completed all the tasks, I can stay there and collect more materials like wood, water and all of that before moving to the next place. All in all, would recommend this game is fantastic!
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5 years ago, LuluSD
Set up to frustrate unless you buy gems...constantly!
I played this game and really began to love it but it is designed to cause extreme frustration unless you spend money on Gems. I play lotta games and most of them are designed to get you to buy energy to move the game along but the games are still reasonably playable not this one. This one is the most extremely blatantly designed to make you spend money on gems, which get used up pretty fast and you’re back at needing more gems. It is either buy gems or play the game at a snail’s pace. It takes all the fun out of the game. The energy that you can earn naturally is much less than you need to clear a tiny section of very large area. I really regret the money I spent on this. Since It was like extortion. Want to move the game along? Then you better buy more gems. So as much as I loved the game… I could not afford to play it anymore. The developers response indicates that I am not using my time wisely but I did all the things that they suggested. It’s amazing how many reviews mention exactly the same thing about the expense but It is ignored. As so many other reviewer‘s have said, I have no problem supporting a game by making purchases but within reason. It makes me wonder how many of the five star reviews are really valid. This game will never have really loyal customers, unless money is no object for them. I guess they prefer quantity over quality. Game loyalty must mean nothing.
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4 years ago, Blackavar015
Not really F2P
This game is only “free” if you like games where you log in multiple times a day for very short intervals. Because it uses a very punishing energy system (with a short bar that often doesn’t cover larger actions that you need to undertake) combined with a farming system that costs money to plant crops/livestock, it’s rare that you can just sit down and play. You can’t even idly farm because you will run out of money. I’m only on level 15, but so far the order board has slim (uninspiring) margins and the marina is a net loss. There are some days I log in only to get the daily reward so that I can actually get back in the black. I never own the max # of chickens or cows because they’re too expensive - there are days when I raise no chickens at all because there’s no demand, and $$ is tight. That’s kind of depressing, actually. I’ve only (partially) played one event, and it was fun I guess - but it sucked up all my energy, and I’m not sure it was worth the setback in the main game. When the pandemic settles down more and I go back to the office full time, I will probably delete this game. I don’t have time to log in multiple times throughout a day when I’m physically in the office. I’d prefer a game that will let me get a good 20 minutes out of it in one sitting, when I’m done with work for the day. This game gives me about 2-5 minutes. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Brige74!
Ehhh could be good but
This game is fun but not enough energy to get anything done. You clear two areas and your out. You either have to wait for the energy bar to charge back up or use food to gain more. I guess at least they give you a means to recharge but it’s aggravating and you have to stop what your doing and go back to your Home then back to whatever spot you are on the map. Next is not enough money to buy what you need. To get money you get a Dailey login bonus and the only other way I have seen to make money is to complete the orders on the board. The orders on the board are things you have grown and manufactured. This is a long process. Lots of time. The further you get the longer it takes. You have to manufacture each item say you need a pie and you have to grow the pumpkins, make butter, make glass jars for it to go into, another words you have multiple manu going just to make one little item. Next is the quests. Multiple quests are thrown at you yes you can pick and choose but it takes weeks to get one simple one done. To sum it up, not enough money to buy buildings, not enough workers to complete buildings, not enough supplies to complete buildings, just not enough anything to get anywhere. Cute game but if your looking to play this to relax forget it it will make your stress worse.
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4 years ago, Cool2729
Love it but...
I 100% agree the unspeakable gamers review! I have spent a LOT (over $200) of money buying gems and energy and I just can’t spend any more. I don’t mind spending a little here and there to support the development but I can’t spend that much. You get 1.5 energy every how ever many it says but to clear 1 rock is 45-90 energy units. I’ve found all the campfires and stoves to gain energy but still not enough for a “satisfying” round of play as it depletes so quickly. I’ve deleted the game and started over because I missed it but I’m going to have to say no to spending any more money. And then the merchant ship comes but leaves before you have time to make everything it wants because you need more workers to run all the work but you can’t finish the apartment building to gain more workers because you have to fill the ship so you get the shelving for the apartment building. I enjoy the challenge and the variety but getting WAY to expensive to continue. Just updated the app. The Independence day celebration and the park were a promising start but 15 mogle gogles, 10 cardboard, and 5 nails to knock down one gate???? Geez! Thanks but no thanks! I appreciate all the vases and cases but no energy or actual needed items in them...sorry but I’m probably deleting this game. Just too expensive to continue.
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5 years ago, Sjk1010
Fun Game But Need To Let Energy Build Up
This game is fun and somewhat addictive but the developers need to change some aspects of the game to make it even better. 1st they need to let the energy build up higher. If they would just let the energy continue to build up while your not playing instead of capping it at 50+ it would be a great game and you could actually accomplish a little more when you play. I’m not unemployed or a 4 year old sitting at home with nothing to do once an hour. I get to play 4-5 times throughout the day and with only 50ish energy I’m done exploring in 5 minutes or less which is the fun part! The rest of the game (building and making things), is just kind of monotonous, which is fine but gets boring after about 10 -15 minutes. Also why do you have to burn energy to collect items you make in the factory? That always burns through more than half my energy each time I collect. 2nd I don’t understand why they have to close off maps that you already completed. Even if the task in certain maps are complete you should still be able to go back into them to collect resources. An example is, right now I need bushes to make fire etc and my open maps have very little or no bushes to earn sticks and making bushes in the factory is way to slow to be able to accomplish anything.
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4 years ago, usarabe
Ditto The Unspeakable Gamer
I loved the game for a while. It was soon evident that little or no progress could be made without spending what adds up to A LOT of money. Without cash, you barely get play time; The game becomes a job. Who can relax with that? I play games because I am semi-invalid, house-bound, with chronic disease. I cannot afford to spend a lot on a game. At one point I got to cut down 3 items that lead to no reward nor reveal. Then all of the energy that I had paid for was used up!! Really?!! That's just a rip-off!! I have deleted the game. But I am sorry to have to do so. It had potential to be both fun and addictive. The graphics and sounds are really cool. One problem is the crazy amounts of energy one patch of grass or a rock uses up and the added difficulty to find the one that opens the next scene for completing the task. Three grass patches, out of energy, no progress forward: that's how this game goes. The energy fruits hidden in the grass and bushes have very little power up capabilities in the scheme of things. Make those a lot more potent. Significantly reduce the energy required to cut down anything. Require a few less steps to build or cook something. Show more clearly the location of the item that has to be chopped to get to the next scene for completing a task. Do just these things and I will be glad to dish out a few dollars once in a while on this game. Until then, bye.
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5 years ago, emcee833
Love the game, hate the progress
I’m a new player, level 13 at the moment. I enjoy this game a lot, however it does take a lot of energy to make only a couple moves and can be frustrating at times with only 51 energy count max with time. There are ways built in the game to produce energy which is helpful but with several events and locations to work on at a time, it runs out quick. I’m having a hard time earning coins at this point in game. There’s a lot of steps to work through to get buildings up and items produced to earn the coins. It would be much more enjoyable if less energy were required to break stuff. I’ve been playing less than a week, already spent $8 on gems. 100/$3.99. (Gems allows purchase of missing ingredients, energy, dynamite, workers or to speed up production). I’m now out of items needed to make energy and only 51 available at rate of 1 gem=1.5 min. I’m low on coins (less than 500), not enough workers to produce everything in a timely manner, and now thinking I won’t be able to keep up pace for events. I don’t mind spending a little $ here and there for support but not at the rate I’ve started. Maybe I’ll skip special events and stick to basic storyline for now, if that’s possible, but that’s a bummer. I’m really hoping it gets easier with higher levels bc I do enjoy the game.
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5 years ago, helpwname
Build towns type w adventure player here
I’ve played Farmville for 8+yrs; spent a few hundred over the years just to keep interesting BUT this game- Klondike is actually better. You build up yr town and you get to go out of yr town to explore &gain resources w some fun challenges like cave exploring/ hunt (w no gross effects lol) different task to gain more energy. First 3-4 levels I was unsure but I’m now level 12 within a couple weeks of random play- but now- can’t put the game down! I love it! Interesting for long game play; hour or+ w energy or short quick play w lunch breaks - while energy rebuilding. I’ve spent $50 on gems but I’m impatient lol - I will not be spending like in Farmville! No need! But the developers of this were great! Simple & smooth playing. Special holiday task/place to explore;adding energy spots in hidden areas; I’m 49 and this game clicks w young to old players! Co op / other gamer trading post is not available but sure it’ll come; updates are quick n easy. No game crashes or glitches- don’t try and roll back yr clock to gain because developers are That good and cheats don’t work which is good so if co op groups start everyone is same level not making game play harder on others. Love It! Try it!
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3 years ago, Heidi_a_h
Save yourself from the most annoying game!
There’s been a massive attempt by the developers to make this game as annoying as possible so the users have no choice but spending real money. The only purpose of this game is to make the developers rich rather than helping the players enjoy the game. They have done a pretty good job with the graphics and the storyline but you need energy to do everything in order to make progress in the game. They have made it so hard to gain things that help you, such as energy items, because you need to gather so much in order to do so little. I’ve never been so frustrated playing a game that this one has made me. I barely enjoy the game and I am deleting it. I did spend money to see how that helps, guess what, I got to do some things and the emeralds I purchased ran out because you need way too many to gain so little energy. So I don’t recommend this game at all unless you have the patience of a saint. I’m known as a patient person but I am constantly annoyed playing this game. I see the developers feel like they have to respond to negative reviews rather than making helpful changes in the game. DO NOT write me a response, and if you do, you will just help me prove my point even further. I should also mention that their advertising is false and there’s no mention of what a pain it is to gain energy and you loose all of it by removing two object out of your path. Terrible game.
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5 years ago, LadyHawkT
Love the game!
Love the game. . . . But, there is always a but. Suffice to say, the game is fun, challenging and entertaining, however, the ships to earn tools or supplies, demand too many of one item or a combination of items requiring you use one item to make another, case in point, cargo requested, pumpkins, and pumpkin pie, it’s very hard to grow enough pumpkins to make pies and keep pumpkins in stock when they take so long to grow, and use so many to make a pie, quite frankly and I have done this, one pumpkin in real life can make many pies, so one pie is sufficient for making a pie. Windows, tables, beds, require 3 to 4 bells? Really? What’s the logic behind that? I am giving this game 4 stars because it needs to realistic goals, pretending is fine in a game, but when it becomes so illogical you shake your head and try patiently waiting to meet goals without spending real money to move things along, then-it becomes boring because game time decreases and you move on to something new. I am almost at that point, but hoping my review will open a few eyes and the game will get a few updates that make more fun and less time wasting. Thanks for listening, adventure is fun in a game, frustration is not.
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5 years ago, r500game
Despite the developer’s claims, to have any time to enjoy the game, one must purchase emeralds (equivalent of cash) to replenish your energy level. It is near impossible to clear the various areas in the game that one travels to without running out of energy. One can use their entire energy just to clear a tree. And you can do this with 5 minutes of game play. To add insult to energy, one must use emeralds to hire workers to manufacture the various items needed in the various factories for game play. While one can replenish a small amount of energy by two means, the total created is still pitifully small to enjoy the game. I spent $30 in two days just clearing plants and forests which did reveal hidden items, but they don’t add significantly to energy levels. If the developers would cut energy costs by at least 75%, it would make an otherwise interesting game worth keeping and supporting. In addition, get rid of the need to hire workers for the factories as they are expensive. It takes time and several steps to create products needed for game play, but could be done without workers. It is a shame, it has all the potential of being a great game, but greed seems to be the underlying strategy by the developers. Take a little less and see if players stay with the game. I certainly don’t mind supporting the game if the cost is reasonable, but not as it is currently setup.
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5 years ago, JStuart2
Fun Yet Time Consuming
Beware! Good game but is not always fair. I really enjoy this game. I used to play the computer version before it froze on me. I like how you don’t have to clear an entire land to finish it and that it doesn’t take energy to plant crops like the computer game. I have two complaints. It is extremely time consuming. I think the makers want you to spend your entire day playing their game instead of working. My second complaint is that it doesn’t give you all the prizes from a competition. They recently had a dogs lead race from which I came in second, yet I did not receive my energy prize. Believe me, I was looking forward to that 500 energy boost. I did not receive any of it. I was very upset because that meant I wasted a week of playing the game to earn that spot. Other problems is the tiny amount of space in the Home location. There is not enough room for multiple building and factories plus crop fields without it looking like an early 1900s factory company. Also, I have so much money and don’t even need it. I can spend as much as I want but can never seem to get rid of the money. I no longer bother to make gold bars or sell anything. The dynamite is more expensive than the pc game yet does not have as much strength. There are definitely some problems that need fixing.
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6 years ago, Ayremrian
This is a really nice game that gives a different twist to the farming type of games. I really enjoy it. There are many complaints about the high energy requirements. The key to the game is to not rush it. Don’t go to stage 3 until 2 is finished. You can still work on your home base, but clear the other areas before moving to the next. Yes it is slow going but you will find vases etc with trinkets. Also if something requires 90 energy and you only get 50 for your level for refill, you can work down the high energy ones. You don’t have to have it all at once. Be sure to use your candy etc for extra energy. Then as with other games of this type you do have to grind for items to sell for gold. You will not have to spend real money unless you want to. Spending a bit does help game developers to provide updates etc for games. So i spend a bit on games I enjoy after I get the gist of it to see if it is worth it. This is a very charming game. A 4 star from me is high praise. Update: I did spend a few dollars after I understood the game. I bought gems for the hothouses. I am really enjoying the game a lot. I said above 4 star from me is high praise, simply because I’m an avid gamer. This one is a keeper. Just remember not to rush.
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6 years ago, KANKris
REALLY like the game, but needs work
I really like the game. The adventures are great and very interesting. The downside is how much emeralds it takes to do anything. The dynamite is expensive and not worth the amount of emeralds needed. The amount of energy it buys is skimpy. I really get into the game and then i run out of energy and will not buy the emeralds all the time to get thru this game. It gets very discouraging when you are so involved for making things and cutting things away and then your energy is gone and you have to wait an hour to get more energy. I do however like all the hidden stuff and the fascinating new worlds. I noticed that the balloon guy went away now that I’m on the second page of adventures. That is disheartening. But its a good game for someone who will play in between work or other things. If you are planning to play for an hour or more, plan to spend money. That is the only way you can play for more than 10-20 minutes at a time. (Side note-The most frustrating thing is missing the boat deadline because you have nothing to do. So you get off the game and go back to it later only to find you missed the deadline, but the goods were ready on time. I also noticed that supplies for building materials is piling up with nothing to build. Would like more things to build.)
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4 years ago, Garddog21
The waiting game, fun but not
My son found this game and he and I have been playing it separately. I have enjoyed it to a point but find it frustrating also. I feel like I can never accomplish anything without spending a huge amount of money or waiting hours on end. Yes, I do lean towards free games but have splurged on a game here and there that I really like. I thought about buying this game but realized that this game however would be a bottomless pit of money throwing to get any satisfaction from it. I even tried the free week and still felt the same sense of waiting around for the fun to happen. Also some of the free events use up all your resources and energy and there is no possible way of finishing the event unless you have the subscription, which is pricey at $6 a week. That is a crazy amount of money to spend on a game that you are waiting around for 3 or 4 hours for some vegetables to grow from the green house. I could see paying a one time fee, but not a weekly fee. I may still play it or may not, but finding that we still have to watch advertisements for some of the perks even on subscription is ridiculous. I definitely would not pay for this but might try to find a better version of what you guys couldn’t figure out.
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6 years ago, Jada789
Me too I am torn
I have been Playing this game for a while now and yes it is addictive and I enjoy playing but I am so glad that I have other games on my iPad that way I can switch up when I run out of energy and not have to sit around doing nothing. The graphics are great going to different islands that’s nice too but the fact like other reviews ,all the animals once you feed Them after a certain time goes by they turn to gold and disappear.. Were that is well and good it doesn’t matter because you only get a little bit of chocolate to feel your energy bar when they disappear... You should want to add more chocolate bars due to the fact that when the animals disappear we have to purchase more where as you up the price... I have not Spent any money I’ll just go to another game until my energy comes back ....to me that is a waste of time because I would like to play the game for a longer period of time ..you need to give more energy ,,it should not cost 90 emeralds to cut down a tree. In the long run people are going to realize that in order for them to enjoy Klondike they’re going to have to dig into their pockets and then you are going to lose a lot of players ..Please do better I really like the game ....
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6 years ago, Dustydood
Needs work.
Promising game but it takes way to much energy to do anything. The first 5-6 levels they make sure there's plenty of energy to be found. After that you can forget it. The following levels are known as the great energy drought. It takes over an hour to fill the energy meter to 50 but only takes 1-2 clicks and all your energy is gone. Time to wait another hour plus. They say you can make energy. Yes you can but it takes ENERGY to chop out what might or might not give you the trash you need to make energy. What's the point? You've wasted energy just to try and make less than what it took to maybe get the needed items. If the game would do away with the energy requirements it would be an awesome game. I don't know many people who pick up a game to only want to spend 1 minute playing! Most people like to spend at least an hour playing with their friends. Let us have neighbors who can send us things we need and let us play for however long we want to play! If we want to play all day we should be able to. My friend and I started playing the day it was released. We are already starting to look for a different game that realized people just want to play, not worry about having enough energy. Drop the energy requirements and keep the players who will in turn tell their friends what a great game. As the games is now...1 star. Drop the energy requirements and add neighbors...5+ stars.
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4 years ago, ImaginaryFriend74
I’m about done with this game
Virtually every review I’ve read talks about needing to be able to collect more energy than about 54 at a time. Instead of improving this feature of the game, to allow for longer play time, they rely on the impatience of those willing & ABLE to spend real money to turn into energy. Additionally, this last event, Pearl Mazes, cost more energy needed to clear each section than previous events, but you didn’t realize it until you already invested a good deal of energy, only to find it was a dead end!!!! There are other games with better rewards that I play and patience and strategy is also used without the need to spend real money. I was hugely disappointed in the rewards from this event, and with the update, it looks like we’re now going to have to “repair” more things to use them! I’ve all but abandoned the garden since the fountains & hot houses cost so much to repair. It’s ridiculous! I as well as others also wonder why there aren’t any mini puzzles to help release the trapped character..... rewarding players who correctly select the right choice, could perhaps get additional energy. The goods needed for the cauldron to make energy run out fast and don’t replenish without spending energy to find them! Shooting the deer or bear requires more energy than you get from cooking the steaks! Ludicrous!! Please don’t send one of your canned responses either!
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6 years ago, JenReneeJ
Very expensive game
I don’t write many reviews, but I felt like I needed to write one to warn people. This is a great game, I love the concept, I love the graphics.....but it is expensive!!!!!!! Because it’s so addicting, (maybe it’s my competitive side) I feel the need to clear the “path”. Well in order to do that, you need energy. The game only starts you off with 50 energy points a day. To clear the land....it costs 90 energy points just to clear ONE object!!! And you have to clear A LOT of land just to get to your goal. I mean A LOT!!! Then you have your animals. You buy them and they produce milk and eggs, etc. to make goods. Well every so often they turn into gold animals and they “go away”. Leaving you to buy more animals to replace the ones that turned to gold. I guess it’s the games way of “helping” you....because you get pieces of candy to burn in a caldron in order to get more energy. But in the long run, trust me it doesn’t help. So bottom line, unless your rich in the real world and can just keep dropping real money into this game to pay for all the energy you need.....your good. For everyone else that can just play this game whenever and let your energy accumulate over weeks time and not have the uncontrollable desire to keep clearing the “land”, this game is for you. If you don’t fall into either category just stay away, it’s very expensive.
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6 years ago, 600percow
I really liked this game when I first started but now I’m not really that excited about it any more. While the graphics are great, love the concept...whole jist of the game is good it is very irritating that I must continually buy my chickens and cows over and over again and the price goes up! First purchase $200, then $250, then $400 and then add insult to injury $600!!!! And that us oer animal and I am not very far into the game. What is with that? You want your game to be more popular and encouraged to buy via word of mouth some things need to change. There is very little energy to buy with emeralds and to clear trees, minerals, etc it takes more energy than is given for my efforts. There is a statement made that every 1.5 minutes you get one energy....as long as you are playing the game. Not to mention the energy it takes to cut a tree. I am just disappointed. But, there are lots of games out there and I am sure I can find another that isn't so costly and not have to wait so long for energy to restore itself. You can only do small things or BUY A LOT OF EMERALDS. Frankly I cant afford it so if you haven't got lots of money don't waste you time and money to buy this game.
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6 years ago, jessalynn2009
This is a very addicting game! Being someone who works all the time and don’t have much time to play I think it has the perfect amount of energy and quests to not make you feel so overwhelmed. I get some people’s complaints about the energy but they make it so easy for you to collect/make energy throughout the game. Besides you also regain energy automatically pretty fast. So far I don’t have any complaints which is pretty good because usually I find something to complain about with a game. I like the story line and the different adventures you go on plus building up your own space. I was very skeptical at first before I downloaded it. I saw ads on facebook all the time and thought it looked like something I wouldn’t enjoy. Finally I caved in and thought I’d give it a try. So glad I did. The notifications are also not blowing up my phone all the time which is nice because it doesn’t seem to overwhelm you with that. It’s just come and play on your own time without things dying on you or being on a time limit. Love it! I’m on level 7. Can’t wait to unlock more areas and see what else this game has to offer.
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4 years ago, mimijane154
Really great game...but...
So I got this game in early 2020 and for the first few months I was totally obsessed. Recently, this game has gotten pretty boring and honestly kind of frustrating. As a lot of people have commented, this is the kind of game in which you play for about a minute and then have to wait an hour to play again, which isn’t fun. And now that I’ve played Klondike for 8+ months, I’ve noticed that it’s the same exact activities in a loop. For example, the Mazes: there’s one every month of so, and the kind of “islands” you go to are the exact same every time. I get that there’s holiday activities, like Halloween, but it doesn’t happen often enough for the game to be interesting. I can tell from the majority of comments that I’m not the only one feeling this way. ALSO, and this is the important part for people who are thinking of downloading this game, do NOT get sucked in to the idea of buying emeralds. It’s ridiculous. You have to use 5 dollars or more of your money to get 80 emeralds (you can use these to move quicker in the game, basically) that you can’t help but use up in one day. And once you start, you can’t stop. I understand the game creators are just trying to make money, but it’s really maddening. Overall, great concept, but bad execution😕
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4 years ago, Slim-65
Fun and time consuming to play. After waiting hours for energy to build up to play all you can do is go to your buildings to create more resources to build and feed. However you don't have the option to stop or delete a resource, for example; corn, which is created in the barn, you can drag and drop the resource and it's cached until the allotted time of the resource loaded before it ends before the next cached resource begins to load. It would be nice it players had the ability to stop/delete a cached resource before it's load countdown begins. Another point is the foliage is so thick in areas of the game that it will take numerous dynamite bundles just to clear a small patch-lets keep in mind that the dynamite sticks are earned far and few in between unless you purchase with your credit card-Expensive. Point is you can spend a lot of money buying emeralds to buy dynamite bundles or wait days, even weeks in hopes to earn one dynamite bundle through game play. It would be nice to earn dynamite through an hourly or daily countdown, similar to that of the energy being earned per minute. Additionally, make it possible to buy energy or emeralds with the gold tokens earned from game play; or a trading system from resources gathered.
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3 months ago, fiddlehead27
Fun, but Expensive and bad for those with ADHD
This game was fun to play, especially in the beginning. You get immediate satisfaction clearing things and completing tasks at first. Nice little dopamine rush that can be addicting for those with ADHD, but beware as it is a pay to play game. There’s also a fun design element and it is enjoyable designing your own little town and garden. I got to level 25 and had already spent some money before that for “energy”. I didn’t want to keep spending money so I ended up just filling orders all day to get “energy” when my farm animals turned into energy. It takes forever to do anything because each rock, bush, etc. take far more energy than you get for free. I started to wonder how I got to the point of spending my time just clicking to deliver dairy and baked goods all day to get energy and resources. I got to stage 2 of building a packaging house after spending forever on a mission to get quartz, only to find that in stage 3 I needed even more quartz which I was already out of after stage 2. Somehow the game went from fun to hanging around delivering boring orders so I could get quartz to deliver other orders. It’s a fun game, but I can’t really justify paying money for every mission in the game so I deleted it.
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5 years ago, Dannnfjirnrbdj
Developers are cash hungry
This game is an awful waste of time. To be able to go anywhere in this game, you have to be able to dedicate all of your time into it. Total actual free gameplay is 30 seconds, because your energy is gone that fast. And developers saying there are numerous ways to get energy? Nope. How are you supposed to use those cauldrons when your energy is gone with one tree? That tree isn’t going to give you anything to make energy out of. The mini game? No, waiting 5 hours for maybe 40 energy is not worth it. Animals? No, you have to wait a ridiculous amount of time for them as well. You could of course go the route of actually paying, which I’ve done, and spend $10 on maybe 10 minutes of actual play before you’re back where you started. This game is a cash grab. Developers don’t even read the reviews, because people obviously state it’s an energy issue, and their response is to tell them they’re stuck. How does that make sense? It doesn’t, so don’t waste your time with a game that takes more work than you actually going to work. Edit::: Developers response is ridiculous as well. You’ll try?? You created the game, I’m sure with just a little effort on your part, you could manage to fix the problem. The reviews about energy have been going on and on for months. You obviously haven’t “tried” to fix anything. Deleted.
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5 years ago, JenkinsJ
Too Expensive to Remain Interesting
Let me just say firstly that I love the game. There are many tasks to keep the game interesting. Having said that, everything points back to making one purchase. I’ve spent quite a bit of money buying emeralds over the past few days but that must end. At my current rate, I could easily spend $120 per month or more to keep the game interesting enough for me to play. That’s not something I am willing to do no matter how much I enjoy the game. All responses from the developers are that you can play the game for free. That is absolutely true - if you want to play at a snails pace. To keep the game interesting, Vizor has absolutely engineered the game to keep you spending real money to buy energy in order to keep moving at an interesting pace. Right now, I’m just keeping up in my town. I’m not exploring because I can chop down a tree or dig up a couple bushes and then I’m out of energy. I must then wait for hours to repeat that scenario and that’s just not fun. As soon as I get bored with the current stage I am in, I will have to quit the game because I’m not going to spend over a thousand dollars a year to enjoy a game. Thanks for developing a great game but if you can’t relax the spend rate, then I’ll have to be out. Best regards.
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5 months ago, KDramaQueen1
This game is actually pretty fun. I really enjoy playing it but after a while it’s hard to overlook the fact that this game requires a lot of in-app purchases to fully enjoy the experience. When it comes to games I enjoy I don’t mind spending money but I’m not a brainless person who will pour money into a game constantly. There are constant events and although that’s not a bad thing it becomes overwhelming. Everything you do in this game requires energy. Aside from events you also need to develop your farm and complete other regular tasks. Although the game boasts about quick energy recovery there’s also a cap on how much energy you can recover. Without the subscription or boosts you get from game passes this amount is pretty small. Waiting for energy to regenerate is also a problem due to time constraints. Not only the special events but contracts and special worlds open up for a limited amount of days so you have to pick and choose what you can do and what you’re willing to sacrifice because it’s impossible to do it all without making daily purchases and multiple purchases at that. I’m not expecting a free to play game. I just wish you would stop being so greedy.
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4 years ago, Chloma90
Crosses the line into being too addicting and distracting
I think they may have perfected the addicting game model. The gameplay is at the perfect pace that you are always left wanting a little more, and can’t get it because of how quickly energy gets eaten up completing tasks, or how long it takes to make supplies. This led me to impulsively spend more money on this game than I have for any other game! When I realized how much money I was spending, I immediately deleted the app. The gameplay is too slow without paying money, and I wasn’t willing to cash out $10-20 a day to make it worth it! Definitely a fun game, but REALLY hard to progress without spending $$$. I know they have to make money somehow, but I’d be a lot more willing to spend a little here and there for this really fun game than feel like I have to spend tons of money to make it remotely fun. If they ever change it so you can get more energy and gems without blowing the bank, I’ll be back. Edit: apparently the person who responded didn’t read my review. I never said it was impossible to play without spending money, I said it wasn’t worth it to play without spending money. As many others have said, you might only be able to play for 60 seconds at a time without spending money. Not fun.
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5 years ago, derekneal
Great game!
This is an awesome game to play! Similar type concept to Township, FarmVille, etc. However, adds an interesting concept with the energy bar to clear areas and the addition of quests. The energy bar can feel a little overwhelming in the beginning but once you find a rhythm that works for you of clearing areas while also making products to complete orders, the game really flows. It’d be cool if there was a “friends” option to send/receive resources. I have only really have one nuisance that I’ve came across. While I don’t mind to occasionally spend $5-$10 to purchase gems/coins, it would be nice if there was one free crop you could plant to generate coins once you run out. I had to purchase coins once because I had ran out of money and didn’t have enough resources in my inventory to complete any orders and no money to plant any crops to try and make the items needed to complete the order. After that I’ve tried to be a little more conservative in my money spending so as not to run out while trying to complete an order. I don’t mean this to sound too negative because I truly enjoy playing this game!
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5 years ago, gryff22
Fun game!
I prefer games where the player is creating rather than destroying. This game allows the player to build their town while exploring other locations. One has to multi task to combine different objects to complete tasks. Overall it’s enjoyable, and I’ve been playing it pretty obsessively. The downside is once your town is well established, you can only play for about 10 minutes at a time, unless you are willing to spend money to buy more energy. A couple of things that would make the game less frustrating; everything should be tradeable: if I have a surplus of corn, but need rye, I should be able to trade one for the other. Even if the exchange rates are very high, this would add a layer of complexity/ flexibility I think most gamers would enjoy. Being able to play mini games (like the ones in the ads) to earn extra energy would be great. Also, being able to buy a well that gives unlimited water, or a gas pipe that provides unlimited fire would be an awesome add on. (And eliminate the frustration of these two resources never being in adequate supply.) Additionally, every ten levels or so, the number of how much livestock you can keep at one time should increase.
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8 months ago, Stace7921
Unrealistic game goals
Love the concept of this game, but it’s difficult to complete game goals. The only way you can attempt to obtain these goals is by playing short intervals where you use up energy. The energy gained is never enough to complete goals and keep the player feeing like it’s worth the time and effort. Although there are ways to earn more energy, it isn’t enough to feel like your actually getting somewhere. There are far too many high energy obstacles to actually get anywhere in this game. (Even with the mini game, item collection that can turn to energy, and “free-bees”) There needs to be more options to earn energy throughout the game and less energy needed to obtain goals. The add shown is not representative to actual accrual of energy. The developers need to up the ante and figure out a way to keep players more interested in playing for longer periods of time intervals to make it feel like you are actually getting somewhere in the game. It’s very frustrating and makes me want to stop playing. So in recap, more options to gain energy, less “expensive obstacles” and more obtainable goals vs. never feeling like you will actually win anything.
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10 months ago, Kdavis171083
Worst Download Possible
This game is the worst I’ve seen on the App Store and that’s from someone who’s played more than 50 of these popular games. And it’s not for the reason you would think, the complaint for most people with this game is the lack of energy/ the money grab those things don’t bother me. I realize that’s common place with these online games what bothers me is, when there is a technical issue /a glitch and there is no customer support no reaching the dev and no resolution, so you just lose and there’s nothing you can do about it /when you reach out to their AI that’s pretending to be customer service they reply to you with nonsensical generic steps. This app is not one I would recommend to anybody. Rating? -25/10 Update : In response to the developers response I did that and the reply that I got was oh no there’s no problem with your game everything is perfectly fine you can complete the event mind you the event they’re speaking about had already ended 48 hours before they even replied so them telling me I can go ahead everything is OK with nonsense because the event was over for like two days by the time they replied so you telling me where to go and input information been there done that I stick to my original review this is the worst app on the iTunes Store
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4 years ago, kris33333333
Be ready to use real $$ to play
Don’t download this game unless you have no issues using really $ to play it. There’s no other way. I love this game but I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve spent close to a few hundred dollars just to keep playing an hour or so a day in the last 3 months. Everything costs energy! Too much energy!! And it’s not possible to get energy quickly without using real money to do it. It takes hundreds of energy points to clear a tiny area of each board. Unfortunately, you typically max out between 50 and 70 after waiting 1.5 minutes per energy point unless you purchase more. Plus all resources take energy to generate and all of the quests use a ridiculous amount of resources. It feels like each new level or bonus event has higher and higher energy and resources needs just to move through the level. To make things more stressful, the special events that use ridiculous amounts of energy and resources to complete are timed!! There is no possible way to complete an event without using real $ and most of the time, the bonus “gifts” you earn are insignificant or disappear from your home world after you’ve received all of the bonus energy or resources. It’s disappointing when you put so much time and real money into an event.
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4 years ago, sabrinastegall
I think the game is really fun, however, you have to have energy to be able to complete tasks or move forward in the game. And unless you want to spend a ton of your own money, you can’t do a lot. You’ll wait and wait for your energy to rebuild so you can play, and say you need to remove a tree.. well that takes 90 energy.. but you only have 50 max. So you open the game. Click the tree. Use all your energy. And then your done again for like another hour or more. I think the game would be a lot more enjoyable if you either didn’t have the energy bar and could just enjoy removing things.. or the things cost less energy. Makes it hard to want to continue playing when you can only do one small thing per hour. I think the game has a lot of potential to be enjoyable.. but somethings gotta give with that energy bar. And perhaps if things didn’t cost so many emeralds.. may also be helpful. Then get a response from the developers that your supposed to take it slow and not necessarily cut out large objects.. but if you don’t clear the big stuff.. you don’t get most of the boxes and chests.. so. That doesn’t really solve the issue. Can still only play 20 seconds at a time.
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4 weeks ago, Gwynn S
More Chapters Please
I love the game. I really do. However, I’m starting to get frustrated with all the special events that seem to be just a money grab because you can never have enough energy to complete them without buying more energy. The energy cost has gone up considerably for each of these (demo costs are REALLY high), and because of the time limitation, you feel pressured to buy the energy needed to finish the special event. I understand that’s the plan, to make money, but please put more chapters in where we can take our time and do a little bit here and there without feeling the time pressure. I asked about this a while ago and you told me it took a long time to develop a chapter. It doesn’t seem to take much time to develop a special event as they are coming fast and furious. I have to quit this game at some point because I’m a completionist, but I can no longer afford it in this game. One more thing, Gabriela’s Park adds nothing, and the Trade Company is too repetitive. Give us more space on the home area to build more buildings and decorate more. And why do we collect so many things that are completely useless (what’s all the gold for?)?
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