Knoxville TVA Employees CU

4.8 (21.9K)
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Knoxville TVA Employees CU
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Knoxville TVA Employees CU

4.85 out of 5
21.9K Ratings
2 years ago, LSD8571
I don’t understand when I buy something and the money is in my account the bank will keep my purchases pending for 3 to 5 days then processing it. If I have the money in my account at time of purchase why not just let it go through should be no pending. It’s my money it’s in my account why is it pending. I think it is cause sometimes I think it’s went through already cause it should of and I buy something else and overdraft. I think bank does this on purpose to make more money off me . It has done this to me once last month and once this month. Is not right. The bank keeps my purchase pending until I buy something that will make me overdraft then let’s pending items through so I will overdraft.
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1 year ago, F'lip
New login agreement is questionable.
Reading the new agreement, you'll see this in the section on "information we collect:" -Online activity data, such as pages or screens you viewed, how long you spent on a page or screen, the website you visited before accessing the Services, navigation paths between pages or screens, information about your activity on a page or screen, access times, and duration of access. I have no idea why a bank would need access to that. Reading further, you'll find: -We may use your personal information to: comply with applicable laws, lawful requests, and legal process, such as to respond to subpoenas or requests from government authorities;... Nothing wrong with that on the face of it, but combined with the watching seemingly all internet activity and everything we've learned about certain authoritative agencies over the last few months, I don't trust this language and will not be using this app anymore.
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2 years ago, grandmaster pimp
My Bank!
Knoxville TVA credit union may be a small bank but I trust them with my money over the years there’s nothing they have not done for me. I travel the nation on the rapid response team but I still keep my money at the Johnson City Tennessee branch when I walk in the door the girls smile and say hey I feel like family but more than that I trust them with my money they protect it and over the years I have never gotten a fee of any kind I really recommend this bank if you want your money safe and you don’t want no crazy charges then I really recommend banking with Knoxville TVA
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9 months ago, jlindsay0976
Terrible App Access
I use to love this app. That ended here recently prior to the update. You can forget getting into this app mid-morning. Every time I try to access this app around 10:30AM it just sits and runs and runs and runs. Then it pops up a message saying something to the tune of "We had a problem retrieving authentication action during login. Please try again later" This happens quit a bit, I am so over not being able to access my account. I believe this is a IT problem. They want to run updates in the early morning or mid-morning instead of run updates at night when people are not trying to access their accounts. You have the IT trying to update and the people trying to access accounts which in turn clogs up the app. Come on TVA get your act together or hire some IT people that knows what it takes to have a great app people can access when it's needed.
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2 years ago, ChristyK.
Over the past 2 months, I have not been able to pay bills via my phone app. I contacted the bank service team and despite making sure that I had the most recent update, they were unable to correct. I was under the impression that someone would return my call that might have insight. My fault for not following up again until this. But frankly, this is the time of the month that I pay all my bills and had forgotten. I travel and the ability to pay via my phone is VERY important. I am able to use my laptop and iPad, but…. Let me describe what happens. 1)easily go to bill pay section 2)no problem getting to the payee 3)no problem putting in payment amount 4)PROBLEM once the payment date is chosen, the screen immediately returns to the home page. It requires me to sign back in completely. I can transfer monies from account to account, no problem.
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1 year ago, Mcbee47
Love this app! But….
This app has in a way helped me get it together. But the recent update has me on the loading screen constantly. No matter what I try to do. It used to be quick! As soon as you clicked something less than a second later the page was up. Come on TVA I brag about this CU constantly only downfall right now is if I or someone else needs to make a transfer right before a large purchase the they have to wait until or even if the app loads
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8 months ago, Brooke9933
This app used to be fine. I’ve used it for many years. Recently, every time I try to log into my account I always get an “error has occurred” message. Usually it’s fixed within a few hours but it’s still frustrating. People should have more reliable access to their financial accounts without the hassle or waiting for them to resolve the problem with the app/website.
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1 year ago, deleted29
Frequently is not available for use.
I’m happy with the CU but… This app has gone down hill in quality and functionality for the past year or so. I use the “send money” feature frequently. Also, in the past I would frequently import my account transactions into quicken. Very convenient. Recently the send money feature has been “unavailable” several times when I needed it. Each time it is unavailable I have to call the CU and weave my way through the phone system to talk to a person and have it reset. Usually takes about 20 minutes. Not convenient. Now regarding quicken. One day the CU just quit letting quicken connect to my accounts and pull over my transactions. Customer support had no idea why and couldn’t make it work again. That left me downloading all my other financial institution transactions automatically and then logging in manually to TVA CU and pulling over my transactions. Just seems a bit rinky dink compared to other banks and CU’s.
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2 years ago, carvelli new born
TVA is terrible their banks are never open they close on Wednesday at 12:30 none of their machines work. I signed a contract saying my account could not be over drawn but they still did! I put cash in their cash deposit and it stole $80 from me. They have hidden fees they do not tell you about. This bank is a lie, terrible customer service and just a bad bank to bank with. Do no recommend
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3 years ago, Im a girl gamer geek
You have to pay them in order to make a payment
So some genius came up with the idea that they’re going to now charge you an extra five dollars if you want to make a payment either through the app or online. By the time that I finish making my car payment I will have paid them an extra month worth of car payments just to pay their fees.I don’t know who thinks that it’s convenient to charge people an extra five dollars to pay them this is stupid I will be absolutely finding a different bank to do business with I do not recommend using this credit union or whatever you wanna call it for anything
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1 year ago, Patient's Spouse
What happened to facial recognition?
Today, March 26, 2023, the credit union app no longer used facial recognition with my iPhone, which I’ve been using for a very long time. Was this an oversight? Or is it going to be this way from here on out? I much prefer it to a password - please make this convenient, as it was before, and restore facial recognition as a method of signing in.
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2 years ago, afmae
KTVAECU has been a wonderful experience for me and my family. I rarely take the time to write a review, but this was a no brainer. I appreciate all the staff at the West End Branch by Texas Roadhouse. Always greet you with a smile, and definitely will make sure all your needs are taken care of. I recommend banking here, and will gladly assist anyone on making that transition happen. Thanks, Dennis Oxendine
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1 year ago, Cdw611
App won’t work half the time
I like the app but when I want to check my balance on the app it says locked out. I went to the bank and they unlocked it but by the time I got home it was locked again. I have to change my password every two days. I am getting tired of doing that. Someone needs to fix this problem and quick. The gentleman I spoke with stated that it could be Apple giving us a problem. Get with them and fix it. If and when it is fixed I will give a better review.
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2 years ago, trucker2022
Paul W.
TVA Credit Union has been a pleasure to work with, Everybody at the branch across from the Social Security Office on the east side of Morristown has a real honest desire to help people in any way they can, the smiling faces that I see when I enter the door I know I’m in the right bank. I’d like to give a big shout out to Lisa Bolden and Loretta Fair for all the advise,understanding and help getting me back on track!
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3 years ago, Poddlelink
Awesome New App
This app is fantastic!’ I love the sleek new look and the added functionality. Being able to do a transfer from the history screen is a big plus. And I love how I can see all the deposits or checks in one place without having to scan through all the history. Awesome job!!
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1 month ago, Best Infirmière
Jamie Jordan
This employee today while opening a new account at your Credit Union was absolutely fantastic and was so very nice, respectful and very helpful she is what every employee should strive to become like her when dealing with new accounts or other matters at your Credit Union. This is a 5-star approval of her performance today with me!
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2 years ago, clbtn1717
Drive thru
Drive through station take way too long to process transactions in order to move traffic along. Lots of time there’s only one teller working three lanes. The long wait is frustrating. I would appreciate quicker service from drive through. Thanks.
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2 years ago, Kyniya
How Convenient
I really enjoy this app. Even tho I don’t do a lot of things on my phone😩 The nice Lady at the bank helped me get it set-up and showed me the basic things I could do on the app. The instructions were easy for me to follow. Now even I can work it like a pro😂😂😂 So anybody can! Banking at your fingertip? It’s true❤️
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2 years ago, KinFolk96
Face Recognition
I have talked to the bank, my phone provider and apple tech support and the Face ID does not work. I know this is something to do on the bank side because this is the second phone I have had and I had the same issue. No one seems to know how to resolve this issue
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4 days ago, Liberty tapper
It’s not broken so don’t fix it.
I hate the changes to the transfer page. The old version was clean and simple and easy to use. I don’t need all the info from ever account I own in order to make a transfer. I use this function often. The possibility of making a wrong transfer has just exploded. The type is really small. I don’t need all the accounts to show, especially the ones it’s not possible to transfer to or from. Please go back to simple and clean. This update is a mess.
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2 years ago, jjcj4
TVA Credit Union is the best
Everyone is always super friendly and they truly care about their customers. I never felt rushed when I’ve had to seek their help once or twice and I like that they are open on Saturday. I couldn’t ask for a better place. They are hands down the best!
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2 years ago, Rockytopman77
It’s been better recently
The app has been better, but the change to the mobile check deposit was not for the better. The new user interface for mobile check deposits is clunky & not at all intuitive. I can’t click the photo to confirm the front photo/scan is good & can’t see the Back side at all. I liked the old user interface MUCH better.
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2 years ago, Clester20
Great banking app
I love this app for its convenience and ease of use. Minus one star only because I still have to log in from a computer to make principal-only payments for my HELOC and other loans. Hopefully they will make this an option from the mobile app soon. Otherwise, an A+ banking app. I love TVA Credit Union.
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2 years ago, juliaelaneyork
App is easy to interpret and do simply banking task in practical real time. Shows debit card info with dates posted and pending. Banking at your fingertips allowing you to get balances, deposits withdrawals and transfer on multiple accounts. Great financial tool. Highly recommend.
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4 months ago, The Early Nerd
Knoxville TVA
Really great bank. We have savings and checking linked for easy transfers. We don’t have any fees for a certain number of withdrawals or a certain amount in savings or checking. We have access all over Knoxville and back in Maryville:)
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2 months ago, Joyful, Love
Great Bank
I would recommend this bank to anyone they keep your account private and no one can know your business. This bank has been very good to me and I would never use any other bank.
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8 months ago, Vickie Townsend
Great Customer Service
Geo at the Parkside drive location in Knoxville was very patient and kind today, helping me get the app o my new phone. I had been trying to do this for 3 days and couldn’t. I really appreciate the customer service from him.
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2 years ago, alundj
Log off
It should be on the top instead of way on the bottom. That is the only thing I think could be improved Otherwise navigating the site is easy
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9 months ago, joey12432
Bad App
I love this credit union but everytime i need to use the app it always inconveniently stops working like and i mean every time. the app won’t let me in, it’s say “loading error” or “try again” it don’t even give me the option to log in. i would like to access my money any time i need to, not when the app decides it wants me to
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9 months ago, Jenna.m.s
Best one yet
I have had lots of back account apps but this one give you freedom to move money around and share money with others. It make your balance very clear as well as other finance percentage.
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2 years ago, 2HappyJo
Why TVA Credit Union is 5 Stars
TVA has helped me when no one else would. They’ve always been there for me. I love them and thank God I went to them for help during a stressful time in my life. No other credit Union or bank has ever measured up to my TVA.
Show more
3 years ago, 011011001100
Still doesn’t work
But you couldn’t have fixed the quick access feature.. I’m glad there’s a pretty background though. That’s productive.
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4 months ago, Alvin Super Swag
Why are Not allowed to use the send money feature?
Why am I the only member customer are not allowed to use send money feature on this bank app? Because I send money from my debit card from Knoxville Tva employees credit union to Cash App debit card in just case to make a purchase for something or keep the half of the money on this and the other bank. Why am I not allowed to use this send money feature on this app?!
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10 months ago, TiredOfIt#
Doesn’t work
I cannot check my account balance the app will not even load. I cannot check my account online because the login page of the website will not load. I am tired of the issues and I am in the process of looking for a new bank. I have banked here for over 10 years. I would rather not find a new bank but I am so tired of not being able to access my account.
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2 years ago, Xodiac20
Decent app, but not functional lately
For the past month or two I’ve been unable to open this app. It opens to a black screen and then immediately crashes. Doesn’t matter how many times I try, how long I wait before trying again, or if I uninstall and reinstall it. Might just be a me problem, but it’s effectively a dead app as far as I know.
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5 days ago, Rlthompson1973
Handy app!
Love being able to check my balance any time! And lots of other features such as bill pay right at my fingertips!
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2 years ago, nomenecesitas
“You don’t make enough money”
I applied for a loan and received a message I don’t make enough money. One month after I took the money I wanted from my 401K I received a second message wanting to know why I haven’t been in contact with the KTVAECU to complete my loan application. BTW, my 401K has been repaid while growing my savings to six figures and taking five international vacations. Just boasting that I did pretty good for someone who doesn’t make enough money.
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1 year ago, Milkman54
Seems every time you update it locks my account but a call or visit to the office rectifies the issue. The graphics are better this time. Thanks 😎
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2 years ago, Chadofthedead
Notification of direct deposit
It would be extremely useful and align with almost every other banking institution to allow for notifications of deposits. Like if I get my direct deposit, I can select to get a notification instead of have to logging into the app.
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2 years ago, Sd09121972
Online banking gets updated too often and cause “block-outs” that can take hours to remedy and can reoccur consecutively. It also causes in-store lines that trail out the door!!
Show more
2 years ago, Zachcofer
Great app but….
Since this is a banking app. When opening app It should immediately go to Face ID/password instead of Welcome and all the clutter from the home page and having to click log in. Otherwise great app and great credit union.
Show more
3 months ago, Fun times 4 me
These folks are great
From day 1 I have been pleased with the service I receive from ktva no matter what it is I know they are watching out for me & my family
Show more
2 years ago, RodneyDB
Checks now auto deposit to savings
Newsflash!! TVA had an upgrade and of course they made a default setting the least used to make it hard on their customers. If you deposit a check through the app and don’t see it look in savings. It now automatically goes there if you don’t know to select. Great in telling the customers up front! NOT!!! Small minded company.
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3 years ago, Auto play ruined it
Quick Access
Not impressed. Still can’t use quick access or Face ID to access the app. Now the set up quick access notice takes up a huge part of my screen and won’t go away.
Show more
1 year ago, TheJesseLovell
Stupid easy
I love TVA I get all my loans through them just because I can’t do everything from my phone I love the app so much. They really go above and beyond for their clients and I am here for it
Show more
2 years ago, MrDvG
Great app!
You can check your credit score, send money, and check your balances in just a matter of minutes. Love the convenience!
Show more
1 year ago, Vdvandal
Works all the time most of the time
I live the bank, but so much their app. A lot of the time I can’t transfer money from one account to another. It says an error occurred and to try later. They really need to address this problem or fire their developers.
Show more
1 year ago, Jklol28
My credit union is the best. Not only do I get paid early, but I can do everything from my mobile app as far as transferring money and paying bills.
Show more
2 years ago, Mebe1
Great account access
I enjoy the mobile app and all the features! Control My Card is my favorite and so useful for all my card transactions!!
Show more
1 year ago, dancekimdance
The app has been great up until 2 weeks ago, nothing is loading more than initial start up once logging in, anytime I click anything else it’s just loading on the main page & side page
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