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KOKE FM Austin
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5 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for KOKE FM

4 out of 5
14 Ratings
10 years ago, radioprogrammer
KOKE-FM Rocks!
The app is good. Station is great fun. Only thing that'd make the station better - no commercials, but they make em sound alright. Only thing that'd make the app better would be to size better for iPad, and allow it to rotate when on its side. I'll give you a 5 star for that!
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6 years ago, gbend77
Bob is the real deal.
Austin is fortunate to have someone like Bob Cole as a true champion of our community. As the leading long time on air personality of Austin and Central Texas air waves, Bob has care for all the great tradition that make Austin great: from caring for our citizens to Austin’s cultural and music history to the everyday reminders of how great it is to be alive in Austin, Texas. Thank you all at KOKE FM for what you do!
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11 months ago, tpalm20
A True Austin Station
I love the music they play, and listening to Bob & Eric in the mornings. Scotty and Amber at night are equally entertaining. It’s always on in my car and when I am working in Austin, but especially when I am traveling. I can listen on the app any time.
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6 years ago, Jimmy Carter Fan
Jimmy Carter
Haven’t listened since they fired Jimmy Carter. And won’t
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8 years ago, DSchmidt
Great app for out of area listeners
Not that I am a long way out of area but driftwood is in low spot that doesn't get great reception. Some day regular radio comes in clear but most days I start to hear static around nutty brown road but with the app KOKEFM comes in crystal clear. That's great for listeners near and far to keep up with local radio that is truly local and not in Nashville and pretending to be in Texas. Also love the music kokefm plays a mix of texas country and the oldies that made country what it is. Keep it on the air we r listening.
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12 years ago, 672nv
The app is not so good. I wish it were. I'm a KOKE guy. The download goes first thru a WAITING before it downloads. Most downloads immediately starts downloading. Once it does download and you hit connect it immediately try's to connect but then clicks off. Repeat try's are always the same. I've deleted the app and re-downloaded it three times. It does NOT change the app's performance. So, I use iTones to connect to KOKE. It's probably better anyhow because it has a stop/resume capability that the direct KOKE does NOT.......and it works every time all the time. I've submitted a trouble report re the KOKE app and it will be interesting to hear what the problem is and the correction is.
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8 years ago, Anon081508150815
Koke rules!
Love this app! Best cutting edge and classic Texas style country on the planet at my fingertips! You won't find anything like this anywhere else and certainly not on the crap, non-country Nashville stations! This is what true country fans crave! Not rock n rap! Sam Hunt, you need a new agent! You're selling an image to little punk kids that haven't a clue what living country life means! Listen to Koke and learn! Your mind will be blown!
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8 years ago, Putticake
Listening from Cali
Moving to California for work was not my idea. But having this app to keep me connected to all things Austin is a blessing. Thank you Bob Cole and team for making each day better. From the insiders club, to Jimmy Carter and all the music in between allows me to get up early and start the day with an Austin, Texas joy in my heart. ❤️🤘🏼❤️
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12 years ago, THDR19
It's back
There was a time when Cole and company had it figured out and became the voice of Austin, Texas. The morning show was a fantastic place to get the pulse of what was going on in and around the area. Rains was the brains behind the Texas-Red Dirt country movement on the station and he began to introduce us to some of the best music and artists in the area. Enter Clear Channel and bubble gum-fast food programming. I felt like an SMU alumni hearing the Death Sentence. I ended up firing my once favorite station and had a year and a half affair with Pandora. Enter KOKE FM! My prayers had been answered. Thank you Bob, Eric, and Jason for leaving the gelding radio debacle and giving back to Austin what was needed.
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11 years ago, Bobjenkins8989
Great Music
The best radio station on the air! Bob Cole is awesome, I wish he would bring Sammy back for the morning show. I'm glad we don't have to listen to that over produced so called music that is played over and over on the other stations. It sounds like the same person wrote every song. Koke FM is the best source for country radio.
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10 years ago, cshellrr
I love this station, best morning show going! But the app has started crashing and I can't get good signal on the radio. Today it crashed a record 6 times in my hour drive. This was during a discussion with two Doctors on the Ebola situation. Uggh! I can't keep restarting this app I have to drive a stressful, dangerous route. I see no update, so I am going to have to just play some music for awhile and hope things get worked out.
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10 years ago, Burleyboy
Love it!!!!
I love the new app. The old one had trouble keeping up with the name of the artist/song, the new one doesn't have this problem. I found koke fm while on vacation in austin. This is the only way I can still listen and I am grateful for it. Koke needs a sister station in south louisiana!!!!!
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12 years ago, Kahuna Cowboy
Simple yet great!
If you love KOKE, this is a must. It works great, has an alarm clock, links to KOKE Facebook and website, and of course streaming the station itself with a nice skyline shot of Austin and KOKE's logo. If you love real Austin country and not the homogenized pop country the big 2 in town have become you need to be listening to KOKE!
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12 years ago, BR's Music
Awesome for on the road...
I have been in the Northwest part of the US since the first day this app was released. It has been great to be able to listen to the bands I support on the Texas scene and Red Dirt without all the Nashville trash getting in the way. This app is simple yet does am awesome job.
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12 years ago, Anne Bratcher
Simply the Best!
Finding KOKE on my radio was like coming home. I am so thrilled the BEST is back on the air. Thank you for brightening my day each morning and for having the phone app, so I can listen throughout the day. KOKE is the perfect blend of old, new, and alternative music.
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12 years ago, Sundance448
Thanks for coming back
We missed you when you were gone. There was no one to fill us in on the City Council and the air waves were too dull. I just wanted to say THANKS to the whole gang, you make my commute better.
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9 years ago, Always on the go 78664
Keeps me connected to what's happening at home!
No matter where I travel lets me feel like I'm still back home. Heck even use the app to listen when I'm working in the yard when I am home. 😀
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9 years ago, Hellowall23
Absolute Must Have App!
Traveling down the road listening to KOKE FM then like all RADIO stations, you run out of signal right in the middle of your favorite tune... No worries, just grab that phone/iPad/tablet with the KOKE App set on auto and Bam!!! Crisis solved! Thanks KOKE FM for all your outstanding Texas entertainment. kw
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10 years ago, Bill in RR
Like being home!
I've used the AP when traveling and it's like being home. Also works well when the signal is less than stellar. Hope the guys climb in the ratings and get up to the top where they should be. Go KOKE! Keep it up!
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11 years ago, Forgeyourown
Real music
Best radio station in Austin. Gives me hope for country music. It's not the pop music that they play on those so called country stations. Glad to hear Eric bob and Sammy again. Keep it up guys and ill stay tuned in.
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12 years ago, Curtish22
Job well done
For a radio station that just got back on the air without the big machine money, this is a great app. The most important part is a can listen to KokeFM any where I have data. Thank you!
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10 years ago, Selena.d.tx
Listener from Houston
Can't believe I ever lived without this radio station. Thankful for this app because in Houston there's no comparable choice. Occasionally the connection gets lost and the music stops but other than that, it's perfect.
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12 years ago, BrownBagNinja
Ain't it great to be alive in Austin, Tx
It sure is! Austin just isn't Austin without Bob Cole being on the radio. Whether it's over the air, online or over this app. KOKE FM is the only radio station in Austin that knows what real country sounds like. Oh and as for the app... it works great.
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9 years ago, Robcat14
What radio was meant to be
I can't get enough of Bob and Eric and the morning guys. So proud of the commitment to 'hometown ', Texas/red dirt music, and worldwide exposure through the app. It's proof Austin's the greatest place to live and one of the reasons I'm so glad to be from here.
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12 years ago, ZZ slots
Great Radio!!!!!
A real home run! I had stopped listening to radio, and accidentaly found KOKE. I am glad I did, perfect mix of talk in the morning and great music the rest of the day!! Where else will you hear Johnny Paycheck's Colorado Cool-Aid followed by Stoney Larue, or Kyle Park. Keep it going. THANK YOU.
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9 years ago, MJLtx
Great app for listening to the best country station in Austin!
Works perfectly and doesn't have annoying ads like other radio apps.
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9 years ago, I<3NB
Can't do without it.
The genuine sound of Austin and Central Texas. Authentic Texas country music and traditional country music the way it aught to be played. Delivered by DJs from here who know what it should sound like. My most used app!
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9 years ago, Lme211
My favorite
By far my favorite station ever! I've lived all over and was beyond stoked to find this station. I listen to the app whenever I don't have access to radio!
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9 years ago, Friend of KOKEFM
My local station
KOKE FM is truly THE best local radio station. They know what we want and need. From some of the best country and gospel music to good ole Jimmy Carter, the hits keep coming. And now Longhorn football....WOW! Bob Cole and crew, keep it up, you're wonderful.
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12 years ago, MegMelb
Thank you KOKE FM!!
This ap is simply wonderful. I unfortunately am living far from home and this ap just let's me soak in the amazing music of home. Incredible songs and features with this ap!
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9 years ago, Lazy S Lodge
So happy to have a real local radio show again. Bob, Eric, David, Jimmy, Troy... Great way to wake up every morning. Love Tom on Sat. and the Gospel show on Sunday. The only thing missing is Sammy! Can you have him guest sometimes? Thank you so much!!!!
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10 years ago, Rdking926
Great Texas Music
As most of you know, this are the call signs if an old Austin radio station. They are back and playing the greatest of Texas country music, hands down one of the greatest stations in Texas.
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11 years ago, Irishman1798
Great station, great app.
Here in Georgia, all you can get on the country dial is Nashville bubblegum pop music. I now have KOKE-FM on in my truck and at my job all day long. I thought country was dead until now.
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12 years ago, Elizabeth Salas
Best country station
Makes me feel like I'm listening to the radio rations of the good ol' days. When country music was still country music. Thanks for bringing this back into my life.
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11 years ago, Tx-I-Candy
I love me some KOKE-FM!
I 'm a OTR trucker. When I'm on the road, I miss Austin's alternative country radio, with all the oldies and Texas Red Dirt I can handle, and now I can take it everywhere I go in the lower 48! Only thing I wish they'd add is a way to text/email the on-air DJ with comments & requests.
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11 years ago, Cmb510
Finally a station I can listen to and not want to change the station every other song.
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11 years ago, Goatheads brother
5th generation austinite
Awsome the only thing I've got to say is to not play the same songs of the greats soo much for I know just as you all do they do have a lot more solections
Show more
9 years ago, IM FROM TX
Just good ol' TX/red dirt music
A much needed break from the terrible music from Trashville here in Austin. Hopefully the other stations will get the hint. This IS music that comes from the heart. Texas Music is what country should be!!
Show more
11 years ago, CaseMarie21
Love it BUT....
As a girl from Arkansas I'm obsessed with this station and I'm so glad there is a way to connect with that scene. BUT my app tends to crash and it doesn't keep up with the songs in the "now playing section".
Show more
11 years ago, TechTitan
Great App
I'm living in Dallas temporarily and have been using the app for several months. It's better than the local radio reception. Cell phone has to reconnect when we lose the tower.
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8 years ago, KBM34
This station is the last bastion of real country. Texas music is featured here. New music greats are heard here long before the world hears about them. They're like a SoCo restaurant. But no long lines.
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10 years ago, Displaced austinite
Koke FM
Thank God for this app! Functions wonderfully. I set my alarm and get to wake up once again to bob cole and on Mondays Sammy! Nothing has made me feel closer to home in Austin Texas, where it's great to be alive!
Show more
12 years ago, Chief Art Acevedo
Great Way to Take a Part of Home
Great Application to listen to Austin icons anywhere in the World. I love being able to take a part of Austin and something as great as KOKE FM with me when I travel.
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10 years ago, Texas jeff...
Best Station for Real Country Music
I miss living in Austin but so glad to get to listen to my favorite station, shows and personalities as we move from base to base.
Show more
12 years ago, Norma Castillo
Hooked on KOKE!
Not a fan of the latest Pop Country music....but a big fan of this old school country music I use to listen to on my AM radio. 
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9 years ago, Marsha1020
Wow-finally a real country station!
So happy to get the crew back on the morning show and love the Sunday gospel hour! Keep up the good work. Nice to know what's going on in the TX country scene.
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12 years ago, Bankergal78
BEST in iPhone radio!
By far, this is my favorite thing to listen to in the mornings! The topics of conversation are interesting, the personalities are funny, and overall it's just great radio!
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12 years ago, Brenagay
We are so happy to have this type radio in our area! Wonderful & awesome! Glad to hear these familiar voices again on local station!
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10 years ago, larz04
Koke fm always forever
I love this station has great real country music keep it up no other station I listen to since I moved to Oklahoma strictly koke fm this fellow austinite has taste
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9 years ago, tsu_tubagirl
A great thing!
Aside from the fact that KOKE is the best station in town, their app works great, and I never have any issues with streaming!
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