KS95 94.5FM

3 (49)
29.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Hubbard Radio
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for KS95 94.5FM

3.04 out of 5
49 Ratings
2 years ago, Me!!!2.2.2
Bugs in last update
Since the last update - I can’t like songs and it doesn’t seem to record that I’m listening for half the day so I get less time record for the listener rewards😡
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2 years ago, LifeTimeListener
New update needed
App seems to be having some small issues lately. Song that is playing doesn’t match what it shows is playing off the app. A song will show up on played list multiple times and in a row in mins and not have been actually played for awhile.
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3 years ago, mangusxx
Lately I have been getting a notification, cannot locate audio source. Which is frustrating
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2 years ago, Greennyad
App not recording listening time
Since the recent updates every time I listen on the app it hasn’t logged my listening time. Sometimes it will log a few minutes but mostly it doesn’t log anything. I have signed out and back in. Restarted my phone, and redownloaded the app.
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2 years ago, Jane_woodbury1975
Drives me nuts that I can’t delete the notifications. They keep coming back. The mark all read button doesn’t work.
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7 months ago, Mcmann35
Since your last update or my iPhone’s last update it will not open - tried reinstalling app - turn phone off - doing updates and nothing helps
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12 years ago, MPLS Gal
Little sad
I loved the original app super simple! When the update was available there was no update warning and the old version of the app crashed and crashed, I had no idea why until I uninstalled the app on my own and re-installed the new version. The reInstalled version does not include all the same things shown in the app preview. The new version is lacking in a a few of the basics like play/pause an volume control. I have to leave the app and go to the iPad/iPhone volume in the system tray on the far left :-( Unless I am missing the tricks for this app it needs some work or a manual.
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5 years ago, ktm95.5
No reward
I’m listening KS95 from 2011 but I never get anything. But it’s my favorite radio. My all truck have KS95 run
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5 years ago, thesearemyperonsalopinions
Station keeps dropping
This app is good if you like listening to 10 seconds and then trying to re-start for 5 minutes. Used to be great. I like it when it actually plays the station.
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5 years ago, cant get it to send!
App won’t open
90% of the time that I try to open the app to listen, the KS95 picture comes up but nothing else happens! By some rare luck it will sometimes actually open so I can listen. Very disappointed!
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3 years ago, Need all day
Blank page
After the last update when I go into the app I only get a blank page. It will not work with any of my apple products. ☹️
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3 years ago, katjacsen
Doesn’t work
Every time I open it it is just a white screen. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it and it’s the same thing. This is a crap app!
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5 years ago, Leonard_Loh
Constantly drops the stream
The latest update constantly drops the stream. It doesn’t matter if the device is connected to WiFi or cellular data.
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3 years ago, peder2277
Constantly losing the stream
I want to listen to KS95 on the app but I’m continually losing the stream. Any chance you can improve the app so I can keep listening?
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3 years ago, hholmes21046
App Keeps Closing
I downloaded app and it keeps closing on me. I managed to register for an account and no I can’t do anything more as the app keeps closing—- not happy!
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5 years ago, An avid user 69
Works ok but no features
The app works but there is no sleep timer. As opposed to some radio stations, this app does not work outside the US.
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6 years ago, MNDanceMom
Can’t Sign In
I got kicked out of the app and when I select the recover password option it doesn’t work. So I can’t login and get loyal listener rewards :(
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5 years ago, asiamoo3232
Used to work
Hasn’t worked since last update
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9 years ago, SB, WI
Good but has glitches
I enjoy using this app - when it works. It closes out on me quite often and it isn't lack of signal on my end.
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8 years ago, MelissaB13
Love this station!
I really love this station because of the people and because of the music they play. I listen to them when I'm on my way to and from work every day in my car as well as through this app when I'm at work or home on the weekends. However, whenever I have the chance to enter for listening for X amount of hours under one of the prizes, the entire app glitches out and shuts down. That's the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5. (Absolutely love "Love or List"!!!)
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11 years ago, candycorn2479
I love this app!
I just moved and I am not too far away to get the radio signal to come in from this channel. I was super excited when I found out that they had an app. I love this app it works perfectly for me. I have not had a problems. I listen to this radio station for hours. Love love love this app. Thank you so much! Definitely recommend!!!
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8 years ago, Grey paint chip
My favorite station
I like listening to this station. The only bad thing I've noticed is that the reward section doesn't keep track of minutes listened accurately. I've noticed that I lose time I've listened when I log in the following day.
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12 years ago, K340029
Like the radio but too many bugs
The best part about this station, aside from the music, are the personalities. This app seems to pick and choose what real radio I hear and that's frustrating. Also it does not work in the background without crashing. Needs some work please.
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8 years ago, Would like to stay known
4 of 5 stars because I want to use this on my Apple IPad Air (which I wrote this one) but this app only works on my iPad when it is connected to WI-FI. I want to use it on my iPad when the iPad is not connected to WI-FI, please fix soon.
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9 years ago, Brods1345
KS95 is honestly the best radio station ever created. I listen mainly to the Morning Show, and the people are so lively and entertaining and a great start to the day. Thank you KS95!
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11 years ago, Julia Soczynski
Not bad at all ❤ it
Not bad at all. I love it even though its a little slow at times
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7 years ago, Felula29
Shuts Down Randomly
Good when it works but it does just shut down sometimes and freezes.
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12 years ago, Angeleyes1054020
Was fine...
The app worked great, now it keeps closing out. What changed?
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9 years ago, Teencie24
KS95 downer
I finally got the app to load. Only to be frustrated that it won't open. Deleted then reloaded again only to be let down again with the same issue! UGH!! This is my favorite station & the ONLY one I listen to. Says its iPhone loveable but not mine!
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10 years ago, lolypopppp!!!
It is a really good app I can listen anywhere it is cool u can listen to earlier broadcasts it is amazing
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9 years ago, EDM Raver
It's decent for a new app atleast over the time it would become the best app.
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12 years ago, TeriLeigh
Still not good.
I was hoping the update would be an improvement, unfortunately it is not. The mobile app has 2-3 times more advertisements and cuts content to do so. The app plays 20-25 min of ads every hour!
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11 years ago, MnFoose
Good when it works
Good when it works. Routinely comes up as just a black screen after load. From there, nothing happens.
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8 years ago, Sheila MN
Doesn't work
Buffers and closes all the time. Won't even stay open long enough to fill out help form. My internet runs very stable at 60/12 (wireless speeds)...no dropouts. I'm deleting and using TuneIn instead. Advertisers Beware!
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12 years ago, Great_Gene
Not good
For some reason streaming is different from what is on air. There is much more advertisement than on air. So, you are actually will miss a huge part of show due to the ads.
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10 years ago, lil_peanut_AKA_lily_engle
I absolutely LOVE this app! It lest me listen to my favorite radio station whenever I want! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😉😉😉😉
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12 years ago, kristen stweart
I love this app it works great on my IPod. I love you KS95
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7 years ago, TaylorMpb
App crashes
I haven't been able to listen for s couple weeks. The app crashes every time I try!
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7 years ago, Yup32567894
Updated app always crashes
The app says buffering. Than crashes every time.
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12 years ago, Walkerfarmsrider
Terrible ap!
DO NOT GET THIS APP!!!!!! This app always cuts out. It crashed my phone and I couldn't do anything until my phone died and it was charged!!!
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12 years ago, MaraGollin
Doesn't work!!
Very frustrating.
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3 years ago, LindsayO118
Glitchy and No Support
I love KS95, but it will randomly stop playing at times and the alarm clock doesn’t work on my Android. And when I did get it to work on my iPad, I found out that it’s just a regular alarm…I wanted it to start playing the radio station…kind of the whole point of using an alarm on this app right?! When I tried to contact support from the app, it doesn’t actually submit anything. When I click the submit button, it opens up like a share feature, so the button doesn’t seem to be set up correctly. Again, love KS95, but pleaseeeeee update your app with a proper radio alarm clock and bug issues.
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