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User Reviews for KSBJ

4.91 out of 5
2K Ratings
3 years ago, Ksbj rocks 👍🏻
I just got the app but have been listening to KSBJ for a very long time now that I know just about every song that comes on. KSBJ has really changed my life because maybe I’ll be upset at the time, if I listen to KSBJ, I will be very happy and will feel better! I like how in the app there are different things you can do such as simply tap, then it will take you to something like a blood donation or a prayer request. Having the app is helpful because when I used to listen to it on my Alexa I wanted to participate in some of the challenges but there were some things I might have needed from the app but I always forgot to install it afterwards. Now that I have the app and the notifications are on I will get to participate and help out others depending on what it is. This app deserves 5 stars so that’s what I did. I will share the word of god and share Jesus with others, and I think that everyone else should too. THANK YOU KSBJ!!
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9 years ago, Crystal2128
30 Day Challenge
I turned it on the station one day and listened to a few songs and thought they were pretty good. So for the next couple of days I would listen for a while and then on day they were talking about the 30 Day Challenge. So I did it and am so glad that I did. I have been listening for over a year. I love this station! My children are 8 and 5 and they started to learn the songs and sing them and it made me so happy. At church they will recognize a song and their eyes light up and they sing their hearts out. Both of them have an IPad mini and we down loaded the app to both of theirs and my son fell asleep last night listening to it and it makes me so proud to know they love God and love to praise him. Thank you for changing our lives!
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6 years ago, Suzie Duzie
Listening and Worshipping Our Heavenly Father
I have been listening to KSBJ for 10 plus years. I play KSBJ continuously in my home. I like the fact I have God’s Word being spoken in my home all the time. My grandkids know when they get in my car the radio is automatically on KSBJ. My oldest granddaughter is 19. When I get in her car if it’s not on KSBJ she automatically puts it on KSBJ. My grandson is 13 and when he is with me he sings along with the songs! I Praise God for this station. There have been times I have needed to hear something pertaining to my situation and someone or something will be said that just lifts me up. Thank you Father God for KSBJ and the employees and volunteers that are being obedient to Your Word!
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5 years ago, Dill54
Only station I listen to!!!
I’ve been a faithful listener for 14 years. God bless KSBJ for what you are doing for his kingdom. No matter what I’m feeling, a song always comes on that comforts me and confirms God is with me and WILL be with me forever. Many of my friends don’t understand how it can be the only music I listen to, but I tell them it’s uplifting and gives me hope each day. I praise God for everything he has given me, especially my two sons who are godly men, have married godly women, and are raising my 5 grandchildren in a Christian lifestyle. He has blessed me in so many ways, even when it was the worst of times. One of my favorite songs is Mercy Me’s “Even If”...it is well with my soul. 🙏🏻
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3 weeks ago, Rlw2008
I love it
I’ve listened to KSBJ for years, it’s the only station that was on my car radio. Then my car radio went out and it was too expensive to replace so… I downloaded the app. I take KSBJ everywhere with me. I love the app bc I can sit at my desk and listen too. It was a blessing my radio when out so that I downloaded the app and now listen even more. This radio station has my love and support. It’s changing lives for the better (mine included) and I’m forever grateful for that.
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4 years ago, cb0606
Other Artists
I used to love KSBJ, the only station all my cars, home, phones, kids were locked to. But I have noticed that KSBJ is VERY biased when it comes to music gospel artists. For the numerous black gospel artists there are, KSBJ only play a few songs from ONE. For a network who promotes Christian Unity, I am certainly sure this can be better. You have a wide listening audience in the African American community and a mixture of artists would definitely be more inspirational, instead of what it feels like an abuse to some artists songs. For example: this one song was sang by an African musician (2016), and was reintroduced by a Caucasian(2019), and one of the DJs confessed they “Are so in love with the words of this song.” This song has been there for three years now!!!! KSBJ, YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS!
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11 years ago, rjccourt
Good app, but ...
Would like to see more than the last 10 songs. Would like to see "Recently Played" (more than 10 songs, too) like on the website. Sometimes I hear a song when I'm in the car/driving, and I'll have just enough time to look at the clock so I can check later, but I don't always have the opportunity to check the app before the song rotates off the last 10 songs. You used to be able to search "Recently Played" on the website hours after a song has been played--even days ... but even that has become more difficult.
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5 years ago, CAH52
I moved from Michigan to Houston 30 years ago with my husband and 3 children. I was so thankful to find KSBJ to encourage me and lift my spirits when I had no extended family around and had not yet made new friends. I have sent monthly support ever since I started listening Music always ministers to me. I would hear a variety of songs and then buy tapes, then CD’s by the many wonderful Christian artists. I’m so thankful for their ministry to me, our city and even our world as we can listen via this app and the internet.
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3 years ago, frhdg267gdj
I’ve been trying to get closer to god, and this has helped me in so many ways. I’m just a kid but I want to be in the god’s presence, and I know tomorrow is not promised. And judgment day is coming! I put this on every night to go to sleep and it helps me fall Asleep. But when I pray I will play this in the back and pray! I can feel all the stress and worry fade away! And thank you GOD our FATHER that has died on the cross for our sins! And three days later rose again! 🤩
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10 years ago, Delauer
Spiritual support
What a blessing this station is! It's like being surrounded by your most loving and most trusted friends 24 hours a day, whether you are on the mountain top or down in the valleys of life they are just seconds away. No criticism, no judgement, no partiality, no condemnation....just like our blessed Savior! Oh I get it....this station, these artist and its employees want us to see Jesus through them! Wow we need to spread this around the world. What a difference Jesus makes!
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11 years ago, SuzyD53
How wonderful to find something that helps you through trying times. Listening to this station often brings Just the Word I need while traveling through this land. Many times I have been ministered to when I have to jump into the car for quick run to town for whatever begs my attention. A lifesaving inspiration! So I had to download the mobile app!!!!
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1 week ago, im concerned.
Always at my side
KSBJ has been at my side for 23 yrs and it keeps getting better! It has seen me through trials where words jumped out of the radio and spoke to me and guided me through decisions. It is in my home, my car, my office. It came with me as I lived in Africa for 3 yrs. Thank you KSBJ for being there for me each and every day! I love doing life with you!!!🙏❤️
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5 years ago, Bliever2
I live in California and began listening online at my workplace desk computer, near 10 years ago, when Susan and Mike were on the air. I miss them both! Since then, I’ve downloaded the app to listen on my iPhone if I have a good signal. I love the ministry, love the music, and mission. I know thousands of lives are blessed by the music and even the ministry messages.
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10 years ago, Milieve
God listens!
I'm so glad I downloaded this app, it helps me with the 30days challenge and keeps me encouraged all day. But I noticed that if I touch pause when my phone screen is locked it doesn't stop. I've to log in to switch it off directly from the app. It would be nice to work on that so it's easy to switch off especially for those times when I'm in a hurry or I just need to switch it off for the day.
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6 years ago, listenerKen
God’s station
During my life I have listened to many radio stations but 10 years ago I started listening to KSBJ and now it is the only station I listen to. It has changed my life. I have now accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and when life gets you down, KSBJ lifts you up and keeps you focused on God and Jesus Christ and not the world with all it’s problems. Thank you KSBJ.
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4 years ago, Hsajamer5
I’ve been with KSBJ since the beginning. As a teenager it was so nice instead of always hearing the old music. Which now I can appreciate. But as a teenager you want more update music lol. I love I can turn on my radio and immediately feel better. Sometimes it’s the right song I need to hear for that season of my life.
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4 years ago, grammietami
Longtime listener
I have been listening to KSBJ since the early ‘90s. It is the best. I am so thankful I can listen on the computer app since I no longer live in the area. God has spoken to me many times and helped me through many trials over the years through KSBJ! A special thanks to all the KSBJ staff and prayer warriors. I will always be a supporter
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5 years ago, TL29766
Great music wherever you are at
Music when you need it. This app works well on WiFi or phone data. The station has a fun morning show and insightful hosts throughout the day. Special guests (music artists) add to the mix. They sponsor concerts throughout the year. Definitely worth the listen and commercial free with your support.
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6 years ago, bluewaterenterprisespoolandspa
Love the station
Love the station, beautiful Christian music. For some reason it needs to be updated to work in the new iOS 11. But I’m sure after its updated to work in the new iOS 11 the station will work good again, but so far; I love the station and I will not stop listening to the beautiful music!
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6 years ago, mederah
Update needed for iOS 11
Great app! KSBJ is my go to radio station from my car to my phone. If I want to listen to the radio, it’s KSBJ. Since the software update on my iPhone to iOS 11, the app doesn’t work because it needs to be updated to be compatible with iOS 11. Please tell me you guys are working on this. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Hallekay
KSBJ the greatest
I’ve been listening since the day it went on the air. It has been there in my good times and there in the bad times. It has taught me and reminded me God listens. I miss it when I go out of town. It is a pleasure to tell people it is on the air... professional and so loving all wrapped in the same package. Love y’all
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10 years ago, Christian Artist
God blessed Artist
I listen to KSBJ while painting- it gives me peace and allows my painting to be so much more relaxing. God gave me my artistic talent and praising Him in song while painting is a thank-you for my blessings. I love having the music on my phone, it allows me to carry my music from room to room Thank you for allowing me to Praise God with you.
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6 years ago, TexasAggie83
Fav station, period
I used to be an avid Country & Western listener till about 8 or 10 years ago when I started listening to Christian radio. I found KSBJ on a trip to Houston. I learned about the app during a family reunion at Camp Allen (listening range) and moved to Navasota 1 1/2 Years back. Moved to Austin and carry KSBJ with me always.
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3 weeks ago, Eccie Wood
I’ve listened to KSBJ ever since it came on the air. I listen to it every single day, either at home or in my car. It keeps me in a great mood. I know that y’all are led by the Holy Spirit on what to play. Thank Y’all for always being there for so many of us. God Bless Y’all. Love Y’all. Eccie (EC) Potter Wood
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5 days ago, Special & Chosen
Love my KSBJ
U ride with me to work & back home again; allow me to sing along even when i’m off key; entertain me while i cook & clean my home; u share prayers, stories, & testaments of Our Lord & Savior’s love for me; and me help me to fall asleep dreaming of the day when I’ll b in Jesus’ presence. Thank u KSBJ!!! ❤️❤️
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11 years ago, Ana0892
This station is incredible! It has definitely gotten me closer to God and always has a song to help me during hard times. I really appreciate the dedication thats put into this station and hope that it keeps playing for a long time.
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5 years ago, RIGRT
Best radio station in the country!
After living in the Houston area for 20 years KSBJ provided immeasurable support & uplifting. I even enjoyed working at the station for the fundraisers. I was delighted to find the online version when I moved out of the area, so now I can enjoy it wherever I go. THANKS
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6 years ago, Gilgirl64
I miss listening to this on my phone. The phone is no longer able to play the station as the station needs to update their app. I hope that you are able to do this soon. 😊❤️❤️ This is the best station ever.
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5 years ago, JRRickett
30 Day Challenge
My family bugged me for almost a year to give KSBJ a try. I wanted to hear Christmas music in 17 and started the 30 D.C. and have continued listening since. Thank you for doing God’s work in so many lives through such a beautiful medium, which is music.
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5 years ago, Pip1959
Believe that this is the easiest challenge for the New Year. It is without a doubt the most rewarding with the 100% positive stream of sharing, caring, love and encouragement. The DJ’s are funny, loving and real. The music is awesome - the Truth put into songs that are great to sing and dance to (like nobody’s watching😂). Believe! You can do it!!
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3 years ago, Christian Struggles
I have been listening to KSBJ 89.3 my entire life. While my friends listen to non Christian music in order to fit in, I continue to listen to the station that’s gotten me through serious struggles. NEVER GONNA STOP listening to KSBJ. Thanks for all you’ve done in the name of the Lord.
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7 years ago, g_bookworm
IOS Update
I love this app with all my heart, but recently, after getting the new IOS 10 update, it's stopped working. It says that it cannot connect to the station, even though it previously worked with this connection prior to the update. I am a concerned KSBJ listener and I was hoping y'all could fix it.
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2 weeks ago, Terri T❤️
I have been listening to KSBJ non stop for 2 yrs & 6 months. I was introduced by my daughter. I was so stressed out buying my home. She said try listening it may change your life. I was very grateful to her. Now it’s the only station. I love my KSBJ family, team hope, the sticky notes. Etc. ❤️❤️❤️ Terri Tyler
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5 years ago, GG5207💗
I absolutely love listening to KSBJ. From the moment I started listening years ago, I haven’t stopped since. It’s very uplifting and I can’t sleep without listening to this radio station. I LOVE saying the daily prayer together. And I love KSBJ crew. They are funny and also very inspirational. ♥️
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4 years ago, Fesoares
This is the “bestest” radio station in H-Town
The app is easy to be used and work perfectly. The radio station is a blessing to me and my family. We just listen to KSBJ whenever the radio is on and whenever we can turn the app on. Texcellent.
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5 years ago, God Listen
God listen 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼💕!!!!!
I move to Houston 8 years and 89.3 have helped me go through sooo much in my life with ,Believing , hope, pray with me. Its a blessing Lessing’s to songs that helps my soul ❣️🙌🏼🙏🏼😇 GOD keep blessing all the people that works in this station and everyone that listens to this station 🙏🏼🙌🏼😇! GOD BLESSES Y’all Always!!!!
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6 years ago, The Nieto's
I absolutely love the KSBJ app!!!
Please update the application to work with Apple iOS 11. Since Apple’s most recent update we can’t use the KSBJ app as it’s no longer compatible with the software. I absolutely love the KSBJ app!!! You can take KSBJ with you and listen anywhere! Thank you and God bless!!!
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4 years ago, Ginsol
God really is there for each of us
I’m grateful for the wonderful people God has chosen for this station. Every time I listen I feel lifted by the Holy Spirit and he always made me feel love. I pray that more people could listen to this wonderful instrument of God that is KSBJ.
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7 years ago, Laser08
Update please
I love this app and everything y'all do but could y'all please come out with a new update? Because of the most recent iOS I can't get the app to work properly:( Must be updated in order to work properly
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6 years ago, Pastelgirl
I love this!!!!
I love being able to put KSBJ music on my iPhone so that I can listen to it where ever I go! It is the only station I listen to in my car and having this app I can now listen to it anywhere! Thank you so very much!
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2 weeks ago, sammieeeeeeeee1754
Can’t change audio source with new app?
I love the new app but in the old app used to be super easy to change the audio source to my Sonos and now I am not able to do so. Could you please add back this feature? Thank you!
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5 years ago, Dee10245
Thanks for the Lift !
I moved to Texas from Pennsylvania in 2016. The first radio station I heard was KSBJ. I don’t even have a radio so I appreciate the stream very much. I love everything about this station and am a proud donor too. God listens is more than a slogan. It’s the truth and I’m forever grateful.🤗🙏🏻🌹
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1 week ago, Fingertip Bible Verse
The songs are so inspiring and have been a great positive part of getting through things. It's great to have a Christian radio station who continues to play all the right songs.
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11 years ago, -SFNative-
Great app
Truly nice to hear my station where ever I go. Only reason I didn't give five stars is because the status writing when it buffers and such is in white and difficult to see so it was hard to tell that it was loading but none the less great app!!!
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2 weeks ago, andrea the wire j
My Rock
Love this station. I have been listening for about 5 years now. It keeps me centered, entertained and is my go to when I need to get my head/my heart right with God.
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10 years ago, Glynda Gros
I never change the station in my car and I often go to bed with my ears plugged in to KSBJ. Your station has kept me focused on the wonder and glory of God through many trials in my life the last three years. Thank you KSBJ!
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4 years ago, baby_lover3456
Amazing changed my life 💖
This app I love it so much!! I doing morning devotionals to start the day off good!! And then I put on KSBJ on my phone and it changes my whole day!! Thank you for changing my life and the life of others!! If your a Christian ✝️ I recommend this app to you!! I love it!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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5 years ago, Tracyasst
Love the station-Need a stronger signal
Listen all the time. Great conversations and music. I just wish the signal was stronger because its starts getting some static and I lose the music. It does it on the app and the station.
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7 years ago, MsDiFav
KSBJ Only Way I Start My Day!
👼 Always reminds me that I am not alone. Pray down at high noon is the best part of my day! It's spirit lifting, motivating and hope building. I tell others about KSBJ. Listening to this positive radio station can be life changing. 👼
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5 years ago, VIP Amex
As a busy full-time working mom I love the fact that I can’t have it at work on walks at games plus the bonus of the radio! Ksbj is been my only station for the last 22 years and I helped triple that.
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