KSL Classifieds

4.8 (48.9K)
75.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Deseret Digital Media, Inc
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for KSL Classifieds

4.79 out of 5
48.9K Ratings
1 year ago, nayrnayr7628
Does not support VPN
I use my cell phone a lot outside of my home, do you? Well, you should be using a VPN on your phone to protect the data you are transmitting on unknown data networks; so that other users on those networks cannot see your data. The KSL Classified app recently stopped working for me on my cell phone; but the website seems to run just fine. After spending an hour or two changing passwords, and trying other things; I finally realized that my phone’s VPN was on. You see, I pay for NordVPN for my phones and laptops to protect the data that I transmit. I turned off NordVPN on my phone, and suddenly the KSL Classified app started working again. When I notified KSL support of this problem, the support agent said “Our site and app do not allow the use of VPNs or Hosting Services as we have seen that many fraudsters and scammers use these programs to access our site/app”. How terrible! I told the support rep that their rash decision was paramount to the medical term “unnecessary amputation”. Rather than build something that works, they went the simple route of excluding anybody who uses a specific network protection feature. What a terrible idea.
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1 year ago, OneHumanMan
Necessary but so frustrating
Update to say that notifications are so backed up that they’re useless. You get a push notification anywhere from 1-5 hours after an item in your search has been listed. More often than not those items are sold before the notification goes out. One of the most frustrating app experiences you’ll ever have. Such a great opportunity for a great app that has so many current UX fails. One of my most used apps and I’d like to love it. - saved searches on your Home Screen are just gone every few days. It’s not consistent and you have to go back in and re-add them to your screen, then that might last for 1 day or 1 month but you can be 100% confident you’ll have to go add them again. - messages don’t send if you leave the dialogue screen before it loads in and confirms send, which can take an unreasonably long time. The messaging experience is buggy and slow and frustrating. - if you’re in a search and you click into an item, and then you want to go back to where you were and you swipe back, you’d expect that it would be where you left off. Nope. It takes you all the way back to the beginning. Every time. - deep links hardly ever work. Sharing items is very difficult because the deep linking only works when it wants to.
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3 years ago, Charles Ahlstrom
I LOVE KSL Classifieds! Use it literally everyday, without fail. But… this new update has made things awful! The tabs we use most often are now at the tippy top of the screen, yet our fingers sit near the bottom. Why wouldn’t you think to nest the row of navigation tabs at the bottom, and get rid of the terrible ads (usually R.C. Willy) that sit there instead? Or sit right above the ad? The idea of the home page being customisable is nice, but by moving the nav tabs to the top it’s created a less convenient setup, especially if you’re someone who likes to use a single hand with a large display phone. Also… Dark Mode! Where is Dark Mode??? This app is still rocking the crazy bright white background, where most all other apps have been able to come up with a dark mode option. I’m literally typing this review on the App Store in Dark Mode with white (super easy to read) text. This cannot be that difficult of an option to include, no? We LOVE the KSL Classifieds system, as it’s far better than Craigslist, LetGo, FB, etc., but it NEEDS a Dark Mode, and would be much more convenient with the nav tabs at the bottom instead of the very top of the screen!
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10 months ago, willymamma
Worst search browser
I’ve resisted writing a bad review on this app. The last couple times I’ve downloaded and deleted it. It’s amazing how many people use this platform and how under developed the app is. It doesn’t save your search’s. You have to put in the exact title of someone else’s post for KSL to show you their listing. So if someone used “2020 flat bed trailer” as the title of their listing, it won’t show up if you just type in “trailer” or “flatbed” OR “ flatbed trailer”. You need to write the entire title down for that person, supposed to show up in your search. It’s just such a waste of time. The filters on the search don’t work, and if you just look at the current classifieds. It will show you the same 10 listings over and over and over again as you’re scrolling down. This app is totally outdated and is only useful as desktop site. Developers: how about you download the Facebook app? Go onto the marketplace and search something random and see how many options pop-up. I think it would serve you well by using the same style they use to make it more user-friendly for your users.
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2 years ago, RobCWV
Excellent but…
I’ve used this app for over a decade to buy and sell things. Currently use it almost daily. The overall interface and usability is excellent and continues to get better. I’m writing this review hoping to get a few minor issues resolved. First, it would be great if you could rearrange the photos in a listing at the same time as adding new photos. Currently, if you add a few photos, then rearrange their order in the listing, the ad will publish without recognizing the rearrangement (only the new additions.) Second, it would be great if the new messaging system included a normal keyboard interface. Currently, the “return” key on a normal keyboard is replaced with a “send” button, which makes it more difficult to begin a new paragraph in the typed message or to properly edit the format of an address without using the space bar. As there is already a “send” icon near the text entry box, the keyboard send button becomes redundant.
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3 years ago, Nealhaha
App crashes a lot
Opening the app is a struggle when it finally decides to load everything. Switch the location filter to a sort filter because having to open a menu and then submenu to basically restart a search with the new sorting criteria (high to low, etc) that also resets all the time or doesn’t sort it when you submit the initial search and forces you to redo it. Also don’t see a point in having ads at the end of scrolling through a listing while also having an ad banner at the bottom. Getting rid of the ads at the bottom of a listing(still keep the banner at the bottom for ads as I assume that’s how funding comes in for the app) would also help with the over processing issues. pc, laptop, phone, tablet, accessing the app/website causes everything to either get really hot for mobile devices or kick the fans on immediately on PCs, regardless of how new it is. I loved the app a few years ago but every year it seems to change not always for the better. So many sub menus to go through for almost everything.
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2 years ago, Hawkps.com
Good app
I enjoy the app. And if you only use it to buy stuff then I would give it five starts. But I also use it to sell. The only issue that I have with it right now, is that when I try to load a new item to sell on my mobile, it doesn’t just open the photo library. I have to go select photos, then select more photos, then go back and select the photos I just selected from the library. But thank you for getting rid of the scamming texts! ****** Scamming has reduced quite a bit. New message option looks like will be a good thing, although I still get scam messages on Facebook messenger. Would be good to get the option to make and receive calls with out having to give out your number.
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3 years ago, spider myron
Contact info
It would be good for people to know: you can’t update or change your contact info in the listing itself. There is an “edit” link, but if you make changes in there it doesn’t actually change your contact info, in the listing. In fact, I went into my profile and corrected it there, and it didn’t flow through to my listing. The system said it would take 5 minutes, but after 30 minutes it still wasn’t showing up correctly in my listing. So, I ended up deleting my listing and started a new one. This really wasn’t a big deal, but I had a very short window of time to sell the item, so it became a bit of a problem.
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2 years ago, ihatenicknamesmorethanyou
Great app expect for New messenger update
Updated: Apparently everyone using the app has failed to noticed you can still use text/call/email in addition to messenger. I understand it’s for security and prevents some of the scams that were happening, but forwarding messages directly to text messaging should still be an option for those who are posting. Every person I’ve bought something from in the past several weeks has complained about the new system. It’s causing communication errors. Otherwise it really is a great app and service that other cities don’t have outside of fb market place, which is just not as good.
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3 years ago, Bubble Stiltskins
Still my go to.
With fb marketplace, letgo, offer-up, and all the rest of the copycat adds gaining popularity daily, KSL remains my go to for all things “classified”. The interface is intuitive and simple weather you are looking to sell some no longer needed treasures, or looking to buy that ultra-rare, super limited, special edition, 1901, whatEVERtheHECKthing you’ve always wanted it’s set up in such a manner that even my technologically inept self can navigate it with ease. The only thing I really wish I could change is the fact that income is grossly insufficient when it comes to all the great finds I would like to purchase and I’m only able to safely afford maybe 1% of what I want to heh.
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4 years ago, oldfeller01
I absolutely loved the app. I could sign in and save my searches and favorites. But since the new update it is absolute crap!!!!!!!!!!! It signed me out and I couldn’t sign back in so I created a new account and still can’t sign, it says there’s a “error” when I click sign in. Then I try to use without being signed in, looking at vehicles and it just loads the same 10 vehicles every single page. This is very frustrating to me. Updates are supposed to make things better but this one absolutely ruined the app. 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 ***************Revision************** Customer service got in touch with me and got it figured out. Back to one of my favorite apps. 👍👍👍👍👍
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3 years ago, real #1 review master
Always has a bug
This app is generally good and useful. I use it pretty much every day. The problem is that there are so many bugs; and the bugs they do fix usually create others. You never know what’s not going to work next. I also use this app on my iPad quite a bit that is almost always connected to a keyboard and its very annoying that this app doesn’t work in landscape mode. That being said, I still prefer using the app over using safari or another browser. Just wish they would fix a few things. Also miss being able to access favorites and saved searches without having to go through the navigation bar.
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4 years ago, Me638264
Reloads everything every. single. time.
This app is generally okay, but I can’t get over the fact that every single time I leave the app-for any amount of time- it goes back to the main menu screen when I come back. I lose all progress on my searches; even if I’m lucky enough to be on a saved search, I still have to find the search again in my list and scroll back down to where I was at. Considering that I often want to hop over to google to check average pricing and quality on things I’m looking to buy, this is super frustrating. I also have just found it to be pretty buggy in general: lots of frozen screens, pictures stuck halfway to the next photo, stuff like that. I still use the app, because KSL is a big player in the online market in my area, but I honestly don’t enjoy using it at all.
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3 years ago, 135reviewer
Great app!
Awesome app! Much better than Craigslist, sellers still have to fish through spammers (don't ever accept codes or 3rd party pick up, or even cashiers check), but most of the listings Ive seen are all legit, not like the "too good to be true" ones that are sob stories and someone is going out of town for military and just to be safe, look at this eBay listing that is not really ebay, and they will hold the payment for a couple days so you can try the item out before funds are released to the fake seller, and the shipping has already been covered, and it's at a secure state facility on a military base. Good job KSL.
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2 years ago, grandmaluvs8
Long time user
As a long time Idaho user, I’ve only been scammed one time. KSL helped us to find, and convict him. You need to do your own due diligence even though KSL does try to protect you. Half of my house is furnished from KSL purchases. It’s invaluable to a budget. It’s easy to use, follow and communicate with sellers. Heck, we sold our motorhome in one day. My daughter has now refused to take our calls if it means picking up stuff for us ! Lol. Thanks KSL, it’s a real service. That said, I hate commercial businesses always using a free forum to promote their businesses. Can’t we have a separate category for them?
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4 years ago, snowbikeAbe
Isn’t KSL great
I feel lucky to live in an area near the customer base of KSL classifieds. It is so much easier to use than any other classified ad platform I have ever tried, and it has such great user base that you can feel confident that if it is for sale somewhere on any platform, it is very likely to be on sale in KSL too. The security features and the way the app works all help it’s success. Thanks. One bit of feedback would be I wish we could use a forward button. I get annoyed when I accidentally back out of a search and cannot get back to it easily.
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3 years ago, i miss myspace
Crashes and over heats my iPhone
After being on the ap for few minutes, my phone will heat up and all the functions freeze until I can get KSL to close. I can browse for maybe 10 min before I have to preemptively close everything. Otherwise, love the ap, easy to use, great finds. also I wish you didn’t have a free pet section, maybe instead team up with local shelters and have an adoption page. If someone isn’t a responsible pet owner and they are going to dump an animal, encourage them to give to a rescue that will care for the animals well-being and find them a new home. Animals aren’t lamps, they feel abandonment just as a child would. Do better KSL, work within the community, support non kill shelters and animal adoption.
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5 years ago, A 'bucks regular
Old app was better
I appreciate the updates to the app but this new interface is way more buggy than the app from last year or so. I use the app and website daily for work and personal use, but I’m forever frustrated with the map distance filter. I understand the concept of a radius distance filter, but it resets every time you fill a new search query. I would greatly appreciate the option to lock the distance filter separately from other filters. Repeated searches for different items in the same area get fairly taxing when you have to reset the distance filter every time. Otherwise a fairly fluid app, but well on its way to improvement.
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2 years ago, Catherine2012p
Forced to download because of messages “feature”
The key to product or feature adoption and engagement is to get people where they already are, doing what they’re already doing. Platforms live and die at the login screen. I get the desire to “protect” personal information in classifieds, but there are so many other ways that KSL could have gone about this besides forcing people into a new messaging feature. It was so much easier, faster, and more efficient for sellers and buyers to transact without messages. And for those who were already using the app, it’s probably more of an organic change. But for those using the site it suuuuuuucks. Please KSL put in the extra programming effort to hide phone numbers so that communication can happen via text.
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2 weeks ago, Jb sherwood
Used to be better
I’ve used the KSL Classifieds app for years, and recently it has started signing me out of my account and won’t let me sign in. I’m grateful for the effort the team has put in to building such a good app, it’s just frustrating not being able to save listings I’m interested in because I can’t sign in. UPDATE: I was able to log in somehow (can’t pinpoint a solution that worked) and things were going fine, but now I’ve been logged out and having the same problems as before. UPDATE: It seems my problems are from my VPN. If I turn it off I can log in just fine. It’s too bad KSL is so greedy for people’s metadata it won’t let users use a VPN and be logged into their account.
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11 months ago, swazzle p
KSL what happened ahhh
This app use to be the king of all classified app in the Utah/Nevada/Wyoming/Colorado area but now because of a little thing they did to the app making it almost the most Annoying app on my phone (besides tinder) but now every time you look up something in the app then go to edit what you are looking for it deletes your entire search making you go through all the little bars typing in what you want specifically the going through the process again I don’t know why they did this there is no point to it what so ever and it makes it a chore to try and buy anything on this app anymore I think I’ll just stick to Facebook marketplace until this gets fixed - BA
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2 years ago, jensshum
One of the best apps out there
KSL classified is undefeated when it comes to second-hand or new marketplace listings. The user experience is top notch. I wanted to give them kudos for how their attempting to handle scammers. Scammers are a huge part of any online selling places like fb marketplace and such but KSL went above and beyond by offering as an option a private messaging system within their app that allows users to flag other users who are doing suspicious things or attempting to scam other users. Such a great way to handle that.
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4 months ago, sav9642
I deleted the app
I use to love this app but I don’t anymore , if u have a bunch of stuff you want to list in one post you can make just one post because they will take it down . It will log me out randomly I don’t remember my password but when I go to make a new password it says the link has expired so I will redo it and it says it again so now I can’t get into the app . People will post stuff in the free spot but be asking for money if I do it it gets taken down right away but yet it lets other people do it tell me how that makes sense she should make a spot where u can list more then one thing in the post . I have deleted the app off my phone now because it’s just not worth it anymore to many problems with the app
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5 years ago, Not your average gamer
Timeouts and crashes
For the last few weeks the app doesn’t seem to work. Most of my searches give me a timeout error... I contacted support and they said there was a bug that was fixed and to delete and re download. Did that and it worked for about a day and now I find myself deleting the app and re download frequently due to poor performance. Love the app it has saved and made me thousands of dollars so I can’t rate it bad, but just want them to fix it so it is consistent again.
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1 year ago, Hugh Gebuttz
App literally doesn’t work
On iPhone 14 pro max and the app literally does not work. I think the latest update messed something up, but I have not been able to load any results for over a week. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and everything else I can think of to no avail. I can’t see any listings and it gives me a “Network Error” despite every other app working fine. Update: the app is working for me now. I think it had something to do with my apartment network. Overall solid app, at times can be laggy still
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5 years ago, Patrol200
Location Filter is horrendous
I used to search and buy stuff on KSL all the time. I absolutely hate the Location Filter! I wish it was possible to just shut it off. I am fine looking at item from all over the state. I live in Wyoming so I will be driving to pickup whatever I find anyway. Just give us an option to shut it off and leave it off. For years I have loved these classifieds but now it is such a pain to use I have been using FB marketplace. Please fix it.
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3 months ago, DrBushnell
Greedy Ticket Money Grabb
You can’t buy bargain tickets anymore because they charge a “nominal fee” $10 per listing regardless of the price of the ticket and if you sell the tickets or not. So no more $10/$20 tickets because greedy KSL takes all the profit. It‘s worse than Seatgeek or Ticketmaster or any other ticket seller. Facebook marketplace far surpasses KSL now. They say it’s to keep buyers and sellers safe but if that was the case they would charge $1 per listing or less less. I’ve bought and sold many tickets on KSL. No more I guess, they don’t exist. I was looking for cheap Jazz tickets and no one lists them anymore. What a shame. They truly care about the $$$ more than us customers.
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1 year ago, 🐢 turtle 🤌
I started selling things since I was 14 years old, I love to buy broken things, fix this item and then flip it for an amazing profit. I have made more money than a 15 year old should have. Thanks to ksl I bought my dream car Mazda RX-7 at 16 because of all my earnings. My screen time is through the roof for ksl, I cant resist all of the good dealsand amazing opportunities. All of my possessions are bought from KSL classifieds. Truly the greatest app. 🤌
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6 years ago, BBMAniac
Latest version Oct 2028 has big problems
The latest update in the last month or so has been horrible compared to the previous. Inconsistent searches, won’t search for right settings unless you force it to search twice. Sometimes even if I put in a wide open search I’ll get maybe one car, then search again and get 10 and it’ll mix it up and include vehicles I didn’t ask for. I’ve used this app for years, but I can’t trust it right now like I used to so I’m disappointed. I would wait for the next rev and see if they get these bugs fixed.
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2 years ago, broke playa
Good information on this app but it is very buggy. I cannot seem to login on any of my iOS devices and on the very slim chance that I do an update rolls out and I’m logged out again. And I have no idea why in this day and age you cannot develop an app that has a tablet version or at least a landscape mode is beyond me. Spend a little of that RC Willey add money and hire developers that can provide these common functions. Before you reply saying that I may have a problem with my password, I do not. It work fine from my laptop and desktop just not on the app nor a mobile browser.
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4 years ago, djhomeslice
Glitchy lists
If you live in Utah you really don’t have many options for buying and selling, so I’m at least glad the KSL classifieds app works as well as it does. That said, the search results and favorites lists are annoyingly glitchy. They seem to get in a loop sometimes and list the same five things multiple times before you get to new items. And it’s not because of promoted items, it happens in my favorites, too. It’s annoying enough that I would look for a better option if there was one but all other classifieds in Utah just aren’t as popular.
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6 years ago, Arezhik
Every “update” a downgrade
When I first got the app, it was great! So easy to use, fast, and I could easily see people’s phone numbers to pass along the info to share with someone when I knew they were looking for something. Now though, the app takes over a full minute to even register that I pushed a button when it first opens. No other app takes that long. It’s ridiculous. Every time you return to the first page, it takes another full minute (or more) to load to the next thing you want to see. I’ve waited 3 minutes and I don’t think the car search is working today. It simply won’t open. Won’t even register that I hit the button.
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9 months ago, SwirlingMist
User feedback broken
The user feedback feature can’t be used because when you select submit it rejects the email, because/if the email isn’t using he default email app of the device. So you have to setup your email with your device just to send a suggestion. And I’m not even aure thats the solution. How many other bugs go unreported because of this?
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3 years ago, Cmmcm4ever
If I could give a zero
Guys what the heck have you done to KSL classifieds?? I literally search for something on the app every day and I have felt the new and improved updates have been great UNTIL this one. THE APP IS BROKEN! Seriously whoever came up with this idea of the classified app layout should look for new work or something. This won’t do and I seriously hope I am not the only one who thinks this!! Wow developers you honestly thought this was an update and new look? It’s not functional. I could be into any category in 2-4 clicks and knew what I was looking for. I will change my review when the app is fixed, until then it deserves 0 stars.
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1 year ago, Ygfdcxs
Where would we be without it
Ever since KSL started this program, I have both benefited from it selling things and buying things. I have never had a bad experience, knock on wood. I just think about all the things in my home that I would not have been able to afford unless it had been for KSL ads and people asking reasonable prices for their nice things thank you KSL.
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6 years ago, k soffe
👎 automated distance
I have loved this app until the last couple of weeks. I HATE the new area search. Every time I go into the app I have to change the automated distance feature that you just added. It is such a pain! At least come up with a way to set the areas we want until we decide to change them. It’s very inconvenient when I’m selling things as well. I think most people don’t even realize that you limit their search to very small locations. Please change it back! Or at least make it so we can set the map permanently.
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5 months ago, SnowSkihead
Greatest but for the car ads on browser refreshes and eats up memory
Would be a five star except car ads on browser (Chrome and others) refreshes and eats up memory. Cannot back return because it refreshes 1-30 times a minute causing it to be the same webpage in your history 100 times in minutes. Also eats up all your Ram as it continually refreshes the page. It has been doing it for years. Super annoying.
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2 years ago, Anirbas*
Amazing App.
I’ve been using KSL since way before the app was ever launched. 10 years at least. Best platform ever. Very easy to use and gets better all the time with many updates. Once a scam advertisement is flagged, the staff seems to respond quickly and removes the ads. Friends from other states have commented about how they wish they had access to an app as efficient as KSL.
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1 year ago, Cole’s Constructive Criticism
Needs developer assistance
Update to my review below. This most noticeable when logged in. The app runs awesome when NOT logged in. Very, very sluggish too load and scroll through. Seems to be getting worse and worse, not like the KSL classifieds from a couple years ago. It is constantly loading and I know it’s not my internet speed. Then good luck figuring out if you favorited an add. When scrolling it is obvious that you favorited an add, the heart icon is distinguishable, but when you’re in the add itself the heart icon is different. Keep it consistent. It is an awesome platform but has been getting slower and more inconsistent.
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4 years ago, cAlbrecht
Search functionality is so bad
Having to start on the category search vs just a big search bar on the home page feels like a huge miss. I think I can guess at why they did it, but looking at every other major e-comm experience, it’s search (primary) + categories (secondary). Would love to see this team update the app to make the initial engagement easier.
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3 years ago, Love-a-sale
Customer of many years
I really appreciate being able to list my various items on KSL for free. The only thing that is a nuisance now are the bogus scam inquiries I get when I first list the items. I appreciate the website cautioning us about those scam artists and how to avoid them. I invariably will get 2 or 3 of these inquiries with almost every item I list - very annoying. How do people think up these things to cheat their fellowmen?
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2 years ago, soren6
I love ksl classifieds
I started selling things since I was 13 years old, I love to buy broken things, fix this item and then flip it for an enormous profit. I have made more money than a 14 year old should have. Thanks to ksl I bought a tesla at 16 due to all my earnings. My screen time is through the roof for ksl, I cant resist all of the good deals. Half of my possessions, I bought from KSL classifieds. Truly the greatest app🤌
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10 months ago, DigitalDevDog
I really want to like and support this app… but it’s too buggy
I love this app. Classifieds is abysmally slow and non performant. The app when working is a fantastic experience for listing and buying things. If only it worked. Earlier I would have some pretty small problems, being that my saved listings would dissapear and I’d have to go and add them back. But it keeps getting worse and worse. I’ve had my saved listings wipe twice. Sometimes the app would crash if I tried fixing it, my lists would constantly get altered in the custom Home Screen… and now the final straw is it won’t let me log in anymore. I’ve verified my login via web and know it is correct it just refuses to login for invalid password. The team needs to focus way more on the stability of the app as it’s so close to perfection, but constantly running through all these bugs as a developer too it is incredibly frustrating. 1/10 pls fix
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2 years ago, Brodubb
iPad Pro bugs
When posting things for sale I’ve had issues when I select the “price” option I get completely booted out of the app deleting all the previous information I put in. Love the app for the most part but if you guys could look into fixing this issue I’ll definitely delete this comment and give you 4 star review
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3 years ago, KennieZ00
Picture issues
I post ads on occasion. Having the option to upload a picture is only randomly available about 10%of the time. Most of the time I just have the option to choose from old photos I have already used on past ads. This is a huge frustration and waste of time! It also makes me wait 5-10 min after posting an ad before I can edit it. So checking to see if pics will randomly decide to work can sometimes be an all day process. Other than that the ap works pretty good.
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4 years ago, Gullmurphy
KSL, the best classified
I’ve been using KSL Classifieds for many years. As I look around the house, I can see so many items, that I have purchased second hand, from KSL. All in all, an awesome service we have here in this state. Heck, I look at my driveway, and I found both my vehicles on KSL. When I need something this is where I go. And, it’s great to sell off some excess items as well! Thank you- Evan
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2 years ago, JvRiddle
Good place to find buyers but…
I have bought and sold a lot of stuff on KSL classifieds so I like it. However as a seller I tend to get more and more scam texts as the years go by. Most the scams I know because Anytime I get a text saying I’ll purchase it and want me to hold it for them (many say they will send a certified check) but they don’t want to come look at it first?? Come on!
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1 year ago, Crayycraay
Constant crashes, messages don’t work, no customer support
Update: Developer responded to my rating having me reach out to share feedback. I reached out, ONLY got automated responses that kept saying the same thing. They genuinely do not seem to care about their users, I may be done with KSL. I am a pretty frequent seller on KSL, however, the amount of glitches make it impossible to post, reply, and save ads. Everything is constantly deleted, and the app takes absolutely forever to load, and will most of the time quit. I’ve just been using Facebook marketplace because Ksl isn’t usable.
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4 years ago, Pookletons
This is an upgrade?
I don’t get it. You rewrote the app and you still didn’t make it universal so it would utilize the screen on an iPad. Thank you I guess for updating the old app to 2010 standards. Not only that, but how is the search field not able to return any result? Why do I have to go to a specific screen to search for a category and a completely different screen to search for a listing? This is unnecessarily convoluted. Lastly, the same keyword search will return different results each time. I hope you guys didn’t blow a 5 year app budget on this version. Yikes.
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3 months ago, Knickname427
Bugs bugs always bugs
I swear every time it updates it makes it more glitchy. And Messages is ALWAYS glitchy. I like the idea, because before messages I’d get scam/spam all the time, but half the time messages won’t send because of some error. Also, premium or paid classified ads are way to expensive. It doesn’t matter the item, or price, For something for sale for $10-$20-$200 they want to charge $10/day? Maybe charge a percentage of the listing price? Other than that it would be a great app.
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