Kwik Rewards

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Kwik Trip Inc
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Kwik Rewards

4.83 out of 5
237.4K Ratings
1 year ago, Back Roads
Right - it’s generally like a ‘63 Chevy on a -15 day in January. Yes, a non-starter. Not even a possibility. But Kwik Trip is not your ordinary pull in and gas up and getaway place. If you don’t develop a strong desire for the Cinnamon Rolls or the Great Cream Dream Dunkers you probably can’t ever get by the Captcha “I’m not a Robot” tests. And even more addictive are the 2 or3 piece baked chicken pieces. I can feel my car pulling in all on its own whenever I drive near a KT - so I have a hard time choosing a route where I don’t have to fight the steering wheel. I’m sure if Col. Sanders had lived, he’d prefer the KT chicken to any bucket of his own. He knew good chicken and KT might have send him down a whole different cuisine cruise. Anyone for K Fried Gator? Then there’s also the whole range of stuffed breakfast buns and biscuits and croissants, and hot cheesy sticks and - not to mention lunch options. And yes, even the gas is good. Real good. Top tier s by tuff. My cars all like it, even the fancy German one that demands “Premium” . Made me feel good when I saw a guy in a McLaren filling up one day. (And I swear he walked out with a box of Dunkers too!) Anyway / to answer my question - Yes, it IS possible. Actually - it’s LIKELY once you pull in and try one. If that scares you - well that’s OK. Just keep going to those places that specialize in air fresheners and 25cent air machines. See you next time?
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2 years ago, cheese696
Kwik trip.
I love that there are many Kwik trips near me and when I am traveling in the Midwest. Here are some of my favorite things. First, I love that I can buy quick or Kwik grocery items without going to a grocery store. If I stop to get gas on my way home and need some item to make dinner, it’s easy. If I don’t feel like making dinner there are options for that. Although I’ve never done this, my friend calls ahead and has hot food or pizza made for pickup. Second, I am very judgy about clean bathrooms and Kwik trip always has clean ones or an option to notify staff if there is an issue. Third, free air. That is so thoughtful in my opinion. It makes me more loyal to Kwik trip because they are there for me when my car signals low tire pressure. It’s a brilliant way to have people stop at a Kwik trip. Kudos to the person who thought of that. Finally, I love how friendly the staff is. Always willing to be helpful and make good suggestions. They always say see you next time and I laugh to myself “if only you know how often I’m here “. #kwiktriplove
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12 months ago, Nikita’s Review
As once a customer and now an employee at the Kwik Trip in Cameron, all I can say is, WOW! The other Employees were all very welcoming of the new trainee, the guests were always or almost happy with their purchases. Those who weren’t we addressed the issue and made ways to amend the issue or situation on hand. The kitchen staff that I work with all are understanding of the learning disability I have and have done a tremendous amount of work and through many new ways of help in this area of which I struggle the employees have been such great help to me, I would HIGHLY recommend stopping and if in the area do some shopping at this fine convenient establishment. Prices on their products is very reasonable, plus the bosses I work under are both very understanding if I need to make an appointment, something comes up, or I.E something else, but within a 24 hr. notice
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4 years ago, witchterimn
Kwik Trip Milaca,MN
I have been to many convenience store chains but I have never been to any that could meet or top the service I have received at all Kwik Trip stores that I have gone to, and that is especially the Kwik Trip Store in Milaca, MN. That is the store closest to me and the one I use most. The staff at Milaca store are exceptional I shop there a minimal of 4 times a week and I have never had bad service or dealt with personnel that is anything other then excellent. The store is always clean and stocked and all the precautions have been taken for the safety of the staff and customers from this virus. Basically I am saying that the employees that work at the Kwik Trip stores deserve a thank you and more for the great service they give to all of the customers that shop at your stores. Teresa Benoit
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2 years ago, Pattymom to all
Helping others
Our community is a compassionate, caring community. We reach out to help out when needed. Our outreach starts right here in Fredericksburg, Iowa, but certainly does not stop here. We do our shopping locally to support our businesses and their families, but there are items that we do not have. Kwik Star has enabled me, personally, to stretch my grocery budget to increase my offerings of homemade “freezer meals” for a family that is experiencing a rough patch. We are able to support our friends, families, and neighbors with our time, prayers, and love, and the meals and treats we can make for them lessens the “chore” of preparing daily meals, thereby freeing up precious moments that can be spent with their family. Kwik Star, along with our local grocer and merchants help us to help others.
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4 years ago, potawatomi luv
6th street Kwik trip
I just would like everyone to know that Kwik trip on 6 th is the best! All the employees are very nice and helpful. I like shopping for my small stuff I may have forgot at grocery center. They always have my items I may needed. I do have one down fall about them 👎🏼and that’s ...... wish they would be more stern on customers that come in the store with out a face mask on!! I can’t tell you how many times I see this!! Smh!! Maybe you’ll have to start having masks to hand out to them ? Just a thought?? Or could charge them 50 cents maybe they’ll think twice next time before walking in with out there own.. 👍 But again....... this store is the place to come 👍 Thank you and keep up the good work you all are doing!!!
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2 years ago, Me Melanie
Kwik trip
As long as the present owner is alive, Kwik trip is my go to place but not one close enough to me. Once the owner dies, all the greatness of this place will disappear like when Sam Walton died and Walmart turned greedy and took layaway away, which is how Sam grew his business. I imagine this gentleman family will do similar lar to his extraordinary business we all love. I hope not. He kept my family fed with bare minimum for groceries by offering items less than anywhere else. Thank you sir! You’ve created a wonderful store than offers so much to so many. I appreciate your good heart in knowing not everyone can afford to eat the basics anymore.
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4 years ago, Hot_Pants_314
App cool, competitive prices, could use more frequent discounts
All in all their prices are very competitive, better than Walmart on almost everything but that’s not too hard now-a-days. Very competitive as long as you don’t smoke.. ouch.. almost $10/pack brand name and $8/pack generic. Also, very few things I get manage to be discounted very often and the ones i do I’m not even halfway to the large quota. They have really good prices on everything else though and food quality is better than competitors. App is fun to click around in though. I actually open this gas station app up and I haven’t opened any of their competitors yet so a+ on that. Staff is very nice and always pleasant and you can tell they like to work there. Always mentioning extra tips like ‘try heating those cinnamon roll up’ Yup!! Delicious!!
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4 months ago, Charles Simpleton
In-app cart not easily accessible
If I order ahead in app, select location, enter pickup time, add item(s) to cart, then need to back out to look at something somewhere else in the app, I have to start all over (order ahead, select location, enter pickup time) to be able to see the cart button so I can go back into the cart to complete my order. It would be nice to have a cart button added somewhere more easily accessible, like on the main screen, or as an option in “More…”. Otherwise the app is handy. I use it often to check on deals which lure me into my favorite Kwik Trip location more often than if I didn’t look at the app. I also purchase pretty much all my gasoline at Kwik Trip.
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3 years ago, Seven soliders
Even before Kwik Trip came up with their rewards system I fell in love with their service. But then they came out with their rewards card along with this app and I got down on one knee and said marry me. On a serious note, I think Kwik Trip by far has the best rewards system because of how efficiently this app runs with the ability to see all of your visits, coupons, and punch cards all in one place. 10/10 recommend joining rewards and using this app, I think even my grandparents would be able to figure out how to use this app. Kwik Trip, you had me at “see you next time”.
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5 years ago, KingslandKT
Kwik Rewards
I love the kwik rewards app, but I constantly see problems where people get emails and they have the card for certain rewards, but when they checkout, their rewards don’t come off because they didn’t clip the coupon to their rewards card. I think that each months worth of coupons should automatically come pre-clipped onto each persons rewards card so that it is easier for people to actually receive their rewards. I know a lot of elderly people don’t have smart phones either so they can’t go into the app to look at their rewards, so I just think the app would be so much better if all the rewards came automatically added so everyone can use them without the hassle.
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6 years ago, tdiem23
Love the new Kwik Trip app
Great app! Very easy to use. The only negative I ran into was when the person at KT scans your card or app, the reward deductions or coupons do not come off until after you start making your payment so sometimes I hear people asking why they did not get their free coffee or whatever because you would expect your total to be less. It does work after you start the payment process but would be more effective if you could see your rewards come right off the total before entering your payment tender. Other than that I love this app and find myself making more stops to Kwik Trip!!
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2 years ago, Sellin air
Love my Kwiktrip!
I love my Kwiktrip, as it is a one stop shop for a delicious hot dinner, salt for my water softener, propane, meat and buns for my grill, as well as hot delicious coffee and gas for my car! Best gas station ever!🙂🙂 I visit my local Kwik Trips almost daily on my way to work. LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the products and Services that are offered. I especially love the hot food offerings. Prices are affordable, staff is friendly and very well trained. You never find a store short staffed. Also love the water softener pellets available at my local store in the town of Sheboygan. (I live in Howards Grove) One Stop Shop! The giveaways are also wonderful! Got my entries in for the awesome RV 😃😃😃😃
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2 weeks ago, TootallDD
Awesome convenience store.
Love KwikStar. Their stores are always bright and clean and have a great assortment of merchandise. It’s like a mini grocery store. Has just the right amount of choices. The employees are super. Very friendly and very helpful. Never have to wait in line to ck out. Several ck out areas and if two people are in line they are very quick to open another lane. Great car wash. We will go out of our way to stop at a KwikStar location. A new KwikStar is opening down the road from us and I plan to be the first one thru their doors. 👍🏼😎
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5 years ago, Kassie K. Star
The App that Saved My Life
I would like to dedicate this article to the Kwik Star in Altoona, Iowa. You have changed my life. Iced coffee, Frappes, Frozen lemonade, and like few other ones that I kinda forgot. Samples are always being given out, the selection of hot meals is friggen huge. ugh, i love it. Anyway, with they app, You can see all of the amazing deals they have. dude, they have so many deals. It tells you what days certain sales are going on, which is like everyday cuz kwik star is the all star gas station. honestly, i love everything about this app. thank you to however made this amazing gadget. <3
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5 years ago, nicknamesaterediculous
Dislike having to log in all the time when using the app
I get very frustrated when I am at the store and click on the app and it wants me to log in again with email and password. I don’t understand why this is required all the time when I’m in line and people are waiting behind me. I end up changing my password too frequently because I’m flustered. Irritating requirements like right now when I tried to submit this and have to create a nickname! Wouldn’t you know that the 5 names I tried are all taken! Why is this necessary?
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1 year ago, Urged to respond
Thank you for asking
Don along with the entire KT team has done a great job from the beginning and I am thankful Stoddard was considered and chosen as a store location. Thank you and keep up the good work. If you are willing to assist me in some weight loss it would be most helpful if Urge Tracks and Sea Salt Caramel were not made at such a high quality level with such wonderful flavor and texture. Keep up with the good work you do as a company business and example to other businesses/ organizations in our area.
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4 years ago, jdmzo
I love Kwik trip because it has good food and a lot of varieties which is hard because I’m on a keto diet so there’s not much I could have but I like the variety I love the most importantly how nice everybody is I haven’t gone to any quick trips yet that have had a bad attitude or just grumpy they’re always positive they’re always willing to help really good service and really helpfulI think Kwik trip tops any other gas station I just wish the visits for the rewards was less it’s so hard to hit 30 when you try to stay away because your on diet
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5 years ago, lexijean2018
I love Kwik Rewards and the App!!
I love the coupons!! They are great and user friendly!! It’s awesome how they are new coupons every 2 weeks or so!! Only downfall is when it kicks you out and if you have to log back in!!! My understanding is that it’s when our phones update!? Not sure!! I guess it happens to a lot of customers!! I don’t experience it a lot though!! I really love the fuel rewards as well!! Great customer service, variety of food and quality!! Thank you Kwik Trip and Zietlow family!! We appreciate such amazing stores!!
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2 years ago, Rentorar
Can’t online order
In the app, I can’t place an order for hot food under the chicken menu unless the order is between 11am-7pm. But if I call my local Kwik Trip, they will happily make my order (of boneless wings) at any hour of the day. I have pretty bad phone anxiety and hate making phone calls, so this part is pretty stressful for me. I love the bbq boneless wings so much and I want them all the time at any time of the day, but I don’t know when they usually put them out so I always order them myself. This whole process would be a lot easier if I could just order boneless wings on the app myself.
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5 years ago, King of service
Best Rewards program out there
I travel a lot and know where all my Kwik Trip and Kwik Stars are within my territory for the BEST coffee around without paying the enormous prices Star Bucks charges for the same quality. The gas rewards is beyond belief as I’ve filled my camper several times with the 30 gallons and have only had to pay $0.26 to $0.50 depending on how much I’ve accumulated throughout the month. My station of choice has been a Kwik Trip for many many years. Great associates behind the counter serving your every need.
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4 years ago, debbie gagnon
Kwik Star near Ladd Library SW, Cedar Rapids, IA
KWIK STAR, I LOVE YOU! I enjoy chatting with their pleasant, knowledgeable and helpful employees. I have yet to run into one that doesn’t have a smile on his/her face. OH MY, how I hate admitting this to the world! KWIK STAR’S homemade “TAKE N BAKE PIZZA" is better than my homemade pizza. And, if you're in need of a quick, hot, tasty bite or enough "CHICKEN TENDERS" to take home for tonight's dinner, PLEASE pick them up at your local KWIK STAR! My family and I have never enjoyed white meat "CHICKEN TENDERS" more than the ones I get here. They batter, season and fry them up just right every time. If promise, if you try them once, you'll definitely go back for more! I purchase many different things from this store because I like the quality and freshness of their products (especially their vegetables and hamburger). Not to mention their prices aren't bad, neither!
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2 years ago, bagger 14
Dewey street Kwik Trip Manitowoc.
This Kwik Trip is on top of its game. I have never had a bad experience at this location. John the manger Illmana the assistant manager sure know how to keep this ship floating smoothly. Clean and always stocked with fresh made food. It’s a busy place at noon and never have I seen the warming center without a plentiful array of food. The entire crew is without a doubt the greatest and not to mention friendly. Glad to be able to shop this location. Jon Haala
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1 month ago, devilchef
I’ve got the latest version, it will not open
Update: now my phone app has finally started working! Update: the app seems to have healed itself on my iPad mini, but still not working on my updated iPhone I just used this app twice on 4/26, no problem. Now it demands an update before opening but the app was updated a week ago, there are no newer versions. My fuel consumption records depend on this app daily!
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3 months ago, Gma6239
I am very happy with Quik Trip products and services. I buy many of the food products and am always impressed by the quality. I also am impressed with the staff, they are always helpful, courteous and efficient. My other comment is that I am impressed with the cleanliness of the restrooms. I always look for a Quik Trip when available to stop for a restroom and pick up a coffee and snack. Keep up the good work! I’m a big fan!
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1 year ago, tiffanyring16
Favorite is an understatement
I absolutely love Kwik Trip! I used to work there in high school and would love to work there again! This company really takes pride in not only their brand name but also their products, employees, customers, and everything in between! Everyone has their favorite places and products but when it comes to Kwik Trip, favorite is an understatement! Always have a top tier experience!
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6 years ago, The_DaddyShark
YES! Finally! But....
This was long overdue for sure but KwikTrip is a lot like Apple... if they are going to do something most of the bugs will be worked out. I had password issues (my own fault) but we got that sorted out easy enough. The one thing I don't like is the "you have been logged out for security" seriously... I am not concerned with someone stealing my rewards. Please make use of TouchID and FaceID for those with iPhone x and get rid of the login step. Also, a card in my passbook would be a neat touch. Otherwise, very well done!
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2 years ago, thebeastpoop
Kwik rewards review
Very good app and really useful. I think it’s good because of the amount of coupons and deals that you can get. Especially that Tahoe they gave away. You can also get discounts on gas and that’s a really deal because of those gas prices right now. I so very much love this app and I think you should get it to! Love max and if your reading this have the best day ever you rock and I hope you change the world!!!
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2 years ago, nobodyimportante
Kwik trip app
I find this app very useful when I do use it although I forget about using it a lot. However I tried signing into the all in one site for cigarettes and it was not able to verify my age and I was not able to pick the year date on the quiz and I could not verify with my last four of my social and I tried to register 4 times and with no success so I can’t get into it!
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4 years ago, VeggieUPSer
Unreliable online payment system
Pay close attention to your account if you pay off your Kwik Rewards credit card through the app. After you attempt to make a payment for the first time, the pending payment tends to disappear. One time I made a payment well before the due date, only to find out on the due date that the payment didn’t go through. I have always had sufficient funds in my checking account, so there is clearly a system glitch involved.
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2 years ago, miniblue1
Best Trip stop ever!!!!!
Starting first with the amazing people who are employed at Quick Trip everyone is extremely friendly & helpful- The store carries so many things - it’s like a mini mart& & the car wash is great also Just have lots of trouble with the instant lottery machines at several locations & especially the one located by the outlet mall - very frustrating! Keep up the good work & come to Illinois we need you Marilyn Sommers
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7 months ago, BooBoo Nubbinz
Gotten Better With Time
Other than a recent outage across the entire system this app has been great. Everything you need for rewards and payment can be done right from your cell phone. Always make sure to check the “Offers” tab every time you’re at a store. They often have great deals most people don’t bother to look at or take advantage of.
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6 years ago, Treblej45
Everything at a Glance
I like the app for the convenience of seeing all the sales at one time. I can see the specials for the day and I can see my punch cards points easily too. I miss the $1 fuel coupons. I don’t buy much for junk food, soda or sundries in order to make the cents off for fuel. Even if they would allow you to accumulate cents off per visit (ex.- 10 trips = $1 off coupon) would be nice. Otherwise, it is an easy app to navigate. I prefer this over carrying store/punch cards for everything!
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3 years ago, L1F3 L355 0RD1N4RY
Kwik trip Rocks!
Looking to fill up your tank at a great price and pick up reasonably priced groceries?? Kwik trip is where it’s at!!I buy eggs,butter, bananas, bread, potatoes, milk, and lots of yummy items!!!It’s our families number one stop while traveling or at home! We have been going to a quick trips for 25 years And at this point we cannot live without them! We are a quick trip family! Go check them out they rock!
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5 years ago, FunFairy2
In the past week my email and password got logged out of the app, by the app, not by me. I tried to access the app on June 2, and after entering my email and password, it gave me an “oops” error message and said to try again later. I have attempted to log into my account and app for three days and still not able to get in. How am I supposed to download the latest coupons in the app if I cannot get logged into the app? 😩
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4 years ago, SighMan Jestah
Useful app, seems stable
I use this app daily and the only reason I’m not giving a 5 star rating is because every once in a while it will make me log back in and for whatever reason I usually can’t and I don’t like having to mess with it as I just want to go in buy my stuff and leave. The times that it doesn’t work I usually just enter my phone number at check out. This relighting used to happen more often so I’m thankful that it is happening less often.
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4 years ago, hope is an anchor
Appreciate KWIK Trips
Other than some stores needing some serious clean ups, especially in coffee, grill & condiment areas, I appreciate this chain as I travel throughout Wisconsin! MOST KT employees are pleasant. Speaking as a former employee & one who cleaned any time there was a lull, and one who strove to took seriously the scripture to treat everyone as you would want to be treated, the cleanliness and attitudes exhibited by other employees DOES matter!!! The negative attitude and nothing done about this, is why I left.
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11 months ago, Laborpool
I lived in Waupaca when the rewards were first introduced, then quite troublesome never indicated how it was disguised as vouchers always said “ check in the mail”, after much discussion with management it went to cards have had little to no problems since. Only little problem is the printing of visits not printed on some receipts. Don’t know if counting visits or skipping those.
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11 months ago, jragoon
Nice rewards app
I think it’s pretty well organized. Some things are little more difficult to find than they should be but if you look you’ll find all kinds of things. I think they’re servers could be better. I have to refresh the app quite a few times before it updates my entries to sweepstakes which is annoying for scratch games. Overall, I think the customizability of rewards is neat.
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2 years ago, Stumpyrud
Love Kwik Trip
I go to Kwik Trip everyday. Love the hot chocolate. It is the best! My only complaint is that my husband eats the hot dogs and the buns are hard. I did tell the store employee and he said because they are frozen and I’m like no they are hard. So I microwave 15 sec and it is fine. But check it out. They have 5 hotdogs on the roller and 30 buns in the warmer. How do they rotate them out? Employees are friendly, helpful and happy.
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3 years ago, SnugglzUpz
Love the team at the lake mills location
We love the team at the lake mills location as they are all great and they always make us feel rite at home and never like a stranger. Elizabeth puts a smile on my face every time I walk in the door. As she normally does with everyone I have ever seen her have contact with while I am in the store, she takes her job so serious as I wish everyone was like that. Thanks
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3 years ago, PizzaMan15
Good Overall
Overall a good app. One thing that needs to change is the process for taking discounts/coupons off the order. When I scan my rewards, it should show me how much is being removed BEFORE I pay. Too many times have I paid and then something not have come off the total bill that I had a coupon for. Then need to take the time to go through a checkout process again and explain rather than it being caught before hand.
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6 years ago, LoriLouSki
Lori S
I LOVE IT! I can give you my phone number, show you my phone or swipe my card! Love stacking fuel discounts - it is like playing a game! Also I was going to Kwik Trip all of these times buying all of these things anyhow and Now I’m getting some of it free and discounts on others!! Yes, please! I do giggle though because on my travel days for kids activities there’s less than 2 hours between visits! 🤪 Thanks for being a great store!!
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6 months ago, 6patriot
The only place to do business!!!!
Always clean and inviting! Always greeted and told to “see you next time” upon leaving! Great selection of items!!! Every store I visited, whether it be in Iowa, Minnesota or Wisconsin, the staff is always accommodating and friendly! The stores are spotless! Where do I begin about the great food and selections!!! This is how stores should be run! A PLUS in my book!
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5 years ago, AjMedwi
Keeps Logging Me Out
The app itself works fine, but it has an irritating habit of logging me out and disabling Touch ID at the same time., I’m not sure why. When it happens I can lookup my credentials and log back in, but sometimes that doesn’t work either and I have to go through and change my account credentials. I took time to get it straightened out and then a week later it logged me out and disabled my Touch ID again. Not happy about how often that happens.
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3 years ago, Laurell Bedore
Easy, assessable, and useful!
I really like this app for the coupons and simplistic tracking it offers. It’s not super complicated because it only has a few areas to go to- yet each has unique and special features. You can get coupons special to your local store with the app and I love that. Even though this app is quality, I wish there were a bigger variety of rewards to choose from.
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2 years ago, rebekahmerkaba
Don’t know what I would do without you guys!!!!& DOORDASH
I’m not sure what I would do if Kwik strip didn’t exist! You are hands down the best gas station By a landslide!!! Your fresh fruit, food, & Taco Dip are simply the greatest! Nobody else can even compare when it come to variety in the items and services you offer!! I love using you and DoorDash combined!! You are the greatest!!! And have the friendliest employee's:-) KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!
Show more
8 months ago, TimCarterDuluthMN
Update on Outage 404 on X
I finally checked the Kwik Trip feed on X (formerly Twitter). There is a statement there the company is updating daily as new information becomes available. It was a cyber attack. It will be back online soon. It would be nice if they sent a notification text blast and made a message pop up in the app instead of the Ope! Message. Just a thought!
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2 years ago, Enzo Every
Rewards Done Right
Of all the rewards cards/apps out there, Kwik Trip got it right. You can check punch cards to work towards free products, add and use discount coupons, scan your rewards ID right on the phone, change rewards on the fly, and track your visits with ease. If you’re a frequent guest to Kwik Trip, do yourself a favor and frequent this user friendly app.
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1 year ago, Sunshine 0764
Saving offers
Myou have special offers and you send texts or emails about it I would like to not have to come to app and save the offer. I’m fine coming twice a month and choosing the offers I want to save. But in between I tend to forget or find it a hassle to come back after a text has been sent telling me about the offer for that day that I have to come here and save it.
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