L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop

4.2 (2.2K)
1064.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for L.O.L. Surprise Ball Pop

4.23 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Review-er 9
Nice game- I have some suggestions
See, most games have an ad every 5 minutes. I was surprised when I got this game because there were no ads. If you are annoyed by ads (like me) buy this game. The only reason I bought this game was because I play with LOL dolls. So what do you mean by “I have some suggestions”? Well, this game is kind of simple and plain. All you really do is play a mini game and collect a doll. Kind of like LOL dolls in real life- you just collect LOL dolls. Maybe you can spice this game up a bit up by adding more mini games for a little variety, you know? Maybe we can actually be able to scan real LOL dolls and play a mini game where they walk around and, oh, I don’t know, try to get to their capsules by passing obstacles before they run out of lives. That’s all, so bye! Hope you can improve the game! 😃
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5 years ago, PuppyMevSwift19
Kids Take on Life: LOL SURPRISE Ball Pop
I hope this helps you! I love this game! And... there’s a few things that can be updated but.. this app is so underestimated. Listen. Ok, first, the new update where one your done with a map you lose all your items makes it much more challenging! I love that! However, you can save up 40 coins to keep your items. Also, you don’t HAVE to pay for coins. As you play, you earn more coins! And, there is another way to earn dolls nobody knows about! Just click on the spy glass in the bottom right corner and look for emojis every day for a week for a new, free doll! Now, they could have advertised that more but, it’s all good! So, this game is great! BUT WHERE ARE THE LIL SISTERS AND PETS? That’s the only thing I don’t like. WHERE ARE THEY? Also with this game, it’s free and it dose not need internet! This is a dream for parents because, your not buying the app, your not buying lol, and this is a LIFESAVER in cars, planes, and power outages. This app definitely deserves five stars! Thx!
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4 years ago, scgknvzs
Badly game
I was going to play but it wasn’t let me play it’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad I was so mad 😡 It was annoying so annoying 😡so don’t play it because you will be mad so angry 😤 never ever played a game if you played it stop playing it’s completely horrible you should never play future and if you thought about playing don’t every time I try to play it it says unable to download which I already downloaded on my phone I try to use it I hadn’t you re-download it it’s gonna be horrible completely horrible announcements and I was going to take your space on your phone was gonna say do you use this app so much but I don’t so this is why you never ever ever play because I will be but it when you have a phone right now and never download and and after you do everything you try to do is work on your phone forever to get a new phone it’s gonna be stuck on forever and can never get off and I’m gonna be so mellow so I was just going to help you don’t download it if you had it once but I had to watch my iPad postop
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6 years ago, frankielander
Simplistic yet addicting.
I got this for my 4 and 7 year old who are addicted to these weird little dolls, lol (no pun intended.) It keeps them occupied for short periods of down time and I find myself enjoying it more than I should. The latest updates add some semblance of strategy where before there was none, but for the most part, it’s the kind of game you can turn on and turn your brain off. Though it doesn’t bring much new to the stacker game genre, it gets big points for not being a money sucker. To be honest, I don’t remember if it was free or paid, but unlike its brethren who will remain nameless, there are no in-app purchases. Bonus points for being one of the few games that do not require internet connection to play.
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4 years ago, Light Bender
Dear LOL, I love lol dolls but when opening I noticed that there is SO SO SO much plastic. Maybe you could use tissue paper or heavy paper so it’s easier on the turtles, other animals and the environment overall. I think that your toys are so interesting to the children that they don’t even notice all the plastic. I love to play with your toys but I’m not going to ask my parents to buy them until you change. Also I don’t understand why you have to put layers on the ball. For example, on the balls there are two or three layers of plastic. Why can’t there be ONE? Thank you. I’m also seeing that when you get to crack open the ball there are PLASTIC blind bags. Paper would be better or bamboo. It’s better for the earth.😉 I’ve also noticed that on the bling series when you open the ball, there is another clear PLASTIC rapper. That’s 3 layers of plastic. Thank you ☺️ Love,Amy (age 9)
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6 years ago, jagathon
Fun but still needs an update
I have to say, I was quite addicted to this game for a while. I collect the dolls in real life so this was a fun, (and money-saving!) way to collect more. It’s cute, and I love seeing all the dolls from all the series. Here’s my few issues: 1. Sometimes when I am playing, the ball will get stuck and I can’t shoot, even when I exit back to the main menu and come back. I have to close the app for it to come back to normal. (This is even after the latest update.) 2. I’ve completed it! I’ve collected all the dolls! Now what? There wasn’t a fanfare, or even a “You did it!” Gameplay goes on as normal and you just receive duplicates. (So there’s not much point in playing any more.) I’m hoping the little sisters and pets get added since there’s no season 4 yet.. Also, as someone has mentioned before, please consider adding an option to replay what each doll does after you’ve collected them. (Like the color change dolls.) Like I said, good game, just needs some updates.
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5 years ago, Yphil
👁 💖 ur game, but...
I loved playing the game, but I think u should update ur game B cause I decided to take a look at the makeover space, but it only has the hair goals dolls with real hair 2 style when I wanted 2 style Thrilla and Shimone when I find them. Also, u showed off the wave 2 hairgoals dolls and they weren't even there, and I'm stuck with Splatters but I know that I can unlock the other dolls. Also, here's another suggestion: U 4got to add clothes to the makeover space, but I still 💖 ur game, MGA. And for the other people who rated the game: Goo Goo Queen's outfit might be inappropriate 4 U, but she has that outfit B cause she's based on Lady Gaga, in which she's wearing the outfit from the "Telephone" music video. She IS a rare doll, but then again, 🍩 judge a doll by her outfit.
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3 years ago, M.E.C.Rulez2021
When is the next game update
I’ve been a long-time fan of lol dolls and this game. I have had fun playing this game. However, it has been a while since the last update that added new dolls to collect. I was wondering when I would see the #hairvibes, lights series, and present surprise series in the game. So if you could add in those dolls from those series’s, that would be beneficial to this game. This may only be an opinion, but I’m sure if the game was updated to have those series’s, the people that play this would like it. Can’t wait for the next update, A random person that plays this
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6 years ago, Unapuppy 🦄🐶
Needs an update
I love this game but as I play it gets more boring so can you add some things to the game. Number 1 once you get dolls I wish there was something to do with them like take care of them and get to make them do their water surprise again. Number 2 can their be little sisters pets and confetti pop dolls that you can get. Number 3 know that I am giving you these tips to improve the game for everyone not just myself. Love your biggest fan , Jackie
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4 years ago, Kringlegal
my grandkids and I love the game, but.........
We have this app on several devices - IPhone 11 and three IPads. All four apps have “frozen” on us, and the only way to plat the game is to delete it and start over. We lose everything - the “money” we’ve earned and the dolls we’ve collected through the game and “purchased. Currently, it is frozen on a tablet, we can’t play it, but deleting it means losing the collection of complete doll sets and over $12,000 in game money. We have not been able to contact the game makers to correct the issue. We would give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for this frustrating people. Please fix ASAP.
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3 years ago, Mind Yo Own Parsly
Pretty Good Game
So, this game has been found on the App Store by me, and I got so into it I’m just 1 day. So, I’ve been making a series called “Beach Adventures” And I’m already on part 6, so this game has got me really into it. It’s very good in my opinion, so I hope the person that made this game can update it to make it better. So, that’s all I have to say. A thank you to the person that got me into this game. So, this is my review. (Also noticed that I used a lot of so’s- well it doesn’t really matter-)
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3 years ago, Rivernee
Hi this is a note with no feedback but I was thinking why not a update! The update that came into my mind is that when some people go shopping they sometimes buy lol dolls so why not have a lol scanner it is were if u have a lol doll in real life that u don’t have in the game u can scan it and unlock it in the game! I would love if u like my idea for a new update because I love this game so much and I have been playing it for 3 years now! And if you read this idea thank you so much! Bye😁
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12 months ago, bobjoedsvid
RIP Lol surprise ball pop. 😔😔😔
This game was good a while ago back when the winter disco update released it was fun but it’s so sad to me to see these game die out like this “talking about games like shopkins shop n seek, and some others I cant think of but are probably obvious” and I don’t think that these game will ever be updated again and they will just be left to rot. 😔😔😔 lol surprise please read my and other people’s comments and reviews and please revive this game or give us answers.
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5 years ago, Frytkasah
Great game for the whole family, but we need HELP!!
Our entire family (mom,dad, and 4 year old) really enjoy this game. We have spent hours as a family collecting all the dolls. We are now to the point where we've collected all of the dolls you can purchase, but can't figure out how to earn the pets and lil's. Also having a hard time finding the eye spy clues. Any help would be appreciated! (More detailed instructions in the app would be helpful!)
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5 years ago, lenco21
App has inappropriate content
The app itself seems fine but there is one character in particular “Goo-Goo Queen” that is dressed extremely inappropriately to begin with and when you click her little icon to see how she changes her top and bottom are replaces with just caution tape like a caution tape bikini. I don’t think content like this should be in an app that caters to little girls as it promotes a highly sexualized images of these baby girl dolls which could be perceived as appropriate attire and maybe even idealizes this kind of apparel for them. I think the company that produces this app should fix this character specifically and think logically about what they want to promote to small impressionable children.
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4 years ago, FAKE!!!!! ):
Pretty good
LOL ball pop looked really really fun! And it is! I love the ball matching and lols. There are NO ADS! Yes, I said NO ADS! But a few things to fix. 1. You can dress up and style the lols. But not all of them. Please make it so that any doll you have you can costimize. 2. I was playing when I unlocked a secret message. But it was blank! Then the screen froze and I had to leave and come back. This happened a few other times. 3. I love that they have all the lol series’s. But it would be cool if there was a OMG bonus round. Thx bye.
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6 years ago, tjtreadway03
Got sucked in!
We downloaded this app for our 5yr old daughter, but my husband and I have found ourselves playing this all the time as well! It’s a very simple game, easy for young kids to play, but enjoyable for all ages! Only suggestions/questions I have would be: I haven’t figured out how to decode the dolls clues in the I Spy series, not sure what exactly is needed to do this. Also, I think if you clear the board you should automatically get a doll!
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2 months ago, by mystery Girlie
i LOVE this game but 3 suggestions
1. you should remove the timers on the extra game and make it only 1 hour, 2. you should also do the same as (1.) on the other one, 3. you should make a "my collection" one bc i don't really know all characters from L.O.L so i don't know what series my doll is so it gets lost, developer, if your seeing this PLEASE (i beg you) to make these words become true, also to be honest THIS GAME IS THE ONLY GAME THAT I LOVED ON MY IPAD!!!
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6 years ago, Bazinga11223344556677
Fun game but where did my dolls go?
This game has been fun to play with my children. They like to open the dolls when I earn them. I had earned the entire collection but as I went to review my collection after I earned the last doll, I discovered suddenly many of my dolls were now missing. I wish the pets and little sisters were included as an option or level up after all the big sister dolls are collected bc I was sad to not be able to “complete” the collection and view them all at one time since I worked to finish the collection.
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5 years ago, Chickenparmcutie
Ok but gets boring.
I love this game but I think the game should update more often. I also think they should add more stuff to the game. They need to add the lil sisters too. They should add more lol pets. They have a few in the game but they definitely should add more pets. Lols have more accessories then they make you get in the game. Lols now have 15 or 10 surprises not 7 surprises but Lols are bringing back the 7 surprises and the original ball opining with the Lol boy series which is out already. As a result, I love the game.
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5 years ago, LunaBellArt
I would love a collection app
I love this game! I also love how the meter changed to smaller, although I do wish I could hunt for emojis twice a day and not just once. I wouldn’t mind watching a add if I had to! I also really wanna see a collection app where you can keep track of your collection! Y’know like you have them ordered by series rarity and then I just click on that series and click “own” to whichever doll I do own
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5 years ago, jen92299
No Emojis to find
Update:.. I had to go into my phone settings and give LOL ball pop permission to use my camera and now it works!!! My 8 year old downloaded this on her tablet and we both quickly became addicted and I downloaded in on my phone!.. however neither of us can use the spyglass.. both versions are up to date.. how do we get the emojis to unlock the second water surprise.. help!!
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2 years ago, i knows things
Game is great but needs a bit more
I just downloaded this game and it’s really fun it’s just kind of boring. I think after you unlock a club of LOLs they should have a minigame based on their club or something like that. Or it would be fun if there was a minigame where you could switch clothes with other LOLS. I hope you take this into consideration! Continue improving this game it’s really fun!
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4 years ago, pugi_corn
Really good game 👊🏼😀
Actually I never had a bug here and when u buy coins it’s really cheap and also I’m actually really happy u don’t have to buy stuff in the game with actual money the only thing u can buy is coins but u can just earn them and I am glad u don’t need internet and it’s fun I love dressing then unlocking doing ball pop searching doing water surprises it’s fun! I recommend this game for you! 🤗 I LOVE LOL DOLLS ~Lol Fan
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1 year ago, peyton 091714
A few suggestions
I like the game a lot but I have a few suggestions first I think if you make the ball with a heart on it fall you should still get an accessory. Or that the line should at least fill up all the way. Second I think that you should make it cost less money to get a new doll without earning it okay that’s it .
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4 years ago, Jwutch
Needs the new dolls that came out like the remix dolls
I love lol ball pop but I was wondering when will the remix dolls in lol ball pop will come out and also the all star bbs. And also lol ball pop should have omg dolls since they came out like in 2019 but please make a update on lol surprise ball pop I want to know if they have new dolls because it said more dolls coming out soon
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6 years ago, Nanagans
Family affair
My 4yr old loves this game. As a result we have all gotten sucked in. I do wish the updates happened at the same time as my notifications say they do. Daughter is anxiously awaiting the pets- but they haven’t appeared despite a notification saying they had been added. Please fix! As I can’t take much more obsessive checking and talking about when they will come! LoL
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6 years ago, Sapphire_2307
Needs an update but really good
I got this app for myself because I love L.O.L dolls. The three updates or problems I am having are that I would really like the pearl surprise dolls and the big surprise dolls to show up. Another is that I would like the little sisters to appear in game. I am also having a glitch where the little ball or bubble touches another one in the top left corner, the ball moves up and down and you can’t put anything else up there. Other than that, I absolutely love this app/game.
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3 years ago, Malpal256765
This is an wonderful game!
This game is soo much fun! I love it! There’s a lot to do in this game and it is all fun! I love how you can unlock different dolls and that it’s not just a game were you have a lot of cash to buy dolls! I love how there’s so many dolls to collect and not just a couple! If your looking for an new game to play I recommend you choose this game!
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6 years ago, 😃😄😀🤩tzlil
Great game!!! 😁
I love this game but I think 🤔 when we get the cloths,water bottle,and all the surprise will be the ones the doll has like when you get the bottle it will show the right colors it needs to be and not only pink. But anyway it’s a great 👍 game i didn’t get all of the dolls yet. 1 more thing could you put the little sisters and pets in the game? I hope you do but anyway I am saying great game.😄😁😆😃👋
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4 years ago, juliabeanie
I💖LOL Surprise!
I love this game, but I have a suggestion: A feature that lets you "hot or cold test" the color changers! Basically how this would ideally work is when you find a color changing doll, a virtual bowl filled with icy cold water and a bowl with hot water appear, and you drag the doll into the bowls to see him or her go from normal to color change to normal again and, well you get the point.
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4 years ago, erinlima85
Love it!
Once I got this game, I was so in to it. There are so many dolls to collect. But, I would just like to say that they should update regularly. They make A LOT of LOLs now. They should also put in more little sisters and pets, also exclusives like the families in the houses. Just making a suggestion. Also, where is Sleepy Bones? I didn’t see her with her club🤨 Could you please add her in? Thx!
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6 years ago, Escapeartist2964
Great until the end
This game was very exciting for not only my 3 kids but me as well. Each of us would play on our own devices and every time we got a new doll we yelled it out. Then group together to watch that person open it. Then I finally collected all the dolls and nothing. That’s it. You can keep playing the game but you keep collecting what you already have. No pets, no little sisters. Nothing. So we all deleted the game even though they weren’t done collecting.
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1 year ago, Gina🙃
Amazing,but updates??
I enjoy this game it’s simply addictive, but this game hasn’t been updated in about one year I think. there are a lot of new dolls out there and they’re still stuck on winter disco. So creators of this game and if you’re reading this, please make more updates. also, tomatoes are a fruit.
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3 weeks ago, 2024,may,26
Awesome and pls read!
Ok so, other reviews may say it’s ‘plain’ but it isn’t, it has good animations, it isn’t plain because you have to do a snowman challenge. You can go see your collection, you can change you lol doll up a little. It’s a good game and no ads the best part. Love this game try it pls!😊
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3 years ago, Dragonjadr
This game is great
It is engaging and logical, and you can collect like ALL THE DOLLS! But I give it 4 stars JK. I just wish that you could switch their outfits with other lol dolls in the game. Also, this is to the toy part, why can’t you add OMG, BTW, or JK? Even the families like the pets and babies!!! Other than that, this game is awesome.
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4 years ago, gfdfyui
I love lol dolls and was so happy to find a game for it . I am really happy with this game and have nothing bad to say about it .😍😀 - ok so I made this review and bam 💥 there is a complaint. So I was playing the game and I got bored 😑 so I wanted to buy a new game I went on the App Store and I clicked on a game that was 34 KB I clicked on download and it said I had no storage I’m like what
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5 years ago, Gisapizza
The game is not working
I don’t understand why there is a glass in the corner and I can’t press it it gets me mad to wake up the next day and it still doesn’t work. I’m just saying I think it might be glitching I am sorry I think it might just need some help on that I wake up every single day and it just does not work. I’m sorry you have to work on the game so much but In the most respectful way I can say can you please fix that I don’t know if everybody has that problem I just want to play the game but I think it is very great game.
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6 years ago, TinkerBell 100%
Great game!
I downloaded this game onto my phone for my niece who is addicted to lol dolls. She’s too young to play the game well so I’ve been winning dolls for her. The only problem is that she is not able to see the color change or water reveal when she reviews the dolls on the collection. Please add a button to replay the color change and water reveal. Thanks for looking into this.
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6 years ago, E Wells!
Awesome but one problem
Awesome game and I love L.O.L.s but when I get a doll and I check what club she’s in I kind of just want to get another doll but it takes forever for me to get another doll and I like to have balls drop but if a ❤️ ball drops I don’t get the prize. I love this game so much though also please make special stuff like bottles and the clothing and PLEASE make pets & lil sisters
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4 years ago, hjvhchcujob
Nice game but...
Dear MGA, I really like your game but you need to change Goo-goo queen's outfit she is based on lady gaga and its Inappropriate. Even her color change . And please add the brand new series that came out . 😍 And when you unlock a doll can you please add some minigames 🥰 From barbara To your biggest fan😍 Age 11
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4 years ago, kimora oshman
How fun it is
I have a bad phone and I can’t play no games on a trip but this game lets me and when your camping it still let’s you and it help me when I don’t know my lol dolls name and the paper that came with it got lost I can go on here and see so I’m really happy I have this game and it’s makes my day❤️
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5 years ago, lolfay
Like the new updates a lot
All the new updates are great. Two suggestions: the numbers of coins is hard to read. Zeros look like eights or sixes so you think you have more coins than you really do. The color of earned shoes and glasses are too similar to the gray when you haven’t won them yet, so it’s hard to know if you are close to earning a doll. All the earned colors should be more distinctive.
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3 years ago, GlitchOf87
Love the game but needs more characters
I have been playing this game for almost 3 years and since there are some new lol dolls in stores I was wondering if you could add the new characters in the next update plz
Show more
5 years ago, Violet Betters
Lol Doll item
This app is really good i like playing it because it’s fun but I hate that when you get a item and you want to play it again it just takes that item away that you just got so please fix that but the app is still good
Show more
4 years ago, @chill Ee
Good better than which LOL doll are you
I love that you can unlock new accessories for hair goals dolls but I do not like that the dolls that are not hair goals you can’t change their hair I have kitty queen and independent queen and boogie babe and smarty pants and oops baby and splatters and Bebe Bonita and more so maybe some changes
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6 years ago, Catbugkitty
I love it but I’m confused
This game is simple yet really fun. I’m just a bit confused on how to find the secret messages because when I use the spectacle it won’t show anything after I collect the daily things... maybe it’s just me but it’s confusing? Maybe make it more clear or please explain to me
Show more
3 years ago, Vitanixxx
The game is okay I mean it has no ads which I love and since corona is here I can’t go out so it kinda makes me happy to see l.o.l dolls again but there are some issues my balls are being placed wrongly and every single time I earn a doll it shows this little ad and i can’t click off it 😡 and also all of the hats and accessories are not there and there are only white girls I only saw like 3 black girls BLM ✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼fix your app and do it quickly
Show more
5 years ago, rae rae😘
It is awesome 😎
I love lol dolls❤️❤️💕 but I want you get rid of pay 48 coins to keep your things but yeah I like the new update I love how you can figure out their secret message can you add the new series hair goals but.... I don’t know how to find the secret message can you help me please. Thanks
Show more
4 years ago, awilliams9yearoldlolkollover
Great game but a problem
This is a great app but it is frozen and won’t let me play again and I had just started playing but it is still a great app please fix the problems and I would love it and keep playing
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