LA Wallet

3.4 (886)
150 MB
Age rating
Current version
Louisiana Division of Administration
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.2 or later
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User Reviews for LA Wallet

3.44 out of 5
886 Ratings
10 months ago, Greta Garbone
Only worked when I first used it (Update)
See update below initial review: This app had great potential, but the customer service is awful. I initially used it almost daily since I found out about it and once I had to renew, my new license showed as “cannot be found”. I called multiple times and was told that they are working on it. After a couple of weeks, I called again and I was told by Customer Service to just carry my physical license. Isn’t that the purpose of this app? To NOT have to always have the physical license with you? Obviously, I would say use it until it breaks and then we might as well deinstall Update: Customer Service contacted me (a week after review) and asked me to try again. Apparently they fixed the issue. I did it try to upload my renewed licensed and it worked this time. I am adding another two stars back to my original review for that reason. They still need to improve response times but at least it did get fixed. I will add another star if all stays well for a year!
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1 year ago, Siniloi Greek
Renewal option
It seems as if it doesn’t update the license if you renew online. You can renew through the app but the convenience fee to do so was way too high. I thought maybe it was an error but didn’t have time to investigate. I clicked on the renewal option again when I renewed online and it stated I’d already renewed. I hoped it would update the license but it still states it’s about to expire. I guess I gambled and loss. I don’t have any issues with La wallet aside from that. Then again it’s only been about 24 hours.
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5 years ago, auntboo
I couldn’t get the VerifyYou to load my info
All in all, it’s fairly easy to use. I’m not sure if I did something wrong, but I couldn’t get it to load my information found with the VerifyYou feature. While trying to add my info in order to purchase a usage license for the app, I scanned the back of my current drivers license. It brought up my info but only offered a “Dismiss” option. I still had to manually enter in all my info in order to register and pay. That was the only problem I had with the whole process. I haven’t read all the fine print yet, but a suggestion I’d offer is for the app to send you a reminder 30 days before your license expire. (That may already be available and I just haven’t noticed it yet.)
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3 years ago, Hunter SB
Need to Upload LA Covid Vax but Still Have Out of State License
I am currently a New Orleans resident. Own my home. Moved to NOLA a few months ago, and received my Covid Vaccine in NOLA, which I would like to upload here. I still, however, have my out-of-state license. Please don’t tell me that I have to change my DL in order to use this app and upload my Covid vaccination. Now the developer has responded that other states do not allow LA Wallet to upload out-of-state licenses (mine is from DC). Well, it turns out that there are other apps, like NYC Covid Safe (from New York, obviously) which allow licenses from anywhere, and which is an app that is easier to use than this one. Additionally, that app is perfectly fine for use in states other than NY. I’ll be using it instead. It seems that it is LA Wallet that is limited.
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5 years ago, Buffaleaux
La Wallet
I love this app. I have a problem with low back pain and often take my wallet out of my back pocket. I have left it at home on several occasions. Needless to say I panic when I discover I am driving without my license on me. This app is great, I always have my phone clipped to my waistband. Now I have my license with my anytime I have my phone. The app was easy to install and simple to set up. I am 65 years old and not very tech savvy so I’m sure most people won’t have a problem installing it. Now all I need is my phone with La Wallet and Apple-pay and I am good to go, in most cases. Thank you for creating such useful and convenient app.
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6 years ago, gwh34t
Great start, needs a major update for Wallet App
I was able to get an account created and have my state issued license on my phone within about 3 minutes. There is a cost of $5.99, but well worth the hassle if caught without my ID. I can leave home with nothing more than my phone and feel safe and be legal. However, this app needs a major update to add the ID to the Wallet App of the phone. Most police officers take driver’s IDs back to their vehicle. Not everyone feels comfortable handing a police officer their phone - especially unlocked and out of sight. Adding the ID to the Wallet app with remedy this as the phone will be locked during this time of accessed from the lock screen.
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3 years ago, spydergirl54
Great app now!!
My initial review of this app back in August was that it was the “Worst App Ever!” I had repeatedly tried to set up the digital license but the app only showed the “dismiss” button after you scanned in the barcode on the back of the license. I recently decided to try it again before deleting it for good. I don’t know if the app developer tweaked it - or maybe it was an iPhone issue before, but I am happy to say that it immediately scanned my license & uploaded it into the app. It even uploaded my Covid-19 vaccinations and booster. LOVE THE APP NOW!! Many thanks to whoever fixed it! 😎
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5 years ago, Db1023002011
Most who gave this bad reviews didn't read the current uses for the app. LA State police are accepting it in leiu of a physical drivers license, now two weeks since downloading it, bars are apparently catching on as well. Of course you're going to pay for the convenience (as you would with any I didn't mind paying additional $5.99 for the term ofy license. I'm sure more and more vendors will get on board so read before you install apps and don't complain if you failed to do so! I appreciate the app and it's convenience... please continue to make necessary adjustments!
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5 years ago, kelseybenoit
Simply Amazing
As an IT analyst, I usually look for flaws in the design of every app I download and I’m usually critical of every aspect of the app. But, LA Wallet is more than likely the first app I’ve downloaded in ages that I really have no complaints about. It functions exactly as described, and is definitely a step in the right direction. As far as the fee, not everyone understands why they must pay for a digital version of their license, but I have that understanding. I must say, the work of the developers is superb across the board. While I have no complaints, I do have suggestions, which I have seen echoed in numerous reviews left by others. Access to the digital license through Apple Wallet would be a great step for this already wonderful app. Keep up the good work. The fee was small, but well worth it to be able to support such a promising app.
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6 years ago, Barry Ivey
Fantastic App
It couldn’t be easier to add your “Digital” Louisiana drivers license to your phone. In order to add your license, you must have information from your current physical drivers license. It does cost $5.99 to get the “official” digital license (paid as in-app purchase). This digital license is a legal license in the state of Louisiana. Considering the continued proliferation of digital pay in stores (like Apple Pay), it only makes sense to have official digital id’s. Great forward thinking by the State of Louisiana and the folks at the OMV.
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3 years ago, Not Terribly Surprised
Needs to be updated for COVID-19 vaccination status
The app does now allow users to include their COVID-19 vaccination status, however it only allows them to enter their vaccination status if they already have entered a driver’s license into the app. This excludes people who do not have driver’s licenses from using the app to verify their vaccination status. Many people do not have driver’s licenses for various reasons, and they should not be excluded from using the app to verify their vaccination status because of that. This should be fixed promptly.
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3 years ago, Monee A.
Great App
It’s a great app. Very useful especially since the pandemic. I don’t like pulling my ID out, plus I’ve been in a bout 3 situations where someone didn’t give me my ID back and I have to hunt it down or pay for a new one. I think a good idea would be to add somewhere in the app for online verification services. I’m having issues with my online bank and needed to verify my license but the didn’t accept my physical copy because it’s worn.
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6 years ago, Freedomguy2050
Just wow!
This is just wow! This is most amazing how Louisiana can using digital license, more effectively when you lost your wallet. You still can prove them. Also, I am encourage this app to support Apple Wallet, which they can access in locked, for a reason, (I don’t want required put wallet) but give them a option, I would do put into my Apple Wallet. If I’m knockout, or accident, they can access my iPhone as wallet, with MedicKit and License without me. Which would be effective. So this method is so amazing. I am strong recommended y’all get this!
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3 years ago, CDub-you
COVID-19 Vaccine Verification
My full vaccination dates were not showing in LA Wallet. Upon contact with LA Wallet, Sarah Kelly and Dawn (didn’t have her last name), went above and beyond to help me get this problem corrected. They called me back when they said they would and promptly returned all of my calls to them. It’s very rare to get this excellent level of customer service! My issue was resolved quickly. It was an awesome experience! I highly recommend LA Wallet!
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1 year ago, unwilling LA resident
Military unfriendly
This app is incompatible with active duty military with out of state licenses. Many service members are stationed in this state temporarily, not always by choice, and are not required to get an LA license, but are now required to use this app for digital age verification, which they cannot do. I read a developer response to someone else complaining about not having an LA license which basically said “too bad, guess you’ll have to become one of us”. That is ridiculous. There should be options for age verification that do not force transient individuals to become LA residents. Especially when they are only living in the state due to federal service.
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2 years ago, Fox Faerie
Pretty Good
It’s easy and convenient: Welcome to the future. I’ve been told this is not valid proof of license if you’re pulled over, which is kind of silly since I’m pretty sure that information can be confirmed by the cop, but what evs. Also, what is this $20 ‘convenience fee’ for Driver’s license renewal on the app (While showing the ‘App Fee’ as ‘free’)? It’s about $3 processing fee to do it online on my phone browser. I’m not going to rate the app low for it as it’s still a good app but…why?
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4 years ago, chad brattington
Couldn’t enter casino
Me and one of my boys were trying to go run it up in blackjack and even had a designated driver so we could slam a few Long Island ice teas. Upon arrival, they wouldn’t accept la wallet even tho is clearly states online that’s casinos and gambling establishments were excepted la wallet. Just a little annoyed ab the false advertisement. Guess I’ll have to slam a few Long Island ice teas and run up some black jack another day:(
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5 years ago, Hdjwhs2005
I like it but the economy is not up to par.
This app and form of technology is absolutely outstanding. The only problem is that majority of health facilities and store businesses will not accept this form of identification in Louisiana. That causes a problem with me because of my memory issues. I bought the app to relieve myself of keeping my physical Identification on my person. It hasn’t worked out well so now I’m hoping that The organization clears that up for people with the like issue of sort.
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2 years ago, chinatwin
Not as advertised
It says it automatically keeps your license info up to date. It didn’t. My license was expiring and paid extra through the app to renew. It did the refresh thing and then wiped out my license information. It wants the new information. I don’t have it because it needs to be mailed. I’m traveling and no longer have a current license on me. If if known this was going to happen I’d have saved the extra $25 or so This should be able to update the expiration date without me having my physical license to do so.
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2 years ago, nefedeler
Great but two things would make it fantastic.
This is a great app, works great and it is legal proof of your license. Since it’s controlled by the state two additions would make it fantastic, 1. Being able to add your handicap ID card and 2. Being able to add your concealed carry permit. Icing on the cake would be the ability to upload other ID,s like law enforcement or military. Keep up the good work!!!
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2 years ago, aed120/240
Health card
Great app. Only problem is when I renewed my license & everything updated it’s no longer showing my Covid Vaccine on the Health Card. It was displayed before I renewed my license & I got the Covid Booster 3 weeks ago but it’s still not showing anything & when I try to send a pic of my vaccine card it says invalid email address. But I received all my renewals by email notification
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4 years ago, ToniPN
New feature not know to anyone
I went to the local grocery store. Never had a problem using the app. The associate told me to put my finger on the middle of the photo of my driver’s license. I did nothing changed. Little did I k ow it changes to a screen shot of the state logo. Mine did not. I couldn’t use the app as my I’d. She made me feel as though I stole the app and I was trying to buy a bottle of wine illegally. I’m 61. Don’t think I am near underage. Don’t even look close to being underage. Has to come home and update the app. Very embarrassing. I do not have my phone set on auto update of apps.
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7 months ago, Koosh Miester
Doesn’t work (At least while out of state).
I’m an adult, and there are certain platforms that need me to prove my age. It requires me to use LAWallet to verify my age through my driver’s license. Every single avenue in app I try to use straight up won’t accept my Illinois license. Scan feature? Doesn’t work. Manually putting it in? My card’s number is too long to fit and doesn’t have an audit number. Remote Verify? Doesn’t work. Nothing I do works, and I think it’s because of the state that I live in. Please let me use my Illinois license. Otherwise, this app is worse than useless.
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3 years ago, Amya422
Great App but Health Card need a format
On the Smart Health Card if you use the Share feature and email it to yourself the file will not open. I am not sure the format, but have tried most programs on my computer. No luck getting file to open. This feature would be great for people needing to prove over and over again that they had the vaccine. Thanks for add Wildlife and Fisheries to the APP.
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5 years ago, KennedyPierre
App works but needs to be added to wallet!
Downloaded the app and it works great however my only concern would be having to hand my phone over to a stranger with access to my personal information. If the security feature would be upgraded and we were able to integrate our personal ID into the wallet so that my phone can be locked and it will still be available for viewing would be perfect!
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5 years ago, SLC71465
What an App!!!
This app is totally awesome!!!! What a wonderful idea. I usually carry my phone in my pockets/ with me at all times..., but frequently leave my purse at home. Several times I have had to turn around and drive ten miles or more just to get my purse because my drivers license were in it. Now if I forget my purse at least I will have my license on my phone. Thank you for this wonderful app!!!!
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6 years ago, Nola Boy For Life
A Great Start - Please add Fingerprint Support
Like other reviewers have stated, “LA Wallet” is a great start for a great idea. Nice to see Louisiana be the first to a progressive idea. For $5, I have a convenient way to carry my ID and can feel better about making trips without my wallet. Only way this relatively simple app could be better is if it supported fingerprint unlock, and possibly a way to let police have access to the ID without access to the rest of the phone.
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12 months ago, Cthuloops76
Great resource.
All in all, very helpful to have multiple ID options. Especially if you forget to grab your wallet on your way out or happen to leave a specific ID at home… more than an hour away. Driver’s license, hunting permits, carry permits, Covid vaccine record and more are integrated into the app so there’s no more fishing around in bags/pockets/files. They’re all just there when you need them.
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6 years ago, PNeoQueen
Nope not happing
When I first saw this I was like wow this would come in handy if I forget my wallet book at home, but when you get into the you have to PAY to have your license in what they call a digital license. Nope not happing I already paid for my license I should have to pay more just to have it on here in a digital file for the cops to recognize it as a drivers license. Should have know the state would just want to nickel and dime us. This should be a feature we shouldn’t have to pay for. It should come as an opinion for those of who pay to get and renew our drivers license. Deleting this useless app.
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6 years ago, PartyLady09
Needs a warning label
I think this is a great idea! However, if you read the fine print on the website, you will see that there is extremely limited acceptance. State Police have agreed to accept it for traffic stops. The legislation does not require local police to accept it. It is not required to be accepted by any businesses as an ID. TSA is not required to accept it. While I think this is a great idea and a huge step forward, legislation is not in place to make it worthwhile. People need to understand that this app absolutely DOES NOT REPLACE a physical driver’s license.
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2 years ago, Anaday88
People need to know that not everywhere can accept this. In cases where they need to copy your license, banks, utility depts. etc. people need to have the original on hand. It’s not the fault of those employees when they request this and customers don’t have them. It is very rare that I don’t have mine readily available to me.
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2 years ago, happyandlovingit
great app
it's a great app to have but i renewed my id online and was trying to see if it downloaded but it tells me everything is invalid and i must scan my liscence. and invalid credentials. my sister was having the same problem and her liscence was lost. So how do you propose you are going to fix this problem
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3 years ago, Nottajabroni
Almost 5 stars
Absolutely revolutionary app. I love it. However, my only complaint: when identifying myself to law enforcement or a venue that requires identification using this app, I am forced to hand over my unlocked phone to a stranger. If there could be a feature that requires you to put in a pin or something to back out of the app, that would make it 5 stars.
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6 years ago, Kasco53661
Great app
Don’t need my wallet no more i got my id on my phone, and about the people who don’t feel safe to handle their phones to our great police officers you can easily open the app and press the home button 3 times to activate the guided access mode which allows you to put your password to leave the app or use your fingerprint.
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5 years ago, serpman
Not accepted
Got the app. Works fine no issues. Went out for dinner and the establishment refused to serve alcohol using this digital ID. Just beware before you spend money on it. According to the law (which I looked up after I was declined service)... Under the ATC’s rule... retailers retain the right to request a physical form of identification at the time of purchase. So... that sort of defeats the whole purpose of having this app in the first place if you need to have your physical ID with you as well. I’d be worried about getting pulled over by the police and have the same thing happen.
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2 years ago, @Tony21213121
You have to push the scan button, that says scan with picture of barcode. Once you scanned from that button then go to home button and Scan again and press search/find license.
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6 years ago, Hey473
Great app just want iwatch
This is a great app on the iPhone. Almost never need to carry my id around. In thinking of an active lifestyle if this could be ported over to the iwatch then truly it would be hands free and on the go. Not sure since the screen size is awfully small on the iwatch. But would be neat to use the watch for that.
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6 years ago, lilCrab#01
I heard positive things about the app while listening to Out To Lunch, hosted by Peter Ricchiuti. I decided to try it out for myself. This app should be given more credit. This is groundbreaking and I would be willing to invest my money into this. It has a potential to grow exponentially beyond its current value.
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1 year ago, App critic 1335
Almost always having issues
It’s not like Facebook ect that I use a lot but when I do try to use the app it’s almost always having an issue either actually opening and not even showing my license defeating the entire purpose of the app or it’ll just crash every time I try to open it. I have it on 3 different devices and I can’t even open it on any device currently. What if I was in a situation where the app could really help?
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2 years ago, Huggster
Was crashing on new iPhone 14 but ok now
Had no problem on my older phone (and still don’t) but it keeps crashing before I can put my pin in but just deleted the app and reinstalled and alls fine now
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5 years ago, 70187
Updated review - Check “junk mail” for responses
I renewed my license in May then downloaded the free app. At the end of June I attempted to open it . Forgot the password. They said a link would be sent via email to reset but I never did receive the email to reset. After my 11 attempt, a friend told me to check the “junk mail”. There it was 11 responses
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9 months ago, ChristyC.
Didn’t work! Oops error each time!
I’m very tech savvy and finally decided to add this app that had been around a long time just in case I’d ever misplace my DL. Downloaded it, typed everything in and got an Oops error adding message. I then scanned the barcode, got the message. Typed in again, same! Scanned again, same. I’m at home so there is no connection issues as everything else I use is running smoothly. As a first time user, I’m not impressed at all.
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3 years ago, JjjGgg99
Best App I’ve ever downloaded
I am so grateful for having both my driver’s license and Covid vaccination card on here with easy access. What incredible technology. I’ve recommended it to so many people (including my patients) who are just as amazed and pleased as I am. A+++
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1 year ago, dasats
Crashes and forgets information
I had the app for several years and it’s always has minor hiccups. Lately, the app forget who I am or “misplaced” my information. Other occasions, it won’t open(goes to the pin and boots me out) I understand that the use of this app is better then the original but, last thing I want is failure to identify when is doesn’t work.
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7 months ago, racquetball3r
Needs Apple Wallet support
Updated feature request: please add state parks annual pass! Having to carry around a paper card (not even laminated) all year in this day and age is frustrating. Great app. I love that Louisiana is getting with the digital times. It’d be great if I could add my DL to my Wallet. I’ve got all my other cards, just need my DL and I’d be all set.
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11 months ago, David Birdsall
Doesn’t work for those without LA Driver’s Licenses
The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries says you can use this app with a Louisiana. identification card, but that’s a lie. One must provide a valid Louisianan Driver’s License to get the app to work. If you don’t have a valid Louisiana driver’s license, this app won’t work for you no matter how many other Louisiana licenses and records you may have. All my Hunter Safety cards, hunting licenses, fishing licenses, Medicaid records, and such will still need to be carried by paper.
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3 years ago, LucynGidge
Waste of Time, Will Delete
Just created an account and unable to add driver's license. I've used the scan option and all fields were populated with accurate information, but I receive an "Oops" message that "We cannot validate your license information. Please verify everything was entered correctly and try again." I've tried many times. Everything is correct. Waste of time. Zero stars, will delete app.
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3 years ago, jepmus
$5.99 ? And will require renewal ?
This seems like a sneaky ploy by some politically connected peeps. I saw a sign in the OMV office earlier today, and thought this is a great thing that the state is doing! I downloaded thinking this would be convenient, but: 1) It is a “digital” copy of something I’ve already paid for. 2) When it’s time for my physical (ACTUAL) license renewal, the state will charge a fee. If I want to keep my “digital” version, I’ll have to renew that too. Crazy ! 3) This app, as per the fine print you see post-download, is NOT affiliated with the state of Louisiana. Suggestion- persuade the state of Louisiana to make your app official, and to buy/license it from you. Let the state give you a portion of their perpetually renewing OMV fees.
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4 years ago, Stagg225
App Error
Every time I try to make an account by clicking create new account I fill out the email and password then it says (Oops an error has occurred while processing your request please try again later) nothing has worked tried closing the app out pulling it back up an even deleting it and it still will not work been like this for at least a month..
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3 years ago, Nob p
Support is non existent
I had the LA Wallet for a few months and had put both of my COVID-19 shots with no problem. But when I went to put in my booster shot my first two shots disappeared and not it states I am partially vaccinated . That done everything they asked to fix and nothing worked so they wanted me to email my vaccination card and my driver’s license. And have not heard a peep from them and my issue still not fixed.
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