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User Reviews for LabArchives

2.32 out of 5
37 Ratings
4 years ago, Chris Cardinale
LabArchives is the premier electronic lab notebook, but this app is a travesty
The web browser interface to LabArchives is a superb product. Since I switched from writing in a paper lab notebook to using LabArchives, which is supplied to our research institute, I have had improved productivity and organization in my laboratory data. I’m a molecular biologist and molecular geneticist. If you’re still using a paper notebook, you’re missing out. On the other hand, this iOS app implementation is terrible. It doesn’t display entries correctly and the rich text editor just doesn’t work. I haven’t even tried uploading images or attachments. There’s potential here for a great way to access data, but this app just isn’t it.
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6 years ago, ZsBvZlJ
Version 3.0.1
Tried version 3.0.1, it happened 2 times that I still signed in, created a plain text, typed into it, saved it and although the text was visible for a while during stepping into a different directory and returning, after a while my text switched back to an earlier saved version, so lost most of that I typed. What can I do against this? I like the app otherwise, I have one wish only: it would be nice to be able to select and insert multiple images in the same time. Note: text formatting option menu is not available later on the computer if the text object was created by the mobile app.
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2 years ago, Bloodysword
Would be super useful if the app…
Would be a super useful app if the app would allow you to seamlessly switch between entries. Once I click on an entry the back button rarely works so I have to close the app to get to a new entry.
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3 weeks ago, LegendOfSandy
This App NEEDS To Be Better
Given how old this app is, it is kind of crazy how BAD the iPad app is compared to the website. It is unbelievably glitchy. The inability to choose the color black on the sketch pad after choosing another color is minor but frustrating. This is not an app that focuses its efforts on sketches so I didn’t expect my Apple Pencil to show up as clear as it does on apps like GoodNotes and Concepts, but it looks like chicken scratch. And after using the eraser, the app freezes and you have to exit the sketch, and there is no easy or intuitive way to edit them. It’s also hard to do anything with any of the other forms of media. This app has so much potential. It just needs to work.
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4 years ago, labstudent
App needs improvement.
The website is great, but the app can definitely use some improvements. -The app doesn’t work with the apple keyboard made for the newer iPads. For example, the arrow keys don’t work with the app. - Can’t customize the font on rich text through the app. Some of the options like subscripts or color change are not available. Also special characters are not available - Copy & paste images from the iPad to the app work, but then when returning to edit more, the images are no longer available. - Can’t edit and customize tables made on rich text. - Can’t move entries up and down with the app. -Notification symbol (for new comments or context) doesn’t disappear even after dismissing them or changing preferences.
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3 months ago, Bluskale
Mobile experience is awful
I can’t believe this app has been abandoned on the App Store without any updates for the last 5 years. Entries do not display properly on mobile web or via this app either (good luck reading indented text that gets squeezed down to a few characters per line)… I don’t know how anyone could effectively use this for any work. This entire app feels like it exists solely so that someone can check a box next to “has mobile app” when marketing it to potential clients.
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4 years ago, ykw515
Can be very powerful tool if improved in some aspects
The app is general very good and handy, but there are some problems I found could use some improvement: The notes cannot be previewed, have to tap into the edit mode of the section to see the content. Need to sign in every time I open the app. Could add some more convenient login options such as short password, gestures or even fingerprint if possible.
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6 years ago, oliviasis
Labarchives just got even more useful
I can update my notebooks from anywhere so quickly with this app- really helpful and a big time saver for anyone who does research or keeps a lab notebook!
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3 weeks ago, ChemSmurf
Horrible app
I don’t usually write app reviews. I like the web version of LabArchives. But this app is simply unusable. I am on a iPhone 14 Pro. The title of notebook is covered by the Dynamic Island. Also, the button is very unresponsive. Maybe it is too close to the edge or Dynamic Island. Also, there is no support for swiping to go back or forward. Will reinstall with significant improvements.
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7 months ago, LuluCloud9
Smooth uploads
I can upload scans of my lab notes and photos of my cells easily from my phone. Seamless integration. Great work!
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5 years ago, Alxgoofy
No Apple Pencil support
The Apple Pencil (and Microsoft surface stylus, for that matter) has been available for over 4 years and lab archives still doesn’t support active hand written note taking. The “sketch” feature is, frankly, embarrassing.
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4 years ago, Bucky62738
The worst possible way to store lab notes
Please make your platform more like OneNote by Microsoft. I’m required to use this backwards program by my institution. Honestly, I feel like I’m working on a Windows 98 while using your platform. Everything should change. Everything.
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3 years ago, vanesh_nevest
Hasn’t been updated in years
As of April 2021: The app has not been updated over two years, and still does not correctly support iPhone X style screens. It routinely fails to even display rich text entries unless they are clicked on, or displays them incorrectly.
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4 years ago, Freedom3856
Lost text
It doesn’t save my plain text at all. Wrote a long text, saved it, only to find nothing is left except the first 2 lines when trying to continue editing a few min later. It’s my first time using it and already lost text 3 times today.
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1 year ago, Briannamarie29
Can’t sign in
When I click sign in with institution, I receive an error. I was excited to start using the electronic notebook and being able to write on my iPad but I can’t even use the app so unfortunately I have to give it 1 star
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5 years ago, I_MH_L
Problems with new iPhones
With the newer iPhones with the notch, the navigation at the top of the page is cut off and really difficult to use
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5 years ago, Leoreopa
Doesn’t let you upload photos
Only seen this used in lab classes. It’s buggy and not very user friendly
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7 months ago, PennSateUber
The web version is okay and good enough. But iOS app is so bad. Even 1 star rating is too much!!
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11 months ago, Edgiec
Terrible interface ..
Better not use it …
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2 years ago, Jay5299
Crash crash crash
Unreliable unstable
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3 years ago, Somebody18
Trash, would give 0 stars
Totally trash.
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7 years ago, passion4dance
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8 years ago, BusterXYZ
Any app that requires your email address or login for use is obviously planning to spam and market. I fail to see how giving out my email address will help me document my work.
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8 years ago, SarahLawrence Scott
Functional, but I often still need to use website
I use LabArchives for time-stamped rich text entries with an audit trail. The iPad app works pretty well (much better than in the early days!) but has some limitations. There's no list view for multiple entries on one page, so it can be onerous to click through the entries, one at a time, to get to the one you want. Also, there's not a function to reorder the entries. Fortunately, there is a button that takes you directly to the website through the browser, where both functions are available and work fine. Some of the other functions, while present, are a bit more clunky than they need to be. For instance, adding a new page requires going in to an edit mode, and then clicking done afterward. Overall, though, a good app for people who need a mobile scientific notebook.
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12 years ago, Philosomed
Excellent Laboratory Tool
However, I'm having difficulty viewing my files on this app. I can see them on my desktop but not through my iPhone. Can you update this to fix the problem or let me know of a solution? Thank you.
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12 years ago, mindaika
Simple, but useful
The app side offers little more than a tree structure to access documents uploaded on the website. Nevertheless, it is very useful. There is a bug apparently where the login screen does not display labels for either of the text boxes. It's easy enough to figure out what goes where, but it should be addressed.
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11 years ago, nathanator11
Very limited
The app doesn't actually do anything except let you upload photos. Also buggy; won't even keep me signed in.
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8 years ago, Djcnedkf
Doesn't work
Doesn't work at all. Asks for an id and password and it still doesn't work. Fix it please.
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12 years ago, Cool184848384836
I'm the 3rd person to review this
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8 years ago, Jea2288
Does not work
Does not read my school's e-mail.
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1 year ago, WasThatCardomom?
Sign in with institution just gives an error.
I just get this error when I try to sign in, “ {"status":"OK","timestamp":"2023-03-22T19:19:06.377Z","version":"1.0.106"}”. Not great.
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8 years ago, Daniel1738
Iz nice
Good app
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10 years ago, L3aper
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