Lake Michigan CU Mobile

3.1 (470)
26 MB
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Lake Michigan Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lake Michigan CU Mobile

3.07 out of 5
470 Ratings
4 years ago, AleMalle
Needs More!!
I have had the app as long as I have had my account which is about three years. I have recently come into some issues with the app that really should be updated. -there are not options for notifications. This is different from ‘messages’. Messages are from the bank. I mean notifications about your accounts. The only ones I get are for it I use my card for ApplePay. We should have something where we can set up notifications from the app about balances as well. - the Face ID/Touch ID is not true. Most apps that request it, automatically do it. For this app, we have to click ‘biometric’ first. Other bank apps are able to have a setting chosen on which password we want to use. -Quick Balance: now I know not all banks do it, but I have one that does. This app, for ‘quick balance’ has a slide over page option from the log in screen if you choose to have that set up. It used to have a button for it which was easier in my opinion. Button was easier to navigate/find. What could be really useful though, is if you could add It to the widget options when you press and hold the app icon on your phone’s home page. I have another bank that allows that. If anyone is reading this still, this app is fairly basic and simple once you know where the common things you always need are. I.e. transfer, snapshot, bill pay, etc. I love LMCU and they have been nothing but great to me. I just wish they would update their app so it’s more In tune with today’s technology on phones.
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3 years ago, lipsmacker7766987
Needs work
I’ve used the mobile check deposit twice as I have direct deposit Thur work so it’s not a big deal too me but Both times I kept receiving can’t read the numbers on the check but looking at the pic they were clear but they went to review and would not post for 4 business days yet this last time it posted right away. Never had this issue with former bank. Also, Bill Pay is a pain. I hate playing the guessing game of adding a date to send how about you tell me then? And waiting a week for you to send is should be next day to send to credit card companies and no more then 3 business days for those you send a “check” too. Also Seeing you can’t talk to someone at 12am when you get a Notification at 12am of a pre-authorization for a withdraw from someone you have no idea who they are , why wouldn’t the fraud dept , the one dept you can speak too at night , help you with that? I was told I’d have to call in the sounds like a fraud issue too me.
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2 years ago, marble base
Almost there
I would have given the app five stars except that there is no information on how to override an address for bill pay. This was very frustrating after getting all the information in and then finding out that I was unable to add it to my bill pay list. In addition to that I have tried 14 nicknames and they are apparently all taken hard to believe since I went out of my way to find extremely weird ones. So my opinion is you don’t really want my review.
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1 year ago, JclydeChicago
Idk why I even bank here tbh
-impossibly hard to get an itemized list of what your recent transactions are that include a description of where they went. You have to go through a click on every single one. Not even to mention the struggles of trying to get it in a pdf. -over confusing app that’s less than user friendly. -cannot get text alerts that show any type of description of your transactions, only the dollar amount. So it’s a guessing game as to what just pulled money out of your account. -the automated voice recording that plays when you call the customer service number sounds nothing like a michigan accent. It’s so offensively ‘Fargo’ that it literally makes me edgy and irritable before I’ve even reached a human being to speak with. -I mistakenly didn’t recognize an automated purchase and my debit card got frozen- which is fine- but I was then unable to even see the existence of that debit card anymore anywhere in my account/Mobile app. -You have a routing number, account number, and an MICR number. Which is actually (to anyone else or business) NOT your real account number. It’s their internal Lmcu-only number that they use to identify you. Your real account number that you use on things like direct deposits and automated pays is your MCIR number. And no, no one else knows this, and if you write down your account number under “account number”, your payments won’t go through. -I don’t even bother with your live chat feature anymore.
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3 years ago, mscholtens
Much more user friendly
I have been using this app for years. With the more recent upgrades to it, the app is now quicker and more responsive. In addition, it finally integrates with our mortgage information rather than having to work in another outside account. Check deposits using the app can be quirky and I have had several checks need to be have their pictures retaken using different lighting and backgrounds. My best solution has been to lay the check on the ground outside in the sunlight. The bill pay interface is now much cleaner and user friendly with this update. Thanks for arriving for continual improvements as it makes my tasks easier and builds a desire to stay with this credit union.
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1 year ago, Bryantr678
Does what you need
Great app, does what you need. Easy to see your accounts, transfer funds, integration with Zelle, bill pay, remote deposit, etc. everything you can expect from an app. To the people locking themselves out. If you keep locking yourself out of your account because you’re entering the wrong password maybe you should stop doing that. Or use Face/Touch ID. No you are not using the correct password, that’s not how passwords work, where they randomly choose when to work and not work anymore. lol. You’re either typing it wrong or you forgot it. I know it’s hard to except that something is your fault but I promise it’s true. Anyways great all, keep up the great work LMCU :)
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2 years ago, Palyku
I read the reviews and one big difference between their issues and mine: at least they can get into the app. I keep getting locked out using MY CORRECT PASSWORD!! How ridiculous is that?! Yes, I know my password. Yes, I keep typing in the correct password. Some days it works. Others, it does not. I am currently locked out, yet again. I’m not bothering to, yet again, make a phone call to unlock it. I figure, what’s the point. I will just get locked out again. I mention something is wrong with the app when I call. No sympathy. Barely acknowledgement. I must be too dumb to put in the correct password. Considering all the apps I use and this is the only one I ever get locked out of, hmm, maybe I’m not so dumb after all. No one wants to listen. Here’s your bad review. Again another time I wish zero stars are an option.
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4 months ago, Josepdoemd
The most frustrating thing about bill pay
The thing I hate about the bill pay service is the choosing of the payment date. It seems like any date you choose within 10 days automatically gets kicked out. They should only show you the first available date to pay and the days beyond to choose to pay. You should not have any other options so we don’t have to go day to day until we find the first day you can pay the bill. My other bill payment services have this so please improve yours. The app version also doesn’t allow you to schedule recurring payments like the desktop version. They say they have improved but they really have not and it is a no frills poorly made app.
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1 year ago, Onebiggear
Bill pay is the worst app I’ve ever encountered! 1: Entering new payees is as frustrating as anything. If the address given by the payee can’t be verified by LMCU then it won’t let you override, even though the business has been located at that address for 30+ years! So now I have to write a check and mail it thru snail mail. 2: picking the date to pay the bill is a joke! You have to scroll to the date you want and submit. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday then it tells you that’s an invalid date and takes you back to select a date. Then you get to guess what date is a valid date. Why don’t you show the monthly calendar and which dates are available. Quit making me guess!
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3 years ago, lccullin
Completely new update!
Finally LMCU has made a whole new update with its design and everything about the app! I just updated it today and got to excited when it said new app design!! I’m not able to do Face ID. The slide over pin thing is nice too, it already had the quick view but just an older design prior. The whole dashboard layout is nice and so up to date with the times and all the other bank apps. It’s modern and way easier to use. Thank you LMCU for finally stepping it up.
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2 years ago, rhizalight
Periodic lack of mobile deposit functionality
The app works great most of the time. Every once in awhile, the app will cease to allow for mobile deposits. It gives an error that “no account was specified” although I do it the exact same way each time. Unfortunately, calls to support for the app are unfruitful. While polite, they have no idea beyond deleting the app and reinstalling, which doesn’t work. The only suggestion is to try again later. Last time, it stopped working for more than a week and randomly started again. Who knows how long it will take this time. Mobile deposit is the main feature I require in an app. Update: - Just so it’s clear, I’ve contacted support through: their live chat, calling tech support, talking and illustrating problems to tellers in person. Nothing has been resolved. The main problem seems to be with the larger format business checks. I haven’t had problems with personal checks.
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3 years ago, carliebyron
Better than it was
The new update is a really nice change. It looks great and functions pretty well. I am disappointed to see that there is not an option to categorize transactions or leave notes under them. I reached out through the website a few months ago, and they let me know that would be a feature in the update, but it isn’t there. Overall, the changes are nice but please make the user experience more efficient with categories or annotations.
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3 years ago, agm@tgam
needed features are missing
The update of March 10,2021 gives good look though few features are missing: 1) You should allow to view the check deposit history and transfer history/ log. 2) allow the members to request the opening of CD through app, many other banks offer this feature. They allow to either maintain an e-CD or Mail hard copy CD if customer requests. 3) any forms such as w8-ben should be available to be filled from within app so that customer may have default information automatically filled out. Hope that you would bring these features soon.
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2 years ago, Methos
Check Deposit Need Attention
I spent almost 15 minutes trying to deposit a single check. Whether manual or auto picture, it didn’t matter. The app constantly said check not found or couldn’t be read despite it being the ONLY thing in the frame. I came to find the back was the problem. The app needs to say what side of the check is problematic upon submitting and also needs to be able to distinguish better. Integrate more AI into the app to determine a check is in the frame. A monkey smoking weed could easily determine this.
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1 year ago, Joshlsns
This app is antiquated. I just switched to LMCU and wish I would have come to the app reviews first. With any mobile banking app I’ve used, the pending transactions always are deducted from balance. Unless I’m doing something wrong, I have to add up pending transactions to see where my account is. Also, with each transaction on the app, it should have a ledger view to where each transaction also shows balance from that. All in all, not a very good app and need major improvements. This should be an investment LMCU makes ASAP.
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3 years ago, zackhaf
Authenticator Access
Overall the app is great except one key area, the authenticator access. It is external to the main app, meaning you need to do some phone gymnastics to open the app, avoid faceid log in and then pick the authenticator for the website. Why is this not available inside the app? Everything else works great, but for someone who regularly accesses accounts via the web portal, it’s a huge pain.
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1 year ago, LadyOCross
Basically needs an upgrade
This app works great for basic needs but I miss some options that my other credit union apps offer. For example: *does not have zelle integration *cannot nickname accounts on the app (only online) *cannot schedule transfers in the future, only same day *cannot see pending transfers or pending bill pay *cannot manage transfers (stop, see scheduled, etc. ) With these additions, this app would be 5-Star
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4 weeks ago, lc012477
I opened an account here not knowing they did not use Zelle….what kind of bank does not have Zelle? I sent them an email asking them to send back the $5.00 I opened the account with & they sent me this: “Please note-because your account was opened within the last 90 days, there is a five dollar fee for closing your membership. If you wish to proceed with the closure you will forfeit your account balance of $5.00.” I would not recommend this bank to anyone as they are not customer friendly. I went to a different credit union that does have Zelle.
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3 years ago, Peggy Jo iTunes
Finding the account information for the VISA is extremely difficult. I don’t what to know what my balance is to spend. I want to know the total of what I have spent for the month. I see what I’ve spent, but there is not a total at the top of up to date monthly total expenditures. I have to use my calculator to subtract the amount I have yet to spend to learn what I’ve spent. It’s very aggravating. Otherwise, is great.
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2 years ago, RedBS
Authentication doesn’t work
App itself is bare bones. UI and images don’t match their marketing/website - who knows if they are talking about the telesales version here or the beta they show videos for? So go ed up for mobile Authenticator, which doesn’t let you use an actual 2FA app, but is in LMCU app itself. Tried to put in key - doesn’t work. Tried again from iPad - doesn’t work. Can’t use my password anymore. No one is picking up their phones at LMCU to help. Can’t access my own money due to their bugs. Stay away!
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3 years ago, Toby Time
So slow...
This app desperately needs a 2021 speed and appearance update. Loading any page is abysmally slow, even when on 5G and using a new phone with current operating system. The interface could also use a refresh with a bit more visual appeal. I understand this is a local credit union but if the branch locations can be attractive and updated, their virtual partner (the app) should be too.
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2 years ago, goldeneagle7777
Maintenance worst times
Why would you schedule maintenance for an entire Sunday morning, afternoon & evening 3 weeks before Christmas? I had my debit card declined, was being told I have insufficient funds all the while my account actually had plenty to pay what I was trying to purchase. Now it’s not reflecting any transfers we’ve made on our accounts, everything seems a bit off, far worse than it was before any of this maintenance.
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2 years ago, Jen Cobbs
Too Basic, Boring, Glitches
I’m sorry but I don’t like the app. It’s too simple, is missing a few things that would be very helpful (like more options in settings, savings accounts, and transfers), has no pizazz, and has regular glitches. I’m really not impressed with this app but it is okay for what you do at a credit union.
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6 years ago, Plant mom
LMCU’s desktop online banking, smartphone app, and ATM’s are clunky and outdated. I find them hard to use and the design is out-of-date. It makes me nervous to use them because of how confusing they are to use. I bank with both LMCU and another regional bank and much prefer my experience with the other bank (from visiting physical branches to all of their online resources) but I just can’t beat the 5% interest on the max checking with LMCU. LMCU would greatly benefit a redesign of all of their online resources.
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6 months ago, KingOfTheTr0lls
Definitely switching banks this week
My wife and I woke up to -$365 in our account because we thought that the pending charges on our account all took from the total balance. Turns out the app not only picks and chooses which pending charges to take from the total but it ALSO picks and chooses which pending charges to even show on the transaction history. Never had a bank do this in my life and I can’t wait to go to Arbor when I get this taken care of later this week.
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1 year ago, Bobby12345642
Easy to Use, Great Functionality
This is an easy to use app with functionality that allows me to get all my banking done on the go. I have multiple accounts with LMCU and this app makes it easy to manage my money, debit / credit cards and loans very easily.
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2 years ago, Sjb1224
Do not like the new update. Or maybe it’s just different since I switched to apple?? The old app used to take the money off your account instantly when using the bill pay option also it allowed you to choose Monday when setting up payment on a Friday now you can’t do that till Tuesday. Not very convenient.
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6 years ago, Butterfly incognito
Bill Pay is Cumbersome and Not Timely
Have to click through and keep trying out each date till it will submit payment. Also for some reason the billing cycles changed and isn’t worth using an app if timely payments are needed. It is Jan 14 and the first day it would accept for payment was Jan 22. I ordered paper checks today since I have to use more of those to make timely payments. Also going to look at other banks/credit unions to handle my payments online since I need a timely service when I travel.
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3 years ago, cbcherie
First time having problems with it
They’ve done a good job with the app, although lately it hasn’t been updating data/showing my current account balances or recent transactions until maybe a week later. Website does, but not the app.
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2 years ago, LMCUer1010101
Needs to be modernized
The app does its job fine but could use improvements as others have mentioned. I just switched from a bank to this credit union and the only thing I miss so far is the option to set alerts for myself for whenever my accounts hit a certain balance threshold.
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5 years ago, mandiethesass
Love this app
I love this app and use it daily. You can do almost everything on the app that you can on the website and now that they’ve added the biometric option, you can use your fingerprint or Face ID to log in. Highly recommend this app (and this bank!!!)
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2 years ago, ajcutshall
Missing ability to create scheduled transfers
Very basic, but among the best experiences I’ve had with a mobile banking app. The only thing keeping me from being fully mobile is the lack of ability to schedule transfers between accounts. This app only supports immediate transfers.
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4 years ago, Workinonit(:
Love it!
The app is super user-friendly and quick and easy to use. I love the mobile deposit feature and that I can use my Touch ID to log in. I greatly appreciate the update that allows us to change our contact information in the app.
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2 years ago, West side 2002
Worked Great Until Update
I can no longer login to the app on my home WiFi. I receive a HttpCode 400 error after entering the credentials or using FaceID. Once I turn WiFi off, it signs in with no issues. Worked just fine until the most recent update. If this is something that isn't corrected, might have to pull my money to another CU. Too much of an hassle to check my accounts.
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1 year ago, bananauser22
Needs work !
I’ve been using the lmcu app for some years now, never had a problem until today. It restricted me from using my authenticator for no reason and now I have to type my password every time I try to access my account.
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3 years ago, Killa Hank
CC displays wrong
Credit card shows available credit left instead of balance on dashboard. Should show balance like on the accounts page. No one wants to see available credit left as default.
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2 years ago, kaitbo
Dependable & Easy to Use
I love how simple it is to see all of your accounts, due dates, and balances all in one place! The transfer tool makes it super easy to pay an installment or transfer money to savings!
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4 years ago, Upsetttii
Just about useless
most anytime i go to check my account i find it negative and i got no warning i was close to $0 or the app won’t open bc it is “down for maintenance” which is stupidly common and then i have no way of putting money into my account so i don’t get overdrawn AGAIN. and any time i call to try to solve my issues they only get half solved and i went negative AGAIN bc they didn’t tell me i will go negative if this this or this happens. stupid. way better options out there.
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3 years ago, PaulHinze
New app is great
This new app has a cleaner interface than the old one. I like it. I would suggest changing the label for the message center from “contact us” to something else though because for the life of me I couldn’t find where to read my e-notice!
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1 year ago, Miss Margaret S
Poorest banking app
I have been doing online banking for decades. Your app is nearly worthless when it comes to providing information to the the consumer. I have a car loan on which I make 2 payments per month. Until I get a monthly statement I have no idea of how much was applied to principal with each payment. I'm trying to reduce the principal as quickly as possible but have no way to determine that with your terrible system.
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4 weeks ago, Splashdancer
Mobile app
Never had any problems for years. Lately, I’ve been having to give a new password at each sign in. Tired of doing this plus running out of patience. What happened? I do not enjoy using this app anymore. Too difficult to pay bills , check my account , and just daily use. Not a satisfied customer with this app
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2 years ago, UpstateLeopard
Great place to bank
Been banking with LMCU for about 10 years. Great people and fantastic service. App is pretty good too. Though there are things you can do on a desktop that you can’t do on a mobile device. Maybe look into integrated more?
Show more
3 years ago, AppleArts
No edocuments or running balance?!
Update May 2021: Can’t do forgot password in the app. I don’t have a desktop PC. This CU is a complete joke. What happened to “mobile first”?——Seriously, it's 2017 and you haven't figured out a way to display a PDF in the App? Where is the balance in the transaction history? There are reasonably priced online banking vendors who could do all this for you. For such a large institution, you have really ignored an essential channel.
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3 years ago, Turock7777
Not to shabby
Please make bill pay reference your checking account on the form when it’s the only source available to pay from.
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3 years ago, RipTideTV
Awesome app and even better bank!
So I’ve been a member of LMCU for awhile now and with this new app, banking has become even more easy. I love the quick menus, easy to navigate interface, and overall modern appearance of the app. Good job LMCU!
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3 years ago, Sleveoo
Good, but could be better
This has been a very helpful and easy app to use. But with that said, other platforms have been more straightforward and easier to navigate. Once you get the hang of it, it’s worth the download.
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2 months ago, Laurie LS
Love this app! I am able to review the status of every deposit & payments on a daily basis! Love the sweepstakes, auto bill pay & the ability to transfer funds! Thank you!
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3 years ago, UC it U will want it
Messaging needs improvement
There are many quirks to messaging. A couple of items are that the messages are so short or limited to only so many characters, also I can attach a picture which would be helpful. I also find that things that may be pending don’t show on the app
Show more
2 years ago, Kenadi 84
Bill Pay
You should have both the withdrawal date and due date visible, like on the web, so it’s clear when the money will be taken from the account.
Show more
1 month ago, EverChimay
App will not connect through VPN
The website will allow login on a VPN connection but this app will not. So isn't this just great, especially when all you have is a sketchy wifi connection but need to access your account. The website does not have all the features of the app - ability to deposit checks, for example. Why block a VPN connection?
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