Lakeland Bank Mobile Banking

4.8 (3.8K)
178.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lakeland Bancorp Inc
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lakeland Bank Mobile Banking

4.78 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Cargasgo
App needs work...
I have had this app for several years with never a problem and now I haven’t been able to open up this app for at least two days and nobody knows why. It works if I don’t have Wi-Fi but it doesn’t work with Wi-Fi. Any ideas?
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5 years ago, Mpchuqui
Before your website was difficult confusing and not user friendly at all. this new update is just the icing on the cake, Horrible not clear not enough information and just may make me change banks. HORRIBLE! FIRE YOUR WEB DESIGNER AND DESIGN A SITE PEOPLE FRIENDLY EASY AND YET USEFUL.
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2 years ago, Bent1212
Good Effort for a Local Bank
It’s a good effort, but it is glitchy (ex. Face ID is hit or miss as far as loading). The interface is also rough around the edges. It gives the impression that a college kid designed it as a side job. Also, the app icon isn’t cropped correctly and it should be updated to be a “flat” icon to match modern iOS.
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1 year ago, Curpin21
Works some of time
Currently the app won’t open… at all. I have a few checks I’ve been wanting to deposit, but I can’t because the app won’t open, and hasn’t been opening for WEEKS. I’ve tried hard restarting my phone, and redownloading the app multiple times, to no avail. But when it did work it was nice
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11 months ago, Robin pap
Zelle in my banking app
I have been using Zelle in my bank app for several years & now it just disappeared from the bank app any suggestions to get it back?
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5 years ago, Dhdhdheyshdhyf
Lakeland app
I love my Lakeland Bank app . I can check my balances and transfer funds anytime of the day or night . I can use it to transfer money to my kids accounts at college. It’s a piece of mind knowing I can get them money in a pinch.
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5 years ago, Thomas-50
I think your app works great. But I think if you add away where we can get a text or email on transactions set by us would also help in preventing the possibility of fraudulent transactions.
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4 years ago, sugold
Deposits of checks
The app isn’t very good with check deposits. It has to be done 4 or 5 times before it takes the check !!
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2 years ago, jsbz10
Love the app but I think it’s time to catch up
I love my bank and their app but it’s time to catch up. In comparison to other bank apps it feels too basic almost as if the app was released for the very first time.
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5 years ago, Gavin12345671
Simple, fast, and accurate
Could be a more modern looking interface but overall a great app
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2 years ago, DantrieCanSnipe
Worst bank ever
This bank is horrible. Customer service is slow, online banking is always down for maintenance and the make banking inconvenient and horrible. They don’t work with a lot of apps that I use for finance, I can’t even access online payment options for ACH transfer or online bill pay. Absolutely abhorrent.
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6 years ago, Cgrigg01
Mobile app Lakeland bank
This is a poorly functioning app. I constantly have to delete it and reload it to get it to work for a while. I have been with lakeland for many years but i am thinking about switching to another bank with a better state if the art mobile app.
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3 years ago, yaboybabyrock
I have been having an issue with the app it will not allow me to open it at all on my iPhone it keeps crashing I can only use it on my iPad which makes no sense because both of my devices are sold on the same version of an update. I need it to work on my phone because I use it for work not very happy
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1 year ago, Andrik G
It’s alright
Every few months the app keeps crashing and doesn’t open
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5 years ago, lainyp
Easy to use
Never have to visit a branch. Use app for all of my banking needs.
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2 years ago, Shopper214
Ok, but it doesn’t capture the check photos well. I often have to take the pics twice because I get an error that the endorsement wasn’t captured.
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5 years ago, lhfst
Nice and easy... Just wish I didn’t have to reload the app on my iPad every time I make a payment.
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4 years ago, beckymesky
Debit holds
It’s great that I can hold my debit card if it’s lost.
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4 years ago, Dwebtron
Impossible to deposit checks on the app
It takes like 10 attempts to get a check to you through and you have to take pictures over and over and over and over until it magically (randomly) works. Awful.
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6 years ago, super usa
Alway down
App is always down, rarely working. Please do not waste your time or rely on it for banking. I have been a long time Lakeland customer, but I'm going to switch specifically because of the lack of reliability in the app. It's 2018 get your act together Lakeland! Nobody I know using chase or Wells Fargo has this problem.
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6 years ago, former customer soon
Don’t like it at all. Please go back to the other app. Lakeland is getting like the big banks and not caring about there customers. That’s why I left the big banks and thought I found a home with a small bank that wanted my business. I guess things have changed and time to re- think.
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7 months ago, Fitter696
App problems
Can’t open up app. Not sure what the issue is
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1 year ago, Bill1964
Worst bank ever!
I hate this bank I’m taking my money else where. Fraud alert gets worse and worse I can’t take it anymore. Couldn’t get money out in the Bahamas! What kind of bank doesn't work with atms in other countries!!
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1 year ago, bananabread4
thoroughly annoyed
This app crashes about 10 seconds after i open it every. single. time. Used to work fine, but have been experiencing this for about 2-3 months now.
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6 years ago, Hj-g4
This app has bugs that doesn’t let you login it says your logging is incorrect!!!!
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5 years ago, Cybs63
Touch ID
Since the last update the Touch ID feature crashes the app. You need to put your password in manually.
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6 years ago, Libbyhenny
Please, please contract an app developer and update
I’m on the brink of switching banks simply because of this app’s inefficiency and unreliability. Being able to access account information and account activity in an instant from my phone is absolutely a must. Love Lakeland, hate the app.
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1 year ago, 😰👎👎👎👎😰😰😰
Haven’t been able to open app in days, every time I open the app it flashes white then crashes, I have deleted and redownload the app 50 times fix this crappy app
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6 years ago, Harryerrk
App is fine, bank charges fees
I’ve used Lakeland bank for almost 15 years and I’m fed up with the service charges. App works fine, but bank fees leave a bad taste in your mouth.
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3 years ago, DesignerLS
You are killing me!
Loved being able to do mobile banking, but the latest app update means I will have to buy a newer phone or forget mobile banking. Ugh!!!!
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8 months ago, sarahrose10
No more Zelle
The Zelle feature in the app is completely missing and anytime somebody tries to send me a payment through it, it is rejected and returned on their end. Where did it go?
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7 years ago, Oder43
Needs to be fixed
For about the past week, the app took about 15 seconds to get past the Lakeland Bank logo screen. As of today, it doesn't load past that anymore.
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4 years ago, annoyed music lover
Wasted my time
It couldn’t see that the check total was the same as what I told it was and I had to retake the pictures four more times before I gave up.
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2 years ago, Explative!
Online and mobile banking leaves slot to be desired
Previously installed app and used without issue. Now app will not “open” on iPhone.
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7 months ago, BethyPo
Stupid App
A stupid app. You can't pay your mortgage here. Their website is just as efficient. They expect you to MAIL out a CHECK!!
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10 years ago, P-FiftyFun
It doesn't work.
The app won't accept a password. If you enter the wrong password it tells you the password is wrong. If you enter the right password it tells you that it can't verify your identity. Pretty pitiful attempt, and the guy who wrote the 5* review obviously works for the bank.
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1 year ago, AClistener
Not a great app
What’s the point of offering an app if I have to go into a branch or wait a week to open a new account or troubleshoot an issue?
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5 years ago, kephsbbc
this app locks you out
locks you out if you don’t check for two weeks, understandable but i’ve been checkin my account every other day to stop it from happening and it continues to happen literally the only th ong i use is online banking so it’s very annoyigg bf to be on the phone on my lunch break trying to talk to someone on the phone. not cool
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6 years ago, Tyleryac
Dated App
The app can be sluggish at times, and the interface is simply old, and dated. I wish Lakeland would freshen up the UI.
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3 years ago, bob Lomo
Worst app
Have to constantly delete and re- download. Locks up and unavailable!
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6 months ago, DocDaveM
Doesn’t work with IOS 17.2
Not working at all with iOS 17.2
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5 years ago, Donnaangela1
Mediocre at best
Face ID is enabled and won’t work.
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10 years ago, Mminion
Works very well
Simple to use and has all the functionality I need to manage my accounts on the go.
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7 years ago, 93728Ashley82628289402718
needs to be fixed
this app is worthless, it won't even let me log in. I've been able to login in maybe once. It always says it can't validate my information but I use safari or my laptop to sign in on the website and works perfectly fine, just the app doesn't do anything. Needs to be fixed asap.
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8 years ago, Roktory
Need Touch ID
Pretty useful app but they need APPLE touch ID
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9 years ago, Dally1
Very handy but...
This app needs to be updated severely... It is so out of date and I love Lakeland but the convenience of other mobile banking apps make things just a bit easier. Please update this app. It looks like it should be running on an iPhone 3G.
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7 years ago, Jova420
Does the job
As far as mobile banking goes this app is past the the plate.. no fingerprint ID and limited functions. But it runs smoothly and get the job done.. 3 stars
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11 years ago, D@mOnE
Finally an official lakeland bank app!!
It's about time lakeland got an app for the iPhone.. That's all I got to say.. Oh, and I was here first!
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8 years ago, Eleet1111
New version is crap
New update is terrible. Can not see place of business where purchase was made only a total price. Waste of an app now
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9 years ago, Dmh359
Just stopped working
For the last 3 days have not been able to get into app. Just get an error message
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