Land id™

4.2 (594)
118.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
MapRight, LLC
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Land id™

4.24 out of 5
594 Ratings
3 weeks ago, TxJamesMc
No search function with coordinates
App really great but there is no option searching with coordinates I hope you guys will add that option very soon
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8 months ago, JM MT
Perfect for both Real Estate Pros and Landowners
Easiest access to full real estate info on parcels, including ownership, boundaries, buildings, taxes, loans, school districts, etc, etc. Building maps of my land is easy too for sharing with friends and family for recreation or doing construction planning and sharing with subcontractors for bids or county planners for permitting and project approvals. Love the combination of easy map creation/ sharing with the deepest/ most accurate real estate information I can find anywhere. Is equally useful for managing my land as well as researching new parcels or projects of interest, especially when real estate agents have already built an interactive Land id map of their listings that they can share with me. I have also found that it saves me a fortune on my land research and development projects too. Easy for me to quickly make a track to measure/ route a potential roadway/ trail, measure a footprint for a new building or pond, measure a fence, mark/ measure areas for noxious weed spraying, establish clear building setbacks for in-field use … all of which I can then easily share with whomever I want. Every day I use Land id I come up with a cool new use for it! Well done to the Land id team. Please keep the innovations coming ...
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8 months ago, MoreMountains
Best real estate and property app
I’ve been using this app almost every day for the last 2 years for identifying investment properties - and managing my own property. The map creation and sharing capabilities really set this app apart and combined with the comprehensive property ownership coverage and other layers it is a winner. I can turn on and off layers like FEMA flood plains, wells, aquifers, school districts, contour lines - and see what is impacting specific properties and their value. I can even import plat maps and see them directly on the map! There’s also way more detailed property information than you would find in other apps. I’ve been turning on all my real estate agent friends to Land id and they are all switching to it. Couldn’t be happier with this app!
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2 years ago, Daniel Boone of Real Estate
Mapright review
Great product that needs improvement. Inconsistent performance day to day and even hour to hour. When going to print, the framing on the subject map is often not optimal. When trying to center or zoom in or out on the map to maximize the view of the subject property, it allows the function about half of the time and no so the other half. This requires cancelling the pronto g process and “resizing” the map to maximize the subject property in the “frame” to be printed and starting over again on the printing process. There other technical glitches that are equally frustrating.
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8 months ago, zv or
Perfect App for Real Estate
I rely on Land ID daily to access property details, such as owner information and property boundaries. It also offers a variety of additional data sets, including floodplain maps, wetlands information, elevation data, school locations, soil types, and more. What makes Land ID stand out is its ability to provide these essential features, which are often missing in other real estate apps. I can't imagine my daily routine without it.
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2 years ago, SFAforester
Not that great in the field
It does well behind a computer but once in the field on a mobile device it has issues. It does not work well with little cell service. You can save a project “off line” but once in the field you must put your device in airplane mode for it to work. It also has issues with taking pictures on the app and uploading them to your current project. When you do have decent cell service every time you temporarily get out of the app it kicks you out of the project entirely and you have to restart in dashboard. These simple fixes need to be addressed but are never fixed. It has wonderful potential but it’s not there yet.
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8 months ago, Morgane???
Researching local real estate-strong product
I use this for finding information about local residential properties I am interested in. Lots of data such as soil, land use, ownership, etc. in one central place. I wish there was a way to easily send emails to property owners from within the app, but I also know that is in-realistic. Excellent interface and mostly use on laptop vs tha app because it gives me more screen space to work with.
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8 months ago, MOdenver
Finally- a real estate mapping tool that does it all
I can’t believe it took me as long as it did to learn about Land id, but I now have incorporated it into my daily work flow and could never go back. Previously I would use several sources of information and tools but this is a one stop shop for everything I need. The mapping capabilities are the best I have found. An essential tool for any real estate professional or investor.
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8 months ago, MontanaMD
Awesome app
This app is amazing for exploring properties. There’s way more layers and property info than other apps I’ve tried. Seeing all the property boundaries and owner names is huge. I tried out the the pro plan to create maps and it’s pretty awesome. I love that I can just outline the property, drop a few points and share the map to anyone. This is a must have app if you’re in real estate or anyone just curious about property information really.
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8 months ago, FletchP22
Best performing land identity app on the market
You will never want to use another app again once you dig into all that land id has to offer. The ease to create, share, and print custom maps for you and your clients is a huge help in making a sale. Not to mention the all around performance and loading speeds of the app is great. Make sure to check out all of the layers too.
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11 months ago, Whoever57
Great interactive maps, very awkward in the field, using the app
I am a long time Mapright user I love the interactive maps. I can create. It’s very important in my role as a Ranch broker. I love being able to adjust my abs in the field on my phone with the app. However, the app is hard to open and I hate that it makes you agree to always allow location services, even when not using the map. And on the ground, land ID is much lower, and awkward then 0NX Maps, or GAIA. It also doesn’t link to Apple CarPlay like the competition.
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8 months ago, WRB_MT
The Essential Tool for Ranch Brokers
Accurate and interactive mapping is integral for the ranch real estate business, and Land id offers a seamless solution for our team. Whether printing map images for a property brochure or using the app in real-time on a ranch tour with a client, Land id is one of our most used tools! The interface is very user friendly and we can quickly create custom maps.
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8 months ago, Geoffhurdle
Best there will ever be!
Being a 30 year veteran Land Broker, I must have software that gets the job done. I don’t want 5 programs either. Along comes Land id. It, along with the desktop version, is simply the best there is. It’s easy to use, but complex in its offerings. I’ve looked at others and just cannot. If you’re serious about the land business, it’s a must have!
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8 months ago, Fighter dude
Awesome product
This is a game-changer for anyone interested in land mapping and analysis. The level of detail and accuracy it provides is unparalleled, offering a wealth of valuable information about the land around me. What sets this app apart is its ability to not only create detailed and accurate maps but also to share them effortlessly with others. Love it!!
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1 year ago, jenks32
Poor customer service
Liked the platform when it was MapRight. Since the changes I can’t get customer service to fix buffer issues. In the past you could split a buffer into multiple zones and now you can’t use the cut tool at all. Customer service has been very unhelpful and downright rude. They pass the problem around with never coming up with a solution. We are now taking hundreds of maps and moving to a new platform for the time being. Stay tuned as well just have to build our own web application.
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8 months ago, J-W-Russ
Great tool for anyone who owns or wants to own land
This app was recommended to me by a coworker to help me find my way through land boundaries for old mineral rights. An extremely tedious job without this app! Can’t tell you how much easier this is, not to mention accurate and an incredible time saver. Super app!
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5 months ago, Aslover63
Horrible billing
It’s absolutely unacceptable to have to log in on a desktop just to see all of the billing and subscription information in 2024. You can show all of the information on mobile, just do it already. 90% of people can’t remember how you decide to set up your subscriptions. Otherwise, The tools are great. Very easy to use, intuitive, everything you need. Downloadable info for set regions would be useful for poor cell service locations though.
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8 months ago, se1:4
Best App for Real Estate
I use this app daily to help locate property details like owner information and property boundaries. It also provides me with other important data sets (floodplain, wetlands, elevation, schools, soils, etc.) that other real estate apps don’t have. I can’t imagine doing my job without Land id.
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2 months ago, Lulzsquid
Subscription canceling
Why do I have to go through hoops to cancel my subscription? This is 2024, you guys need to add a feature to cancel the subscription once you’ve decided that you don't like the app via the trial. Every other app has that. Absolutely no way to do it in the app, you have to communicate with support. They’ll charge you a ton and then won’t refund you after the trial is over so don’t even bother downloading.
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11 months ago, Markb_IV
It has positives and negatives
You can search for property by address and pull up the public information, however the app does not allow you to copy any of this information to your clipboard or save it in any way. I've contacted support on this and they've informed me that it's not a feature of the app. It's a bummer because that would make the app much more usable.
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7 months ago, Wild Blue UAV
Amazing product
I use Land I.D in my business constantly. When shooting real estate with a drone, property lines become very important. This app helps me see property lines, structures, and water ways so I can get my clients the content they need.
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8 months ago, Tonga33
Land ID is for me!!!
This app totally surprised me. I am addicted to the information it has been providing me during my real estate search. Easy to use and strangely it is even fun for information seekers like me.
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4 years ago, JPayne652
Excellent Resource for our work
We are in the ranch development and contracting business, MapRight has been an indispensable tool for us. Giving GIS mapping tools to a broad range of users in no small challenge - hats off to the developers of this great tool.
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8 months ago, Helene A.A.
The BEST Real Estate App out here!
I use this app everyday… for seeing who my neighbors are, to getting directions, and even for saving properties as I’m house shopping. Best app out here for property info 🙌
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1 year ago, JC_HHC
Good information bad accuracy.
The info contained in the app is pretty good. It is significantly dated though. (My neighbor moved 5 years ago, it still has her name on the property.) I was hoping the app would help me find the corners of my property. Unfortunately the location accuracy is very poor.
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2 years ago, Brent Wellings
Long time customer review
Excellent product and customer service, Steve rocks at taking care of customers and strives to always improve their systems.
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11 months ago, Know- the- difference
MapRight was much better
Much better before you changed to ID ! When I try to map something, the little tiny area I have on the screen is just way too small. Horrible. Old way was much better.
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5 months ago, BerryRanch
Can’t sign in
When I access the app via iPad, I get a message “Session Ended. Go to sign in” Can’t go to sign in. Link does not work
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3 months ago, Tcrouse
Not accurate, but nice UI
I like the too maps and the property boundary would be nice if it was even remotely close. GPS I believe can be off by 4 feet, so went into it knowing there would be some variations, but it was WAY off the mark by well over 30 feet. Not accurate enough for me.
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8 months ago, Surrah468
Amazing App!
My team and I love using Land Id on desktop phone and tablet. The app makes it so easy to track where you are, drop waypoints, map properties, etc. We work in land real estate and Land Id is one of our favorite tools. I highly recommend downloading it!
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8 months ago, icltca
The data and mapping abilities of this app are amazing. Extremely easy to use and really helpful for looking at real estate investments. No brained to make this small investment.
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9 months ago, Nolan1066
Great platform
LandID is a great tool - the desktop/web version is the best mapping software I’ve used for real estate - however the mobile app needs some work to bring the same functionality.
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1 year ago, Maine Real Estate Guide
Game changer
I have been using MapRight for years and have found the software to be instrumental in my success as a land broker.
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4 months ago, 907-99737
Very promising, but I’m canceling my trial due to the lack of data in Alaska. Not the developers fault. I thought Alaska would be lacking since most satellite images are very out dated. I’ll try to use it again when more data is added.
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2 years ago, Somethingthatisnottaken
Bad update.
Love this app, but the recent update does not work well. Things seem to be harder to do than easier than before the update.
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8 months ago, MBOSH17
Great resource
Accurate and thorough data for real estate investments and land properties. The app is user friendly and the mapping capabilities are awesome.
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2 years ago, _Brewhaha_
Great App
We use this app and the desktop version for all of our real estate needs! Awesome App!
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1 year ago, Xirinachs
Please Sponsor Me
I love this software and recommend it to many different contractors and designers in the restoration industry
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1 year ago, Ranch0265
Great App
I have used this app for many of years, it is a great asset for my business.
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8 months ago, Living at elevation
Great app and info
Lots of good information and tools all in one place.
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2 years ago, Bennett. Land
Real Estate
Excellent marketing and showing land I love the mapping features and overlays Plus the soil reports are very good
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8 months ago, Jenna Beasley
A must for real estate agents!!!!
Saves me so much time in researching properties. Highly recommend!!
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3 months ago, Rockinronnierealtor
Land ID
Saves 100s of phone calls when utilized in listings
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4 months ago, Briguy8==
From computer to app this is night and day. Both my wife and I have the app and neither have had luck. The app freezes and is not worth the storage space.
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7 months ago, cactuscreekcaleb
Having issues
App keeps forced closing, tracking not working correctly if app is in the background
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1 year ago, Vulasa star
Much Need Tool for My Business
Very helpful, but seems to be running pretty slow.
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2 years ago, Byerly5k
Upgrade takes away functionality
New app update took away my tools. It was better when it was like the desktop version.
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4 months ago, Spitzchris
Unclickable Popup
App is unusable due to an unclickable sign in popup. Paying user, app has been closed/reopened repeatedly and the same issue pops up over and over. Using the latest available version.
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2 years ago, Still junk
44 dollars a month for a very slow app
Way too much money and it loads insanely slow even after saving map for offline use! Trash customer service! Just use google earth.
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12 months ago, neverlosehope9
Horrible to use on a mobile device
90% of the time my maps don’t load on the mobile app. Very inconvenient when you’re out in the field.
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