Landa: Invest in Real Estate

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Landa Holdings, Inc
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1 month ago
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17.0 or later
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User Reviews for Landa: Invest in Real Estate

4.6 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
7 months ago, Nathaniel X
It’s not a stock market this is actually real estate investing
I been using them for well over two years now, I been able to put money in, take money out, buy and sell properties. Here’s the thing, don’t invest if you want to pull money out tomorrow or expect to get rich right away. This is actually real estate investing where yes money will be locked up for a bit (you can try to sell your shares anytime but it depends if there’s a buyer) dividends aren’t high but if you’re buying shares for $5 what do you expect - I love landa perfect to get into real estate at a low cost and earn passive income. If you want to put $100 today and make $150 tomorrow this isn’t the place for you. If you expect to get $10 a month out of a $100 investment this isn’t for you either. This is for long term real estate investors. Buy into a property make money on rent and appreciation and sell that property in a few years.
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4 months ago, Mr. Moore Sr.
I’ve been a member for a couple of months now; I’ve only invested what I know wouldn’t hurt me, but the app still has features that don’t work. I’ve tried to upload identification to certify nothing can stand in my way if there is a hack of any kind within the company an they need to help me as a trusted user. Yet also I’ve seen some of the other reviews about trading shares that I’ve bought, the part about waiting for a buyer is just fine with me, but the app has other features like the 1099 self investment documents that are not available for download in my app. I find it unusual; but I’ve found more unusual is the customer support tab/section. No one has responded to my concerns or submitted problems. It makes an investor feel like their wasting valuable time..In the mean time I have still seen dividends from my shares/investments; they do rise, an they can fall. Investing is risky business but it’s all risky.. trusting advertising is risky, trying the app is risky, working with people to find common ground is risky. Yet in still, if we can move forward and be respectfully responsive to situations that arise an come our way this app can make its users money; especially for stay at home parenting(s). So If I can get a bit of help with the projects I’m interested in within the app I could possibly give a better rating, even though I’ve only been here in app as an investor for a short period of time.
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6 months ago, khuang9862
Had no problem withdrawing my money from Landa. However, the model is EXTREMELY scammy. Once you buy into an IPO, you CANNOT pull that money out until all the shares sell. Sometimes, it can be up to 100,000 shares. Once you buy, it’s LOCKED in. Don’t even think about withdrawing until then. Even worse, most properties drop 40-60% in value immediately after being open for trading which cancels out all the dividends you’ve earned. So the other option is to buy properties when they’re already open for trading. No, the market is so ILLIQUID that you have to wait for someone to buy your shares for the order to fill which is nearly impossible because of the small amount of investors. It can take months before your order is even filled. Seems like the only way to make money on this app is to buy IPO properties after they’ve already dropped massively in price, wait for the price to go up, and hope someone buys your shares at that price. Currently liquidating my entire portfolio right now. Still have 2 properties that have only sold 10% of shares in IPO and it’s been around that range for months. Do not believe what you see on their discord as it is the same delusional individuals talking in there everyday making excuses for this app. Would not recommend this app to anyone.
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11 months ago, Murda_boy_jay
Scam Suspected
I put over $300 into this app it grew to a bit over $600 and I get okay dividends when they are not constantly changing it like some of the property shares I bought were strictly because of the high dividend of $50 and $25 per share. I check them a few days after purchasing and Landa had reduced them to mere Pennie’s up to $2.13 which got me fuming but even worse is that for the past 3 months I have been talking to customer support and many agents about the fact that I’m trying to withdraw some of the money and I have over $79 available cash for withdrawal and I try to withdraw $5 and I wait over a week for this $5 a few days for it to process from pending to settlement then settlement to complete all for it to just fail hours or a day after saying it’s complete so now I’m over here waiting for money and never getting it. This has been happening every week for the past 3 months I even changed bank accounts just in case it was my banking institution and STILL it gave me the exact same issue so I’m starting to feel like this app is a fraud and a scam to get peoples money but not give it back and If they do not close my account and write me a check for the money that I have in this app I will be pursuing legal actions against LANDA INC
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2 years ago, daddarioftw
Do research prior to investing
I love the idea ! I think it has great potential. Buy shares at of rental homes instead of buying a home at full price and receive monthly returns. Hopefully they expand over time and increase their transparency. Maybe add some bonuses or something -There is not much transparency within the app. Most homes are paying 1% or less returns. They tell you how much the previous month was but you need to do your own math, and based on previous reviews it’s been around that percent for a bit. With that- it will take you a very long time, if ever, to break even on your return. And what happens if/when the market drops? -per other reviews, it is difficult to sell your shares of homes. The company doesn’t buy them back, someone else has to buy them, so they sit in limbo for a while. I haven’t tried, but I’m weary about this. Do not invest a ton of money because it might take a very long time to get it back. -only in Georgia (as of now). Minimal information and some places have minimal pictures, so you have no idea what you’re actually investing in.
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2 years ago, kaziermommy
Poor customer service
I don’t recommend investing with Landa. My account t got locked after trying to withdraw my money back after reading the reviews on here & since then it’s been a month and half while my money has just been sitting in there app $1416 to be exact & they blocked my email registered on the account so they couldn’t get my emails or talk to support in the app. I finally made another email and contacted them explaining I wanted my money back & to just go ahead and close the account. The lady tried to tell me I don’t have any money in the account , as I was sitting looking at it. Im completely devastated. I work hard to just loose 1400 dollars. You can’t even deactivate your account until you withdraw all your money. Hence I can’t deactivate it because my money is still in the account. Yet they won’t give me my money back. Poor customer service & very unprofessional. I highly recommend you read the reviews like I did BEFORE investing any money . I wish there was a place to upload pictures so I could share my proof rather than just give an accusation. Pictures are worth a thousand words.
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3 weeks ago, jloof31
Great model but poor execution
I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to create an account for two weeks. When I attempt to upload money or invest in a property I get the message “account pending verification”. I reached out to Landa support. It took a few days to get an email saying my issue was being escalated. I should mention that I never got a response the first time I contacted support. I had to follow up. The next day after I’m told I’m being escalated, I get an email saying my support ticket has been closed because they hadn’t heard from me?!?!? I thought it was being escalated, what was I supposed to reply to that?? Then I thought there’s two reasons that Landa support would act this way. 1. They are just poor at their jobs, which is a rd flag when we are talking about support for an app where you intend to invest thousands of dollars. Or 2. They are overwhelmed because so many other uses are having technical issues. Again, another red flag. At the end of the day, I just want to invest in NYC rental properties. So, if you are a developer and have an app that works that would let me do that, I’m here to give you my money.
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1 year ago, KingNah27
Landa Blocked me on Twitter and restricted my ability to communicate with them through their app
I do not recommend this app to anyone who is new to the real estate world. I highly suggest you take your money elsewhere to a app like Fundrise. Landa blocked me from communicating with their agents through their app something I have complained to them about for months. I then went on Twitter to express my complaints about my account by contacting their Twitter account directly and they also blocked me on their as well. I am going to be in the process of filing a lawsuits against them for poor business practices and withholding my asset while blocking communication from me if they fail to release my asset. Do not invests with Landa, if you so choose to do so well then good luck!
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5 months ago, JonathanC94
Skip this one, not going to make you any money
Not exactly sure how this is even legal, to be honest. I’ve had shares I’ve been trying to sell for two years. I’ve canceled and continuously offered them for sale at a lower price. Landa requires that they finish selling off their shares of a property before it goes to the existing shareholders sales. This means that the shareholders shares continue to lose value throughout that entire process. Problem here is that this isn’t a profitable model for the shareholders (though it’s very lucrative for Landa). The dividends are split amongst the shareholders, but the longer a property is listed, the more shares they issue. Meaning, your dividend gets smaller every month unless you invest even more into a property and hope to claim a little more of the dividend. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy of you needing to pump more cash in. If you invest here and actually monitor your investment, fees, and dividends, you either lose money or your ROI is below 1%. Wanted to like it, but the current model is not beneficial to the shareholders.
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3 months ago, nuts&cherries
Real estate
When I have extra $ to put away, this is one of many places I feel good about putting extra investment money into. Plus 8.4% is best apy you will ever find, no bank will give you this, so you are acting like a lender and investing your money into loans by lending out your $ and getting higher interest back, I highly recommend you try it out, but please note: if you want to get in and out right away you won’t make much, plan on long term investment, I plan on 25 years to build up my nice nest egg, and see where I end up at the end when I’m ready to retire. Be smart, don’t dump all your $ here, do stocks, Crypto, Saving, life insurance IUL, savings, etc… to have a stable future, be SMrT 🤓👍 and hope this helped.
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1 year ago, SummCherry
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!!!! THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY! I didn’t want to invest a lot right away so I put in a small amount to test the waters a bit. Didn’t buy any shares and kinda just browsed the app for a bit but I ended up deciding to withdraw my money and delete the app. Well, I went to withdraw, said it would take a bout 5 days, but the very next day, I get an email saying the withdraw failed. Looked at my balance and it said my wallet was empty. Emailed customer service telling them that, they responded pretty quickly saying to send screen shots which I did. They said to go back to the walker and let them know what it says. Money was back in there. Go to withdraw again and again, the next day, I get an email saying that it failed again. Emailed customer service back informing them it failed again, haven’t gotten a response back yet. I just want my money back. This app feels sketchy and I’m really glad I didn’t put a huge sum of money in it. I assume the same issue would happen regardless of the amount. Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re really just stealing your money and you’re not actually investing in real estate at all. Really disappointing, you can’t trust anything anymore because so many people are just out so scam you. Shame on you! DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP. And for the love of god, DO NOT deposit any money into this app. They will rip you off!!!!
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6 months ago, Abdsggee
Not a user friendly app
I invested $300 just to see how this app does within the market as I’m currently in property management and wanted to get a bit of education or experience in trading/investing. However, there is no failsafe for users like us. The shares you buy aren’t tradeable until 100% of the property as been bought (shares). Meaning you have no way of accessing your funds or moving them until your property sells. I tried to contact support to inform them I’m not enjoying their app and need to delete my account and withdraw my shares however all they could give me was information pertaining to my properties still being in “new status”. They also gladly informed me that there is a chance that other traders won’t buy my shares meaning there is a chance you could never get your money back. Not to mention I spent 300$ in 12 shares in 2 higher return properties and have only gotten 7 cents total my first month. Not worth the hassle what so ever!
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6 months ago, santuccie
* * * BBB rated F * * *
I found this app by way of an ad, and thought it sounded like Fundrise, with a much lower minimum investment. That’d be nice for a zoomer or alpha with a day job and side hustle, trying to invest what few bucks they can live without in this economy. After reading six abysmal reviews in the App Store, I checked them out on the BBB, and am now skimming through more abysmal reviews. It looks like the company has responded to pretty much every one of them, and the customers are reporting the responses unsatisfactory. It looks like we have a scam underway, folks.
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3 months ago, darkshade15
Wise investors only.
By wise I mean, those who understand the difference between long term investing and short term investing; they are ready to do the research into the market and the particular property you want to invest in; and you aren’t looking to put money in for a quick return. That said I’m evaluating the app. It should be easy to use; give good beginning information and realistic numbers to get started. Customer service will need to be spot on and it needs to stress that this is not the stock market, but the real estate market which is an entirely different animal. My advice is start with a small amount that you know you can lock away for the long term, then really research a property and the market for a place that looks interesting. After that you can invest.
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2 years ago, Allenjeremy
5 star review for the idea, but….
This app is an amazing idea, I have one major complaint that is stopping me from depositing a lot of cash, you can not simply sell your stock…you must choose a sell price and wait for someone else to come along and buy at that price. This could take weeks or even months to sell your stock back, with this being a fairly new app and not a lot of active users this makes withdrawing your money or even the capability of selling your stocks nearly impossible. If this app would offer to buy back stocks at a certain price this would be probably my favorite investing app with how crappy the stock market is at the moment. PLEASE FIGURE OUT A WAY for people to have the capability of selling stocks instantly even if it is a discounted rate.
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7 months ago, bettertheneveryoneelse
Do Not Use This App!!!!!
I have worked in real estate investment for 5+ years now and work with investors who own over 100 properties and I nor them would never recommend this app!! This is not even a remotely good method of investment for those with low income, this app is praying on the lack of knowledge that beginner investors have. Nearly every property on this app that you could buy into has a 15 year plus return on investment. Meaning to get your whopping 20 dollars back on 1 share you have to wait 20 years on average. Thats a terrible investment, just save your money and buy a bond that has a 5 years or shorter return that only costs maybe 5k and has you getting your money back plus 5 percent GUARANTEED in 5 years time. Seriously this website is just trying to scam you out of your money this practice is honestly disgusting and should be illegal for people to do. Its almost akin to share cropping from the 1800s.
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12 months ago, Kbad
Great concept, needs fine tuning
Love the idea behind investing in shares of specific properties as it gives you a little more control over where your money goes compared to REIT’s. Accounting within app does need a little fine tuning however. Just after my first month trying it out it claims I made 14 cents in dividends when my overall balance only reflects an increase of only 12 cents. Seems like a small difference but that 10%+ difference is significant when if/when investing larger amounts of cash. Would also be nice if there was a metric for each property that simply stated what the current yield% is instead of having to calculate it from the dividend per share against share price.
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2 years ago, BoringIsFun
Nicer concept. App could still use polish
Browsing properties is fairly straight-forward, but there are a couple obvious improvements that are needed: * if you attempt to view a map or a lease on iOS, there is no way to exit the modal/overlay without literally having to force close the app and reopen; the app doesn't show a "close icon" or any other UI to go back * Since the point of this type of investing is that you're looking to compare properties, it is ridiculous not to have even a simple form of bookmarks/favorites. It is just annoying that I basically need to write down addresses in a separated app/medium because there is no other way to switch back and forth between specific properties
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2 years ago, LBryant32
The app needs to be tested properly
This app got stuck when I press the button to know and understand what it was meant to be “accredited investor” then I went to try to get back and their wasn’t a way to return back to where I was originally at. Now I’m very disappointed because I had already placed a lot of Information on the site prior and I thought their would be an X or something to return; but it’s stuck on the definition of the meaning. Can this be fixed or do I need to just delete the app and start over? ***** update it finally got it working after I turned my phone off and on again; the app finally finished where it started and worked again. Everything on my phone was fine but it seemed to have a glitch with that app for some reason. I have an iPhoneXR. Anyways; I’m glad it’s working again; I’ve just never seen that happen before.
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2 years ago, Starman82
Great idea
I am nervous about investing my hard earned cash into this. Because you don’t have any way to view the guts of the house, like is it more a fixer upper with tons of maintenance needed or is it fully refurbished with all the maintenance being kept up with it. Where does the value come from? Is it the list price or does the property need to sell before taking profit? Do I have to pay property tax? These are just the first set of questions I came up with in 15 seconds. Since it is my opinion that most of the investment apps the gain is significantly skewed in favor of the app and not the end user, I am wondering what profits I am forgoing for using the app, but then again where else can one invest in property other than buying a whole house or timeshare?
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2 years ago, CleanAFGadgets
Desperately must fix your app
I can believe the instant spasm of dysfunction my iphone goes through when I open or try to use the app. It took me 15 mins & 5 different tries to load my bank account. I had a google 2 factor on my bank account and while I’m logging in to landa with my bank info I need to swipe to my other screen to get my google auth number but when I come back the login info is wiped, on top of literally my phone lagging so hard I can’t even swipe up on the app or the app just shuts down. I don’t usually leave reviews but my God it’s been a while now that this lagging stuff has been going on I love the product and love to buy shares of real estate and can see this app expanding into other markets of finance as a all in one bank like R hood. But this has to be more user friendly and smooth and exciting to use not miserable
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2 years ago, Drakleon
Hello guys, I recently downloaded the app and I’m immediately fell in love with it. I recently had a new born daughter and I wanted to use this app to start investing for her future. First 1 hour of me downloading the app and searching the properties I end up purchasing a couple stocks around $300. After me making this purchase it locks me out of the account. It says verify your identity. I am like okay no problem let me get in touch with customer support. And this is there response. “ Hi, Serkan, our banking partner couldn't verify your account. You will not be able to continue with your Landa account.” I told them I am here to verify what ever they need but they keep refusing and refusing. This is a great app I am incredibly saddened I am being treated this way. I would love the opportunity to use this app but everytime I try to communicate to solve the issue they REFUSE.
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2 years ago, NYCCuban
Too many bugs. 60 day withdrawal
This app is too buggy to be handling peoples money. First, they said the UI made it seem like I could buy shares directly by connecting my bank account. I spend a couple hours researching which shares to buy then make my purchase. Of the 8 I attempt to purchase, 2 don’t go through at all. The other 6 withdraw money from my bank account but don’t actually purchase anything. I decide I’m better off having my funds somewhere else and attempt to withdrawal. I’m told the only way to get the money is to wait 60 days because their app couldn’t verify my bank. SIXTY DAYS. What?!? Glad I avoided this mess before putting more money in. And when I try to remove my bank account and Ee add it to see if it really is Plaid not being able to verify my account, they suspend my account for “my safety.”
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1 year ago, gillybailey
Do not download this app! Customer support is awful. The app has so many issues. You can very easily get stuck in properties with no option of getting out and your money is just locked up. They make updates without telling you. I had a sale order pending for three months on a property. Come to find out they took away the option to do a sale order on that property and didn’t tell me. So, now there is no option to sell my shares and my money is just stuck. Customer support didn’t help at all, and then told me that they would send me a gift to my account… never received that either! This app is a total joke, DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!! Worst app ever. Every time I log in the app kicks me off so I have no way of getting my money out. Do not download this app, customer support will not help you at all either.
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2 years ago, lane disgruntled renter
The other reviews are by investors
These 5 star reviews are clearly from people investing in this app. I lived in a home that was purchased by Landa and I’ve never had a worse experience with a landlord. Example: our AC went out while we were out of town in July and Georgia and the home was 90 degrees when we got home. Landa has no emergency line and every contact we had we reached out to and they didn’t answer. So naturally we called an HVAC company. Landa told us that we can only call if we’ve discussed with them first regardless of the situation. My roommate made a joke that if the house was on fire we should call them first and the girl replied, “ yes you should” needless to say we paid for the service. Moral of the story is your landlord is an app and your on your own and if you can accept that, it’s the a decent place to live.
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3 years ago, justzabo
A place to put your money for it to never come back
BE CAREFUL USING LANDA!!!! They WILL NOT BUY THE SHARES OFF YOU! When you go to sell your shares in properties there is a high probability IT WONT SELL! They require another buyer like yourself to come in and buy the shares off of you and all I will say is you will be sitting there for MONTHS if not FOREVER stuck in the position that once you place a sell order you NO LONGER RECEIVE THE RENT! So in other words LANDA keeps YOU in the shares knowing that they will not sell, taking the profited rent off of you as you have no access to that capital as well as the profit from the position. Glad I only put in $40 to test it out instead of being punk’ed out of access to thousands of hard earned cash. Pathetic. Go to the stock market or look somewhere else because I assure you this ain’t it chief!
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2 years ago, TidalBond
Numerous issues
I’ve had lots of issues with this app. It says you cannot sell shares of a property until all the initial offered shares have been bought, but the listings don’t always tell you if they have been (in fact none of them did until three or four days ago). Until you try to sell them. So you’re stuck with them. It will often say a purchase did not go through, but surprise it did. So if you try again it will automatically deduct the money to cover the duplicated purchase from your bank account. It cannot be cancelled. It will keep coming back and keep saying “processing” long after they take your money. These “failed” ghost purchases will still take your money but not show up in your activity or list of owned shares. Customer service is useless because they will just pretend to not be able to see your account details or be able to do anything about it. They just take your money and say “well maybe tomorrow we can fix it.” This app is aggravating, riddled with bugs, it feels like they’re just trying to steal your money and it will probably overdraft your account.
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2 years ago, realtravismartin
A Journey NOT a Sprint
This is going to be a fairly long review, as I am going to explain why Landa deserved the five (5) start rating and why I would be very slow to judge this application negatively. Getting an application approved for iOS Distribution is a feat in and of itself. So please, until you have had to do this stop complaining about the fact you are broke and did not read how the platform functions correctly. The Landa team are awesome at listening to CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM; but did not create an application to listen to people who are by the way deciding not to work currently, yet they’re able to make investments in real estate? As an accredited investor, I would strongly advise against this practice but it is not the fault of Landa! I am thrilled with the product provided and am looking forward to a prosperous 2022!
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1 year ago, waldroup
Read the fine print
So I downloaded Landa in Feb and bought a few shares, I’d like to point out a few things you may want to be aware of before you invest. (I would have liked to know this) So you’re unable to sell your shares back to the company, you essentially share your shares to buyers, which isn’t available all of the time, basically your money is stuck unless someone buys you out. I had to reach out to them on my third month because they did not pay me my dividends for all of my shares. You also can expect that the shares estimated dividend, is also not accurate, just because it says you get a dividend of .05 for each share, be aware that is estimated and you may only receive .02 per share. The system of which this operates it honestly kind of an outdated, and sleazy way to run business. So hopefully they’ll allow me to put my shares up for sale soon and then I can sell out and get away from it. I personally would waste my time if I were you. It’s not as free as I would personally like it to be.
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9 months ago, NocturnalCock
No refunds
Just testing the waters out, I deposit $120 into a house and I can’t withdraw my money, when talking to the agents they tell me when the property is up for trade THEN I can sell it. With the majority of the single family houses being 10k shares, I feel like most ends up at about 36% sold. In order to sell my shares all 10k shares needs to be sold to be put on trade. That being said my money is locked there for a LONG time. There’s no definite answer when it’ll be available for trade, it might be never because when they post the dividend amount, it’s actually for the previous month and declines a lot never really mentioning that was last months dividends. So I pretty much lost my money with no refund. Do not invest in this app!
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3 days ago, bmanitas45
Don’t waste your money on this app
don’t waste your money on this app. I got a new phone. It logged me out of my account. I can’t get back in my account. I’ve been dealing with this since January. These people do not help. I set up multiple phone calls to verify myself because the app does not work correctly when you tried to verify yourself now, I can’t even send a message to these worthless people. I want my thousand bucks back. It should be well over $1000. It should be almost 1100 but they have not allowed me to get back in the account I did my verification call. I showed them everything and they cannot get me back in. They have not messaged me back in over three weeks.
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1 year ago, Random_Apple-USER
Cannot Withdraw OWN Money!
If I could rate the app 0 stars, I would! I cannot withdraw the $600 from my balance, it has been 2 months now! I get the same generic response from support telling me: “We are still waiting for an update from the tech team.” I understand that they released numerous updates for the app ever since I last contacted them, but the issue I’m having has yet to be resolved. I am utterly disappointed and worried as I receive no updates as to what’s going on on there end; it feels like I have to beg for them to contact & persuade the tech team to come up with a solution every time I reach out to the support team (THEY DON’T CONTACT ME FOR UPDATES). IT SHOULD BE LANDA’S PRIORITY TO ENSURE USERS ARE ABLE TO WITHDRAW THEIR MONEY WHEN THEY WANT!
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2 years ago, Ms.-Annette
Thank you sooo much!
So I found this app because I was browsing on different investing apps and I came across this one and boom this is the one that is the best of all why because like that great book Rich Dad Poor Dad had said and when the man says to invest in Real Estate, well this is the one that will definitely bring revenue! So thank you for this! Depositing and withdrawal is so easy and simple. This is a great tool and a great way for investing!
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2 years ago, A real honest reviewer
Good idea, poor execution
The app and Idea are brilliant. However, the fact you cannot buy or sell a share without having a seller or buyer lined up kills it for me. I tried it, put $100 in. Tried to buy shares and was stuck in Limbo, waiting for a seller for a few days. They need to buy shares back themselves. Realistically for this to succeed in my opinion they need to hold onto shares themselves to allow people to buy and sell more frequently. Until that is implemented I will not be investing here and have since withdrawn my initial investment.
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2 years ago, top decliner
Real estate = Long-term
It's clear some of the 1 star rating doesn't know how real estate investment works. They kept talking about money that they can't take back right away. Real estate is a "long-term investment" if you think you can buy and sell like a stock market then this market is clearly not for you. If you can't commit to invest for years, then again this market is not for you.
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6 months ago, Monroe Mann
Returns are terrible
Landa used to be great. Now they’ve diluted the shares so much that I went from a 10% annual return to a 2% annual return on the rental income. A total joke. Further, you don’t actually own any of the real estate, which concerns me. Worst of all: for half of my investments, they have only sold a percentage of total shares, meaning I can’t sell at all until (and it’s a big if) they end up selling all the shares. While the shares have supposedly appreciated in value, who cares if you can’t sell at all? You can do better with your investments elsewhere. I’m glad I didn’t put too much money in. I hope I can get my money out soon.
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1 year ago, Sasquatchosaros
I have had all sorts of issues from receiving dividends (in a timely manner), buying certain properties, to getting an understanding how rent flows from properties with negative cash flows. I am never able to get a clear answer from any service representative and any response never answers the actual question prosed to them. I have requested many times to speak to someone and they are consistently ghosting me. There is something very fishy with the underlying platform and the lack of transparency gives rise to concern. They delayed responses from the few customer service reps suggest to me that I am not the only one with this issue.
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2 years ago, ldfife
I like it, but…
The company is very responsive and the concept is great. However, they are lagging the growth in their success and the app is slow to access and updates to transactions can lag a few (up to 5 in my experience) days. There are no reports (monthly or quarterly) available in the app (or online), which is problematic if you like to track your investments. But I continue to use it because I like their concept.
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3 months ago, Fiercephantom
Zero customer support!
I’ve had this app for a month now and I can’t get anyone to help me resolve the issues I’m having. After following all the prompts and inputting my bank information, my account has been stuck at a pending status. I’ve reached out to customer support multiple times which claims to respond within a few hours, hasn’t responded in weeks. All my claims just say “awaiting response” on the app. This is a HORRIBLE investment app! Take your money elsewhere! Don’t be fooled by the ads for this app! You will regret using this app!
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8 months ago, Misszcece
I had to do a five star to give it a negative view on this company. Been waiting for a refund for weeks now. I paid for instant transfer for the next day. Now I have to wait almost two months to refund my money back. Kindly reply to my email subject line is Expedite Refund if not. I’ll keep flooding this review with negative reviews until I receive refund to my source account. Karma always hit the criminals exactly at the hurting point spot. Usually someone responds back in or around one week. It’s been bypassed this already. I have faith in Jesus Christ that this company shall release everyone’s money including mines. Keep everyone posted about my refund. Thank you!
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3 years ago, Audience1
Is this app making a comeback?
After a long downtime with barely any updates, I see that there is property available again. This looks good. It as good as before, the dividend calculator is gone, and there is only two properties, but it’s better than it being empty. Bring back dividend calculator, minimize the “shares” part, and add more properties. The way this app was before was better , try to get back to that standard.
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2 years ago, Flgirl2011
Love Love Love Landa!
I absolutely love Landa! Straightforward investing and great returns so far. I have no complaints except that the app has a hard time loading from time to time and that it can be kinda hard to use occasionally, but those issues are not too serious and the team is improving the app.
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7 months ago, Allison950
Beware: Misleading about investment liquidity
Be very careful. It is impossible to close your account. It is also very very difficult to sell shares in homes. I have been trying to sell shares in investments for a long time. Some investments are not liquid and they do a poor job of communicating this to you. For several months I have tried to close my account and they are unable to do this since they say I need to sell my shares first. Well, guess what, I cannot sell shares because they are illiquid. The consumer financial protection bureau should be alerted to this deceptive practice.
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5 days ago, Rslvd
You will never be able to withdrawal your money
Scam, rip off, beware! I put some funds into this app and did not invest it into any properties, it has been over four months and they will not give me my money back, email customer service is useless and will give you a run around about why the withdrawal is pending, and after two or months of waiting they cancel the withdrawal and I had to try again, once again stuck in “processing” or “pending” it doesn’t take that long to send funds to a bank account. SCAMMERS!
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1 year ago, brock1805
Invest in a dump / slumlord
All the properties on the app to “invest in” are dumps. The app took money from my account & refuses to give it back. Most likely this will be yet another shady tech company that goes belly up & takes any money you have with it. App is also low quality & riddled with bugs, obviously done on the cheap just like all the properties listed on it. I mean if they can’t get an app done how are they running these properties? The upside of real estate investment is not collecting rent, it’s having ownership of something that rapidly builds value which you can not do with this app. Scam!
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1 week ago, Isgyhh
Huge scam stay away
They love to take your money but don’t expect to see it again. If you buy a property on IPO your money will be stuck for until the IPO is over, at which point the price will drop significantly as everyone wants their money back and you lose even more. It’s a total scam they are not transparent about the illiquidity of investment. You’re better off just investing all your capital elsewhere. Also, Landa struggles with sending your cash to you when you do finally make a withdrawal. Huge scam, no liquidity, stay away.
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2 years ago, King davone12
Feels like a scam
You can’t sell your stocks back this way of investing is 1000 time beneficial to the the owners if this app not the consumers. It will take you an extremely long time to break even on any return you make while your getting paid a couple bucks maybe cents each month they are making millions and buying real real estate with your money. While we get minimum pictures on properties they claim they brought ??? And they don’t guarantee that the property that you invest into will even give you a dividend return each month
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2 years ago, Lw fix and flip
Great app for future
Right now this app seams good investing slowly until they show they they have a consistent track record month in and out . I’d like to see the path to ownership through this app or maybe even a buy option on some properties. Looks okay as o right now would rate higher if the app didn’t glitch some of my data from time to time .
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2 years ago, bufanna2
Deposit and processing orders
When transferring funds into Landa account it takes about a week for the transaction to be completed. Bought 23 shares on a property 1 week and half ago. It still being processed. I don’t know what going on with that. I also notice there is no contact button. I receive updates. However I cannot contact Landa. The good news I received my first dividend.
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2 years ago, dlm1991
Big Scam Will Steal Your Money
I’ve been trying to get my money out of the app for almost 6 months now and it will not allow me. Their app continues to have issues. It will not allow me too login at all and stays on loading screen. I recommend using either Groundfloor or Concreit as my experience with those real estate investment apps have been hands down the best experience I’ve had so far. DO NOT PUT YOUR MONEY INTO LANDA. They will take your money and blame technology as the reason they can’t get it back to you.
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