Landmark Credit Union Mobile

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Landmark Credit Union
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3 months ago
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14.5 or later
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User Reviews for Landmark Credit Union Mobile

4.78 out of 5
8.7K Ratings
11 months ago, Lonnie Nash
They would not let me get into my account
I do not know why you updated our system and making us redo our account all over again and our password all over again I never time I try to put in my Social Security you guys block me what type of bank are you. Your new update just locked me out of my account. I cannot even see how much money do I have in my account? How can I pay off my credit card? If you guys block me on my account what kind of stuff is this. Utility is going to help us out whatever same time you block us.
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10 months ago, rjh19820813rjh
This app is zero steps forward in aesthetics and two steps back in functionality. First of all, the two best things about the previous version were the widget (balance preview) and notifications (transaction alerts). With this update, widgets are no longer available, so you have to launch the app to see your snapshot. Next, notifications are broken. They don’t alert you until you sign into the app, which completely defeats the purpose of notifications (you know, in real time, so I can prevent fraud, confirm payments, see direct deposits, etc.). Those two things being broken are tragic. Besides that, when you do log in, the new version is clunky looking and navigation is harder than it was before. Previous version was five star. New version is a one star until this stuff is fixed. Edit: I still hope to hear back on a widget. The notifications appear to be an internal permission problem. What happens is I receive no notifications from the app for days. Then when I log into the app or the web site, I suddenly receive a flurry of notifications on my phone. So clearly the app is not set up to allow notifications until logging in, which as I said, completely defeats the purpose and is a huge disappointment. This must be fixed.
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11 months ago, I_Blonde
Mostly a good update
The new system is okay. I didn’t think the app really needed to be revamped but some of the updates are good, like Zelle instead of popmoney. There are a few bugs though. I tried to pay (transfer) to my credit card and even though there it shows that there is a balance, I have to pick an option from a dropdown and none of them are correct. “Last statement balance”, “minimum due”, and “pay off” all show a balance of $0.00, even though directly above that dropdown is the current balance due. I also tried to add an external account, and the screen doesn’t scroll down enough to push the button that says “get”. I can open to the “link accounts” screen and then do nothing else once I’m on that page.
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4 months ago, Ffsreally
App rarely works
From what I remember years ago at this point, the app itself was fine. However, unfortunately ever since Covid, I haven’t been able to get in the app more than maybe one or two times. After hours and hours on the phone with support, over many months time, and each time an update comes out I run into the same problem. Super frustrating and annoying that I can never access my banking information, and have to do it on their website, which is pretty basic and not great. Aside from that, I feel like I’ve had to re-enroll numerous times over the past couple years. It’s a lot of work for an account that I can’t even access easily. Please do better someday very soon.
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4 months ago, GalaxyAteTheWatermelon
I just become a landmark member about 2 months ago was unable to use the app until now. The app was stuck on the opening screen with an endless rotating circle. I contacted support- and they advised me not to use my WiFi. I use spectrum for WiFi. For some reason, while on my Spectrum WiFi it would not work. I switched to my cellular data and it instantly worked. Hope this helps someone.
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4 months ago, CJ040
Skewed / tainted ratings. This continues to be the worst.
The “big fix” means that the app now opens, apparently. Basic functionality still stinks: Lots of spinning wheels still, although a “new” error message confirmation after 90 seconds of spinning wheels is an improvement I guess. Error message after just clicking on the Transfer button to activate that functionality (not actually making a transfer): “(sad face emoji) Oops, something went wrong. There was an issue loading this page.” Same outcome multiple times. SO GLAD this is not my primary banking app. Will continue reverting to the web page for my BASIC needs with the accounts I do have at LMCU.
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4 months ago, No name granny13
You are the best!
I was originally a Lifetime Credit Union member and became a Landmark member when Lifetime was bought out - I couldn’t be happier- you have always put your customers first- my experience for over 30 years has always been positive- keep doing it - it’s a pleasure - Thank You
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8 months ago, Kris1883
Many issues with updates
Transfers do not work, app will crash. Will not connect with outside banks or credit unions, when you put in deposit amounts to confirm accounts it states wrong amounts entered and locks that option and you are forced to start the process over. App is also confusing to use, not user friendly at all. I have opened personal and business accounts with Landmark CU, the app makes it difficult to work with both types of accounts. The online version is not much better, updates seem non-existent... Frustrating...
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9 months ago, DAN94653884
Mobile AND web version messed up
They updated recently and took steps backwards. I can’t view credit card transactions as that process fails every time and my external wire transfer to E*trade needs to be set up again but that doesn’t work either now. I’m fine with app changes like this if things work, but it seems they made changes that didn’t really have an up side and ruined what previously worked. Roll back until you can do better testing in QA please.
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11 months ago, chuckiesu
Not good
I thought the old app worked perfectly fine. The new app is not user friendly. It was much easier to see balances and due dates on the old home screen. Now you have to click several times to get all that info. It also reads wrong when I pay balances, they all show up as 0.00 even though I do have a balance. A few times when I’ve gone to pay balances the app closes out all together. I probably won’t be using this anymore once I pay my car loan off.
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11 months ago, Raintide Bunnyfox
Refuses to work.
If you have an older phone this APP will absolutely not work. Many of us struggle to pay bills enough, or cash checks without spending more money on new Phones, travel expenses to and from LCU, and precious time. Please FIX this issue.
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7 months ago, chase bands
Fraudulent activity
There is no way to lock card when suspicious activity occurs. And since there isn’t 24 hour customer service, it makes this even scarier. So your account could possibly get hacked over the weekend and you’ll have to wait til the next business day to try to lock your account. Once your account is compromised you have to deal with incompetent customer service and answer a lot of stupid and frustrating questions about YOUR MONEY that was supposed to be protected
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10 months ago, IndieLit
Upgrade was a downgrade
This ‘update’ isn’t worth it. Plain and simple; the update wrecked the Landmark Bank app. Why no widget? Isn't my Face ID or finger print enough of a safety feature to allow for use of a bank widget!? Also depositing a check through the app doesn’t seem to be working or at the very best works terribly. Seriously looking into changing to a bank that has a better, more user friendly app. Also please keep apps like Zelle away from the bank app. Actually, keep them.. I’ll leave.
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10 months ago, TK, Worldwide
Easy, breezy
I am an old man. I love yelling at kids to “get off my lawn”. I do NOT love technology, but this app is quick, easy, convenient, and…I know it sounds crazy, but since I got it, I swear I hear angels singing every time I open it. The good people at LMCU hit a homer with this one!
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11 months ago, 2Irisheyes
New app
The new app is horrible!! Cannot pay my credit card through the new app. Used to be able to transfer money to pay the cc now nothing!!
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10 months ago, Criston22
Worst Update on an app i have witness ever
Update system on the app is horrible. On the bill pay section i get enrollment error everytime, On the “pay now area transfers” section is worst. Nothing loads i cant manually type nothing just grey lines no numbers dosent let me type or select anything at all. And for that Now i cant pay my bill on time i will get a late fee, i will need to drive to the bank to pay, how horrendous is that.
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10 months ago, polarisgrannie
Review of mobile app.
Saves tons of time and texting more convenient than phone, and faster. Efficient and accurate.
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8 months ago, 271mamacass82
New system bugs
I get that with a new system there is always bugs to work out. But I think that since it was launched in November, it’s just been getting worse and worse. The app has now gotten to the point where I can’t even log in. I can’t get past the spinning circle of doom.
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1 month ago, Ask ppl
Unreliable and down for maintenance seems like monthly
I left my last bank, partly because of their horrible mobile app and desktop site. Had no issues with Landmark’s previous app or website. Since they updated last fall, it’s been horrendous. Come to find out they “updated” their app and website to the same service that my previous bank used…
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11 months ago, Wicwbycub
Need to get these Bugs out of the update
I understand that there are always going to be some bugs when you launch something. That’s understandable. However this app which once was stable with no issues, is now terrible on both iPadOS and iOS. Scrolling, screens, sizes, all way off. Can see what they tired to do, but missed the mark big time. Also, bring back the widget!!
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11 months ago, JRuss737
Needs work
App seems simplified now which is fine but one issue I have so far is it doesn’t show pending transactions anymore to update true available balance. Old app worked perfectly fine for me idk why everything had to have a revamp.
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8 months ago, Bellegnay
This app used to be very reliable, ever since you guys updated the app, I have to wait 10mins for the “Transfer Money” page to load and even then I give up because it doesn’t work. How is this supposed to be an update? I’m glad I’m not the only one having issues but you guys really to fix this. I’m considering going to another bank just because of your app update.
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4 months ago, Major Richard
Landmark credit union has always been great , I really appreciate being able to check on my money whenever I want
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11 months ago, flowpro3
Thanks for Nothing
How is it almost 2023 and you guys STILL can’t figure out how to build an app with the most basic financial transactions? I have been trying to pay a monthly payment on a loan with you guys and have had to do an Easter egg hunt for the past 5 months on where to pay you guys. It’s like you guys don’t want to get paid and are trapping people into missing payments… what gives?
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10 months ago, bjqwertybj
App force closes
When I try paying my landmark car loan or credit card I push pay now and the app force closes. Aggravated!
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11 months ago, Kdayton237
New and Not Improved
Their app update has made things very complicated. I can’t get into my mobile banking app anymore and the steps to do so are long and ridiculous. So inconvenient the convenience of a mobile app is negligible. Also I did not want to set up two-factor authentication but have essentially been forced.
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11 months ago, marshasar
Cell phone app
Cell phone app is horrible. Every time I try to log in I get a snapshot but the app kicks me out to view transactions. So frustrating
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11 months ago, MKBadger97
Great new platform!
Went into the new App today and love the new experience. Very intuitive, feature rich and some cool new capabilities. Nicely done Landmark!
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11 months ago, Picture Dis!
Blocked out of account
This new updated app is terrible! It made me change my password and when I tried to put in my social they locked me out of my account for days!!!!
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6 months ago, badgerboy27
Digital app
Your app will not work on my iPhone or iPad Had many employees try to help but still can not use the app. One would think that someone at landmark could help. As large as landmark is there should be able to help. Why up grade in last November if it does not work . Poor service .
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9 months ago, Rick Coakley
Good app
Good app that makes mobile banking easy. Not fond of the new changes but nothing that breaks the experience. Does what it needs to.
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4 months ago, Boofy1
Online banking.
This old (almost 80) dog CAN learn new tricks. The online site is a breeze to use. Saves me time and gas. I love it!
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11 months ago, Radu.S.
One issue
The only issue I found so far the app crashes when you click link an external account
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11 months ago, earvgotti
Please fix
I’d prefer you guys to go back to the older version prior to the update. Balance widget is gone 👎🏾 and it would’ve been nice to have a “lock card”feature added. It could be worse I suppose!
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4 months ago, T.S.V
New update is full of glitches.
The latest update to your app is full of glitches and the app is constantly saying that it’s experiencing difficulties in pulling up account information, please fix this.
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6 months ago, JB78916
Was great a year ago, now terrible.
I’m a longtime LCU member, and have been using the app since the early days. When they rolled out the new app a few months back, mobile banking went down hill. It never loads, just sits and spins. I never leave app reviews, but I need to on this one for such a vital life tool. Fix your app Landmark. Simple was better.
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9 months ago, PitterPatterLetsGetAtter
Still not sure if it’s a bad app, bad bank, or both
Either the bank is lying that they are putting my additional payment to principle and are not, or the app is set up so you cannot. If it’s just the app, it’s a sloppy app. I am under the suspicion that the app is intentionally set up bad to sucker people into paying more. We shall see in the future.
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4 months ago, Savage rockstar
New App - pro & con
Pro - I like how easily you can link outside accounts. I like how the new app looks. Cons - There are many days app doesn’t work. For the whole day. Not sure if it’s Apple or the App.
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6 months ago, Bubbler1109
Fix Your App!!!
The app is soooo slow, often times out which is extremely frustrating. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and no improvement, and yes I am running the latest iOS version and have restarted my cell, before you make these suggestions for improvement.
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11 months ago, z228i
I liked the idea of changing the format, but this new version has become terrible. If it’s not being able to login, it’s not being able to manage accounts/make transfers. I understand bugs come with new updated apps but this has been an awful experience
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6 months ago, Pbjsandwiches
Can’t use
Since the new version, I’ve deleted and reuploaded more times than I can count, and the app shows the login for a brief split second, then goes blank with the spinning circle that doesn’t end. so I’ve had to use the website version, but then I can’t do any digital deposits for checks 😒
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4 months ago, Wallp8int
Slow and glitchy
Anytime I need to use this app, I sit for over a minute, waiting for it to load. Sometimes it doesn’t use the face scan, so it just opens to my money right away. It’s also very glitchy and if you want to reload any information, it’s another minute of waiting.
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11 months ago, LoriPotkay
Ridiculous update
I have had nothing but trouble with this app since the update. I signed up for Beta and it was a hassle from the get go. I can no longer use Face ID and have to manually log in. I live 2+ hours from a local branch so I do all my banking via mobile. This new app is not helpful at all.
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11 months ago, MARTIN JR H
Post update
The app doesn’t work ever since update. The app completely shuts down when I try to make a transfer. I have bills to pay today and the app completely failed me. I bet this review doesn’t even get read. And app will continue to just not work. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Becs38111
Won’t download and doesn’t work anymore
I have reinstalled the app. I’ve deleted it. I have powered off. I have tried everything I can in the app. It just sits there loading the whole time. I’m not sure what happened but it used to work beautifully and now nothing works.
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11 months ago, jsing1109
Why change a good thing
The old version was better. This one shuts down whenever you attempt to make a transfer. Also pending transactions no longer appear.
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3 months ago, ActorMichaelDouglas
Great app.
This app is guaranteed to make you aware of the current balance in your accounts.
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4 months ago, Fanciest face
Mobile banking love my mobile banking so convenient it keeps me in the know !!
I miss m
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10 months ago, FUSHEHXGAF
Id rather not leave a rating for this I love the app, I just cant transfer money with the new update!! It closes of the app everytime!!!!!
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7 months ago, Blade302
Landmark Credit Union app not working. I called them and they don’t know what the problem is. Funny, all my other banking apps work along with the other 59 apps I have installed. Guess they don’t want my business anymore.
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