Langley Mobile Banking

4.8 (12.2K)
23 MB
Age rating
Current version
Langley Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Langley Mobile Banking

4.84 out of 5
12.2K Ratings
2 years ago, Rex111111
Could be a little more user friendly
Ok, I have had the app for some time now to pay a car note and credit card. You can link your bank account to it if you don’t actually bank with them to bypass the credit card payment fee. This is a nice feature but you will need to know your way around these types of banking apps. The reason I said could be a little more user friendly is when I open the app I would like to just tap on the card or car note to go right into bill payment. Instead I need to access the menu, tap on loans, etc just to pay the monthly bill. It’s a minor inconvenience and if not done right might as well start over. Maybe I’m just getting a little old (47). I have to say this is a good company and enjoy how polite there employees are.
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2 years ago, DavidLedbetter
Whatever they’ve done to this app with the new update will literally not let me login. There must be a lot of issues because wait times for a representative is 30 minutes plus. Such a long wait for this update to roll out to this? Wow, just wow. Update: from 1 to 5 stars. Originally, the new update had me all messed up. It would not take my information to allow me to update my password. Finally after waiting a while, I was able to change my password. After already changing it once already. The roll out did not go smoothly but the new design is a welcome change.
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10 months ago, plane Blaine
Langley, Federal credit Union service.
We have been with Langley federal for many years. We are absolutely elated with the service, courtesy, and willingness to help that Langley offers. Only wish the drive-through‘s at Fort Eustis We’re open more often. Other than that, extremely satisfied. thank you Langley, Federal, credit Union. Blaine Coblentz.
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2 years ago, wpeoritut
Always new update; erased information
I understand updates, but constantly doing them and then wiping information to make us have to redo our log in is so annoying!! What’s the point in having information saved or using a thumb print if we have to constantly redo it because if updates. (This is the only time I have to, or sometimes the app is completely down.) pretty useless if it is never available when needed and saving thumb print or using quick sign in is also pointless as you have to re-save everything. ) I’m not talking about resetting passwords, I’m talking about just having to constantly out it in but app gives option to save or thumb print. I have contacted Langley before and nothing is ever done except an apology. Searching for new bank to go.
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2 years ago, EnderxSlendercat
Good until new update
I loved the old app design where you could easily see your available and current balance side by side for each account. This made it really quick and easy to check your balances on the go. With this new update you can no longer see the current and available balance side by side and you have to tap through each account. This wouldn’t be as annoying if the app didn’t crash or take forever to load each time I clicked on my accounts. The old design was also much easier on the eyes, definitely would revert back to the old app if I could.
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2 years ago, JustinN.
App update
I definitely understand and appreciate trying to update the app to make things more streamlined, however making credit card payments from an external bank is extremely difficult, to the point where I am no longer able to do so via the app. I’ve put in my external bank info, and then it tells me that I do not have my bank linked. I then attempt to link it again, and it tells me it’s already linked. I can see my balance, so I know it’s there. However, it will not let me pay my bill in the app.
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2 years ago, TDT JR
Could use some work on consistency
App is better. Contact runs you past this Leigh……dump this til it can be better. Frustrating as %**% Same with the widget. Sometime it updates immediately, sometimes not for days if at all. Delete the widget and reinstall, try to choose what acct to display…….just sits there and looks at you. What’s the point of a feature of its just going to frustrate the user? “Do or do not, there is no try” to quote a jedi master.
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2 years ago, Noah Ant
Appreciation for my Bank
I love my bank. Left Wells Fargo for them. Best decision I ever ever made. They always upfront about everything and always trying to find a way to help. Even when my credit score dropped off they still where willing to help. I approve this bank so much. Thanks langely from ur customer Jennifer Council
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2 years ago, insaineyesay
The new app is great!
The fact that I can add my other outside checking accounts is awesome. Makes bank to bank transfers super easy! And I can see all of my accounts in an app that I trust. The calls to the services happen much quicker and the visuals are much cleaner in this latest update as well. Great job!
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1 year ago, 294847272747577272
Bank better
My experience with Langley Virtual banking has been like no other. I enjoy not over drafting my account and I also enjoy the transfer between accounts. It’s so convenient, can’t wait until all my bills are set up thru my bank.
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2 years ago, Happysasebomeg
Widget Missing
I like the new update, but please bring back the fast balance widget. It is a valuable tool to help keep an eye on my account balances. A couple of years ago I saw at a glance that a lot of money was missing from my savings by using the widget and was able to act a lot more promptly to have my fraudulently taken money back.
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2 years ago, W.H.B.III
I love it
I love the new features of this app. You can lock your card with ease, set transaction or monthly spending limits and get a comprehensive break down on how you’re spending your money. This was a great update and kept Langley as my primary account.
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2 years ago, Kat-Awesome
Unable to Login with New Update
The new update doesn’t allow me to log back in. It requires inputting some information to verify my identity and then reset my password, but at that step in the process it shuts down and says it’s unable to process the request. The app has been great in the past, but this bug has been really inconvenient as I have been on vacation and unable to see charges to my account/transfer funds through the app.
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2 years ago, Brdrgz760
What happened?
This app was working fine until the last update. Now it won’t open. Period. Please fix it. Other than the last update, I love the ease of using it.
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7 months ago, Soo Addictive yeah
Not user friendly for people pcs’d overseas
I have just had it with this app. It has been a terrible headache to work with even with a VPN. It is making me reset my password but gives me an error when I put in a new one. I called Langley for assistance, they couldn’t fix it and elevated it to people who were supposed to be able to fix it. I have not heard anything back at all. The rep said they would contact me to let me know the status. Never heard back.
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2 years ago, Matt PDX 86
My love, mobile banking at Langley
Very easy to use very easy to understand. It doesn’t get any better than this. This is what mobile banking supposed to be.
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2 years ago, Nikisr34
Latest Update Pretty Cool
I like these guys and their site has great potential ! Only one this is missing for me anyways ! The fast balances is now gone and I don’t know what to do with myself at this point ! I hate having to login to keep track of my balances! I mean it was working great for the consumer why would you take that option away ??????
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1 year ago, Trapper1515
Langley is awsome
With these difficult times with COVId 19 I depend on Langley and they always come they for me .I love the Langley app easy operator friendly and informative. I get all my daily business done at the touch of a finger
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2 years ago, devlooskie
ui/ux is better
ui/ux is miles better now, theres some interesting design choices. but its way better than last time. Also, theres no more widget to view your accounts which i used a lot :/.
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2 years ago, metalhart84
Doesn’t work
I can’t log in, I can’t even finish setting it up…keeps telling me to try again later. Makes you put in vital information and change your password then locks up after that telling you to try again later. Then when you do try again you have to change your password yet again.
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9 months ago, BootZeeB
I am grateful and very thankful for Langley federal credit union stepping up, refinancing my truck, and then turning around lunch with them months would’ve been weeks, but I was the holdup and did a HELOC for my property that I own a Norfolk Virginia. I am humbled and forever grateful He. Nathan Johnson.
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1 year ago, Techy215
What’s the point.
I don’t know why any bank app doesn’t have an option to be notified when any money is taken or deposited.
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1 year ago, Aquarian1964
User friendly app
The mobile app has improved for the better, it’s the best
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2 years ago, inlovew/u
Great for daily updates in my accounts. I appreciate the convenience of easy and fast access.
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2 years ago, A'Jean
Mobile App
Sense they revised this app I haven’t had any problems login in or making any transactions… So far so good for now🤞🏾
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2 years ago, h bc ghcc
It no good forever to even pull up account
Super annoyed every time I try to review my transactions it never loads it does not switch to where I need it to ever and it’s always buffering it’s not my service I checked
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2 years ago, De293926705
Need a lot of improvement
We are in 2022 this institution should have already be on board with Zelle have the ability to transfer money from bank to bank easy. I switched to USAA because I get money send back and forward all the time and Langley limit me that option too bad cause I love the early deposit
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2 years ago, Blaxheart
The app is great if you want to see your accounts, move money around, and make minimum payments. They give you no option to add money on principle for any payments. Extra money you add onto your payment just goes onto next months payment automatically pushing your next payments due date back.
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1 year ago, cedgey
Langley app
I love that I get instant results when I move money and everything is user friendly.
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2 years ago, Simplilybfly
New User
Finding that banking on line is easier to manage. Learning more daily. Thank you.
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5 months ago, Sigoti
I love it! Easy access, can monitor my account from anywhere and do transfers easily. I love it.
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2 years ago, kaygee59
It updated the app today March 8 and now it’s worse than it was before! I had two joint accounts which have now been renamed as my wife’s account and I can’t access them to pay bills or set anything up. Been on the phone for 30 minutes and still no answers
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1 year ago, Mikerizzy
Check deposit
Check deposit via the camera does not work.
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1 year ago, IseVeGo
Excellent service!!!
Quick response, he is attentive to all the transactions and gives me a lot of confidence!!!
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2 years ago, Avfdhfd41
Cannot access
The new update is not compatible with my new Apple 13
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2 years ago, Protocol89
Last update made it unusable
Won’t even open on my phone. Click it and it closes itself immediately
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3 weeks ago, ChrisJA7
Great Service
I have been a member for several years and I enjoy banking with this Credit Union.
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2 months ago, S Hazera
LFCU app
The app is user friendly and has all the information needed for complete banking
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3 months ago, Toonglitch
Love the convenience
How easy it is to work it out and and get things done
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2 years ago, GettheMFmoney
Y’all should talk to the stellar foundation and get money moving like email. This old System is terrible.
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3 months ago, kristyspoken4
App stop working
I uninstalled and reinstalled and still not working
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2 years ago, WinkDaddi
Awesome Upgrade
The app is much better. Love the upgrade now it functions like the desk version.
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2 years ago, Boomer757
App Update
Your latest update is complete trash. I can’t believe you all approved such a horrible layout. The old version was so much easier to use and navigate. I don’t know who designed it or approved it. But both should be scrubbing grease off a griddle for the rest of their lives.
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2 years ago, ThatGiantSeth
Good Update - Widget Missing
Been liking the new overhaul so far, very easy to navigate and looks great. Only negative is the Fast Balances widget being removed.
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2 years ago, Dezaria2013
Every since I updated the app it’s not recognizing my personal info, member number or password. So I’m unable to log in to see any activity. Called twice and still no help! Waiting for online banking to give me a call today. Hopefully they can fix it! Very frustrated
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2 years ago, GT Fitz
Awesome app! Very user friendly
Extremely user friendly.
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12 months ago, kingjaelyn
They do decent maintenance on the app, honestly works well most of the time I use it. I wish the texting an agent portion was made a lil better tho
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2 years ago, Alanaalana10385885848
New bill pay
I’m not a fan of the new bill pay system. Hopefully as time goes and updates are done, it’ll get better.
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2 years ago, navi_7
This app does not work
I have car loan through Langley and I the app won’t let me pay my bill. I’ve tried to add an external account to transfer money but for some reason the app doesn’t retain the information. If I could I would rate this app no stars, it’s literally useless
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2 years ago, I be coolin
Fast balance
You guys took away the fast balance which was easy convenient to use now I’m having to login to check my account each time. Please bring that back thanks
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