Last Day on Earth: Survival

4.6 (90.4K)
952.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Last Day on Earth: Survival

4.56 out of 5
90.4K Ratings
4 years ago, Kenzykitchin09
Too hard for progression though the game
So I have been playing this game on and off for a few years now and the reason I keep leaving is because I can’t get the items I need to finish things for make guns or gear to do alpha bunker the farm I haven’t even been able to build the bridge and generators some parts are just to hard to come by I also think that maybe you could add a delete button to some things we build that you have as a more permanent things for example ATV had I known it was going to be so hard to put together I would of not put those engine parts into it I could of had two generators completed maybe not give us all the parts back but some of them maybe a percentage of each if you decide to do that, also getting guns and making them I had put money into this game but several times I was not gifted what I had paid for and very upsetting just to get guns to do some of the tasks, I know it’s possible to play for free but I got so frustrated that I needed it but now I’m stuck again and the money I did spend I didn’t even get anything worth my money from these areas. This last time I got into playing again I brought some of my friends to play it together however they quite after like a week and the other one couldn’t even figure out that she needed to craft a hatchet and a pickaxe and said it was to hard because of no instructions and didn’t have time for videos because you shouldn’t have to go somewhere else to learn a game
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2 years ago, killerofherobrian
Awesome game except for this
Just want to say the game is great, events are awesome, zombies are fun to fight and kill, even locations are worth spending the energy but sadly that’s one of the problems, energy takes way to long to recover from, I can spend my 200 energy and be stuck over at the police station, I could be sleeping for 2 hours and have only 67 energy, energy recharge time needs to be lowered if you did I believe people would have so much more fun with the game. The second problem I see is that some items are almost impossible to get like tugsten bar, iv done all the research where to find go to the location only to show up empty handed idk what to say other than make some sort list that the player can access that shows what resources you can find in locations an example would be in motel you can find a grenade in the locked room so put an icon that shows a grenade or a gun at least. And the third problem weapon repair, I have spent hours trying my best to find the resources I need to repair my M16 or AK47 only to then have it broken down 20 minutes later and the resource collection time being over an hour, try and make the weapon duration higher or have a mod that makes it last longer something to make me and other hundreds of players not spend 1 hour or higher trying to get our M16 at max duration. That is all of the problems I think your awesome team could work on.
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6 months ago, Bamz122
I enjoy this game a lot but…
This game is really enjoyable to play, it does take a bit to progress further into the game. Especially if you don’t have money to buy extra stuff. A few updates on this game would help keep interest and help progression more , with people who don’t have the money to buy things. If the weapons (guns mainly) had a longer use . I can use a machete longer than I can use a gun, which I find is really weird. If the guns could last longer, people who lack money would be able to get further and most likely keep interest in games since bunkers are hard to get into. 2nd thing is I remember the berries use to be 1 berry=1 tea, now it’s 3 berries=1 tea… that’s kind of a bummer because it’s such a highly used item for thirst when I play, now it takes extra time and energy to get more berries. While you’re already gathering so many other supplies to keep your base stocked. 3rd thing that I find could be helpful with game progression, is finding higher items (like stuff to build vehicles) it’s really hard to find items to build. Few years ago I played this game and it was easier to find parts for a bike than it is now. You can fight off a whole hoard of zombies for just one of the common items. So maybe updating it to make it where is broke people at least have some chance ? I understand y’all need to make money off this game , but small things like this could change a lot ! All in all great game ! I still play it everyday, just needs some updates .
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4 months ago, qchu03
Didn’t you guys have another game?
I’m mainly writing this to say that this is hands down the best game on the App Store, it’s unique in every way, it’s like a 3d fallout shelter, my only complaint is how long it takes for the stamina bar to replenish, maybe you could make it to where you replenish a point of energy every two minutes, or raise the cap to 300, even replenishing 5 stamina every 5 minutes would be a good fix, that way there’s still technically a wait mechanic, it might not seem like much but to those who really play this game those 5 minutes would be brutal nonetheless, I know you guys rely on in app purchases but you have a literal hundred dollar bundle and all you get is 4 metal floors and 8 walls, metal might be op, but you’re not really going against players, especially at the time I’m writing this, I’ve never got to experience the multiplayer aspect do to slow progression and rng, I don’t want to see this game die yet I understand it’s old, I truly believe that if you guys implemented some of these changes you’d see players flooding back in p.s. keep up the good work, the fact that I’ve seen replies to almost every review really speaks volumes that say you guys really pay attention and listen to the feedback which is the foundation for for a winning game, ps another tiny thing is the old pickup truck that’s at base, if you can make the amount of tiles it takes up that’d be great
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8 months ago, KushCloudzz21
This Game Is Everything A Survival Game Should Be!
I love this game so much and i play it legit everyday. I started playing about maybe 3+ years ago when it was in beta and it didnt have nearly all the good stuff it has now. I was so grateful and blessed to have found it again while just scrolling thru the app store 3 years later just to see how much its improved i mean seriously the game didng even have any skills or half the locations thats there now years ago. The absolute only thing i would say that could improve this and make the gameplay much better is if they implemented a dodge button i know we have a skill that you can roll every so often but not that i mean a default dodge or maybe even parry button because its a stale and repetitive combat system where its either you run away and create a little space and shoot then rinse and repeat or straight up stand there and get hit by the zombies while cracking them with your melee weapon and also how if the zombie is already in the process of swinging at you and even if u create enough space as long as the zombie is in the swinging motion you can avoid it its seriously annoying sometimes so please developers i love your game and your dedication too it just please add a parry or default dodge button that u can use maybe every 2-3 seconds so we cant just cheat the system but will help combat alot thank you!!
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4 years ago, Da_Killer
One of the best games I have played
Last Day on Earth: Survival has to the best survival game ever, but it has flaws like the free per hour crate doesn’t seem like it is actually random as it will give me the worst item in it every time (I have been playing for about a year or two) I have two accounts a old one on my tablet and my month old account on my phone, I have always struggled to find chopper parts but I have tons of atv and zombie van parts. The good things that I like are, the skill system ( I remember when it didn’t exist), the police station, Farm, motel, and gas station locations were all things that I can remember being added ( yes I am that old of a player) maybe also increase the durability of stuff as I have issues with my equipment breaking quick, and make a skill to increase a guns hit percentage as the m16 and other guns miss quite a bit, and make a use for extra bunker cards k? And another thing older players I am pretty sure were not happy about how newer players already have a chopper wheel and the chopper phase 1 and gun table phase 1 a partly built base while when I first stated I had a Pine Bush type map where I built my base from the ground up I would like it if in newer updates any items that newer bases will get will be in the inbox of older players that don’t have them ( it took me a long time to get a gunsmith bench.
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2 years ago, Nathan3507
Can’t help but give it 5 stars
I’ve played this game since launch, in 2017 (it is now early 2022) and I gotta say the game is a lot of fun. It’s one of the few mobile games that is meant to be played for a long time, not just what I call a “toilet game”. There are things I think could make it better, but it doesn’t take away from the score I give because the game is honestly fantastic. They constantly add new stuff to the game, and whilst there is a TON of paid content, almost everything, besides cosmetics mostly, can be obtained without spending a dime. Just playing the game. But having the option to also just spend money to get that stuff quicker is great for people who don’t have time to grind everyday but don’t wanna miss out on limited time things. I do wish they listened to feedback a bit better though. They like making stuff incredibly rare for no apparent reason. Like vehicle skins or something. You have one chance to get it and that’s it. Which doesn’t benefit anyone. They should make it obtainable for a limited time for free through grinding, but then post season have it for sale in the store! So it’s still rare, but they make money and people who missed out can still get it. Win-win! But enough waffle, It’s a great game. And you can tell it’s a great game just based on the insane amount of people ripping off the idea..
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5 years ago, Redhotpipe
Right now I’m a level 88 through the months I’ve gathered some experience. I love the gameplay and challenge of the game. I’ve killed about 30 big ones and I’ve died from them about 100 :) . The game is alright not including the new features like player contact that was introduced a while ago. I’ve had difficulties finding chopper parts would think they’d be more common then atv parts yet my atv is complete other than the transmission and I’m still missing two chopper wheels. I grind the bunker I grind red, orange, and green zones for survivors that hopefully have wheels on then yet I honestly can’t get a darn wheel to save my life. I’d like to see more events and more frequent events in the future! Also more seasonal updates would be amazing I’d love to face more bosses and do more events like snowmobiles such as four wheeler racing. I have a ton of event ideas like crashed military helicopter, occasionally events that all players can meet at and offer trades, and places to get better gear such as dog stores/hostpitals/military camps Show more
5 years ago, xXLordZephyrXx
Amazing Game
Let me just start out by saying that this game is amazing. The way it makes you have to pour hours and hours into the game, the well thought out mechanics, the style. If you like slow detailed and fun gameplay, this game is for you. It can get a bit frustrating no doubt, but once you get into the swing of things, heck yeah! Now, I do have a couple complaints as well. Yes it’s slow gameplay, but oh my god, the difficulty of getting rare materials. Getting aluminum can take days, in real life, because not only do you have to bring so many tools, but defense weapons on top of medical supplies and armor because of how frequently you’re attacked. I’d love this game even more if there were more ways to get those materials besides trying to fight off tons of powerful zombies. It’s also tedious how if you manage to get that, you have to farm up so much fuel and other resources just to process them. Next complaint is no communication, no community, we’re forced to fight or ignore each other. I want to be able to interact with the world in here. The game really needs a global chat with the radio tower which takes so unbelievably long to unlock in itself, and to then also upgrade to lvl 2. For 5 friends and a clan..? I much prefer a global chat over that. Aside from these few downsides, the game truly is fun though, because the downsides are far outweighed by the provided fun, even if it gets a bit tedious at times. 4/5 for sure!
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3 years ago, JdiddyCowDogg
Good game— bad features
Last Day on Earth is a great and enjoyable game to play. It’s got everything you’d want in a zombie survival game. Though my complaint I have is going to the port looking for some loot, and I lose my stuff. When I go to the sewers in the port, i usually clear out the original floor before heading up any of the ladders. The entrance floor is fine. It’s when i go up the ladders that’s a problem. I go up the ladders in hopes of clearing the place out to get the loot box at the end of each one. Sometimes this is a success, other times I end up dying (through no fault of the game). When i’m in those ladder areas and I die, I find it incredibly frustrating that I’m not able to recollect my items that were with me when i died because the ladders get buried under a pile of rubble. It’s not the rubble that’s an issue, it’s the fact that i cannot reclaim my hard earned objects that more or less get deleted when I die. I go to the sewers to find some valuable items, only to find myself dying with those valuable items. If the devs could make it so that your body spawned back outside the sewers instead of staying in those ladder areas, unable to be recollected, that would be a BIG help. I would also like to see a better chance of getting air filters in the sewers as well. That’s what I was looking for when I died and didn’t get any of my other stuff back. Thank you.
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4 years ago, DivineMassacre97
Good, but some ideas?
This game is amazing, don’t get me wrong but it has room to improve like everything else. The gameplay is amazing, the ultra graphics look stellar on my phone, but I ask if we could get buffs for durability. Just up the numbers a bit because things like the glock break after like one floater bloated. (Not literally.) But it seems weapons really don’t last long. I like the idea of balancing long term survival with the problems in front of you in the moment but it can kind of get difficult when your weapons and armor break quickly, and you can’t always find guns as easy as you find and craft melee weapons. More events and loot could be added. I also ask that chopper parts and vehicle parts made more available as well. I get that it’s supposed to be extremely difficult to find the parts in the apocalypse but they’re almost impossible. Your highest chance of getting the parts are IAPs (survival guide or the specialist and mechanic packs), which I feel is kind of unfair for players who don’t want to spend the money on the game. Just a few thoughts tho. The game definitely has improved over the course I have played it. Also, final ask, up the rates of getting True Friend from a dog. It’s essentially impossible to get it. Much love. <3 Definitely high quality mobile game aside from my grievances. Maybe I just complain a lot.
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4 years ago, Ralphie_Actual
I typically do not write reviews. I enjoy the game, it’s awesome and detailed to the point that I check it whenever possible to watch my progress. However the only two things I absolutely hate is the inconsistency of being able to go back to retrieve your gear if you are killed. Sometimes it’s available and other times it isn’t. I thought there was a pattern but there isn’t. It’s almost as if it’s all based on a type of ‘roll’ that the game decides to make. It’s be great if it was one way or the other i.e you die and are able to retrieve any gear or mats you had or you don’t. Plain and simple. And the other critique I have is I’ve been playing for years now and still don’t even have a motorcycle yet. Allegedly parts are found in the bunker but so far I have not been able to locate the missing piece(fuel tank). Maybe make finding the parts a tad easier or consistent with what the in-game notes say? I enjoy the game so much that I can spend hours playing and not even notice. Another thing just hit me, is it possible to make it so when you travel to an area it tells you if there’s a basement or not? Too many times I’ve traveled to an area, find a basement, go back to base for necessary tools(iron picks and axes) only to return to the SAME area and it’s a regular forest. Great game over all I always recommend to coworkers that they should give it a shot. But inconsistencies are beginning to wear me down.
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I love this game but have problems and ideas
This game is addictive and I just have a few problems the energy it takes to travel now is hassle since this game is in beta I believe the travel time should be less or it should be less energy to travel. My other problem is the free box that comes every hour is rigged and only give common things never a would be great if you guys can have a way to get weapons easier or make them last longer because is a pain to find the resources when you run out of energy and used up all the ads then having to wait hours to finally repair a weapon it’s a real pain so I really consider a login system to collect weapons heals and food that would be great for us all and make energy faster to replenish so many more people can enjoy the game instead of playing for a few hours and then get off the game and forget to login lack of motivation to play. I do support this game by buying items sometimes but I rather grind for it before I pay to win but I will buy things in the market to support this game because it is a beta and our support can make this game better along with your help please listen to this review I’m willing to help this game succeed along with the rest of the survivors that want this game to become the best survival zombie game on mobile thanks for your cooperation 👍🏾
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2 years ago, Lunatic9873
Dog crate
Hello, first I wanted to start off by saying I absolutely love this game and have been playing for 4 years now. My only issue at the moment is I’ve spent 500+ coins maturing all my pups and trying to get a true friend during this event alone that supposedly makes it easier. I usually just use meat but didn’t have the time to do so this time but anyways so my dog crate is currently completely full which means I cannot add any new puppies but I also cannot breed any of my dogs even though they are all adults they’re all mismatched for ranks and types so please please please hurry to fix this as there is no way for me to do anything with my dogs at the moment please help so I can either delete some to make room for more that will hopefully be compatible, expand the amount of dogs one can keep in the dog crate, or even just give me a true friend dog and I will not even care that I can’t do anything with the dog crate anymore as that has been my one and only goal (I have almost all girls and not the right rank boys to be able to breed to make room for more) I’ve been trying for years just to get one true friend dog and put a lot of effort into getting as much food and puppies as I can just for this to happen and now I can’t breed any of them to add new pups. Gamer tag is DeviantAngel #4811
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4 years ago, 30jk30
Make it so you can recover your body in the pine forests or spires.
Great game, love the routine you fall into every day and the challenges that bunkers bring. A few suggestions though: 1. As stated in the title, PLEASE allow players to retrieve their body in pine forests and spires. It is incredibly annoying when you’ve gotten 300 wood in a long wood gathering expedition only to be killed by a zombie when you’re low on heath and can’t go back to get your body. I understand this can make the game more challenging, but at some point this feature makes it more annoying than challenging. 2. Please be more specific with descriptions of items. I’ve looked back on my first few days so many times wishing I had gotten certain components over others. For example, batteries didn’t look particularly useful while things like bolts looked incredibly useful. Due to inventory space, I left an incredible amount of batteries, rubber parts, and steel bars and brought stuff home such as bolts, duct tape, and glue because I didn’t know how common they were. 3. At least make me feel like I have a chance to win something decent in the free crate. Have opened no less than 200 and have gotten no better than 5 iron ore. I understand that you do this to make pay to win options more appealing, but if you’re going to make this game pay to win then don’t even make a free crate.
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5 years ago, Ragingrhino561
Great game but in app purchasing feels rigged!
Don’t get me wrong I love this game. I can stop playing it. I’m currently level 54. But I can’t help to notice the rewards you get for buying stuff and opening free packages is rigged. For example for the fee package, you watch a video and after the video it spins for a gift. And it starts to slow down when it is about to stop. Well let’s say there is a bunch of good weapons it’s stays slow going across all the good weapons and then suddenly stops when it gets to seeds or meat. And it happens every single time. I’ve opened a 100 of them and have never gotten anything good. Same thing for buying stuff. It only a dollar and you can get a rare item. But I buy it and it only gives me a chance. And after spending 15$ I finally get it. If there is only 9 items and 3 of them are super rare then why do I never get there rare items. I really really like this game but it gets really annoying when you see all these good things but can’t get them. The game is alright pay to win but if I’m going to buy something just give it to me. But all in all I would definitely get them game. I’m mainly a free to play player, and it kills me that you can instantly have everything just by spending money. Developers please look into this. It starts to ruin the game a little. Especially on the free packages
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3 years ago, Player8535
I spend so much time on this game, it is extraordinary!
First of all, it is the best survival game I’ve ever encountered, second, I love the fact that there’s loot boxes everywhere, whenever I have skills to choose from for example the options are, the skill where the loot boxes are with rare items, and the one where your hunger slows down, also the one where your thirst slows down, I’d always pick the rare loot one. Honestly this game deserves big credit, I’m level 13 in the survival guide and level 28 character, I’ve had different accounts before but lost them, now I am trying my hardest to follow the survival guide and grinding and grinding at the easy and medium pine locations and the limestone easy and medium locations, since I’m trying my best not to die at the hard locations lol. I have the right tools and resources to be able to be prepared for bunker alpha but I’m just really scared to open a room full of toxic abominations or floater bloaters. It’s a really nice game and I always grind the hardest during the weekends because of school ofc. One more thing before I continue adventuring off in the infected world, continue the amazing work, make more updates and make this game be the best, I know that the team of developers can make this game popular, I believe in you, thank you for reading. Sincerely, Fellow Survivor.
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5 years ago, Choochoo428
Such and amazing game!
I have played for almost 2 years now and I have to say the game keeps getting better and better! I definitely 100% recommend to anyone willing to try it out! I cannot wait for the atv, helicopter, and I can’t wait for the future this game has it has sooo much potential! And I know we’re still in the beginning stages, well starting to get out of the beginning stages, I would love to see a huge map. With the huge map should come the zombie truck so you can make bases all over the map, but with certain distances you can build them. With the helicopter and a huge map, for the helicopter when you leave your base and you get to the map, you should have the map split in to districts(if the map is huge). Also for in the future past all that you should add zombie armor like zombie skin your character can wear, but should only last for a minute or 2 before breaking. Idk I just have sooooo many ideas, and I know you guys are probably on a budget and time. But still if y’all are then fantastic job! I wish I could help design future updates like little details but maybe in the future if this game ever fails (which it won’t, at least for a while) I probably will make a game like this or attempt to anyways haha! I wish I could make little additions but this is y’alls masterpiece! FANTASTIC AMAZING WONDERFUL PERFECT JOB!
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2 years ago, Flash_x327
My top 3 best mobile games
This game is amazing to be honest. Zombie apocalypse and good survival features a multiplayer shopping district which is amazing made the game 1000 time better. Everything is grind able except for skins those are really hard to get, all you pay to wins can spend a lot of money because there’s tons to buy and do. The games constantly being updated so hooray for that a survival games that good and NOT DEAD. And to be honest I’ve been playing ever sense late 2017 or early 2018. And I’ve always been off and on about it even though I enjoy the game and the community. But the main reason was because of the language barrier I could never communicate with other people. Now I haven’t played in a while so I don’t know if they updated again. But if they did then thank you because that was my only problem with the game. Oh and the fact that y’all made the prizes for trades be able to go up higher I hate doing the math for it and having to figure out a good price but the games to good to just give up on it because of the most simple math just really lazy so that’s on me. Just really wanted to say thank for making this game. Oh and please add another method for getting energy because the ads are annoying and I can’t get energy drinks ya gotta buy them.
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2 years ago, jakeclifford18
Amazing game! Just some ideas
I’ve played this game since I first found it on the App Store basically when it was released to the App Store, I truly love this game and most people do for sure reasons. I like the friends aspect to this but I wish it was easier to get to that part, say like me a veteran invited a few friends to play they would have to spend a lot of time playing and exp farming to get to this point, I wish it where more like I inviting a friend to play, and we can immediately play together so I could help them, also like most other comments have said about the “true friend skill” for the dogs making it more accessible would be nice, and other things like the weapon and armor durability would be nicer, also I think it would be a cool little detail that as you upgrade the walls and floors for the house to make the walls look nicer, the roof changes as well, I think that would be a fresh and cool little design detail for the game, also having a little new functions like newer crops to plant and different types of meat pure animal like the Turkey comes from well turkeys but like getting more meat from a wolf because they can attack you would be nice. But overall an amazing game and genuinely my favorite mobile game! Can’t wait to see what happens in the future!!
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1 year ago, KRYONOGLOU
Pay-to-Win Overshadows Fun
First and foremost, this game is my favorite on iOS. However, I can only give it 2 stars as it seems the developers prioritize profit over player satisfaction. The game’s difficulty level is unreasonably high, especially when it comes to finding materials. It feels like the only viable way to progress is by making purchases, which is a strategy I dislike. Furthermore, the durability of the weapons, particularly guns, is frustratingly low. Constructing a gun is a challenging task, and even after making a purchase, the lifespan of the weapon is disappointingly short. You risk losing it after a few shots. For these reasons, I can’t give this game a full 5-star rating. It appears to be more “pay to win” and “pay to continue” rather than a genuinely enjoyable gaming experience. The developers need to make some adjustments or risk losing players to alternatives. Additionally, there are issues with crafting within the game. Items such as furnaces take an excessive amount of time to build, which is quite frustrating. Also, the time required to travel to new locations is overly extensive. These issues can be resolved, once again, by paying. The emphasis on transactions is problematic. I urge the developers to look at PC games like Rust and 7 Days to Die for inspiration on maintaining a balance between gameplay and monetization. It’s disheartening to see many mobile games like this one prioritizing profit over gameplay quality.
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4 years ago, NathanU8Me
This game is AMAZING! But..... (it’s an endless grind)
LDoE is an amazing game. I’ve put many hours into this game and it’s truly fun when you have things to do. However, there comes a point in the game where everything just becomes repetitive and really hard. For instance, it will probably take someone 2 years to get the ATV from just starting out the game. Endlessly grinding for materials is the name of the game. If you love that, then great! But if you want a good balance between work and risk for reward, well this game just doesn’t cut it. Unless you are a consistent and constant player that grinds everyday for materials and supplies, you will probably never be able to craft the ATV or other items late in the game....UNLESS you pay your way out or play it for several years on and off. This game is fun, but it’s just way too demanding of time. I love what the developers have done with this game with all the new updates and events, but it just feels like your working to achieve nothing new. The ATV is my biggest problem because in order to get all the materials required you have to go to bunker bravo. That place is hard AF and you will use up many guns and armor. Only the most skilled or well equipped players will be able to clear out the base without dying constantly. So please Kefir make the game easier and less time consuming. I’ve been playing the game for over a year and a half.
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4 years ago, panda rights
Suuuuch a great concept
This is so great! The app is really amazing and has a good concept as well. I’ve always liked online games because having interactions with others in a game really enhances the experience. I love that you can kill other people (that sounds like I’m a psycho but you know what I mean) and loot other houses. It’s got so much potential depending on EVERYTHING you do. For example, if you don’t raid someone else you could establish an alliance of sorts, or make enemies. It’s those little things that make a game this much better. And it’s hard to find games like those either. Now of course, like any other person, I have some things I would add to enhance gameplay, but the game is already great. 1: Please make it so you can send short messages to others with the radio. It would be cool if you could invite others to a radio “frequency” and send them small sentences. That way we don’t NEED the hard-to-get chat. 2: Starter clothes. It would be great to not be somewhat naked at the start of the game, and you should always have some sort of low-level clothes so you don’t look like a newcomer when your clothes break. 3: Make the ability to emote. It would be pretty nice to be able to emote to show emotion or celebrate when I get a kill or something. Well, that’s all! 5 stars!
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3 years ago, Dontcareaboutcritics
This takes forever. Can I get a free scar??;)
I just spent three days grinding for 1 set of armor and a few glocks and a machete. I couldn’t even do the second level of alpha on hard mode. And I never ever ever ever get a gun from the free box. One time there was literally like seven guns and three things I didn’t want guess what I got. 1 seed. Or 1 Z coin. Or 5 wood. Please make it easier for people to get the required materials to make meds armor in weapons I only have enough to make armor and I’ve been grinding for two weeks at least. I get that it is supposed to be a hard but I just ran into a crashed convoy with my best gear. Died. Ran back with my lower tier gear. Died. Ran back again. Tried grabbing something off my body got killed anyway. I literally wasted EVERYTHING. Everything I grind for despawed when I Final got there because I had to walk and I didn’t even have enough materials to make myself a dad hat. And make the perks easier to get I hate how someone can spend 50 bucks on the game and get every perk at level 10 that they need to get Top notch loot. I know that there is a level requirement for special territories but still it’s just not fair. Guy wearing basic shirt pants shoes and dad hat wielding a machete versus the guy wearing swat gear and rocking an M16. Come on. I lost everything to that guy he didn’t even want my stuff he just walked away after gunning me down. He probably just took all my wood that’s it. Give me a reason to come back.
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3 years ago, Banana Man #1154
Hey devs
Hey, congratulations you out of 3 other games in my phone have actually made a really fun game. The enemies for the most part, are balanced and can be fought against without much P2W schieße. The maps are unique, the events aren’t oversaturated or scarce. Variety within Enemies is pretty good, though I wish multiplayer could be ported to ALL sectors so that I can both enjoy raiding and being raided. Though, For many years, after many uninstalls and reinstallations, the Free Loot Box, can it atleast give one thing that isn’t seeds I always get seeds or Stone. Never got a weapon but only one engine part out of all the box rolls I did. Though it’s fine for the most part. I honestly wish there was more events involving raiders or any kind of humans, soldiers, wanderers, survivors, smugglers, etc. also I kinda wish there was another type of dealer or more dealer item variation where you can trade (item here) for something like, Oak planks, A bench of any variation, engine parts, Or box parts. Also one more suggestion, I wish a trading area for the first world you spawn in/( Open world that isn’t the crater side) existed so that players can trade goods for other goods but it takes time to receive said goods, 2 hours max. But overall you fellow developers made a pretty decent and competent game that I generally enjoy and can have fun with. Signing off.
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3 years ago, try again name taken 412
To the developers of last day on earth
I understand that if you die you die but why do y’all make it to were we die and can’t go back to retrieve our stuff I makes the game much harder. Because every-time we level up it’s harder to level up because we are a higher level but that shouldn’t matter what level you are let us level up easily. And another thing is the perks those are hard to get too because I’m a level 43 and I still don’t have theft perks like what level do I have to be neither have one showed up when I was getting my perks. The last thing I have to say is the bunkers why is it that not one bunker hold guns like it’s a lot of zombies in there and when I go looking for a weapon there’s nothing good I could use to stay alive with also the dog perks are also hard to do because I go to mostly every location on the map and there’s no puppy I can get to breed my dog with to try to help me level up my dogs getting the motorcycle parts are already hard don’t make dog perks hard too. But overall last day on earth is one of the best games I played because every game I download don’t last long but last day on earth is the game I like to keep on my phone so can you please ease up a little because I’m starting to not play it as much as I used to but like competitive games just ease up a little would ya. That’s all I have to say good game by the way.
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4 years ago, Lillylove666
Been a supporter for so long
I truly love this game and the seasons it provides and story play . I’ve seen this game grow over the years , I’ve seen many seasons I have some that I love more than others I’ve seen some updates flop and some of them rock with the recent update I think that the health was a mistake or there should be some tweaking done because the food was a huge help and a basic necessity for simple gameplay and with the The recent season seven and it’s task this season are difficult but that was the point right? Like I understand it’s dangerous this season is full of a new element new game play With the Raiders in Looting so it’s ruthless environment but it’s difficult to even do simple tasks such as fighting enemies when scavenging or clearing alpha bonkers due to the healing with food healing of food is a big factor and it’s difficult to wait for that healing . To come up and if you’re fully fed you can’t really hear from the food so that’s a disadvantage of support this game so much don’t regret it at all!!! I love playing a game that makes me happy and spending money on a game knowing that I’ll be happy with the outcome I love this game and I’ll continue to support it I just think that with this recent update it was a mistake I think the healing factor should go back to it was or some tweaking because it’s difficult to play with the mechanic this way .
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1 year ago, Machine_jk
Great game! Would recommend tbh
Hey I’ve been playin this game since like it dropped in early 2017. I’ve had it on almost on all my devices since than. Yes Im an ig at this game. But honestly I’ve been on and off it just seems like a repeat for me. I’ve went from grinding at this game to just barely playing it. Feed my puppies and get the new crate and look at the battle pass is mostly what I do. Maybe a minimum of like an hour of playtime. I just wish there was something that us veterans could be given. Like it took me like just this past year to get the chopper completed. And I see new players almost get it instantly. I remember when we couldn’t even build the chopper yet💀 But I’m surprised it took me about six years just to finish the chopper. I do like the multiplayer function tho. It was cool how the crater just went from like a little area you could play multiplayer with in like a suit at the wall to like a whole multiplayer area. But I wish the multiplayer area had like a different biome setup. Maybe for like a future update it would be a city like weve seen in leaked art and stuff. But anyway kefir keep up the good work! I’ll continue playing for now but the game is kinda dying for me. I’ll always be a supporter tho. Thanks!
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5 years ago, ZenDragon7343
Addicting and fun, though many issues and bugs
I gave this app 3 stars after the event where the kidnappers take your character away from your base. While you are there you find an iron hatchet, which you are supposed to use to break a wooden door, but I broke a bench before I realized that I needed it to get through the door, but the thing broke due to a loss of durability from the bench. Due to this fact, I lost all of my items that the thieves took, to include non-replaceable items that took a lot of time to get and that could not be replaced. Please fix this and the other bugs of the game where players can get trapped in the game with no way to escape. From what I have found on the internet and on the FANDOM wiki for this game, I know that other players have experienced the same problem and are also very frustrated from these issues. Otherwise, this is a great game and is very addicting and fun to play. Another bug is the resource pass. For the tasks, I would complete them, but some, like enter the lobby of Bunker Alpha and craft a dog crate all were done, but I did not receive any of the promised points for the rewards of the pass. This was very frustrating and not something that I could fix. One last thing that I would like to add is the ability to communicate and make friends on the game. It takes some time to upgrade the radio tower to lvl 2 to join clans, and even more to explore the clan sectors and other key things to be in a clan.
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5 years ago, Caver451
Buggy, Grindr and seriously flawed
To say this game is a grind fest is an understatement. Critical components for basic items are rare random drops, resource requirements are often outrageous, and progression is very unbalanced. Weapons and armor break so fast you would think they were made of glass, and most weapons can’t even be crafted. Or repaired. Many of the more useful blueprints can’t be crafted because their resources aren’t in the game yet, however you can get the blueprints and dump resources towards building them only to find they can’t be completed. Worse, the game crashes. A lot. Sometimes so hard you can’t log back on. Think twice before spending any money here. The devs clearly have big plans, but I don’t think they have the programmers to pull it off. Still, there is some entertainment value here, if you can get past playing a beta which is really in alpha and may never move much beyond its current state. Edit: What a horrible reply from the dev. No comment on blueprints which can’t be built? The constant crashes? The ridiculous wear characteristics of weapons, tools and armor? Why are you adding new dogs—another system which is spectacularly grindy, btw—before allowing us to build guns? Build the repair bench? The ATV? The chemistry bench? The late game armor? Why are even skills random, so at level 78 I still only have one level of lock picking? Want to talk about the nastiness of blueprints? The bizarre mechanism for creating weapon mods? I could go on!
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4 years ago, Namgyatso
Developers are being stubborn and only agree to their idea and always thinks they are right 😂
Devs think they are perfect and they are always right just coz you made this game doesn’t mean you make and set whatever you want. I was happy with this game at first but you guys changed everything I don’t know what happened maybe you guys were out of money and made the police station even worst . I was preparing for doing police station grinding a lot of weapons and healings waiting with patience for that weapon upgradable items like carbon composites and factory parts but then when I was fully prepared and decided to do pd the game updated and now I am just hopeless couldn’t find carbon composites in pd and it’s too expensive for me to clear out bunker bravo even the second floor and it’s not fair for us survivors coz players before took the advantage of police station before us . Just 1 request please make police station get carbon composites and factory parts only on blue and purple crates to make it fair for us late and new players ! I know you guys won’t agree with me so that’s why I am keeping the above topic with devs being stubborn. I can predict your reply you’ll say something positive thing and reply kindly but you won’t change anything and listen to our problems . I know it’s hard for you guys too but if we cooperate and understand each other it will be fun for both of us wouldn’t it.
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4 years ago, loyaltyforlife
How I feel about the game
I really enjoy your game They only a few thing I dislike like the Energy system because when you’re out of energy there’s no reason to play the game because everything takes forever I feel like you should just make it were walking normally just takes like 36 seconds or whatever it takes and also I would really like if you guys added horses to the game and also make it so we can access more bunkers because we have so many bunker key cards but we only have two bunkers we can actually access Oh yeah also I forgot about guns because that’s another problem is like you can’t really get them unless you like put actual money in the game because lights unlock the new places like the winter zones and everything else you need a chopper but you can only get a chopper if you do bunker alpha but you need like a gun or something to do bunk Ralph because of the monsters there so even if you’re high enough level to do something feels like it’s almost impossible to do it so if you need to do to get further in a game and it’s like you just have to spend money on it Oh yeah this one last thing you have it saying that you can play with your friends but you Can’t this game solo so why do you make it seem like it's multiplayer
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4 years ago, Benjamin Bonner
Game is fairly good but needs a little bit more easiness
This is a good fantastic game but I have one consequence so to it the game that is not easy like a number when I want it to be easier because everybody likes eating that’s right it’s just hard to to to hard could you please please please please fix it to make it easier like I am now bad at this gameOK so just update with some new updates but I do you like season 11 it’s really good what are you do you need to do one thing to be changed in the survival one make it easier like some people call it hard and don’t you know what it’s actually hard so I want this game to be fixed OK oh how I want it and everything just needs to be easy OK goodBut I got a skeleton pack army Skelton back I mean that yeah but I say I was rolling then my heart stopped no don’t just tell me I died with the 10 guns one of the gun is a really good one and I’ve just stayed with really good armor on and I don’t want that to ever happen again so sexy right now he just made me cry for 17 hours and I cannot sleepAnd my heart stopped for 18 seconds I just melted my heart just had to stop I couldn’t breathe for that long but I hold my breath so I didn’t die well that happened and my blood organs had to stay alive so I had to do something so I did now you everything
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9 months ago, (Straight up Reviews)
Very slow progression, but love the game
Awesome game, it’s very slow with progression unless you spend money, but the session pass makes this easier if you buy it. If you’re trying to play for free just know you have a slow road ahead but it’s definitely possible. I give it a 5 star because a lot of games you really can’t progress unless you spend money this one you keep progressing even though it’s very slow. It gets tiring doing the same places over and over but when a new one opens up it’s awesome unless you can’t go to it yet because you need items, but then at least you have a new goal to reach. Some of the stages seem to take more items to beat then what you actually get back from them. This should be fixed. If you do bunker alpha and you spend more guns then you get then it just doesn’t add up to do it. The game is definitely reaching to make ppl spend money, but all in all you can play it for free. There’s a lot of stuff that should be changed but in the end it’s an awesome game. Just remember devs don’t get to greedy with trying to get everyone to spend money cause that’s how you’ll loose players. Give some better deals and a lil more guns and you’ll keep ppl around and not quitting
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12 months ago, ThatOneIdeaMaker
Great game but needs some updates
Firstly the wait time for a location to refresh should be lowered. Secondly you should add more permanent things and not temporary stuff. Thirdly you should let us either destroy the abandoned truck or build closer to it at the players base. Fourthly you should add a new timed event which uses the radio just like the trader, the event should be either a distress signal from some soldiers fending off zombies or civilians that have been captured by raiders and you have to break into their base just like raiding an ai red base on the map. Also you should add some new melee and ranged weapons and maybe a new type of grenade or maybe an RPG. Along with adding some new weapon blueprints and building blueprints. Fifthly you should make it that the horde and a raider band will attack your base but not at the same time and just like killing the witch and burning the head instead you would kill the raider boss and that’s where a new location could come into play. Also when you travel with either a chopper, at, or helicopter it should tell you how much gas you will spend just like energy. Hopefully you will see and take heed to what I have said cause I am sure these things will make the game more enjoyable.
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2 years ago, GretchenC63
Things must change!
I should give it a 2 star but I do enjoy this game and have put quite the bit of money into it. Progression is closely impossible. I guess that’s the way the want the game to be so you spend your own money. Every single time I finally get a good gun, which is a rare thing because once again finding things to upgrade or make anything is impossible, the game finds anyway to kill me so I lose everything in my inventory. I would much rather NOT lose all of my belongings after I die since I work very hard to require them. Backpack, wood, weapons, harvest, etc. How ridiculous it is to lose everything you spend your own money on and received while completing tasks in the game. How about the makers of this game have a hair length of respect and care about their buyers that they would not have this happen. Change how this game works. Make it easier to obtain weapons to clear out bunkers or the red woods. Make it more simpler to make things under the blueprints with lesser items to have to make said things. My review probably doesn’t matter in your opinion since you won’t change any of the configurations to this game, hence it’s been years since I’ve had this, But hopefully others will see this and know that it’s honestly not even worth downloading. Waste of time and money. I advise you to not.
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4 years ago, EricD88
Good game enjoying going out and finding new things and with the new update was finally able to get the oak planks and enjoying how much it takes to find a weapon the only thing is the map we can scroll right and up but I’ve been playing this game for about 3 months now and I still can’t get the parts for a motorcycle even after clearing bunker Alfa several times and getting all 3 of the boxes no closer to getting the gas tank and handlebars I’ve even gotten to the fact I’ve bought the package where it says it has a 5 times more likely to drop the gas tank after spending 20$ I had to stop... but other than this I’d say if anything make it more common to get those 2 items to make the game better Update 30 may 2020 Great game it’s always got me waiting for the updates and with the rewards you get for the tasks are really cool. Every time I log on it’s something new there’s all the tasks and new areas that open up honestly have had this game for over a year and it doesn’t disappoint. The only thing o would change is how hard it is to gather the materials to build the atv and find supplies to make weapons and good armor. I really look forward to continue playing this game and hope the developer continues to make the game greater for everyone even if they don’t pay for all the new perks.
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5 years ago, Marius275
Great game, but a let down
I’ve played this game for a long time. Good graphics, and game play. My biggest problem is how Pointless it is to spend money hoping you’ll get ahead. Just tonight I spent almost $20 hoping to get parts for the motorcycle. Did I get what I needed? NO WAY! When you go to the in-game store, and select the transportation tab, then choose to buy one of the selections, your chance of actually getting what you need is extremely rare and random. Now there is a nice disclaimer at the top telling you that the items you see are rare or extremely rare, but I figured if I spend a few extra dollars I should get what I need, right? WRONG. All I end up getting are items that I’d get for free after about 5 minutes of game play by killing zombies, or finding the boxes that are on the ground. I’m just getting burned out. Unless you want to spend a thousand dollars to hopefully get the items you need to advance, good luck. I doubt you’ll get there. I don’t mind spending some money, it’s a well made game, and the developers deserve some fruits for their labor. I just wish they’d make it so that I could buy what I need, not blow a ton of money on a chance to get what I need, that will never come. I guess the old adage is true, “BUYER BEWARE”. Until they update this so that I can actually can get the items that I am willing to spend real world money on, I think It’s time to take a long break. Good luck to you all, you’ve been warned.
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4 years ago, Davion Jones
Wonderful game very addicting but I use have one problem
This game is very addicting I’ve had it for 3 days and I can’t stop playing it because I love survival games and this is one of the best survival games in the App Store but I just have one problem with this game it’s that you get 200 and I know you have the option to either run or walk to a destination you want to get to but it takes so long for my energy to get back high enough I don’t want to have to wait a day or two just to start playing again I want to play non stop but once I run out of energy I am either stuck at my home or stuck at another destination it takes 5 minutes to get only 1 energy I shouldn’t have to wait that long if it’s only going to give me one I be wanting to play this game all day long but I have to constantly stop playing and only play for a short amount of time because I don’t have enough energy I tried waiting but since the energy takes so long to replenish I only get to about 60-70 amount of energy and some of those trips cost about 50-60 energy to go there and back home please update this I need more energy I don’t have any other problem with this game that is my only complaint I want to continue to play this game or a while thanks.
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4 years ago, DeerDaPro
More Multiplayer
I have had this game for about 2 years now, I am coming back and getting back I got the game after a few months of a break and I am happy to see all the changes, updates, and improvements added to the game! The only things I think that could be improved is the multiplayer. There are clans in the game but that is the only way you can see someone else in the game. I would really enjoy a place on the map that you can trade with people and interact with each other. This could be a location called Marketplace or something like the fair but it’s a multiplayer zone. An alternative idea is that you have a multiplayer mode. This mode could have a party feature and you could invite friends or look for x amount of people to play with you. Having the ability to play the game with others would make it much more fun and enjoyable. I think this could also be very helpful for obtaining resources etc with your friends. (Helping eachother out) Another idea is have a clan base. This would be just like the regular home base but you could have your whole clan be able to access this base. You could then have “clan wars” and battle other clan bases and such. I am almost level 200 and I am a big supporter of this game, I think there is a lot there can be done and added to still.
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4 years ago, His♡Hachiko™
🌟Genuinely a must play game!🌟
I have played this game for years now, and it seriously laid the foundation and set the standard in terms of the currently trending survival games. Many of those games in the app store are a knock off version of this game, either with watered down features or offer embellishments through a hefty pay wall, but THIS is the classic and a must have! As a female gamer, the inclusive option to play as a female character really is worthy of so much praise and credit because unfortunately most other survival games are closed off from giving that simple basic option; so I refuse to give them the time of day, let alone my money🙄 No matter how many breaks I have taken from this game, I always come back to it. Fun, challenging, and gritty in terms of building yourself from the ground up. Day of Zombies (DOZ), Stormfall, and Grim Soul are the only other survival games I have found with female inclusion that come close to the gem that this is. If I had any complaints with this game, it would be a lack of storyline content, which the other three aforementioned games deliver in spades, but it is easier to just pick up LDoE and run with it. However, I highly recommend all 4 of these great survival games and hope to see more on the way!♥️
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3 years ago, yankeeiraqi
Good game & greedy developer
Playing a game for quite some time investing effort and money should be leading to fun & not frustrating developments. I have played and deleted this game then redownloaded it a year later to see if there is any change, for sure the resources to build essential equipment and structures are still so limited you will only be looking at a mess of trying to build a bike and maybe if lucky enough build one generator which i never been able too, forget about the ATV. To be more precise, resources are in 2 categories; some that are very “rare” like engine, gears, plastics, cement and a lot of other basics to build that I reached level 80 and up and still haven’t seen some of them and collected maybe 4 of some. And others that are so available that i keep deleting them from inventory. Air drops were not helping, conquering 1 location took me to buy more resources to pass it than I got anything valuable. Buying never with satisfaction because it’s a gamble and you would perhaps end up with a junk of bolts when you really need 1 motorcycle mirror or tire. After about 2 years I am still unable to finish my generator, bike or ATV, i have to buy guns to finish tasks, i have to buy resources to start tasks. The game is really good and addictive but shortly after I realized that i have to feed greedy developers and still can’t ride that bike lol. Very unfortunate.
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4 years ago, Pease read
Please Read And Fix
To the maker of the last day on earth over all I love the game but I know you want it to be accurate but please just fully get rid of energy. Also when you open the crate that you have to wait 50 minutes for make it able to get more rare stuff more often because it never lands on anything I need or anything good. Also make it so you also get more rare stuff more often in any crate. Also please make it so you can get boy dogs more because all the dogs I have are girls. I like what you get in the airdrops those are fine don’t change those. Only make the airdrops sometimes have a m16. I have been playing this game for 3 years now but I have deleted it and undeleted 2 times it not because the game is bad it is great so please just grant this wish in season 6 or make a last day on earth 2 but I would rather it in season six so I don’t have to restart I don’t have an account on the game so I can’t put it in. I know there is a lot going on in season 6 just based on the picture but please try to add my wishes in season 6. you should just print this because it is a lot and underline my wishes. I would love you to grant my them so please do and a lot of other people do too.
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5 years ago, ASbad46
Very Addicting
This is by far one of the more addicting games on mobile out can just spend time running around and collecting items to upgrade other items and so on... It seems every time I go on to do some messing around, I found myself in another area, killing and collecting and an hour has flown by lol. Definitely keep up the great work everyone!!! Only suggestion I guess I would add is it can get frustrating trying to find those few resources that are needed but are nowhere to be found. The oak trees as well as the aluminum and titanium metals. I get that not everything can be available 100% of the time but there are a good amount of “buildable” items that require heavily on those items and almost feel like at a stand still here and there when don’t really have much more to collect or build besides those specific items. If those resources are supposed to be rare and very timely to find, maybe at least change the amount needed to craft the items that require those specific resources or at least make them available for purchase in the store!? Would be nice to create more than what I have and actually expand my map so as not to get bored with the start-off area that is at first available. Just my opinion though otherwise awesome game!!!
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7 months ago, BaeGorgeouz
The game is awesome but…….
The game is awesome but I been playing it off and on for about a few years now. Only because it’s really hard to get parts to build a repair station for your weapons, as well as finding blueprints to improve weapons, and other things. Although I do enjoy the new features recently created on this game I am stuck at level 209 on mine and it’s super hard to pass to the next level because I can’t explore other ventures/sites due to weapon issues and vehicle issues as well. I’ve done my fair share and then some of purchases for this game and only get a few awesome things in return. I truly love this game and have a yo-yo like relationship with it but I’m just stuck and can’t move passed the part where I am at. No bridges have been built or much needed vehicles for transportation outside of me having a chopper. I do have a boat and unfortunately am unable to use it. I do watch other people play to try to help advance myself but it just doesn’t seem like it’s helping plus the are on their computers and I am on my iPhone. Any advice to help me move on in this game would be much needed also need help finding a companion dog as well. I’ve bought and captured so many more of them I don’t understand how I don’t have one right now!
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4 years ago, Katmariexo
Great but needs work.
I have had this game for almost 2 months now, and I love playing. I really do. I just have some issues with it. Number one being that you can’t even play with other people until you reach level 150. After 2 months of playing in my spare time almost daily... I am still only at level 75. I have also spent money, real money, on packs and I won’t be doing that anymore. I have spent probably almost $30 total so far on this game. No more. Why? I feel as though this game is a little greedy. Not to mention, you could buy a pack of weapons, go out and search in an area and die INSTANTLY and lose all your things. Boom $5 just wasted, and you didn’t even get to use the items. I’m also still trying to figure out what the hell the point of the “revive” button is. It spawns you all the way back to your camp, and even if you go back to where you were, your items won’t be there 98% of the time. Why doesn’t it just revive you to the area you are in? This is why I refuse to spend anymore money on this game. Unless they fix this I really don’t want to waste my money. Overall, I think it’s a great game. I really do enjoy playing it. I just wish they would adjust it a bit. I understand it’s a survival game, but c’mon. You should be able to revive in the area you died so you can at least get your items back.
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2 years ago, JiJi 26
It’s okay but don’t spend A DIME on this game!
So I’ve been playing this game on and off for about a year or two. I was looking for a chill game to farm materials, build shelters, and maybe kill a few zombies. I will admit, this game is such an engaging game (and I’ve spent way more money on this game than I’d like to admit) but progression in this game is painfully slow. It takes FOREVER just to get to a level that means something significant to the player. I also hate that if you die after gathering amazing loot, everything is just lost when you die unless you die on the site of an event (and even that has a time limit). I also hate how difficult some of these events are to complete! I’m currently doing an event and I’m thinking it’s a normal “kill all zombies” type of event but this mission is such a headache with all the reading and side quests. It also has caused me to lose SOOOOOO many valuable objects because I’m thinking what’s requested of me is a simple conversation or an easy drop off but ends up being a zombie flash mob or a hide-and-seek mission with a hidden snipper (NOT OKAY). At the end of the day, it’s frustrating to play a game where it takes months to acquire certain loot and/or materials just to have it disappear in an instant. It’s a waste of money and honestly I’m starting to feel like it’s a waste of time.
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2 years ago, BigPuffDad
Fun, but not worth the grind at all
Let me start this off with, it’s fun for a survival zombie game but there’s a lot that can be improved especially since it’s been out for a long time. Here are some of the reasons why I’m rating it 3 stars; first of all the graphics are not like the ads at all, it’s literally the same graphics since it first came out, it’s pay to improve I’ve seen a lot of reviews saying this but the developers say it’s not, you can’t travel any farther than the hotel with having to spend at least 80 energy to and back, you can’t even travel to the easiest military base until after level 100 WHICH IS SO STUPID, why make it to where you can’t build a helicopter till level 100? I’m only level 28 and I still can’t even do half of what the map offers. Most of the supplies you do get are very basic which I understand it is a survival game and you’re trying to be realistic with it, but making people pay money versus grinding for days on end without the energy being full is very unfair to the players. I did agree with some of the reviews like daily rewards, making stuff more accessible around level 30-40ish, etc. Again I did play this game almost 3-4 years ago, the only difference I’ve seen is the dogs and maybe at least 5 different things
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5 years ago, Johnny E D
Great game that will steal your money
I don’t normally write reviews but I felt this necessary....this is really a good game. However, it’s really hard to get around the fact game keeps stealing your stuff. I’ve spent way too much on this game as is. Every time I get tactical gear and good weapons (that I payed actual money to get) the game finds a way to screw you over. 3 times now I’ve had it happen...I get the tactical gear and some good weapons and go to an area...I get killed and when I go back to retrieve my body, the game makes sure my body isn’t there to retrieve my gear. Don’t bother putting your time and money into this game. There are better games out there that won’t steal your money. Also, contacted support about this and to paraphrase they basically told me, “tough luck, oh well”. I’m also filing a report with the FTC. I truly believe that this game is trying to steal people’s money. Greedy developers. Also, I’ve been reading through some of the other reviews that seem to be having the same exact problems....get a bunch of great gear, get killed and go immediately back to retrieve the body and the body is gone. I just seen a response from the developers where they suggested taking extra armor and weapons and first aid kits....yeah, they want you to bring more so they can steal even more from you further compelling you to pay more money. I can’t believe how greedy these developers are...they seriously told someone to bring more stuff so they can get robbed.
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5 years ago, Ladyem31
Technical “support” caused loss of purchases
I purchased the expanded version where you get the bonus items for moving up in experience over the “free” rewards. I contacted support through a chat feature on the app because after an update my task list diary went away. They suggested updating to the newest version (I already was) and re-connecting to the Game Center. They also said the task list goes away after level 60, but I was only at level 45. I connected to the Game Center and it restored my game to an earlier game and I lost all my coins (404) and the rewards expansion I paid for. I got a message back saying someone was looking into what they could do (I knew my progress was lost), but I should still have my purchased expansion. Plus, I am now at level seven and the diary is still gone. I understand losing items if you die in the game, but not losing the expanded experience rewards. Update: the makers did send me a few free items, but I lost literally dozens of weapons and 200 plus coins. I will update to two stars because I do like the game. It has made the decision on whether or not to spend any more money an easy one. I won’t. If I hadn’t been told to connect to the Game Center via the app chat with support (which is no longer possible), this game probably would have intrigued me enough to spend a little money. In response to the game developer question, I spoke to someone via chat and then by emailing the “contact us” on the support page.
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