LastPass Authenticator

4.7 (36.9K)
40.2 MB
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Current version
LastPass US LP
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for LastPass Authenticator

4.66 out of 5
36.9K Ratings
2 years ago, OrangeWing
I have used about 3-4 other password managers. I use them both on windows as well as iOS devices. This one is HANDS DOWN the absolute best! It works flawlessly and will auto fill on both windows and iOS. I used Dashlane for a long time but more times than not, it would not catch a new updated password even though it said it did. So I was locked out of a regularly used app… not good. The neat thing about this one besides being a fair price is that it comes free with a subscription to Webroot AV. I use that both at home and work. It’s lightweight and cloud based and has great protection. The big A online store has the best prices on that. I am a 30 year IT veteran so I feel like I am well positioned to evaluate this product. Hope this helps you in your search.
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2 years ago, Mazonstorm
Lost all my MFA tokens after re-install
Upon constantly receiving the error “app needs to be restarted” or something along those lines over the course of about a week I attempted to troubleshoot. I found an update was available so I applied the update but to my misfortune it provided no resolve. I could not remember the last time I restarted my phone and thinking something may be cached I decided to give it a restart, still no resolve. As a last ditch effort I uninstalled and re-installed the app confident my keys would be there as to my knowledge I had taken every step necessary when I set up the app including linking my account to my last pass account so that cloud backups would be in place. But when I reinstalled the app and linked it back to my existing last pass account I was told there was nothing to restore. Pretty frustrated as I do not remember off the top of my head which accounts were linked to this Authenticator but I know it was more than a few since I had been slowly migrating my MFA options to this Authenticator since I pay for the subscription and u would like to keep as many accounts as possible from using SMS as my authentication method to protect from sim swapping. Here’s to hoping that I can access my accounts in the future and for anyone currently or thinking of using this app let this be a warning to not keep all your eggs in one basket or in this case keys in one app.
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11 months ago, Dr.Danny
App Gets Confused Easily
At first I had an issue when I setup the Authenticator that it used the wrong email address that I never typed in anywhere. It locked me out of my account on my phone and tried to create a fresh account under the new email address with nothing in it (no credentials). I tried a phone reset several times through SMS and it said the codes I entered were wrong but they were clearly not. So obviously I was really nervous. FORTUNATELY I never closed my browser window and I was able to deactivate two factor. I contacted LastPass tech support. They asked me to take a video of what I was doing. I was going to send them screenshots because I didn’t feel comfortable typing my master password on video. But in that process of taking screenshots it magically worked. I tested it again and it worked again. So I wrote them back and said have a nice day. A few minutes later I go to use it for real, I get a similar error about using the wrong email. Of course after I wrote that it works. Note that the Authenticator shows the wrong email still even when it worked. So I tried it again and it mysteriously worked, I changed nothing. I tried it again today and it worked again. So I guess it’s working? Nonetheless, setup a second two factor first in case this locks you out. Also, leave your browser open after setting up just in case your phone doesn’t let you sign in. Good luck! When it works, it works well.
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2 years ago, yzzyx
Needs improvement
Important: this review is for LastPass Authenticator, not LastPass itself. I’m happy to say that the problem I describe below has been fixed, so I am updating my review to 5 stars. I’m leaving this problem description in case others had the same complaint, but it has been fixed. You can use a passcode if TouchID doesn’t work due to wet hands etc. Authenticator used to be better. But now, I am forced to use either a passcode or Touch ID to verify. I would strongly prefer to be able to use either, since Touch ID is usually faster, but may not work due to sweat or cold weather. I happily use Authy for most of my second factor needs. The developer responded saying I can disable PIN & Biometric login, but that’s not what I want. I want to use TouchID normally with PIN as a backup. A previous version of LastPass Authenticator supported this, but the current version does not.
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2 years ago, Joe Bert Jr
Unreliable and Buggy
I started out using the free version with only a half dozen of my passwords recorded in the app. It seemed to work well during the few months I was testing it so I opted for the Premium paid version. I went full in using the app on my iPhone and the browser extension on my desktop computer. All seemed good for a few months then the browser extension just stopped working? I tried everything and eventually had to uninstall and reinstall the browser extension…but then I had problems with syncing between the iPhone app? So I uninstalled the iPhone app and reinstalled it and all seemed good for a week or so then the same issues started again?? I attempted trying to resolve the issues with customer service but it was quickly apparent that they would not be able to resolve my issues. So, only 2 months into my Premium subscription I have a “paperweight” password app that I can’t reliably use…and LastPass doesn’t do any refunds!! Oh yea, It was nice when it actually worked as advertised.
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2 years ago, Kasper the daiichi
Generally works well but some improvement would be great
Overall, this works well, but there are some improvements that should be made. For example, I had it set so that you needed face ID to open the app. However, that meant that I could not tap the approve button on my watch. I would hit the button and nothing would happen. It took me a very long time to figure out why that wasn’t working. I was quite frustrated that this was not better explained. In addition, it’s very convoluted when I try to log into LastPass on my phone I don’t have to go to the Authenticator and then go back to LastPass and I end up frequently (or so it seems) having to do this several time. There must be a better way to do this.
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2 years ago, I N G O
Wishing for more
There isn’t much to an Authenticator app from a user’s perspective. This one certainly seems to be on a par with the other ones by the big tech companies. If you are a LastPass user, this is the Authenticator for you. It works seamlessly with LastPass. It would be nice if it were integrated with the LastPass app instead of being separate, but that’s probably more complicated with multiple devices and all. Anyway, my biggest beef is with all Authenticator apps, namely that the one click option to accept authentication only seems to work within a given ecosystem. It would be nice if we could get rid of the silly temporary 6 digit codes.
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7 years ago, xpxp2002
Best of mobile authenticators, still a lot of room for improvement
Just added support for iPhone X, which is great. But it would be more functional and helpful to have Apple Watch support so that I could look up Authenticator codes without needing to take out my phone at all. However, my biggest gripe is with the way back up and restore is handled. While you’re back up will automatically restore when you sign into LastPass, push notifications remain broken. The process to fix this requires reregistering the Authenticator with your account and is very tedious and difficult to find on the LastPass website. It seems to me that it back up and restore is already supported in the Authenticator, that one would desire to also resume push notifications with a restore. automating that process would easily help me bring this up to four or five stars.
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2 years ago, Sammycat2005
Problem with notifications
On previous versions of LastPass Authenticator, it was still functional even when notifications are disabled. However, with this exact release of this app, it stops functioning when notifications are disabled. (When notifications are disabled, the app shows a screen that asks you to enable the notifications. That screen will always be there until you enable the notifications.) Plus, even when notifications are enabled, the app still sometimes acts like notifications are disabled even when that’s not the case. When this happens, you need to close and reopen the app repeatedly until it starts functioning correctly. Is this normal or is this a bug? I personally prefer to use LastPass Authenticator when notifications are disabled. This new version of this app totally ruined that.
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3 years ago, WaltConstantine
Don’t use this app if you have an Apple Watch
Beginning about three weeks ago, roughly mid July, 2021, a nasty bug surfaced which deletes all of your accounts stored in the authenticator and resets the app, after you respond to a push notification on your Apple watch. Sometimes, even though you have cloud backup enabled, you can restore from that backup and other times not. Furthermore, LP engineers are unable to restore the data if your data is deleted from the cloud. This does not affect your LastPass vault itself, just your ability to use two factor authentication with the LP Authenticator. Let’s hope they give this fix the priority needed, because the app is basically unusable if you have an Apple Watch paired to your phone. Also, the settings button disappeared from the app so there’s no way to turn logging on to report or troubleshoot the underlying issue if the restore from cloud backup fails.
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2 years ago, Barbario
Works great, sync to cloud and stop having to reset every time you buy a new phone.
There are definitely a few things that could be better like shared codes so I can give access to my wife for shared accounts. Or group accounts so I can separate my work and home accounts. But honestly anyone who’s ever had to re-add all their two factor accounts because they bough a new phone lost their old one etc, this will save you time and a ton of frustration. The biggest bug I’ve seen is related to using it on multiple devices and the sync between those devices can be a little bit of a headache. But seeing as most multi-factor tools don’t support multiple devices this is what it is.
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2 years ago, jdickey
An important tool with an advantage
Two factor authentication is critical these days. I use it on as many apps and sites as possible, and of course I use it with LastPass as nothing is more important to keep safe than my passwords. LastPass authenticator works flawlessly with Google, Facebook, Twitter, and all of my corporate applications and websites that offer two factor authentication as an option. As an added bonus though, the interaction between authenticator and LastPass is especially smooth. Highly recommended.
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6 years ago, darkr3lic
Fix the Workflow
I use LastPass heavily personally and within enterprise and would love to get push to accept on Apple Watch. Other multi factor services have this and I think its time for LastPass as well. Currently I get the notification on my watch but I can only deny the request. An app or the ability to accept it from the Watch is so natural. -6/1 I am still waiting for this to get fixed. The workflow for accepting 2 factor requests needs to be streamlined. If you are going to put an accept button in the notification let it authenticate with faceID and be done. I have to then authenticate into the app and then press a green Check button which is just cumbersome. I use Okta Verify at work and they have nailed it. Please take the constructive feedback and make the user experience the best it can be!
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2 years ago, SugarAndIce
Locked Out, No Customer Support
After upgrading phones, I was locked out of authenticator and LastPass. I know my master password but Authenticator sends me to LastPass and LastPass sends me back to Authenticator. I have alternate authentication via SMS and phone setup, but am not receiving any notifications. I’ve tried the options on their support site to no avail. I have tried account recovery which also hasn’t been successful (I actually receive those texts, but then get a browser error which is common based on community posts.) I’ve never encountered a recovery process that is so stupidly convoluted and broken. There is no real customer support available by phone or email. I do not recommend LastPass or other LogMeIn products to anyone after this Truly terrible experience. There are better alternatives!
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1 year ago, Timothy Woo
stuck in a loop
only recently on ios 16, whenever i open the app, it says “error please restart the app” and i force close it and reopen, same thing. rebooted device multiple times, same thing. something else i’ve been experiencing a lot since i started using the authenticator for 2FA: if i didn’t have the mobile text option, i would have been locked out. i also can’t ever go from a push notification to allowing access to my 2FA using this app. i always have to open, close, reopen, in order to hit “accept” using the passwordless option. super frustrating, but really love this cause i use multiple accounts for various reasons.
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2 years ago, Fred.8338
Hard to Manage
I recommend that if you are using this for multi-factor authentication to LastPass that you maintain the grid as an alternate. A few years ago this broke on me and I attempted a reinstall. I could not reenable it, and when I went to the online help, it was all geared to company systems. Perhaps I was not using the right search term. In any case I was able to gain access to my account using the grid and enable MS Authenticator for LastPass. Some time later I put in the necessary time and managed to reenable it, though I’m not sure what I did right. I had similar problems reenabling when I upgraded my I-phone. I think there should be a good step by step where I can find it.
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2 years ago, Sonrisante
Works but needs additional context
Lastpass itself is great. And the numeric rotation feature of this validator is good. And the idea that if I’m trying to access lastpass I can click OK on the Authenticator to let me in on another device is very convenient. There’s one feature related to the authentication notification that needs improvement, however, and it’s serious enough that I’m docking 2 stars for it. When the Authenticator is asking me permission to allow entry, it gives zero context of who is asking access to what, using which devices or apps. It just poos up and gives me the option to allow or decline. To be sure I’m not being promoted to allow entry for a bad actor who hacked into one of my other devices, it should provide datapoints such as device name, lastpass app being used, and location, perhaps other items as well. It’s also not requiring authentication as much as I would expect. But that may be a setting I just haven’t found yet.
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2 years ago, JesusBenNazareth
I can only deny but not approve on iWatch !!?!?
Generally a very good app-BETTER than the competition. BUT: I can only deny but not approve authorizations on iWatch !!?!? Given that, what’s the point of having an Apple Watch app?? Old review:”So close and yet so far.” It only seems to work properly if I remember to quit after each use. Otherwise I have to revert to manually entering passcode. Update: Fixed (was: If they still haven’t fixed this bug, who knows what other bugs lie undiscovered? More serious ones?)
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2 years ago, JetPilot-John
VERY useful for 2FA & convenient!
I’m very pleased with this app. It does exactly what I need for multiple 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) enabled accounts and provides a handy way of back-up to the LastPass app, in the event my current device is destroyed, lost or otherwise unavailable. I use this Authenticator across 10 devices in conjunction with LastPass password manager and would strongly recommend it to anyone who’s serious about online security.
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7 years ago, KelelaSB
Watch Interface Ridiculous
Authenticator notifications come to the Watch, but the only options are to Deny or Dismiss—you can't Verify. Even though it the Watch screen says Verify Login Request, that button does nothing; you must pull out your phone to finish the process. If it offered only Dismiss then it would function strictly as a notification method, which would be somewhat understandable even though disappointing. But since it actually allows you to Deny a request it appears they intend the Watch to offer some operational value. Yet if that's the case, WHY NOT enable it to also Verify a request, which is the typical and most useful case? This shortfall is highly annoying.
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6 months ago, lameduckunkempt
LogMeIn Support is Atrocious
Be sure to make a note of your Authenticator security pin somewhere tremendously insecure, like a notepad, because if the app runs seamlessly for years and you get a new device, completely unaware that you had set up a six digit pin, it will wipe everything in your Authenticator list. As far as I am aware, this is the ONLY company that will do this. Then you will go through a process of their support telling you that this is by design, and after an escalation or two, giving you a DOD level security questionnaire to fully verify your identity, then just ghosting you entirely. Which after almost a month, you can assume is an indefinite ghosting. My suggestion, find another MFA and password safe company.
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2 years ago, Blackthorn35
Won’t Open in iOS 16, now can’t use a backup authenticator
UPDATE: The developer asked me to update the app; that made the issue worse. Ultimately, I had to uninstall the app and reinstall, which broke multi-factor and password less login to the desktop app. I couldn’t get that turned back on until I figured out that I had to turn off my back up authenticator. Now I can’t use a backup authenticator as LastPass suggests; every time I install an addition authenticator they both break. Title says it all. The app needs to be update to work with the latest OS; it’s useless to me as it is now.
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2 years ago, 1badboy55
I was exposed to LP at work and used the free version personally for several years. When free moved to pay, I didn’t mind considering importance of the data. Authenticator worked well for me for a couple years. I recently upgraded to a new iPhone and struggled to get Auth connected to LP on the new hardware. The docs I saw online were vague. Auth is now back to working order and providing DA. I don’t use Apple Watch ;) I think its a good authenticator. I also thank you for soliciting a wide range reviews, they will ultimately work in both our favors.
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2 years ago, MyNockname
Gets the job done but clunky.
It works but often has extra steps to take when it doesn’t detect the right password to use. The PC version has spurious “failed successfully” errors. Configuration UI is made for developers and often doesn’t behave like you’d expect (I ask to stay logged in for 30 days but some machines it won’t stick. Some will remember the master password, others not, etc.) It works but if I find an equivalent password manager that is more polished, I will switch.
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1 month ago, JWM CPO
Useless and frustrating!
Both LastPass and its Authenticator worked well for many years. But, Authenticator stops opening after every recent iOS update. Apple says “delete app and redownload” but after latest update, you're trapped in an endlessly frustrating loop. LP won’t allow access until you use THEIR Authenticator, but it can only be turned on AFTER you're in LP - which is impossible! Alternate buttons to work around this do nothing. The AI driven online LP “solutions” don’t work and you have to pay for an upgraded subscription for live support. LP no longer updates their app so I should buy a subscription so “live support” should read from a script? No thanks!
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2 years ago, ArthurChicago
Should Have Known Better
I should have known this product would eventually fail me horribly. Like all of LogMeIn’s apps, this one also fails from a ridiculously labyrinthine maze of attempted and ultimately failed interconnectivity among LMI’s various apps. This worked well as a 2FA option for LastPass until I migrated to a new iPhone. Now I am stuck in an endless loop of needing to reconnect LastPass to Authenticator while Authenticator tells me there is no such account to restore, despite logging in and out of LA multiple times. Now I have no access to the financial accounts that require Authenticator for five days while a manual identity verification takes place. Beware and be wary, and also weary.
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2 years ago, DavidJDub
Apple Watch app does not allow approving the 2FA
Every so often last pass logs me out in my desktop web browser. Two factor authentication is required to get me back in. When I do sign in, I get a notification on my Apple Watch app. The notification allows me to reject the request, but it doesn’t allow me to approve it. I have to open up my phone tap on the notification use face ID and then hit accept. I don’t understand why I can reject the request but not approve it from my Apple Watch notification. OnePass allows me to do it.
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2 years ago, Dad3smarterkids
Life saver
I have been using the last pass app for several years now and I don’t know what I would do without it. Many of my friends and family are always cursing the many passwords that we all have to juggle in daily life, but not me. I remember my 1 password and that is it. Two factor authentication and facial recognition on my phone keep it all safe. Thanks LastPass you keep my life simple.
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6 years ago, UserNamesWereAllTaken
Best Authenticator App!!!
Love this app! its backup feature has saved my but a number of times. I have lots of devices and when things break I need to restore my authenticator codes on new devices. Google Auth doesn’t offer a way to backup your codes which would leave me stranded. The app is updated and shiny on all iOS devices. Yes even to look good on iPhone X. It’s also integrated with last pass for extra security and convince. This app deserves 5 stars.
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3 years ago, _S2H_
Restore fails!!! Beware!!!
I’ve been depending on LastPass for years. When I had to replace my phone on short notice, I expected to restore the Authenticator app. But currently there is a known issue with “some” accounts and according to their support person who called me, there is no option other than to start over. So now I have 20 accounts I have to figure out how to regain access and restore MFA withOUT my codes. As a premium user this is extremely unnerving that the best answer to a paying user is to just start over, even though there is this known issue. Wish I could get a refund, but will be switching to another solution for sure.
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1 year ago, YorkMintsRule
Confusing at first
Taking the time to setup additional layers of security is always mentally discomforting. It takes more time and focus than anyone prefers despite knowing the importance of the necessary task. I joined LastPass because password complexity is a necessity to protect one’s identity. LastPass has done a good job of encouraging users to use the Multifactor Authentication tool, which I have done. Adjusting to the added steps of protection was overwhelming at first because I feared of something going wrong and getting locked out of my vault. I believe it simply takes time to build this new routine. Fingers crossed!
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3 years ago, J68stingray
Would be 5 stars but...
The only two issues I have with this app are that 1. there is no functionality to restore from backup without deleting and reinstalling the app and 2. Only the most recently restored backup phone is the one that allows notifications. While I understand only one device can receive notifications, you should be able to at least choose which one receives the notifications
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5 years ago, ck1109
Backup/Restore is a PAIN
Downgrading the rating to 2 stars due to the backup/restore functionality: To restore anything from backup, you have to delete the app and reinstall it. This is very counterintuitive. Backup occasionally fails and asks to re-login with no push notification on my phone, so I have no idea unless I go into the app itself and check the status. But the worst issue - LastPass changes the primary auth approval device when you restore from backup. Not sure if this is a bug, but this is unacceptable to me. For example, I enrolled lastpass multifactor auth using the website and set the primary device to my iPhone. Then I installed the Auth app on my iPad and restored from backup. At this point LastPass decided to change the primary approval device from my iPhone to my iPad. The only way to fix this is to turn off multifactor auth in your lastpass account, re-enable it and then restore the device you want as the primary at the end.
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2 years ago, JRJohnson12
LastPass Forever
I’ve been a LastPass user for the past 10 years and love it. The Authenticator needs some additional development to make it worth using, however. The app on the iPhone and AppleWatch needs to be seamlessly integrated into the user experience so providing authorization via FaceID or a tap on my AppleWatch will execute my login. With this improvement my review would increase to to a 4.5 or 5.
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1 year ago, MarcDCMB
Needs to support multiple mobile phones simultaneously
The app seems pretty decent on the face of it, and worked OK during my testing. But it fell apart when I tried to have it active on more than one mobile phone at the same time. It kind of reminds me of SMS messaging when that used to be trapped on a single mobile device, but now most instant messaging services allow you to carry on your conversations across multiple devices with full chat history on all of them. LastPass authenticator app is apparently at the very beginning of its journey. Also, while I didn’t dig into it too deeply, it seemed that I needed to hamstring it in order to use it with an Apple Watch. So I will stick with Authy, which has had these capabilities for years, and hope that someday passwordless access might become a convenient reality.
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2 years ago, real custoner
Best Authenticator out there
I have used several Authenticator apps and they all pretty much do the same thing. I use MFA with everything I possibly. I used to use another app and had the horror of losing all my 2FA access after a IOS update. That is when I switched to Last Pass Authenticator with the ability to back up my data. This app works perfectly!! Thank You
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3 years ago, AgentPaul
Don’t know what is up with all of the low reviews.
Authenticator works just fine on both my iPhone and iPad. Don’t have a smartwatch so I really don’t care about issues with that. Saves my Yubikey from wasting “usages” on accounts I just want an Authenticator on rather than a hardware token. Thus far I have been more than pleased with LastPass as a service in general. Keep up the good work guys!
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3 years ago, MrIndecisive
Hoping for better
Honestly, it’s a little poopy, but most authenticators are. I have trouble with my watch and I constantly have to fault back to sms. It should be something worth investing in since they’re charging now to have your account across devices. Im a long time user, but I’d like to have confidence in their ecosystem as a whole. Most companies have some sort of password management, but I stay with LastPass for reliability since it’s service I depend on so seriously. Would love to see an overhaul, fingers crossed!
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2 years ago, Moire Rose
Stopped working - Now working
With the newest update, this Authenticator app won’t approve anything. It keeps says “error authentication failed” Update: I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and connected it to last pass and now it works. Customer service emailed asking how they could help. I explained the situation and no one ever responded so I’m glad I figured it out for myself!
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7 years ago, Ryan Broom
Great for LastPass Users
One-tap verification for 2FA authentication with LastPass is very convenient. It also works anywhere that Google Authenticator would and has all of the same features (QR scanning, tap to copy/paste codes, backup, etc) but it also supports iPhone X & FaceID. It also looks cleaner. I really wish I could use one-tap with a push notification for all of my other sign-ins, but I don’t know if that integration is even possible. Overall, great app and I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, Db2dbajj
The Overall Process is Flawed.
Not enough time to enter the LastPass Master password and then go over to my phone, bring up authenticator, get the number, and go back to the laptop and enter the number. Sometimes there is a minute timer on Authenticator that quickly expires and then it’s required to sign back in to Authenticator and try again. Also I turn on the switch to trust my phone for 30 days but it doesn’t. The next time I try to sign in, I have to struggle with the Authenticator all over again.
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2 years ago, M #1
Likes to randomly delete your data
Honestly this works amazing when it works, but every 3 or 4 months it deletes all my data. I use Authy for most of my 2FA codes so this app is really just to let me log into LastPass with a push notification, so it’s not that big of a deal when it fails as I have backup 2FA methods for LastPass. It takes me five minutes to fix and saves me a lot of time in my daily life, so I still use this app. That being said, it’s quite ridiculous LastPass can’t get their app to, ya know, not delete your data randomly.
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2 years ago, SituationCyn
Love it!
So convenient and secure! I love that I don’t have to remember so many passwords and especially in todays world where there are so many requirements for passwords! The two-factor authentication gives me a sense of security that my passwords are safe! The convenience of having the add on in my browser is definitely a huge plus as well! 10/10 would recommend!
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2 years ago, Jennyzz8899
More useful than I thought
I use Todoist a lot more than I ever thought I would. It’s that useful. The only extra I wish they’d add is the ability to see time sensitive tasks on a proper calendar. I don’t want them to replicate Outlook or similar software, but a little extra assistance with temporal planning would help make this productivity assistant really soar.
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12 months ago, DavidH3731
Why does this exist when our Infosec team needs to reset our password anyway
Honestly I like the idea of lastpass but the reset process is agonizing. It’s impossible to remember a 20 character long password when you only use it once per 90 day expiration and it’s bad practice to record. Our Infosec team needs to reset my password because there is no option to reset my password with MFA or send me a password reset email. We get all the other emails from lastpass but the entire company needs to go through Infosec to get their password reset. It makes no sense to me.
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3 years ago, IDTA22
Very counterintuitive, cumbersome, and ineffective.
The app feels so clunky when using with LastPass full site or mobile app. Trying to use the same app on a newer iPhone model is such a negative experience. It remembers the old phone and the barcode scan feature doesn’t work; it returns an error message, so the ability to delete an old phone and register a new phone with app isn’t seamless like you should expect. They need to look at what’s great about LastPass full site & app and apply that to the Authenticator app because you would swear you’re working with two completely different companies when you use it.
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2 years ago, EMR in CV
Issue with Authenticator app
My experience with the LastPass Authenticator app has not been so good. I am a paying customer for LastPass. The Authenticator app worked great for a while and I really enjoyed it's expanded use (from my iPhone) through my apple watch. Then for unknown reasons the Authenticator app stopped working. I think that I am fairly technically competent and have tried many solutions but cannot get it to work. Customer support, if there is any, has been impossible to reach.
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1 year ago, insurance guy #1
Supervisor at Quincymutual ins
I had a problem with the first stage of my sigh in. The gentleman from your company was AMAZING He simplified the process and explained it to me.I can’t tell you how happy I am. THANK YOU. Some times it’s the little things. Everyone is in a big hurry to meet a production number. I felt like I was his only concern. We should have more people like him.
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1 year ago, Daddy 🐧
Saves my life
I have so many different websites to log into. There is no way I would remember passwords, much less secure ones. LastPass makes it easier to login and authenticate than remembering and typing a password I hopefully have memorized. Plus it’s super important to be secure online. I tell everyone to get LastPass and you should too.
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2 years ago, flabbygums1
Really great but needs features
I love the app and used it for the past 8 years or so. I can’t live without it now. I’d like to see more dev work on it being easier to separate my work from personal accounts. It’s easy to link them but I want to visually have solid separation. And i should be able to go into a personal only mode to not see my work’s 600 items. Thanks.
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