LastPass Password Manager

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LastPass US LP
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2 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for LastPass Password Manager

4.41 out of 5
53.5K Ratings
4 years ago, LMc FL
Great password manager with undesirable add one
I’ve had LastPass for many years and recommend it to everyone. It is not only a great way to keep track of passwords, but also all those other pesky info details that need to be kept secure but that I would otherwise always be hunting for (e.g., WiFi passwords, account numbers, pictures of passports and drivers licenses, etc. etc.) one minor gripe is that, although it has gotten better in recent years, in most cases it doesn’t fill in the password seamlessly. Instead, I have to log in to LastPass, look up the password I want, and copy/paste it in. Annoying but I can manage it. My main complaint with LastPass is that there is apparently no way to turn off the identity threat alerts. These notices provide zero actual information about what they are supposedly alerting me to, and are clearly intended to prompt me to subscribe to their identity theft protection program in order to learn what just happened (if indeed anything) to prompt the alert. Even if I didn’t already have another credit monitoring service, this would make me angry enough not to reward LastPass for this transparent — but apparently legal — practice.
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7 months ago, maderthenshit
A big 3
When is Last Pass gonna straighten out their freaking problem recognizing my phone. It’s not my fault that I have an Apple phone which has security features that puts my phone in different places. But you would think that after verifying with two-step by email that would be enough. But o-no. You have to tell me over and over that you don't recognize my phone.. And today I went around and around in circles with Last Pass. It’s sent me an email to verify me. I clicked on verify and it said thank you. Then at the top it said login. So I clicked on it and logged into my account. Well guess what? It freaking said it didn’t recognize my login. Around and around and around. I bet I spent an hour . And you want me to pay for premium ? Number one , I can’t ever talk to somebody. You make it too hard so that means you’re understaffed. You’re out there to make a big buck. I pay you a premium price and I can’t get help because you never have my problem in the help section. And another thing. You’re so understaffed that you have to get the community to do your work for you. are use LastPass for one thing and one thing only. It’s just a way for me to store my passwords without having to write them down and hide them in my house. I am starting to wonder if there is a better password storage out there better than LastPass as far as getting help. I don’t even think that you have Support tickets anymore because I haven’t been able to find one.
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7 years ago, Fhferiufswduhsgsh
Life is easier now!
Between my work and my personal websites I have over 250 sites, Log in’s, and passwords to try and remember. Which is virtually impossible for me! So I had been using an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of them all and I just had the spreadsheet password-protected. But we all know Excel passwords are so easy to break but that was the best way for me to keep track of my websites and all the supporting information to access them. When I started looking for a password keeper I contacted my company‘s IT department and asked them what they recommend. They said hands down it would be the LastPass App. And they are absolutely right! I am able to keep everything I need in the app since it also has a notes section where I can keep other supporting information like account numbers, pin numbers, etc. I also like that I can log into LastPass from any one of my devices, launch any of my websites directly from the app, and have it automatically log me in. I am completely satisfied with the ease of use and versatility of this app! I highly recommend it! It is also one of the most secure password keepers on the market as long as you have a good strong password for it. ***Just beware,*** do not ever forget your password to access LastPass. You will not be able to retrieve it nor will LassPass be able to reset it for you.
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4 months ago, Piker21
Needs a lot of work
Being generous with 3 stars here. Why? Well, the main purpose here is remembering and autofilling login information. Although it does, but only through the browsers add on extension, which we have to be logged in to use. If you use many browsers: it will log you off when you log into another. Example: switching between chrome and Ms edge. The settings here aren’t effective. I have mine set to remain logged in on all devices. Nop. Doesn’t do that. If I move 3 feet away to my second desk top I need to start logging on again. iPhone app is more like a “bookmarks” directory, as so far it failed to remember and fill in anything. Unless I click on a website direct from the app. Painful. Another thing. That annoying forsaking icon on everything. I do a ton of data entry and this thing is blocking my view of the lines in all forms. I don’t want the form auto fill and clicked that off and makes no difference. If you are online filling a form: you got last pass icon blocking your lines. I paid for this already but I am deleting and losing my money. It’s way too painful. FYI. I also installed the desk top resident app. Have no idea what they have that whatsoever. It does: absolutely not a single thing. As I said. The product has a nice GUI. Easy to use. Only if it works and does what it supposed to do. Sadly. Not.
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3 years ago, Ronbo7511
Worst Customer Service Possible
The app itself is good, but don’t have a technical problem that doesn’t fit into one of their predetermine issues. You will NEVER get resolution. Talking to a human is not an option. There is a number that gives you three options, two of which direct you to the online website, and then immediately hangs up on you. The other does direct you to a human, who doesn’t work for LastPass, and can’t help with anything. I started using last pass about 3 years ago, and loved it. I moved two years ago, and had to change my email address since the provider didn’t service my new neighborhood. I looked around for a way to change my login email on the app, but couldn’t figure it out. Skip forward to last week, and something happened to the password I had been using for years to access LastPass. I couldn’t reset it since it wanted to send the resetting email to my nonexistent email. I submitted a report to LastPass and got a confirmation email back (good so far). A day later I got an email from one of their Tier 1 employees asking me to answer a bunch of questions confirming my identification I assume (good so far). That was the last communication I’ve received from LastPass. My life is tied to all of the data stored in this app, and I can’t get a simple user name converted to a new email address. If you’re backed up, tell me. Tell me something! Worst customer service!
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2 years ago, JesusBenNazareth
Above average it once was. DO UPDATE OFTEN
It has reliably stored my login AND other key information for years. The auto-fill feature set has been and remains quite buggy on many sites, but is reliable on others. The forum-based support is of little help. I have realized that ensuring I have only one auto-fill or auto-login credential per site helps with about half the sites on which it wasn’t working. *** The app should detect and offer to help fix this!!! *** ⬆️↖️⤴️⬆️↖️⤴️⬆️↖️⤴️⬆️↖️⤴️⬆️↖️⤴️⬆️⬆️ SECURITY : They have way overpromised AND had a rather high rate of major security breaches/holes announced in the news. Very significant. But my passwords have yet to be abused. AFAIK. -1 Star: Bait 'n switch. Site says/said: "Take it everywhere. Now free. Save a password once and it's it's the instantly available on all your devices. Lastpass goes everywhere you do." But this app requires a paid Premum account!?!!! That's the classic, illegal Bait 'n Switch tactic. Given the lack of a security audit, I'm not keen to pay again. New, May 2022:Also it seems to have a bug (like a logic time bomb) where it stops functioning properly for example you make changes like change a site note and hit save and then it loses the change but shows no error) on the plus side it’s fixable if I update the app but that’s beyond annoying and non-obvious. So, DO UPDATE OFTEN
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3 months ago, Absolutesformychildren
Loved it until lately
This has been a great app until recently. Now I can’t log in! My passwords are hostage!! Face ID has been unavailable for days and I even tried to reset my password. Password reset said it was successful, but new password doesn’t work either! UPDATE: it’s been weeks since I’ve asked for help. The online help is pitiful in this instance. Because Face ID hasn’t been working (only on this app) and I can’t recall the Master Password (because I’ve used Face ID for so long I didn’t need to remember it) I can’t access their customer service!!! You can submit a ticket, but apparently no human ever reads the answers to the questions they ask you to complete. I used those spaces to plead with them of my issue and all I get is an automated response from a “No Reply” email address telling me that they’re waiting for my response. However, for me to respond, I need to log in to my account!! There also doesn’t seem to be an easy feature of “forgot your password?” That sends a link to your email to try and reset, like any other website or app does. I hate sending negative feedback but I have no other recourse to try and get someone to actually help. My Passwords are being held hostage by this company which makes me question their intent with all my data and everything they have “locked” in the vault that I had access to for years!!
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2 years ago, Beeschoch
Wasted my time
App description gives impression that I could use a free version if I limited it to one device. Wasted my time going through the process of creating an account. Afterwards I discovered that I had actually signed up for a 30 day “trial period”. Fortunately, I discovered this before I had input any passwords. I immediately deleted my account and the app. Update: Developer replied to my initial review and explained that the 30 day “trial period” is actually for their premium service which is a paid subscription and that, if I do not choose to pay for a subscription, I will be automatically changed to the FREE service after 30 days. I am therefore upgrading my review from one star to three stars. However, I still don’t recommend the app and won’t be downloading it again. I think their business model is a little bit of bait & switch. They offer the app as “free”, you download a “paid”version of the app, load all you passwords into it, then 30 days later you have to hope that the free version is adequate. A more trustworthy approach would be to FIRST provide the free version of the app and then encourage you to pay for a subscription by describing the added benefits and features available from the premium version.
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3 years ago, Grateful4u2
I am secure with LastPass
Been a member since early on;I was a premium member for years, but never noticed any perks for it. Went to free version after outrageous rate increase and haven’t looked back since. What a shame! $12 felt like a donation but now with your unbelievable member fee, I no longer feel any stigma about being FREE! I still love you guys regardless; I just don’t understand why you did that. I am a senior citizen with multiple disabilities and have no source of income outside of SSI. I am extremely thankful for your indescribably helpful program and I wish I could afford your premium fee. If you change your free version, I will have to resort to some other freeware program and hope for the best. I wish all of you the best as well! UPDATE! I am quite upset with the limited free version. It does NOT automatically save my new sites or changed passwords. I have lost new passwords thinking they had been saved. Sometimes I have been shut out of new password sites because of “suspicious activity.” As when i have to save numerous changes due to LastPass ignoring them. I might have been tempted to go premium, but what kind of hope can I have that the premium is any better? Thanks but no thanks. I’ve gone back to my old method of writing them down in a book. It’s free and accurate!
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4 months ago, Gwarloc
Beware, they locked me out.
I used LastPass for 7+ years. It did the job and I was ok with it even though there are glitchy things going on with the interfaces. I used the app everyday, often multiple times a day. Last week, I went to sign in and had to reenter my master password. Nothing unusual, until it said I had the wrong MPW. After several attempts, on multiple devices, I started down the account recovery path. Face ID recover did t work, same with the one-time PW that I had set up. After two days, the app let me reset my MPW and showed that I was successful. I went to the email to verify my device and was successful. When I went to log in, it again errored out saying I have the wrong MPW. It is very difficult to reach support. After listing several URLs and other facts to prove it was my account, support said they can’t help because I have a free account. They also said to pay for premium, then they could help. To upgrade to premium, you must sign in. See the issue… In the end, they extended a courtesy by offering a piece of help, they said “enter the correct password”. Sadly, I would have upgraded if I had access to my account. I am rebuilding my data base on another platform, and will recommend people to stay away from LastPass. I believe LastPass is acting in bad faith, attempting to force users to upgrade to premium.
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3 years ago, bycrafton
Can't live without a password manager
Edit: Never mind, the free tier doesn't support using both desktop and mobile now - you only get one or the other, and if you want both, you need to pay $36 a year?! Use Bitwarden instead. It's essentially the same thing as lastpass, and still has a useable free tier. Beyond that though, their paid tier is only $10/year, and that's what really kills LastPass for me going forward. Lastpass could have given a reasonable price for grandfathered users, but they're clearly not willing to engage with the competition. Seems like they only care about their enterprise customers going forward, not the personal folks. I understand needing to be profitable, but this isn't the way. Original review: Makes it a breeze to fill in login credentials and generate random passwords for each website/app - it's impossible to manage the hundreds of accounts you need these days without something like this. There's also a spot for you to store info in a secure, encrypted space, making it ideal for credit card info, bank account numbers, etc so that you can always look them up easily while still trusting that they're safe. Only complaint is that i wish that the desktop chrome extension and the apps would sync up more quickly, but there's a way in the app to manually sync with the cloud, so it's not a huge issue in practice.
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3 years ago, Fan o' tHEHOSE
You probably need this…
I started playing with computers in about 1986. Early on, I saw so many cool possibilities. I loved it. Eventually, I made a career of it. But then, the security risks started. Everything started requiring passwords. Like so many people, I used the same password for everything. Then all the rules started. That was okay; I had about 5 passwords and just cycled through those. As risks became more sophisticated, that wasn’t enough. It got to be too much. I started feeling like half my days were spent resetting forgotten passwords. I resisted apps like these, thinking I didn’t want another app. I finally gave in and got LastPass. It has literally given me part of my life back. There are some quirks, and there’s a slight learning curve, and you need to be somewhat diligent about using it. But it pays off handsomely. I definitely recommend it, though. It saves so much time. At the end of the trial, I strongly recommend the premium subscription. It’s worth every penny.
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3 years ago, TamaraMom
Headache Preventer!
I am really happy using LastPass. I was reluctant at first because using a new system always takes time, but it’s really easy to add passwords ti LastPass b/c any time I log into a site it asks if I want to save the password. It’s been particularly helpful in being a caregiver for my mom, who has some dementia, b/c she was changing her passwords and then forgetting what she changed them to. Now her passwords are all in LastPass and are shared with me, so if she changes her password and forgets it, I can easily access her new password through LastPass. Previously, I went through some major headaches trying to reset passwords for her when she’d also reset and forgotten her email password. This has been so much easier to deal with now that LastPass keeps track of it all. Next I’m going to get my husband to get on LastPass so that we can share our passwords with one another. That was if one of us is ever incapacitated or worse, the other will be able to handle affairs without the headache of having to go through official channels to gain access.
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3 years ago, imnbfe
Astonishing in your incompetence.
It’s beyond description how bad you have screwed up this previously flawless product. I’m a long term LastPass user of more than 10 years. LastPass had an anemic customer base when I stumbled across it long ago But it was a game changer and it worked every single time. I was not only a premium user; I had it for my business and I was always proud to recommend it to anyone that would listen. My company developed world class web sites (top 500 since 1995) so I’m not only qualified to critique software; I also have a consistent flow of inquiries regarding software and tech of all varieties ; but the enterprise internet platforms were my stomping grounds. LastPass was one of those rare gems that I could boast about when someone asked about password management. I would frequently take the liberty of installing it On the computers of my friends; family and associates on occasions where I found myself sitting at their PC; usually trying to fix whatever issues they may be having; while also tweaking it with softwares and settings that I found to be instrumental In whatever capacity they used their computer for. LastPass was a program that would get expressive “thank yous’ hand shakes ; thank you’doccasionally a
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4 years ago, Amrish
If there is one app you must have, this is it
Having a password manager is a no-brainer. It's incredibly stupid to reuse passwords across sites. One look at the number of hacked websites that we get each month and you would know why not to reuse passwords. So with hundreds of websites and apps, it just makes no sense to remember so many passwords. Last pass does a fantastic job of remembering passwords for you. Not only does it remember your passwords it also helps you to generate new ones. It gives you a great deal of flexibility in choosing the type of password that you would like to use. It’s a lot more intuitive to use then most other password managers. Apple provides a password manager in the form of iCloud passwords. however, apples password manager is still basic. Last pass gives you everything that you need. What makes it even more awesome is iOS 12. The need of support for password managers and I was 12 makes it extremely easy to use a password manager with any website or application. Last pass really shines with ios12.
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5 years ago, Ninjafrost09
Easy, Secure, most Organized Password Manager
My husband and I use LastPass for nearly everything. When you’re online, it’s easy to lose track of all the accounts you have to make- from bill pay, to job applications, education portals, or anything work related. If your job requires a lot of passwords to go from portal to portal or using different programs that require secure logins, LastPass will be your saving grace. My husband used LastPass primarily for his IT job, but uses it now for all accounts he makes online. Job hunting and filling out grad school applications, is much easier when you don’t have to worry about which password you used to send in your resume/CV. And when we need to share passwords for finances, we can do it securely thru LastPass. Just my thumbprint and I can see, use, share, or change my passwords, update security questions, write secure notes, or even upload pictures or recordings of things I can’t manually input. LastPass will make logging in a breeze all the time, and you will only have to remember one password.
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7 years ago, Your fellow trainer
An essential security app
I honestly don’t know why I didn’t start using this software sooner. Everything the app promises to do not only meets expectation, but surpasses it. Every possible security feature is available and extremely easy after you get used to it which takes minutes at most (the only thing that’ll take a while is changing all your existing passwords). After that though, it’ll be the best thing to happen to your password system. The only minor thing I would REALLY like them to include is a keyboard extension so I have to ability to fill a password from wherever I am, regardless of being either in an app or a browser. This might actually be unobtainable because I think I remember reading somewhere that Apple doesn’t allow anything but the default keyboard when entering a password. That’s why I’m giving a full five stars regardless. If I need to sign in, I just launch the app and access it from the vault which only takes a few extra seconds at worst. Definitely install this if you haven’t already.
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1 year ago, jmolinelli
Terrible want to terminate
I have been using LastPass for a long time, but will regrettably be trying to terminate it if I can find a way to tell them not to recharge my bank card upon renewal. How does a blue it would not except my password, even though I absolutely 100% knew it was correct, when I asked for the hint, I never received an email when I tried the recovery process it would not let me do so I am a premium member and pay for the service. I had the Authenticator and it did recognize it but the one time password is completely confusing and there is no access to support and no one to speak to. So I sucked it up and completely everything losing a long list of passwords but I and I would just simply re-insert all of them. I was stunned to find it right after creating a new password, logging onto my mobile device and then went to the desktop and used the exact same password that I just used to start the account. It tells me it is the wrong password again exclamation exclamation exclamation. I am done with this program. I just need to find out how to cancel it so it does not keep renewing. I need to use a company that you can actually reach a live person when you have a problem like this.
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3 years ago, splashofcolor
No longer free if you use more than one platform
I used this app for a number of years. Despite some security incidents that posed cause for concern, I stuck with it, even after the developers restricted free accounts to using only two devices. I removed my phone and iPad Mini, but kept it on my iPad Pro and desktop computer. Those are the two devices where I most need to access my passwords, so as long as I had those, I was ok. Unfortunately, the developers recently decided that this model wasn’t profitable enough, so another change was made, this time restricting those with free accounts can now only use this device on one platform. They thought that making a change like this in the middle of a pandemic, when many of us are down in income, would be a great idea. It now costs $36/year just to share passwords between a mobile device and computer. Yeah, no thanks. I’m out. I found another popular free password manager that works on ALL of my devices without a subscription. And, if I should realize at some point that I need (actual) advanced features, the premium subscription is less than 1/3 the price. I switched, removed ALL of my data from the LastPass servers and deleted my account. Sorry, LastPass, but you lost me this time, for good.
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1 year ago, My Corp Mgr life changed!!!
Change the name to FirstPass!
This app is amazing. I mean “first” off if you are looking for something that is: at a glance, in front of you, all at once, wide screen, log into the websites automatically for you… whew, I could go on and on - It has to be LastPass!! This app is the first app I go to when I open my mini iPad 6 as it is also the first app in my favorites. Every thing I have that’s linked to a password is in this app and all I have to do is click on it…hit launch and I’m inside the website. If you have not tried this app…trust and believe me (this isn”t weird) I am telling the truth it will save your life. Lastly, there is a subscription…But an affordable subscription. A subscription that allows you to download across all devices! Trust me…download this app… check out the subscription and you will pay immediately…shhhh…(unlimited passwords entries). It also categorizes for you, and you can share with your husband or wife! Do what you like and you would thank me later!
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5 years ago, MuggleLexi
Used to be great....GARBAGE now
I had to get a new phone. When I installed my backup, I had to log into all of my apps. I use LastPass to store my passwords. When I tried to log into LastPass with my master password it kept telling me to verify my identity using the LastPass Authenticator. I had never enabled this feature or downloaded the Authenticator app. I logged into LastPass on my computer to verify, and yup, NOT enabled. I submitted a ticket to Support. A day later they responded with a link to an article on how to reset my Master Password. They never even bothered to read my submission. I don’t need to reset my Master Password, I know what it is. I respond as response for two days. I submit another ticket, Support closes the second ticket as a duplicate and tells me to look at the update on my original ticket. When I go to log into the website (to look at the update on the ticket), it forces me to now reset my Master Password, and once I do, I get an “ Authenticator Failed” error message. Their app is now junk, their Support is even worse. Most of my logins are now held hostage and I will have to one by one have these websites send me reset password links. You better believe I will be using a different password manager going forward. What terrible Customer Service.
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1 year ago, rreid740
there may be better choices
I was a happy LastPass user 10 years ago, and it used to work almost flawlessly. Over time it has gotten less reliable. Then after paying for Premium for many years, it suddenly reverted to "free" and prevented me from accessing it on my computer at a VERY unfortunate moment with no notice given that they no longer accepted payment from the payment service I used for years. It required signing up all over again and paying three times as much. I get it prices rise but you might tell customers before failing. I suspect this went into decline when LastPass was bought by whatever software giant now owns it. Just to get support now you also need to create a LogMeIn account. My BIGGEST worry is if the support is so insignificant that I suspect I should not presume that the product is still safe and secure. Sticking with it for the moment but I will be looking into better supported possibilities. I am HAPPY to pay for good software. I don't expect much for "free", developers need to be paid! But I am not feeling as good about LastPass as I used to.
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4 years ago, Evolvemind
LastPass user for over 7 years
LastPass is a key element in my overall approach to making the internet usable by making secure authentication more manageable. Using the same authentication credentials safely everywhere is not yet a real technology and may never be. Using a different, complex password for each online resource that requires a password is critical for reducing account compromise opportunities. Using LastPass effectively does involve a learning curve but it is definitely worth your time and attention. I am an avid consumer of technical, scientific, academic, and other information online. I have several hundreds of accounts with internet-based information services and many other software licenses, non-internet accounts, and miscellaneous confidential information. LastPass has enabled me to get all of this data into a single, secure database I can access securely through any of my devices, whether online or offline. Using a robust , secure password manager is a no-brainer. I highly recommend LastPass.
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6 years ago, crentheman
5 star app, proactive developer
**Previous 3 star review The service that the app provided was effective and has improved the quality of my life. Getting my passwords updated were a bit frustrating, but after I got over that hump I couldn't be more happy with the results. With that being said the app needs help. I just downloaded the latest version on my iPhone X and saving a password after I generate one causes my phone to completely bug out! It'll glitch to the point where the OS is completely unresponsive for atleast half a minute, which is pretty unacceptable. All in all I trust lastpass with my passwords and I look forward to an update that further improves the experience. **EDIT - In the recent updates I have noticed that the problem I mentioned has been fixed. Lastpass quickly reached out and asked how to replicate the bug so that they may improve the app. I have updated my review to 5 stars now that everything is running smoothly. Simplify your life and get this app
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5 years ago, Mkepanther
Fails to open quite often
Up until about 9 months ago, Last Pass has no problems opening. I could also use their quick access option, but that all changed after an update. Now I can’t use the quick access. And oftentimes (majority of the time) it takes multiple tries to open the app. I often have to shut off my phone and restart it, just to get this app to open. The “create a new password” tool also doesn’t work besides giving me all lower case letters (no numbers or special characters...or it will give me only numbers and nothing else!). That doesn’t work for webpages requiring smart passwords with varying characters and upper/lower case, with numbers, etc. Very frustrating when I’m trying to complete a task but I just need my password, or need a new password created. I love this app and the storage capabilities for the gazillion passwords we all need these days. But the failure to open when I need it, failure to create/suggest passwords, and also the failure to save and close a suggested password, are all super frustrating. I wish they’d fix all these problems that has been going on for nearly a year!!
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6 years ago, jweaver1982
I installed LastPass because I remembered this was the only password organizer I had ever used on PC. When I installed LastPass on PC not only was it FREE but also came as a plug-in for Firefox. Now all of a sudden a simple task such as remembering, storing, and auto fill has a price tag on it. Apple already offers free password management with their devices so why on God’s Green Earth would any sane individual pay any price beyond $0.99 - $1.99 to remove ads for an app that does the same exact thing Apple already offers for free! So many app/game developers take something that was once free; slap there name on it, and try to charge outrageous prices for simple services. Keeping someone’s information safe shouldn’t cost. If my information is safe, then I have more money to spend to help better the economy. I just don’t get the world today. I once loved LastPass but no longer will I use a service that tries to make a buck just by slapping their name on a free service offered by the phones manufacturer. Apple offers password management. Apple offered auto fill. Apple offers encrypted storage. All the services offered by LastPass is already offered by Apple for FREE!
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3 years ago, LV#6
Very Effective, can be frustrating
Overall, I’m very pleased with and recommend LastPass. Like most other effective defenses in life, users must participate and invest a little time to familiarize themselves. Populating user name and/or passwords from the app is usually, but not always effective. I attribute a portion of that to LastPass and probably a larger portion to the apps and websites I access which all have slightly different logon procedures. I use LastPass on both iPhones and Windows PCs and it works seamlessly across platforms. One thing to watch for is logging on to sites that require a second logon step where they ask you a “secret” question. When you enter that answer, LastPass asks if you want to update your password with that new entry - if you agree, LastPass will populate your secret word as that sites new password. So be careful if you encounter that situation. I think LastPass is worth the cost for the peace of mind and convenience it provides.
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5 years ago, Quartz110
Good app, but needs fixing
I like being able to store passwords and create secure passwords, and using the fingerprint feature to access the account quickly. You can also share login info you create with others in the family so you can keep accounts that family members/spouses/trusted people can all access. However when creating a new entry on the fly, this app doesn’t work; at least on my iPhone - I haven’t tried it anywhere else. I go to a new site, create a login - and get a password and record my new account via fast pass, copy the password, then try to save the entry in fast pass after typing in everything and without fail I get a box from LastPass that says - “Something went wrong. Try again later”. Then you have to back out of everything, go into last pass by the ‘front door’ and re-enter everything again. I lost reserved seating on tickets I was trying to get because I screwing around with lastpass trying to get my password saved. It’s been at least 3 updates and the problem still exists for me.
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9 months ago, supervix3n
Something wrong in iPad 12.9 Pro and looks like you're just ignoring it.
Long time Last Pass user, been using it across all my devices smoothly for a long while (ipad, ios, mac os). Autofill just doesn't work properly on the latest iPad (12.9 inch - pro). It's utterly annoying. It never auto-fills (as it does on my other, 11 inch iPad), unless you switch apps, and open Last Pass or any other app, come back to the original form you want to fill in that's only when you see the pop-up down the screen. Please fix this error, or better yet, give us some way to report errors from the app. A web search returns users complaining about the same issue and you suggesting to reinstall the app, check the settings, etc. Please do some debugging and fix this issue instead of treating your users like idiots. We can read and follow instructions to set up auto-fill properly. Honestly, the auto-fill feature was the only reason I stayed in Last Pass (despite all those security breaches, downloading of our entire vaults by hackers, which we can just hope that the master password is complex enough to save us).
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2 years ago,
Happy Customer
Way above Excellent. My wife and I have 48 bill each month and we pay all our bills online using LastPass. With so many bills paid online with different users name and password, it’s impossible to remember all of those access requirements. Before we got last past three years ago, my wife would have the username/password on pieces of paper and then she lost the papers and it takes a lot of time and effort do you get access again using on a particular site forgot password. But with LastPass, it has saved us a lot of time and effort and last pass once you put the information in, It is so easy to use. My wife and I both agree with that last pass we would have a Lotta problems accessing all of our accounts. Whoever created the app LastPass, deserve a big pat on the back and maybe big juicy steak every day with a bottle of wine. Allen & Janette Lyles
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3 years ago, Buannadik
We tried
This has been a couple weeks of trying to merely get the LastPass and Safari browser extension installed and working. To no avail. And we(support and I) tried many fixes to get 2FA turned on. Well I did all the work they suggested and that’s about all I’ve Ben doing. The final straw was my getting 4 new emails detailing how support has “disabled” each of the 2FA options. Then a final email asking me to go ahead and do the same thing again and it should work now. What?!! I have sent so many screenshot and screen recording showing all those options disabled. He claims to disable options that are needing to ENABLE!! Why didn’t support go in and enable one. I have well over a dozen email to and from support and am unwilling to go on with this. I am asking that my premium fee be credited back to me. I have removed all my data from this app. Now I have to go over each and reset new ones. Wha a daily nightmare this has been. I should have stopped when I was aske to download one of four different 3rd party apps to make a screen recording for LastPass support to review. Dont they know that that function is built into all iPhone’s ? We, or, I tried. Tired in the Rockies
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3 years ago, Dmitri/SLCA
NOT OK! for LastPass to bait-and-switch to “one device type only” model for free users on March 16
It’s NOT OK for LastPass to suddenly switch to “one device type only” model for free users on March 16! That’s straight-up arm twisting / a form of blackmail and extortion by playing on people’s well-ingrained habits to grab some money! Luckily, there are alternatives like BitWarden out there. The latter, for example, is free, open-source, feature-rich, and doesn’t suddenly impose stupid requirements like “one device type only” on its free users! As an ex-LastPass user, I found it to be very similar to LastPass and satisfying my needs well, and would definitely encourage all of you disgruntled LastPass free users out there to “vote with your feet”, dump LastPass, and switch to BitWarden if you’re sick and tired of this arm-twisting nonsense about to happen. Disclaimer: I am just a satisfied ex-LastPass free, now BitWarden free, private user, and am NOT in any way, shape or form affiliated with either BitWarden or LastPass. The sole purpose of this article is to help suggest another free alternative that worked well for me to all the LastPass free users who are about to be stuck on March 16 with free-account model change, about to be imposed on all of us by LastPass.
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5 years ago, usalegin
OK until you need to fix stolen passwords
I’ve used LastPass for years and recommended it to many people, however I just found out that while it’s great at helping you create unique passwords for every account, I just discovered it has this one HUGE flaw. I discovered through a monitoring service that one of my passwords was being sold on the dark web. I know the password and the email address, but not the website associated with the password. Now, because I used LastPass to automatically update all my passwords, every account has a unique password. Which means I have hundreds. How do I discover which account was compromised? Answer: Export all passwords to an unsecured CSV file (but only those not in shared folders) and download the unsecured file to my computer, search for the password, then delete the file. Or, if your passwords are shared with your spouse, edit each one in LastPass individually till you discover the right account. Which will probably take somewhere between a few hours and a few days depending on when you find it. It’s all good if a firm delivers tools to auto-create unique passwords, but only if they also solve for finding them after.
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2 years ago, Onmyown&prospering
Was Awesome Until It Wasn’t
After using, loving, and also telling everyone about how great this App was for going on 10 years now, LastPass makes it very hard for me to say anything good now. I always used Face ID so I had no clue what my actual password was, no problem because my phone knows my face, till I upgraded to the iPhone 14 and have now lost 10 years of not only passwords but also bank account information and any information I needed to remember is now all gone because on my new phone it recognizes my face, gives me a green check and then says nah there was a problem logging you in please enter password. Well I put the password that I had last recorded but since they say it’s not right I have lost everything and good luck getting their help unless you pay for it you won’t get any. So yeah I kinda hate LastPass now for good reason. I feel that it would prob be a simple fix but I can’t get anyone to help me so I’m just stuck with basically nothing. Btw I’ve had no issues with any app since switching phones except this one.
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3 years ago, Jessicaclary
I was able to use my LastPass account no problem until about three weeks ago when it said my log in wasn’t valid. Tried everything from logging in on different browsers and devices to attempting to recover my account. Got the notification that there wasn’t an account associated with my email even though I’ve needed to do the recovery process once before with no problem. Emailed customer support and after an obnoxious amount of auto generated emails and unhelpful responses, they told me my account had been deleted. However, the date that they’ve identified it as being deleted is several days before I started having issues logging in. So I was able to use my account between the time they said it was deleted and when I actually started having issues. Seeing as I’m the only one with access to my account and I didn’t delete it, I asked for help and have been grossly disappointed with their customer service. I will be switching to a different password service with better user interface, more credibility, and significantly better customer service.
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11 months ago, JimFul
New version of app is terrible
Unfortunately, it’s probably time to ditch LastPass. If the data breach wasn’t enough, the redesigned app released in August 2023 is barely usable. If they don’t fix it, I’ll have to cancel my paid family subscription and move to another solution. Auto fill is far less reliable. Worse, though, when you use the search function, you cannot copy a password or even select the entry, you can only do those things if you scroll through your entire list of hundreds of passwords. Plus, then the X to clear the search field is wonky and can’t be pressed. They had to have completely skipped user testing of this app, no self respecting development team should have let this go to production with errors that would have so obviously appeared with any level of user testing at all. Then, to cap it off, when I tried to submit a support ticket, their website glitches out when I try to use their own multi-factor authentication tool. So, here I am whining about the app on the App Store because there’s not even a good way to provide direct feedback to LastPass.
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5 years ago, faxon
This is certainly the worst piece of popular software I have ever used. The good news. It’s better than nothing. It works correctly about 2/3 of the time. The bad news. It doesn’t work 1/3 of the time. That’s just not good enough. Especially when it always seems to fail when I’m in a hurry and need it to work. Very often it won’t recognize and store user names and passwords for new sites. Sure I can enter them manually, but I shouldn’t have to. It crashes on my browser about every other month. So I have to uninstall and reinstall. It never seems to figure out how to add an extension to the browser. That should be automatic, or at least obvious. I have to read pages of google docs. The answer seems to change every time I need to do it. This last time I had to go to the Windows store and separately download the extension. That seems crazy Yes I realize there are a bunch of positive reviews here. I believe they go back to my first point. It’s better than nothing My only hope is that Chrome and IOS seem to be getting better and better at saving passwords. Hopefully someday soon I won’t need LastPass anymore
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6 months ago, JRE122
Mac OS Browser Support
LP is quite possibly the worst possible password manager available. Not only can the developers NOT protect their own storage (they were hacked TWICE in 2022) and chose not to disclose it to their paying subscribers until 4 months after the “incident”…and yes, customer vital data was stolen! They continue the unnecessary practice of secondary verification of devices that the customer has already validated, and they’ve now increased the PW requirements to 12 characters….even though there is still no method of master password recovery in the event of a lost or forgotten password. Part of this problem has to do with LPs refusal to interact with their customers. There is no phone support (probably because the app is so buggy that the personnel required to handle live support would be overwhelming), they refer you to a list of FAQs that rarely have anything to do with the issue and now they’re moving to a “community forum”. This is where others who’s questions have not been answered will try to answer yours….the blind leading the deaf. If 0 stars were available, it would still overrate the product.
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5 years ago, Edawg83
LastPass as indispensable as the Internet
I have been a LastPass user since 2014. I can’t believe it has been 5 years, but what an indispensable tool it is! With all of the businesses and accounts that I have, it would have been almost impossible to keep my online information secure. There are too many passwords to remember and too much information to keep in your head. What I love about LastPass is that it makes your security of your information to the highest standards while making it as easy to browse the Internet. With the added integration on my iPhone and fingerprint recognition, it is easier and more secure to navigate my content on a phone that it is on my laptop or desktop computer. If you don’t have a password manager, you are living in the Stone Age. If you aren’t using LastPass, you aren’t in the fast lane. Take the plunge if you haven’t already. It will change your life!
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2 years ago, mikkkkkkail
This App Rocks!
I’ve had LastPass for a couple years now and it comes in handy all the time. There are so many useful aspects to it and it’s free!!! I haven’t had anything come up that made me think “oh no, I have to pay for premium to use that feature?” The free version has been totally sufficient for my needs. I love the ease of access with the thumbprint sign in option. You can use it to keep track of passwords for tons of websites, add login details, URLs, notes, it even has a “launch” option to take you straight to the URL and log in for you. I can’t tell you how many times certain websites will make me reset my password, and I’ve gone through all my usuals already (which isn’t safe- to reuse the same passwords for multiple accounts, but hey 🤷🏼‍♀️) - so I forget the new passwords I’ve set. LastPass has me covered. You can also install it on your computer so it works with your browser. I think it’s brilliant that it will give you a generated password to use, if you want to be extra super safe and secure with your accounts. That way, you only need to remember your Master LastPass Password and it will keep track of your gibberish cyber-secure passwords for you! You can also use it to keep secure notes, address book details, bank account details and more.
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12 months ago, Brad…
Charged Twice, still only have access to free tier, customer service has been MIA
Worst customer service I have experienced in a while. Been a paid Family subscriber for a year. Time to renew, and they charged me twice. When I called, they said they don’t see it on their end, to reach out to my credit card company. Credit card company said they would put in a dispute for the second charge. When LastPass received the dispute they cancelled my Family plan and dropped me to the free tier without notification. Oh, and by the way, free there isn’t allowed to access customer support in person. Submitted a ticket that’s been unresolved for 12 days now. Have been charged twice for the full annual amount and still don’t have access to my Family plan. Level of professionalism in this experience makes the multiple security breaches in the past make a lot more sense. Update: It’s been 2 months with no resolution and I cannot speak to customer service because they show me on the free tiere even though they took my money. Unethical. Do not trust with your money or passwords.
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3 years ago, jonathanfairchild
Not a fan of the coming paywall
Previously I’d have rated LastPass a solid 4.5 stars as it works about 85% of the time. I don’t expect the app to work everywhere every time so that exceeds my expectations. However, it really grinds my gears that this company decided to change its terms of service so that in the near future if you have the free account you will only be able to access your password on one type of device. That completely defeats the purpose of a cloud based password manager in my mind. I don’t blame them for wanting to have people pay for a service they provide. I’m all for capitalism. What I do mind is that they decided out of the blue to blunt the features that most of their user base relies on and put it behind a pay wall. It does not make me feel secure that they won’t change their terms of service later on to up the ante further. It destroys my trust in their products. Not a good look for LastPass. So as a result I’m going to go to another password manager and use the free version. If I like it I‘ll consider paying for their premium account.
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1 year ago, LinghLingh00
Very poor, at least in the Apple world
This app may be good in the MS Windows world, but it’s awful in iOS and Mac OS. I appreciate functional limitations using privacy browsers or extensions (e.g., Duck Duck Go), but the app itself has significant bugs. As an example, on my iPhone I just now modified a password record and saved the changes. I received an app message saying my record was saved. I re-open the record, no saved changes. So in the use scenario where you remove an existing password in LastPass, replace it with a system-generated password, and use that system-generated password to update a website, when the record doesn’t save in LastPass, you’ve now updated your password with no way of seeing or knowing that new password. I thought this was only happening in iOS, but I’ve experienced on my Mac, as well. In LastPass’ defense, I have seen some of my updates in the password record after waiting a few minutes, but that’s unacceptable. I used a leading competitor’s product that displayed save changes immediately. My family’s moving off LastPass, and I cannot recommend.
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2 years ago, Steveo11284
Going downhill
I’ve been with LastPass for years…. Since the beginning of the company. They used to be great, but ever since being bought out by LogMeIn (now GoTo apparently), it has been going downhill fast. While the app has annoying bugs that keep popping up, my biggest concern is support (or lack there of). It is non existent even as a premium paying member. You have to dig through tons of menus just to be able to contact them, and even then it’s just an option for a callback. When I did that, I did get a call, but they couldn’t help. Instead, they gave me a phone number to billing. I called them and it was just a voicemail. Left a message and never got a call back. They keep sending me invoices asking me to wire my payment, which obviously there is NO way I’m doing. When you have an app that you’re paying and you trust so much of your life with it (passwords, secure notes, etc), support is a necessity. LastPass has lost my trust, and now I’m looking elsewhere after being with them for over a decade.
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6 years ago, JL1024
Greatest password app, period.
I’ve been using LastPass for years now. I can’t believe I’m just now writing a review. It is the best app for remembering passwords. Easy to use, well organized, and provides several useful features. Such as AutoFill, search within the app, and secure notes. I very much appreciate being able to sign in with Touch ID. Very useful when I’m in a rush and don’t have time to type some ginormous password just to access the rest of them. I also love how this app works beautifully without having to have some type of premium membership. This was my issue before I switched to LastPass. Everything required a membership to access the other 85% of the app. While LastPass does offer a Premium membership, they at least allow you to enjoy using most of the app’s features and benefits. I will forever be a user of LastPass. I very highly recommend them!
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7 years ago, Steve unhappy gmail user
Buggy and extremely poor support.
The application is great. It works and is efficient. But the website that dovetails wilh the application and the LastPass multi verification is buggy and confusing. The web sites doesn’t act the same way each time you log in. Often I am wondering if I had been re-directed to a malicious site because of the inconsistencies. The support is practically non-responsive. I am a Premier member and support requests are 18+ hours and then it was a dumb question asked by the LastPass associate. So another 18+ hours. I got a new phone and as a result I was locked out for almost 48 hours from all of my passwords on both my phone and my laptop. I disconnected That being said I renewed only because “the devil you know is better than the one you don’t”. I didn’t want to to re-enter 145 passwords. That’s sad for a company to have that kinda reputation. I would not recommend until the LastPass makes the website user friendly and consistent and provides customer service.
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9 months ago, MJ Olson-203
Inconsistent app login
The hardest things to use is the master password, an creating a new login to store. I need to be able to SEE the master password whatever the device. Phone logins use TINY keypads, errors are easy, no remedies to correct common user keyboard errors. Obstacles: GLARE, complete field wipe when backspacing, can’t tell if a character is missing or added in — hard to count masked * characters, can’t paste PW if you try to use a notepad to type the password visibly and correctly then copy/paste When a new url/password is being created, it has been non-intuitive, cumbersome, or impossible to save new entries because LP will not copy NEW login information from the URL Password history is no longer available. Many domains have account recovery procedures where one can input an old password as part of the user verification procedure. As a user, if there are time pressures, delays can really be critical and damaging.
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5 years ago, FenderRhodesMark1a
Great security policies but too many downsides
LastPass enterprise is very buggy. Can’t actually purge deleted shared folders. “Read only” permissions means one can’t view permissions, it has nothing to do with ability to read the data which is a very non-standard usage of term “read only”, which is terrible and confusing. The app and saving of passwords can have major slowdowns at times or issues where no one can save passwords. We have orphaned shared folders that no one can access or delete, support unhelpful other than removing them from one persons view which did not actually solve problems. Do not use LP Enterprise for teams, maybe single consumer user is ok. Par for the course for companies that are acquired. Search logic in Mac app is very bad, can’t enter more than one search term and find anything because the match must be both words in same order as input in search, no other search in computing works that way. Really a leading product originally, best security policies of any product and great potential but too many Achilles heels.
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3 years ago, adleon44
Deal breaking changes for free users
Free users now have to decide which platforms they want to use. If you’re on mobile, it’s only mobile devices your account will work with. If on PC then only those types of devices will work ( laptop , desktop , etc ). The main reason I got a password manager was because I jump between my phone and my laptop, I don’t own any other devices. If they where to limit number of devices I’d understand but dividing platforms comes off as nothing but a cash grab. Even then I figured I’d give it a try as I never explored Premium when I had the 30 day trial months ago but it’s a $35 up front yearly fee. No subscriptions available stings a bit given that I was already reluctant. For now I’ll hold off and keep the PC variant as it will allow me to still access it from another computer as I wouldn’t have access to another phone as easily if I where to break mine. At an average of $3 a month it’s not a lot but given how this was introduced I’ll be on the lookout for another service to split account management or outright replace lastpass.
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10 months ago, CyberValen
Was great, but last update, horrible! Please revert back to last version!
Let me start off by saying that I loved LastPass, had it for years, used it daily, and couldn’t live without it. especially important was how seamless it was to use with my iPhone & the ability to have additional categories in the premium version (insurance, passports, etc.) and easily accessible and viewable at a glance in the sidebar of the app. HOWEVER, the new update for iOS Apple is horrible! On the iPhone, it took away the critical sidebar which allowed me to quickly jump and access different categories, such as health insurance, passports, and other accounts. The new iOS version is no longer practical or easy to use. Please fix ASAP! Please return the features that were great in the previous version which I was happy to pay for. I don’t want to cancel membership and delete the app, but I will if the features are not returned. hoping someone at LastPass will read this and take action!
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