LastPass Password Manager

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LogMeIn, Inc.
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User Reviews for LastPass Password Manager

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5 years ago, Kimber C. Turner
Hiding From Customers
I became a premium user a few weeks ago and have spent a good deal of time moving all of my passwords over to LastPass. It took quite some time to figure out how to use it. Their cutsey little sixty second so called tutorial videos are absolutely useless. I finally got to where I could add a site and get LastPass to use the password but can't for the life of me get it to do the auto fill they talk about so highly. It works on my iPhone but not on my MacBook Pro. What makes this even more frustrating is that there is no contact information that I can find to ask LastPass a question to get it working. They evidently don't want to be bothered by customers wanting to learn how to use their app. I paid for a year and I feel I deserve to be able to use the features I paid for. I would be happy to change my rating if you can let me know how to get the auto fill to work but I'm not holding my breath. As of right now, I wouldn't recommend this app. I am probably going to have to find something else to use as well.
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6 years ago, jedifunk2
Piece of Junk
What a piece of junk. Offline access does not work. The browser extension version is invasive and searches the DOM of pages to find places to put the last pass icon to try and "help" you, wasting up to 5 seconds per page on this useless nonsense. There is no way to turn this off. If you don't like it and uninstall the browser extension, the Mac desktop app has even less support than the browser extension. I dropped my paid account like a hot potato when I discovered that offline access did not work, and I've only encoutered more bugs since then. The user interface of the desktop app is an awful, bug-riddled and quirky interface. It isn't just small problems though, it will discard any changes you've made to records (thus blowing away that new password you just set). It has inconsistent update behavior and weird select behavior. Generating a new password requies at least 10 clicks, some of them on very tiny little icons that don't even make sense. THe whole process is a total mystery. There is no quality assurance or testing being done on this app. I tried to teach my (60+ y/o) grandparents how to use this, to help them use a password manager and get security smart. LastPass was so awful that they gave up and ended up using a piece of paper and a pencil. Thanks for promoting worse security through bad design.
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6 years ago, SFbayguy31
Other applicatons work better and are less FRUSTRATING!
I just started a new job, and my company offers LastPass as its only approved password manager. This application and chrome extension are terrible. The interface is not intuitive at all, the application and extension don't seem to talk to each other. Meaning you can have the application open and launch a website but the LastPass chrome extension isn't' logged in and will re-prompt you for your master password. I have tons of URL that are uniquely named but have the same domain...last past CONSTANTLY populates the wrong usernames and passwords with a unique URL's. When I change a password, the application does not always recognize that a password change and will not prompt you to save it...even though you used it to generate the password for you. I'm constantly having to double re-set passwords and then manually edit my LastPass entry with the updated password. Instead of using this application I've resorted to keeping an encrypted document on my desktop with my passwords on my desktop as its faster to cut and paste than use this tool. There are other tools that work much better thant his one, I assume its popular becuase its free for most users.
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5 months ago, Chapwoman
Not perfect but happy so far.
I love the idea of a password manager and I've been using LastPass for almost 4 years. It doesn't always autofill so I have to go to the app and get the login info sometimes for certain sites but it's not the end of the world. Autofill works better in Chrome than Safari. The reason I keep it is because we have a family plan and some shared passwords, it's not worth starting over. I also love the notes section for the passwords - it's awesome for pins and other info I want to remember about the site! I am really quite happy with it overall. Any app company can get hacked these days. I sometimes download all my login/pw info to a spreadsheet that I print out and save in case of...whatever might happen that I need it for (and then delete the downloaded file immediately and thoroughly!). There's always a risk if you're using the internet, I think lastpass definitely minimizes that risk and makes passwords easy to create and store.
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3 years ago, Macs&cheese
Glitchy App and Poor Customer Service
Wish I could give 0 starts. My advice to people looking at this app is to check out the customer service reviews on all of the apps-don’t just take the magazine reviews at face value. Because LastPass is only there to take your dollars and give you a glitchy program in return without any customer service. If the program has one glitch, you can’t find anyone to help. My computer crashed and even having a screenshot of my master password didn’t help. The program refused to accept it- resetting the password, installing the browser extension and reverting my password and account recovery-nothing worked! So I opened a case with LastPass on Friday and 5 DAYS later I received an apology email with a case number and an offer to resolve my issue that day. I replied back immediately to the support specialist that I had already tried her solution. I have heard NOTHING. If you say you have customer service, you should actually have said service. I will be cancelling my subscription and looking for another provider that has customer service that replies in a reasonable time.
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5 years ago, chopchopcurrypok
From decent to bad to horrible to fraudulent
When I first downloaded the app and became a premium user straight away, the app was semi-ntuitive and worked most of the time on my lap tops. On mobile hoewever, it was a nightmare to use, it did not autofill and could not save login details for mobile apps. They tried to solve the autofill problem for mobile which worked for a while, but with my latest iphone XR running IOS12.1.4, it has become worse than before. It prompts the autofill without actually being able to do so and on the rare occassion you get the lastpass app to pop up, it makes you search for the app and then populates the fields with what appears to be ghost characters i.e. you cannot see them but the field behaves like it has been completed. All this while, their desktop experience has become worse. With many of the issues aready detailed by others on this review page. THE CLINCHER though is the fact that they WOULD NOT ISSUE ME A REFUND for inadvertently renewing their subscription twice in August 2018 for a year each! So I have basically paid double for a year's worth of the same service in respect of one account!
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3 years ago, gahudrum
I only wish I had adopted it years ago!
This is so much better than the native password manager in iOS devices - it generates passwords of any length you specify, you can edit out specific characters for those websites that demand numbers but won't let you use exclamation points, and it follows you from Mac to Windows devices (essential for me, as work is all PC). The only drawback is that I have so many passwords saved in the native iOS app, and I am now having to change them over as I use them, so the first time I visit a site and have to set it up takes an extra minute while I look up the password in Settingss, change it to the new LastPass generated one, and then save all the new information in LastPass. knowing that I won't have to type some incredibly long password into an account while my students wait for class to continue, though, definitely worth the effort.
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11 months ago, bzmr
latest update breaks login v118
The recent release with the "new Desktop application and Safari Web Extension" results in an endless login loop. The extension leverages the desktop app for the login process, which authenticates but spins endlessly never loading the vault. It will error if the wrong credentials are used and the 2FA process completes, so the issue is not in the actual authentication, but somewhere after that point along the the way to showing the vault. You can even access the vault and account info from the extension while the desktop app continues to "process" up until the app times out and returns to the login screen again. At that point, the extension no longer has vault access and shows the Login link again. This service and the accompanying products has continued to decline over the last several years. With the recent need to "update" every password saved in my vault because of the companies inability to protect its backups, I have realized that moving to another password service would not be as bad as I had assumed.
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4 years ago, Wizbang Trainer
Lastpass by LogMeIn has lost it's edge
Prior to acquisition by LogMeIn lastpass was a decent app it still had issues because of constant change with website design and how credentials and passcodes are entered. But, they would get things fixed without breaking the entire process. Now with LogMeIn the annual subscription is over $30 per year! ($36) With that the plugins have been taken from Apple's extension library. The mobile version is barely passible, it constantly wants to get a 2 factor authenticator but then locks the screen when you go to get the 2nd factor! This sends you into a circle. Occasionally, it will finally get accepted. The largest problem I have now is if I happen to be on the mobile CDMA/LTE mobile network. It demands an email be sent to verify the IP address is valid, even after I have confirmed the device I am using is approved. Really frustrating on occasion.
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5 years ago, Doihaveto2
Just doesn’t work anymore.
This App Store version of LastPass (4.4.0) does not work with Sierra and Safari. The Safari component just yields a blank white rectangle. What slow communications I’ve had with customer support leads me to believe that it won’t ever. So for Sierra I’ve had to download directly from Lastpass site to get anything working. Don’t want to do that anymore— I like the security I feel from getting stuff through Apple controlled channels. I subscribed to LastPass Premium on May 4th 2010, so I’ve been PAYING for this service for NINE years. I was very satisfied in the early years but lately there’ve been more and more sites that it doesn’t work right with. Support used to be quick but now is slower. Slowly but surely trying to get stuff in the built-in Keychain which doesn’t feel as user friendly to set up but is working more robustly with more sites. If LastPass gets this App Store version updated and working for me on Sierra (High Sierra is as far as I can go for MacOS), then maybe I’ll change my tune… [Why the heck doesn’t speellchack work in this app review box?!? C’mon Apple…]
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6 years ago, Ruthy Wagz
Amazing Password Manager
This application makes everything so much easier when it comes down to remembering passwords. I’ve always struggled with finding the right password for each account, and Lastpasas by LogMeIn simplified this difficult task immensely. Now that I have successfully installed this amazing application, I dont need to remember any of my passwords because Lastpass does it all for me. Filling in those forms take a lot of time, however with this reliable app it now only takes in the matter of 2 clicks to fill in each required piece of information for the form. I can’t express to anyone how usful this app really is. I will continue to reccomend this as the best password manager to anyone who is in need of password support. This app has exceeded my expectations and achieves more tasks than 1Password or any other password manager.
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3 years ago, STL Groupee
Paid to "Upgrade" to Family Plan in March...never worked
I have just submitted my 3rd Support Ticket to LogMeIn. I paid to upgrade to a Family Plan on March 29. To date, I have submitted three separate support tickets and the same issue remains. My account profile shows that I am a Family Manager, however, in the lower left quadrant of my screen, it shows that the Family Plan is a premium service and it invites me to upgrade for $4 / month. When I click on it to see what happens, it tells me that I can't. There is clearly a provisioning issue with my previously paid upgrade, but it is simply impossible to speak with a human being that could resolve this I'd suspect rather quickly. This is my third and last attempt to resolve it. If not quickly and satisfactorily resolved, I will be moving to a new product and disputing the charge I made with my American Express for an annual plan. Very disheartening to not be able to TRUST a company that you entrust your security details to for even basic support.
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4 months ago, koberlin1
LastPass is a good password vault choice
A lot of users complaining about this app, most of whom I assume are using the free version. If you pay for the premium version, alomng with other benefits, you get immediate phone call tech support from very helpful representatives. Regarding the app itself it has always worked well for me over the past 6 years I have been using it. Sure there are occasional issues but they are good about getting those issues resolved in the udpates. Regardin those reviewers coml;aining about LastPass not working in older operating systems, you should be staying current with your OS anyway as each OS addss security patches. I cannot imagine a password vailt company beung willing to support thweir software on outsdated systems....actually glad to ehar that lastPass doe snot do this! Anyway, if you are looking for a password vault I weold recommend LastPass.
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5 years ago, macwhizNY
Worse with every update
Version 3 wasn't bad. Version 4 had a lot of issues. By version 4.4, the version available on the Mac App Store, many (but not all) of them were fixed. It still wasn't a good Mac app—it had an Android-ish design ethic, and a dodgy UI—but it was usable. The thing is, version 4.4 isn't the current version. 4.26 is the current version, and it's only available as a direct download. And it's required to avoid nag messages about Safari compatibility on Mojave. 4.26 is a more-or-less direct port of the Windows 10 version of LastPass, with a Universal Windows App interface. It's horrid. Simple things like *viewing a password* are difficult or impossible. It doesn't look the least bit like a Mac app... nor does it look the least bit like version 4.4. Plus, the new-and-improved, must-use Safari plugin crashes constantly, even if you aren't actually actively using Safari. It's clear that LogMeIn doesn't care about their Mac apps. It's also clear that they don't have any qualified UI designers. It's a shame, because they offer some great features, like the ability to have an emergency contact that can log into your password vault only if you fail to respond to a request in a certain timeframe. I tried working directly with the company to fix some of the issues with Version 4. The steaming pile that is Version 4.26 (not to mention the lack of Mac App Store updates for Mojave compatibility) is the last straw for me; I'm moving to 1Password.
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5 years ago, nickt1969
Not as good as before
Some of the recent problems appear to be due to how Apple changed how extensions are installed. Some of the problems appear to just be that LastPass isn't as good since LogMeIn bought the company. All that said, this is still a fantastic way to securely store passwords and other information, and access them from a variety of platforms. I do wish LogMeIn could figure out how to be more responsive when OS updates or other changes break things for their users. It seems no one there monitors their forums or other places on the internet and when you directly contact them to report problems, even with great technical detail, you never hear back. Still, it's much better than just using "password123", which, unfortunately, is how too many of my friends treat the security of their footprint on the internet.
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6 years ago, FenderRhodesMark1a
Search is terrible
Say you have a password with a title of “File - Server”. If you type “File” it will find everything with the word file in it. If you type “Server” it will find everything with the word server, both not useful searches because of too many results. If you type “File Server” lastpass will find no results because it does not do proper “and’ing” in searces. If you type more than one word in a search, whatever you are searching for has to have what you type in in the exact order, including any characters like a dash. There is no good piece of software on the market, no search engine on the market that does searching in this way. It is a terrible ill thought out search method. The search should be “any matching entry that has all terms typed in, in any order”. Instead its “any matching entry that has the exact name in the same order as what is input”. I don’t know how a product manager or anyone involved can try this themselves and not notice the search is terrible.
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6 years ago, BarlesChell
Doesn’t work
I have a to use this for work and I hate the browser interface. It’s slow. It often autofills the wrong account credentals in webpages and it’s kind of ugly. I initially liked the interface of the desktop app. It felt snappy when I ran it and being able to bring up a vault search the same way I would a spotlight search seemed great. The only problem is after using it that one time, the app crashes every time I try to login. Segmentation faults are to blame according to the crash report. What’s worse is I set it to open when I login so now a lastpass app opens every time I login to my laptop and the preferece I would change to turn that off is inacceslbe without logingin which causes the app to crash. Lastpass also isn’t responsible enough to put itself on the list of login items in system preferences so I have to root through my user library in order to delete the launch daemon so I can get this useless app to showing up every time I turn on my computer.
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6 years ago, Snaglpus00
4.0.1 version is horrible and breaks a lot of things.
So I have used LP for many many years, and while it has its quirks like all them with sometimes not autofilling certian user/pass fields on certian pages it was never that annoying. Since the last 4.0.1 “Major Enchancemnt” (should be more like Major mess up) things have gotten 100x worse. Constnatly having to open the last pass entry and copy/paste hte user/pass. What is more annoying is they BROKE the serach feature of Secure Notes. Old version if you had a note you could open/edit that note and CMD-F and Search that text of the note for what you are looking for. Example list of phone number for users, or account numbers for ISP accounts or circuit ID’s for your ISP’s, etc. Now CMD-F only open the “Search Vault” feature and this only tells you XYZ string is in this note that may have 5000 lines in it and now you have to manualy search it. USELESS. Spent the whole week going back and forth with support on this via a ticket and even as a PAID PREMIUM user for YEARS - I can’t seem to get support to do much or even full grasp the issue. Seems the support has taken a downturn lately. First they ditch XMarks (dumb move if you ask me) Then they do a major overhaul that breaks lots of things. Guess time to go over to RoboForm or 1Password as they at least WORK Still! Lastpass - get your act together and bring back the good parts of your product!
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6 years ago, bradhs
Every release gets a better...
FYI this version 4.0.1 is crashing for me. I cannot use the app anymore. I contacted support. You may want to hold off updating if you rely on this ever day. It’s getting there, every release gets a little better. There needs to be more thought put into the process, placement, default selections, screen size, etc. Seems like a lot of wasted real estate on my screen just by opening the app. Also, you can eaily lose information you are trying to save. Let’s say you create a new site, fill in all the information then walk away from the computer for a sec or active your screen saver without hitting Save. When you come back the app has logged you out and discarded everything you did. More thought needs to be put into workflow, what are the most common things people are doing with your app, make those more productive/efficient. Clean up the UI, it takes up too much real estate right now and I doesn't size well. If you do size it real small and click on a site you cannot see the details because the window get out of whack. The reason I stay with LastPass is because of the Enterprise support. 1Password has an excellent UI, and is getting better at Enterprise, might be worth a trial of both if you are enterprise.
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4 months ago, GracefulGripes
Desktop App Update: Incompatible and Frustrating
I am deeply disappointed by the recent update to the LastPass App, which I downloaded from the App Store, as it fails to launch on my Mac Catalina OS. What is more frustrating is that the developer failed to disclose this crucial information in their mass email notification, which merely hinted at ending support for the previous version without explicitly mentioning the compatibility issue. As a long-time LastPass customer, I have faithfully supported the app despite past security concerns and negative publicity. However, the developer's decision to neglect users like me, who rely on older operating systems for various reasons, is disheartening. Instead of accommodating the diverse needs of Mac users, they have chosen to alienate a significant portion of their loyal customer base. The incompatibility of the new LastPass desktop app for Mac with my current operating system leaves me with no option but to cancel my subscription and seek an alternative password manager. It is regrettable that after years of loyalty, LastPass's disregard for compatibility has forced me into this decision. While my experience with LastPass had its ups and downs, I remained supportive throughout. Unfortunately, their failure to address compatibility issues has severed my loyalty. It is a disappointing end to what was once a reliable service.
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4 years ago, bad-hambre
Great App/Excellent Support
I contacted LastPass Support with a question about folders, along with some general new-user puzzlement. R.K. Mahin was patient, thoroughly informed technically and made me comfortable through the learning curve he helped me with. Great Tech and Customer Support are rarely found in the same individual, and it speaks highly of LastPast that you’ve developed such superb staff. I’m fully up and running now, a seasoned LastPass expert after two weeks:-} At some point, it would be useful to be able to manipulate (add/move Passwords) folders from within the mobile phone itself. As there are many times when you’re simply away from your computer. But the app is excellent, the Support even more so and I thank you.
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4 years ago, Larry.McJ
Used to be it's horrible
I realize Apple doesn't always make it easy for developers to integrate an app's features properly into either their OS's or Safari because of necessary sandboxing, but it doesn't matter whose fault it is...LastPass simply is now horrible! It used to be a very good app until recent changes make it not work hardly at all with Safari. I hate spending $60/yr for a password manager, but that's what the ones cost that have their act together. Dear LastPass developer: please do something to get your "once-good" app back on track to being at least usable. Right now as much as I want to use it...I can't because it doesn't work with Safari. Also, the Mac version of LastPass doesn't do can't launch logins from it, you can't even go to the app's own help site, nothing is functional in it except for adding or editing logins. UPDATE: If I could remove even the ONE STAR I would! I submitted a support request and almost FOUR WEEKS later I receivedf a respons...and it was a canned response that had absolutely nothing at all to do with my question! LastPass has obviously hit rock bottom and the new owners could care less about it because they have other good enterprise apps in their portfolio making the real money. I'm guessing they bought this simply for it's Authentication Key app and nothing more.
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5 years ago, jfkassam
Good Manager; Poorly Designed App
I've been using LastPass for over a year, and have been having on and off issues with the Safari extension (during August, it simply stopped auto-filling fields in safari, forcing me to change browsers). The new major update for mac (while I understand the appeal of progressive web apps) really killed the UI. I've also since been having issues with the Safari extension where it changes desktop to the main desktop when I log into certain sites. I've been using LastPass for a long time now and would love to keep using it, but my experience with it at the same time last year was a lot better than my experience now (i.e. the changes they've been making over the past year have decreased my overall experience) and I feel like I'm being pushed to another app (or simply to migrate all my passwords to Keychain).
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5 years ago, shollomon
Long Time User
I've used LP for a long time and its worked well on Windows (chrome/firefox), IOS and Mac (Safari). However Mac safari support is so bad right now I am looking at alternatives. If I could share passwords with my wife in keychain I'd ditch LP in a heart beat and never look back. Issues are auto filling of passwords. Click on LP fill icon in the login box and nothing happens. Click on the three dots in the browser and it shows sites that have nothing to do with the site you're on. The program has to run all the time now, but I cant hide the icon in the dock. I know that a lot of these issues arose because Apple changed the way extensions work on mac/safari. But you guys have had plenty of time to catch up. The fact is you had plenty of time before the changes launched and you've been behind the curve. If you don't want to support this market segment just say so. Otherwise give us a quality product now.
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5 years ago, AndrewH1007
Terrible for Safari on Mac
As a long-time LastPass user, I am dissapointed to say that I may need to find another application. Lastpass no longer integrates properly with Safari on a Mac. The LastPass Safari Extension will not auto-fill passwords. Thus, the best you can do is open the LastPass App, find the appropriate log-in information, then cut and paste into the Safari brower. A very cumbersome process. This is a shame because the LastPass Safari extension worked fine until its latest update. I requested assistance from the company days ago but never received a response. Thus, add poor customer service into the mix. For those who do not use Safari, you may have better luck. It appears to work fine with Chrome. It also seems to do a decent job on IOS. But if Safari on a Mac is important to you, better to look elsewhere unless there is a fix.
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5 years ago, Corey and Ressa
It’s working great!
I’ve been a long time user of LastPass and am not sure why there are so many negative reviews here. I use LastPass as my password manager across all my devices (iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, Windows PC @ Work) and it has been a seamless experience for me. I have had zero issues or complaints with LastPass and I don’t have to remember all the passwords myself. I’ve tried using Apple’s password manager the same way but it seems to lose passwords between devices (iPhone -> iPad) for some reason and I obviously can’t use it on the Windows PC. In any case, I would highly recommend using LastPass as it has been a fantastic experience for me for several years across multiple devices!
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5 years ago, G3Chris1
The best and most secure PW manager
I use one__ for a while. Then it got ridiculously expensive and buggy. LastPass was free and simply works. There’s a fee for using the mobile version only which is quite reasonable. Then I happend to see that noted security expert Steve Gibson examined the inner workings of LP and gave it a two thumbs up. My security fears about using a password manager are satisfied. Some have complained about the hiccups after Apple changed how Safari handles it’s browser extensions. Last Pass had to start from scratch and to meet the new security standards. There were bound to be a bug or two. But those couple months are over and LP is rock solid again. You won’t regret the safety and and convience of this rewritten app.
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6 years ago, notmyreAlnicknAme1
This update made it unusable
UPDATE: TWO. FREAKING. YEARS. LATER. I still can't use LastPass desktop because it STILL hijacks my 'a' key. The service itself is good - I use the browser extension every day - but this desktop app is the spawn of Beelzebub himself. UPDATE: SIX MONTHS LATER, this b.s. is still hAppening And I cAn't use the LAstpAss desktop App At All, becuAse not using lowercAse A's on my computer is not An option. Tech support wAs Absolutely useless, And I'm A pAid customer with "priority" support. After updating the app, I couldn't use my computer until I quit the app. Everytime I type an "a" in ANY of my apps, LastPass pops to the front. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no help. I contacted support a month ago - they asked for screenshots then closed the ticket, and when I checked today there were still no updates available. Ridiculous. At least the browser plugin still works, so I'm not locked out of all my accounts.
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6 years ago, Epic-C
Recent updates causes security issue (AGAIN)
LastPass is great, however their recent UI updates have introduced a security issue AGAIN. Two years ago, a release had an issue where after a logoff or reboot, the cursor was defaulting to the email field instead of the password field if you’ve previously logged in. I opened a support case with them to advise, and they had the issue fixed rather quickly and agreed that it was a security issue. They had it fixed rather quickly. The reason it is a security issue is due to the fact that you could accidentally start typing your password IN CLEAR TEXT by accident in the email address field because expected behavior would be to have it start on the password field when the email address is already filled out. I have since raised another support request with them again because it has happened again (where is the QA testing on this?!?). However they have so far blown off the support request even though I enforce that it is still a security bug. So far weeks later… IT HAS NOT BEEN FIXED. This is what happens when LogMeIn takes it over I guess. We all knew it was going to go downhill. Don’t forget they now charge twice as much a year for premium too.
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4 years ago, sxbsxb2
LastPassSafari is generating crash reports on Mac
Generally works well. However, I am getting about 10 crash reports per week with SIGSEGV (trying to access memory outside of one's legal space) on iMac running latest Catalina OS. The program still functions, but SIGSEGV crashes are not OK. Many, but not all, point to an issue with a Json reader from Apple Foundation. I have reported this issue to Logmein support and all they did was have me remove my LastPass app and LastPassSafari extension and reinstall same version, which I did. Didn't help. They just respond with a form letter every couple days asking if it is fixed and to close the ticket. I say no it isn't fixed and they do nothing. Today they responded that they are closing the ticket, but no explanation; no resolution.
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6 years ago, PDUBzBACK
EXCELLENT!!! Buy this product!
This is a very important point I want to get across.....I am handicapped individual and I work from home and my job requires precise knowledge of a few things in order to make my company let me continue on and I have been using LASTPASS for about 5 or 6 years. I LOVE THIS!!! I have NEVER had any problems. Of Course there might have been one or two VERY MINOR issues, but overall----this program keep track of all passwords, notes, and other secure files I need saved. They have NEVER left me hanging!! Excellent company and it's the best $2 a month one could EVER spend to keep your digital world SAFE Trust me. And, NO---I do NOT work for the company!!-----PDUBOKC
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9 months ago, Azul Delphin
Lifesaving Killer App of the Decade
Excellent app. I don't know why reviews from 3 and 5 years ago are showing first – LastPass has been awesome for years. Works perfectly across Safari and Chrome and across devices AND across family members. We all expect to always have internet access... and then we don't – Offline Mode (which some competitors don't have) is a lifesaver. The few times I've had minor issues or questions, their support team has been extremely responsive and clear. I seriously don't know what I would do without it.
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11 months ago, Josephine P S
LasstPass User-recommended share
I have been an appreciative LastPass customer for the last several years. Available on my iPhone and my desktop Mac. But now, I must financially advance to Premium for both devices to have access; and apparently my Mac (system) is too old to allow me this change. So my account may be only mobilely available now, or until I purchase a newer desktop; but I still will recommend LastPass for those people considering it; it has been a very secure, reliable, reassuring app for password security and accessibility.
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6 years ago, Joe Joe Dogface a boo boo
I don’t understand the value of this application
LastPass is a great service and I use it to manage all of my passwords (at least almost all of them). However I don’t understand the value of the mac app. It doens’t seem to integrate with other applications, it holds the same data as the browser plugins which do integrate with web forms, and authenticating to this doens’t pass authentication to the browser plugins. Sure its exciting to use touch ID to access this, but then I end up entering my password in the browser plugins (which don’t seem to support Touch ID) to actually authenticate to websites and pages. Bottom line, if I didn’t already have this installed, I’d probably skip it and just use the browser extensions.
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12 months ago, MMCXII
Lost Another Formerly Loyal Customer
I'm so done with LastPass. I've used it for a decade and it used to be great. But over the years they've crippled functionality, broken features, failed to listen to customers when they ask for the simplest and most common-sense features and fail to provide even a reasonable level of support, even while steadily increasing their prices. Add this to the growing list of security breeches they hide from their customers for months at a time, then fail to adequately communicate. This is a company that no longer gives a single rat droppings about its customers. I'm moving my personal and business accounts to another platform.
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6 years ago, bbschaumburg
I’ve used LastPass for years, starting on my old PC laptops. It used to be one of my favorite apps, but since switching over to a iMac about a year ago, it has been very frustrating to use. I’m not sure if it’s a decline in the quality of the app itself, or whether the Mac version isn’t as fully debugged as the PC version, but whatever…. I have constant problems with the app logging off, even when I’ve set it not to, not responding to my login credentials when I do try to log in again, and opening up my favorites screen whenever I click on the toolbar icon. Occasionally - like twice this week - the only way I’m able to resume using the app is to perform an uninstal/reinstall. I’m tired of dealing with it. So, after all these years, I’m saying goodbye - I’m off to a different password manager.
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7 years ago, 99Bob99
Setting up new sites-Horrible Use once set-Fine
Setting up new sites is a Horrible experience and has not changed in my years of using this program. It tries to be automatic but does not dependably store the information it needs to when you are creating a new site. I’ve had to use forgot password on new sites way to many times. A couple times I had to abandon that login and create a different one. Most login creations are different than the logins which makes it all worse. The site creation needs to be more manual, interactive and editable while you are creating the login. Just magic where It’s worked or not and screwed you just does not cut it.
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6 years ago, marschif
Does Not Work
I’ve been using LastPass for years, and used to be very satisfied. Now I am ready to get rid of it. For a while it worked great, but when Safari was last updated, LastPass did not follow with an updated version. For a while, it was possible to use a work-around, and load an older version of LastPass which still worked fine. But now that Safari has been recently updated to v.12.0, LastPass is once again useless, since the older version is no longer supported. LastPass does not recognize sites, does not recognize form fields, and will not autofill form fields. In other words, it’s nothing more than a spreadsheet from which you can copy and paste passwords. I definitely don’t ned to be paying for a premium membership in order to use a program so useless.
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4 months ago, Nhulsl
Worse and worse
I have been a premium user of lastpass for almost half a decade. It started out as an incredibly useful utility available on my phone, my laptop, and my linux systems. I was thrilled! But slowly, it started to lose useful features. Interface changes always made it more and more difficult to do anything, or destroyed my workaround. The last straw for me was that it now doesn't allow you to set a new passwrod unless that password is a minimum 12 random characters long. I refuse to memorize 12 random characters for the sake of an app that has increasingly shown me that my happiness is not at all important to its developers. As soon as I have an afternoon and can copy all of my data over to an encrypted text document, I am out.
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2 months ago, Jmc6199
Update took away two key security features
I have used LastPass as a paid member for a while - and I was shocked in the last few months that an upate to the desktop app removed two features - the random password generator, and the copy password button. In order to generate a random password, you now need to go to their website (or any other website), create the password, copy it and paste it into the app - which opens up a ton of room for human error and potential compromising of the password. The "copy" button used to be available when you hovered over the card so that you can securely copy the password to paste into another window. Now, you need to open the card, click "edit," and copy and paste - again opening up the door for human error and the risk of someone seeing sensitive information while the card is open. I noticed these features disappeared about two months ago and really thought they'd bring them back after feedback but shocked that they haven't. If not, I'll be running out my paid subscription and moving to OnePassword.
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6 years ago, cadenkriese
Latest update, yikes.
Wow, look how pretty it is! Almost makes you look past all the things they took away like being able to take the password test in the app, being able to copy by clicking a single button instead of going into a drop-down with the search feature, to name a few. My advice is to look at everything that was nice with 3.*, some examples are what I just listed above, and then keep all of that, maybe add a few more new FEATURES, and then once it's functional and works well, focus on UI and making everything pretty. Bottom line, features, and UI are both critical, but you have to prioritize features.
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5 years ago, Yobyot
Something is very wrong...and LogMeIn doesn't care
If you are completely dependent on LP like I am -- and have been for years, what LogMeIn has done to the macOS version will break your heart. Starting a couple of releases ago, LMI decided to make the Safari extension mandatory on macOS and tied the desktop app to it. First sin: you now have to launch Safari to get the LP menu bar icon. Mega PIA. Worse than that, what used to be a speedy way to look up a password (assign a key to Quick Search and then just type a few letters of the site) now is BROKEN BROKEN BROKEN. It takes up to seven or eight seconds once you click "copy password" on the entry before the password is copied. Mega MEGA PIA. The quick search UI is now buggy and SLOW SLOW SLOW. This isn't the first product that LMI has acquired, increased the price of and ruined in the process. In fact, that's their MO. Worse, they don't respond in a timely way to bug reports. It's always "your problem; your machine; you are doing it wrong." So, if you've read this far and are considering LP, LOOK ELSEWHERE -- before you are trapped like me.
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3 years ago, Mumiscles
LastPass disappears after every update in Safari
I love LastPass in Chrome. I hate LastPass in Safari. I'm luke warm with LastPass on iPhone. All in all, depending on the platform or the browser, LastPass could be a god send or just a piece of crap. I am so frustrated that every time I update LastPass in Safari, it disappears from the toolbar. Sometimes, I have to uninstall it entirely from my Mac and re-install it but doing so affect ALL my browsers (Chrome & Safari) even though the problem only is with Safari only. To compound the problem, LastPass updates fairly frequently so I have to deal with this problem on a monthly basis. Dear LastPass, I'm a premium user since the beginning. Could you please just fix the issue already? Sigh.
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4 years ago, K2568
Love LastPass and Use it Across All My Devices!
I have been using LastPass for at least 8 years now, and I love it as much as I did when I first found it. It is such a lifesaver to be able to keep all my passwords securely in one place. I am the type of person who would otherwise struggle to remember my passwords, or reuse the same password across many sites just so I couldn't forget (which obviously isn't ideal). Anyway, I like that there is a Mac app for Lastpass so I am able to easily access my passwords across all of my Apple devices.
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3 years ago, HeresMyTwoCents
Absolutely horrible!
This app has never been great, but it still somehow manages to keep getting worse. What could the developers possibly be thinking??? The interface is exhausting to use because it just doesn't feel like a real Mac app. The reliability is unpredictable, and this may just be the only app in the world that still doesn't have Dark Mode. Seriously guys... after all these years of waiting, your app is still the only one on my Mac that greets me with a blinding white screen?! It's 2021. Come on! LastPass is in a serious nose dive, and frankly, I think it's too late for them to pull up now. There's no way on earth I'd trust my most secure data to a company that can't even get the basic things right!
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6 years ago, CarlRossFrank
Desktop Version Not Good
The mobile version seems to work pretty well, the desktop version and the browser extension are mediocre at best. It takes some figuring out because the system is not very intuitive. I’m using Safari and the Brave browsers. The browser extension vault and the desktop application vault do not match and even when I’ve put the correct website and login information into the program, it’s a crapshoot if it will actually work or not. At this point I would recommend looking at some other applications for desktop, which means both if synching is important to you. I definitely wouldn’t pay for the premium version of this.
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6 years ago, brazilianmonkey08
Works well on desktop and mobile, some weird quirks
Desktop app is pretty straightforward. Should have a dedicated offline mode for when *ahem* their servers are having issues, such as has happened three times in Nov 2018. If you also have the browser extensions installed then logging into the desktop app will authenticate the browser extensions as well. However, sometimes you have to login twice as the first time the desktop app synchs up with the extensions and often they all log out together and then the NEXT login will work properly.
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6 years ago, Xeens6s
Latest update - quick search
I am a huge fan of LastPass and have it on all my devices and pay the yearly subscription upgrade and am a little unhappy with the latest update. I use the macOS client to login to various sites that are NOT on the web but actual applications on my computer and the update to ‘Quick Search’ really slows me down now. Used to be one click to copy password, now, not only has that moved, but it is hidden behind another button making it much less “quick”. Generally like the updates to the interface other than that. Wish I could go back a version...
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4 years ago, nwmtnguy
Subscription issues, terrible support
I've been a LastPass Premium subscriber for 10 years, but it seems like LastPass is just becoming more buggy and less customer focused. My current premium subscription does not expire for 8 months, but everywhere I log in LastPass insists I have no subscription and am a free user. Contacting LastPass support is an exercise in frustration, and even though I submitted a ticket I suspect my support request will sit at the bottom of the queue since my account makes it appear that I am a 'free' user instead of a paying customer. I've encouraged countless friends, family and business associates to subscribe to LastPass over the years to improve security and I'm starting to regret it.
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4 years ago, BaconShrimpEyes
Get the version from the website
I initially downloaded this when switching from Chrome to Safari with the release of MacOS Big Sur, since LastPass claimed to have a Safari extension. As it turns out, this is not that. The release with the Safari extension needs to be downloaded on the web right now. I don't know why, but they haven't updated this app in a year, even though the Safari extension is mostly working at this point. The web version is more up-to-date, contains fixes for a number of issues in the App Store version, and comes with the Safari extension. Get that version, not this one.
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