Launchpad - Music & Beat Maker

4.8 (28.7K)
85.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Focusrite Audio Engineering
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Launchpad - Music & Beat Maker

4.81 out of 5
28.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Cik fix
The app to change my life
I’ve written a great many things about this application and I wish I could remember the words and the feelings and share them with you because of my journey in my hardships I have not been able to be right minded enough to skillfully assess my life moment to moment as a normal person will have liked to but I am not a normal person I am not just a person as I’ve said I’m not just a junkie in fact I’m not a junkie I am a human being with emotions thoughts a mother a father children and I have and I have just like any other person have made some fortunate and other less than fortunate decisions in my life I recommend this application to download for anybody they can afford to put down whatever it is they’re doing and give the effort into doing something with emotions long enough to share this joy and loving life with musicWith everyone that you know who loves music you can be a joy no matter how much you think that you’re not or not able to be a joy to yourself you can at least see the people around you dance even though you think that they can’t be in that kind of mindset towards you you know that you can make some people smile who otherwise would not have
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2 years ago, $T¥£€G•D
The Launchpad iOS
Thank you for your consideration I’ve been a “silent”Ambassador for Novation and there products. My first purchase was The Orginal Launchpad with an Impulse 49 with a LIVE 7 Suite . I’ve continued to Support the Novation Family Software and Hardware adding twos Launchpad X’s, Launchkey 25 MK3, Circuit Trax, Bass Satiation , Max for Live, All the IOS Applications buying the Pro Features And Live Set For each Application when I purchased the Subscription I knew Have to shell out more Cash for renewal however I was extremely taking for A loop when the Subscription came to a End I would not be able to access anything past the point of me being subscribe this seem like completely wrong for many reasons . Not being able to have and option to revisit the projects That we developed seems like comprehensive way to drain the pockets of Consumers. How is this a fair practice. We have Subscription base programs for clothing, Food….. I once had a T-shirt Subscription That was completely awesome for how exclusive it was however when the service Ended They didn’t take my shirts off my backs. The disappointment was definitely a shock for the first time in my long history of my loyalty to the Novation family of Brands . Your Product provides Superior experience in learning the craft and I personally feel that if I buy a subscription I committed myself to all the packages for that year. Looking forward to a response from the team!
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3 years ago, hello hola hi die
Jason Rose, Umm I might be stupid?
So launchpad is amazing and is getting frequent updates, sound packs, and is always open for review. The free sound packs are amazing and the ones you buy could be better or worse depending on perspective. The one thing I don’t like about it is that once you’ve purchased something then exit out of the soundtrack you can’t restore your purchase so I might be missing something or I’m just stupid. I would really like if one of the developers could help me out here. I just read some of the reviews and saw that 2yrs ago someone had the same problem I did so where is the restore purchases page and by restore I mean get rid of the sound packs and get my money back because I bought one and realized it was the wrong one. If you could reply pls do ASAP. But this is still an amazing app and I would recommend people to download it. 20/10. Other than my bug it’s amazing so much appreciated developers for all you’ve done for this app.
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7 years ago, Filter_Emphasis
Needs bluetooth MIDI desperately
With all the great feature updates launchpad has had, it is becoming a strong contender for center spot in my live rig, however poor MIDI outboard control options when coupled with the loss of digital audio (it's one or the other with Apple IOS) are holding this app back from live greatness. Everyone including the developers know that getting Live digital audio out of a iPad cannot be done if you want to plug a MIDI controller into the iPad. So if like me you plug a launchpad MIDI controller into the iPad to bring the Launchpad app outboard in a fantastic way, the big sacrifice is audio quality, as you are forced by Apple to use the headphone socket as your audio source for integrating the live output of Launchpad into a mix with other instruments. Now this developer already provides Bluetooth MIDI for one of their other apps, so it's not as if they don't know how to do it! My dream is to connect my Launchpad MIDI controller to the iPad via Bluetooth, use it to play the Launchpad app and get back the digital audio output the iPad offers. There are 3rd party Bluetooth dongles on the market that could make this connection tomorrow if this developer brings Bluetooth Midi support into Launchpad. I want to use this app a lot more as it continuously evolves in good ways but the lack of bluetooth is a show stopper as i won't sacrifice audio quality live.
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6 years ago, robungar
Fantastic app but...
Unless I’m missing something, there’s still no way to move projects between different iOS devices. In other words, there’s no way to start working on my iPhone and then pick up on my iPad. This app desperately needs iCloud syncing. I can bounce a project from Wave to Launchpad but somehow can’t go from Launchpad to Launchpad. Also, the store navigation experiences are completely different among Launchpad, Wave, and Groovebox. Things like the menu and store should be unified across all three apps. Also, there needs to be integration between Groovebox and Launchpad and Wave. Currently, my work is siloed in Groovebox. Lastly, for playing back recordings in Launchpad, it desperately needs background audio playback and precise standardized playback controls - pause, fast forward, rewind, etc. Right now, if I close the screen or move to another app during playback of my recordings, it completely stops the song and I have to restart it from the beginning. It’s extremely frustrating when I’m trying to listen to what I just did and have to constantly restart from the beginning of the track.
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1 year ago, iona 6
Makes me sign in every time I want to browse the store
This never used to happen in Launchpad and does not happen with the other Ampify iOS apps. Love all these apps, have a Launchkey Mini Mk2, and we even bought a Focusrite USB audio interface. So, loyal customer--but sign in to look at the store is annoying. (Frankly I preferred the old project browser, too and feel it was easier to use and keep track of my projects separate from the loop packs.) ETA With all the (constant) redesigns and updates to this app, which killed many of my saved projects, WHY is it impossible to see the NAME of the SOUNDPACK to which a LOOP belongs, using the less-than helpful search function? WHY is this information apparently not available to the user? If this function exists, WHERE IS IT?!? Do I really have to examine the bass or drum section of EVERY SINGLE SOUNDPACK IN MY LIBRARY to find the name and thus identify the origin of a loop I am looking for?!?! (YES) Can't search by loop name in the store, either. The next time you're updating, FIX. THIS. AND: why do the pad selections DISAPPEAR when you hit stop? How are you supposed to make considered selections when the app wipes the work as you go along. (SCREEN SHOTS!)
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12 months ago, happyhouse111
Favorite Dj App
Keep it up LAUNCHPAD I truly love this app. I use it almost every day and it has calmed many of my storms. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn edm mixing at your own speed. It is intuitive and easy to use. I am getting pretty good and may end up using my mixes for open mic nights here locally. I love the electro mind bending sounds and overall the whole experience. This app is very intuitive and easy to use. I love it personally and have been using it and watching it evolve over the last 7 years. I cant wait for more sound packs to upload on the server because new sounds make me smile! Thank you LaunchPad and the makers of this application, it has truly sparked my dream to pursue music and a career in that department. Much love! I am excited to see what else you produce, maybe some collaboration with mainstream dubstep and bass artists. More premium sound packs per month I love love love this app! More sound flangers pleaaase!!!
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11 months ago, Snuffy76
Still blown away…..!
I’m a semi-professional musician with a music degree and a studio room with a full DAW, etc. I started using Launchpad a couple of years ago as a way to unwind and import Splice loops, and avoid the hassle of booting everything up in my music room. I’m STILL blown away by the ease of this app and decided it was time to mention it in a review! Everything is top notch in this app, and the algorithms to transpose and change tempo on loops is unsurpassed. The app is powerful, smooth, easy to use, and well supported. SO much fun! Small ask: ability to duplicate a current song? I like to use similar loops when I’m experimenting, and would be nice to start from a familiar template of loops in my library. Large ask: I know it’s been mentioned, but would be nice to have a sequencer to use drum hits. I appreciate though that this app isn’t supposed to be a literal DAW though and has to draw the line somewhere. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, is it here?
I didn’t think this app was gonna be this amazing!!!! Along with blocs wave and Groovebox and a couple other apps along with my launchpad using a focusrite itrack dock for my audio interface and the possibilities are endless. I can design almost any sound I want now, sorry not much need to buy your sound packs anymore even tho I still get em sometimes for a few newer sounds. I’m really just starting to touch the surface of what it does. Tomorrow I have a volca sample coming in that I’m hoping I can integrate into this setup. It has midi sync so we’ll see. Buy the pro versions of their apps and a little hardware and almost no use for a DAW anymore. Super impressed!!!! Oh yeah. So a way to automate key changes would be awesome too and more than just the minor scale. Every time I update a sound from Blocs Wave to launchpad, Launchpad stops responding.
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5 years ago, FilteredArt
The Most Amazing App Ever....Until it crashes
Launchpad is a very important part of my production workflow but the crashing during recording is starting to frustrate me. I have a high end 2 gen iPad Pro 12.9”. I can handle multiple hardcore apps at the same time with no issue but Launchpad crashes every other session while recording. I have lost multiple perfect sessions due to this. You all need to do one of two things, preferably both. Add a saving option so you can come back to the same point in your project or, better yet, add a timeline that we can record directly to with a save option. And before anyone yells at me about how “that’s not the point of Launchpad”, why not. I love this app, please fix this. One more thing, the entire app does not crash, just sound output. Once it crashes the app is still running but sound is no longer present. Meters move, everything works, just no sound and that is where the recording ends.
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I’m able to make so many different beats!!!! It’s awesome because you press something at the top and you could change the beats! I am so grateful for this game❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ this is the most awesome music game ever I was like mom you you like this game don’t you? And she said “this is no game this is a DJ app!” My mom likes this up too I was searching for music games I am obsessed with music all of the music apps were stupid but this game😱😱😱😱😱😱❤️❤️❤️❤️😎😎😎👑👑👑 oh my goodness I make the craziest beats ever thank you so much for this game. I gave this game five stars even though I should give it 10 stars but it doesn’t give me the option to do that that’s how much I love this game launchpad is the best DJ app ever!!!!! This game should be famous! Super duper famous pls make more awesome music games like this I was just on your DJ app! Again thank you so much for this DJ app
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7 years ago, B-dub1111
One Thing Missing
Launchpad is a great app, one of my personal favorites. There is no better app that I’ve ever seen for playing back existing tracks broken down into loops and remixing them with effects. I love the fact that we can import our own loops that’s what makes it the most usable app. It is an app of endless possibilities and satisfying results. The one thing missing however came with the update today which is the labels on each pad. Unless there is a way to turn the labels back on in which I am missing, I see this is a step backwards, although I do like the design. I cannot remember which sample is on every pad and without the labels it makes it difficult especially when playing unfamiliar kits.
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7 years ago, avmarko
Update fixed export bug from Blocs Wave
Great fix, adjusting to the new layout but all in all this is easily one of the best initially free apps for sketching out sound/song ideas. The in app purchases are typically a good buy and you can preview much of the sounds in the packs. The effects are very good, some are brilliantly realized. I applaud Novation and Ampify for creating such a deep, immersive app for everyone.....Free! The response to my inquiry into a bug with the update was addressed very quickly and within a a few days they had fixed the bug, so kudos to the app support team for their acknowledgement of the bug and their response time! Indispensable as a tool in my studio and the audio import feature is beautifully streamlined, useful and awesome! Great job!
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5 years ago, HueyMadeMeDoIt
This app and it’s sister apps are truly amazing, is there anyway to change them from minor to major, or are we stuck with sad minor keys. Believe you me, I LOVE minor scales I have all my musical life, but there comes a time where the major sets a completely different tone. I would give this app 5 stars, but without major keys or the many variants that exist in the world of music. I cannot give complete support to them anymore. I love making music with your apps, and yes there are many time where the keys don’t really matter as far as making high energy “happy music”. Please maybe see if you fantastic men and women can give it a shot!!! I love you work and it’s made me a better musician even when I thought music was over and done in my life. I’ve given up a lot for my musical dreams, foolishly at times, so would you make it happen for all of us who enjoy your app.... Or if I’m that air headed could you please redirect me to what I should be doing? Maybe there’s something I over looked. I’ll try my own methods of changing the keys for now, but having that power within your app would give me the JUICE I’ve been looking for. I think the people who listen to my music would appreciate it too. Right now my work sounds like Mozart just before he di3d....not too fun eh?
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5 years ago, ...::mybffs4evr::...
First, thanks to the developers and loop makers, you make a composers life so much easier. It is easy to not only generate ideas, but build compositions that are deep and theatrical. Second, my biggest wish is for more environmental and subtle orchestral loops. Other than that, you will not find a better or more versatile loop music creation app anywhere. The ability to move loops between sets you have onboard or have created ( can do that) means I can customize any set anytime. I have scored both TV shows and movies with this app and it constantly exceeds my expectations as a creator, composer, and musician. Build off this app with a decent keyboard, guitar, or other instruments and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish in production.
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4 years ago, prymiads
I love this game but I have some update ideas
Hello I have some update ideas. These really don’t matter I think but who knows if you read this or not. So really about the music packs I have Idea for it when you get it so I feel like me and some people would like it if it would tell us what sounds you used like what we heard in the sound pack. And my last idea for the lines. So here it is could we titles ares like work music and others and like there is a alert 🚨 if it notices we are changing it and like there is answers like go on or leave it the same cause one time I changed my that was my relaxing to hard time rock. So those are my ideas thanks for listening If you are reading this
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6 years ago, DJChill85
Been here since day 1
I’ve been using launchpad since the early days when I got my first iPad, I have to say it’s the best music app on the App Store. Initially I was able to put it down just due to the lack of features I felt that kept me engaged, but now with the addition of audio import and it working with blocs wave as well as their incredible, and extensive library of handcrafted loop’s a clear cut above the rest. I do wish there was a bigger board outside of a 6x6, as well as the limitation of having to play a specific loop for each row or it will turn off the other in that row, but maybe someday soon, it’s not a big enough pain for me to mark it down. Must have for any music enthusiast.
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5 years ago, EdgeLourde
This app is amazing! It’s fun, easy to use, and has a multitude of sound packs for users to purchase; many of which I have bought myself. Now, I recently got an iPad and re-downloaded the app and previously purchased sound packs, everything working smoothly. Then comes my one and only issue with this app. There is no way to transfer previously made songs to new devices. In my opinion, an email account system would be nice to allow the transfer of all app data, including songs, to new devices. Other than that, I have absolutely no issues with this fantastic launchpad app, which has allowed me and many others to explore the magic of music! 🎶
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9 months ago, ":"
Love it but please consider these features
Like the title says, I love this app so much. The only thing I want to see is the ability to edit after a track is recorded, adjusting levels/adding effects and whatnot. Also… PLEASE add a pause button. I have so many distractions in my day to day and sometimes don’t have a full song length before getting interrupted but would love to be able to pause. *back to the after editing part — I like to just feel it out but occasionally you’ll be into a mix and mess up a little part. It’d be great to be able to correct those for recordings. Even without the changes… love this app
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2 years ago, uhygubefsbefufshe
Amazing but a few suggestions…
With launch pad you only get 1 kit if you don’t want to spend money, with a lot of apps they make it trashy so you spend money but not launch pad. The kit that they give you is very good, it has many options that you can use. Although the kit is good it’s not good enough to produce music. I got this originally to play around with but there’s not every instrument. In the first kit you get it has about 2-4 sound effects, maybe 4 instruments total. Bass, drums, something, something. I would recommend this to play around with for fun but not to produce music. But I guess this is what you get for a free app.
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5 years ago, ÄV3?Ø
Love the app! However it comes at a price, literally
I’ve been on this app for a while now and made some music with it. However it’s limited to a couple of sound packs when you start off. Yes, there are free packs in the store, but there are only three currently as of writing this review. In my opinion I think in order to enjoy this app fully you have to purchase sound packs or additional add-ons. However this issue can be resolved by having free sound packs every month or so because 1. Some people on this app are young and probably don’t have any iTunes or money to spend on this app. 2. It’ll be cool for people who make music regularly and may want to spice things up with a new and free sound pack. Other than that, I love this app!
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2 years ago, whriter183618461946
Rates 10 out of 10!
I love this app, there are no ads, professional performance and tons of pallets to choose from. The one bad thing about it is that you have to get a membership for most of the pallet’s. although they are good deals, you still have to pay. It also has automatic transfers so whenever you press on a different tab on the pallet in the same line it times it so that it sounds professional. And to the developers, you should make it so that two people on different devices can make music you should also make it possible upload the music or beat’s that people make.
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5 years ago, ojawn
Love the App (minor suggestions)
I've been using Launchpad for years and it's become my secret weapon. So much that I hardly tell people I'm using it to make full tracks. However, my only wish is that some time in the nearest future it becomes possible to edit each pad. Things like being able to switch the note of an individual melody or drum, or even the tempo of some of the instruments. I think this fine tuning capability would really kick Launchpad up another notch. Will continue to use Launchpad regardless but as a person without full access to a DAW setup and program, I'd love to be able to get as close as possible in the meantime. Keep it up!!!
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8 months ago, Benjamin.P.
Be a DJ super easy
Ok so I’m not great at sitting down at a computer with a digital audio program and develop a grand idea while following through on it. I just know what sounds good. This app let’s you just mess with the premade packs. Don’t worry about wondering if someone will hear them and call you out; they won’t. And if they do, they’re also a music maker as no one cares about paid assets like that except those using them themselves. So grab it on a phone, have fun, get good with it, and just bring your phone. You’ll be able to jump in and create something for a party that is made live right there.
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4 years ago, dwnjdnwx
Needs list of everything about like everything
This game might need a fix on deleting things I recording because when I touch delete on the side my screen is just frozen like all the time I’ve tried 7 times today and still it may be because I’m not using delete right or it needs a fix also when I deleted the app and got it back did not work but the game is still a great work on and it has made me get into good beats and anything with it goes good with the buttons. 😀This game also needs a way that people can send songs to other people like in music the app
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3 years ago, vesbal
Give more music 🎶
I like the game but it gets boring after a while and sometimes gives you and others a headache 🤕 it used to be my favorite game but sorry my favorite game is now among us go check it out on the App Store. If you guys (or girls) give more music 🎵 i will play it but for now I don’t want to see it on my iPad again. I wanted the makers of the game to please make more free music and add so people can sing 🎤 on it but you don’t have to do the singing one this is an update on the review. P.S. thank you for the update on the game! So I’m back and I liked the update it’s nice 👍🏻 good job this is the last time I’m going to be on my review so thank you bye 😃😺 👁👄👁
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4 years ago, TEMPTxNOVA
Best Music App in Store Hands Down!
I really don’t know why this app isn’t #1 on the Apple store. Loops that can be altered and moved onto another sound loop with key adjusting and recording with publishing is definitely worth the download trust me and everyone else on this! I’ve ran into ZERO bugs and and created amazing songs that I jam out to! All the sounds in every pack comes with something unique and I love it. I love how you can mash sounds together in different sounds and slap some reverb on it too! You also have the option to input your own audio! Comes with a small price but it’s totally worth it! You have my 5 star review and now go write yours!!!
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7 years ago, 🔒
Total Rubbish!
I purchased the “audio import” feature thinking it would do what it claims – I was sorely mistaken. The app continually locks up when trying to import any of my sounds which essentially makes it useless. It’s also very disappointing that upon submitting a support ticket to Novation I only receive a canned response with irrelevant faq links two days later. Apparently I’ll have to contact Apple in order to get the money back I paid for this complete piece of crap! EDIT: In regards to the developer response; It was too much trouble going through all the hoops and confusing support process so Apple refunded my money. Honestly I don’t like apps with fake reviews and inflated five star ratings. Judging by the real ones this app would barely be 3/5. Maybe instead of paying for bogus reviews work on the product that customers are deceived into paying for and not getting.
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6 years ago, jiffy church
This app is simple easy to use. But there are tons of fun fun sounds to put into your music. And it would be hard for me to pick a favorite sound pack. Maybe drum and bass. there are so many sound packs that cost money, why not make some of those free? Now I do completely understand that you are a company and a company does need to get paid, but just a few of those to be free would be nice. I have lots of music apps, and this one is my favorite. And I have checked out your other apps. I really liked groove box, but I wasn’t a big of blocs wave. But really do love you company and would like to see you make more amazing things!
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2 years ago, katelyndrae
since Novation took over
from Ampify, i’d have to say i’m extremely disappointed. ive used launchpad for several years now. but so far, since novation took over, i’ve noticed the packs are sub par in comparison to when Ampify owned Launchpad. i’m not sure why, maybe there’s a different team? idk. also to edit a pad takes way too long to load. i used to use this app with one other app, now i find myself using 4 and back in the app store looking for a replacement altogether. after being happy with this app until recently, i’m kind of sad about it. the genres of the latest packs… what? the packs sound childish. they sound awful, just awful. i’m not making ringtones… i’m trying to make actual tracks. paying $10 a month for this, idk anymore.
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4 years ago, icedragon0790
I might now know what to be when I grow up!
I. LOVE. this. Game!!!!!!!!! So I’m young and all my life I wondered what to be when I grew up, like most kids my age, I never tried being D. J but i got this game today because my friend told me about it and I am obsessed I have so many recordings. I forgot to charge my headphones so it kinda annoys my dad because he’s working at home now so like, yeah. But I like it and my dad doesn’t complain because he knows I’m having a good time trying out knew rythems. Bye music class! Hello D.J’s. AND ALL THE PARENTS OUT THERE SAYING “ BEING A DJ IS A WASTE. GET A REAL JOB!” JUST HE HAPPY YOUR KIDS ARE HAPPY AND WEALTHY AND NOT DRUG DEALERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Please no one be a drug dealer. I’m over reacting again. Just great game!
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7 years ago, InkJetFuel
All Novation apps are ill...
...and I can't wait to try out your hardware next. Shot out to Dibia$e. I really only have one request: Please, (please, please), allow all of 'em, esp. Launchpad & Blocs Wave, to sync projects across all my iOS devices, (via wifi, bluetooth, LTE whatever)—in the background. Spending gobs of time setting up my joints on my iPhone while running around the city... and then having it all show up on my iPad when I perform that night, would be theeeee' killer feature. Better than the next 10 sound packs combined ;) Thanks Novation.. now back to the beats! PS. A Launchpad trigger system for stage vocalist on the Apple Watch would be crazy ✨🔓👀
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4 years ago, xxxFORSAKEN1xxx
I’ve been using this app for 6 years. The sound packs are so unique and creative that you get so much more than just what your looking for. Customizing your own pack using different samples is a breeze. The sound packs are way ahead of their time and you can literally generate song ideas from the first bar of these riffs. Worth every single penny and very inexpensive. No problems with syncing right into garageband. No ads no bugs. Honestly my favorite app. Extremely user friendly, I’ve made so much music with this app I could go on all day and I literally hate just about every music app out there.
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7 years ago, justMW
Great app but missing export features (Ableton)
Update: love the new update but missing a “pro” version. Honestly love the look and feel of the new app and love how it works with blockswave & Groovebox. I just wish there was a “pro” version where you could dive a little deeper into midi editing or song arrangement / recoding. Please do this. Great app and even better along with the other notation apps, which are total gems! Deducted one star because it seems to have very limited export options, don’t see an Ableton export option. Would love to see a few more pro features like that added, but it’s def a keeper in the iPad arsenal.
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4 years ago, Strizbiz
Please add feature that exports separate stems
Ok, it’s a great app, can’t really argue with how much it does for free, but I would gladly pay for all the iap features like I did for Blocs Wave and Groovebox, if Lauchpad could export the performances to separate audio files for each track, so I can mix it in a Daw either on my IPad or MacBook Pro to polish it and get it sounding as good as possible. I know this app isn’t really aimed at pro users as far a audio production goes but exporting stem would attract more users, and also the same level of interaction with Groovebox that exist with Blocs Wave would be great. I would love to simply import my projects from Groovebox, or send them from Groovebox to Launchpad, either way would be great.
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6 years ago, wizman228
Something very wrong
I am having a hell of a time getting the app to load at all. I select it and try to open only to have it go to the icon over and over. it just won't open and after many tries it works. Only to have it not open next time I visit the app. I think this all started after an the most current update and/or after buying the new flanger fx. I don't want to rate it down because I love this app and use it all the time but right now something is very wrong. Same problem for me as soon as I loaded latest update. App won’t open on iPad or iPhone
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4 years ago, Satanic Fanatic
Great sound pack(s) meh effects
Overall Some cool sounds, but really too simple and the effects are just some Gates and loops. Great for playing around with I guess not much else. However the free cataclysm sound pack was pretty awesome, most apps like this don’t go as hard as that did. Felt like I was making a Soundtrack for the game doom or something. That alone was worth the download and 3 stars. Some of the features that they are charging for should probably be free if they want people to invest in a sound pack. Was hoping for some kind of integration with GarageBand or fruity loops but I guess it only does ableton live apps? This is so basic that if your using ableton live I don’t see the need for it.
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4 years ago, Shaddow Storm
Love it, but suggestion
I’ve been using this app since it was was first released and I absolutely love the whole thing so much! That being said, I do have an idea for an improvement, I think you should add a button to switch projects during live play, the launchpad has the capability if the software supports it. If I could change from one set to another with the push of a button it would help a lot with fading into the next track during live performances using the app. Just an idea, I love the program, and I’m a big fan of your instruments as well!
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6 years ago, None better on the App Store.
There is none better on the App Store than Novation!
I have purchased every loop based app on the App Store and find that Launchpad coupled with Blocks Wave is the best bargain, bar none. I am an accredited music producer, who feels the ability to modify, then export entire songs worth of phrases is a tremendous advantage. Especially considering most packs are only a dollar or two. I wish I could share my most recent production using these products in this post to showcase the professional quality achieved with an iPad, an app and a few hours of my time. Keep nailing it Novation! You have a fan for life!
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7 years ago, DJ meowmixx
WHY?! Loved launchpad used it all the time-BUT- Hate new version
You guys had a great thing and then you had to go and mess jt up! The new interphase blows, you are taking the ability to customize away! Are you trying to move to a more game oriented app? I used this app all the time when not in studio, with live. You ruined a good thing- very disappointed. Why is there no way to go to the old user layout? Why cant I set up my grid how I want to easily anymore. Who's great idea was this. The app was so intuitive, easy to use, with depth and flexibility. So sad novation. You guys make great hardware. Amplify you guys s ck.
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4 years ago, Thomas4040sixsix
Very Super Cool
I love this music board apps and I like all music beats and all the music buttons are totally super cool and very Awesome looking and like how you can mix the music up with different music beats and different drumming music beats and I totally like all the colored graphics and also all the other music sounds and the different music voices and different drumming music beats and I like and enjoy the whole music board apps and I hope you guys and your company can create and make more music boards for the musical professionals that are out there making and creating more music
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8 months ago, TONYGUNK1337
i'm mad
ive been using this app since 2021 and have bought over 20-40$ of packs. and now i cant use any because its hidden behind a subscription???? the only reason this app was worth it is because it was mostly free and didn't push a subscription on you. now all that money spent over the years means nothing?? so I'm being forced to spend 50$ a year now??? i understand if the company isn't making enough money so you have to do a subscription. but if not then why?????
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7 years ago, Vaktovian
Absolutely amazing
I never write reviews, that alone should be testament to the fact that I love this app so much. I have so much respect for the creators, it seems like every app nowadays wants to shove an ad down your throat every five seconds. In the good hour I was messing around with it, I didn't see a single one. Several sound packs are free and the ones that aren't are very reasonably priced. It's high quality audio, there's a very handy "tips" page to help you get started, and it's extremely fun making a beat of your own. Five stars, you guys are awesome.
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6 years ago, Scamper the partypenguin
Launch ur sound
This is by far one of the best apps I have come across and is the first music app I have found that fits me. I'm not a cheap person but I would not of purchased anything from an app until I found launchpad, thank you all who put this together I can't wait to see what your next mods will be. One suggestion we'll more fin a hopeful question, a touchpad box for the effects so that your moving inside the box changes the x and y parimter and one or multi tap on a section to hold/release/ set depth or speed.? That would rock as an all in one app with featuring basically a split screen chaos pad,
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7 years ago, Wheelchair 413
Freaking amazing
I love the iPad version of this application I am a aspiring DJ/Producer myself so the app for the phone is really good for me because I can bring my music with me everywhere I go because I have ideas going through my head constantly so if I'm on the road I can make something up real quick and I can post it to my Soundcloud right then and there which is really good because I'm signed to a record label and if they want something done right away I can do that and email it to them right then and there so this is really really good
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5 months ago, Puff The Magic Dj
Has Everything
I’ve been looking for an app like this forever that is legit and worth the premium price, heck I loved the free version and after just a few hours of using it I wanted to expand to other genres and these full songs are absolutely incredible, has given me such a valuable songwriting tool, I will recommend to my musician friends who can’t always have a full band around when they want to write, awesome app guys or gals keep up the good work !! Signed, a very happy John C from Kentucky
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2 years ago, Take-Exit-3
Best music making app available
I’ve tried every music making app around (from free to expensive) and this is by far the best one on the market. I’m not super hi-tech so I really appreciate how easy it is to use, but it also has the best sound samples anywhere, so it’s a win all around. I’ve created songs on here that I listen to all the time. I absolutely love this app, thank you for making it! Currently my favorite hobby and is what keeps me going during these difficult times.
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6 years ago, Oshawat
Great app good job
This app is the closest thing most people have to an actual launchpad brilliant job though i have a suggestion since this app ties into blocs wave could you add a feature to blocs wave where you can copy actual launchpad projects made by people like MDK or KASKOBI into blocs wave so people who don’t have enough money to buy a launchpad or the equipment to import the sounds they used can play the projects they have created gonna say once again great job novation hope it’s possible to add the feature that I mentioned keep up the good work
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4 years ago, D.K.Freedom
“!!!!! I’m Definitely In Love With This App!!!!!”
(“!!!!!Holy Marry Mother Of All Might God!!!!!”)... I Am Most Undeniably So Loving This Music App I Have Been Up All Night Playing The Music That I’ve Been Making Myself Just Jamming To The Many Different Styles Of Sweet Melodies With This Be Your Own D.J And Make Your Very Own Trap Music 🎵 Has Captured My Attention In Such A Extremely Entertaining Aspect, In Which No Other App I’ve Downloaded Ever Did! I Bow My Knee In Aw To The Developer’s Ingenious Creation Of This Greatly Appreciated Music App’s Making.💯🎶❤️😎👍😁❤️🎶💯. Great Work On Developing This App Can’t Wait To See What’s Next Great Work Indeed.💯👍💯
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6 years ago, Myles Koontz
Love it but
I love this app. I am not a successful producer, at all, but this app is awesome. The loops and synths are great. I only would like it if you made it free to import sounds. I work with GarageBand to make some of my songs, and I would love to be able to import things I’ve made. I understand you have to make money somehow, but just giving you some feedback. Otherwise, great music app. I’ve made 2 songs using this, and from peoples responses to them, they’re way better than my GarageBand songs, so you beat apple, and that’s an achievement! 👍
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