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User Reviews for LawnStarter

4.59 out of 5
11.5K Ratings
4 years ago, Jeremiah360
Just want the job done
Having respiratory problem, I think Lawnstarter is a good service if you choose to use it. I am not picky about my lawn, just want basic mow, edge, and lawn waste removal from them. First time, lawn waste was put in my trash can. This is not authorized in my subdivision. I notified the app. The guy promised to come back and remove it from my trash can. I ended up doing that myself. Didn’t want to pay a fine for that. We have a certain day once weekly the city picks up lawn waste in my neighborhood. Since then, had different guys. Always come when they say they will and always let me know if date needs changing due to inclement weather. They have done what I required. Yes, they do send quotes for other things but you don’t have to accept unless you want to. I can cut my own hedges, may not look good but I can. I don’t want to know these guys on a personal basis. Don’t want them to know or meet me. I prefer not to be home when they come. They may have a shady background, who knows? Feel safe as houses are very close in my neighborhood. Security cameras and all. No need to open or close gates or have a dog issue.
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2 years ago, Beth0710
Bad service
2 years ago I moved into a new home and needed to find a good, reliable lawn service. Their reviews were good so I tried it. The first guy came out was a young kid by himself, there was no “crew”, however he did do a good job. Then I was notified that he was no longer with the service and I would get someone new coming to the house. The next guy that came again was by himself. I paid extra for him to weed and remove the grass from my flower beds. When I came home to inspect the lawn, the flower beds hadn’t been touched. He removed the trash but didn’t weed or remove grass! I complained to the company, they apologized and said they would look into the situation. After that their service was sporadic, they would come out for multiple weeks at a time and their reason was “weather related” because it had or was expected to rain on the day they were scheduled to come. Meanwhile my neighbors lawn men were outside cutting their lawns. And they wouldn’t reschedule for the next day, they wouldn’t come out for another 2 weeks! The last time they had to “reschedule “ my service I decided to cancel my subscription, and even that was difficult because they hold you to a minimum of 4 lawn services before you can cancel (I wonder why). Luckily I had received 4 services from them but I had to explain that and show evidence to the fact! They finally agreed to cancel my service and I have since hired a RELIABLE lawn service.
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5 years ago, CleanBoo
Worst service I’ve ever endured
I don’t even know where to start...I signed up for weekly service. The first time they came out the crew didn’t finish edging due to “equipment failure.” He said he’d come back the next day to finish and never showed. I figured not a big deal I have weekly service and he’ll be back in six days...16 days and an ungodly number of emails later, someone finally shows up at 6:30pm. He didn’t bring a bag even though they said he would bag my 13in grass clippings (which they tried to charge me $15 for), his mower didn’t work and he had to use mine and he obviously couldn’t finish because he ran out of daylight. I cleaned the grass clippings off the driveway and sidewalk myself. He did, to his credit, come back the next afternoon to finish, but had to edge by hand because his trimmer didn’t work. You can imagine how that looks. Their solution was a $15 credit towards my service...that’s not even a dollar a day between service dates and it’s most certainly not adequate for the level of service I received. And through all of this I don’t think I communicated with the same person twice. There is zero internal communication on their end when it comes to customer issues and accounts. And the app is unusable. Clunky, redundant and clearly no one pays any attention the the information they ask you to provide (except for payment information). @#^% LawnStarter! P.S. I have NEVER left a bad review online until this encounter.
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5 years ago, Sweetbiella
Your App can be annoying
I requested to pause the subscription in December thinking that was only for the lawn mowing. But when my subscription got paused, my pending job requests (acorn removal) and pending quote requests (tree trimming) also disappeared and was confused as to why. Other than lawn mowing, other services would still be needed in fall/winter months so I don’t understand why pausing a subscription pauses everything else. I then Re-requested the acorn removal and it showed my quote was pending for April 2020? But I wanted the removal for December or January. Your app should at least give that option and not assume pausing subscription pauses everything! I emailed your company to change my quote date and got a response they’ll check with a crew but haven’t heard anything further. It still shows quote pending for April 2020. Also it would be nice if I can see a history of my conversation with your customer service when they respond via email so I know what my original request looked like. Another feedback regarding your app is when I receive a response from your crew when they don’t show up for that day’s service and attempt to reply later on in the day, it blocks me and says that isn’t my current assigned crew. I don’t want to respond to a whole different crew who has no idea what my request was for. I had services cancelled 4 different times.
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2 years ago, gem college park
Horrible service very disappointed
I have use the service for over two years because I started traveling after Covid for 6 to 7 months at a time out of country I use the by monthly mowing service for the front and back yards originally it was $40 every service twice a month now it is $50 that’s a 20% increase with no warning whatsoever the first provider they gave me was OK and I can reach him easily through the service the second provider is hard to reach and is hit or miss at best he sometimes doesn’t shop for weeks sometimes he edges but most the time he doesn’t in general I have not been pleased with the second provider at all I just got back 10 days ago I skipped the service due to the hurricane I went out to mow my own lawn today and it took two ion batteries and I only got halfway through the lawn the grass was 5 inches high and the grass underneath was dead when I finally got through it they killed my front yard and the whole place looks horrible and this is for $100 a month I’m terribly disappointed
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3 years ago, latinvixen
Avoid using this service unless you like pain
I have had lawn people come and go and finding a good lawn service can be a challenge. I decided to try an app that would make it easier for me to order the services I needed but this is where the nightmare started. This service is like an Uber for lawn companies, so you will cycle through a lot of bad before you find anyone decent. After your lawn has been cut to almost the roots and flower beds trashed simply because people are too lazy to do their job you may find one decent company or individual that does a good job. Granted that took about 6 people in the span of a month which was ridiculous. But the kicker comes when you want to add services such as weeding, let me tell you that the lack of control here is really disappointing. You can’t cancel, change the date or even get an accurate quote unless you file a trouble ticket. For an app that likes to boast about making your life better it’s just headache inducing which is really unnecessary. The app makes sure to “warn” (I am putting it lightly) any of the lawn people not to discuss any extra services done to the lawn outside the app, along with potentially dropping the app all together. So avoid like the plague it’s not worth it. Best to stick to local reviews for lawn people/companies and go from there.
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11 months ago, Shah2122
Very unprofessional company! Highly recommend not using them!
I signed up for the service thinking it would be easy and straight forward but no it wasn’t. I had a job scheduled but the crew canceled it so they rescheduled for another day, and they never showed up. I tried to call customer service but there’s no number I could find to contact them, just email so emailed them and all I got some automated message from them. I really needed to get my yard trim so I did it myself. And 3 days later without notice they came and trimmed my yard that didn’t need to be cut. They didn’t even complete the whole yard just left half of it unfinished. I complained again and all they said was we will give you $15 off the service which I didn’t need. After that the crew charged me a “long grass” fee for $56 which is ridiculous because I had cut my grass 3 days ago and it was not even long. I will never use them again and will steer people from using them!
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4 days ago, ddewz
If I could give it a zero star I would. If You get the right contractor it may be fine. This is an app to make money off of connecting contractors with clients. The people at the app itself are OK but they will contract with anyone willing to do a job. It’s a nice idea because you want to save some money but when the contractor comes out and does extremely unprofessional job, doesn’t do any trimming at the edges, leaves large patches of overgrown grass, and then runs over your power cord for your power washer and then says nothing to make it right you will regret your decision to sign up for this app. They Shredded the power cord for my power washer, left pieces on the front step basically giving evidence that they knew they did it then left. They did a horrible job at actually mowing the lawn plus severely damaged my brand new power washer. The company (lawn starter) offered me $20 to replace the cord which is ridiculous, given that you can’t just buy a new cord and plug it in. for something that was supposed to save me time this has cost me time and money. I highly recommend against doing business with these jokers. both times I had them come out. They did a horrible job at Moeller lawn. They also didn’t reimburse me for the cost of paying the contractors to mow.
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3 years ago, Another Disillusioned Player
Horrible customer service and communication
I had service for almost 2 years. At first it was great. In early 2021, my normal crew was missing lots of cuts and my yard was a wreck. LawnStarter transferred me to a new crew. The first cut was great and I even set up extra services - spraying - with the new crew. They suggested a flower bed, but after discussion of the chemicals used and vegetables sharing that bed, we agreed for the lawn area only at the same quote. LawnStarter then transferred my crew again... without any of the communications about where to spray. So I got a great mow... but my vegetables were sprayed and my yard wasn’t. I reported the issue to LawnStarter and they offered no resolution and maintained the charge - despite sending screenshots of the full communication about the spraying with the first crew and second crew confirming the approved area wasn’t sprayed. They then cancelled my services (I already had online)... but sent a screenshot of where they cancelled another customer’s services instead. I am contesting the charge for spraying with my bank and have cancelled all services with LawnStarter. The last month has just been a comedy of errors. LawnStarter has terrible communication and customer service. Instead of having this horrible middleman muck up your lawn care, engage a local crew directly.
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2 months ago, vic9725
Fine for awhile but then they damaged our truck and keep ghosting us
I used LawnStarter for years. They were fine for the most part. A month or so ago they caused damage to our car and now the mowers keep ghosting us. This doesn’t stop them from charging us still though. And LawnStarter keeps to send the same mower who caused the problem to try to show up to mow our now very overgrown lawn. They won’t pay for any HoA fines incurred from their repeated no shows either. Customer service has been directed to obfuscate and make things very tedious. You have to submit one type of claim to one department and another type to another department. So the damage to the car goes in one report, reimbursements for no shows goes to another. Edit after they reached out to me: Your company already absolved itself of all responsibilities in reimbursing me because I didn’t report in the exact right channels in the amount of days you required. I have multiple phone calls and messages essentially saying since I was a couple days late in reporting that you won’t reimburse over 500 dollars of damage or your contractors no showing or long grass fees or fines because of the no show.
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1 month ago, Raeznbrann
Crooks and Fleecers
I was really optimistic and excited about this service. My first Lawn “pro” showed up on the first cut did a great job and I rated him highly on the second cut. He didn’t show up at all after asking me to take our business off app. I got a new Lawn “pro” after waiting three days on the no-show. This guy also didn’t show up and then blocked me as a client without so much as a word at this point I was two weeks overdue on my grass which means it’s now 9 inches long and I’ll be charged extra to get it cut elsewhere so I tired ONE MORE TIME. Went through support got a new Lawn “pro” and again was met with demands for more money and no-shows. Except this last guy got cute and refused to drop me a client so I would be locked into his business while simultaneously refusing to come out and cut my yard. I’m now 4 weeks overdue on my lawn care. Yard is atrocious and I’ll need to pay an exorbitant fee for the excess inches all because LawnStarter employs Crooks and Fleecers and hold them to 0 accountability. Also they won’t give you your money back even when you have generous amount of documentation of their horrid business practices. They have cost me greatly and if you value your money and time, stay far far away from LawnStarter.
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3 years ago, Nicolehurd
No one shows up, terrible customer service
This is the worst company I have ever had to deal with. I never leave reviews on anything but I feel like other people should be aware of how they operate. LawnStarter contracts out with individuals to handle the properties. The contractors are a completely separate third party. I signed up for services weeks ago and have been assigned multiple crews that never show up and never respond on the app. Customer service does absolutely nothing but argue that the best they can do is reschedule again with a new crew and just hope and pray this one will decide to do their jobs. Oh and now after it being three weeks of my yard not getting mowed, the rep I spoke to was kind enough to see if he could “try” to get the long grass fee waived .. because of their problem with their contractors refusing to show up and now my yard is overgrown and would be charged a long grass fee. My yard should now have been mowed twice at this point, which wouldn’t have ever got long if they actually showed up. The convenance of using an app for this is a facade. OneNeighbor is less expensive AND they actually show up and communicate. Choosing LawnStarter was a huge mistake that I now get to pay the HOA fees to correct.
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11 months ago, Don’t use!!!
Use another service
We opted to try to help husband and son have help in summer to mow yard, which needs to be done weekly due to summer plans. First mow experience was fine, I did see they have a 3 cut min. Which was fine. We pushed back service a couple weeks as we mowed ourselves but wanted to utilize especially around vacation weeks. We had a service set for 7/3-7/4, I kept getting messages from my crew rescheduling due to weather, then personal reason, then by 7/9 a new crew was assigned. This crew pulls up to our lawn Wed 7/12, marks that our lawn is not ready to be mowed and rescheduled it to next day, which mind you has not been mowed since 6/27 and was scheduled on 7/3 to be mowed. When they had not mowed by Thursday afternoon I called, customer service had set a one time reschedule with another new crew the next day. Come the next day no cut, Saturday 7/15 (now 12 days later) no cut I messaged crew to make sure they were planning to come today, and responded we are scheduled for tomorrow. Which at this point idk what to believe. Seems like this service needs to work on communication with crews and having crews that are more honest and trustworthy if they are going to be the app that represents them.
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2 months ago, BStephens9372
Great service from Luis Quiroz 🤩 and his helper 🤩
I would like to highly thank and recommend Luis and his helper’s services to others for an exceptional job performed on my front and back yard and roof gutters. It is especially noteworthy as Luis agreed to do the work on extremely short notice, due to my prior appointment being cancelled. Luis and his helper answered my immediate plea for help and came on Sunday, April 28. I am retired and normally cut my front yard and back yard. However, due to the recent intermittent rains and projects out of town, I was only able to maintain my front yard. The back yard grew horribly out of control with tall grass and much taller weeds. Additionally, weeds were even growing out of some areas of my roof gutters. Luis and his helper bravely accepted this challenge and performed outstanding service. My front and back yard and roof gutters are immaculate now as the cleanup was exceptional also. I cannot thank LawnStarter enough for sending me such a hardworking professional team in my moment of need. The service performed was unbelievable and I am only to happy to give such a glowing recommendation to Luis and his helper.
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3 years ago, Zoey Gao
Kept cancel the service
I am glad they reached out to us to make things better. So I changed the rate to 4 stars. ———————————————————————— No show no call for 6 weeks. Called the LawnStarter for at least 10 times. Every time they promised to find a provider soon, but no one showed up. Today, they sent an email says that I cannot find a provider and if I want to find a provider by myself let them know. Then inactivate my account directly. Frustrating experience. What’s even worse just happened today. We have disconnected our services with LawnStarter since mid-June, but today on July 4th they sent an email said their provider completed service today and couldn’t access back yard because it was locked which is completely not true. First, we have disconnected the service. Second, no service has been performed. We have security cameras. If someone here, we will know. Third, our gate was removed since last week. Please contact me!
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9 months ago, azupri
Tricked into paying a massive charge
Update: I can confirm that the developer has reached out and is working to resolve this issue. I had been using Lawnstarter for a while on and off, and it worked ok (as long as you are not picky because it’s different pros all the time and inconsistent.) Then, a month ago, a pro came for mowing, did a good job, and offered (through the app) to do a complete weeding of all my flower beds, specifying 2 hours of work, for ~$240. Given the quality of the mowing, I agreed to give it a try. Unfortunately, there was rain the next few days, which kept delaying the work. Two weeks went by, and my next mowing came around, when a different pro came by to mow, and ‘claimed’ the weeding job too (getting the $240), but unfortunately all this second pro did was spend 5 minutes with a weedwacker, leaving tons of weeds left. I would have expected Lawnstarter to give a refund for the weeding without much trouble, but after a week back and forth with their customer service, they actually claim they can’t refund me. I feel tricked and extorted.
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2 years ago, Randen Montalvo
SCAM Company Do Not Conduct Business WIth Them
Great idea shady execution. The company damaged my property which they difflect to contracting. They state they have insurance to protect the end user this is a farce its to protect them they damanged my property and wanted itmeizations depsite the company i paid to fix the gate giving them a reciept and they have proof of the transcations from my account and images of a new gate. They will do everything in your power to pay you as least as possibe or nothign in my case and this company is so bad i told them to donate the measily 300 to a homless person due to how shady they operate. Reminds me a MLM scam, this company has no moral compass and looks to red tape you to death so they can cover themsleves and target these reviews. Spend your hard working money else where and beware of this FRAUD front busienss that projects itself as having a customer service focus. Beware of the response comments folks all a dog and pony show. I hope their conscience is clear from so many people they scammed. I really hope they donate the gate repair from their contracter ramming my gates to a homless person because i have given up on getting compensated.
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1 year ago, myclark2023
This company is so scram and shady, No one should get basically what happens to me is that i set up an appointment with them and a week later no one come to cut my grass then I call they said they will send somebody right away two days later once again nobody come. I called a three times they told me to leave a message for the provider whoever supposed to come cut my grass and three days later no response. Finally after a whole month pass and I was decided to cancel the contract the guy suddenly show up at my house in front of my door started cutting half of my grass then stop went somewhere I honestly thought he went to break whatever and never came back I called to report basically he started one spot of my yard and stopped cutting my grass and never came back and made a mess all over my front yard. I told them that and said they’re gonna send somebody else at that point I was done I was like cancel my contract because first of all you’re not sending anybody to fix a mess and y’all want to charge me one more time again for it I was so angry this is such a scam.
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3 years ago, MT75201
I wish I never downloaded this app or used this service. Avoid like the palgue as crews and the customer service are awful. Both the crews I had were incredibly unreliable the first kept on skipping my scheduled services. They also starting send me texts directly on my mobile to try and get me to work with them outside the app. The second crew kept rescheduling because a "bad weather," despite it being 70-80 degrees and sunny all week. After messaging the crew, I came to find out, he was actually in Mexico, which is why the service was skipped. By this point my yard was overgrown and feral and I couldn't get a response from Lawnstarter Customer service, despite multiple attempts to reach out on the app, via email, over the phone (spent about 2 hours on hold) and leaving my number twice for callback. I ended up hiring a local guy a neighbor recommended, but randomly, 5 days later, they sent out another crew, wasting their time and mine. Honestly I feel like the only way I'm going to get out of this is to start disputing charges with my credit card company.
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2 years ago, naenaenaenae4
Misrepresentation/borderline fraudulent business model
They blame that they’re using independent contractors and hence can’t make promises on when the mower will ever come. Well, that’s misrepresenting your business isn’t it if you’re saying they’ll come in a 2 day window (which is already absurd). I made my first appointment for this Monday. They unilaterally “cancel” without notifying me, then set up a new window for Tuesday to Wednesday. I message the lawn team assigned and they say “I’m not coming within those days.” I call and Lawnstarter say they have no handle on the situation. Now it’s been canceled and a new date period of Thursday-Friday shows up - AGAIN, with no notice, no apologies, no explanations. No weather conditions or other circumstances were at issue. Don’t blame independent contractors when that’s really YOUR problem, not the customers. You made this site based on using those so you can have it both ways. They tell you you’re locked into 3 time cuts but you’re really not - I’m calling asap if they don’t show up by week’s end. These guys are scam artists.
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3 years ago, Mattmanzo
Horrible service. It’s garbage.
The app is nice, the idea is great..But the service is awful. As everyone mentions the crews are unreliable and never show up on time. They cancel until it fits their schedule not yours. So it might be one or two weeks after the date you were supposed to have service. Then if your grass is too long -because they stalled - they charge you extra. So you end up paying a ton for a lawn that isn’t cut regularly and looks horribly overgrown half the time. Also crews can just bail on customers at any time so they game the app. They commit to more yards than they can cut. Drive by and keep the easy flat yards they can do quickly and cancel on anyone with a couple of trees or fence that needs to be edged. Again leaving customers without reliable service as they wait for a new crew. Also 3 cut minimum when you sign up is garbage. If the company offered a quality service people would stay because they like it. Not because they are contractually obligated. I have a feeling a lot of people leave after 3 cuts.
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1 year ago, Sc030231
Awful service
This company is absolutely atrocious. They will have you go through all of the work to set things up. Give you a confirmed start date, and then without warning cancel you on the day they are supposed to show up. After calling they will confirm they can make it work and reset everything up, have you wait another 4-5 days and then have it cancelled again. When you call they’ll tell you they already knew it was at capacity in your area but have you waiting anyways knowing they will not be able to help you. Their customer service will just ask you to put in another start date and after 3 attempts they have had me waiting for weeks and are now telling me there’s nothing they can do but set it back up. This is the worst business I have ever had to deal with. No honesty. No transparency. And they will intentionally have you waiting and relying on them when they know they can’t help but won’t give you the courtesy to call and let you know that. Just awful.
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5 years ago, Talktopaige
Awful awful awful
When I signed up I wasn’t able to get service very quickly. I was told the crew would be out between Wednesday-Thursday of my service week. Wednesday came around and there was some rain at the very end of the day. My provider canceled due to inclement weather and instead of that Thursday, I was told Saturday or Monday. Our grass was getting out of control. Each day got taller and taller so I asked if they could come Friday. I was told yes. On Friday I contacted the crew and they said they would be out soon (this was around 9am). They showed up at 6pm. When they showed up they told me the grass was too long and they couldn’t do it, so they left!!!!!! He didn’t even apologize for wasting our time. I had even discussed with him that the grass was long and i was aware the app charges a fee for overgrown grass. He said the weeds were waist high which was not true although it was tall. Never again with this app. I do not recommend! Unless you’re okay with people canceling and rescheduling... and then not even providing the service at the end of the day!
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5 years ago, Jenderbender31
LawnStarter is a NonStarter: DONT DO IT
Update: they finally did send me a text. They said “I got permission to give you a mow for just $19. To accept this offer follow this link”. But the link just goes back to the sign up page. I texted. Waited hours, no reply. I tried to call the number, as it appeared to be local, but I got an automated recording. They have already lost my business before they even had it. This “service” is totally bogus. Don’t waste your time. Got an incredibly high quote- twice as much as I’ve ever paid for lawn service. And that was just for a basic mow. My yard isn’t even that big, but due to my asthma I can’t do it myself. It gave me an option to speak to someone and said they’d call and email me ASAP, but a full day later- no contact. Now the app isn’t working. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME. The other reviews of people who had service were not so great either. A lot of inconsistency and poor work. Better off to hire the neighbor kid and just support local biz (of verified, well rated providers).
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2 years ago, A Urban
Zero stars if possible, unreliable and unorganized
Called a week before I needed service to make sure the yard was cleaned up for a surprise birthday party. Two days before the party, the provider marks service as complete but never came! Spent 6 hours between 4 different customer service agents to dispute and get someone new out. They promised the provider would be there by the day of service even after all of this and then left me hanging until I finally gave up on them and cut the high spots myself with a weedwacker. Call the next day after party and they prompt a 15$ off and new provider and I said fine mainly because I had no other option. Another week goes by and the new provider marks complete without even coming again! What a joke. They even said they wouldn’t comp the long grass fee (nearly 60$) if it qualified even though it was long because they were at fault. Completely unreliable. No screening of providers, complete joke.
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3 years ago, Rachel M A
Crews are unreliable & they charge extra fees
I started on LawnStarter right before winter so I signed up for monthly cuts because the grass grows slower. Now that it’s spring, I switched my frequency to biweekly cuts yet the crew didn’t come for weeks and never communicated. After reaching out several times through the customer support to ask why my crew was still coming monthly when I signed up for biweekly and I finally got my crew switched so my lawn could get cut. By this time, my lawn was way overgrown and when the new crew cut my lawn, they charged me an extra fee for long grass. How is it my fault that the LawnStarter crew didn’t show up as scheduled? Why am I responsible for paying a long grass fee for their negligence? This is ridiculous - I cancelled my service and I’m trying to get the fee refunded. I definitely wouldn’t recommend lawn starter - it’s been such a headache. Instead search for a local small business lawn care company (I found my new one through Facebook marketplace and they’re great) and support local :)
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10 months ago, Josie8sF
Total waste of time
I signed up and scheduled a service for the upcoming weekend. Nobody came, and I saw it was rescheduled to Tuesday or Wednesday. On Monday, my entire service was cancelled and I wasn’t contacted at all. I reinstated it, and it said someone would be out the next Monday. I called support to see if someone could come sooner, because my lawn was overgrown and I rent this property. A request was put in to come on Friday, but nobody came. On Saturday, I called another business and got my lawn mowed same day. I went into the app and my upcoming service was, surprise, rescheduled farther into the future. I couldn’t cancel without calling. Thankfully, I was able to cancel without issue despite not meeting their “3 cut minimum.” The support team on the phone is really nice, that’s all the good I have to say. I can only assume LawnStarter isn’t offering enough money to it’s providers to be worth actually doing the job in a timely manner. Don’t waste your time.
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4 years ago, Billaye Mignon
I thought I was getting a good deal signing up for Bi Weekly lawn care , but I was wrong . Upon signing up , I was under the impression (since this was on their website) that I would get service on Thursday . After signing up - and PAYING - my service date was moved to Monday . I wasn’t too happy about it but I let it slide , and when Monday came - I received a message about a RESCHEDULE due to bad weather which I understand. They would be out here for my lawn on Wednesday or Thursday . Well it’s Wednesday now , I messaged the crew to ask when he would be here and TONY told me he would “hopefully be here around 2” , by 2:30 he sent another message “sorry I’ll be there in an hour” ... well it’s 9:00pm and nobody is here . And I’m going to get a ticket from the city for having grass over a certain amount of inches . Just completely unprofessional this company is and at this point, I’ll just get a refund and ask a neighbor to mow the lawn . I’m sure they’ll appreciate my money .
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2 months ago, AntiBarb
Lawn Starter is the best
I have used this service for the past few years and I am very pleased. They are reliable coming on schedule weather permitting. They do a great job and they clean up after themselves. When I started using Lawn Starter my first provider was great for the first year but in the second it was apparent that they didn’t sharpen their equipment and my lawn looked ragged. I texted the service and I received a new provider, Jason, and I could not be more pleased. Since Jason had been my provider for the last three years I do not have any worries because my lawn is professionally mowed ,edged and all the clippings are blown off. I highly recommend Lawn Starter
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12 months ago, Chris J74
Do not use this service
I subscribed for this service mainly because my regular service just stopped showing up. So it took them about four days to come out, when they did, the guy just left without saying anything. After a few hours, I messaged them and asked what was up, they said the grass was too long and they couldn't do it for the $19 first time fee. Honestly, that's fair, it was long. So I wait because he says a quote is coming. Hours pass and nothing. So I message again and finally a quote shows up. Now in the meantime, my neighbors service pops by and says they'll do the yard (front and back) for $75. This guy eventually sends a quote for over $225! It's price gouging and way out of line and if they think a "3 cut minimum" is fair, it sure as anything isn't fair when the landscaper is gonna give me a quote that's three times as high as another company. If I could give less than a star I would.
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4 years ago, crose1981
Didn’t Finish Job and No Support from LS
Unbelievable what this company does! First off the guys that showed up started mowing my lawn which by the way I waved to them at the start. However after a few mins they stopped and started packing their truck. I went outside to find out why and the drove off and didn’t even give the curtesy to speak with me. I come back in to find a quote for a long grass mow which wasn't the case. It did have a couple of weeds that had grown high. I would have paid them extra and negotiated but that’s not what they did. On top of it when I contacted LS which there is no phone to call they just cancelled my services all together and told me I’d have to resign up! Now I have a yard that needs service and no one to do it. I’m scrabbling to find some one because the grass does need to be cut. DONOT USE this service! Terrible support and horrible lawn service providers. My last crew would blow all the leaves from the yard into my flower beds!
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1 year ago, Bmeg
Service and Tech Just Ok
The service isn’t very good. I’ve gone thru 3 crews trying to find someone to reliably come out and cut my small lawn in a centrally located area of Austin. The only times the service has been reliable has been in the winter and middle of the summer when the grass doesn’t grow and many people probably pause their service. The value LS brings is that I don’t need to find the crew and waste time scheduling and going back and forth. But when the service is unreliable, it actually requires more work—going back and forth with LS and the crew. Also, the app is annoying. Has anyone actually tried to use it? Try and write a note that is more than a couple of sentences to your crew. The keyboard screen covers the text so you can see what you’re writing to edit.
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5 years ago, Morphomenelaus
Not Worth the Risk!
I never write reviews unless I think it’s absolutely necessary that people are warned about a product or service. LawnStarter is a service that I would highly advise against using. You are randomly assigned a lawn care provider and if you are lucky and get assigned a good provider, you might be okay. Our first provider or two were good, but they get reassigned without warning or explanation. Our last provider was horrible. They lied about our grass being over 6” so they could charge a “long grass fee.” For our second mow, we asked them not to come since our grass hadn’t grown yet. They lawn team confirmed they wouldn’t come, and then still came and charged us. When I contacted customer service about the most recent issue, they were rude and unhelpful. I would strongly recommend that you stay away from this company unless you’re willing to risk frequent schedule and team changes, unfair charges, and rude/unhelpful customer service.
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2 years ago, Eagle 5026
Lawn starter service experience
This is my second go round with Lawn Starter. I must admit my first stint with Lawn Starter’s service providers was a bit rocky and I stopped for a while. After. A little break I decided out of despiration to give it another shot and was pleasantly surprised with my experience this time around. The service provider that was assigned to me is very professional and attention to detail oriented. He takes his time and is methodical in his approach. He also always show up every cutting time . Of course there are always at least some minor mistakes but no one is perfect. All in all I give it good marks so far this time around.
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3 years ago, Not a bot review guy
I was Scammed
One provider through this app reached out under the name Christopher Grant. They told me they sent a crew out and charged me for the service immediately, which was supposed to be a 1 time clean-up, saying the crew would be here shortly (approx. 9am) I check in once an hour until 4 pm when I decide they really aren’t coming (it started pouring rain). I requested a refund until after the service was completed and was ghosted from then on. I didn’t see any charges actually hit my account until 8 days later, when I called to dispute with lawn starter support. They told me that since its been more than 5 days since the “Service”, they have to request a refund, which doesn’t sound guaranteed to me. Prior to this, Other crews have rescheduled over and over or passed the service on to other crews so my lawn hasn’t actually been mowed in 2 months. Just contact a real service instead
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8 months ago, MAB1908
This app started out great and I’ve used it for several years with no issue. However, the past summer has been awful. The “pros” have been very inconsistent and have marked jobs as complete when they haven’t been to my house. When contacted, they state that LawnStarter has given them the incorrect address or that I’ve been added to their schedule without notification. When contacting customer service, there’s a minimum 15 min wait before someone picks up only for the customer service to be ineffective. They then send an impersonal email stating the issue has been fixed and someone will be arriving by a certain time…only for pro to never show up/the cycle to continue. I was a huge fan of the app as it was so convenient…but man this summer has been awful. I don’t know if there’s new management but stay far, far, far, far away folks.
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5 years ago, jobgates
Great idea, bad execution
I’ve had this app since the end of last season. I thought the convenience of being able to schedule lawn services would be great. While I still think it has potential, there are things to know. The crews that handle the cutting are subcontracted by LawnStarter. Because of this, thief reliability will be hit or miss. The crew I had was unreliable. They would never show at the scheduled time and wait to communicate the reason until after the window had elapsed. The first cut I was supposed to have for this season was marked as complete and the crew never showed. While this was quickly rectified by LawnStarter, and the crew came out the next day, they never returned. You can only communicate with the crew via the application. The interface for this is awful, and it is incredibly difficult to find in the app. The crews get rated for each job. You have no way of seeing these reviews, nor selecting a different crew if you are not happy with the one you are assigned. It is difficult to get a new crew, and can only be done by communicating with LawnStarter. Ultimately this has turned out to not be a great experience for me. After nearly three weeks of my crew coming up with reasons to not cut my grass, I have terminated my service with this company. On the plus side, they do make it easy to do that.
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5 years ago, Assasssssssssssstyyyyyyyu
Worst Customer Service
I have had problems from the beginning with the mower is not showing up. There's not a number you can call or you have to email the site. Multiple people will respond to the app through emails even through text messaging however they ignore your requests. I have to say the service itself is mediocre but it's not expensive so I just accepted it. For example they blow dirt and grass all over my walkway and patio and leave clumps of grass. But at least they mow the lawn. This last time they didn't show up on either of the schedule days. Very frustrating when I have to leave my gate open and can't let my dogs outside then they don't show. I emailed to cancel the service for the rest of the week. I made it clear I didn't want them to come back for two weeks. Did they respect those wishes, no. They sent someone out on an unscheduled day anyway. When I emailed to complain their solution was to send a second crew out the very next day! It makes absolute no sense. After this I canceled my service altogether. Did I get a email telling me they're scheduled in two weeks! I have responded that if the crew shows up I will call the police and report them for trespassing. I just don't understand but I can tell you it's the worst customer service I believe I have ever experienced.
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1 year ago, ELDP43
Fine when they show up, but they never show up.
This is round two with using this service. The first time (at a different house) they’d push my date back and show up basically whenever. They did a good job when they showed up, though. This time they won’t even show up. I was first scheduled for weekend before last. The end of the service window came and went that Monday and I messaged my crew in the app. No response. I did this Tuesday and Wednesday. Zero response. Thursday I called them (40 minute wait) and asked to be assigned someone else. They said no problem, moved the window to this past weekend, and a new crew picked up the job. The new service window ended today. It’s 10pm. No one is coming today. My yard was already a problem when I scheduled this the first time. It’s way out of control now. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover it.
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8 months ago, Meaahi
Service is ok. App is terrible
When I try to open the app it says”unexpected error has occurred. Please restart to continue”. I restart. Same error. So I am not able to rate the service and tip. The mower probably thinks they didn’t do a good job because I only tip once in a while, but it’s only because the app doesn’t work. Since I wrote the first paragraph I have more complaints. The first person I was assigned last year was really good. Then I got a new mower for some reason. He was ok but there started being some scheduling issues. One time he rescheduled due to inclement weather even though there was no inclement whether in the forecast so I asked for someone else since my lawn would be too high by then. The latest person does a good job but I just got the “lawn finished-please rate” message. So I rated high and tipped (didn’t have time to look at lawn so I assumed it was good). Then I see the guy mowing the lawn, so why did I get the notice he was finished? There’s a lot of annoyances using the service. The communication is difficult. The app doesn’t function well. I don’t even like that it asks for a tip after mowing but I always give one anyway. Next year I’m going to just try to get a regular mower instead of using this service.
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2 years ago, Olivia Mariska Benson
Left Without Help
I have an illness that does not allow me to get out and mow if I'm not well, or if I'm undergoing treatment. I signed up with Lawn Starter earlier this month as it began to warm up. I booked my first service, a mow. They did not make the first or second appointment...It has rained and been beautiful out and my lawn is far over manageable, and Lawn Starter still has NOT been out. The local landscaping businesses and even the teenagers are booking up for the summer, and I thought I was well prepared and we'll covered by this slightly more costly option, worth it for the dependability and convenience- given my situation. Clearly I was wrong. I've already gotten one threat of a fine from the county for my lawn. I asked to speak with a manager today to see if I could PAY a premium to have someone come from a bit further and "They were in a meeting". So disappointed.
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7 months ago, Techiemac
Flaky and confusing service
I previously had an ok, not great, experience with this service. Last year the crew did a mediocre job, especially with leaf removal (didn’t remove the leaves from the side of the house, under the deck, etc). This year my crew would flake out and constantly rescheduled mowing. It became a running joke in my family around guessing when if the lawn crew would actually show up. The behavior of the app is also confusing. If you pause mowing, then select leaf removal, the crew will never show up. You have to actually allow mowing for any other services. There is no indication that mowing is required for things like leaf removal. I ended up having to call support just to actually get leaf removal. It has yet to be seen if they are going to actually show up.
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11 months ago, Kay1999999991
Wish I could like the service
The app itself is cool but so far both pros who have come to take care of my lawn have been awful. One no called/no showed 2x in a row. The 2nd left my gate wide open, (thanks, my dog found that out before I did - I am lucky she’s trained and lazy) charged me $100 to trim 2 bushes that I DIDNT ASK TO BE TRIMMED AND AFTER I had requested a full tree trimming to be done in a week. I normally wouldn’t mind a 3 service minimum but I just want this to be over so I can find someone who will show up and not randomly charge me an extra $100 for something I didn’t ask to be done. (But was willing to pay 5x or more that to take care of all the trees if he had just put in a proper quote) I’m really unhappy with this app and can’t wait til delete it. 2/3 awful service experiences, I don’t want to stick around for the 3rd. “3 mow promise” indeed.
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1 year ago, ALD717
Never showed up!
I downloaded this when I moved into my new house and scheduled my first mow on a Thursday. The front yard was pretty long when I moved in and both front and back yards are in desperate need of mowing. I didn’t hear anything on Thursday (the app says service Thursday or Friday). On Friday- nothing. I messaged the provider around noon to ask what time they will be here and never heard anything back. Then at 6pm I got a notification that the crew is on their way. Then almost immediately I got an email saying the service was skipped because “the provider felt my yard didn’t need servicing”. Nobody ever came by my house. It most definitely DOES need servicing. On top of that there is no way to actually contact a person in the app. When I put in a support request the email stated they may get back to me in 3 business days. Totally unacceptable.
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3 years ago, jxxxx1998
Scam app scam company
This company uses shady practices to promote their product. Whatever you do, do not give them your payment information! Not only will you be billed for lawn service you did not purchase, you still be constantly scheduled for random “lawn care essential” services. There’s no way possible to even get your payment information removed to prevent this, I’m having to call my bank and cancel my card. All in all, save some time and look for a local specialist. The last straw was when the app informed me that my grass has been cut and I have been charged today, when I did not even schedule a cut? I check outside and can clearly see nobody was even here, my outdoor security cameras confirmed my suspicions. This company just charges your card without even cutting anything. Do not make the same mistake I did .
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5 years ago, Not A Happy User 15729
Such a Hassle
I signed up for service over the phone. They scheduled it for a Tuesday. The crew cancelled or rejected so appt was changed to wed-thurs. A crew rejected/cancelled it again. Then a 3rd crew “Omar Austin” came out to my house, took pictures of my property and then sent a requested quote for $6 more saying he can come back this weekend if I accept it. I rejected that quote because LawnStarter had quoted me and I expect the crews they use to stick to that. The app then put my service on seasonal to resume 7 months later so I called. After they did the song and dance they said they would schedule their top crew who can come out sometime between Fri-Mon. Then she tells me it’s Omar Austin! The same guy who wouldn’t do it over $6 but had the time to come out and take pictures of my property!! Do they not have records of the communications done through the app between customer and crew? What a joke!!!
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5 years ago, braelynnn
Unqualified and Inconsiderate
I had bi-weekly service for approximately 3 months in the Charlotte, NC area. The “crews” were usually some dude with a lawnmower in the trunk of his car. 4/6 times they were at least one day past the scheduled window of service and the work was shoddily completed (whole patches of grass missed, no trimming of edges or surfaces, etc.). My request for an additional weed removal service went ignored for 2+ weeks even though they promise it 24 hours after your next service window. When it was finally quoted and agreed to, it was marked complete and I was charged even though no work had been done. The icing on top was the broken window. Some Dude #4 showed up to mow my yard an entire week past my scheduled date, charged me a high grass fee and broke a window. This is the second time a crew damaged my property in 6-7 services. I filed a support complaint and am awaiting resolution but have cancelled any future services. In addition to the terrible service and unqualified workers, the app itself is pretty badly designed. It’s clunky, hard to navigate and only works about 50% of the time. My support interactions have been okay, but there’s no continuity and I’ve talked to a different person each step of the way for every issue.
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2 years ago, hmb88
Worst company I have ever interacted with
Recently LawnStarter mowed my lawn and damaged my property during their service. I submitted a “claim” to get the repairs done and I’m livid!! The interaction from their support group is a very hands-off approach. They will conduct an investigation remotely but not willing to actually help with getting the repairs completed. It’s all on me to call to request quotes for repairs, then submit to LawnStarter, and this doesn’t even guarantee that they will pay for the damages they caused. I’m ready to get a lawyer involved. Please save yourself time and money by NOT using this app!!!! Update - I responded to Robert regarding this review and have not received an answer. Somehow I’m not surprised at this point. Customer service is clearly not a priority. I also posted a review on Google, and it now shows the business is permanently closed. Shady business here.
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3 years ago, The PetNanny
Great concept...if it worked
First mow was great, good communication, great job. But all downhill after that. My next mow window of two days came and went and no mow and no message. Then after the dates pass I get a message and a reschedule. Guess what, same thing, no showed the new dates and didn’t let me know they couldn’t make it. By now my grass is horrid, my neighbors have had theirs cut twice. My husband is in the hospital and I have a bad back but I trudge out there and mow it myself. Now they won’t let me cancel until I pay for 3 mows total. Their wording says “they don’t like contracts and ask you to stick around” so that certainly doesn’t sound like a requirement to me. I’ll have to cancel my card I guess, you can’t remove it or delete your account entirely. Be warned. If you don’t like being locked in, be warned.
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4 years ago, erinkdem
Horrible app. Customer service over the phone is very sweet, however so much is promised without any follow through. We moved into a house that had been vacant for months, so the grass was just a little long. Called lawn starter, they sent someone on a Monday, the worker said he couldn’t do it and that we’d need a “clean up crew.” Then he promised he’d be back Wednesday- no show. Called lawn starter, was on the phone for over an hour, got disconnected, called again and nothing had been saved in their system. They finally said someone would be out on Friday. Come Thursday, I spoke with the vendor who would be coming out, and they said Friday would be impossible. Three weeks of this non-stop BS, and now we will be charged over $80 for an overgrown fee because now the yard is horribly out of control. Do not use this app, call a lawn service company directly.
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