Leader Bank Mobile Banking

4.8 (849)
173.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Leader Bank Mobile Banking

4.79 out of 5
849 Ratings
5 years ago, ripped iff 23145
Everything you could ask for in a banking partner.
Leader bank has provided me the quality of service I could only get from a national bank if I had an eight figure balance. They treat their customers as though every customer is a VIP. The personalized service, promptness, great financial instruments and assistance are unparalleled in the banking sector. I’m so happy I moved my business account to Leader bank. I intend to move all my accounts to them in the near future.
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3 months ago, RSM987
Ok but not great
The app is functional, but feels a bit clunky. I appreciate that I can set up text alerts, but unlike your competitors, the text doesn’t supply me with any details on the alert that it is responding to, Which can get confusing when you get multiple texts and aren’t sure what all the alerts are for. Bank of America will tell me the exact amount of either the charge or the debit and I’m getting an alert for. The statement tab also never works for me. I get an email indicating my statement is ready for viewing but when I navigate there and try and click on the account nothing populates. I have yet to see a statement for my accounts. Overall, the app meets my basic needs, but doesn’t wow me from a technology or functionality standpoint like my other banking apps. It’s probably the reason why I don’t seriously consider consolidating my other banking relationships with Leader because it makes me feel like they are lagging in the technology department.
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3 weeks ago, Customer of %$#! many years
Leader Bank app has one big problem
The current version of the app is fairly convenient to use for both transferring money among Leader accounts and checking on one’s account balances. The touch ID on the iPad app seems to work well, making logging on easy. There is just one problem, a big one: without any warning, during late night hours the balances shown in the app are at times not correct. Not even balances shown for weeks and months earlier are correct. The Bank has told me that this is a known failing of the app, but that they could not offer any solution to the problem, nor promise to issue any warning within the app, either only when the problem is occurring or as a general warning. Ugh.
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4 months ago, Satisfied New Customer 23
Leader Bank online banking
Very informative and easy to use. I have been a customer for a year now, and I only had to go into the branch once to do a wire transfer. Move, money, pay bills, and deposit checks, all online. All easy to do and very reliable.
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3 months ago, AE X-12
Decent layout, bill pay is a little buggy
App is functional but Bill Pay section is buggy after re-design. There are two different “close” buttons and sometimes after hitting one of them the payment isn’t saved and needs to be re-entered.
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5 months ago, Trapper Works
Needs a little more customizeability in terms of being able to change payment amounts, order debit cards, etc. It would be great if those features could be added and the interface smoothed out a little bit more. I think Bank of America still has the GOAT mobile app.
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3 weeks ago, Martín H
Fast and easy
Such a step forward from the previous version. Thanks for the updates!!
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6 months ago, Drpoirier
Much better!
New app is way better than the old. As long as you don’t need to do anything with real money ( very low limits on all transactions).
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7 months ago, PunkyPunkadoo
App has bugs and not in real time
I scheduled mortgage payments to transfer into March 2024 and all of a sudden they were gone. Needs to have more real time info, it takes a few days for the right amount to show up even with internal transfer. Fix this pls!
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4 months ago, Long time customer of Leader
Very nice.
The updated Leader app is user friendly and is easy to navigate. The added features are major improvements.
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7 years ago, Jdlangel
Touch ID to log in is useless
The mobile app for iPhone asks you to type the password once again (you have to write it down) to make a transfer from one account to another one. That doesn't make any sense since you are already logged in. Even more when you rely on the Touch ID iPhone feature to login. Of course I had to call Leader Bank since I didn't remember the password. If the mobile app has a feature to Login using Touch ID then why to ask the user to type the password since you are already logged in... and it is a transfer... Does not make any sense. It would be nice if you guys can fix this.
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1 week ago, Maltzd
Good app
It does all the things I want my bank app to do, which isn’t much but I’m glad they made it simple and user-friendly
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4 months ago, Kalle4321
Has all desktop features now!
Has all desktop features now!
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5 years ago, appname666
As far as I can tell (and there aren’t a lot of screens or links, so I don’t know where it could be hidden), there’s no online bill payment tool or check writing tool in this app. That makes the app almost useless to me, because I don’t need to check my balance or transfer funds very often, but I do need to pay bills. I will be closing my just-opened account and finding another bank.
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3 months ago, Vludovico
Simple and Easy to Use
The user interface is very friendly and intuitive.
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1 year ago, h dyih MGM c
your app is always broken
This time, I was prompted to update the app, now I can’t log in. A banking app that is inaccessible half the time is not helpful. unable to reset my password, as you latest update doesn’t work! Needless to say spending time trouble shooting your app is incredibly time consuming and inconvenient, and I have to deal with that on a quarterly basis. ugh.
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4 months ago, Paul "Gut Health" Ryan
Face ID issues
The Face ID very often stops working and I have to completely shutdown my phone to get it to work again. Otherwise I am happy with the app. If 3.5 was an option I’d give it that but the Face ID issue is very frustrating.
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6 months ago, 👋 h
Best service
Best customer service for any bank I’ve ever dealt with hands-down always there when I need them leaders the best
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5 months ago, donna boston
Easy to deposit
Works nicely
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2 months ago, Fox32034
Problems with the Bill Pay Feature
The system jiggles when trying to retrieve an account’s Activity report.
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6 months ago, Girlz5
I like it exept the part where when it did the update my parents can now see my transactions and I don’t like it cuz now they see what I’m getting them for the holidays
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6 months ago, Allison Moore Photography
So easy and simple!
This app keeps my personal banking simple. It’s so easy to use!
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4 months ago, Dulnaemdad
I appreciated, very good app
It has no doubt, this is most excellent app now
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4 months ago, CricketSue
Very unreliable
A banking app should be more reliable. People need access to their accounts. This has been terrible despite calls with customer service.
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4 months ago, Dvanleeu17
Does the trick
Convenient, full service, good support
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4 months ago, pokepower006
Not happy with new app. It doesn’t keep up with daily transactions and therefore makes it difficult to know actual current balance.
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5 months ago, Sahoban
Very useful
This app works well
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5 years ago, dead-in-the-water
Times out to quick
I can’t even register to login to my account. By the time I get to the final screen (typing very quickly) it says my session has ended. Only can go back and try again with the same result.
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3 months ago, Frustrated1818
Nice But Fo not like all changed
While the app is decent I am not happy that I can’t get an image of the checks that have cleared.
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5 years ago, Intjcanuck
Can not login after update
I have the same problem — I cannot login to my account after installing the update.
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5 years ago, Rédon222
LeaderBank Leads banks in Service!
They are a bank that treats their customers like individual people with respect!!
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4 months ago, Anonymous12579
Hate that the password changes so often and never get a notification about it
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6 months ago, RK108
Leader Bank
Easy to use app
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5 years ago, Gtuli
Great app, only banking app that actually works!
Love it!
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6 months ago, Belles chu
Yes, like the updates!
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7 months ago, —-///GB
Not user friendly. Antiquated
The app is not user friendly. It is antiquated and not as easy to use as other banking apps.
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11 years ago, Michael4455
Stable & Feature Rich
Great app. Well designed and functions as expected. There is now no good reason not to enjoy the superior service of a local bank - they are every bit as up to date and convenient as the faceless national mega banks.
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4 months ago, FaceID needs improvement
Needs to be refreshed in order to login via faceID
Clunky app, needs lots of improvement
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5 months ago, ItzMansoor
Limited functions still evolving.
Limited functions.
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3 months ago, Dragonuss99
The app is from 10 years ago
Old app
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5 months ago, P duty
not so good
i want to see breakdown of each payment and want to see score balance and transaction details
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7 months ago, Mr.pb
Terrible app.
Terrible app. I can’t see statement. Not user for at all
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4 months ago, hdhdikdnd
Much better!
Much better!
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8 years ago, Dumbutt Duck
Fails to reach step two of login process
App doesn't work. Simple as that
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