Learn 2 Fly: Penguin game

4.7 (7.8K)
459.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Learn 2 Fly: Penguin game

4.7 out of 5
7.8K Ratings
3 years ago, bahnajammajajakkakajhagzh
It's an amazing game but...
I love this game so much it's absolutely AMAZING! but I feel like you guys should add more mountains more things to crash into and more flight gear more things to help fly faster and more sleds more places to go to more things to purchase in game that doesn't cost any real-life money and maybe in one part of the game you run into a human that you talk with a little bit and things like this I feel like if you did then there would be so many more players so many more things to explore and people might enjoy the game even more!! So PLEASEEEE add this that's all add this please and thank you:D
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3 years ago, DuckyChenners
Good but could be better
I’ve played a fairly decent amount of this game and if you’re looking for something similar to the flash game, this isn’t it. The game does have its good bits though. Not really any ads, smooth gameplay and it looks good. But it’s missing that charm the flash game had. In the flash game there were secret shops you could upgrade even further with achievement points and new music you could buy when flying, also just that simplistic look to it. But a gripe I have is the camera stops following you after 1000+ meters in height, leaving you to guess what your positioning is and unable to dodge those mammoths in the sky sometimes. I also like the idea of the mini games they have but it’s near impossible to catch those birds with the cards and the reset for the other mini games throughout the map never reset unless you pay one diamond. Otherwise it never resets. This sort of makes it hard to gain any significant progress for a while in my opinion. But even with all these problems I have personally, I do come back and play it, though i just wish some change could be made to make it more enjoyable. Overall good but could be better.
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3 years ago, Cole Complains
Some things are broken or could be better
This game could use a few improvements. For one, I’m not a big fan of the whole diamond system. I think a one time payment should be enough for this game as it is enough for many iOS Flash game adaptations. And while purchasing diamonds is optional, it is very hard to progress without them. I would suggest making diamonds more attainable in addition to adding a one time price tag to this game. That would be so helpful. It has also come to my attention that tapping the screen to push your dummy off the ramp doesn’t register very well. And also, somethings when you press and hold the rocket button your dummy spins around. This can damage an otherwise successful flight. I hope that maybe you can address some of these things. Sincerely, Cole.
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8 years ago, MikeyisMikey99
A quick update will get you two more!
So the game is pretty good for the most part, but like all games can't be perfect, however, that's not what docs the stars. At first I thought it was my phone, but after I reset it, I quickly realized it wasn't. The homepage goes "numb" where I can't click anything. It was working fine the other times I used it, but now it's kinda, stuck. I also logged into Facebook, and it's kinda annoying that whenever I open the app, it's pops up with the "Can this app allow access to Facebook" blah blah blah. So I also know the sensors in my phone aren't dead because I can click that button "allow" just fine, but when I try to start the game, the screen won't do anything. If you can make an update to fix these little bugs, then I think it has potential to reach a five star rating. Thank you!
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4 years ago, rogueKlyntar
Not as good as Lightbringer777's original Flash version, but...
This is a great game! Now when I don't have my laptop with me I can still play Learn to Fly! As my review is titled, the app is nearly not as good as the Flash version on Kongregate, but since Flash will no longer be updated starting next year, this is definitely a viable alternative to crappy imitations if something goes wrong with your Flash program. Having said that, it is an entirely different game from the Flash version. The graphic style is not as simple, and therefore not as fun. The simplicity of the Flash game is gone. The humor of the Flash game is replaced by an inferior, boring humor. The Bonus Shop/Black Market is gone. If you liked the original three Flash games (not counting LTF Idle) for what they were as much as what they weren't, you will be disappointed by this game.
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3 years ago, Walker192222
Reminds me of the good ole days
I can’t express how much I love this game! I remember back in school at the end of the year most of the teachers gave us technology days where all the students got to bring their mp3s, DSs, school laptops, cell phone or whatever and basically we all just played games all day long and this game right here was always one of my go too’s and it’s still today!
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8 years ago, Kmandoggie
It's fine if you've never heard of Learn to Fly.
The actual game is fine as a standalone game, however if you have played the original Learn to Fly flash browser game then you will be underwhelmed. It disappointingly has new mobile game features. Would have been better if it was just a port of the original. I would enjoy mobile games if this stuff happened less. Nobody wants more identical mobile games. Stop adding in unnecessary mechanics for the sake of what is trending on the mobile application market. The best games you can find on mobile are ports of PC and board games. If you want to find something fun, play Hearthstone, Super Hexagon, Minecraft PE or a Warhammer 40K game. And nobody give me any crap for being harsh on a free game. Way too often, I hear people say things like, "Well, it's free so it doesn't matter if it isn't good," shouldn't be allowed to download games. 5/10 Mobile game scale 3/10 PC game scale 1/10= horrible 5/10= average 10/10= perfect
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8 years ago, Huhschex
Fun game / upgrades are bad
I really like this game and I play it everyday. I realize after saving for upgrades they don't do anything but change the look of game play. What you get at the beginning is just as good as spending 2k gold on something. Makes the game so confusing and frustrating. Upgrades are not worth their weight in gold. I haven't spent any real money and most likely won't. Also, upgrades are not in one "shop" you have you move around the screen and find the right shop you want. Pretty stupid. Anyhow 3 stars for design but the concept is great.
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4 years ago, @Aiden.jpeg
Not that bad as some people in the reviews say
This game is not that bad for a mobile game! I can actually progress which makes it more fun that you have to progress to get to different shops, and things like that. I will give this game a 4- Star rating just because its a little bit too hard to get far with only standard things, such as rockets, umbrellas, spring board, etc. But if you developers can change or fix progression at the very least, i will give it a 5 star rating. Good Day😋
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8 years ago, catRabbit499
Awful app - completely ruins the original game
There is no centralized shop, and there isn't even a working pay-to-win system, with the points that you can supposedly use to complete surveys and get ingame rewards / irl cash completely breaking the UI, rendering it in a square for the rest of eternity (Not to mention they don't even get you anything virtual or not). The app Infinitely asks for Facebook authorization that it has had entered over 30 times. Why isn't there a NO STARS rating, I would happily rate this app that. If you want to play Learn To Fly on a mobile device download Puffin Browser and pay $2 a year for cloud-run flash services (and blazing fast internet connectivity).
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3 years ago, aaddoonn123123
Good for a mobile game
No ads (except for optional ads for extra things). Most mobile games now have you watch an ad every 2 times you play. Also it’s not pay-to-win. You can actually progress. Yes, there is micro-transactions but they are mostly for help. 10/10 good mobile game.
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2 years ago, bruhwhydoineedanickname18
What about the real learn to fly two
So uhhhh yeah I really liked this game especially cause the bp points. But uhhh now it’s lame it’s still good just not great it’s teh same learn to fly but it’s in levels like what? Also there’s also basically no point to teh levels. Because they give you the same objectives and the same goals and there the same map Atleast give us learn to fly three also bp has been completely removed but I wouldn’t say removed cause thsi is a completely different game but yeah I guess it’s fine
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3 weeks ago, hdhrbeinw diznwndbxicnd
Only 4 stars because of small error.
Okay so Iv played this game in my childhood and now I’m getting back into it but Iv realized the adds in this game are not able to be closed (atleast for my iPhone 11) and what I mean by that is when watching the adds it will like crop the screen sort of moving the add down and making the x or skip buttons unresponsive forcing me to have to close the app just to get rid of the add. Pls fix for 5 stars
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5 years ago, plasma0330
Ok so I played learn to fly on my computer and when I heard
Ok so i played learn to fly on my computer it was so addicting but then a mobile came out and I was excited but it completely changes so that’s what I don’t like and the ride is not as smooth as the computer version and if you change these things you will get 5 stars ok? So thanks for reading I did this in 2019 but if you read this in a later year (hello future people 😃)ok and thanks for reading!
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1 year ago, Think_InsanityYT
It’s a great game in the main gameplay, main gameplay 5 stars but the mini game thing is a little annoying, I have been waiting for the mini game to regenerate but it’s been like 5 days and it remains unregenerated still! Maybe it needs like 24 on app to regenerate but only way to regenerate it is so far to purchase a regenerate with gems and those are like super hard to get in my opinion, Other then that 4.9 stars
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6 months ago, idk1what2put
Love the game
I have two issues. The first one is that the game doesn’t register my loops. Backward loops are fine most of the time but forward loops don’t register at all. Secondly whenever I get an ad the entire game cuts over to one side of the screen and I can’t get out of the ad that’s up nor can i redeem whatever I wanted the ad for. Hopefully that makes sense. I still enjoy playing but I have to play it on airplane mode if I want to continuously enjoy it
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5 years ago, Fuh_Hue6987
I really wanted to enjoy this game. The further you go into the game, you can play minigames, but they take a while to re-load and such. However, when they are loaded, you can't actually re-play them unless you use diamonds. There's a bug there. Also, the challenges don't complete when you actually do the requested challenges. Along with that, the game hasn't been updated in a Year, and the Free diamonds video doesn't refresh. I really would love to play this game longer, but until it's updated and fixed, it's a no go for me.
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1 year ago, Downloaded...deleted
Absolutely way too many ads and the game is slow
Glitchy graphics and a slow to respond set of flying controls. Every new screen you see will have an ad of some kind, encouraging you to buy more coins, watch an ad to get more coins, or just be forced to watch an ad. The worst of all are the unstoppable ads that play DURING gameplay. Coins accrue at a painfully slow rate unless you’re constantly watching ads to improve coin count. Deleted. Beware of 5 star reviews as users are encouraged to rate the game highly to get more coins.
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9 months ago, ><(((^>
Do you love watching ads?
I get it that free games have to have ads to survive, but come on. Ads literally every 10 seconds. Want to do a short flight? Watch two ads first. Oh and listen to another while youre flying. Flight is already over? Ok watch another. Hey, you can double your coin earnings by watching another ad. Ok now youre back to the menu but we have many more opportunities here to watch ads. Sarcasm aside, dont waste your time, or rather, dont let the ads waste hours of your time so you can have a few seconds of foolish fun.
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7 years ago, I'm a stalker k?
Crap app
Its an abosolute crap app. It's not 1 star bad but it is just terrible. The flight mechanics are terrible, I have had many times where the game just stopped and I had to restart and I always ended up losing stuff. The game didn't explain the things that really needed it but the obvious things, and the upgrades are terrible. Not even worth the space it took to install. I wish I hadn't played this in my life and wasted my time. Once they change everything and get professionals working on it, I'll be happy but for now it's bad.
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4 years ago, goalie2018
Best Game EVER
This game has me pulled to it every time I go out I just can’t stop playing. Though they need to add some more items from the online Learn 2 fly 2. This game never gets frustrating when I play it. And I have the impression that this game has lots more to come. So I say give Learn 2 fly a shot and see how you like it. Happy Gaming!
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4 years ago, Noazb
Charges money to vote
Got asked if I would like new sledges or rockets next update. I answered and was charged $1.00 worth of in game currency for it. Can’t believe this. Edit/Re to the dev saying to email screenshots for an “investigation”: Your game has a pop up that says to vote on what to add (I believe it said either vote for sleds or rockets) I didn’t expect to be charged for voting so I didn’t take a screenshot. I don’t believe this requires an “investigation” as it’s not a mystery, you are charging people one dollar worth of in game currency to vote for what you should add and being purposefully unclear as to make sure they aren’t aware they receive literally nothing for this in game currency other than their opinion being used for profit. Loved this game when I was a kid, makes me sad its turned to this. I don’t even want diamonds back or anything just remove deliberate scams like this from your game
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8 months ago, Hauskw
Way too many ads
This game is unplayable. There is 30 second ad after every single run. The game starts by spending more time being forced to watch horrible, low quality ads that you cannot skip no matter what. This game is also somehow kind of poorly developed I hate to say? It would be a good game, but it barely fits iPhone resolution, and if I had a dollar $ for every single pixel in those low quality, unskippable ads, I would have one dime! It’s just messy honestly. Don’t know how Apple lets this one slide on the App Store.
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3 weeks ago, strughgh
Very fun better than the one on computer but
This game has a better feel of progression better than the original on computer but… WHO THOUGHT THAT MAMMOTHS WHERE A GOOD IDEA, OOH let’s throw 50 mammoths at them for fly of only 350 METERS oh and let’s make them go towards the player to make it challenging ITS ALREADY CHALLENGING TO HAVE NO FUEL LEFT HAVE TO SPARE YOUR MOMENTUM AT 1 inch above the ground and then A MAMMOTH IS HOVERING OVER YOU BUT FOR ONE TO JUST DECIDED YEAH NO AND HIT YOU STRAIGHT DOWN INTO THE FROZEN GROUND is just enraging.
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7 years ago, Scardra246
Great App, But Has Drawbacks
This game is so fun! I love the computer version as well, but this is portable. The only problem that I have with this game is that the app sometimes freezes up; on the home screen, the music is playing, the penguin is flying, but I can't click anything and I can't start the game. Most of the time, this doesn't happen, but when it does, it is super annoying. Great app overall!
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3 years ago, mr.highny
This is the best game yet
I can’t even start to explain how much fun it is it’s perfect for long drives and going to the doctor and it does not need internet and for someone that like to go camping it gives me something to do as well as biking too so that’s all i want to say.
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8 years ago, LunaticMercury
Not living up to its potential...
Having played the flash version I was pretty excited to see the adaptation to mobile, but that didn't last longer when I saw all the unnecessary mechanics added up, plus, why is it that the progress seems to be way slower?? Requiring insanely amounts of grinding just to be able to unlock an underbelly puny upgrade that will help advance 10 m.?? I tried to like it, I really tried, but almost on the verge of finishing I'm just disappointed.
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5 months ago, Meredithlain
So many ads
I enjoyed the game at first, but after getting through the first few levels, the ads start… Now it is an ad after every time that you fly, no matter how long your flight last… and what services that they don’t even allow you an option to remove ads. it would be a fun game if you guys would just allow a remote option even if it’s a paid upgrade.
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3 years ago, Hello how is ur day?
How good this game is
This game reminds me when I was in elementary it was fun. The teachers let us play cool math games and me and my friends would always play learn to fly and other games. But this game is amazing and my little brother loves it so much so thank you so much to the creators we love it!!
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4 years ago, optical spirit
Feels like learn to fly 2
The smooth feeling of the game and the feeling of learn to fly 2 is fairly similar in many ways. Just think; the game has the omega items for better use and to be better you can use purchasing for the full package!
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5 months ago, Br47nd47
Amazing game
I’ve loved this game since I was Middle school 9 years ago on the computer and you guys have really done the original game justice with this being on mobile
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7 months ago, Enraged
Ad implementation is horrible
Your forced ads change the aspect ratio resulting in a half screen on the current iOS. This requires an app reset to fix. Uninstalling despite the games merits, because if you’re gonna make your money through annoying customers, at least do it correctly.
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2 months ago, MiniMonnster
A impossible game
The game is just to hard. I mean, when your flying trough the sky at high speeds, it’s kinda impossible to get the barrels. And doing a loop is SO hard, And It has such a low reward. Like who is gonna do a loop for 50 coins? Nobody. And there’s not even a perk that makes it easier to do loops. At least there’s one for getting barrels.
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5 years ago, PHDJack
Great game but late game flaws
Game is great , nearing the end of the story line and am getting some things in my way There is no way to set a consistent angle to fly at and the phone tilt is sometimes difficult to control and the button is just the same but worse. It may be better to use arrows on either side to adjust angle Once you are past 1000m high the camera does not follow your character . Which completely negates late game content as you cannot steer your craft and it spins out of control until you get below the height limit. Besides those two things, game is not too bad at all. Probably 6-8 hours in total played so far
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3 years ago, Lord dankness
Nowhere near as good as the original 3
The game is a far cry from what the flash games are. The original fun, simple game was snuffed out by a extremely overcomplicated, pay to win format. I wouldn't really mind if there was another way to play the original games on mobile. Due to the fact that this is the only licensed learn to fly game on mobile, I am really disappointed that the game has been changed so much.
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8 years ago, TheWetWorm
Screen froze
The game is good, but whenever I open the game it sends me to Facebook to authorize which tells me that I have already authorized Learn2Fly. I press ok, then it goes back to the game, my phone is on the side, waiting for the game to load. When I get to the start menu is takes the screen thinks it is upward and cuts both sides of the screen to black and leaves a tiny view of the game, almost like it was an older iPhone, I am using the iPhone5, but it shouldn't happen.
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6 months ago, Highheat1414
Glitch with ads
I would give this game 5 stars but there is a glitch where after an ad plays the screen minimizes to the bottom left corner and you are unable to do anything after that. You have to restart the game to fix it. I am on an iPhone 14 Pro Max. I’ve seen this issue with other people’s reviews as well.
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3 years ago, Twitch9E
Micro Transactions
This game ruined the franchise with micro transactions. Learn 2 Fly was one of the best free to play games with secret achievements and a bonus shop. This game has none of those if you want the “bonus” shop items you have to pay for them with diamonds. I understand devs need to make money but an optional ad to double your earnings every flight would have made more for them in my opinion.
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3 years ago, Hls mom
Fun game but a tad bit Grandy
This game is fun it’s just that some parts can get grinding of doing the same system over and over again to get just enough money to buy something it is a great game.
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7 years ago, Stubz702
Needs an update
Last time you updated was last year (and that might have been the release date not an update) and it just seems like it needs an update. Like for instance some of the later islands just say "this island is under maintenance"
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8 years ago, Kippser
I honestly don't care
One day I was playing the real learn to fly on max games while searching for apps. Then I saw this game so I downloaded it and you know what? I love it! I don't care if other people think it is terrible I just love it.
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11 months ago, don't download this!😠
What happened to the flash version
I personally think this is a great game but I wish I could find the experience I had as a kid playing the flash version the experience is like a whole different game
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4 months ago, Teasley714
Disappointed Karen
It would’ve got a five star, but I went to make a purchase in game then the game kept freezing. I have a pending transaction for $1.99 and never received the items. Then came back this morning to find they decided to up the prices.. yeah it was by a dollar, but I made the purchase when it $1.99.
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8 years ago, VectorVexer
I love the flash game this is based on, so I was very disappointed by the app. Upgrades are insignificant and expensive. I have purchased the best upgrades and but only occasionally get to the second obstacle The game fails to recognize when tasks have been completed. Only a third of my loops got counted, and colliding with the bird only knocks it down a sixth of the special occasions where the tilt sensor doesn't overcorrect and miss it altogether. The so-called random events are weighted. A supposedly 50-50 spinning wheel loses eight times in a row. And the bonus objects typically materialize precisely behind an invincible barrier. I added a star out of affection for the flash game. Play it instead.
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6 months ago, CKBrumby
Too many ads
I love the game and I am having tons of fun playing it, but the amount of ads every time I try to do something makes me not want to play. Hopefully this gets fixed or changed. Other than that the game would be 5 stars.
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5 years ago, Garrett Lambrecht
What the hell
I’m playing and it’s good, but when you boost after you launch you just randomly flip upside down, I spend 300 coins on the boosts and I just flipped upside down and and LOST THEM ALL, why can’t you make a working game? I just tap the boost and I flip upside down and and boost backward. Never happens normally, then when I ACTUALLY want to get far I just waste my coins, play the real thing on kongregate
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6 years ago, JustRandomWithBrandon
I found this game on the App Store and I don't really like it cause I have notice when I'm playing it seems like it's luck based if you get a good launch or not and most people say that the original is better and I kinda agree with them. To me it looks like the graphics are better in the originals then this one.
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8 years ago, Thedudedudemanman
This app was quick to download, I was happy with that, but I was quickly let down. I opened the game, pressed the play symbol, and it started loading. It took FOREVER to load. It went for about 15-20 minutes. And then the game crashed. I re-opened the game, and it didn't have much trouble loading. Took only about 1-2 minutes. Very annoyed with the time it took.
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6 months ago, Christopher 2233366
I have an issue on my phone (iPhone 13 pro) that after an ad the game sometimes minimizes itself to the bottom left corner of my screen and the only way to fix it is to completely restart the application, it’s a huge issue and is really annoying.
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4 years ago, RunninManJutsu9000
Gold Vein not working.
I spent my diamonds on gold vein which states triple coins. Every iteration of coin gathering be it coins gathered from the flight or the tally after the flight remained unchanged. If you’d like a better review I would like that fixed. Gameplay is good but there’s kinks that need worked out. The reason it’s so low is that I don’t appreciate spending money and not getting what I pay for.
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