Learn Poker - How to Play

4.5 (804)
48 MB
Age rating
Current version
Playtika LTD
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
6.1 or later
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User Reviews for Learn Poker - How to Play

4.54 out of 5
804 Ratings
1 year ago, MamiiCaprice
Good Stuff.
So simplistic in regards to the format and functionality of the app and the ease of use! I just wanted to learn how to play poker broken down in simple terms and be easy to follow. Every other app was super confusing and all percentages and lingo that had no context. This app gives you step by step instructions and breaks down what every thing means when you take your turn. Love it . Learned basics of poker in like 5 min. When I’ve been thinking it’s incredibly difficult. Deff recommend!
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6 years ago, Mc tuna
Good for absolute beginner
I’m an absolute beginner. I didn’t come here to learn strategy, so this app was great, quick and easy for me. Once you finish the tutorial there isn’t much to do in the app though, so I downloaded their offline poker game
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7 years ago, M.AppleID
I'm not a pro, but advising me to call a pre flop raise with unsuited J 5 is bad tactical advice. Also, they have you winning a hand where a flush draw comes on the turn, hits on the river and there's plenty of betting before that. They should teach tight play first, and not train the player to think that flush is a common thing. The should teach you to count outs and estimate odds. I've always been taught poker is about taking as little damage as possible with most hands and maximizing a few aggressive moves or great hands.
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6 years ago, QuinnThePokerMan
Very Nice
This poker learning taught me in about 15 minutes! Pretty amazing if you ask me. A must get for future poker players.
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5 years ago, Sax1stluv
Loved before tutorial was over
My friend & I are planning a trip to Vegas & we wanted to know more about poker. This app is amazing! I played many many years ago & this was a great way to bring it all back!
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4 years ago, Avacadolady101
I love this game it really helped me understand my only issue is that it’s a little confusing but I guess it’s different for everyone 😇
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7 years ago, Allisonbk
This is a great way to learn poker for those who have no experience. Really simple and well made.
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4 years ago, pat8951234
It helped me so much!
I really like this app it helps me a lot and I recommend it
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8 years ago, BBeautie73
Awesome App
Keeps the terms and steps pretty simple. I'm almost ready to play in public!
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5 years ago, PrincessTater
Awesome Game! 😁🤩🤯😎
I am new to poker so this helped me learn to play. I am annoyed because you have to download multiple games for it, but it is still cool! Great work!🥳😍😜😁💗
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8 years ago, Mellouman
Great for beginners!
Downloaded several apps for "beginners". This by far was the best app. It actually works.
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2 years ago, andromedalars
Helped me learn!
Fun and simple to use, I recommend it.
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7 years ago, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌙
Easier than reading rules online :) simple and fun ✌🏼️✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼
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8 years ago, Mybeautykills
I'm learning don't know if it's the best just yet
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11 months ago, Burbby
After the tutorial session when you select play single, it just keeps kicking you back to the App Store. You can’t play single.
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3 years ago, 2/7 Bravo
Crappy cards
So to get better cards you to purchase this or you have to purchase that. What a rip off. 6/16/. I wanted to play free poker but this game you have to PAY TO PLAY. I don’t pay to play so it is not fun to play.
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7 years ago, Rugbie
Best app to learn poker
I've tried lots of them on the App Store this is the best
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6 years ago, Cristian191
Learned poker
I don’t know much about card games, and poker is the famous one. This app helped me learn the basics.
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3 years ago, thisgamesuksballs
Absolutely no strategy
I have 7 4 and the my opponent has 10 K the flop is 7 2 9 the turn is 10 and the flop is an A and everytime my opponent bets or raises it just tells me to call not even raise
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4 years ago, ActiveLifestyler
Simple and easy way to learn poker!
Great tutorial for beginners!!!
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7 years ago, ionmadan7
Not ready for iphone 8plus
Doesnt work on iphone 8 plus. Screen is not sized properly and if you put it in landscape it only show half screen and then freezes
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6 years ago, TheBlackSnakee
You should install it if you want to learn poker
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3 years ago, MelMelMeMe
When the app was open I couldn’t close out and had to turn off my phone every time and restart
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7 years ago, DEE'S COMP
Awesome poker app
I thought this was a very good beginners tutorial app. good job!!
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8 years ago, Spike90fire
It tells the basics and how to for beginners
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5 years ago, abouttokickass
Excellent Prep App
This app is my first intro to learning poker and it has provided a comprehensive understanding of the game! Thanks
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8 years ago, Neto27
Great app
Very good app for those of us that have no idea how to play poker.
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5 years ago, Reddyce
App disables my iPhone XR
I can’t close the app. The swipe up menu on my iPhone gets disabled. Only way to get out is to power off my phone.
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6 years ago, Aspenlackland
Awesome I’m learning how to play poker
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7 years ago, F.Kazemi
It's perfect
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8 years ago, rhinestone3
Learn poker
Kinda confusing but I want to learn ...
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4 years ago, PrinceSS fish
Not worth buying
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3 years ago, Jean19!
Great to learn
Good and fun
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7 years ago, Zurlove
First time Poker players
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4 years ago, Rivabraham
Pop up
Too many pop ups.
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7 years ago, Sexyluc
Great app
Easy to use! Happy
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7 years ago, Jbeezie13
So far so good
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8 years ago, Jaybird612287
This is one of the best tutorial poker apps I have found. It's so easy and uncomplicated. Just a few rounds and I already feel like an expert poker player.
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8 years ago, Olivester
this app is the only reason I was able to learn how to play poker, it's awesome fun and easy!
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9 years ago, Jabs job
Learned poker in 5 minutes
Straightforward and easy to learn
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8 years ago, Albino-Rhino7
Does a very good job at teaching you to play poker in a fun friendly environment with good in game graphics (: (:
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8 years ago, GordonTEX
Great Tutorial
Very nice poker tutorial and graphics really add to the learning.
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8 years ago, myomega711
Thank you
Absolutely instrumental understanding of the game!
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9 years ago, Plutocrats
Learn Poker
Really nice. I will now need to buy me a tablet. I didn't need one before now.
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8 years ago, 12985bob224
Does a great job of teaching you!
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8 years ago, Ic1206
Great game
Learned the game easily
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9 years ago, Dice Thunder
Fun to play
The graphics make the learning fun.
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8 years ago, dmacwilliamsjr
A fun way to learn the game
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9 years ago, Sabon555
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8 years ago, I<3joshduhamel
Such a cool game! 👍👍
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