Ledger Live: Crypto & NFT App

4.9 (10K)
141.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ledger SAS
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ledger Live: Crypto & NFT App

4.88 out of 5
10K Ratings
2 years ago, Carbonbreath
Best cold storage on earth.
Ledger developed the best User Interface on earth. And it’s constantly being improved. I think it’s crazy people will actually use soft wallets that take control of your keys. Not with Ledger, not only do you have absolute full control of your keys but multiple methods to enjoy moving crypto using their platforms. It’s just fun fun fun! Think of it like taking a vacation to some beautiful island owning your freedom being in control on sandy beach without any fears, worries or banking systems. Can you see it in your mind? On your phone being in that first generation to participate how we’d change payments. Your keys, your very own beautifully design wallet on an iPhone or MacBook sipping a cool drink trading around the world. You own it, it’s completely yours, a truly bank that never closes, that never experiences bank run, impossible to collapse, nobody to abuse power leaving you destitute. This is how I feel every time I login into my Ledger. It belongs to me, it’s my bank. Fifth star will come when developers update app to fit my iPad in landscape.
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6 months ago, soulclone47
Super sleek UI and best cold storage experience!
The setup was a little complicated and I was afraid of messing up so I took things slow. I’m new to this cold storage stuff but I was worried about being hacked so I decided to get a name brand. I’m glad I got the ledger nano X. The Bluetooth connection is so useful and connecting to the iPhone app was a breeze. I was thinking about switching over to Trezor but saw their app on iOS had so much negative reviews! It seems the Trezor may have open source and all that fancy stuff but Ledger is very competitive and definitely has the better app support. App support is important!!! Not everyone wants to connect their ledger or Trezor to a bulky computer to do transactions. Bluetooth and a sleek UI app is a must have. Looking at my money and portfolio in a beautiful interface is a must have for me. Ledger nano X and Ledger live is a no brainer.
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1 year ago, Cob616
My Ledger and Me
This is a story about a regular guy who began investing into crypto. Like most he read, listened and followed the advice of those already in the industry. His crypto portfolio began to blossom and he wanted to do everything he could to ensure that his investments would be around for his children and their children. He read an article about the risky side of crypto and part of this article also highlighted the well known phrase,” not your keys- not your crypto”. This 63 year old then decided to research, “ how can I protect my crypto assets best?“ Just guess what one company kept coming up, over and over with positive reviews, customer testimonials. Again and again, one name rose to the top. Ledger. Ledger. Ledger. So, here we are over a year later, and what a years it’s been. We watched millions of investors lose billions. We saw our entire industry melting down, countless exchanges and banks shuttering. In fact it’s still happening, folks are still losing. You know who didn’t lose. You know who listened, learned? This guy, me !!! Thank you always for your dedication and service to the industry, thank you for being an industry leader and for always promoting a consistent message of security without compromise. Best regards to your team, Steve O’Brien
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2 years ago, Zoomie man
Does the Job
Many people have had battery problems. But not me. I moved my coins out of the exchange custodial account over a year ago. Charged the wallet first and installed the Ledger Live app on iOS. I tried moving a small amount first as a test. It converted old address into latest Segwit format. Every month or so I check my NanoX to make sure battery is topped up. It has never got very low. I charge it using the cord that came with the wallet from a PC USB. Haven’t messed with firmware updates. The seed words are my rescue device if needed. I don’t have them anywhere except written by hand. The NanoX has given me peace of mind. Support is enough. I’m a hodler from old school. The LL app is reliable and is automatically updated with improved functions. Waiting for tax treatment to improve before spending it, although peer to peer is available. I don’t know what Ledger reports to the authorities tho. YMMV
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1 year ago, SyeIII
Ledger app!!
If you're looking for a reliable and secure way to manage your cryptocurrency, the Ledger app is an excellent choice. As a personal assistant, I have had the pleasure of working with the Ledger app and I can confidently say that its features and functionality are top-notch. One of the standout features of the Ledger app is its exceptional security. It uses advanced encryption technology to protect your sensitive information and private keys, ensuring that your investments are safe and secure at all times. Additionally, the app provides reliable real-time updates and allows you to view all of your transactions in one convenient location. The user interface is clean and intuitive, making it simple to navigate even if you're new to cryptocurrency. The Ledger app also supports an extensive list of cryptocurrencies, allowing you to manage all of your investments in one place. Overall, I highly recommend the Ledger app to anyone looking for a trustworthy and user-friendly way to manage their cryptocurrency. It truly stands out as a top-tier option for anyone looking to invest in the future of finance.
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11 months ago, UncoveredU
After 3 years of using this product my main complaint is that the prices reflected would always show incorrectly on a regular basis. Customer service takes days for a response and this can be unnerving if you are heavily invested in crypto. Sure, it takes a while to learn how some of the features work but the terror you feel when the numbers don’t jive is immeasurable. Especially if it causes you to lose opportunities when time and speed are of the essence. I have seen myself lose the value of a brand new house due to the freezing of prices on this app Though the amount of tokens are relatively secure, like a bad exchange that goes down when there is a bull run, this app has also failed to reflect the correct prices causing you to lose out on opportunities to cash out to begin with. I am very disappointed and moving to another hardware wallet. I can’t live on pins and needles anymore
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6 months ago, Cheese318
Ledger Mobile Application
Ledger is best used with PC. Just has way to many limitations when trying to complete any transactions as when you try to sign a transaction it does not work with a mobile phone. They created a great extension for phones which helped with this issue for specific websites. Ledger’s response to that is they will not longer be making Ledger Extension updates. Guess they are too busy building this Ledger Stax which is now almost 12+ months late on delivery to customers who preordered the product. As great as ledger makes themselves out to be they are slowly becoming OpenSea having a market share too big for what they deem to offer to their customers
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2 years ago, Bobertson2.0
Secure, Reliable, More Coin /Token Support Continuously Growing
Buying crypto on an exchange and keeping it there is allowing the exchange to share ownership / custody on the coin/token you bough. If they flop like celsius then you’re sheets outta luck. Do you read that fine print to all their terms and conditions ? They hold the keys, don't allow them to. Keep those coins secure, hidden and only accessible by you, the owner on a Ledger. Nine months owning a ledger with no problems, malfunctions or difficulty accessing my crypto. Support for alt coins has grown immensely. Keep it away from the sneaky and stealthy “insider loans/investments” of the exchange hands, keep it protected, keep it solely yours, keep the coin accessible only by you.
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2 years ago, MystikD420
Ledger Live / Nano X
Great investment. I was concerned about the price (could’ve bought more crypto..lol.) But the security and peace of mind is worth so much more! The app is really easy to setup and export to other devices. Just knowing a scammer cannot get to my funds it’s amazing. I was advised many times to get one.. and now I really wish I would’ve purchased sooner. I will be purchasing a 3 pack to gift to my crypto friends. Might even give a couple away with my small business! If you pick one up you won’t regret it! I love the new colors too🥰
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1 year ago, TheHatedOne-
Missing features and bug fixes
Missing feature are to hide a specific NFT not the entire collection, to where users can hide a selected NFTs and not just have one option to hide the entire collection. I would like to see more NFT support on ledger live, what I mean about this to display all current NFT holdings from each wallet across all platforms. I want a feature where if I send, receive funds or NFTs that their should be a notification to let the user know about incoming transactions. Integrate more security like when signing transactions users should be aware of what asset is leaving the wallet so that this can protect users of possibly compromised transactions that would drain the user’s wallet.
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2 years ago, Adietran
UI is getting worst after each iteration
The hardware wallet itself is great and provide security to your tokens. With its integration with metamask on the desktop, it allows management of many more tokens than the one natively supported by ledger live. It would be great if Metamask connectivity would also work from an Iphone and not only from a desktop. Another pet peeve of mine is the ledger live app itself: latest version has removed the easy access to see all your accounts at once. Now everything is categorized by asset type and you will need to navigate through many layer just to get to your account address. This is so inefficient and aggravating. Developer if you read this, please restore the previous capability ASAP !
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2 years ago, 39582&,!-&;
Don’t ever use Changelly
Ledger has an affiliation with changelly that has held peoples crypto hostage until they make enough noise about it on social media. I’ve seen posts about it before on Reddit about how people used this service, implemented by ledger, that behaves unethically and thieve-like. But sure, it’s for “security purposes” and “your own good.” Look up the Reddit posts if you’re ever thinking about using them! It’ll save you sleepless nights and unnecessary depression. The Co-founder who responds to people on Reddit, btcchip, is trash at helping people and very (and I mean extremely) unprofessional for such a big company that should have better reps. He once blamed someone’s own bad lack for ordering a device that was faulty, and for the second faulty device they received when they tried ordering a replacement.
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3 months ago, Nkd11
I don’t know they get 5 stars when they keep breaking refresh rate
Seriously. Why can’t this app get refresh right? It was issue before then for few months it was fixed now broke again. Crypto prices won’t refresh either overall account total or market prices. Sometimes overall price will update like balance on account and crypto pricing will be stuck. You can close the app and start again same issue. Why have a crypto app if you can’t fix the refresh issue on pricing. I love the solution but man this one issue frustrates the heck out of me. I shouldn’t have to google eth or btc price when I have this app lol.
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4 months ago, ProLibertate13
Great way to self-store your crypto!
Outstanding product to store your crypto off the exchanges. Definitely provides the owner with peace of mind. I love how it allows you to to manage your crypto either on your computer, or on your mobile phone with the Bluetooth feature. It is a little intimidating when you first use it, so access the How to articles on their website. My only complaint is that Ledger needs to continue adding availability of new tokens that competitors are offering.
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1 month ago, Buggy software
My Ethereum Is Held Hostage on Ledger
My Ethereum and Gemini Dollars are Held Hostage on This Device ..I attempted to transfer Ethereum to another server..The transaction failed and became stuck…I then attempted to raise fee to get this to proceed…that also became stuck…I finally purged the cache of the application to clear transaction history…then attempted the transaction again with highest fee …that became stuck….followed more advice from ledger to cancel transaction…but this too has failed…my crypto is now being held hostage in this device…Buyer Beware…Never use Ledger..Ledger does not even have live customer support…Avoid this terrible company.. Recently I attempted to withdraw my GUSD…paid above the maximum gas for the transaction…still I get stuck transaction…buyers avoid this crappy wallet and the ledger live app
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1 year ago, evy garza
Ledger Live is the best cold storage Ever!!!
I was able to transfer the majority of my crypto to this ledger which was very easy, and safe to use. Ledger gave me 10% off on the purchase of my ledger, but would like to also see this discount for veteran’s, military, law enforcement, and first responders. Ledger is a great, smart, reliable, and amazing device that leaves your mind at ease knowing all your crypto and NFTs are secure. In addition, you may also purchase many cryptocurrencies within ledger live app which is a game changer for sure!!! Ledger rocks 🚀🚀🚀
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3 weeks ago, amontano7
aside from the security of a hardware wallet app very informative
Very useful to have my whole portfolio gathered in the wallet tab and to see performance of my staked ether in the earn tab. I also love WalletConnect to see more details of specific accounts in websites. You don’t need Nano X with bluetooth to enjoy benefits of app. You can have Nano S Plus and sync from desktop app. I also find very useful that you can choose which specific accounts you want to sync and have available in app.
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4 months ago, NathanNastyNate
The ease and security in which using Ledge has
The ease and security measures using Ledger gives me a true sense of security. When storing and on loading and off loading crypto from my Ledger Nano X. I feel a real sense of peace knowing that no one can hack it and steel my crypto funds. Hands down one of the original cold storage devices on the market that’s safe reliable and I won’t switch to anything else because Ledger devices is the company I put my trust in for storing my crypto under self custody.
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10 months ago, life_goes_on_
Absolute Trash
Don’t waste your money with this trash. I can’t even do the very basics, which is transfer coins from another wallet. I am also super tired of seeing firmware update which is being forced upon me and as far as I can tell not only it’s a pain and impossible to update, but the download risks exposing my private keys. Customer service is useless. They send you links, and those links are useless, just a bunch of long complicated not helpful articles. Zero help, zero essential instructions, just hundreds of pages of nonsense articles. There are plenty of really good and free wallets out there that actually do what they are supposed to do. Don’t bother with this trash. It’s definitely not worth the money.
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5 months ago, We the North Crypto CAD
At Your Fingertips
Data available on demand and bank grade security! Monitor the markets all within the app. Time is money and Ledger app offers immediate access to the information I need to stay current and monitor trends. Plus, there are opportunities to stake and exchange crypto through affiliates. Been using for 3 years, always up to date & reliable. I haven't used all the features yet but satisfied with those I deploy everyday. With this app, the opportunities are nearly endless.
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2 years ago, Subu96
Glad I got this Ledger
I was searching for a cold wallet and wasn’t sure which one I wanted. After doing my research I k ew I wanted the Ledger Nano. It took me 3 months before I started using it because I was unsure I could use it successfully. I found that all my apprehension was for nothing, I watched some videos online and started using it with no issues. I like that it has the interface with the phone (which was something I really wanted). Don’t hesitate, the Ledger Nano is the way to go.
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5 months ago, Abbash25
Worst customer support ever!
These guys have the worst customer support ever. Anytime I reach out to them, they send me to a third party and don’t see the issue through. The third party charged me $450 for a simple coin swap. The estimated charge stated it would be around $20 total. It ended up being $450 and their excuse was that the estimate is just an estimate and that the final fee can’t be known until after the transaction goes through. Ok fair. But to have it be 1,200% increase is insane. It’s wildly absurd. Their estimates are nowhere near the true cost. Why have an estimate anyways. Why don’t they just be honest and tell you that their going to bend you over and give you the work. This is a scam. I’m switching to Trezor!
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2 years ago, addoru
Slow to update prices - unable to transfer crypto
Prices are so slow to update, which makes a big difference in options, stock, and crypto trading. Needs to be low-latency. Prices are nowhere near real-time. Ledger needs to solve for this problem immediately. The other thing holding Ledger back is the support for various tokens. Many top 50 tokens are not reliably able to be transferred to cold wallet. What’s the point? Impossible to connect to Ledger Nano X to send crypto to hot wallet and nearly impossible to sell crypto on platform. I guess from that perspective your crypto is safe because you can’t do Jack with it once it’s online. Actively looking for an alternative to Ledger. I don’t get the hype.
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2 years ago, mklbb
Why So Salty?
The ledger live app is not only an important component to the non-custodial hardware but not sure why reviewers are expressing their selfish needs for weird coins that aren't really even supported in their reviews. The Ledger mobile app dev team clearly is working hard to provide updates for their users to increase the experience of “not your keys, not your coins” Cut them some slack. If you could do it better than do it. Let’s not complain, let’s build, together.
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2 years ago, @!Jjman
I’ve been using ledger live in combination with ledger nano x for a few months. Takes a minute to get used to, but once you do it works perfectly. I was a little skeptical about all the reviews about the battery not holding a charge. Completely untrue! I just went to use my nano after not charging for a week, and it had almost full charge. I think there’s a lot of haters out there. As far as I’m concerned the nano x is a solid device
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5 months ago, Theron LJ
Ledger Nano X features
This is a great start to us becoming our own bank and controlling our own cryptocurrency investments and stable coins giving us access to fiat currency. The next step is making the UI seamless regarding making transactions. Like creating an address book that trust previous transactions that were verified, giving us the ability to label the trusted public addresses (fm exchanges, software & hardware wallets) for future transactions.
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2 years ago, Exodus369
Game changer!!! Ledger Nano X
I was not aware of how awesome having a hardware device is! The ability to buy my crypto from ledger live is amazing. I used to buy my crypto from Coinbase and was really not the biggest fan but didn’t know I had other options! I now only buy my assets from ledger live (unless it’s not supported yet) I love how often the app is updated, the ledger support is really next level! If you are going on the fence I highly recommend getting a ledger!
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1 year ago, ~Turbo85~
Ledger is the ONLY option. Do not trust others
The Ledger model from the app, devices, to the software are the only trusted wallets. Many others will come and go but Ledger will not and have the most calculated options in the event they ever were to be put out of business. A hundred stars all the way. Their customer service is pretty good and devices stay up to date very simply. If there’s a bug they are on it quicker than any.
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3 months ago, Rockrabbit45
Not happy with you people
A warning would have been nice when prompted to update letting the person know that you’ve got some kind of programming error crash error that will occur on Windows 7. obviously you people knew this because it’s posted on your site but I guess it was just too much trouble to put that information on the window. Now I am completely locked out of my account and have no access to any of my nano s coins. virtual memory has been lost. I don’t have the money to get another computer upgrade to a different system. Programmers should be held accountable for their programming when it causes harm to others.
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2 years ago, jetl1f3
Thank you for bring back the portfolio chart!
I was very disappointed when the new update took off the main portfolio chart on the wallet tab but since they added it back in the recent update i changed my review back to 5 stars because other than that Ledger has been the best crypto wallet ive had especially in 2022 with all these exchanges getting liqudated! NOT YOUR KEYS NOT YOUR CRYPTO! Everyone please keep your assets safe in times like these!
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2 years ago, mindfield7
A little patience is needed
Review for app and ledger system. So I’ve been using this for a few months now- it’s a little wonky in general. The app I only use to glance at my totals now and then. The app itself is ok for just that. I sit at a desktop doing moves. If I was moving small amounts back and forth I’d use a web based wallet. I know people who use dedicated devices for individual coins because of the account management settings can be confusing. Overall the entire process hasn’t let me down but it’s a little nerve racking at times.
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3 months ago, 5⭐️ stars
Amazing experience
Ledger Live is an outstanding platform that seamlessly integrates with Ledger hardware wallets. Its user-friendly interface simplifies cryptocurrency management, allowing for easy portfolio tracking and secure transactions. The real-time updates ensure accurate information, and the robust security features provide peace of mind. Overall, Ledger Live is a top-notch tool for anyone serious about managing their digital assets. Five stars well-deserved!
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2 years ago, kidkush1017
Never had a problem with the ledger app that is up until this most recent update. Layout and everything is great and most of the changes I enjoy however, I mine litecoin and in the app it is not collecting this. Through the desktop version all is well I see my balance rise daily as new coins are mined but for the app it doesn’t update. Worried me a few times as I get notified when I’ve reached payout but the app does not update this. My litecoin balance is stagnant in the app. I believe it to be all the native segwit coins this happens with.
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2 years ago, TonyGigz
Nano X for the Win
I’ve been in crypto for years and always used multiple hot wallets because I was too cheap to buy a cold wallet. After seeing too many friends get ripped being degens and the platform exploits on etherscan and solana plus many others I decided to buy my first Ledger. Ledger Live on my Mac and iPhone are great and I can now rest knowing my assets are safe. Peace of mind can be bought and it’s cheaper than you think.
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1 year ago, Noble Phares
Good I recon
I wish ledger provided a system for a 1 time phrase change after purchase; I understand why they do not but there are ways to securely change phrases after purchase without risking security. Other than this I am glad ledger exist. I would like to see ledger eventually build their own crypto buying gui inside the app, & one day I am sure they will, until then I’m happy to possess my digital assets. (XRP( ;^)—|-<.
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4 months ago, Jtkewlio
Exactly what I need.
Only issue initially was that a couple assets weren’t able to be seen in the ledger live WALLET, but I had them on the Ledger device. However that’s just user incompetence and the crypto learning curve; and since then, they’ve added a bunch of assets to be compatible with the Ledger live interface. So all in all, I’ve been super satisfied. Albeit a learning experience in many ways, it’s been super easy.
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3 months ago, erin stepp
Best app for a physical ledger
Love my Nano S, didn’t know that they had even released the Nano S Plus and now I want it but if I’m going to replace my Nano, might as well buy the Nano X. This app is great if you are just checking your assets, but if you don’t have the Bluetooth version (Nano X), you will not be sending any crypto with this app. I’ve been able to send but not receive. Good app though, even better product(s)!
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4 months ago, chronicpain57
Great safe wallet for a non technical person
It is easily figured out. Works as expected or better and I’ve got real peace of mind! I’ve found Ledger Live to be user friendly for a novice like me and I’m very satisfied with the entire experience from nano to the onscreen app. Makes me feel safer and have it all at my fingertips. I feel the future is bright and safer than ever before. Thanks very much!
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2 years ago, Rick Holloway
Pease Of Mind
Knowing my family’s financial future is secured buy keeping our crypto off-line brings much confront to all of us. We love that the Ledger allows us to purchase additional tokens securely within the Ledger. When the internet went down for two days and I could not transfer our crypto left on exchanges to our Nano S, that convinced us we needed to own a Nano X, our next purchase.
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1 year ago, QryptoQwizz
Ledger wallet
The app works really smooth with the ledger device on both mobile and phone. It’s much better than 6-9 months ago. There were connectivity issues with the Bluetooth and hooking up to a mobile device. Desktop has always worked fine. But it’s nice to be able to manage my crypto all from my phone.
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6 months ago, gtselios
I love Ledger Live it works well I never had issues with it, everything sent and received went through without a hitch. People are complaining about Dapps on Ledger Live being scams, that’s everywhere no one is perfect. Also, everything you use on the internet tracks and your ok with that but if ledger app does it it’s taboo!!! The hypocrisy of people make me laugh.
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1 year ago, Jerbame
So far so Good
We need tokens to be natively supported. That third party setting up of tokens is just to complicated and cumbersome. Also make it easy to add a new token. Example; you search for token in market, see it , then press button to buy. When you buy, an account is automatically created and token is added to the wallet reflecting purchase as well.
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1 year ago, JimmyPlaysDrums
Pretty great hardware wallet and app
I’m impressed with how well Ledger works as a crypto wallet. It’s not always easy to make using crypto less confusing but Ledger at least tries to make as much of the complicated stuff a little easier as it can and they have a lot of support videos and articles that also help when you get stuck or have questions.
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2 years ago, 0770mattic
I’m very pleased with the app
I am happy with the Ledger Live app’s performance. I can stake some currencies through it and can buy/sell/swap when it’s convenient for me. I don’t like how some of the functions available with the computer app aren’t available here, like ADA account and my ability to see my funds, buy, and sell through the app. As those get cleaned up, I’ll likely increase my stars for the app, as I do see it going great places.
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1 year ago, Ray Edwards Review
Best hard wallet
I’ve been using Ledger Live and Ledger Nano for 3 years. I’ve had two other brands of hard wallets but Ledgernis hands-down the best for ease of use, functionality, and user interface. Ledger seems to always be on the cutting edge. I hope they continue their growth and don’t get destroyed by any regulatory framework. Freedom for the monetary system and a level playing field!!!
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2 years ago, Qbomb71
So far so good
It is nerve racking moving crypto through the blockchain. I have moved all of my ETH and BTC with no issues, really easy. I have yet to move any other alt coins to my Ledger, however I will only move ERC 20 tokens when I do. The fear of my money getting lost in crypto space is too high. I really like knowing that it’s my keys and my crypto and relying on the exchanges to manage my money correctly.
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6 months ago, Serenerdipiti
About my ETH staked tokens
Hello, I have typically haven’t written reviews on Apple Store yet. I noticed that when I staked my ‘ETH’ to ‘Pooled Staked ETH’ it shows that it went through but the display wasn’t showing up. And I don’t have an option to exchange/switch options. It does have send and receive options. But when I do those options it won’t work and I got an error message. So now I just here that I really need this display and an exchange option. If you could please fix the issues that I am currently experiencing. I’d appreciate your hard work and help. I’ll keep an eye on the next update too. I heard that you guys also saw these exact experiences happening on Ledger Live app and being investigated for this matter. Please keep me and everyone posted and for any updates. Thank you.
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2 years ago, tsd15_2000
Complete Trust!
I have the Nano S and the Nano X. I trust my Ledgers to protect and secure my Bitcoin. It is an incredibly simple tool that is compact, sleek, and performs flawlessly. My wealth is heavily concentrated in Bitcoin and I trust Ledger to protect my digital assets and my families wealth. If you have Bitcoin, you gotta have a Ledger. Period. I will forever stack sats and convert my fiat to sound money for the future of my children. Ledger is there to protect and secure this future. #Ledger #Hodl
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2 years ago, FLDOrlando
The more I learn…
Amazing flexible using multiple APPS to manage crypto. Extremely powerful feeling knowing I have more control over my own security. The more I learn, the more I love my decision to covert to a Ledger. Keep improving Ledger Live. Add support for more known coins or add ability to import token to view and manage them on Ledger Live without third party APPS, like Zerion. Overall, five stars!
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1 year ago, natoshisan
Perfect for my cold storage needs
I love using my Ledger Nano X for cold storage. This app makes it easy for me to seem less my manage my finances while keeping my privacy. It’s easy to send and sign transactions whenever I need to access my cold storage funds, and I never have to worry about third party banks or custodians interfering with my transactions or finances.
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