Legacy First National Bank

4.7 (2.3K)
48.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
First National Bank SD-MN
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
10.3 or later
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User Reviews for Legacy First National Bank

4.74 out of 5
2.3K Ratings
4 months ago, Movies & Me
Legacy Account - First Nat’l Credit Card
This app is easy to use and the people that stand behind it are very friendly and will go the extra wto help any customer. Have never had a problem with the app in seeing my balance or transactions and is always right. I recommend this for anyone building or re-building their credit.
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2 months ago, Calan Soto
6 Months with company
I don’t like this card. If you want to make more than 1 payment for the month- they will charge you. I like to pay off as I swipe so this does not suit my lifestyle the best. The app itself is a bit plain. They don’t give notifications when your due date is coming up like other cards I have. Their customer service is nice and I’ve had no problem with them besides the multiple payments- but I regret getting this card. It hasn’t done much for my credit and the Initial amount given is too low to make a difference to my account.
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3 months ago, fjc618
Crashes and does not load anymore
I have the latest iOS update and latest app update installed. This bank app was fantastic, never had an issue until the past 2 days. I tried everything such as uninstalling it, re installing it, updating everything, restarting my phone, clearing the ram. All I get is a white screen and it crashes. It will no longer work on any of my devices. I’m writing this in hopes the developers can see this.
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2 years ago, Betty H C L
saving second bank for payment option.
I found it difficult to set up a 2nd bank for a payment option. I’m not sure if your site allows a choice of saving multiple banks since I had to enter the routing and bank account number where the previous bank information was. Your site is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t seem to allow multiple payment options.
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1 year ago, respect-for-life
Easy for me
This app is easy to use with no hassles. I can navigate throughout it with ease and view my account information, transaction documentations, and due dates. Everything I desire to know about my account is accessible at my fingertips. This automatically gives me the confidence to that I’m in good hands.
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3 years ago, Casino728
Smooth App
Checking balances, setting up auto pay and making an early, extra payment besides what is already on auto pay, is quick and easy. Smooth app to navigate through!
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2 months ago, Jules Shields
App review
I would give this app a five star rating, but I have a hard time understanding that there’s a limit on how many times I can make a payment through the app. When I get extra money, I like to make extra payments on my credit cards so I don’t spend the money frivolously. The app will only allow me to make two payments per pay cycle. Other than that, I love the app.
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2 years ago, AMT<3
Incorrect info
This app shows my balance and credit available, but the amounts never add up to my total credit limit ! I’ve also tried including with the balance and available credit, the transactions that are pending… Nope. Still doesn’t add up. Also, why can I only make so many debit payments? After however many I’m forced to use ACH to make payments. I’m second-guessing myself for getting this card.
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3 years ago, Jae3609
Great app
This app is very easy to use & make payments. If you make your payment early in the morning it will post the next day which I like very much it’s not like others that take a week or two for the payment to process.
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3 years ago, tfink74
Great App
The only thing I would change is that because I have a lower limit, which is no fault of the Legacy, I get that thats just the way it is. But I use this card for multiple reasons and I would like to be able to make a payment more than once a month sometimes.
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1 year ago, Bud_light_year
Great App!
Very simple to set up and use. I can see all my transactions and available balance. Well done! I would recommend this credit card and this app to all my friends and family.
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12 months ago, Biggguy1977
The app is fine. The only thing the app is missing is a mechanism where you can lock & unlock the card for use. Most other credit cards have this!!! Updating this would appreciate this. It helps protect against potential fraud use. Thanks
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2 years ago, az curmudgeon
True 5 star app!
I find it easy to access, check balances and activity, and make a payment. Other credit card companies could adopt this and improve their offerings.
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3 years ago, IrishGirl5661
I have Face ID. My account is up within five seconds. There’s a few things to click on to make a payment or see your account overview and to see your statements. Like the card like the app!!!
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4 months ago, Charlie2X
Legacy App (insert cute Legacy pun here)
Kind of hard to impress me when it comes to a credit card app but this app works the way I would expect and want it to - and sometimes it’s nice to just have an app do what is should. Good job Legacy!
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3 years ago, dawgs65
Decent app
My only issue that it will only let you make one payment per monthly cycle. I travel and would like to make multiple payments when I receive my expense payments.
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3 years ago, Harley940
Easy App
I like having access to my credit balance at my fingertips. I can make extra payments and check balance if a purchase comes up 😀
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2 years ago, Bluphi Diva
App Review
Easy to access account information; make payments within seconds. Very user friendly
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2 years ago, sendit100
Maybe a better interface
Would be great if it showed a better interface and a few more options on the app
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2 years ago, Stouts4life
It’s ok…..
If you don’t remember your password and you don’t have ur card on you, need to make a payment to bad. It won’t happen without having the card with you. Not even if you can verify everything else, it won’t even try. Card or nothing.
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1 year ago, gaijinmom
Easy and convenient
One of the easier apps to use. It’s nice to have account info and payment options at my fingertips!
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4 months ago, r4537895
Makes paying the bill much easier
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1 year ago, Yeahizme
Great App!
Love this app ! So easy to use and shows the most current and accurate information on your account ! Can’t beat it !!!
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1 year ago, Shane163617
Love the credit card
My business will always be with them. They treated me always fair. Give them a try.
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2 years ago, dragon lady25
I love being able to pay with my Varo card besides it gets there faster then paying it on Walmart.
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4 years ago, Alebob911
Logout option
Responding to other reviewer who said no logout option, it’s in the more option of the app on the bottom.
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3 years ago, Ruby4408
Fast and easy
Easy to check out your balance and make payments!
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3 years ago, nic0lejean
It works!
Always easy to use. No glitches. Loads fast. Simple and user friendly!
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2 months ago, LoriDh8
It the same old song and dance. They state on their website that it’s $0 Fraud Protection. Then why do I have charges for FRAUD PROTECTION. It’s not $0 FRAUD PROTECTION. The NO SECURITY DEPOSIT REQUIRED? I WAS CHARGED $75. I’ve had this card for 6 months and if you have common sense, stay away from these scammers. It’s absolutely worthless to apply for this card. They will slap on SO MANY FEES.
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1 year ago, Shane21Zander06
Using the app
Using the app is super easy and it has everything you need to know about your account at your fingertips.
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2 years ago, JazzyBrownGyrl
Easy to use App
My experience with the app is quick and easy. Not all apps are like that so that is a definite plus.
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3 years ago, Colginman
Easy Peasy
Easy app to navigate for all my credit card needs. Thank you
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1 year ago, CrayMama
Need Better Way To Report
I have an unauthorized attempted charge on my account and have not been able to report the card stolen or request a new one through the methods provided.
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3 years ago, JacQuelyne H
Website not available only app.
Website address receive error and must contact customer service by phone. Difficulty with obtaining up to date account information is misrepresented entirely, very inconvenient and must rely upon app that does not reflect accurate information.
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9 months ago, Fuzzy 71
An easy app to use
The app is very easy to navigate. I didn’t encounter any problems.
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4 years ago, rosita80
Please fix!
The app was working just fine for a while and all of a sudden it just went blank. No information at all about my account, can’t look at my personal info. It just says “object reference not set to an instance of an object” for anywhere I try to look into in my account. I deleted the app and all but still does the same.
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2 years ago, clmajewski
Love this app it’s easy to use it fast and helps keep track of my account!
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2 years ago, LynchM20
Works as Expected
I am able to sigh in and set up payments on my low limit Legacy CC with predatory interest rates without difficulty.
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4 years ago, Success Next Stop
I give this app two stars because of the payment options. Out of all the credit card apps I have this the only one that wants your bank account number and routing number while everybody else accepts your debit card number.
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3 years ago, Diesel#03
Easy Access
Love the app, easy to navigate. Great credit card to have.
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3 years ago, dellibean
I can’t change the payment date when I try to make a payment, so I only use it to check balances and maybe make a payment when I get to the due date
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1 year ago, Mavbk182
Always works and saves me a ton of time.
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12 months ago, Goin•Postal
Always logs you out
I have facial recognition for a reason! Nobody else has my face!! So why does this app always kick me off and wants to email me a passcode!? Legacy is worse than Home Depot. They want to make it hard to pay your bill so they can stick you with a late fee.
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3 years ago, Mandi39565
Thanks for making it simple and easy to use! A+
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1 year ago, G Dawg 808
No fuss, no muss
This app is easy to use. Payments are easy. No troubles with security. Face recognition works like a charm.
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2 years ago, RobertL1104
No scheduled payment options
I use to be able to schedule my payments in advance. Now my only option is the day I log in to the account. Fix it.
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9 months ago, Bkromey
Easy Banking!
User friendly!
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2 years ago, QueenSadie88
Love it
Love the facial I’d, and simplicity of making my payments and keeping eye on my account 😊👍
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2 years ago, TheRequiem
Trying to make a payment crashes
I have an iPhone 14 Pro Max with the latest software and every time I tap on the date to make a payment it just crashes and closes the app. Can’t even make a payment. Sad.
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3 years ago, Bambi5262
Face recognized
This app access needs to have face recognized access always have to reset password So just don't use this card very often not easy to make payments
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