LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

4 (3.7K)
1047.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

4.01 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
4 years ago, bet bet 1964
Downloaded your own risk
The developers need to address and fix the game and reply to the people who choose this game. I downloaded this for my grandson, and on 3 different times we have gone through this game, it has sent us back to the beginning after multiple purchases 3 times to replace what will not save. Now I will not even think about it until this game is fixed and there is a way to definitely save the game, because as of right now it does not save. And shame on the developers for ignoring the people and children who make their jobs possible SHAME ON YOU. I will give a better rating when fixed: and an apology to all.
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2 years ago, ag90
Worst in the series
I get it. It’s only $5. Not like spending however much it was for Lego Batman, and Lego Batman 2 on PlayStation. But for comparison Lego Star Wars TCS is on the App Store and all levels, mini kits, arcade mode, bounty hunter missions, story mode and free play, the entirety of the game the same as it would be on any major console is $7. This game was majorly disappointing. No levels where you can use vehicles, no batwing, bat boat, motorcycles, anything. You can’t earn gold bricks, they can only be purchased. No mini kits. The mini kits unlock characters. No bonus levels. The extra Justice league levels aren’t even levels. It’s just waves of enemies coming at you. I expected another half of the game to be playable with the justice league. You can’t unlock all the characters, they have to be purchased. Fortunately you don’t need to purchase any one character to finish the game. There are only 14 levels. Some are very short. There’s a formula to follow for these Lego games that make them great, the developers for this one really dropped the ball. If you have a kid that loves Batman, great, keep this on your phone or on their iPad. For Batman fans, avoid this game, save your money. Story is not worth it. Lego, just give us an iOS port of the first Lego Batman game. It was the best one
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6 months ago, SunnyD0311
They are STEALING people’s money! DO NOT BUY OR DOWNLOAD.
I bought the game for my son. Bought 125 “Golden Bricks” to buy and unlock his favorite characters. After a day they characters were again locked but the golden bricks balance remained spent! Used more golden bricks to AGAIN buy and unlock his characters and AGAIN after a day they locked again but this time the bricks balance was 0. Got in touch with their support team just to have them refer me to Apple to get the issue solved. In the mean time I bought another 50 bricks so my son could keep on playing. Apple told me ITS THE DEVS THAT SHOULD FIX THE ISSUE. got with the support team again and explained what happened and they AGAIN referred me to Apple for a refund. These aholes just pond you off to Apple if you have any issues and it turns into a back and forth and a waste of your valuable time! DO NOT BUY THIS BROKEN GAME FROM THESE THIEVES. You won’t get anywhere the moment you encounter a problem. Mind you this IS NOT A FREE TO PLAY GAME. you have to purchase the dam thing. Save yourself the trouble. DO NOT BUY IT.
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4 years ago, Not to play game
Houston we have a problem...
This is a good game but there is one problem or two, there is one glitch where u go into the lvl where you distract and swim with killer croc. So when u go into his room u will see two objects in the back left corner. When u swim over next to those two objects u need to drain the water. Here's the problem, u might want to be careful around nod thos two objects because it glitches u inside of them and then automatically start over
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5 years ago, irritated mother!
Needs a saving option 😠
I bought this game for my son, he plays the game loves it and bought the characters and was about to finish the story of the game, but he let his friend play on a new game and now his upset that his game wasn’t saved but was replaced with the new game with out the characters that he bought so I try help him locate his game but couldn’t find it and he has to start all over, can someone have the game fixed so this doesn’t happen because I am not buying more golden bricks every time a new game has started. It’s a total rip off. If you want good reviews better start fixing the game. Honestly should have read the reviews before buying, lesson learned. Since I mentioned the reviews apparently you guys had this problem for three years now, why isn’t it getting fixed???
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11 months ago, Rae Banzoo
Thats it?..
My problem is that i played the joker level 3 times and cant find the last mini kit and ive done everything. Is it a glitch? Who knows, but something about this is off. Thank you. Update ~ i found the last minikit, finished the game inside n out. And for why? Cool accomplishment, but its a waste, because whats next? I cant leave the batcave? Freeroam the city? Be whatever character i wanna be? What the point in having so many characters to choose from then? Wheres the bonuses? I expect more for $5. This was my favorite lego game growing up, mainly because of the bonus levels and free roaming. This game is a bore otherwise.
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2 years ago, JuiceBoxer07
Trash and a rip off
I bought this game for my four year old son, he used to play it on his fire all the time so when we upgraded to an Apple it was a must have, I purchased all the DLC characters becauseHe had them all unlocked on his previous game, but in this game if you buy all the characters and you save it wrong you pretty much flush $20 down the drain,I don’t understand how DLC can be wiped out by a safe stay because in no other game you could do that, in fact if I erase half my apps and then re-download them and sign in those purchases are still my purchases and I have access to all the data, but nope not this trashcan of a game.
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9 years ago, Thomas W. Everson
Bad experience.
If I pay for a game, I expect to be able to complete everything without paying for in app purchases. You can't get one particular red brick unless you pay for gold bricks to buy it. Bad form. Also there's this issue where if you put the game in the background and open another program you risk the game resetting on itself, and with not enough auto save points you end up losing progress. The controls are okay, except when they respond in a manner in which you don't want them to, like running a different direction than you're dragging, or trying to cut the red bricks with laser and it getting stuck on a corner until you swipe 50 times.
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9 years ago, LIL DANDON
My 4 Year old son absolutely loves loves loves this game. Just purchased this app version of the video game and he literally was insisting that he had to play and complete the game. :) He already has the Lego Batman DC Superhero 2 for his wii console, also on his Nintendo DS 3D he has the Lego Batman DC Superhero 3. Now he adds to his collection the app for the iPad, AWESOME. I, myself must say I really quite enjoy the app. It's super easy to get the hang of it and figure out how to use the controls. I loved it! Thank you for an awesome video game app.
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5 years ago, ShadowStrike9000
Bug or Ripoff?
Why does this game require additional purchases on characters that I paid to unlock? Is this a bug or a ripoff? This would be a great game for my son if it actually worked. We bought the game, bought some characters, but that’s not enough apparently. Now we have to buy coins to use the characters. I wonder what would happen if I bought the coins. Will the developers up the ante and require yet another purchase of some sort before the bought-and-paid-for character can be used? I’m not willing to pay to find out. Either fix the bug or quit being greedy and let your customers enjoy the product they purchased.
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2 years ago, Leviathan Walker
Wow just wow, the freaking controls are pretty….stupid
I gotta say I love the game because of nostalgia reasons but the controls are the worst and for a 5 to 6 dollar game, pretty trashy but if you have tinier fingers than I do them this game is for you, because I think that’s one of the reasons I just can’t with this, it’s because the controls are so small that it’s so hard to play it. But it was still pretty cool and I guess fun if you have smaller fingers then I do (no offense to anyone who have small fingers) but besides that it is a 2 to 3 star game for me, sorry, good try though Lego but no, just no.
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7 years ago, Groppler Zorn
Buyer Beware
Buyer beware: I purchased a cave of 125 gold bricks for $9.99 for the game for my son. He used about 20 of the 125 bricks, and the next day, all of his bricks were gone and the characters he bought with the 20 bricks were locked again. Looking through the reviews, this seems to be a common problem. I submitted a help ticket to the developer and got an automated response that did not even remotely address my problem. I also did all of the troubleshooting schemes they suggested, but to no avail. I am submitting a request for a refund through iTunes. I’m not happy. Summary: the game is fine when you play it, but don’t make any in app purchases.
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9 years ago, Pls give us free roam
This game needs free roam
This game is super fun. But when you beat it gets boring and the only thing you can do is play the same levels over and over until you have everything in the game. If you add free roam it will but fun every time playing the game. Even just waiking in Gotham would be fun. Also like Lego bat,an 2 console version pls allow to find the characters on the map in free roam . This will add a big population boost in people playing this g,Me
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2 years ago, EpicGamingAwesomeAndFun
Best Lego game ever!!
This game is awesome! I don’t understand all the hate. You can do everything without paying in the game but you have the option to buy things if you want. This game may not have a city to explore but the many characters not in the console version of this game makes up for it. If you are looking for a challenging but action packed Lego game, this game is PERFECT!!
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6 years ago, R19722
Great graphics, would be great if only....
Why are all the characters my son purchased not usable?? Why aren’t the tokens he wins used to purchase the characters? It locks up. My son gets so frustrated at his characters he just bought not being available and I, in turn, get frustrated that I can’t fix it. Bought a game, bought tokens.....a lot of tokens for him to repurchase over and over again the same characters for them to be unavailable. I hope the fix comes soon. This has been going on for months. I deleted the game so it isn’t visible to him. Will wait for the fix.
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4 years ago, Josie josie2010
Why do I have to keep buying the same characters over and over?
I bought my son many of the characters, and the next time he tried playing they were gone! He was upset because I made him earn the money to pay for the characters. I didn’t know what happened, and I didn’t have time to call support, so I just repaid for more characters. Today he is playing again and tells me they are all gone again. I just checked the reviews and I see this has happened to many other kids. Now I’m telling him he can’t play this game anymore because it’s broken and he is upset.
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2 years ago, ockie boi
Yo this is way to much money
Hi I love your game but I’ve been seeing all these reviews and now that I think their is a problem first of all lex Luthor is 5,000,00 bruh that’s way to much grinding and in my opinion it should be 2,000,00 cause 5 million is way to much and same problem for poison ivy and if you need them for gold bricks I will leave a worse review I will play more cause I like the storyline and you get characters for just playing last thing make skins for more characters like flash cyborg Wonder Woman and more but please make that a new story please and thank you 😊
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9 years ago, Flyboy freeze
Great Game!
Lego DC is a great game and loaded with hours of potential game play. My only suggestion that would increase my satisfaction with I'm sure a lot of the other users. Would be if this app was Mfi controller compatible. Hopefully one day it will be. I just purchased the Lego Star was saga for 9.99 just because it was mfi compatible. Games like this one are addictive but eventually your hand gets cramped because of the size of the device. Just add Mfi.
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12 months ago, Mig111
Red Brick Glitch
I get it, this game is amazing. I have had it since I was a kid and have loved it. However, I recently hopped back into it and discovered what the red bricks actually do. Double studs? Amazing. And so, I bought one for 500,000 studs but for some reason I could not equip it. The stud magnet was just not letting me use it even though I payed all the studs for it. I find this a serious issue. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, MineCraftMiner84
LEGO Batman DC Super Hero”s
I’ve been playing LEGO video games for years. Whoever is the creator of this game was just his/her way of earning a quick buck. Not a care in the world obviously not enough time was spent in creating this game app. When downloading the app it took several attempts before it would download. After going through all the trouble once I i made it into the app it kicked me out of the app before I even got a chance to play the game. So I’m going to end this review by saying yes you’ve gotten 1 ⭐️ because not enough effort was assessed in making this app.
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4 years ago, 80sonpurple
It’s good but needs IOS 13 support
I love the game but I don’t have my device updated to IOS 13 cause this game is not compatible with it!Please add compatibility for it and the rest of the LEGO games that don’t have it yet(Like LEGO Batman 3,LEGO Star Wars the complete saga & The force awakens,and LEGO Ninjago shadow of Ronin!Also if possible please bring back LEGO Harry Potter games to mobile and add IOS 13 support too!
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4 years ago, sparki43
Lost all progress
I’ve been playing this game with my son for last 4 days. Finally got far enough to realize I had to buy some characters to keep progressing in the game. I bought some gold bricks and then got the characters we needed. We played for while longer then put the game down. My son later asked me to help get through something in the game and that’s when I noticed all our progress was gone along with all the characters I spent real money to unlock. Not cool!! I tried clicking on the app support link but that pretty much leads nowhere. This is absolute garbage.
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9 years ago, Studio C Is Funny!
Great game but 1 little problem
This is a great game but there is one little problem. When you are going to buy a new character, it should tell what the character's power is just to make sure you get a character you want. Other than that I would recommend it to anyone that likes Lego Superheroes.
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2 years ago, brandon3622
Where’s the free roammm!?!?!?
I expected this game to be like the console version so I couldn’t wait to beat the levels, I found almost every item before I could play the free roam since I thought I’d leave the best for last but once I decide to leave the batcave and into Gotham I come to find out there isn’t a free roam. 😭😭 Plz add a free roam it’ll make the game sooo much more fun and exciting since there will be a reason to keep playing
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7 years ago, Legoindy0418
A decent D.C. Game
I bought this game mainly to play as superman. I was glad he was in the game but there isn't much to do. This game needs free roam like the console versions. It would be much better because there would be more to do than just playing the missions over again. Another problem is the gold bricks feature. I am unable to purchase them and am really frustrated. The controls can be unresponsive sometimes also.
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2 years ago, nicolemtn25
Good game BUT takes your $$
My son loves this game. We purchased the in app purchases to access all of the players and other special features but if you accidentally swipe right at the beginning to New Game you LOSE ALL OF YOUR PURCHASES. Again, this is a fun game but there is no way to restore purchases so not only have we lost all progress we lost our money as well. Honestly if there was a way to restore the purchases it would be 5 stars.
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2 years ago, chrytsean
Put saving option please
So when I first got the game it was fun until I was at the scene where they start fighting on the cars and Batman’s car has like rockets to shoot lex and jokers car. But then right now I went to go to continue the game but it didint save so I have to start all over again to get back. PLEASE FIX YOUR GAME.
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3 months ago, Batboy776
Gameplay is great
The gameplay is smooth and very simple it is pretty fun but add a few more levels and make characters cheaper and for less studs cause I can hardly get any it takes me 5 levels to get enough studs to get one character
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4 years ago, the gusinator 2
Needs a few stuff to work on
I completed the whole game even the bonus missions but they could add a mode where you go into a city and play as all of the justice league members and where you could race and stuff and do some bonus missions on the city then it would be a five star game
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3 years ago, yovip.
If you think that I wish about this game
This game needs a bigger free play area and also I wish the levels had like secret painting doors and something like that all around it would be better to get on a game consul but such is life
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5 years ago, EOAMom
One thing makes this bad.
I spent sooooo long playing this, and I got sooo far. To where you can ride in vehicles and fighting lex. I was disappointed when I left the game, came back, to figure out that it didn’t save! If it would just save, that would be great! I even had Superman!
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11 months ago, hgvhgvghcrthxvhjbhj
Da da
This is the best game I’ve ever played and I love it so much that I can’t wait to play it again and I can’t wait for it to be released in the future so I can play it again in the future and I can play it again when I get home from work and I can play it again later on in the day and I can play it again with my friends and I can play it again
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3 years ago, zackman1997aug
Fix the final level
I can’t beat lex because it won’t let me target his shield with the explosive, and I want this to be fixed because otherwise the game is impossible to finish. Maybe there’s a way to do it, but I don’t know how. I tried looking on google for answers but of course I got nothing. So please either fix it so I can beat the level or make it easier
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5 years ago, Jaylen's Group
First off in some stages I remember getting my screen all dirty because I was jumping as robin but was acting all buggy and the controls were slippery. There is also glitch when I open the game and start a stage this ice berg keeps me frozen for a few seconds and that’s with all stages. Really need this fixed then this will be at least a four or five. Thanks
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5 months ago, Spookyspidercat
Batman Lego game was good
The game is absolutely amazing i love how active it is also one problem I have with it you can’t save it when you your off the app. Took me all day other then that I give it a solid 10/10
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9 years ago, Super saiyan 400
Great game though it's missing something
This game to me is one of the greatest games available for mobile devices. The fighting is great as well as the cut scenes. The only thing I would want more would be the open world that is available in the console versions. Other than that the game is amazingly fun.
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8 years ago, MarvelComicsFan
Good game, but
I like playing this game because it's fun. The only problem with this game is when u purchase gold bricks then the game crashes and u go right in into the batcave then u click on the character icon and u realize u have 0 gold bricks. So please fix the in app purchases and then maybe I will rate it five stars
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4 years ago, szev06971116
Good Game but...
So After I Played the game and finish I got kinda bored so I revisited some of the old levels and I keep getting frozen in ice like every hour even when Super man is not around I still keep freezing even when Mr freeze is not around I still keep getting frozen sometimes I even gotten frozen as Super Man Please fix this but overall It’s My new favorite game
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2 years ago, Jumpman9239
Can’t get past juggernaut chase
When I’m on the last part of the batmobile successfully defended its self, I’m kicked out the game. I love this game, but I haven’t been able to pass this part for a day or two. I would just like to get my money’s worth please.
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6 years ago, Koseryasmine
Awesome adds
This game is cool the characters are so awesome and amazed but 1 problem I found a glitch in the game it is bad and good the good news is I have all characters in the game bad news it is hard to beat the bosses in the game there all hard but amazing game thank you every one for making this game bye bye see yea soon
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4 months ago, buddy101🥨
Saving across devices is quite easy
This game is great when you can save across your Apple devices. To do so, go to Settings - Search Bar - Backup and simply press backup on each device. A good internet connection is required To me, this game is a great play for younger boys and girls as it’s simpler than the console equivalent, due to it being the Nintendo DS port. Although the micro transactions do take away lots of the magic, it suffices as an easy way to “unlock” the characters that you love.
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9 years ago, OCpartyof5
Needs Update
I give this app a two out of five star because I am still on level one and I can't go one level without the game freezing on me, and making me quit out. It is still a decent game but I think the whole auto-attack think isn't very fun. It is fun what lego Star Wars does when you touch rapidly to get a kill. I like the Xbox version 1000 times better because there is no auto- attack.
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5 years ago, iudjdwojeqrf
This is so cool you should get this app it’s not even cost money and it is the best app ever and I’m on a rebel it is everywhere vote is kind of really hot I’m at soon I don’t get it sooner reason but I really am but I decided to get this app that it is a great app and please video in my real daddy
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3 months ago, starglitch
I loved this game so much as a kid
It is 100% part of my childhood. I remember almost every level and I most DEFINITELY remember struggling with Scarecrow because that guy hated me (so now I’m going to attempt to beat him years later).
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9 years ago, Bat game
Awesome game but
I love the game but I don't like that you have to either buy bricks r earn them and that takes forever if you like Lego batman 1,2 or 3 you will love this game but it's based off Lego batman 2 for the DS and ps vita you will unlock all characters from the story
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8 years ago, Kremer73
Unable to purchase gold bricks
I downloaded this game for my son and he loves it but I am unable to purchase gold bricks to unlock some of his favorite characters. I keep getting a message telling me I need to be connected to the internet, I've checked the connection several times but nothing happens. Please fix.
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4 years ago, EthanProYT
Awesome LEGO Batman Game
This is absolutely one of the best games that I have ever played! I played the console version of this game when I was a toddler! This is a seriously awesome game some people complain and are always giving us game 0 stars and I very much disagree with there opinions Warner Bros is best!!!
Show more
9 years ago, Tranquildreams
Good at the beginning
When I first played it was fun...........and then I got further where I had to pay a buck because I didn't have a guy who could destroy silver. I'm probably not going to buy it,I know a dollar isn't much,but I hope you guys change it because before I got to this part it would of been 5 stars.
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3 years ago, ElizaHubert
Deleted all our character purchases
My son has loved this game on his IPad, but today he showed me that all of the characters we have purchased are locked again as if we never purchased them. I’ve tried to get in contact with someone but haven’t gotten responses. Really dissatisfied, if I can’t get the character packs back I would like to get my money back at least!
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5 years ago, smoke slayer
There’s a glitch
Every time when I play a level I always get frozen when me freeze is not in the leave plz fix it is starting to get annoying but every thing else is great 😊
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