LEGO® Friends Heartlake Rush

4.2 (2.1K)
395.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
StoryToys Limited
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.1 or later
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User Reviews for LEGO® Friends Heartlake Rush

4.25 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
2 months ago, Daddy Yom
So Good, But Fix In-App Purchases
This game is so fun! Great job, Storytoys! You amped up the “fun” meaning! Just one problem. I love this game, but almost every single avatar costs at least $2.99 That is unfair. I don’t like to take out my money all the time, so the only avatars I have are Ethan and Stephanie. Please fix!!! Some pros are that the gameplay is fun and engaging, especially for kids ages 6+ It reminds players to take a break when people play too much on the game. Some cons are the in-app purchases, some of the versions of the car look like they can jump up and land on a truck, but it can’t. Stephanie can’t change her car to another version when racing. Some bugs and glitches. I would rate it 5 stars rather than 4, but some cons of LEGO Friends Heartlake Rush need to be fixed immediately!
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3 years ago, zara😝😛😋zche
So good!
This game is lit 🔥 I’ve been playing for a few years but when I was younger I stopped. I then opened this game on my 6 year old iPad and I was able to play on a super fun kart track that I think is Vicky’s trail? Maybe so yeah. I’ve been looking through the critical reviews and “the SORA” glitch is not a glitch it’s a hacker so y’all should fix that but anyways it’s a good game I like how the game goes on and on forever. I’ve been playing on my iPad for some time and all of the items in the shop were for money. I then downloaded the same app on my iPod touch and I was able to save enough money to get Vicky for 20 thousand coins, also why is Vicky a starter pack even though it takes you a lot of time to save up twenty thousand coins???? Anyways I love Stephanie and I wish you could play a harder version since I love playing the game when you get a different car and everything gets harder with the fun car that they give you. I have currently 17 thousand coins after playing for 2 days. Is that excessive???? Anyways this was not meant to be critical I just have non harsh opinions about this SUPER FUN GAME and also the people who don’t like this game have no taste. Lol THIS GAME IS LIT!!!! Edit So I tried out Vicky and she’s great !!! What a good game you can pretty much buy everything in the shop after that!!!
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3 years ago, No1poutygirl
Great game but can’t find answers
I downloaded this game for my granddaughters. They love it and I love it just as much. I am on level 25 and it says I need 5 robots. I have jumped over the robot, I have collected the robot, I have done both with different characters and it is not giving me even just 1. It stays at 0. I have googled and searched and cannot find any information about this game. There is not any help that I have found for troubleshooting or how to get pass this. It’s a great game and I would and my granddaughters would love to get passed this mission. We cannot advance. Also, in my search I found there was another realm called elves you can enter. I haven’t seen that yet, is it a certain level? It looked like fun. I think information on how to play would be a great idea. Thank you for offering a game I feel safe for my granddaughters to play and I don’t have to worry about blood and gore coming up in ads while they are playing.
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2 years ago, please readddddd nowww
How do these people come up with this awesome stuff?
I litterally got this game today (it might not be today for you if you read this) and i am totally OBSESSED ALREADY, just so you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE heartlake city legos, i saw my friend have this game and i was like ‘watcha playin’ and she said the name of the game, at first i was like “how good can it be? 🙄” but now i got it and i was like MY MIND IS GONNA SPLODE. So i litterally have been playing for i think 30 minutes and i already beat my high score SO MANY TIMES, i love how you come up with these AWESOME IDEAS, and one question, HOW DO YOU? I really think more people should come up with this, And if you dont have this game you should buy it, you will get TOTALLY OBSESSED IN LIKE 10 SECONDS, I really hope you make more awesome stuff like this cause people will LOVE IT SO MUCH. Thank you for making this i love what you do :3
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4 years ago, bigbee101
Talk about fun!!!
This is a LIFESAVER! I was looking through the App Store and all of a sudden I hear, we going into lockdown. That was greeeeeeeat🙄. The next few weeks were boring. Old games and I couldn’t find any that were that interesting. The next few days come and my sister started getting upset too. We are two and a half years apart and we both LOVE lego anything but mostly lego friends. I looked up lego games and looked around and found this game.I downloaded it and oh my god it’s amazing! I’m fourteen and still have it! Lol! But how many games do you keep at fourteen when you download it at 13. Btw my birthday was in lockdown. Thanks so much but I have to say one thing. You took away the afternoon game and that was my fav. Also the elves one. Pls put them back and I’ll be satisfied. Thank you again for being such a lifesaver and thanks for reading!
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4 years ago, false48
So fun!
This game is awesome! It’s been a life saver through COVID times and I’ve been looking at the most critical comments in the ratings and I think they are just pointless. I mean if you gonna write a bad review put in a little more effort than just “Meh” if you have the time to be critical about an app then but in a little effort and time to make it somewhat helpful. Any way back to the app. So it’s a fun game not gonna lie. It has some problems but no app is perfect for starters I wish you guys would bring back the old tracks they were fun. It would be cool if you could make a racing mode so we could race against other players. But other that those two things it an awesome app. 👏
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1 year ago, ughuhhhfg
Sooooo………I just got the game today and I keep crashing into stuff like cars or something but anyways it’s been fun to have a great time playing with the game …also I have seen a few people writing “this is the worst thing I’ve ever seen “ and then I’ll say something about it like this “ Wow y’all look at the other people fussing about the game and I don’t “ yeah sometimes people say that it’s a little bit weird… but wait I just want to ask you something is this like a old game or a new game …Anyways y’all have fun playing it with your family and friends and your kids are going to not be fighting anymore because with the game you’re kids are not going to be fighting anymore!!!!! And also be awesome and why I don’t know!! Goooood Buuuuy
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7 months ago, softball forever123
Play this game
I’ve been playing for like five years now I still play it till this day and I love this game so much it’s such a lovely game if you read this review you should definitely buy it definitely it’s so fun and I just I just don’t have any words it’s just lovely but I’m still on the first car so if you give me a like send back they can tell me to tell me how to level up I know that you have to buy it but if you’re reading this I please hope that you will get this game and your children will love it especially if it’s a girl I’ve been blind for a long time and I’m still playing and I’m like 10 and I just love it so thank you so much and definitely buy this thank you.
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1 year ago, Lunamione1121
I have had this game since I was younger, and I have loved it! My favorite character is Emma, her special car (the purple one the floats in the air) is my favorite one. Unfortunately, we have to start paying real money for other characters, Mia is my sister’s second favorite Lego Friend and she has to pay money to get her! It is a bummer, but she can play Mia on my account on it. (I have all the Lego Friends, Ethan, and all their special stickers for their cars.) Not to brag, but I am SO GOOD AT THE GAME! My high score is 24,988 I will beat it one day. Anyway, if you are looking for a game with legos and racing, this may be the game for you! Thank you for keeping the game up and running! 😊
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2 years ago, Chloe_💖_Podcast
Best Game Ever !!
I love this game !! This is beyond my favorite!! I love the Lego friends so much so playing a game of them was super fun!! I’ve had this game for a while now like maybe 4 years . It’s weird because there used to be a go-cart mode where you could play as a character in a go-cart but now it’s gone I guess. Miss it it was a very fun mode. Also there is a bug I found to. When I tried to restore my purchase of the starter pack onto my phone it was there but when I closed out the app and went back in it was gone. Other than that I love this game so fun !! I’m on level 21 and my high score is 38,534!!! Love your game !!🌸🌸
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4 years ago, Ays1982
Thanks for makeing the game😊
Hi I’m a girl of course and I love to play this game and on the tv I didn’t know thet the game is here ether so now I play it I’m a pro at it my favorite character Is MIA she is so cool and awsome and I will get the legos too maybe? I love the game who ever made it thank you so much I like games like this oh and can you do more of it ok I think thet is all I can say but one more thing! Stay home stay safe for your own safety stay home until corona virus goes away so you can see your firends and all your family😇play with your family some fun games and have so much fun and thank you for raeding this all have a great day good byeee.
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5 years ago, cool cat awesome dog
Why did you take the afternoon track out I loved that one I was so close to earning everything then when you guys upgraded it, it deleted everything so I had to restart oh I got a question can you add something else then just driving like you get to build your own world or you get a house that you build that you can buy it that would be awesome even though it’s still awesome but just a suggestion please try to do it cause I’ve gotten bored of just racing and I really don’t want to delete the game because I think it gets boring after a while!👍👍👍
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3 years ago, Jay 7779311
Great game!
A 5 year old kid was playing this game on her mom’s phone and I asked about it. Since downloading the app, my score is now over 2 million (my best run score is over 200 thousand). Things I love about this game: It’s great fun for 5 year olds and up who want to learn how to play a driving game and it is also challenging for older people. It hones my reaction time. No ads or other interruptions (very important to me). It’s a closed game (also important to me). My only suggestion: Please add more different roads with different obstacles or layouts to the game (maybe 2 new roads added yearly). Thank you!
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3 years ago, grifindor@:)
This app is the best you first get to pick your the person you want with out having to unlock it and right away if you play one round if you two hundred dollars witch it is so easy you can unlock to things like a sticker to go on your car and new weels the only thing I would change is how fast you go I want it to get faster instead of staying the same speed but there are so many people to choose from pls get this game it’s so fun I love it pls don’t think this is a robot bc I say good things and I’m not a developer I just a girl who really likes this game have fun playing if you get😀😃😄
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4 years ago, emilia valeria
Read this it is important
So right now I just want to give the biggest thanks to someone who wrote about glitches the review was called Glitches and her or he gave the game 1 star! So I am going to review why you should read this and be aware of the glitches the person said that they fixed it but just in case 1. Fireball glitch So when this person was playing Mia there was a fireball glitch And the game ended! 2. The frist “sora” problem So when this person was swiping to Emma “Emma” was SORA! Then this person went to try Sora to see what happens and she was steering herself and she went onto a tree! 3. The second Sora problem So then Sora came agin to this person but this time Sora has a bubble and saying something scary thoght in her bubble because it was a thought bubble and it said “ I am luring these children and they Should be my prey” so super scary sora! I always thought she was bad news! So be aware of these glitches if you REALLY want to play this game but if you really don’t need to don’t download it agin thank you person who wrote the original copy it was soooo helpful and once agin the glitches are fixed but stay aware! Byeeeeeeee!
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9 months ago, emgrl17
Good game but I prefer the other version
I love this game it has been a life saver but I wish that they didn’t change so much I just want to have verity of people to customize their cars still good gameplay but now there is just no motivation to play and get coins I understand that you have to make money but I don’t feel any motivation this review has been mostly negative but this game is fundamentally very good I just wish you didn’t have to pay for everyone and I get that it’s not that much but my kid it paying out of pocket to get the characters which just feels like a waste of money
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2 years ago, ElleCharlie
I really love this app because when I was younger, my mom uploaded it to her phone and I tried to play it when she wasn’t looking. So I downloaded it. Anyway, it needs some improvement: Why can you not chose any character to start with and why do you have to pay real money for the other characters instead of using coins to buy it? I’m probably just trying to change the laws of app-making people. I’m sorry but please think about it. Por favor y gracias. (Please and thank you)
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4 years ago, lego lego lego firends
A few problems
So when there is three things in front of her a big sparky thing happens that saves her i was suggesting that 2 things could be in front of her and you have to swipe twice in order to keep the game going what I mean by swipe twice is she has to get where she can save her self by swiping thats how you control the girl in the game and you could still put the sparky thing that saves her but you could put my suggestion sometimes I still really like the game tho it’s really fun!
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3 years ago, caaaml
so fun
This game is so fun I’ve been playing it for years and I love it so much I can bust my head open so we have a lot to talk about that like COVID-19 started this is starting to be a whole lot funner because all you have is people you can unlock then you can do a whole bunch of stuff there’s little spinning Lego pieces and those mean if you hit it then you get a new car and then it changes when you crash on the new car and then it is so fun if you like this game please write a review with five stars
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2 years ago, Maddeleine f
Fun but scary
When I was little I used to have this game I deleted it for a reason I am nine now I started playing this when I was I think six when I was eight I deleted it for a very good but scary reason one time in the middle of the night I heard banging on the floor in the kitchen I saw one of my characters to drive the car in the kitchen hurting my cats I tried to do some thing but she can’t me I escaped a few days ago I deleted it so my cats want to get hurt and for my safety
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2 years ago, Brooklyn29!
Heart lake rush is awesome!!!!
Heart lake rush is the best game ever!!😊 I would recommend getting it on a chromebook or a computer because you will have better control with it. I would TOTALLY 💯 recommend this game!! And you know how some games are “free” but you have to buy all the good stuff in the game? Well not this game! Everything is free unless you want to buy some of the special edition cars, but otherwise it’s all free!! (I have SIX cars and there all free!! Get this game!!!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊💕
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6 years ago, Henry Dotson
This is one of the best games I’ve ever played!!!👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 they have the cart track I love it when you turn into a ✈️ u know plane this game has been the best I’ve ever played!!! At least it’s better than my talking Angela that was literally definition WOST!!!! But I love your game make more of them I’m going to write you a five star rating and I love yours better than my talking TOMM👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 I didn’t really like that game much so I just get a three star rating but I love your game it’s the best game that is ever existed
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6 years ago, ParksGirls
I wish all the characters were free😭😭
I LOVE TO DEATH! Because I’m a lego friend LOVER I looked up LEGO friends and you should of seen my face when a new game like this popped up! And I was so excited to be able to have Mia (my FAVORITE LEGO Friend) ride in a kart. But when I saw it was money I was so sad. I wish you guys could make some power ups and some things to help you get faster and ahead of the game money. Not the characters because I was looking forward to it so much! PLEASE take the money OFF OF THE CHARACTER BUNDLE THING!!😭😭😭
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2 years ago, Kariswears
Nice 👍
I downloaded this game and it is pretty fun! I just wish the character prices would stay the same. It starts from 2,000, then to 3,500, to 8,000 then to 25,000. That’s a big change from eight thousand to twenty five thousand. So can you just keep it at eight thousand? Because if the character prices go up more , I’m gonna do something.... Anyway, this game is really fun and a good game for those who wanna practice focus. Thanks for making the game! Bye!
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4 years ago, Dayspringdisciples
I love your game so much but I hate the fact that you guys got rid of the actual racing one. I think it would be awesome if we could get several other locations to choose from also I think it would be fun if you could build your own town. I really like your game and I don’t want to delete but I will if it gets boring, plus the fact that when I collect what’s on the challenge the game said I didn’t so please fix that also. Other than that good work 👍🏻
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4 years ago, HayDay SuperStar
Bring back Kart Track!
This game was super fun until the developers took away the track where you play with Vicky and others for free! It is a great game but it doesn’t seem complete with its other third. The LEGO movie 2 track wasn’t as fun but it is still nice to have a change of setting. Friends rush is a wonderful Ad free game! Thanks for adding the moving bricks transformation! Just bring back the race track please...and maybe let us race against other players? It’s not challenging anymore. SOMEONE SEE THIS!!!!
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2 years ago, sooper me
Pretty nice game
A long time ago I had this game and it was the best! I remembered it and downloaded it again and it’s still a great game. It is one of those games that makes you tens up though so you have to take a break every now and then. Over all the game is a lot of fun. 🤗 I do wish there was more too it though. When I go on the game I know what to expect. Maybe if there was a different track or something it would intrege me more.
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3 years ago, Fox246,790
This game is great!
This game is amazing. I love playing it and unlocking all of the characters. Here are just a few suggestions. I think that you should add more characters. I haven’t been playing this game for very long, and I have almost all of the characters. Also I think you should add more music. I play the game and I hear the same music over and over again. But over all, this game is great. I would recommend.
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4 years ago, Artist Mayham🎨
It is the best 🚗 game ever !
At first I was like this 🙄 but after a while I like this 😆, it is not a bad game and it has no ads, what type of apps and games have no ads, well this game does, [by the way I love anything with Lego friends especially the episodes but not the old Lego friends, The new one] so that’s my opinion you don’t have to agree, I just wanted to let you know how much I love this game. Lego Friends =😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 Anything without LEGO FRIENDS = bogus👎👎👎👎👎
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4 years ago, flamingogirlpink!111
My review to you
I’ve been playing this game for about 3-4 years. You guys updated it and there were more worlds and then you removed the new worlds and that didn’t make me happy. Another thing is when we can’t see the miles per hour and that confuses me. Because we sometimes have to do a certain miles per hour thing in the game. So please bring these things back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you🙂
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12 months ago, human who loves lego friends
This is awesome!!!
Omg, this game is so good and fun, it entertains me and my friends a lot, it’s very cool, the thing is that we should be able to have all the characters that there exists, bc I just downloaded it and I have 2 but I want others and it doesn’t let me, also plzzzzz create more games like this, an idea for u guys is that y’all could do a toca boca but with these Lego friends
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3 years ago, Heatheriscool :)))
So fun!
Friends Rush is a very challenging and entertaining game, I must say. The thing I love most about this game is the update with the larger cars. Although, I do wish there were more characters to choose from. I also admire the details and decorations you can add to make your car more pretty. And, the objectives of this game are touching! Good job, keep up the good work. ❤️
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4 years ago, shines04
So much fun :) but I think I reached the end? :(
I downloaded this game last winter and have had tooooooo much fun with it! I told myself I would not be making purchases on here, but after unlocking all the characters I had purchase the additional ones - which is fine :) But it appears the game goes only to level 55? Is this correct? There are no more new missions for me :( not did it say I reached the end...but I can still play for fun. I hope LEGO will decide to add more missions on here (and maybe even more characters, different difficulty with change of scenery?!) LEGO Friends of Heartlake City is one of my favorite LEGOs and it would be nice to see more out in the world that revolves around Heartlake City :) Thanks LEGO Team!!
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3 years ago, hhghhbhhh
hello! first of all i would like to say that i love that you all are still making these amazing games! they are a big part of my childhood and made it a lot better and fun. it was fun to play with my sister and a child, but what happened to the game “Lego Juniors Create & Cruise”? that was the game i would always play as a child and i want to know what happened to makes me sad to know that it was deleted. but why was it deleted? and if possible would you be able to bring it back? thank you! i hope you aren’t too busy and have a merry christmas!
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6 years ago, Icyseed1059🖤💠
I cannot stop Playing it, it’s my favorite game!!!
I love it so much and you can unlock characters and switch the cars and I’m never had game like this before! But one thing, sometimes I can’t turn it, then I have to reset and that makes it really difficult and I crash my have to start over I hope to be an update soon that’s my only thought
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3 years ago, #jackalopelover
I love this game and recently they updated it so I can get Vicky and Lily without paying actual money. But when I click on it to get them it does not work. Please fix this bug because it is majorly annoying and I understand that it was only updated about one month ago but please fix it.
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9 months ago, Softballgirl3😁
This game is so good buy I do need to say that it so fun but I don’t think that you should have to buy new characters and cars you should be able to win them on a certain level that’s just my opinion and you can disagree that’s fine but hear me say this is a great game for kids and just plain LEGO LOVERS ok that all have a great day ❤️😊😄
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2 years ago, Nicole Thomad
This game is awesome!
I had this game a while back on my kindle, since it broke I could ent play it anymore, now that I got a new tablet I found the game and it really entertained me! Thanks for making this game! Though I don’t really like how you have to buy the new people and cars with money, otherwise it’s a great game!
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4 years ago, Cadence :)$$$$&!!!
Cadence Homie
So I really like this game!!! It’s super fun and addictive. I play it all the time! My little sister also plays it! The characters are great! But... could you possibly make it so you don’t have to pay actual money for the characters? Maybe like a little more expensive with coins. Also, my game glitches a lot! I was wondering if u could fix that?
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3 years ago, Lueshuic
Why is there so many critical comments? I think that these reviews are not true, I mean, can you blame them for making the things expensive and more expensive because they want you to play, I mean seriously??? I think this game is awesome, don’t listen to those comments!!
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6 years ago, Lego friends/Elves
LEGO Friends
I really love this game ❤️ and I was so happy that it was released. But the only thing that annoys me is that in go kart version of this game you have to pay $10 to get all the characters unlocked even though all of them have been released in the LEGO version I hope this gets fixed and we don’t have to pay for them.😊
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5 years ago, CuteKoala1999
This Friend Rush game is insane awesome!!!
There’s a teeny special thing about this game... My middle name is Olivia, the character! Whoever made this game, bravo man bravo!!! I LOVEEEEE this game. By the way, don’t judge me just because IM a little kid, 7 years old, and, I WATCH THE ACTUAL TV SHOW OF THIS FOR HOURS!!!!! This game is well designed. People who say this game is HORRIBLE, they are just haters. Back them off because this game is awesome!!! Again, bravo man, bravo. 😁👏🏻
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3 months ago, Vttfchthcftfchcfthcfth
You should get this game!
It’s soooo fun! You can jump and slide on and over obstacles! You could customize your car with the coins you collect! You can also choose your character! If you build the Lego friends sets or watch the show or do both this game is perfect!
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2 years ago, ThereBear bear
Worst game ever
I hate this game because it is so hard!I got the task to get three puddles in a run and it’s so hard because I never see three paddles in a run and I hate it it’s driving me crazy so if you can tweak that I’ll bump up my rating if not I will tell my mom to delete this app from my life! I’m serious!
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3 years ago, @adavega
First of all this game is the best. It is very simple and fun to play. Most people do not like games because they have too many ads, well this game has NO ads not even ONE this game is awesome and all you need is coins to get new characters except for the ones that cost money. Other than that this game is awesome! 😀😀😀
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1 year ago, addiekou 13
So fun to play
This game is really fun I is also exiting for all ages to play I love this game and I hope you will too it is a thriller for sure it is so entertaining I was looking for a new game and I recognized this one I used to play it in the second grade I downloaded it and instantley fell in love with the cite of occupation it brought to me
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5 years ago, by loves games
LOVE IT! But...
First of all let me just say this app is great! I’m a lego friends fan I have a ton of sets! I’m glad I got to play as Olivia to! But there is one problem that’s bugging me. The speed of the cars! Sure with changing your car, it gets to a good speed, but as normal it’s to slow for me. I know it’s trying to be easy for kids but I just wish it would be the speed of going in the Lego tornadoes!
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2 years ago, retrobowlisthebestandthemoon
NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!
I got this game a year ago and it was sooooo fun but I had to delet it because I did not have enough room on my old iPad so I just got a new iPad and I tried to download it and it was totally different and I can only get two characters and when I had it on my old iPad it was like you could buy all the characters except for two with the money that you get on the iPad and not with the real money it’s not fair that now you can only get two charters with out using REAL MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I T. I S. N O T. F A I R (PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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4 years ago, Karkar3💜💜😍💃
Some glitches
I LOVE this game but there are a few glitches. An example of one of the glitches are once I bumped right in to the motorcycles because they came right out of the subways and my game ended. A reason I reviewed on this is because I want this game to be better for me but other people too because I do not Mind the glitches to much. Thank you 😊.
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4 years ago, Hanna Barnes
Free characters don’t work
When the game works, my girls love it. They have reached level 2 and have earned enough coins to unlock all available characters. The past few times they’ve tried to play, they are back at level 1 with no coins. All characters are now free. When they click on a character nothing happens. I’ve restarted our Apple TV and made sure it is up to date. I’ve also deleted and reinstalled the game. Nothing has corrected this problem. Restore purchases didn’t work, either. Please help!
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