LEGO® Jurassic World™

4.3 (3.5K)
970.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for LEGO® Jurassic World™

4.25 out of 5
3.5K Ratings
4 years ago, just_a_random_dude
More dinosaurs and better graphics
It’s a good game but it looks to plain for me and only when I see cutscenes at the beginning of the level it looks like it was straight up copied from the game you can play on every other thing that’s available speaking of every other thing they got brachiosaurs , parasaurolophus even baby dinosaurs , pterosaurs , a baryonyx and a mosasaurus but the only thing we saw of those in this game were the brachiosaurus and parasaurolophus in a cutscene in Jurassic park then we saw pteranodons in Jurassic park 3 then we saw a dimorphodon in a cutscene in Jurassic world and lastly we saw the mosasaurus 2 times in Jurassic world and that’s it and now it’s 2020 still no fallen kingdom sadly but you might be working on it still and if you do it then (oh boy the gaming beaver will enjoy that update) and finally I watched battle at big rock BOOM BADDA BANG a nasutoceratops was introduced into the Jurassic park/world franchise! if you make it this is a easy way to do it use the body legs tail of the triceratops then remove the front horn then shape the horns different and I’m done (jeez this is long)
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6 years ago, MarkTheShark08
About Fallen Kingdom...
Ok, so, I know you might already be working on this... but if your not, I’m making a small suggestion to add fallen kingdom. And... I would also like to add that maybe indoraptor should be put in the game too. Plus, the game needs a lot more dinosaurs on IOS. Mosasaurus definitely, while maybe add carnotaurus or baryonyx, dimorphodon, pteranodon, and most definitely I would like to request you make apatosaurus to be allowed to be fused in creation lab. And maybe also make some adjustments to the creation lab itself... as in adding more options, like to put different legs... or to make different arms... and if you did read this... Please PLEASE add fallen kingdom and maybe... add some of my suggestions please? I have every Dino in the game and this game doesn’t get frequent updates, so please make a large update adding new Dinos, adjustments to the creation lab, and please add fallen kingdom. Please read this and PLEASE make this review come true... plus, it’s not only me who’s waiting for new Dino’s and fallen kingdom. Other than updating the game, 5 *, very addicting!
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5 years ago, LEGO Jurassic World
Glitched game
When I was playing in the indominus paddock I noticed a claw sighting right at the top of the entrance and when I used my raptor to get up there it didn’t count as a sighting and so I couldn’t get the dilophosaurus. I don’t know if there was another one but what I know is that you can’t get that claw mark at the top of the entrance. Also when I was playing in the medium and large paddock it says that the indominus and other Dino’s that have I Rex DNA can be stealthy by holding the wrench. But it doesn’t work I can’t get the Dino’s that have the DNA stealthy. And last, they really need to add the brachiosaurus and mosasaurus. And the game should be exactly like the ones on the computers :)! P.S: I love the game! Did anyone else get the dilophosaurus btw?
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6 years ago, Izzy's1Mom
PLEASE FIX - Game has major glitch
I have played this entire game and love it BUT when it comes to getting the last fossil piece in the game it won’t let me get it. I have deleted this game off and reloaded it 3 times. Each time the last fossil piece has been in a different location. I collect the fossil piece but then it doesn’t show that it’s been collected. This has kept me from being able to finish the game or advance to next level. There is no where in settings to contact any one about the issue. I thought maybe it was an error the first time it happened but after deleting the game reloading the game and playing it in a different order it still happened. 3 times now. Until they can fix those issues I won’t recommend the game. If they fix this issue then I will give 5 stars. I am playing on the iPad Pro and also have done the latest update on the iPad and still issue continues. Please fix !
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4 years ago, @iqL_Dogyo@
New things
I really like the game, but it could have some changes, such as making the levels more like the actual game on ps3 and other stuff. The levels are really short and I could finish the whole game in 1 day if I had the time. When I used to play on my ps3, it took DAYS to finish the game, and that made it very much more enjoyable. On other thing you guys should do is add more of the newer dinosaurs, such as baryonyx, allasourous, Indoraptor, carnotorous, etc. And 1 more thing is that for about 2 years, I’ve been hoping for a fallen kingdom doorway, but I never really thought to comment, you guys might be working on it, but if your not, then please do it, it would be a HUGE update to the game. Thanks for listening! :)
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3 years ago, Cl@n Wr3n
Great game but I have some notes
This is such a great game if you really love the Jurassic Park franchise and I would definitely recommend it but there are some kinks to work out. First of all when I went to play it again a second time all the captions were gone and that really annoyed me. Second, where’s the Fallen Kingdom?! It came out in 2018 and now it’s 2021 and still no Fallen Kingdom. I really hope you get it on the game this year because it’s such a great movie and I would really love to see Blue fighting the Indoraptor in LEGO version. I also read some of the other reviews and I agree that you need some more dinosaurs. The Mosasaurus for example. It’s such a cool dinosaur and again I would love to see a LEGO version eat a LEGO shark.
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4 years ago, Dinos forever123😁
Good game but some more stuff
I played this game it is an awesome game I was so addicted to it it is so much fun. I think it needs mor Dino’s like mosasaurs, baryonyx, more flying dinosaurs, and more land dinosaurs like allosaurus. Some people like being Dino’s that you don’t have like the indoraptor. Also I would like to have Jurassic world falling kingdom. Also I think it would be fun to add new movies. Maybe you could also add a paddock that had all dinosaurs that you can fight or be with other Dino’s . People that haven’t had this game yet it is an awesome game. Builders of the app I hope you will update the app. And people that I haven’t played the app I hope you like the app.😁😁😁
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3 years ago, the boi
Great game! But needs a little more..
Overall this is such a good game and definitely recommend! It brings the Jurassic park fan out of me and really enjoyed making hybrids and just playing the game! But I was really upset when I found out that the game didn’t include the rest of the dinosaurs that were in the console versions like the x box one and ps4 etc. I was really sad that I couldn’t play as my favorite dinosaur(s) the parasaurolophus and the flyers, I hope they add the rest of the Dino’s and continue updating the game, but overall I really enjoyed this game and definitely recommend to all ages and who are Jurassic park/world fans 🦕. I really hope someone reads this :/
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5 years ago, -....- 👍👎👍👎👍👎
Amazing just a few things to add
Awesome so far,But please add aquatic dinosaurs? And the game crashes sometimes but if you can pay the money is app is EXCELLENT for dinosaur lovers! Also please add flying dinosaurs like dimorphodons. Maybe add some dinosaurs not everyone already knows like to add more variety to dinosaurs you can get like suchominous, protoceratops. It would be much more fun if you could buy some dinosaurs for studs (Just my opinion). Please add more levels it’s so fun to be able to play new levels. Please add a free play mode to just play as some dinosaurs you made and just mess around instead of just doing stuff at the paddocks. Some smaller dinosaurs would be great like so you could even make a small dinosaurs paddock.
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4 years ago, ffjrisowosixvin
Love the game, glitches need to be fixed
I have played this game a few times though and the first time it worked. The last time I played the rats would not show up in the kitchen escape episode, so I could not get the fossil piece for the triceratops. This prevents me from getting other pieces in the rest of the game, since I can’t unlock the triceratops to smash certain things. I deleted the game hoping this would fix the issue and began again completely because it could not connect to iCloud. Just reached the kitchen escape again and still only showing the one final rat, not the other two needed.
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5 years ago, landonsea
You can do better, LEGO
I didn’t hate this game, but after playing some of the older LEGO games, I was really disappointed. Growing up I played Star Wars Complete Saga, Indiana Jones, Batman... these were all great but this one felt far more childish. Like children 4 years old and younger. Simplistic gameplay with almost no challenging puzzles or minigames. Terrible voice acting. Regularly glitches on multiple platforms, (still playable just annoying sometimes) and the level arrangement is extremely confusing and oddly placed, and there’s a lot in the game that you have no idea what it’s there for and nobody tells you and no help bubbles pop up or anything. It feels like they released the game before they were finished with it. This one was a fail, guys. Spend your money on the Star Wars Saga, not this one.
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4 years ago, Scott d n
Great but could use updates
The game is great don’t get me wrong, but I would love if a new area was added, jurassic world fallen kingdom. I feel as if the introduction of fallen kingdom would be an introduction to new mechanics to the game and more missions, thus ending with more dinosaur dna to keep it up to date, I wished I said this when the movie came out but I forgot. I would really appreciate it if fallen kingdom was added, but on a side note everything else is perfect as it is I love the game but the introduction to fallen kingdom would spice it up with the indoraptor and other beasts. P.S this is my opinion if you don’t agree that’s fine.
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2 years ago, redorange1212 (Roblox Player)
Great Game But I Have A Suggestion…
This is a great game and all but I just wish there was you no more to play instead of just Jurassic Park, The Lost World Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park III, and Jurassic World. Could youAdd something like Jurassic World Dominion or it would be pretty cool if you put in Jurassic World camp Cretaceous I mean that’s also a great Netflix Series not gonna lie. if you were I did a Jurassic World fallen Kingdom with the Indo raptor I would play this every day and I mean every single day so could you probably just like add more levels like to different jurassic park in Jurassic World movies maybe just wondering!
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6 years ago, wren tano
Fallen Kingdom and more dinosaurs
Please add Fallen Kingdom and some more dinosaurs like the mosasaurus, carnosaurus, baryonix, dimorphadon, pteranodon, brachiosaurus and allow the adaptasaurus to be fusion lab. I would like the hub worlds to be more extensive like on the steam version. I also think that you should add character customization and add more levels because I finished the storyline in less than two hours. May I also ask for multiple save files as well as more options in the fusion lab. Please pay attention to this. I’m not the only one who wants this update to happen. Thanks .
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5 years ago, fish are gooood!
Great but needs work!
I love playing this game and enjoy creating in the lab but it needs work. First it needs more levels. Second new dinosaurs ( as well as places for them such as a water and air habitats ). Thirdly a figure creating station instead of the big Mr. D.N.A. sine. Fourthly can you add more colors to the lab. Then lastly please add the one Dino that you left out of the lab and put it in the lab. I know this is a lot to take up but it would make your game more enjoyable and more popular. Again this game is fun but it needs lots more work which is why I give it a four star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating.
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6 years ago,
I’d like all this I said come true
The names master indo raptor I’d like you to ad see creatures and the paddock at the train I beat all levels I have all Dino’s but it bugged me that there’s no pteradons in or mosasaurus I’m a huge fan of da game if anyone is reading this please read some more help me even if you hate the game rate a five star so it will update faster so then we will probably have jurassic world fallen kingdom and we’ll have indoraptor and mosasaurus and taradactyls and more! So please help me rate a five star guys thank you! Also I’m talking to you workers to
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8 years ago, Do not get this app!!!!!!!!!
Good game but...
So earlier today, I would've given it a 5 star rating but 10 minutes ago, I was doing the gyro sphere chase with the indominus Rex level trying to get the fossil pieces and Amber. I did the level at least 10 times and still couldn't get the stuff and I knew where they were. I actually collected the fossil pieces but it wouldn't say it and I still don't have it. This whole time I thought I was just missing the pieces but I found out the game is glitched. I love the game and beat it on my Xbox 360 last year but this version really needs to be fixed.
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5 years ago, Kady1129
Great for Any Fan!!
I absolutely love this game, it is so useful to pass time and have fun while doing it, as a fan of the Jurassic franchise I find this game particularly interesting, I would recommend to any fan of the series as well, I do think that the game would be better if Fallen Kingdom was added if the are not working on it already, and there is a small lag, but the game is otherwise great and problem free. Each of the first four films have their own characters and dinosaurs from the the actual film, it’s a must have!
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8 years ago, Anonymousperson34610
Great fun
I am a diehard fan of the Jurassic Park series, so this as well as the Ludia games are among my most treasured apps. The only reason I don't give this game 5 stars is for its more abridged style: there is no extensive open-world free-play in this version, and the levels seem to be more streamlined and short compared with the console version. However, for only five bucks, I can't really complain. You get the Lego characters, you get to play as Lego dinosaurs, and you get to play through all four movies. It's a super fun game that runs and plays great, and for the money, I'd say it's worth a shot.
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3 years ago, burgwrdhdh
Glitch or something
I’ve done everything in the game I’ve got all the true survivor fossil pieces red bricks and bought them and have them equipped o have all the mini kits and I’ve bought all of them I have all the amber and dinosaurs and have all the characters and achievements except one the 100% one i have 99.7% and I don’t know what to do to make it 100% so please tell me what to do developers Edit: I realized I just need to buy dieter stark lol then 5 stars
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4 years ago, C21139😎
Good game but what on earth
This game was a lot of fun. I finished all of the levels and was doing the bonus levels. I fished all of the bonus levels except for one. The reason I couldn’t finish it was because I couldn’t get the red brick. This was really annoying so I watched a walkthrough on how to do it. It said to shoot the flares into the T-Rex’s mouth so I went and tried it but it didn’t work so I tried it again and again! I can’t get the red brick and I’m tempted to delete the game. I was really looking forward to free play to get some more characters. But I can’t get the red brick. I am very disappointed that I can’t finish the game. If you could fix this that would be awesome.
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5 years ago, TheLostYutashu
- Add Muliplayer -
So if you add multiplayer this game will be AWESOME!! Also this game is great I recommend you download it. But please add multiplayer with a large play area for big and small dinosaurs and a medium play area for small and medium dinosaurs. Also add more dinosaurs to collect, and maybe add more areas, levels and stuff. (You know what I’m talking about) And that would make the game epic (Oh and also if you can add a multiplayer pvp too) And that’s all I’m suggesting I hope you can add more dinosaurs or multiplayer that would make my day, and a lot of other people too! 🤗🤗🤗 add fallen kingdom pls
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6 years ago, Aiden10805
THIS game is amazing! And I would like to ask a few things. 1. Can you add in some more dinosaurs and hybrid options. 2. Can you add in character customizations. 3. Add in Fallen Kingdom (Indo-raptor) and map. 4. Can you add in some more bonus features and levels because when the game is beat it get kind of boring, (but I do love the game). 5. Also I ask that you may add in vehicles. 6. Add in more paddocks.I hope you take some good thought into these ideas. I hope this update comes out soon!
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4 years ago, jurrasicworld4life
Please Add fallen kingdom!!!
When I got this game, I immediately fell in love with it!!!! The only thing that I disliked was after you finish a level, the people stop talking to each other. If you could please help with this issue!!! And with the medium and large dinosaur paddocks that you can go to, why not add a mosasaurus underwater paddock? And please,PLEASE add fallen kingdom and the indoraptor!! It would make the five dollars I spent on the game worthwhile. I love this game and if I could give it ten stars I would!!!
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3 years ago, Goblin twins
Awesome Game! But..
This game is brilliant, with its real graphs, details, and all the things Lego Jurassic World Has! Though, it has one bad side. I was playing the game, and then, when I paused it, and came back to play it again, it reset my whole progress. I have to restart all I did, which is very frustrating for myself. I hope we can fix the laggy problem, to make sure no other player who has loved this game, glitch’s. Please try to fix this. Sincerest Regards, A Player Of This Game.
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4 years ago, Arafae
Hologram glitch
Hey, so any time I would like to put a hologram, I choose a dinosaur, I exit the hologram, and I only here the sounds of the dinosaur but can’t see it, can you fix that please? Also I’m not sure if your working on this yet, but if your not, please add fallen kingdom! Maybe add a few more dinosaurs? P.S. I love the game, I started playing when I was maybe 6,7 years old? I’m 10 now and I still play it! Good job making the game!
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3 years ago, Poop Head27
Please fix this!
I love the game it’s just that on the cutscenes and I don’t mean like when your playing the game at the same time I can’t see the cutscenes it’s only a black screen 📺 and NO subtitles I can’t even see the subtitles the rest is fine it’s just that one thing so can you please fix this I will give it a 5 star ⭐️ rating when you fix it please fix that I love ❤️ the game and add some more maps and dinosaurs 🦖 too put them on any device please so also do those suggestions too and fix this!
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2 years ago, how to do that?!
Do other things.
Hi. It is 2022, and no Fallen Kingdom?! And, when Jurassic World Dominion, will came that summer, can put dominion too? It is a good game, I recommend it to all, because I almost done everything, and in fact, I almost done with amber bricks, but, I don’t collected the skeletons! Only 1 compsanathus bone, and then my first skeleton for all my life, I am # year old, and velociraptor called “Swift thief” or I am wrong with theif… I don’t know for sure. But pls, do that update, everyone will enjoy it:)
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3 years ago, Guna617
Everything is good except there’s some bugs for some levels.
There are some bugs in some levels. For example, in the triceratops recovery, there’s a bug in that level where you can’t pick up the thing that tracks one of the food that the triceratops needed. But it won’t let you pick up the thing for some reason. And because of that you won’t be able to complete the level which means your stuck there forever and you can’t move onto the next level.
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4 years ago, Mc146
Honestly a fun game...until it glitches or randomly shuts down, making you lose progress. There’s also multiple levels that I’m stuck on currently where there doesn’t seem to be any solution and no help feature anywhere. I’ve taken to scouring the web for hints. There’s not a clear way to use or unlock game packs or other characters to use if you get stuck. I’m pretty disappointed, as I’ve recently finished the LEGO avengers game and really enjoyed that. There’s fun cut scenes from the movies and fun character features, but it isn’t enough to keep me playing. This game needs better de-bugging and some sort of hint feature to help if you get stuck.
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7 years ago, famfanTKD
Don't buy until they fix for iPad; you might lose all ur progress.
I was really getting into this game, loving it. Had noticed a few times it wd glitch and occasionally boot me out, but I cd get right back in and things were fine. Until... I was at the level where the pterodactyls attack the park, and it glitched and booted me out, right at the end of Freeplay. I sent back in and now it says data is corrupted and all game data will be deleted. So I've lost everything?! Seriously? Fix this. I'm not going to play it knowing I may have to start all over again. Don't buy this game for iPad until they fix it!
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4 years ago, Olivethequeen
Amazing game. Wish there was more.
I think this is an amazing game. I love that you can make your own dinosaurs and it’s a puzzle game. I also like how it’s the 3 Jurrasic parks and the original Jurrasic world but I wish that the game had Jurrasic world fallen kingdom. I think having that would make it even more fun than it already is. I’ve always loved the Jurrasic park movies. I know the creators of the game did hard work but I think adding fallen kingdom or giving it an update would make it the best game in LEGO history!
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5 months ago, Bluewolfy00
If your new to Lego Jurassic World consider this
So if your new to Lego Jurassic world consider this, if you have a console (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch) get it on there, because it’s a lot easier to play it then. If you get the game on a console you can play with a friend, and the game will also be on a bigger screen, and everything’s more fun on a bigger screen right? Consider that before you buy.
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8 years ago, iLoveMyiPhone4444444444
Keep running into bugs. I need certain characters to preform tasks to move forward in the game, and I can't open the character "screen" to choose a different character so they can preform that needed action. It will let me open it one second, then all the sudden won't. Very frustrating to keep playing the same "level" over and over to try and get all the tasks, and dodge the bugs. Please please update and fix these. Otherwise, I'm a huuuuuuge JP fan so seeing scenes recreated from the original movie Lego style was great!
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5 years ago, COLDSTEELMAN
Great But want More
The game is great! But I want more I’ve been looking st other reviews and I agree that I want more Dino’s in the creation lab and fallen kingdom I’m not sure if you will read this but a lot of people have been begging for a update I wouldn’t say it’s worth the money until updates come and more stuff is in also could you add maybe a multiplayer mode! Where you could play along with friends and again if your read this please add fallen kingdom and the indo rapter we all want it!.
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11 months ago, Marcos_ita
Lego Jurassic World brings the beloved movie franchise to life with its charming and humorous gameplay. Reliving key moments from the films is a treat, but the game could be even better with more diverse dinosaurs, engaging mini-games, and slightly improved graphics. Despite these areas for improvement, it remains a good and family-friendly gaming experience that offers hours of fun. Let's hope for updates or sequels that unlock the game's true potential.
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4 years ago, AndyThePlayer1
A Pretty Decent Game.
This is a great game, but I can’t complete the Raptor Transport level. I’m just not that good with the controls, but it seems to be that there is just no way for me to complete this level. The reason I can’t complete this level might be because I can’t do very good with the rifle. One more thing, I’m going nuts over how Youtubers who have played this game with the ability to be in what I think of as “Sandbox Mode”. Most of all, I want to know how to use what I just mentioned. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Jimmy Newtorn
Great but..
So this game is very good cause it repesents Jurassic world so good! But... there was a glitch I ran into it was this I was at Jurassic world III and when I played it my device glitched me out the game, so I joined back and when I joined back I could not get to Jurassic world III hub 2 cause it made me have Eric. So I hope you fix this the fixing part I want it to be this : When you go to a Jurassic world the characters do not change when you get in the world so you can get to places that you have been to.
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3 years ago, Shaethedinoqueen
Bugs need worked out
My kiddo loves to play this game, but it is quite frustrating at times when he cannot pass a level because the game will not let him switch the character, or it glitches and no matter how many times the app is closed, or reinstalled, it still occurs. Overall, we love the gameplay, but the bugs and glitches make it annoying.
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8 years ago, Jay.:)
Used to play these on Nintendo devices
I remember as a kid playing Lego Indiana jones on my DS and Lego starwars on my WII. I was very pleasantly suprised after originally downloading this as a throwback (and since I liked the movie), then realizing it was actually a fun game. I really enjoyed basically everything about this, and it's clear even though it's a mobile game they didn't make it significantly shorter either. 9.5/10, would reccomend to a friend.
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4 years ago, the gaming indominus rex
Where is mosasaurus ... and some other stuff
LEGO, you need to put mosasaurus in the game. You put hard work into computer version, then you make iPad version like a fake LEGO game. You also need to put Dinosaurs like trodon,tarbosaurus, Baryonyx, indoraptor, barosaurus, allosaurus,brachiosaurus,and guanlong in the game,so please do this. You also should be able to have more options in the Hammond creation lab. It would also would be nice to make your own wacky hybrids.(If you do I’ll give it five stars)
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4 years ago, 💖💖💖💖💖🦖🦖🦖
Awsome game but one thing
I have played this game before and I can’t explain how much I love it. If juveniles want to play it is easy enough for them. It has loads of dinosaurs to be and so many places to go to. You can play multiplayer so you can play with friends. One thing though, I would like to see the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and all its new dinos. That is all I want to say but besides that I think it’s a perfect game. :)
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5 years ago, peggylay03
Fallen kingdom please
I would really like if you added the new movies 🎥 and some new characters and dinosaurs 🦕🦖like even ones that weren’t in the movie 🍿 like suchomimus and protoceratops and parasaurolophus even brachiosaurus 🦕. Add sea 🌊 creatures like mosasaurus too. Let us play as dimorphodon and pteranodon too instead of just letting us interact with them partly so add a lot cuz u don’t get frequent updates on and on. Please please please. But I🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅❤️your game
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8 years ago, VIFury
Love this game! 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️
Best part is its a 1 time purchase with no IAP's! But! I think it has some issues like 1. How often coins go off screen where I can't collect them Edit: Not an issue after you collect all Red Bricks(which by then is pointless) 2. I've fallen straight through the ground multiple times trying to jump up a ledge or clime a ladder 3. I in Jurassic Park 3(Chapter 8) Corridor Chase, I've ran through it at least 10x and I have not found or seen Fossil Piece A. (There is no jump option if there is supposed to be one) Edit: Only allows jumps with touch controls not with digital joystick. Honestly wish there was more to do after completing 100%. (You collect everything and everyone YAY! now what?) *Fix these issues n the game will be a 5x 🌟⭐️🌟⭐️🌟
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2 years ago, christie foux
Update the game ASAP.
It would be better if Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom and Jurassic World Dominion was in the game so please update add indoraptor drednautus giganautosaurus and beta and add some more if you have time to do it on mobile and don’t forget brachiosaurus and some pterosaurs and also and the features of the game that the other devices have onto mobile. And also update the game noe please
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7 years ago, Crys99
Great game. Having fun playing it.
This is one of my favorite games. I am having fun playing it and watching the movie LEGO clips. There have been occasional glitches where I have been kicked off the game but I just restarted the level and everything worked great. I am using iOS 10.2 so maybe that helps. I wish they would do Indiana jones lego game for the iPad. That would be great! I bought my game on sale so WOW!
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3 years ago, hiaan 0
I have played this game for a long time a now I am thinking it might be a wast of money it sometimes looks like a scamming game you have to grind more then 50 hour and getting more dinos is the part you want to customize it. It has gave me headache and it can not keep up with the real story now they should mAke thinks easyer and plz make a update and keep up and make it more easier
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8 years ago, Nozco127
❤️I LOVE THIS!!! I have a suggestion! ❤️
I have been waiting for this for a very long time!! The gameplay is amazing and the controls are great!! Sure, the episodes are shorter, but, hey, I only paid five bucks for it!!! Much better than forty, if you ask me. One thing I'd love to suggest is that we should have the option of playing story mode again. If there is already a way, I just haven't found it yet. Anyway, great game, I can't wait to see more!!
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3 years ago, NationXmya
Please don’t let them work too far on dinos.
SOO people say to add a lot of dinos but can you only add the indo raptor and the fallen kingdom. I almost have all dinos loved your game but please? And stop putting critical comments this is the best game I put 0 stars on the people who are doing rude comments and you can just re- install the game or just don’t think about it and install another game. Deosnt matter
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3 years ago, 4231
About adding the control game and this IOS one, fallen Kingdom & dominion
I know this already, but you need to add fallen kingdom to the controller game of this. Cause, we have fallen kingdom out, I know your working on it, but Send a trailer of the lego version when it comes out. Also Dominion, I know you aren’t working on this yet, cause the movie is not out yet, so try your best in the new dinosaur it starts with a G I think, well good luck.
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