LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes

3.4 (3.3K)
1245.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes

3.38 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
9 months ago, Cart ride head 3424313
I play this game on my switch
I like playing the game on my switch more better, but um, The problem is. I need coins skip to the next level and I don’t like that because I’ve been trying to get to the next level for ages but this game is easy and all but when you have to fight red skull it gets harder and when you fight the guy who goes in the hulk buster and I already know how to beat the game because pretty easy and all I know this and I know the final boss final boss is galactose and Loki and yeah it’s like easy but this game is not it free to win you have to pay to win the game. I literally wasted my mom’s credit card to get a golden Lego brick just to get to the next level next time I’m just download in a different game because I literally wasted all my storage for this game, and in my storage is permanently wasted then I’m done
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8 years ago, Pbrianhoudin7
Absolutely terrible
This game is completely awful. The controls are finicky at best, you die way too easily, and unlike the real Lego games, when you die, you don't lose coins and wait a few seconds before getting back up again, you go back to the start of the level, and without a jump button, it makes it incredibly difficult to get past obstacles especially when timed or you have an oncoming threat you're trying to get away from, as your frantic taps can be interpreted in a wide variety of ways, and simply trying to move around can trigger the dodge mechanic, which can easily send you toppling off the building. The enemies hurt you way too easily, especially if you're dealing with more than two, and hearts drop way too little. The only characters worth anything are those who can fly or regenerate health, as they can get over obstacles easily or get through the level easier if you can find a quiet corner to heal so you don't restart at the beginning. This game is not worth it. Go buy the real game on the PlayStation or Xbox, mobile games are supposed to be simple time-wasters with a little bit of challenge, this game will simply make you frustrated and angry. I managed to get through the first four main areas, all the way to Stark tower, and I didn't have one bit of fun.
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9 years ago, User_Xero
One of the better iOS Lego games
This game is definitely worth the money, but the IAPs are not necessary. Everything is unlockable through normal play. A lot of people are complaining about having to start a level over if you lose all of your hearts, but that is about the only thing adding any challenge to the game. If you compare it to Lego batman on iOS you will notice that they levels are a lot shorter. They have divided each level from the PC version into 3 sections and you would only have to start that section over if you die. Also almost everything you break will give you more hearts to refill the meter so it isn't too difficult to stay alive. Also the characters you unlock are more reasonably priced than the Batman game. The most expensive one is 150K compared to grinding for 250K to 500K per character on Batman. Over all it's a great game and my only complaint would be to make the super moves easier to use. Just make it a single button press like the Lego movie game. As it stands now they are next to impossible to execute.
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5 years ago, Gamer Bomb💣
Like the game but rips off Xbox
I liked the game but I HATE that you have to collect gold bricks to unlock a level. I spent two HOURS trying to collect the gold bricks to unlock magneto’s spaceship. Also, this game is a rip-off of the Xbox 360 version. And the people who made this game need to add more characters to the store. Also, i spent a lot of coins on a big fig (juggernaut) who can’t even lift cars!!! Like what the heck bro! I think the creators of this game should make this game more like the real thing. I suggest adding in a few more characters to play as. I had just seen the new venom movie, and I got really excited to play as venom, after beat oscorp, but he wasn’t even in the shop. Also, I want to see an update with more characters and a free play like in the real thing. Plz add on more to the game.
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9 years ago, Chimichanga#1
great job
seriously. this is possibly the only app I've ever given higher than 3 stars to. and I gave it not 4, but 5. game is a bit glitchy at times, but the glitches tend to correct themselves almost immediately. also, there's a wide variety of characters to choose from (though there are a few missing). I suggest making Venom and some other bosses playable. (maybe give Venom Grab & Throw, Wall Crawl, and Web Sling, Abomination Big, Hyper Strength, Grab & Throw, etc.) the controls need some work as well. maybe make flying and web slinging a LOT easier by adding a fly button. it's a real pain trying to take off and land, because you end up dodging instead of flying, and this is especially a nuisance in the Power Plant Interior stage.
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4 years ago, superGamers567
Great game, but this is what needs to change
I decided to get this game because I was kind of bored with my PS4. So I don’t like that there’s a time limit and I don’t like that you have to unlock Characters that you should already have and I hate that you need gold bricks to a unlock a new like level but the game it’s pretty pretty good I’m saying I don’t like the time because it’s kind of annoying if you’re trying to rush to do something to get a brick by doing ( including the multi challenge thingy) and also because I I like collecting money I like a in a level that you see me playing Lego game you see the room is empty there’s nothing there because I destroyed everything for coin to get characters. The game is great. I love the super moves as well. Thx for reading! 🤗
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3 years ago, yhbgtrf
The problems 😅
I buy a lots of superheroes and sees a action and l buy it we can’t see a action and my weakness is timer because 150seconds or 90seconds. I never go 10 gold blocks it was so hard to me😭and why we fly flip up two fingers? I thought this game will be really awesome and swing or fly is one fingers and one fingers is didn’t wish come true but awesome is wish come true so this game is not awesome l am really sad but my wish come true so l am so happy and when l get all of my stickers is did pretty well l buy a Spider-Man packs because there is sandman so l am really excited about that so l working about that.
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3 years ago, Roman the ice monster 🧊👹
Worth the money
It’s worth the money but it’s not as exciting as a Lego Jurassic World I still like the game and I got it a couple minutes ago I’ve been playing for a long time well a couple of minutes and I have an iPad and every time I move a Dash one time and then I can move and then I dash again and it’s hard for me to attack when there are enemies it’s worth the money though and it’s a cool game but not really exciting and I’ve been playing long enough to get to the 1st level of the second one download it and see how annoying it is cuz it’s so ANNOYING LITERALLY it’s so annoying and when I play I’m like OMG ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!!!!! (I’m 7 years old and ima boy)
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2 years ago, its not 2l82w8
This game is sooo good
This game is so cool I love the avengers attacks but it is a bit hard to fly cause u dodge instead of flying but other than that ITS SO GOOD it’s totally worth the money the levels are a bit hard but really awesome you might get stuck on a few levels but when I got stuck I figured it out😀 and I absolutely love the boss fights it’s also a bit unfair how if your doing the juggernaut boss with his muscular minions as so as u get up once your down they attack u and the green goblin boss it makes my game crash and as soon as u try to attack him he punches BUT DONT LET THAT GET IN THE WAY OF THIS AWESOME GAME
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3 years ago, yovip.
A small taste other games don’t help
Find it interesting I am stuck on the last level of Asgard but I’m technically not stock because every section you need to gold bricks to unlock except the characters you play regular Lego studs for them and this one doesn’t have a free play option like most of them until you reach the end which I have not but I’m curious to see your review great game overall not the worst not best but yeah my five star reviews kind I would rated four stars if wasn’t crying
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2 years ago, 14 bricks
Awesome Game!
A lot of people are complaining that it’s worse than the Xbox version and it needs to be more like it. NO. Your dumb. Let’s be real, the Xbox version costs a lot more money, and an Xbox itself, is more money. This is only a 5$ game and dumb people expect to get console quality gameplay in a 5$ game. This game is awesome for only 5$ and gives a slight feel that is like the console version! No, it’s not the EXACT SAME but it’s really good for a cheap mobile game. I would 100% recommend getting it.
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6 years ago, OriginalLesel
Crashes at Startup
I purchased this game a few weeks ago and was really looking forward to playing it. I ensured that my iPad Pro updated to the latest IOS version, restarted and then downloaded the game. To my utter disappointment the game crashed once the page after the play symbol finished loading. I deleted the game and went through the process again only to get the same result. Wondering if the issues was device specific, I followed the same steps only this time using my daughter’s iPad 4 but, again, got the same result. I have yet to be able to play this game at all, wasting $5.00 in the process. Until I can get some answers, I will be avoiding any games by this developer from here on out.
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9 years ago, Lmcduff
Coolest game ever
I bought the pack that was $9.99 it's it'll give me 79 characters it gave me every character it's cool if you see this game download it it is really cool I have every single one but my friend said dead pool can not die and he can die please fix that but besides that the game is really really cool😛 and I think you should add ghost Rider if you add ghost Rider it would be an improvement to the game and I like ghost riter so please let there be an update that adds ghost rider because he is my favorite well one of my favorite superheroes
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3 years ago, spidermanfarfromhome
Everything is right
This is amazingly awesomely good. I like how you collect golden bricks and I like how there’s three levels in one but also my discoveries were a little late of the shop but when I discovered it things became Amazing after my birthday and I got ten dollars to get invincibility pack and spider man pack but things got even more amazing after school and I got the ultimate super hero pack. So it’s only a matter of time and that’s why I give this 5 stars!
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5 years ago, Ringdog13
Good game but glitches a bit
When the game glitches, your character stays completely still but all the enemies around you are still trying to kill you also, there is not a lot of difference in the characters, like iceman, the human torch, and iron man have the exact same abilities except iceman can put out fires, but the thing, hulk buster, hulk, and juggernaut have the exact same abilities also. I’d just like to see more unique characters.
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6 years ago, DMar319
A great game for most ages
I think this is a great game and I’m and adult. My 9 year old and my 13 year old also loved it. The controls take some time to get used to (especially flying), but once you get the hang of it, the game keeps you interested for hours. My only big complaint is once you finish the game, it’s over. There have been no newly released levels. I would love to see a sequel to this game come out. I personally had no issues with crashes or bugs.
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2 years ago, Maybe add these?
Some update ideas..?
Okay, I completed the game about a month ago and I was thinking about some updates. First of all, I don’t like having to go through everything again for gold bricks, at least make it stud buyable like everything else. Second, I’m a little mad that Abomination, Venom, and Red Skull aren’t characters you can unlock. Maybe add some mini games for crimefighting and maybe even a villain mode? Consider adding Moon Knight, Elektra, the Maximoff twins, and Doctor Strange too?
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2 years ago, hdhkdhdgdusishodpwooppopppp
OK I have some suggestions
Game is so good but I really think that you should make sure that Captain America can use his shield to reflects bullets and attacks from enemies and I really think that Miles Moralez should be able to Electrocute and turn invisible like in the Spider-Man in the spider verse and he should be strong and I think iceman should be able to freeze people and add more levels and chapters because It is more fun ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if you do it I will give you a 5 star rating 🥳🥳🤘🏽
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4 years ago, gooddaygoodday
Good for any kid
This game is good for any kid without a console because it illustrates the same game for a decent price of 4.99$ and it has easy controls for a kid the age of 5 with consent of parent. When I bought it for my 6 yr old son he won’t stop playing when he is done with his work. Even if your an adult you can still enjoy seeing the hero’s in action. All in all if you don’t have a console and want a fun LEGO here game this is it.
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4 years ago, IvyOak1710
Good but could use improvement
I have an iPhone 11, & the game crashes a lot. The screen goes to black sometimes when the ending of a level occurs. I would like to be able to know a characters ability after purchase. I would also like to choose my secondary character after I know what goals are left to play for. I’ve never played the Xbox version, so if these issues can be fixed, it would be a great game.
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6 years ago, hjfgfhhfdfghccggff
Super Moves are a problem
Good game, only two small issues. The way you activate the super moves, by sliding the hero icon to the right, is a disaster. A vast majority of the time, it does not work. Because of this, I am never able to complete the challenges. Couldn’t you just have another button, like the tag move button, to make things easier. The second issue is how you have no time to recover from getting hurt. If you are on the ground, enemies can still hurt you. This makes the challenges where you can’t get hurt almost impossible to beat.
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6 years ago, Powershome
Crashes before it starts
We haven’t even had the chance to play yet because we can’t get further than the opening screen to hit play before it crashes. We’ve tried to remove and re upload it several times, but can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve tried to navigate the website to get support, but can’t seem to find any support after navigating the website. I just get taken to more games. I wouldn’t even give this game a 1 if I had a choice. Fix these problems so we can play and I’ll reconsider. Otherwise it was just wasted money that I’m going to look to get a refund.
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4 years ago, perfect photo editor
I highly recommend this game. Sometimes I play it on my Xbox. I lost the game so I got it for 4.99 on here. I love it because you don’t die easily and you can call for help from another character. You also can earn more lives. In addition, there are so many more levels to complete than Xbox. I just think there should be the free play in the city. I love this game!!!!!
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8 months ago, Mississippi-Boy_
Is this even the same game?
I bought this thinking it would be the same as the one on the PC and it isn’t even close to the same. Controls are awful and there isn’t any real world movement or action. You die way too easily and restart when you die versus just spawning right back where you were. I can’t understand why you would make a game that wasn’t exactly the same as it is on a different console. It just makes no sense. This was a bust. If it can be done with Lego Star Wars, how come it can’t be done with Lego Marvels??
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1 year ago, Overallsmooth
I love this game
This game is very fun and I love that it challenges you to get the gold bricks and it has so much charities to choose and I love how you can pick your characters before the game starts but every now and then it gets glitchy but I fixed it’s self fast but I gave it a five star bc I loved the lego marvel on console and on mobile
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6 years ago, Whimsia
As a big LEGO game fan it’s hard for me to say I wouldn’t recommend this app...
I started with such high hopes for this app. It responded well, there was a good variety of starting characters, and the levels were creative. After a few levels though, it started glitching and would turn off on its own. It was happening consistently so I tried to completely delete the app and download it again but now it won’t even open. It’s unfortunate that a good game should go to waste because of a few glitches. I would not recommend spending money on this app.
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3 months ago, Mr. fun 🥳
Pretty good but
Ok I have to be honest I could use a little work like one of the reviews said you don’t have a jump on it it’s sort of weird to me I deleted it because I couldn’t get past a level and I kept playing it but I couldn’t so I deleted it and now I can’t get it I got it again To be honest it was fun before I got to the level
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2 years ago, #$%$&*##
It’s pretty good
I like it at all but really I would say the fact that get one life pretty annoyed so I would say I wouldn’t recommend you buy it but just be aware it’s not that it is but I would recommend you buy it and the fact that those mini things is really annoying little sections in the thing in the game.😕😕
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2 years ago, 123the2007gamer
My ideas
Great game but could have better graphics also better game levels also when you die don’t make it so you restart the level make it so you lose money also add a world that you can walk around and do missions and unlock characters make the levels like the Xbox version.
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8 years ago, (The) Doctor
Free Roam, Open World How To
I love this game! It's amazing, I love how they used the music from the movies and everything. However.......I just want to know one thing. I only gave this 4 stars because I don't know if there is a free roam or a open world on this version, or whatever. If there is, could someone tell me how to get to it? I've beaten all the levels... This game is worth the money, but I really want the free roam.
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9 years ago, King_Baller7
Great game buuuutt...
Great game!!! I think it is really fun, but the last 5 levels you have to get 30 more gold bricks instead of 10. You should at least make it 20, it is really hard to get 30 more. Please update it and change it. But besides that it is really great and addicting. It was so worth the money.
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4 years ago, No name bruther.
Important Update
I’m rating this a 4 star because i really like the game but you should add a option that lets you resize the screen so the game can fit your screen. I’m on Iphone 11 and i can’t press the pause button. I recommend the resize screen option, but overall very good game.
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8 years ago, roohsnshhdgehdhdudhde
A huge scam
When I first saw this game on the App Store I remembered playing at someone else's house on the X box. What I expected from this was a puzzling game with maybe 30-45 stages. Instead I wasted 5 Bucks on a rip off of the actual game. All it is a bunch of pointless stages where you probably stand there tap the screen. I know that other Lego games on the App Store are what I expected from this piece of garbage. There is also nothing in the game trailer or description that gives a hint that the game is like it is. PLEASE GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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4 years ago, destruckter
Hangout place maybe?
I absolutely love this game it’s so good the games may glitch a little big but it fixes asap i would really enjoy if you could have like a place to hangout like on the LEGO games in PS4 that you could use your characters in besides that everything’s great good job.
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6 years ago, Mumugaminh
Read before purchase of app
The game opens to the main screen when I tap it. Then when I tap the red play button it takes me to a loading screen that has lots of quests with a loading sign at the bottom right. The loading sign becomes a play button then my screen goes black for 2 seconds then sends me to my home screen. I am very disappointed with this app. Not only that but then you show your good reviews from years ago. Update is needed Warner Bros. Now.
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4 years ago, spider symboyite
I think it is great
The game is great and I love it I changed to joystick it’s easier also getting gold bricks makes it a challenge it is the best mobile game on iOS it is worth the 4.99 and it’s easy too the levels are short but the game is long it’s the best and most perfect game
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9 months ago, Minshew tennesee
It’s ok…
I like the way how you can play the game on mobile, but the game is just… mid. The controls are strange, Easy to die; how can you even beat the game!?! It literally makes you pay gold bricks to unlock a new level. As a kid, I couldn’t even get to the 5th level. It’s mid, but I do like the idea of putting the ps3 game in to an iOS device!
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4 years ago, BenMuscles
Can’t even play
Downloaded it and it crashes before we can even play it. Freed up a ton of space on the iPad thinking maybe it was a storage/operating issue, but it still crashes. Waste of money and a very disappointed kiddo.
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6 years ago, Be$t professional
Extremely addicting...
The only reason why I’m giving it 4 stars is because when I try to pick up a telephone and answer it, it crashes on me. I’m tryin to gather coins from the phone booths but it crashes. Plz fix this. The game kinda crashes on me when I also do certain things
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4 years ago, Giovanni:2462
Very good but needs a little bit more
I really like playing this game but I have finished all the levels and I think you should add like bonus levels and more characters also I wold to play free mode
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6 years ago, Saintoad
I want my money back!!
I had got this game as a reward for doing well in school for my 8 year old son and he was excited about it. Proud even, well, as we download the game to both our devices we find that as it opens it crashes before you get to any actual playing. We tried deleting it and reinstalling a few times to no avail. These reviews are the only way it seems to communicate with y’all. I would like something done to make this right. Now.....
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6 years ago, 900003918hhh
(Please Help)
The game was worth the money because I do love the XBox version, however when I open the app and click play, it opens the next page, begins to load the game, and then crashes every time. I am totally updated with the app and my device version so please help!
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7 years ago, Ckdkdkx
Hello I'm gonna get my phone on the charger
Hi my name will be a new great value to for you and with to your great value value for the you your great and job everyone is can you be and you your value and value is a value great good read and a annotate for a good game great job everyone else can be great value and great
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9 years ago, KYlPod5thgEn
No complaints, very great game & controls are solid. Only complaint is that when you loose all four hearts, your dead. Unlike the older LEGO games where you loose all hearts, you just respawn. Still a great a game & love you can play as almost or all marvel characters.
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3 years ago, THE_WANTED1038
It has some bugs
I have screen time restrictions and when you open the app it instantly takes you out
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3 years ago, Goetzmom
Delicious cake (Galactis)
I LOVE THIS GAME. The only bad quality is that you need gold bricks to get further. But fighting Hulkblaster, Doc Ock (my fav) and MODOK (became my favorite after playing Avengers on the PS4) to help keep me not well. Anyway. Its not easy to beat but if you got it. You got it.
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12 months ago, hey DG
Very very annoying
I liked the game when I started playing it but now it is so annoying how you have to collect gold bricks to go into levels and if you loose all of your hearts the game does not respawn you, it just makes you redo the level. If maybe you guys could make an easier edition it would be better
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6 years ago, KMH01
Bought this game for my son and it didn’t even play. Tried to contact to get my money back and I had to give them my router brand, what type of WiFi I’m on and much more info and they didn’t even respond to me. I guess I learned my lesson not to purchase from them anymore! Horrible customer service, not even a response.... wth... Don’t purchase this app. I have a brand new completely updated iPhone and It didn’t work...
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2 years ago, gabelikestoto
Great job and great game,
I love this game,especially the part with the raptors,but the game exits itself out like repeatedly ,please fix the bugs,the exiting of the game,make it work smoothly,other than that it’s a awesome game
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4 years ago, litaskelita
Purchased this game for my son for IPad and IPhone. We went to play it and the game just crashes after you hit the play button. I deleted the game and downloaded it again and my IOS on both devices is up to date. I contacted the “app support” and it’s been weeks since I have heard back. What a waste of money! I will not be purchasing games from the developer. Fix the bugs or whatever it is.
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