LEGO® Ninjago™

3.2 (4.9K)
1219.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for LEGO® Ninjago™

3.2 out of 5
4.9K Ratings
2 years ago, 3PO the droid
Awesome game
To start of, this game is really good. At first I could not see the cutscenes because they were in black. I could see the subtitles, but not the actual scene. I’m just happy they fixed that. I just wish there were customizable characters. I just finished the Skywalker Saga and to the makers of this and Skywalker Saga, WHY!? It’s LEGO! Last of all, I hate that you can’t free roam. When I was younger, the only reason I would get Lego games was for the free roam. I just hope in the future, there are no more Lego games without free roam and that you can do free roam in this game. With these, this game will be a better Lego video game.
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4 years ago, some nonsense
Can’t get passed level 2 + other stuff
I loved ninjago as a kid and still like it now. I remember when this game first came out I was so exited that the first thing I did that day, was play the game. And the game was fun, but since I beat the game I just kept re doing some of the levels because I liked it so much. Then I deleted it to clear some space. Today I downloaded it again to see what it was like. Well the problem is it kept crashing and it eventually stopped. But once I get to the loading screen of level 2 (Spinjago Chase) it keeps crashing, I’ve tried everything, restarting my phone, clearing up some space, closing out all the apps, but nothing I did worked. I was so upset I couldn’t play one of the greatest games of my childhood. So then I went back to App Store to try and re download, Ninjago: Tournament Of Elements, which is basically you play as the elemental masters like, Cole, Neuro, Lloyd, skylar, Chen, Shadow, etc, and fought serpentine but I searched it up, only to find out that it was DELETED OFF THE APP STORE. I was so upset and sad that I actually had a tear come out of my eye. I was really upset that another one of the greatest games of my childhood was gone forever. So if you could, will you guys please put it back up on the App Store
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2 years ago, Malik land
Loved the game cause it was a Apart of my childhood
Now the reason why I said this is because I played this game a lot on my tablet that I used to have but that’s not the point right now because this game is not only the best Lego game ever but it actually works now I know what you thinking that just because the views and ratings it gets that it’s not good but trust me I was there to when I saw that you could buy it and it was worth the money to I saw the old reviews form 6ys ago and it made me think that I didn’t work but until I bought it it never crashed broke of did anything of the sort. I still play it even to this day I’m 13 about to be 14 playing a game that’s been here for 6 years and has never been taken down unfortunately like cars as fast as lightning did which is also a game that I wish they brought back, but in all words this game means a lot to me and if you give it a chance you see the difference to. Thank you 👍🏾
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6 years ago, Micxchristine
My son loves Ninjago so I thought he would also love this game. Unfortunately he gets very frustrated with this game because of the poor quality of the controls. It is very difficult even for me to maneuver the characters and get them to do what I need them to do. There is a point in the ice place where Zane is supposed to be under water turning an island that another character is on. When the island is turned and you go to move the other character they fall off. Every single time. The levels take hours to complete because the controls do not work as they say they do. The game does not run smoothly. The dragon is difficult to steer. The first level has a glitch which requires restarting the level numerous times (yes from the beginning even though you are close to the end). Not worth my $5 and I am very disappointed in LEGO for not putting quality into this game as they usually put into all of their merchandise.
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2 years ago, new among us
Hi Lego
Can you guys add one 3 levels purr ninjago season and add a hub and just for the hub you can drive the vechicals oh can this game 1 minute game update where if we log into the game it will have a picture of Lloyd Kia and garmadon and in the middle it will have a button saying update now and make it not teleport us to the App Store and this will be a dawnloadable update oh and this game or the update will need real money oh here be the level key Level 1 will just be a regular level 2 will be a vehicle level 3 will be a boss fight like here’s what I got planned for rebooted level 1 will be the ninjas on the moon level 2 will be a x 1 ninja charger level and for level 3 it will be a giant overlord boss fight
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8 years ago, Teto15
Please fix
I played on Chen's island, and it was super fun, but once I got to Spinjago Chase, it stated to glitch on me. At the part were you jump from vertical peg to vertical peg, it wouldn't let me jump on the last once cause "the stranger" was on it. I tried o jump and knock him off, but it didn't work. Please fix it. Also, I obsess about the show, it is amazing. I finally got sound for the game once I put ear buds in. It sounds like they all have the exact same voice as each other. There is no difference. It bugs me so much because their voices really gives them their character. Zane's voice is supposed to be a deeper, robotic sort of voice versus Jay who's voice is higher with a lot of enthusiasm. Even Wu and Darreth have the same voice as the ninja.
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4 years ago, t-_=$7$y
I dont know if this is my foult...
Hello, i buyed this game for my son it was great at first but then he got bored of it, he got bored beacause he unlocked everything he loved the game and everything about it, but then he uninstalled it he found a game called “ROBLOX” i was fine with him playing that game since nothing to me is wrong, it was a year later he got back into ninjago on the tv beacause season 10-13 came out and he missed it he was kinds sad kinda mad then he wanted to play the game again but then it was kicking him out A LOT to me it was a waste of money, i think this is his device, this didnt happend at all before even i tried the game i loved it, again i still think its our device of its not then please fix this and if it is, i will know when a update comes and i will tell my son he will be very excited, Thank You
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4 years ago, Splurz
I've been busy rewatching every season of Lego Ninjago and wanted to see if there were any games I could get. I decided to get this game. One of the biggest wastes of money I've had. I booted up the game and it crashed. I didn't even get to see anything. So I tried redownloading it. It was better but not good. I got to the title screen and hit play. You'll never guess what happened. It crashed again. At this point, I'm lost. I decided to go to the WB Lego Games Tech Support Thing. It told me to make sure I had the most recent update to my device. Then, I downloaded iOS 14 (which is really good btw). I got to the title screen. I hit play. Then, it was just a black screen but it was playing the Lego Ninjago theme song. I really regret that purchase.
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4 years ago, bella oh yay
OK so I’m a little kid and are used I actually I loved the whole series of Lego Ninjago and when I finished it I just kept watching it over and over again and it’s like one of my favorite shows!!!!’and when I saw all of these horrible reviews there’s like barely any good reviews and mostly bad reviews I’m like I don’t know if I should download it. But I wanted to try anyways because I love that show so much so I wonder if the game would be as much fun. So I download it and when I click The button to start the game it just went back to home screen. I just want to play it so if the people who made the game are listening please fix it because I really want to play it.
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4 years ago, Nerdwaifuu
The crashing has ruined this game for me
I bought this game on my phone when it first came out and it was fine. Sure the controls were a little wonky, but I didn’t mind and my sister and I had a blast playing it. I recently got an iPad and, now with more storage available, I decided to download the game again to play with a controller and to actually finish the game since I never got around to finishing it. Everything is working up to the main menu. When I go to start a new game, the app crashes. No matter how many times I tried along with uninstalling it and reinstalling it a week later, it still refuses to work. It’s quite disappointing since I have been wanting to revisit the game after so many years and now the app refuses to work.
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1 year ago, DinoRazor#80711
Nothing to do
When I got this game I loved it, then completed it. So I decided to go for all of the characters and unlock stuff. After I got some characters the secret ones were so hard I could never figure out what to do on them. My cousin helped with the acid and I didn’t know what the yellow and black was. Since I was stuck I didn’t have anything to do and I get bored of the levels. Please put more levels so the game goes longer.
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4 years ago, Lego = garbage
A waste of money!
Bought this for my son. Crashes and closes out when hitting the play button every time. Should have just lit a $5 bill on fire. If these LEGO games don’t get you with a bunch of in-app purchases to unlock every level, they don’t work at all. For a big company to make such poor products is really hard to understand. Clearly they don’t even care that people are being completely ripped off.
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7 years ago, f00fighters
Virtual Controls are not as good as other lego games
The virtual controls on the left of the screen are terrible. If your left thumb does not fall within the the small circle (virtual joystick), it will interrupt your gameplay while you're attempting to run and jump. Other lego games like lego Batman or lego Star Wars, have virtual controls that have a broader radius. In those games your left thumb can land anywhere outside of the circle as long as it's on the left side of the screen. Additionally, controls for the flying missions are poorly implemented. My little boy and I play all the lego games together. I was hoping the experience would be the same as the others. I'll consider updating my review if they fix the controls.
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4 years ago, king of bruv
It don’t work fam
My game doesn't work. I’ve bought this game yesterday and I tried to play it. It don’t work. I’m like no worries. It’ll work tomorrow all good right? Nah fam. I tried today and the game won’t make past loading screen takes me back to my iPhone home page. I deleted and redownloaded the game. I shut of my phone and closed all my app including the game. I’m sorry fam. As much as I love Ninjago cus of my childhood. This don’t work. If possible I would like my refund. Or please update the game to work on the iPhone 11 models. I loved Ninjago as a kid I love it now. But this game ain’t it fam. It be like that sometimes but now is not the time for it to be like that. I’m sorry fam. But I would like my game to work or get a refund.
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6 years ago, t.reese3
50/50 I guess
I find the game really fun and the things you are able to do is awesome (I.e. using the elemental powers). However, I finished the game in one day... there needs to be more added to it. More levels. Perhaps going through different levels that coincide with the tv show but from the beginning to most recent. Other suggestions, I had problems with Cole “summoning” large boulders from the ground and throwing Wu’s staff. The controls are pretty good overall, just wish there was a way to use their powers easier.
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4 years ago, 🌙✨⭐️Sailor moon⭐️✨🌙
I had money and I was just getting back into ninjago and I saw a game so I was like I always wanted a the game but my mom always said now to I have Money I can finally do it everything was perfect wrong spent 5 dollar on a game that doesn’t work I wasted my money that took me years to get and I waste it on this the won’t reply and they won’t fix the game i need a refund right now and delete the game from App Store your causing other people to lose there money such a scam and ninjago tournament was way better I didn’t even glitch and now it’s gone so people think o sense this is gone maybe this will work please people don’t fall for this scam 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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4 years ago, 🍪🍭🍩🎂🍯🍦🍧🥛
Warner bros makes you pay 5 bucks to buy a crashing game
Hi I’m 11 and I got an iPad of my own for my 10th birthday and I bought this game with my birthday money, because it was cool, but when I started on Chen’s island the game kicked me out. I tried over and over, I even restarted my iPad, and did everything, but the game totally cheated me. Now I’ll never get to play it again. Warner bro’s, I hope you realize that the money you cheated me out of came from my grandparents who loved me and I got in trouble when your stupid game didn’t work. I never got in trouble with my grandparents and even worse, we can’t get our money back.
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6 years ago, Spins too high
I ❤️❤️❤️❤️ THIS GAME!!
It’s an amazing game!!! It’s is extremely entertaining I do have one thing wrong with it though... with the controls it is incredibly hard to stir the dragon and cars. Make it easier and more controllable make it so you have tilt the screen to make it work or something like that. Anyways it was worth the money you can only play it with WIFI but I’m ok with it so get this game there are ten levels than it’s basically free play...❤️❤️❤️❤️🎮🎮🎮🎮
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4 years ago, QPQ+=+
Doesn’t work
Like many others, my son begged for this game & even used his own money to purchase it. I read him the MANY NEGATIVE reviews trying to talk him out of it. Of course, we decided to try it in spite of the warnings & of course we got the same result. The game basically got through the intro & the second you press the “play” button to launch the game, the app shuts down & returns you to your home page. Again & again we have tried to get it to just PLAY! But it just doesn’t. I have the newest iPhone they launched during rona so it’s not my device. It’s clearly flawed & disappointing kids all of the country apparently! I want a refund 😠
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6 years ago, CDuncan93
Angry mom
So this is the second game purchased for $2.99 now, made by the same company and it does NOT even work! I’m buying these for my son that really just wants to play some new games and apparently just wasting money! It’s ridiculous! It should be taken off the App Store if your crap don’t work. This was my sons graduation money and rather than buying more toys he wanted some new games rather than just the free ones he has already...good to know you guys keep ripping people off... he literally goes to play the game(s) and they open to the beginning and once you press play it just shuts down to the home screen. That’s so awesome....waste of money don’t do it.
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6 years ago, Jobo66
My son wants to play this game so I purchased it for him. Installed on ip8 and crashes every time we hit the CONTINUE button to start from the main screen. Ever other button works. We did a hard reset. We deleted and reinstalled the app. Another hard reset. Same results. Plenty of memory available on the phone and no other apps running. Quite frustrating. Last update for app was two years ago, so maybe there is an issue with the ip8 or latest iOS. Buyer beware! Going to installing from iTunes as a last resort but not holding my breath for success.
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4 years ago, Forthoodian
Do you like apps that crash? Do you like clicking on your favorite game app, waiting for it to load only to have it eject before ANY gameplay at all? Well ladies and gents, this app is for you! To the creators of LEGO Ninjago game app... If there is a setting or user level maintenance that can be done to make this app playable please inform me. Both of my apple devices are new to a year old, both from manufacturer (original/up to date iOS). The app has been deleted while the devices are checked for system upgrades and rebooted. The app has been reinstalled several times without resolve. $4.99 Is a bit high for a dysfunctional app.
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2 years ago, PJFIV
I hate how you have to push your finger at the very edge of the touch-pad to run. It’s so infuriating and it caused me countless deaths. Or how about the touchpad randomly deciding not to work which made the vehicle segments feel close to impossible. And speaking of the vehicle segments, they control terribly. They’re way too loose and sway way too far whenever you do so much as tap left or right. This game really should’ve stayed on the 3DS and PSVita. Although, I can comfortably say that this is the best Ninjago videogame. But that’s not saying much considering how terrible that Battles, Nindroids, and especially the movie game were.
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4 years ago, Vic33614
Game Play won’t even start
Just downloaded this game for my son. Tried to open it and it’s already crashing. We have closed this app and all other applications, restarted the iPad and reinstalled the this app. We can’t tell you how the game actually is since we haven’t made it past the start menu. We want our money back!
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3 years ago, player for 4-5 years
My over all thoughts + more
The story was fun to play and the characters are fun to play as but I have a problem with Wu’s staff because the staff is VERY hard to throw and when you manage to throw it and get on the staff 1/2 of the time the characters on the staff they get to the point or just fall to the ground or to their deaths and free roaming as the dragon is not as fun as I thought and the whole thing is boring in some way… so if you people read all the reviews you see all the problems with the so I recommend NOT getting the game.
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4 years ago, hdjwbaggs
App doesn’t work!
App closes itself every time I try to play the game! App will open and allow me to enter all settings, but when I press the play button it just kicks me out. I have the newest iPhone and software, everything is supposedly compatible yet it doesn’t work. I’ve tried deleting and re-downloading several times and it does the same thing every time. I’ve also tried getting help through app support and never received a response. I wouldn’t be so concerned if this wasn’t my kid’s favorite game! Is there any other way to get help making this app work or getting my money back?!
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3 years ago, lego ninjago is cool
How it’s the best game
First of all to the people that play this game on iOS or iPhone there’s two versions of the controls they are so easy to handle just use the dpad controls this game is good actully it has so good storyline the gameplay is great I would like to see more of these types of games I would be really really nice of the game was way longer but hey it’s a good game
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4 years ago, Pbsgames7291
Don’t buy this game!
My kids love Lego Ninjago and of course when they came across this app, I had to get it for them. However this app is a total dud! You cannot start the game. Every time you hit “continue” from the menu, the app crashes. I have to restart the app. Then when I go to other menu settings, it’s fine, but then I go to “continue” but then the game doesn’t launch and the app crashes! What a disappointment for $5! I don’t even know how to get my money back. Let this serve as a warning to everybody else out there that this app will not launch the game. I am on an iPad and have an iCloud account.
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4 years ago, aydmin
Can’t get past main menu
I paid $4.99 for a game my son can’t even play! We have installed and uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same problem! Once we get to the main menu and push continue, it logs off of the game completely. Save your money...unless you are ok with just staring at the main menu.
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2 years ago, MooshroomKowAnyHow
Good game still could use some work 🙂
These people saying these bad reviews obviously are wrong. My cousin has had this game since she was four, and it has never failed to entertain. You could try fixing the crashes, but if you don‘t i‘ll still keep playing. im just glad its still on the app store. Would’ve given it a four and a half if possible.
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4 years ago, augdog2096
Crashes every single time
Well I want to tell you that YOU MADE SUCH A TRASH GAME for Lego Ninjago. And because I say that is because every time I load up the game crash reload it crash reload it again crash I played this on my iPad a long time ago and it was really fun but I want to play it on my new phone but it fricken won’t work because every time you load it up IT CRASHES!!!!?!?!!! By Anonymous not telling you my name because it’s private jerks. 🤬
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5 years ago, ethangc10
A nice game.
So, it is a very good game, and I haven’t had the fun of a lego game in a long time. Sure, it’s hard to control and has expensive character prices, also pretty short, but the actual gameplay is what matters to me. It’s not too bad, even if not having the same voice actors and animation style, but it was very fun and never got repetitive, and the storyline and animation were good. Jay was funny, Zane was weird, Kai was short tempered, and Cole is sarcastic.
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4 years ago, --pro--
My son kept begging to get this game, he loves the show so I used some of my husbands pocket money while he was in the restroom. I thought my son would finally leave me alone and play that game in peace and quiet but guess what????? NO THE GAME WANTED OTHERWISE. No momma time, WASTING MONEY ON NOTHING TIME. I had to hear my son cry and had to tell him it doesn’t work. DONT GET IT ABSOLUTELY TRASH AND DOESNT WORK. Don’t hype your self and kids up for a waste of your husband's money. On top of that, now my husband is upset I wasted his precious money. Absolute trash, but if you like trash, and a waste of time: Definitely get it.
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3 months ago, Charlhg
My childhood game
It’s good but the game would make me glitch into walls and stuff that shouldn’t happen and now I can’t get any further in the game because I’m in a glitched wall. But I found out the problem it was that I needed to get out of the app and close it and then get back in and then it will work
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4 years ago, Hntllc
Everything’s Perfect!
I love the game and it’s amazing. I haven’t played in a while so I guess some things could have changed but it’s still amazing. I also love how there’s almost up to every character up to season 4 of ninjago. I played this game A LOT before and completed every single level with every of the collectible faces and characters and max coins. So yes I love it.
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4 years ago, RainbowGCreeper
Update the game it had glitches my god >:(
Okay I am not trying to be rude but if any of you get this PLEASE UPDATE the game there’s bugs and I try to press play it makes go back to my Home Screen but please fix this issues and others like it it makes me unhappy and I really want to play it but I can’t sadly ;(
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4 years ago, hi I am a person:)))))
It won’t even open>:(
We got this game in hopes of having a good time but we ran into trouble right away not even half way through the opening screen it exits you out we tried restarting, resetting everything!!!! it wouldn’t work so please don’t get this game it’s just a waste of money
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2 years ago, ThatOneKid11
Fun a few years ago
Now the game is fun but at this point I’m 11 and when I played when I was younger it was really fun and it felt like beating the game was a breeze but when you stop playing the game and play it a few years later you forgot how to beat it but great game if you want I recommend playing if you want or if you like the ninjago series.
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2 years ago, YellowBone!!
this game is peak
This is a good game but in my opinion they should add more until the actual Ninjago show ends season for season but different conflicts. But overall this game is one of my best experiences I’ve felt ever since I was a child. If anybody from the staffing team sees this please take this idea to account please and thank you
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3 years ago, CANIWRITEANAME!?
I like it
Hi! I can tell you I’m not a bot and I’m also a really big fan of ninjago so when I saw this game I knew I wanted to try it so I asked my mom and she let me and this game is actually really fun! I got addicted almost becuase of it 😂 I almost have every character and I’m trying to get all of them I also finished every map :D
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4 years ago, astroninest
The game is amazing but not the crashing
To: Anyone who knows the person who made the game. If you know him or her tell them to fix the game because the only reason people don’t like it is because it keeps crashing. I for one love the game and if you know someone at the App Store then tell them to try to convince the maker to fix It
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9 months ago, Zipper-man
I really like this game but i have one issue with it.
Play the mobile version of the game I can’t even get past the first level, due to the fact that every time i try to swap my character at the first wall jump part kai always pulls his sword out of the switch, so I can’t get past that part, could you please fix it?
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3 years ago, gaming_nerd
How to make the game work:
If your on ios and looking on how to play without getting kicked out all you have to do is go to setting search icloud and turn on game center then go to game center and switch it on boom you can now play but the cutscenes are black sadly. Hope this helped for ios users :)
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4 years ago, msemace
Doesn’t work
Loaded this to an ipad and tried on my iphone and it loads until you press start. It then shuts down and goes to my home screen. Tried everything. Would like a refund but I can’t even find a contact to ask for help. So disappointing.
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2 years ago, ddkbrfhscbfirnch
Fun but 1 porblom
This is a fun game but there’s one problemThe cut scenes are black but I can still Here cut scenes happening but I can’t see it happening update it’s been fixed now fix Lego Star Wars force awakens update you fixed it in this game also the game has fun levels and it’s long for its price but it would be greatly appreciated if we got controller support
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4 years ago, Aidyn d
Keeps taking to home screen
Every time I try to play it it takes me back home and I get frustrated because I bought it yesterday every time I push play it keeps taking me back home plz upgrade it to my iPod if y’all don’t I want a refund if y’all do upgrade it I will not get a refund and try doing it today
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2 years ago, ufo glitch
Fun game but…
I downloaded this game and I don’t regret its very fun and I hope other people will buy it but there’s one thing that I would like your team to fix this bug is sometime it will crash when you open the game after a few days of playing it please fix it and if you do thank you
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5 years ago, i loove this app
Is this the final?
First of all, this game is awesome but simply it is short i don’t know that after i beat the final showdown is this really the finish of the game? I think no there is so many things to discover , I literally finished the game within the first day but please someone tell me how i can continue, and one thing else, there is many many characters and world is not unlocked!
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4 years ago, Sbevs
Why are you even still selling this?
This game crashes as soon as you open it. Which happens. But there are comments going back at least 4 months and the developers acknowledge this is a problem.... so why in the world is it still being sold! This is a game geared towards kids (my son used to play and love) so it’s not like you’re disappointing a bunch of adults with this - it’s a bunch of kids spending their own money and getting disappointed. Shame on you guys.
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4 years ago, Cagey Cretin
Cutscenes won’t load anymore
Today I decided to replay the story but it crashed when I loaded the levels. I checked to see if another level worked and a level without a cutscene worked. Then I was wondering if it was the cutscenes so I went to play a cutscenes and it was the cutscenes.
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