Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure

4.7 (23.6K)
295.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure

4.66 out of 5
23.6K Ratings
4 weeks ago, Kassy1212
Wonderful game
I love this game!!! Totally recommend! The regular levels are fun and the mayhem levels are a great challenge. The game has been updated recently to include mayhem levels on all the past seasons and new Xp upgrades which is awesome! Great problem solving game! One suggestion to the developers: Add something for the player after they beat all the mayhem levels in a particular season. It could be anything - an animation of fireworks or a trophy or something. It is just a bit anti climatic to beat all the mayhem levels in a season (as I have done on seasons 9, 10, and 31 so far) and the only reward after all my hard work is just that the skull beside the season flips from red to green. I know anything you add is just pixels on a screen, but feeling like you are rewarded for your hard work is nice and keeps me going on really hard levels Developers - I still love this game but I need help, the recently released challenge level “The Fool” seems unsolvable. The yellow lemming will always drown and there is no way to get him out. Am I wrong? Please give me a hint on one’s is suppose to solve this level!! Thank you!
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1 month ago, Frytality80
I remember this game from way back when I was a kid, always been fun and is even fun now. My only problem is who or how are they making some of these levels? I have had two so far that are near impossible to beat, I don’t mean hard I mean like the block you have to break to open the door is in a spot that you have to basically block the door to get to. The second one the exit is at top and no way to dig to get the blocks open to get to it. I don’t mind hard but when I have to spend almost all of the 60 energy we have to beat one level makes the game or getting the rewards for beating levels impossible. I have had to use the revive wings one level which I didn’t want to do just so I could kill one lemming to blow up the stairs to get to the exit and the 2nd one I have no idea how to dig up to get to exit. I think I see a way but once again spending 60 energy to beat one level just makes me not even want to play. I don’t mind watching adds to get rewards that part is fine but their VIP is way to high for this type of game I could see that price per month maybe to help support the developers and the game but per week is insane. I guess the game will go unplayed for now due to the level that are what seem like nearly impossible to beat. I think I still have both screen shots of the levels in question in case the developers even want to see what I’m talking about if they read the post and don’t have a bot auto reply
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2 years ago, Davidmaxbaker123
Frequent crashes during incessant ads
Catch-22 You must watch ads in order to claim rewards. Catch is: the game frequently crashes after you have watched the ads. Then you don’t get the reward. Even worse, sometimes, in this latest version (season 25) the crashes result in a permanent crash loop. When you try to restart the game, it loads, and then crashes. Loads, and then crashes. Loads, and then crashes. You have to delete the app, re-download and try again. Then you have to go through the tutorial again and pray that it will restart. If not, delete and retry again. At present, I cannot even play because of the permanent crash loop. I play on an iPad Pro 12.9” device. The game itself is a great game, but there are far too many ads and glitches for it to be a 2,3,4 or 5-star game. UPDATE: The game has become totally unenjoyable. Chronic crashes before, during and after advertisements which players are forced to watch in order to earn a reward. Approximately 75-80% of the time, the reward is lost after the advertisement crashes the game. Frequently, an ad must be viewed multiple times in order to get the measly reward. I’m deleting the game. I’ve grown tired of this major inconvenience! I prefer games with fewer or no ads. I guess I’ll go back to playing Command And Conquer Red Alert 2 for Windows 98 on my PC. No ads, no crashes, and still a great game. If I still had my Windows 95 machine, I’d play my copy of Lemmings. Or the original Warcraft. Regards, The old gamer
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4 months ago, nk361
It forgets rewards
If you get two eggs for example and reopen the first one, it forgets that you had the second one so you never get it. This is true for any amount of eggs too. I have seen this happen in another place too but I can’t remember where. Another thing I hate is that it takes a while to load the ad offer between levels so you can hit the play level button then see the ad offer popup but it is too late to tap it so you lose it. It should not allow you to press play until that offer has fully loaded so you can tell it yes or no before going into the level. Another thing that is awful is that there is no explanation for any new hazards so you just have to lose lemmings on them and lose the level to get information on them. This is especially the case for the challenge levels where you are just dropped in with many new hazards and no clue how to deal with them before you lose and don’t get to retry or learn. Let me at least know what I did wrong or how I could do better the next time. Another complaint is the “tournaments”, you have to opt in to them then any progress you made before opting in is not counted even though that tournament was already going on. People also can cheat in them by joining a level then leaving over and over to get the lemmings ad offer to appear. So they get lemmings for the tournament without completing a level. Otherwise the game isn’t so bad, it is just odd to me that there are so many unpolished things.
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3 years ago, Jezzzzzzstaxx
Good Game however...
This game is a lot like the original one which I love of course but there are a few issues I have with it. One being the new updated “look” of the lemmings, imo aren’t as nice as the old ones (idk why). Also the daily spin is a scam and so are the spins when you win a bonus game/lemming challenge. It’s rare that you win eggs too and when you do you’re normally stuck with a duplicate of a lemming you already have. Which can be very annoying after like the 100th time seeing the same ones over & over again. Also I have no interest in “buying” eggs with my earned coins because even THOSE are duplicates more then 80% of the time. Another thing is the amount of “energy” spent per game is only equal to about 3-4 lvls, if you’re lucky. Nevertheless I will continue to play this game along with my 5 year daughter who absolutely LOVES this game. It’s helped her with not only navigation, but also speed, critical thinking and problem solving skills all while enjoying the game along with me and the little voices at the end as they enter they’re portals are so cute! Anyways I hope that one day the developers will find a way to make the game more incentivizing for they’re non-paying app supporters! Much love to everyone on the team & I’d also like to Thank you all for keeping such an old game like this one alive & well. I appreciate your efforts!! 🙏🏼😌
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5 years ago, Malibuadam
Could have been...
This truly could have been a fantastic game. They basically took “Lemmings” and created a dumbed down mobile version, which isn’t entirely bad. The problem with this game is the greed. Instead of a $4.99 or $9.99 full game unlock, they offer a bizarre pay-to-play model where you get unlimited energy for 2 hours by paying $6.99. You can also buy a small or large number of coins, but I’m guessing they want you to go for the two hours. Once you run out of energy, you’re stuck paying $6.99, buying coins, or turning off the game... which is also bizarre. The wait time to regain energy is so long, I’m literally not in the app for several hours throughout the day. I know they need to make it painful enough that I feel obligated to part with my money, but they make the wait time so long, there’s no possible way for anyone to get addicted. The last thing they should have me do is close the app. That is your product, and you should want me to be signed in at all times. You should make me want to part with my money, instead of making me frustrated that I can’t play... Personally, the business model just doesn’t make sense, and I really hope people stop giving into this. I know statistically, 1% or 2% of people tend to be the big cash cow for these pay-to-play apps, but people please... $6.99 for 2 hours. It can’t get much greedier than that! All that being said, I still would have preferred it to be more like the original.
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5 years ago, Darkvader75
Fun but sporadic
I have been writing and rewriting this review in my head for days but today was a last straw. This game is fun and the original was one of my favs in the 90s. However this is only getting 2 stars because of greed and inconsistencies. The daily spin is not truly daily, I have watched at midnight the daily spin go from 1 min to 23 hours 59 mins with no spin. It happened to me today I went to bed last night before midnight and when I went in for the first time today no spin. It is not just the spins. The energy is a problem. I read another review that mentioned the point of these games is to keep you playing for hours. If I have no energy I cannot keep playing. Don’t tell me that you can watch a quick video to get energy. You can do that once in a while and then you only get 10 energy which is not enough to get through most of the levels. You don’t have the option to watch 6 videos and get 60 energy and you can’t control when to watch a video. Another thing, why can’t the total amount of energy increase as you level? The original game if a builder made steps and it was in the wrong place a digger could dig it clear without blowing up a lemming. The different lemmings are cute and fun to collect and I think it is great that they show up in the puzzles. I don’t know if I am going to keep playing. 6.99 is just too much to play for only two hours.
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5 years ago, SuicidalSodacan
Energy mechanics ruin the game
While the gameplay itself is fun, you will quickly find yourself running out of energy, forcing you to either stop playing or buy more. Which, while annoying, is common fare in free to play games. But the real problem with the energy mechanics comes into play when you get into the ‘tournament’ feature. I have not seen anything as blatantly ‘pay to win’ as that. Basically, whoever saves the most lemmings in a certain amount of time wins and gets the best prizes. So...more energy directly equals more lemmings. How is someone supposed to fairly compete when they burn through all 60 of their energy in a few levels then have to stop and wait an hour and a half for another 20 before even being able to play again(and even then for only like 2 or 3 levels before running out again), when other people with more money than sense can just keep shelling out the 7 bucks needed for 2 hours of unlimited energy or otherwise keep buying coins to buy energy and power ups with? It is inherently unfair to those who either don’t have the money, or otherwise can’t purchase the over priced micro transactions. I don’t like that. Would have been an easy 5 Stars for being fun and full of nostalgia, but gotta knock off 3 stars for the blatant greed and imbalance of the energy mechanics and micro transactions.
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5 years ago, Cwheeeelllzzzzz
I absolutely love this game!
My fiancé showed me this game one night and I wasn’t super interested because he usually plays puzzle games and like War Dragons and stuff but I listened in. I watched him play for like two levels and I was talking about how cute the little lemmings are! I downloaded it solely due to how cute they are. I usually play games for like two weeks tops, and then I get sick of them. I don’t like this match games or any other kind of puzzle games really. But this game is awesome. It’s challenging yet simple, cute yet complex, so many levels to play and so many cute little outfits for the little dudes. It’s amazingly fun and entertaining. I wish I could have unlimited energy so I could play it all the time, but I guess it’s a good thing the energy runs out or maybe I would play it all the time, lol. The creators have done an amazing job. There are always opportunities to “spin the wheel” and get prizes and newly outfitted lemmings eggs. If you’re iffy on getting this game - GET IT! It’s awesome and you won’t regret it!! Thank you creators for an awesome game ♥️😊
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3 years ago, cbDejaVu
Fun game but......
Unfortunately what is a really well reimagined version of the original lemmings game that makes it very playable on touch interfaces has over time just become a broken money grab. What I mean by this is along with playing the game you get to collect (and once collected they show up in your game) various lemmings in different outfits. While they are purely cosmetic and don’t impact the game play when the game first came out you could get them by playing the game and watching ads. Now the system is just totally broken. I recently returned to the game after quite some time of not playing and it is almost impossible to collect the lemmings essentially removing the “fun” from the game. After playing about 12 levels so far and watching every ad when the opportunity arises I’ve only been able to collect 1 lemming. (I have actually gotten a second one but it was a duplicate and when I watched yet another ad to reopen the egg the broken randomized gave me the exact same lemming yet a 3rd time so it was converted to gold coins. Unfortunately at this point the game just isn’t worth playing and certainly isn’t worth spending a single penny on when your money will be taken from you and you will still end up with nothing. It’s a shame this game has been ruined.
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4 years ago, NeedZen
Not good puzzle challenge
I was so excited to see this initially since I remember playing the original, and the lemmings have been given a cute update. But that’s about it. I remember the point of the original was to use the different skill resources they gave you to get through each level, you had to place the right lemming skill at the right place and got extra points for being efficient. For this version the lemmings build planets as they succeed each level, but after building about 4 of these and the intervening asteroids, you’re still stuck with just building stairs, digging, blocking movement, and an umbrella for falling. I understand the need for in-app purchases to keep the company going but the purchases are for trap disables or these “tribal eggs” (when did lemmings come out of EGGS??) that you collect to open additional levels which still only use those few skills to get through. And the special lemmings “expire” if you don’t collect each tribe fast enough so then you either start over or purchase the tribes again. Granted you can earn coins just through play and not pay actual cash. But overall it’s too much obvious attempts to keep you playing and maybe buying stuff without enough interesting challenge to keep you engaged for long.
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4 years ago, George Cluster
Deja vu is real
As extensively noted the developer has created a frustratingly obnoxious way to handicap gameplay—which these days is par the course, altho the costs do seem especially ridiculous in this particular case. Beyond that, the bonus items available are pretty much useless & the only actually desirable items aren’t even available apart from buying roulette-style spins for bonus items, meaning there’s no guarantee you can even get what you’d like—not to mention the energy handicap is really the only reason the bonus items even exist anyways. To add to yr likely frustration, the game also starts from the 5th level or so to blatantly re-use maps from earlier levels, which hardly makes it reliably fun since you’ll start to justly wonder why it looks familiar. Obviously the level maps must have a solution so can’t be randomly created but it’s incredibly lazy & unethical for the developer to try their worst to get players to pay then turn around & not even invest in ensuring the game has sufficient unique levels to cover all its stages. There’s other issues here also such as traps that are plainly odious & impossible to totally avoid, but along with the constant ads, the game gets bogged down in unpleasant details & they pretty much negate the fun of it.
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5 years ago, decafTea
Deleted it
Deleted it!! Loved this game for quite a while but when they added exient to their credits list, the game suffered. I got bored. The challenge levels are the best but you need a ticket to get there and those are super rare to get - especially when the ad-induced extra spin doesn’t work (which is more often now). Several little things within the game just pile up to too much negativity. Starting with “sad puppy”. Also, the ‘blood’ of dead lemmings remaining on the level (a fairly new change in the game) even though you retry the level. Why? Today I opened my first egg of the new season and the subtitle read, “just die already” (or something close to that. I’ve deleted it so I can’t check). Who needs that when you play a game to escape life’s real struggles? Shame on you, Sad Puppy. Bring something good to this world. The game play is good and building a world (like the hot cocoa or the disco/music/boom box) is super cool and imaginative - well done!! - but overall, I feel more frustrated and down when/after playing than energized and up. You bum me out. I’m don’t need that. Done. Btw, Are the ads exient’s fault? Since exient came aboard those ads take too long to load - IF they load - and then you don’t get what you’ve been waiting for anyway! Ugh!!!
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4 years ago, meg_383
Classic version still more fun on an emulator
I was so excited to see this game from my childhood revamped and redone. It has disappointed, though. There doesn’t seem to be any of the ingenuity of the original, like needing to figure out what to make the lemmings do in order to make them get through a level. I’ve played at least a level a day for a couple weeks, and all they can really do is build stairs, dig, and use umbrellas? Not very interesting. Nor are the design of the levels unique like in the original. And, you’ve put it on a mobile platform but haven’t allowed us to zoom in to see what our lemmings are doing? Perhaps that’s the issue - on the original you had to click on each individual character; now you just click on a “box” and get whatever lemmings arrives there first. Poor design. Also, I get that the company needs to make money, but this seems hawkish and ridiculous. Every other second it’s asking you to pay for something to get more or do something (perhaps that’s what I’m missing? But why do I care what the lemmings look like/what tribe they’re in, and why would I pay money for that?!). If it was a well-developed game that held my interest, I would gladly pay to download it and own it, instead of contestant in-app money asks.
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5 years ago, EdiJunkie
Love it, but let me play levels again!
So good! However, although I understand the need for energy and can live with that, the original game let you replay all the levels to see if better (or more enjoyable) ways of saving the lemmings was possible! Why can’t we have that? Also, I know you developers worked really hard on this and we true fans of the original appreciate your efforts, but you're gouging everyone for very little to no replay value whatsoever! I’d be happy to pay $6.99 IF that removed the energy requirements and let me replay all levels I finish. That’s much more affordable and somewhat fair considering what you get with other highly developed games like this! The tribes are great! The need for coins is Ok if coins came more abundantly! (Maybe for the number of saved lemmings per level, not just at the end of each world!) Thank you for a great game, but please consider everyone’s suggestions to keep us all coming back for more!
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6 years ago, Picasticks
Good but desperately needs pay-for version
I really enjoy the game and have progressed pretty far. The developers have done a great job adapting the game I remember from Commodore days to iPhone! The only complaint is the monetization through strictly limiting replay and either throttling play or requiring $6.99 every 2 hours (as far as I can tell). I would like to share this game with nieces/nephews because I think it's both fun and great at teaching logic/programming concepts but I don't know how I could hand it to a kid and let them learn by trial and error with the constant need to pay money and watch ads. Would happily pay for an ad-free non-crippled version. Please add some kind of "permanent unlock for $$$." Otherwise, I'd add that the levels are too easy. I'm 10 or so worlds in and solve every level on the first or second try. Harder levels with more ability to retry levels 5 or 10 times would be a great improvement. Kids are going to play quickly and fail a lot on each level, which is fine and how they learn, but the game's energy system is set up to punish this which is a real shame.
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4 years ago, Cheezyrock
Poorly designed and greedy
Lets start with the obvious...yes this game captures some of the nostalgia of the franchise. Onto the bad: The tooks available along with the traps are too simplistic. Some levels are designed to frustrate rather than spark a sense of ingenuity or creativity (meaning they are there to soak energy, energy is recovered over real world time, and the game monetizes purchasing time). These stages arent hard to figure out, but can soak that precious energy away through simple placement and timing mistakes. Giving the player just 3 seconds to look at a stage before they have to start spending resources, can easily lead to poor placement at first glance. It really is a shameless way to try and get people to spend money. Further, pause doesn’t pause. They added a silly gatcha mechanic with additional monetization techniques added on top. Three different in-game resources used as currencies. Tournaments where you compete against others (where you really just compete against yourself). Limited time aesthetics (which again you can pay for ones you missed). No way to replay levels (if you passed but didn’t perfect it). “Pay-to-win” style power ups. Random roulette-style bonuses as a mechanic is just glut on an already over-bloated money grabbing system.
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1 year ago, ifrJeff
Very enjoyable time killer
As I recall, my very first Lemmings game came on a 5 1/4” floppy disc. The instructions are a little different but it’s still Lemmings and it’s still a great and, sometimes, challenging way to kill some time. The mayhem levels are just plain nuts. Edit after playing for a while: The game does have a couple of misses. The Lemmings don’t all travel at the same speed. Block them so they only fill one block on the bottom and they will spread out across 5 or 6 blocks before they get to the top. Sometimes the back of the pack just stops until they are spread out (usually at a trap). You can also set them up in a loop and watch them change positions. I have also had Lemmings fall through completed stairs. Very frustrating when it’s the stairs to the exit and you are out of energy. Buying eggs is a waste of time. Season 54 has 4 legendary characters. I bought 3 legendary eggs and reopened 2 for a total of 5 chances. My total was 3 Leopold and 2 Mertle(sp?). Leopold and Mertle both duplicated on the reopen. In fact, a lot of the reopens duplicate the first egg whether purchased or not.
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1 year ago, CroutonCraig
Great game but tries too hard to get your money
I’ve played this game for a while now but it seems like every update brings nothing but new ways to try to get you to spend money. The duplicate lemmings is a joke and you would think is easily prevented. It seems like I earn more duplicate lemmings than new ones. It gives the option to watch an ad to reopen the egg, but almost every time it gives me another duplicate. Then it adds coins to the piggy bank which is just another money grab because there is a max number of coins allowed in the piggy bank, and the only way to redeem those coins is to pay real money. Again, it seems like they’ve set everything up to influence you to spend money. I’ve never spent my money on this game and don’t ever plan to despite the developer’s efforts and I’ve never had an issue beating the levels. The game would easily earn a 5 star review if they would stop implementing so many ways to try to get us to spend money. Another thing that I stopped doing was the daily spin because despite only being able to do it one time a day, you have to watch an ad to spin the wheel.
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5 years ago, Streetbeat kid
Update messed up the game
I actually love this game it brought back a lot of nostalgia. I remember this game from on the PC and have been looking for it for a while. Hoping soon it would come to mobile gaming. When I saw it no questions asked I had to have it. Everything was great I was loving the tournaments and was even made a purchase or two which I rarely do with mobile games; some of the in game purchases are to expensive and not a great buy, but the excitement of the game kept me coming back. I would have given this game 4 stars because of the way you have to pay for Vera stuff but I understand that all games have in games purchase so it’s expensive that it had to be done in order to make the game profitable. Although, now my biggest problem is that the game won’t allow me to solve the game with my in liberty. Now where I had more options to chose bridges or umbrellas will not give me the same options I can’t even complete a level because now I can’t put bridges I want. The whole point of the game is to allow you to solve it your own way. You didn’t have to be limited to just one way of completing the level if you take this aspect away from the game it’s ruined. I hope you guys fix this ASAP!
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5 years ago, Opwave
Money grab targeting nostalgic fans
Fun until you reach the higher levels. I deleted the game after I reached a level where it was practically impossible to solve without buying a resurrection power up for 99 cents (if you didn’t already have one on hand). In fact the whole power ups concept for this game is designed to make you spend either your hard earned game coins or actual cash. One of the more valuable power ups, the trap disable, can only be used for one trap per level and is randomly placed. So most of the time you waste the trap disable when you use it. Another annoyance is that whole “finish your tribe” thing. You’re constantly badgered to watch an ad for an egg (also randomly given). Then when you hatch it, nine times out of ten it’s a duplicate. The energy drain thing is also a turn off. Again you’re forced to spend 900 game coins for a full refill or buy two hours “unlimited” energy for $6.99. I never bought one. I just played another game until my energy restored on its own. Their loss. So if you have expendable income and really really want to play Lemmings on your iPhone, then get this game. Otherwise pass on it.
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5 years ago, Mr.ToddT
I was so in love.
I love this game, but not nearly as much as i did before they updated their tribes/challenge setup. Before, challenges were optional. Each lemming tribe you completed gave you rewards. Now, those rewards require you to beat the challenges. Most just require a lot of forethought, something you often don’t have the luxury of doing before lemmings start to die. But before you’d get rewards for completing a tribe, and for finishing Each Challenge. Now, for each lemming you finish, you need a ticket, and can face a challenge, tied to that lemming. Which for me means i can spend money collecting every lemming, but only get rewards for maybe 2-3 tribes, assuming i don’t pay more money to buy extra tickets everyday, since on average i would get 1-2 a day, and even that wasn’t really daily. If a challenge was really hard, it could easily eat five tickets while you try different approaches. So please, please make the challenges optional again, instead of forcing people to beat four challenges for the tribe’s rewards. Really, I took two stars off because of this update.
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4 years ago, pissedplayer319
Money Hungry
Ads everywhere and they make it impossible to succeed without spending money. They have the rocket ship for bonuses. You used to have to beat 25 boards to win, well they changed the requirements for the rocket ship to 30 boards. I lost interest before because the leader board contest was unattainable. When they created the rocket ship, I was excited and enjoying the game once again but now it’s so frustrating. It was hard enough for me to complete 25 boards a day without using nearly all of my power ups let alone find the time during the day since I have to work... When am I going to have the time to beat 30 boards a day within the energy constraints? This just shows the game/company is money hungry. They force people to buy extra power ups or go VIP and that’s not right. I use this game as an escape during this pandemic and they make me feel like the only way I can succeed is to pay for VIP or play it every waking hour... it’s sad and disheartening. They show us rewards that we want while making it impossible to succeed. This is not a fun gaming experience. If this game keeps going in this money hungry direction I’ll just have to find other games to occupy my time.
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5 years ago, Hoss Illinois
Almost great
I like this game a lot, however the levels don’t seem to have much challenge. Almost every level seems to take a max of 3 attempts to figure out. Thats the minor complaint. The biggest downfall though is that the energy use mechanics are borderline broken and makes me question if I was to keep the game. This feels like a game I would pay $10-$15 for a full ad and energy free version of. However it wants you to pay that much for 4 hours of gameplay. Each level requires somewhere between 10-20 energy to complete, and each individual energy requires 5 minutes to recharge. So you can play 3-5 levels, if you complete them on your first try, which takes maybe 10 minutes. Then you have to wait 5 hours to do it again. I don’t even mind the idea of the energy/move gameplay, but make it recharge faster or give to ability to upgrade how much you can have, probably both. It’ll keep your customers in game longer which lets you show them more ads and give them more opportunities to buy stuff that will again keep them in game longer.
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5 years ago, Seastarunderwater
Immoral and exploiting.
Over the last few months this nostalgic childhood game has transitioned from being fun to not. Sad Puppy Limited is doing its best to exploit its users for profit and they’re going as far as to accepting money for ads that promote gun violence and Russian propaganda. This latest update brought so many new requests for money that one cannot play a game without seeing 1-3 opportunities to spend a few bucks. Whilst spending a few dollars here and there is not detrimental, over time this can have a significant impact on someone’s financial security if the user has an addictive personality to gambling. This constant badgering for money to advance, to get tribes, and to get coins even when one is not in the store has removed the joy of figuring out a puzzle and has made this app more like a Vegas slot machine. With technology’s addictive nature, this company is exploiting people instead of upholding their social responsibilities. It is, however, a fun game to play with fun graphics. The puzzles can be challenging and in reality, this type of problem solving translates into real world skills. For moral reasons, I have deleted the app and hope that Sad Puppy Limited can, one day, be less one sided on who their apps benefit.
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3 years ago, CJ73555
Feels super scammy
The tribes challenge levels are the best part of this game but you can only play them if you have a “ticket”. You can only have 5 tickets max, so if you happen to have full tickets and earn a ticket from a bonus spin (or even worse, get a full ticket refill as an xp bonus), they just go away. When you run out of tickets, you can only get more by random bonus spins (and they are a rare prize) or by paying $2.99 for 5 tickets! Equivalent to 5 tries at a level. Often I die two or three times just taking in a new challenge level, let alone solving it. $2.99 for 5 attempts seems very stingy. Even if you pay the hefty subscription fee, you are still beholden to the ticket system. Overall this is a really cute game and I’d absolutely pay a reasonable fee to access the challenge levels, but the constant mining for money from several different angles at once creates a lot of bad blood fast. No one wants to feel like a sucker for spending money on something but buying anything from this game feels like a rip off. It’s really a shame because it could be great.
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5 years ago, KingKole38
Great game ruined by greed
UPDATE: Now the game constantly crashes! That’s if it opens at all. And quit with the exploding Lemmings with blood stains! What’s wrong with you?! ORIGINAL: This is a great puzzle game. It’s a modern day version of the lemmings game you may have played in the 90s on a PC and it’s done well. However, the developers or other deciding beings have begun taking 1 minute advertisements. It’s just greedy and they are ruining the game. I close the game immediately when they appear. Just as bad, they allow the advertisements to override your silent mode on your device. Some of the advertisements blast at full volume despite having my phone in silent mode and also have all sounds turned off in the settings of the game itself. Advertisers probably pay extra for them to allow it to happen. In addition the items you can purchase through in-app are massively overpriced for the items they are selling. The price for value is just not there. They need to lower the prices or put together better item bundles...they would probably sell more. The money is the always in the volume...they are greedy, they should know this. Get rid of the 60 second advertisements!!
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4 years ago, Asya is my name
The best game out there
I can say, with no doubts, that this game is one of my favorite games in apple store. I often download new games, but I delete them in a few days, or few weeks. This is the first game that I’m enjoying for so long. I’ve been playing for 3 months now. It’s getting harder which is good, because I don’t want to get bored, which happens when game doesn’t progress, and it’s the same thing all the time. About bugs. Yes. It has some bugs that I hope they gonna fix in season 13. But overall, game is great. It’s challenging, it’s fun, it’s worth watching some videos to keep playing and earn some energy. And it’s good that you have to wait a little bit for more energy. Because you can get sick of the game very fast if you play it for 2-3 hours non stop. And those who complaints about it, guys, read a book, get active, do something in real life. Don’t be stuck in a game for 3 hours. It’s not healthy.
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5 years ago, Jennybean1688!!
This game could be really good!
This is a game that has a LOT of potential. It’s really fun I’ll give the developers that but there are so many problems that outweigh the fun. For example, in order to play the game you have to have “energy”! Yes, it’s one of those games. Basically you have to wait nearly 2 hours to get 20 energy. Here’s the problem, it takes about 20, energy to complete a level but there is NO GUARANTEE you even win. You could wait almost 2 hours to play, finally get the energy, and than lose only to wait another 2 hours and play the level again. Also, getting coins is nearly impossible. After you complete levels you get “Lemmings” those go toward you completing worlds. And the only chance you can have of getting coins is if you get all of the lemmings (which is pretty hard). Than you get to spin and POSSIBLY obtain a small amount of coins. My game also glitches from time to time not giving me the right amount of energy or saying I have to wait 2 hours when I’ve definitely waited for 2 hours already. Really disappointing considering the main part of the game is really fun but you rarely even get the chance to play it. :(
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5 years ago, GeoffCochran
Used a popular game to steal your money
It’s a sad day when they reinterpret a classic game into nothing more than a money thieving app. The only thing this app does is position buttons to get you to buy options in game after every screen. And if it’s not purchasing some overpriced game options then they bait you to watch an ad and every juncture of the game. And to top it off you can only play two or three levels at a time UNLESS you pay for more credits. (I was astounded that when I saw that for $6.99 you could play unlimited, but for ONLY 2 hours!!!!) This game is the epitome of everything that is wrong with the world today, it is all about the continual (and extremely high cost to do so) ability to make an obscene amount of money from players. Why can’t anyone be happy with the old business model and develop a game with the customer experience being top priority and charging one price? I will play this game but, only in 15 minute increments and you will NOT make one red cent off from me, nor will I watch even one of your ads. I would sooner download the classic game and pay for it not to have all the flash and interruptions of this new twist of the game.
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5 years ago, phoenixbart
This game is awesome! Not intrusive ads.
I normally never review games, but this game is well made, and the ads are not intrusive. Some apps force to watch ads for completing or failing a level, but this game is using ads as a help if you want to spin the wheel after completing it with one minion dying. The developers either know what people want or are players themselves and know what makes players uninstall apps. The graphics are great, there are only few minor things that bother me: 1. There is not enough time to think about best strategy to finish level, this could be addressed by letting the player to decide to start level (“Touch to continue”). 2. Quitting level requires double confirmation. On multiple occasions I have clicked Continue Playing and then had to retry to quit. I honestly don’t know why this bothers me so much, especially since other games also have quitting confirmations. 3. When minions are climbing the stairs (especially in the fast mode) they seem to be skipping animation.
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5 years ago, Leccai
Love this game BUT......
To the creators and all interested in playing: Love love love that you’ve brought back one of my favorite childhood games. And thank you. The tribes amp up the fun even more so bringing us these lovable and hilarious characters. So much fun! And I feel there’s a great balance in making one want to play daily, but not feeling pressured with fear of missing out if one does not. My two complaints: 1.I don’t have thee options to see or play with the Season One Lemmings I have earned, which is a bummer. I want to see my past cute characters I’ve earned, or at least have the option to! 2. I saved collecting my 2 Hour Unlimited Energy reward for completing the Beach Tribe because on my phone it activated immediately instead of letting me use it later at my choosing. Now, due to Season Two, I am unable to collect that prize at all. Considering it is $6.99 purchase otherwise I feel dubed. Anyway to have my prize credited to my account? If so I’ll come back and change my rating to FIVE STARS. ;)
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5 years ago, angela72g
😤😡 commercials
I really enjoy playing the game, but the daggone minute long commercials, repeatedly, and cannot even mute them!! I can deal with ads for bonus things, but commercials! I quit watching TV because I don’t like commercials. And I don’t know where y’all cone up with the “targeting” commercials. I have NO major medical issues of any kind - and continuously seeing these medication commercials is extremely annoying! This is going to be the first game I delete for commercials!! And as far as the other ads - cool, but highly irritating when they cutoff your music and when you cannot mute them. Other than the commercials and the odds of getting duplicates is too high (I only had one and got a duplicate), I really enjoy the game. The game itself is awesome - I can even deal with the annoyance of the ridiculously high odds for duplicates, but the commercials 😤😡 !!!
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5 years ago, papawood62
Bugged out and poor energy system
I really like to mechanics of this game, the puzzles are fun and there are many many ways to complete a level. That being said, the energy system really marred this game for me. I was skeptical going into this game with the negative reviews about the energy system. Ultimately, I was ok dealing with the refreshing energy system as most free to play games have similar systems. Like others have said though, you play maybe 2-3 levels and then you are empty. This is really not enough for me to be consistently interested in this game and doesn’t really allow for replayability or the creativity this game really deserves. You are able to buy unlimited energy for 2 hours but at a cost of $6.99! That is way too high. Unfortunately, now my game is bugged and the energy will not refresh at all, is at 0 and keeps prompting me to pay the $6.99 to get the unlimited boost or 900 in game coins to refill. I’m sorry, but this is a ridiculous system and I plan to uninstall as I can’t even play the game without paying money.
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2 years ago, cnazario5
I love this game…
I have been playing this game for years. I like the puzzles and seeing the new lemmings every season. The reason I’m giving it a 3 star is because if the random loss of progress on the seasonal lemmings. As of the time of this review it is season 47. I had about a quarter of the lemmings and when I was playing today I got an egg and a lemming which I had already received. Usually it tells you it’s a duplicate and asks if you want to open another one. The problem is that I already had that one and had used a ticket to play the level associated with it. So why am I seeing it again but as a new lemming and not a duplicate? The answer is because all of the ones I had previously received from eggs were now gone and I was down to one. This has happened before and it’s very annoying. My other gripes is the piggy bank. We used to get a ton of coins and not we are only given a certain amount and the rest is behind a pay wall. Nobody likes paywalls.
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5 years ago, FrostbiteFalls
Feel like a lemming, looking for the exit.
This was a good game, sacrificed to click bait advertising and tasteless character naming. I played it from the start. I feel like one of the lemmings, going through the motions only to be subjected to some cruel ending by having to watch more and more bad ads to continue, or having the game crash and losing something it took too long to earn. I understand needing to be paid in some way for your work. I will not pay money into this game. This game was hijacked from what it originally was to become a click bait revenue stream. It is obvious this game was never intended to be anything but a tasteless series of ads and pay to play surcharges. It could have been a pay to play game through purchase, actually been made to be something positive. That seems to not be the trend on app stores. The recent addition of the $1.99 piggy bank and the flying body parts when the lemmings explode is near the end of this games exploitation. Some of the lemming character names are tactless, distasteful, and personal attacks on real people. Not funny is not funny. Not fun anymore is not fun. Take a hint from the game, seek the exit.
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5 years ago, rineoharts
Energy ruins experience
It’s just not worth it. Avoid at all costs. There are far better paid apps that give you more than just the ability to play the game. Having a mechanic that requires you to spend a single resource just to play is stupid. It doesn’t encourage anyone to spend any real amount of time with the experience. What’s the point of playing a game that you eventually have to stop. There’s not one!! Successful games like angry birds or tiny wings don’t require collection or amassing some resource just to play the game. You can retry and mindlessly and continue spending time with the experience. The developers of this version of lemmings have taken every opportunity to capitalize on just trying to play the game. You fail a level, you get punished and have to buy more crap just to keep going. This game teaches you that when you try and fail you actually don’t get to get up and try again. You have to pay for that luxury instead. I’ve loved the mechanics of the original lemmings since the 90s. I have been extremely disappointed to see where money grubbing capitalists have done with it.
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4 years ago, Morey.stephanie
Great Deal, Excellent Nostalgic Game
I love, love this game. It’s relaxing and fun, just like the original. Firstly, this game is not like trashy freemium games because It’s insanely fun and you CAN play it without spending money. You just have to have self control and only play 2-3 levels at a time. Freemium games make it impossible to play without spending. This game doesn’t do that at all. That being said, I will be honest and say I myself wanted to play more levels. So I bought the subscription and my energy is 120. I think it’s like 5 bucks a month or something? It’s like the price of a cup of coffee. For something I enjoy regularly, I am willing to pay that! Secondly, this game actually earns my subscription because it’s constantly growing and changing. The types of lemmings change seasonally and the levels feel infinite. I also love the challenge levels you get with each new tribe of lemmings. Those are my favorite. You have to decide. Do you want to pay $50 up front so we can pay the developers to continue to keep the game engaging and bug-free, or a small subscription fee? Or.... do you want to crap all over this game and then move onto another freemium game that is far inferior to waste your time with? Nothing good is free! I’m sticking with this one. LOVE it.
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1 year ago, fukthis ap
fun for the first week
After the first week it gets ridiculous they make it so you burn through the energy just to get you to buy the vip or additional perks. Basically it can only be enjoyed 3 levels max and they usually plan all the mystery box openings to the last question mark, it does not matter what one you pick they will always make it rigged to the last one that will take the most energy. Top it off with constantly making it worse so you buy something same repetitive levels and the developers dont care that they destroyed the game all to get consistent revenue. Seriously 60 energy is dumb after a week! game resets itself if you need to pause for 1 or two energy that takes four min to get the next one, ads dont work on spyphone (could be my ad blocker idk) to get free spins not that i care to waste my time on ads. And just plain frustrating waiting to get tickets or energy bottom line game sukx! They give you duplicates constantly and you dont get any gold for them and always give you the spin you dont need on the wheel
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5 years ago, sarahs3108
Fun game, absurd monetization
The game itself is fun, when you actually get to play it. Seems easier than the original, but hey, I was young then. No complaints here. What gets you is the fact that it forces you to stop playing for several hours after just a few levels. Sure, you could pay, which I’m typically happy to do for a game I enjoy. But $7 for only 2 hrs of play? That’s absurd, and way higher than industry standards. The only time in my life that I’m bored enough to play for 2 straight hours is at work, and while at work I need the ability to put the game down and occasionally actually do work, which would be wasting the precious few hours I spent big bucks on. If they introduced a one-time fee to get unlimited energy forever, I’d probably pay it, and I’d probably even still watch ads to get bonus items, but 2 hours is a joke. And don’t even think about using the tournament feature unless you’re willing to shell out to stay competitive. There is pay-to-play that is reasonable and fair. This is pay-to-play at its worst.
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4 years ago, Krusty1959
My favorite game, yet things to fix
I love the challenge of this game and that you, as far as I can tell, hit a dead end where you can never continue. If you run out of energy, you can always come back later, as it accumulates over time. Things about it that need improvement: Why don’t saved lemmings not carry over to the next level? Say you need 30 lemmings saved to complete a level and you save 40. Why don’t those 10 lemmings either count toward the next level or at least convert into “coins”? I have a big beef with the mayhem levels (the ones you need a ticket to play). Although I like the idea that the ticket provides unlimited energy to play it, the incredible difficulty of these levels makes the rewards seem very miserly. It’s the same kind of reward as a standard level and seems hardly worth the effort. In addition if you complete all four levels to complete a tribe there’s no special reward for that. I’m not sure what I think about the hostage situation with the piggy bank. You open an egg and it’s a duplicate character and it converts to coins in the piggy bank. You can’t open it without spending real cash. When it reaches a certain level it overflows and can’t hold more. When this happens, opening eggs seems like a waste. I have no idea how they should deal with this one but it certainly doesn’t please me.
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9 months ago, Your car’s extended warranty
Terrible energy system
This game has the worst energy system that i’ve ever seen. This game could be great if the energy system didn’t exist or was atleast better, most games have it where you spend an energy to start a level and you can watch an add or something to get more, but this game has it that every action you do in a level costs an energy, making it where the futher you go the more energy expensive it gets without any increase in energy, and if you go into a level and you’re a single energy away too bad you have to wait while your lemmings walk back and forth untill you get one. This could be fine if you could just watch an ad for a bunch of energy but you get tiny ammount from ads and the only other reliable way is spending a LOT of money. I dont understand why its so expensive, even with the vip thing its still awful but more bearable, and the infinite energy is way too short for the price aswell, this game is fun at first but as it goes on it becomes impossible to progress quickly at all.
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3 years ago, Twizzard
Great game ruined by poor interface
One of the great things about the old Lemming game was a simple yet effective user interface; the challenge was not beating the user interface, but programming the Lemmings so that enough made it to the exit. It was easy to apply capabilities to individual Lemmings, and to see how many abilities were left to apply. I found this version to have so poor an interface that it was impossible to play. An umbrella required very tricky timing. I never managed to activate a Basher to get through a wall. If I got stairs in the wrong place there was no way to have a Lemming self-destruct to eliminate the problem, and there was no way to nuke the level other than killing and restarting the game. Suggestion: Place the icons of the available abilities near the bottom of the screen. Activate a potential ability by touching an icon which then highlights (maybe a long push for description of the ability). Then touch a Lemming to apply that ability to that Lemming and add a tiny icon above the Lemming to show the applied ability.
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4 years ago, C Hofbeezy
Wish it was just a game you could buy outright like SEGA
No joke. I loved this game so much when I was little that without any home of ever actually playing it again, I saved the original box and cartridge and I have moved across the country and back and taken it with me always. So this game still rocks. I just wish I could buy it instead of suffering through the constant push to make me join or pay annually. Also I wish it had an Apple TV version. Anyway it’s a really good game. But I’m either buying it straight up or not paying at all. None of this membership thing. It’s a video game! It’s not like an “office suite” for work. I’m an adult people. (Just like everyone else playing this game. ADMIT IT!!!!) hahah. Nice job guys. Man that sad little noise when you lose a lemming. I like the extra features too. Good job Sony :-)
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5 years ago, HateLemmings
Don't bother installing
Let me start out by saying don't bother installing this game. That said, the game play is excellent. The puzzles are engaging but not impossible, the graphics are good albiet a bit repetitive, and it captures the essence of the old PC game but adds a whole new dimension. It was easily my favorite game on my phone, but like me, you will come to hate it. First, the game is glitchy: not the game play, but the bonuses. There will be a lot of situation where it will not award you the bonuses you've earned. This is problematic because are an integral part of progressing in the game. Second, the screen glitches sometimes if it goes sleep during an ad. You have to quit the game and restart it, losing your bonus. If these were the only issues, I'd be able to deal with them. The biggest problem is the ads. Initially, they were 15-30 second ads between bonus windows. They gradually got longer and more obtrusive until they are now up to a full minute (or more). Now they've introduced back to back ads. I'm starting to spend more time in the ads than playing the game. On top of it all, some of the ads override the silent setting on your phone and blare their audio when you least expect it, like at work or at church. I find this development very disturbing, that an app can override the silent switch on your phone. They've taken an otherwise fun and appealing game and turned it into an ordeal. I'll be deleting the game from my phone as soon as I post this.
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4 years ago, I_Blonde
Fantastic gameplay, but there are other issues
It is confusing to me that there is no way to pay for unlimited energy. That is usually what “VIP” means; all the limits and ads are gone. But here you only slightly increase your energy max, and not with a larger one-time price but with a subscription! Not to mention the ridiculous additional option to pay multiple dollars for “unlimited” energy every two hours. I likely would have paid for a full version of the app if that one purchase meant unlimited energy and no ads. Even if it didn’t get rid of the $.99 retry on ticket levels. But there is absolutely no way it’s worth it to get the VIP subscription or that two hour energy option. I also don’t understand the point of the piggy bank. You can’t use the money in it, not to mention how confusing it is that it’s the same currency as what you CAN use. And what happens if you unlock it? Does the bank just go away and all coins are added to your regular coins now? There’s already a huge incentive to be watching ads and paying for energy. The piggy bank to access your own coins is bizarre. The fact that coin-bought legendary eggs can be duplicates is also incredibly disappointing to me. I adore the gameplay but the money system is very strange and I definitely will not be putting any money towards VIP or two hour unlimited energy.
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2 years ago, Ben_Octari_Cat
It was great until...
It's a great game and I highly recommend it, however I had spent months playing and got very far into the game only for it to crash while I was in a level. After that crash, the game would end up crashing right as I opened it so I decided to restart my phone to fix the problem and it stopped crashing upon being opened. Then I saw that it had erased months of progress and started me over from the very beginning... I was lucky that signing back in was able to get me back some of what I earned, but my coins and progress through the worlds I had up till the crash were permanently lost. I had experienced game crashes before and restarting my phone always solved the issue and I was able to pick up where I left off but this recent crash didn't make it possible.
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9 months ago, pookybunny
Love the game!
Absolutely perfect game. Endless levels of these dodo dummies willing to walk off a cliff not even to save themselves. You have to protect them and not let them die. No forced ads. Ever. Only optional ads for bonus spins to gain boosters. There are some things you can spend real cash on, but definitely not a pay to play game. I’m having loads of fun without spending a dime. My only complaint is that something is glitched and my Game Center will not attach to save. But I would gladly play from the beginning if I ever had to reinstall the game. All the levels are increasingly challenging. I wish I could have more without the weekly subscription. But I’m fine to continue checking back every few hours to complete (or fail) a level or two. 😅
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4 years ago, pdflips
Cash cows!
This game is super fun , very nostalgic . I love problem solving games. Keeps your brain sharp .. but $60 is way too much to remove adds just for 1 year. Maybe if they offered endless energy. Play 2-4 levels and gotta wait hours for ur energy to replenish 😩 The main levels are fun and challenging, but the levels you earn with tickets are really more challenging, however since tickets cost actual money or free by watching an add and spinning the wheel of fortune, you rarely get acces to said tickets . So idk this game could be a lot more fun if it didnt cost for every extra feature. Or it was a lifetime $20-30 to remove add. Games on aps dont have a long life , i dont see myself playing any ap for over a year , thats why i wouldn’t commit to $60, but if it was 10-15 bux id do anyways. Anyways Im currently looking for a lemmings knockoff off ap lol one i can actually play
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5 years ago, Test16253536
Devs still ignoring feedback
Ive written several reviews for this game detailing its faults, and they have all been pulled down. Originally this game had a higher rating, but devs have ignored feedback and refused to communicate with end users so its performance has since dropped as a result. Now when you see errors it doesnt matter. You can assume that maybe these things are read by the devs, and maybe they arent. I think they like to use the 1 star reviews as a checkbox for things to fix before deleting the review, thereby increasing the average game rating. Old 4 and 5 star reviews just keep piling up though. Error spotted today: i have 46 energy and i am getting the out-of-energy error preventing further gameplay. Well that was fun. This game will pepper you with advertisements that “reward you” with random rolls on the wheel to win a lemming that you already have, and then as a consolation (since you actually watched ads for them and they gave you nothing), they put 40 coins in a bank which you can eventually get if you pay them 3$... so after pretending to address this issue last month, still they are showering you with commercials and giving you absolutely nothing for it, but it takes a couple weeks to realize this is still true. There have been so many bugs and ignored trouble tickets. At this point im only still playing because im bored enough to complain about it. If you havent tried this game, dont waste your time.
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