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User Reviews for Lemonade Insurance

4.87 out of 5
74.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Jayamaze
Convenient and Affordable!!!!
The Lemonade app is so easy to use as well as having affordable rates! It took me all of 15 minutes to sign-up, pick a coverage and a deductible. Very nice customer service as well as very informative. At anytime of any day of the week I can log onto my account and check everything as well as make any necessary changes that I may need or want. The chat option feature works fantastic! Whenever I have a question I just go to the chat feature and within seconds someone is there to help and answer all my questions regarding their services and my plan coverage. I wished they had a referral feature cause I’ve already set up a couple of family members with the company as well. They were amazed that it only took about 10-15 minutes to setup and just how affordable it is!! I’ve gotten quotes from so many other companies but the monthly payments and deductible were too expensive, I was a little hesitant at first but I said hey I should at least give it a try and so far so good!!! I’m hoping that it’ll never come to the point where I’ll actually need to file a claim but if so I feel confident that the process will be easy and stress free considering how much stress I’m going to actually have due to a burglary or theft. I have faith that we’re going to have a very long relationship. Thanks to all the developers of the Lemonade App, the name of the company is nice too!!!!
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2 years ago, mikel9876
Easy, fast, cheap and convenient
Last year, I bought life insurance from a long, established multinational company. The process was a nightmare. I first attempted to get a quote online but the website directed me to contact their agent. Then, after speaking with the agent, I had to wait a few days for the agent to generate various prices based on different combinations of terms (5-15 years, 250k-500k). After I selected a specific term, I then waited a few weeks for the agent to ask another representative within the company to draft an insurance contract for me to sign. Overall, the process took 2 weeks and I spent hours playing phone tag with the agent. Last month, I bought life insurance through lemonade and the whole process took literally 15 minutes. The lemonade app allowed me to toggle various terms to generate a specific price. The contract was immediately generated within seconds after I had selected a specific policy. Probably the best part is that I didn’t have to deal with and wait for an agent. Lemonade simplified the whole process and made it very easy and convenient—not to mention the rates are very competitive. I’m planing to switch my car insurance over to lemonade whenever it’s offered in my state! My only feedback is for Lemonade to offer flood insurance so I can switch my home + flood insurance over to lemonade.
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6 years ago, Bananamarie
Made the best lemonade I’ve ever had!
I have been telling EVERYONE about Lemonade. I don’t know how, but, getting insurance through your company is actually FUN! I have never had so much FUN doing a chore that typically involves a boring Q & A. The app really made me feel like I was getting insurance through a friend. I smiled with the shout out to my horoscope sign after entering my birthday, I loved the “making lemonade” process when getting the quote, and (because I have a future date for the policy to start) I absolutely adore the countdown. I look at it almost daily and become even more excited for my move (and I really don’t like having to move so this is really helping). The use of unclaimed funds going to charity actually makes my heart melt. By providing freedom to choose what organization you would like to contribute to truly makes me feel like I am giving back in some way, and it is beyond noble and inspiring for you to use that money to help others turn lemons into lemonade. Also, your customer service has been impeccable. Every question I have had has been answered quickly and by a friendly representative of the company. I don’t know much about the insurance world, other than we need to have it, but, you make me want to work for you!!! Where do I sign up?
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3 years ago, smori1224
Takes forever to process claims
The app itself is great. It’s very easy, fast and convenient to get quotes and approval to buy an insurance policy, and the claim filing bot is also fast and easy to use…but then you play email tag for months and months with your claim “advocate” when something actually happens. I have a pet insurance policy and my dog was recently diagnosed with a heart murmur, so I’ve had to file two claims so far…first one was a piece of cake…gave me false hope that this insurance company didn’t play games…but the second one is awful! They keep moving the goalposts on what’s needed to finish processing the claim and keep coming back and saying they haven’t received all the doctor notes and medical records even though both my vet and I emailed it to them multiple times. I filed this claim in June and now here we are in September. I’ve been following up the whole time and they apologize and say they just need more notes before they can process, but I’ve been told that several times now and always forwarded what they asked for and I’m still just waiting and waiting. How many different sets of notes do they need before they honor their policy?! Now I feel like I am stuck because my dog has been diagnosed with a preexisting condition, but if I could do it over again I would go with a different vendor. If they don’t pay out at the end of this then I will probably just go back to paying out of pocket. Why should people pay a monthly premium for nothing?!
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2 years ago, Brendan McCann
Great Claims Experience
I am a fairly new Lemonade customer, and had a recent theft of an item I bought Extra Coverage for. The longest delay in the process was the police department releasing the report (two weeks), not Lemonade’s fault at all. As soon as I was able to obtain the report and pass it along to Lemonade, my claim was paid the same day, which was very impressive. There was a minor initial mixup on the amount that was approved, and some frustrating back-and-forth emails that didn’t resolve things, but the very next day someone called to listen to my concerns, and just a little while later my claims representative had corrected the mistake. Last night I was reading the reviews on here and people were mentioning the 5 stars were from people who have never had to file a claim, and everyone else was a 1 star because of an issue with the claims process. I thought I was going to fall into the latter category, but am pleased to say I now fall into neither, because even after going through the claims process (which is something that all of us hope to never experience), they have earned 5 stars from me. I am a very happy Lemonade customer. Thank you Alyssa and anyone else who helped resolve my claim.
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5 years ago, GigiMarie3
The best renters insurance!
I tell people about Lemonade all the time, you can’t beat the price and the customer service is truly incredible. I’ve been using their services for about a year and only recently did I actually have to file a claim. I had an unfortunate mishap of having my laptop stolen while out of town (!!!) and had to file it with my renters. Sarah at Lemonade was sooo helpful, so KIND and so understanding, as these situations are often really messy with a LOT of moving parts that can be completely out of your hands. My claim was handled quickly and seamlessly, and everything was as my policy laid out. I also found out this summer while traveling abroad that this policy covers you WHEREVER YOU ARE in the world! After comparing travelers insurance prices, which are incredibly expensive, I thought to just ask Lemonade because someone mentioned my renters might cover it and - it does! It is such a relief knowing that for $5 a month, I’m covered no matter where I am and without any hassle. Crossing my fingers I won’t have to file anymore claims, but even if I have to, I know they’re reliable and kind, unlike some other agencies I’ve encountered. I’m so happy with Lemonade and I really hope everyone joins them to keep their stuff safe!
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4 years ago, aprilellice
Hassle free insurance
I switched from Geico (paying $25 a month) to Lemonade because Geico’s customer service was so awful. I am still in shock a year later that renters insurance can be so cheap ($5?!) and my rate has never increased. No hidden fees, no shady business, just straight to the point. In past renters insurance has been so confusing. You have to scan through your contract and all the legal jargon and *hopefully* you can understand what is covered. The Lemonade app is the easiest app I’ve ever used and every single thing I could possibly need to know is just right there. Their virtual assistant even answers questions correctly. That has not happened in the history of any automated assistant to ever exist. I also love that they’re nonprofit and allow you to choose where your extra money goes that they don’t use. I luckily haven’t had to file a claim so I can’t speak to that process. But I can not recommend them enough. Fingers crossed that they one day add a car insurance option 🤞🏻
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2 years ago, kc731
Don’t be fooled by the nice looking app
Lemonade is extremely disappointing when you actually need to file a claim. I was reading the other reviews on here and most people state how easy it is to sign up, it’s user friendly, the chat is easy (which is a robot…) etc. But when your pet is actually sick, they make you go through a long process, they tell you one thing and when you follow up they tell you what the other person said was not accurate and now they are looking into something else. Even though I pay $50/month to cover my dog for years, they are really looking for an excuse not to cover my $200 claim. (They easily cover small claims that don’t reach the deductible but as soon as your getting close to reaching it, it’s another story).The “advocates” they assign you are demeaning and make you feel like a criminal. They also don’t answer in a timely manner and love to tell you how they have 30 days (not including weekends and holidays) to review everything. TRUST ME, it is easy to sign up and the robot on the app is responsive. The actual people, however, are rude, condescending and try to make you feel small while they try to twist words to not cover claims. I strongly suggest to do your research, do not just sign up for Lemonade because the app looks nice. Research other companies. I work for a residential company and will never recommend Lemonade again. Totally fraud and misleading.
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3 years ago, Crystalight😜
Scared to Need It
So my husband & I have been staying at his sisters since his surgery, she has a 1 level house and we have a 3 story condo so it’s easier on him to stay there. The other night a neighbor reached out to tell me that someone was trying to get into our house, thank goodness he managed to spook the person off while walking his dog (pit-bull). It got me thinking what if he had gotten in.. everything I/we have worked so hard for is in our house. So I decided to take a realistic look at my policy. Then I thought well let me check out the reviews see what others face when filing a claim... I’m sad to see what they’ve gone through & just how difficult it is to actually access the insurance they’ve paid for. Like pets needing medical care & being denied for pre-existing conditions, others not taking pictures immediately & being denied for it, others are denied for not having receipts, uhmm I don’t have receipts either. Literally the only receipt I have is for our new tv. It’s all so disheartening. Makes you wonder what’s the point. Well.. with all that said I’ve lowered my amounts significantly since I’m paying for something I’ll never get heaven forbid I need it. I’m going to start looking for insurance that has better customer satisfaction!! Oh yeah... & receipts.. I think it’s time to start saving receipts!!
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5 years ago, Dominic Krischke
I was really impressed with Lemonade when I first subscribed. I switched from my previous renters insurance, Jetty, which I HIGHLY recommend, because I loved that Lemonade was in app form, unused funds would be donated which is awesome, and I would be saving. Little bit of money each month. Well then I unfortunately had to make a claim when my backpack with laptop and iPad was stolen out of my car. I made the claim in APRIL! It took months for them to finally deny me. I had to constantly reach out and ask for answers about my claim. The only thing I can think of on my end that prolonged their investigation was when they asked for phone logs from me it took me a few weeks because I was busy with my best friend’s wedding and a few other things. I have them a few weeks later and then never heard anything for weeks. Then I find out they closed my case and my claim was denied. I will make sure to tell everyone to avoid Lemonade at all costs! Spend the extra few bucks and use Jetty insurance, I regret switching so much! Update: Seemingly a couple days after posting this i received an email saying my claim was approved. I changed my 1 star rating to 3 stars as thankfully I received the funds I needed, but the process took nearly 3 months and was extremely difficult and trying.
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4 years ago, stephens jessica
So this is an update on my current situation with Lemonade which I’ll be canceling today so they still have not approved my claim they’re saying it’s closed yet when I go on the app it says it was approved because they gave me a measly 250$In the beginning as a good faith as a they sayBut in reality it’s just so that they could say that the claim was approved so that they look good on themselves so I’m actually hiring an attorney and I’m going to sue them this is a joke company. when there adjuster came out he said he was gonna aprove everything now when I talk to Evan who was my claim adjuster, he should really just be an email Adjuster because he never even pick up the phone or Called or had any kind of human contact because he’s more of a robot so long story short he actually asked me if the adjuster got up on the roof which we all know is such a liability he didn't even know if the adjuster he sent out got on my roof. I had to pay two companies to come and do an estimate a detailed estimate a seven page estimate on my roof showing that it was the roof that damaged my home now I have a five-year-old that does not have a room and they still don’t care and I call every single day but today I’m putting my foot down I’m canceling I’m going with a legitimate company and I just don’t want this to happen to anybody else so please skip over Lemonade! And I’ll put an update after I take them to court
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3 years ago, Bridey’s Mom
Pet insurance good, claim process onerous
I recently had a claim processed in my favor, but the claim process was horrible. You can only submit a claim via the app, so if you don’t have a tablet, you can’t type your claim, you have to thumb it. You need to make a dual entry for every line item on your invoice: first you select the category the item belongs in (procedure? test? medicine? among other things) then thumb in the line item exactly. My claim got put into Lemonade Limbo because I simply had no idea what many of the line items were (neurological emergency), so I chose to submit it for human review. My claim got shuffled from one person to another; an app update erased part of the conversation thread in the chat; there is no way to talk to a human. The insurance is fairly priced, and they ultimately settled the claim in my favor. But if you have a complex vet bill, be prepared to spend 1-2 hours using your thumbs on your phone to submit a claim, or wait a long time (28 days in my case) to have a human look at it. Submitting a claim may be easy for those who have other kinds of insurance, but for pet insurance it’s time-consuming and frustrating.
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4 years ago, a. shaDy
Buyer beware
Lemonade is great until you actually have an issue. My rental house caught on fire and I had to move. Lemonades communication was awful and they did not get any inspectors to my place for 7-8 days which means I had to leave all of my belongings in a house that was marked uninhabitable with a big neon sign in the middle of the city. Worst of all when we showed up for the inspection, the landlords restoration company was already there gutting half the house! They had destroyed and thrown away an entire room full or furniture and clothes. Our claim advocate assured us she would get it worked out, but never did and we had to did through the trash for our things and are still battling with the landlords insurance to get compensated for those items since Lemonade did not cover them since they were gone at the time of their inspection. Now the restoration company is finally working with us to resolve the situation and Lemonade will not return either or our calls or emails for 2 weeks!! The only reason I’m giving two stars is because they did pay our claim fairly quickly, about 6 weeks after the fire. Most customer service sucked, but there was 1 decent human I spoke to twice Tannyn. Our claim advocate was reassuring but has not come through for us on the situation above.
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11 months ago, Jsfid
Customer Service Subpar
It is nice they offer more affordable insurance compared to the bigger companies and I like that there’s no middle man, but when it actually comes to actually filing a claim. Your customer advocate is non-existent they call you once when you file your claim, but none of them have a personal email to contact if you have questions, they do have their own extension numbers. My advocates number always went directly to voicemail. Even went i left a couple of voicemails a week apart no one cares enough to call back. At one point it got switched to someone else because they called me to follow up on getting payments made, but again if you have a question and call them back never available. Then, my advocate got switched back to the original person, again, to follow up about payments. You’re working on their time when it comes to claims. If you have any questions, tough luck, call customer service they just either transfer you to your unavailable advocate or they’ll email them to contact you. It’s been almost 3 months and still impossible to talk to anyone. Easily, one of the worst customer service out there. I give it 2 stars for it’s affordability
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2 years ago, adam cogsdell
Awful Treatment of Animals
My lab was diagnosed with lymphoma and it really hurt our family is more ways than just the sickness I didn’t have insurance, so as I’m paying for his treatment out of pocket, each week he has chemo and the week after he has blood work. I took out the most expensive plan lemonade offers for my SECOND dog ( terrier) bc of what we went through with my lab.. never again I told my self, would I be stuck in that bad situation where you may not be able to pay for treatment. After a few months of paying my premium my terrier had a health problem and the vets couldn’t find what it was for 3 weeks, she ended up hospitalized for a period and the bill was $1500 and under my lemonade plan it shows clearly what’s covered. This health problem was new so no way you could say it was pre existing. Lemonade dragged out my claim for 2 months always making excuses to not pay my claim, after all this I stilll paid my premium bc I trusted the process until they emailed me to tell me they are suspicious of my intentions to illegitimately try to hide my pets chemo treatment!!! I was stunned, how could you make the mistake of mixing up two dogs of different age, sex, breed, and name?! I emailed them back telling them “wrong dog” and they blocked me
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2 years ago, Keyan14
Not competitive and unnecessarily “cutesie”
I had seen many many ads for Lemonade on social media and after seeing one about pet insurance I decided to give it a go and see what the rates would look like. My first thing was the information gathering experience. I get that they want to make insurance “fun” but it was just to the point of annoyance working with the AI to gather information. Things I have come to expect in high quality apps is simplicity and functionality. They could do more with simplicity and less with “fun”. Onto the quotes, pet insurance in and of itself is ridiculous for the price which I understood looking into this but I ran a home quote as well to compare to what I currently have through a brick and mortar agency here in town. Nowhere close in cost(almost double), less coverage and a higher deductible. So I have not had lemonade insurance but just want to give a review for those thinking that it is this unknown unicorn in insurance agencies. It isn’t, it sounds and feels just like any other insurance agency but with less personalization. Just do your research and talk to multiple agents/professionals and your insurance experience may not be “fun” but it will be easier and you will get a much better rate, which is the main goal.
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3 years ago, yocontra
Easy to sign up, waste of time after
Signed up our 3 dogs for their pet insurance. Go to file our first claim for a basic ear infection visit and the process took so long because you can only file a claim via this slow crummy chat interface that’s only available on the app and not on the web version. They ask you to manually enter every individual item and price from the receipt, then after making you manually enter everything under the sun (without allowing you to paste anything into their app! hire a UX designer!) ask you to send the full receipt anyways. There is absolutely no need for this chat interface asking questions after question when you are going to manually receive the full receipt from the vet anyways. If it’s going to eat an hour of my time every time I take one of our dogs to the vet for a routine visit this is not worth it at all - cancelled all of our stuff through them after dealing with this bad experience. It seems like this company only optimizes to make signing up super easy, everyone is happy until you have to actually file a claim which is why it’s so highly reviewed. Insurance is worthless if you can’t actually use it - I would recommend avoiding this company.
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4 years ago, phillyjbomb
Worst insurance company and process ever. They hope you forget about the claims process and ignore the fact they don’t want to pay out a dime. I have used companies like State Farm and Geico in the past and they make things seemless and painless. These people want to call all my relatives and family and friends to harass them from paying out my claim. I have never had to deal with such a poor company in my life I asked for a supervisor and a week later they said they do not care and they can do anything they want to wait months to pay out on my claim if they will pay out anything. I was unable to live in my apartment because of the damage and Robbery but they refused to pay out for loss of use or anything for damages. At this point I am going to have to get an attorney and spend 8,000 dollars or more just to get a 30,000 dollar claim to payout and even then my attorney said they will have to pay out for bad faith or failure to pay claims on purpose in hopes you just give up. NEVER EVER USE THIS COMPANY YOU WILL BE SO SORRY AND YOU WILL HAVE TO SUE THEM FOR 50,000 or MORE JUST TO GET A PENNY FROM THEM FOR THEIR NEGLIGENCE. WHATEVER YOU DO NEVER OPEN OR USE THIS APP. THEY BLOCK YOUR NUMBER AND REFUSE TO TAKE YOUR PHONE CALLS AND SAY THEY WILL ONLY ANSWER IN EMAIL WHICH TAKES THEM DAYS ON END. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND USE A REAL INSURANCE COMPANY.
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3 years ago, Dr NASA dan
Total scam
There are so many loopholes and ways that they can get out of paying you and the first thing I received after contacting them about losing my car keys was an excuse. Then after I finally called I received a follow up email saying that any legal action would be useless against lemonade because I have already signed their agreement when I started my policy. I am a hotel worker a bellman and I make minimum wage and work for tips in Los Angeles one of the most expensive cities to live in and throughout the entire pandemic I kept lemonade insurance because it gave me confidence about my stuff you would think keys our stuff but there are so many loopholes about keys. I understand that there are probably a lot of people who try to take advantage of this but I’m not that person and I’m not going to pay $20 a month/$10 a month extra to have no deductible. Auto club offer is basically the same service and it’s much more reputable and defined. I can no longer recommend this service feel bad for all the people I have recommended the service to. Pretty much every time someone lost something in the hotel I would recommend the service to them sometimes I would even show them the app on my phone
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4 years ago, Averi j.
Being charged 2 different addresses
Updated: This issue has been fixed and that’s good I really appreciate it, I do think there should be a system in place when you’re moving and need to update the address When you move and you set up your new address with the automated system or “Maya”, it doesn’t do a transfer, kinda misleading. Instead It simply adds the address to the account, I just found out I’ve been paying for an address I don’t even live at since June. When I tried to contact support they told me to just go remove the address manually off of my account. I have no problem with that but when I asked about getting credited on my current address since I’ve already paid that money or reimbursement of some kind the basically ghosted me. I’ve been speaking with a rep named Hannah I asked about the reimbursement on the 14th it is now the 17th and I still haven’t heard anything from lemonade. I know there’s covid delays but I was able to get a same day response to remove the 2 address myself but not with getting credit or reimbursement? That’s the weird thing to me.
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4 years ago, R0999
Almost impossible to get in human contact
Great if it works for you. Horrible if 1 thing goes wrong. I spent 2 hrs trying to get a human contact bc in moving and tried to cancel the policy at the end of the month. Thought that's what I was doing and then they said it was canceled on that day and a refund was being sent to me thus leaving me without coverage the rest of the month. You gotta put in just the right words to get their phone number. Plus no ability to cancel ahead of time. So long being an adult and on top of things, you can only cancel day of. Also they're cheapo nazis if you own firearms. I buy 1 expensive gun that's worth $2k and apparently they view me as a psycho and don't give the option to insure over $1500 for firearms as a political statement they no nothing about. I'm not talking about crazy coverage but, if my house current down if like to be able to get $5k in firearm related coverage. I get the cost savings of limiting it for theft but why should that matter in an fire/flood/tornado and destruction event? Cut the political BS. It's like them saying your crazy for owing over $20k of cars. Dude, 1 car can cost more than $20k. If you going to pick an arbitrary number then pick one a little bit higher...
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2 years ago, Wolfett
Horrible communication
To preface, I pay for pet insurance on my two cats. I have only been in touch with one very kind person through this company and it was over a minor issue (they doubled the last name for some reason which got fixed) but I’ve now been in contact with 3 different people trying to figure out how to upload my second cat’s precious records and not a single one has helped or explained how to do so. Not to mention the fact that when I reach out several times stating that I do not have my first cat’s medical history, as he was taken to his first vet visits by a family member I’m no longer in contact with and have no idea which vet he was taken to, I am completely ignored. I’ve been left hanging twice now. The first person just copy and pasted what the app said and both other times I was never answered. If I don’t get some answers I’m not paying for this anymore and I will find somewhere else to insure my fur babies. Update: They told me to email them the records. Are you serious right now??? They didn’t even read the review! Just saw a one star and tried to shove it all under the rug. I’ve sent 4 emails in total now. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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6 years ago, HeyNeenz
Easy peasy
Renters insurance is one of those things that everyone should have but many people don’t. I didn’t for most of my adult life. But then I moved to LA and into a place that required it. Anyway, a few months after I started my policy, it’s fire season. What?! There’s a season for FIRE? Yes. Yes there is. And I ended up in an evacuation area. I’m scared, honestly. I just moved here and most of my stuff is new. Anyway...I reached out and asked a bunch of questions on the app and they got back to me very quickly, assuring me I was covered and explained some details in a way that was really easy to understand. Everything ended up being fine where I was but it really took a load of worry off my mind that they answered by questions so that I understood everything. I’m back in New York and have them here too. We have different weather issues here and they explained the coverage about flooding & water damage so that I knew exactly what it was and what it covered. Thanks, Lemonade team!
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6 months ago, Luciditi
Pet insurance is a scam
Im fully under the belief that pet insurance is a scam now. My cat is dead and I am entitled to NOTHING because she was assessed for asthma before the time I got the insurance. She was NOT confirmed to have asthma and I don’t even know if that’s what killed her, but the fact that she had any possible breathing issue (could have been just colds for all I know) means that I’ve wasted my money on this insurance because nothing was covered. I also get fake sympathy emails that are auto generated about how they are sad my cat died but I know they don’t care at all. My cat is dead and all the money I spent trying to save her is now debt I have on a credit card. To add further injury it cost over $700 to euthanize and cremate my terminally ill cat. All that money to end my cats life and deal with the trauma of it and all this insurance can do is say sorry for your loss but you got a check up for her breathing before you had this insurance over a year or two ago so good luck dealing with that on your own!! Terrible that the government made it illegal to deny coverage based on preexisting conditions but insurance for pets can still freely do it even though it’s highly unethical.
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10 months ago, Franke Design
Sour Lemonade
Just as Lemonade can be balanced with plenty of sugar, ice, and provide a refreshing tangy treat on a hot day… it can also be made too sour. Or you could mess up and add salt instead of sugar. That’s what lemonade insurance served me. A salty sour mess. I opened a protection plan for my room before throwing a party. The policy went active at midnight. The party raged til dawn. In the morning I found an entire shelf of my stuff had fallen and everything on it had been damaged. Opened a report- instantly rejected because I put the date in wrong. Opened another with the correct date - special investigations unit gets involved and the person I spoke to on the phone couldn’t understand dates and times because of the verbiage of “morning” when referring to AM before Dawn. She basically gaslit me for an entire attitude filled awkward phone call and I haven’t heard back since… what am I paying for? Whatever I’m receiving is pure incompetence. As for the app, it’s glitchy, clunky, and doesn’t word things in a clear way during the claim submission process. Also the chat window ai thing that’s supposed to be relatable and hip is just cringe and unhelpful. What a waste of time and money.
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6 years ago, Kprobinson
Gus! Gus! Gus!! Okay Lemonade too, but ask for Gus!!!
We had a horrific situation which displaced us from our dream home turned nightmare. I reached out to Lemonade to see if there was anything they could do to help us?! My first answer was the expected “I’m sorry that’s not covered.” However, Gus said “you know what, send me what you have to substantiate the claim and let me run it up the ladder.” So, I did. Next thing I know, I get an email from Gus telling me that due to my circumstances that this would be covered! I almost fell outta my chair! Seriously!! Everyone had told me that their insurance companies had declined similar claims due to them not being covered. Gus immediately kicked into high gear as he “really wanted to start reimbursing me.” I’m sorry. What??!? The very next day, I had my first reimbursement. I was stunned, and thought this was just “the honeymoon period” and I’d eventually experience one of the nightmares experienced from other companies. It never happened. I would submit receipts and the money was back in my Acct the very next day. I honestly think I just lucked out getting Gus. However, credit where credit is due, Lemonade, although the name makes you think “small potatoes” is anything but!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you. Especially you Gus: Thanks for making me feel like I was the only client that Lemonade had. Mad respect. Sincerely, Kpr (Kevin Parker Robinson
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3 years ago, PossessedPakedPotato
pet insurance does not actually cover anything
in the process of trying cancel the pet policy i have on my dog. they rejected a claim for an appointment made AFTER the waiting period and then deemed it a pre-existing condition and ignored me trying to tell them that it’s not. they weren’t even open to a conversation about it and glossed over my attempts to discuss it. all they had to offer for customer service messages were apologies that i had bad experiences but no actual attempt at remedies for the situation. thanks for giving me anxiety attacks over my finances for weeks!!!! now i need to figure out where to get money for my pet’s medication since they’re trying to scam me on my refund too, even though i am well within the cancellation period set. i’ve heard great things about Lemonade, but i honestly can’t see why anyone would like this service besides the cute animations in the app. please look into customer service and relations, it needs serious improvement. a real conversation would have probably kept my business with them, but if they treat me like nothing once they will definitely do it again. my disappointment is immeasurable and the last 3 weeks ruined.
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2 years ago, ecgpk
A complete and total scam
My car was stolen from the garage - later recovered. What was not recovered was my work bag with all my tech in it - not only did they add unbelievable hoops to jump through to a phone system you get use to talk to anyone ,If you do get them and you sound just a little spit angry they will claim that you verbally abusing them and hang up even to your protests. They then had a special investigator tell me that I was committing fraud by using someone else’s Social Security number until I sent them my Social Security card my license my passport a picture of my very angry face background check I recently got for work that just happened to beyond hand and then she said if I contacted them again it would be harassment I’ve been asking for an insurance license number for literally a month no one can seem to provide it but they are magically I guess going through with my claim only paying a fraction of what they owe do yourself a favor steer as far clear of this outright scam as possible *don’t be fooled by their response- they are aware , check twitter and all this company does is try to keep face
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6 years ago, Rayne5656
Put this off for days - but Lemonade made it fun!
I recently got a new apartment and needed renters insurance. I dreaded messing with it because it was yet another expense to mess with. I went to find a company today and something drew me to Lemonade (maybe it was the name and hot pink logo, shout out to the marketing peeps)! Anyway, it gave me quotes within seconds and this app is one of the best I’ve ever seen. They made it so much fun and easy and I got all set up within seconds. I sent my paperwork to my dad for him to see and he said “Lemonade? Lol.” I told him don’t knock it until he tried as he owns many rental properties. When something is really cool, I want to share with others about it! If you’re reading this and curious about going with this company - I say definitely do it! Also they give money to charities which says a lot about the people this company. Anyway, shout out from Texas and I’m happy to be a new customer!!! Yay
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3 years ago, FlowerBirdgirl
Terrible for pet insurance
I signed up for the pet insurance. I The process of submitting a claim is tedious. If you are used to your vets office taking care of everything for you or even just simply scanning in your invoice, then beware that Lemonade is VERY different. You have to itemize each claim (each item on the invoice and the amount), submit the invoice (either by taking a photo or sending via email). For illnesses, you have to record a video (a bit much) as well and they also want you to submit the doctor's notes. You also have to enter your bank account info and your SSN EVERY TIME and sign that you are telling the truth each time. If you go for a wellness check up and the vet finds something, you have to enter 2 claims, one for wellness and one for the illness they discovered. I thought I was paying for a service, not just a product. I did not read this anywhere before I signed up with them so I thought others should be aware as I regret my decision. Submitting claims needs to be easier. Spending the weekend doing this instead of enjoying my dog. Also there is no way to see your claims history. Terrible!
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2 years ago, mikaela.rose.blackhawk
Do not believe all the 5 star ratings, Unfortunately they have been so inconsistent and rude, very unprofessional and have mis handled my claim so far I made for a theft, and all they do is keep playing PASS around with me to different agents and I literally have to wait 2/3 days for one response and when I was asked to provide any thing I have done so promptly then when they literally TOLD ME OVER THER A PHONE CALL They were depositing that day (2 almost 3 months later) I am then in disbelief that I call to see what the heck and they again tell me they have more questions and even after I have brought to there attention that they from the start have broken many laws “bad faith” its just what they are acting in. Simple plain and simple. If I had known how shady they were I would have chosen STATE FARM, And maybe I would be able to save so much emotional stress and all the hours I have been consumed from just trying to get ahold of them!! I will be contacting legal agencies in near future, im done with warning them, I know my rights and IM OWED MORE THAN JUST MY CLAIM NOW I FOUND OUT FROM A ADVOCATE TODAY.
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2 years ago, nail teach
Buyer beware
Everything is easy getting started then when you go to file a claim they deny you for any small thing this company is literally ripping people off and making millions doing it by getting you to pay every month and then when something really happens in the home they do not allow the claim to go through they will deny it by any means necessary I would never use them ever again I actually had a claim filed with them where my roof is for a storm a tree put a huge hole in my roof of my home the guy came out and wrote a false report stating that the roof was just fine and it clearly had a huge hole in it he took pictures that he never submitted it ended up getting new insurance am I is for a storm a tree put a huge hole in my roof of my home the guy came out and wrote a false report stating that the roof was just fine and it clearly had a huge hole in it he took pictures that he never submitted it was just ridiculous I ended up getting new insurance and my claim went through The new insurance company could not believe the Lemonade did not approve my claim
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3 years ago, jonnyjae
Slow and unreliable
If you want quick cheap insurance just to prove to your landlord you have it here you go get Lemonade but when you have a real life situation happen they take WEEKS just to give you a call back everytime I call my “advocate” isn’t available then he’s not a freaking advocate he’s an AGENT call it for what it is. I say go get with a bigger more nationally recognized reliable company I gave these little guys a chance and they blew it for me. 3 weeks after my condo was broken into I still haven’t been able to get a new laptop I WORK FROM HOME. To be honest they are not terrible they are not reliable or fast very slow service and they need more staff the app needs more options there should be a way someone can take over your case when the “advocate” isn’t there what the heck it’s like i have all my hope in this guy “James” who never answer the phone I need to get back to work. This is a small insurance company so unless you don’t care about your stuff go ahead get them but I’m never telling anyone even my enemies to get this insurance like they say if you never heard of em don’t get them.
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5 years ago, dushko89
Insurance for this day and age (2019)
TLDR of my review: easy sign up process; seamless claim experience; exceptional support. I hate the insurance industry. I just treat it like taxes. Just another obligation you have to pay for, and low expectation of what’s to come of it. I was really happy to find Lemonade when I moved in to my new apartment. Their sign up process was so easy, few clicks, after a few mins I was done. I was just happy I didn’t have to spent a ton of time trying to get insurance, and moved on with my day and life. Then many months later, I got my phone stolen. I was devastated as I didn’t have phone insurance. Who would have known Lemonade would come to the rescue?! Filing a claim was easy. They use AI messaging for submitting a claim which was seamless. Then I uploaded a quick video explaining the incident. A day later support representative reached out requesting additional documents. Support isn’t something I expect from an insurance company, or an early technology company to get right. I was so impressed with their level of support. My support rep Michael Aram was so responsive, efficient, and he answered my questions clearly, and to the point. He was also very personable and human. Lemonade is what insurance should look like in this day and age. All the other insurance companies are stuck in the 80s or something.
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2 years ago, Steelers #43
Truly disappointed in their lack of trust towards their customers!
We’ve used lemonade for our apartment this past year and loved their services. The app was very simple and quick to use. That being said, we are moving apartments in the same complex and had to create a new policy and our complex increased their Personal liability which I was able to increase it on our current plan. When I went to go add the higher policy to the new policy it wouldn’t allow me and after waiting days for a callback that I was promised but never got, I found out that the reason was because I wasn’t trusted as a customer and hadn’t been with them long enough!!?? If that’s the case then why was I allowed to have the higher amount on my old policy!? Absolutely ridiculous! I immediately canceled my policy and took my business to Geico where I got fast service, better prices and coverages, and most importantly I got my higher personal liability no questions asked! Overall I will never use lemonade again and will be recommending that people steer clear from them.
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8 months ago, Ifonar
Wait until something goes wrong…
I had homeowners and 4 vehicles insured. After the initial sign-up process, they would ask for various photos of neighboring trees, photos of my roof, water heater, etc… They wound up cancelling my HO policy due to the age of the water heater. Of course they said they sent an email which I never found. The least they could’ve done was send me a letter in the mail. I found out after the fact. Despite the issues, I remained patient, and sought to resolve. We replaced our working “old” water heater at a $2600 expense and sent pictures and documents. Still no recourse to get my old HO renewed—furthermore, they couldn’t even provide a new quote for a new policy. Really?! I had my doubts about how easy it would be to deal with them regarding anything that isn’t standard. The only thing that was easy is the sign up process—after that, it’s nothing but a pain in the neck. Came close to recommending to friends and family because of the app. Ended up cancelling the auto policy, deleting the app and switching provider.
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2 years ago, Aladynamedq
The app and service is amazing!
It’s one thing to have a user friendly app and good rates. It’s a whole other thing when you have a claim. My apt building caught on fire a few months ago. They did EXACTLY what they said they would do! The didn’t nitpick or split hairs. They were fast in reviewing and getting me squared away. My place was unlivable for a couple months and they made sure I had accommodations. When I finally made it back and my possessions were falling apart because of water damage, I was not falling apart because they were covered well enough that I could re-purchase the items I lost no sweat. They were very responsive and pleasant - even through my meltdowns (my computer and PS5 got wet so you get it). I cannot say enough good things. If you are thinking about it I encourage you to just do it.
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2 years ago, OdinZuri
Only buy if you don’t plan to use
PLEASE DON’T BUY - at least 20 hours of my life have been wasted for no reimbursement. Lemonade is cheap and easy to buy and that is truly all they have going for them. I was going to wait for a resolution on my claim but it has been a month since my apartment flooded and the last I heard they don’t plan to give us a single penny despite our kitchen being out of commission for an entire month. We were unable to be relocated to another place because they were so slow to respond. They make promises left and right and never follow through on them. I think there whole strategy is to be so slow to respond that you give up on pursuing. At first I thought it was the specific advisor we were assigned but I spoke to at least 10 people within lemonade and they were all not only unhelpful but also passive aggressive and didn’t trust me at any point. PLEASE DON’T BUY!!! UPDATE: I reached out to the email below and they said someone would call me and never did which is very classic for lemonade.
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4 years ago, JC from Clovis
I’ve worked in insurance - sales. Hated it. Absolutely hated it. Appreciate the need for it and have it; but hate it as a profession. And hate having to navigate all the different purveyors offering this and that and all the devilish fine print. Ones eyes begin to bleed. Then I found Lemonade. I was, naturally, suspicious of the seeming ease of it - create your profile, provide your address, whether you rent or own, have roommates or a Picasso in the spare bedroom, and viola! you’ve got renters insurance. I pay less than $6 a month for solid coverage given my circumstances - I don’t require much, and Lemonade doesn’t force me to have it nor do they try to hard sell me on it, either. Much obliged for that. If you’re a renter (they also offer homeowners insurance), have some Lemonade. Oh, and hopefully you’ll have better luck than I did scoring Maya’s number...lol.
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3 years ago, Mules82
Avoid for Pets!!!!
I have given Lemonade two stars because the draw of using an app for insurance is warranted, and has great functionality. This app was super easy to use, however, not good for pet insurance and what they offer versus what they pay is not what you want if you have a puppy. Dogs, especially in their first year, have multiple vet appointments with several rounds of vaccines, lab tests for worms, and flea/tick treatments. Even if you purchase the wellness add-on package which I did), it’s not enough coverage. After my second wellness visit (and nothing out of the ordinary) I have already run out of the allotted reimbursement this insurance provides. I spoke with customer service and all they did was apologize and assure me they are working to continuously add more coverage options in the future. Great! More options to pay in without paying out, and that doesn’t help me now. Again, Avoid Avoid Avoid especially if you have a new dog and expect frequent wellness visits for routine checkups.
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6 years ago, Patricio B.
Incredible service, value and team!
I'm writing this review to commend Reese in his handling of my recent water damage dilemma. My apartment in New York experienced a water main burst followed by 12 hours of ceiling, wall, and light fixture leaks. It was an absolute disaster. Not only was the Lemonade interface easy to navigate during an extremely stressful time, the prompts, guide, and call (within thirty minutes no less) left me completely empowered to handle the situation. Reese was extremely helpful, wired me $500 to start to fix the situation immediately, and through the subsequent week helped me get back on my feet. I am so grateful to Lemonade for guiding me through a foreign process during a stressful period. This product is a life changer and I do not know how I would've endured rebuilding, throwing out half my stuff, and starting over without this team. Thank you so much!
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1 year ago, L0WL0W99
Don’t be fooled.
Don’t be fooled by the cute app design. It’s cute until you have to actually use it to file a claim. I had to file a claim back in February due to a fire that occurred a few floors above my unit. My unit and several others resulted in a floor due to the amount of water that was needed to put the fire out. We had to be evacuated, and had to stay at a hotel until further notice. We’re now approaching the month of April, and have not gotten a response as to when we’ll be reimbursed for all the hotel expenses, and damages. This whole experience has been stressful and has put me in a financial crisis. Good luck in even speaking to actual person. The only way to communicate with them is through a bot. I hope no one has to go through a disaster while being in the hand of Lemonade.
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5 years ago, benejana
Get Lemonade!
I am super impressed with Lemonade. This is the first year I had to buy renters insurance as a requirement from my apartment complex and honestly I knew nothing about renters insurance I just knew I didn't wanna pay an arm and a leg since I am a broke college student lol. I saw a Lemonade add on Instagram stating they had rates as low as $7.25 which was way better than the insurance our apartment complex wanted us to get priced at $40 a month. I didn’t think I would ever need to file a claim but after getting my car broken into the day after Christmas and having a bunch of things stolen, I was glad I had it. I was surprised how easy it was to file, basically it’s set up like you’re texting an agent and they do they rest of the work in less than 15 minutes. I recommend this to all my friends and anyone needing cheap but great insurance.
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2 years ago, Smashly9
The worst
After having lemonade for about six months, my dog was itching so much out of anxiety which I didn’t know then but that created a hematoma on his ear and had to get surgery. Before I agreed to the surgery and all the costs, I called Lemonade to see if it would be covered, the spokes person that I talk to said yes it’s all covered under my insurance and that I would pay the 10% after I turn in my receipts since I signed up for them covering the 90% and they would reimburse me. However, after the surgery was done, I took pictures of my receipts like you are supposed to and turned them in. They denied paying for my bills because they said this was a pre-existing condition. However, that’s completely in accurate, even the vet agreed that is was not a pre-existing condition. I tried turning in another receipt a month later and again was denied. What a waste of money and what a rip off I am absolutely unhappy with this company and not once have they given me a full explanation on why I was denied decides to take my money from me.
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4 years ago, Scarlettkatie13
A little frustrating
I can imagine that all the other reviews are accurate for those users, but unfortunately I did not have a great experience. It was so difficult for me to get through to an actual person who would help me. I was shuffled around from department to department to finally get an answer. Between filing the claim through the app, someone responding to the claim via email and auto shutting it down without reading anything I wrote and then trying to call in and receive help only to hear that I need to file an additional claim because the first one was incorrectly shut down. I was also told that I HAD to write down that my property damage was above $250 (even though that wasn’t accurate) in order for someone to actually take a look at my claim. Normally I love companies who sorta cater towards my generation by doing everything through an app, but this time I wish I would have insured with a traditional insurance company. Sometimes you need to talk to a real person, not just AI.
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10 months ago, MaFe0517
I love it BUT…
I think the app is great and the prices affordable, I only have one (HUGE) complaint. Being insured is dependent on having the app opened and working in the background… I don’t turn off my phone and make sure to never close the app, yet it logs me out constantly! It’s a scary thought because I trust that the app is running and I’m insured, when I suddenly get a text message from Maya! Then I’m wondering just how LONG was I driving without insurance?! With typical car insurance, you don’t have to confirm you are insured every time you get in your car or think about it! Is there a way that one can get a notification from the app asking to refresh it or something? Because I do understand that apps need to be refreshed… Now, for people considering this insurance… if my issue will not be your issue, than I highly recommend Lemonade.. if I can find a way to fix my issue I give it 5 stars
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4 years ago, cliffpanos
Easily the best app I’ve downloaded in a long time
I’m an iOS developer myself, and please believe me, this app is simply delightful. It is fluid, fast, animated, and pretty, and it was ridiculously easy to get a policy (that seems high-quality) very quickly. Everything in the app is clearly laid out and makes it very obvious exactly what you’re getting and exactly how much you’re paying. The app EVEN takes Apple Pay as a recurring payment option; it literally could not be easier to get insurance through an app. On top of all of that, Lemonade donates unclaimed policy money to charities of our choosing. I mean are you kidding?! Are these people saints? This is what I needed to make 2020 better. No I am not a bot or paid Lemonade employee; my name is Cliff Panos and you can look me up. Huge thank you to the Lemonade developers and Lemonade company as a whole!
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2 years ago, JEDoc2022
Delayed Coverage and No One To Answer Call
I got a Lemonade policy for my car. Nowhere during the checkout process did it let me know when there would be an effective start to my coverage. I assumed it would be 1 to 2 days later at most. But it turns out it was a week later. I called to get this resolved. The call time was 545 central time in the evening. I tried both the customer service and new policy options. They were closed for the day on both options. Seems like they would be a pain to get a hold of if something actually came up. So to sum up: was let down on the start date and it would be very difficult to get a hold of them to resolve. I submitted a request for a refund, but I have a little hope that’ll actually get one. So I will have to pay to policies (The lemonade policy and the replacement policy, because I need a start date within 24 hours).And just in case they reply to this, it is absolutely possible to get a policy started within 24 hours. I found a carrier to do so.
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2 years ago, badbabybunnyboo
Affordable and Amazing
I just wanted to pop on here and give a 5 star review because this morning I was taking my nephew to school and a car in front of me brake checked because a car pulled out in front of it so I also had to slam my brakes, and no more than 5 minutes later I got a call asking if I was okay from my local emergency services. This is the first time this has happened and I had no idea that this app could do that, but I was highly impressed. I’m on a very fixed income and had to find the cheapest insurance as possible with the best coverage. Lemonade was in my budget (well under it), and still gave me “full coverage.” I will 100% be switching most my insurances over to Lemonade in the future because of their rates and customer service. I’m amazed!
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5 years ago, jennab522
Quality, efficiency, ease, and amazing customer service
Like a lot of others, I moved into an apartment that required rentals insurance before I was able to sign the lease. I frantically googled rental insurance and it was honestly the best split decision I’ve made. The pricing is competitive and I’ve had it for almost 2 years and just filed my first claim that took no joke 9 seconds to be accepted. The whole claims process begins in a messenger like chat and you tape a video and submit a receipt of the items stolen along with the police report number. No back and forth phone calls, just a chat that you can revisit later if say you need more time to find receipts to send over. It was incredibly fast and the whole thing was seamless and made my anxiety go from 10 to zero. Thank you so much lemonade! Don’t question getting it, just do it!!
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