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User Reviews for LendingClub

4.37 out of 5
2.4K Ratings
3 years ago, campervanpam
Good bank, but could use a little work...
This bank is good, however you must request the debit card for your checking account. It would have been nice to know that first. Also, mobile deposits and transfers take longer than expected. Other than that, I can’t complain. My account is still fairly new, so I hope things go smoother in the future.
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4 years ago, Cootersox
Great APY, meh app
I had a checking account with Aspiration Bank and loved it. They had a great app and I never had a problem with it or the bank. Aspiration used Radius Bank for their bank routing services and when the two companies parted ways my account was retained by Radius bank as part of their contract with Aspiration to keep the highest amount accounts. They increased the APY on my checking account a little bit so that was nice but their mobile app was complete garbage and barely usable. After a few months they updated their app with a refreshed UI. Their new (current) app is just okay. I have Face ID enabled on the app and every few weeks the app logs me out of my account and I have to enter my password and re-enable Face ID. The UI for the app is basic and not all that nice to use. It’s not bad but it’s not good either. The color scheme of the app is light green, dark green, black, white, and gray. It looks dingy and does not flow together. Also if you deposit a check on Friday don’t expect to get that money in your account until Monday or Tuesday as they don’t seem to process check on the weekends. Overall my banking experience has just been okay. The only thing keeping me with them is the high APY on my checking account. If they made a pleasant to look at and use app I’d be much happier.
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1 year ago, Acelawayane
The best
I been with them when they first started most ppl don’t know about PVP loaning I first found it through the Bible I was moved to some random verse in the New Testament talking about how this is one of the best investments you can make and it has keep me enough through the pandemic when I didn’t have a job the money from this app in a way gives me freedom that I won’t have worry about money or if u have enough to buy groceries pay bills etc. I haven’t tried the loan process myself but Ik on the rate that I get my money back they vent ppl to the T and I love it because they are protecting my money Biblically and I feel loved every time I place my money into my savings that and they have no fee at any atm which is making my switch to online banking to save enough more money for generations to come leadingclub is family
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4 years ago, JustinElliott
Great service and benefits
I’m really happy we moved to Radius Bank. They are an online-first bank with one branch (not near me), but serve their customers like a local hometown bank. We moved from mega bank Wells Fargo and have even better access to our money. Radius has a huge network of ATMs (including ATMs that can deposit cash). Not only that, if you go to an out of network ATM they will reimburse you the ATM fee without limit currently. Our joint rewards checking account earns us 1% cash back which is a huge incentive to stay away from debt with reward credit cards. Not only that but we have a great rate on our high yield savings account. The app can deposit checks too. The one area of opportunity is better transaction descriptions and classifications. Other than that, I see no reason to leave Radius Bank and have already recommended them to my colleagues at work.
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2 years ago, Deja Louco
ALL LIES!!! Stick with whoever you already have!
I’ve had this bank for a few months now and I CANT WAIT until after Memorial Day so that I can call and cancel. I signed up because of the 1% cash back on all signature purchases. I knew I was getting ready to make a cross country move and would need to buy an entire house worth of stuff, so this was perfect. Signed up in February, met all minimum requirement by 30 days. It’s May 28th and I still haven’t received a single interest or cash back deposit. I’ve contacted customer service at least 6 times now, via phone, email, and chat via this app. Each time they say they’re going to forward my request to be further investigation because I should have earned cash back by now. Haven’t heard from anybody in 3 weeks. Over $4k in monthly direct deposits plus checks, and at least $4k each month in signature purchases! Without cash back, this is just another bank earning money off MY money with no benefit to me. Thank goodness I didn’t close my old bank account.
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3 years ago, GoldMoney720
Long Term Banking
I’ve been using this bank for years now. I’ve always had it set as a Savings account and just threw in a percentage of my income every month. This bank has a very easy layout I feel Grandma would be able to get through. It was very easy to link to my checking account with my other bank and transferring money is made even easier. You don’t have to go through a bunch of tabs or such, it’s just there. I can even have recurring transfers if I wanted so I don’t have to do it manually every month. Changing contact information, passwords, was simple. I don’t think I’ve ever contacted customer service so I can’t even give them a rating. It’s a shame I can’t take advantage of the high yield interest rate the bank provides for having so much in the account. This bank is wonderful.
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6 months ago, kaishdbe
Stay away from them
I really don’t know how these people have good reviews they are terrible!!! I do not recommend at all. I just signed up for a business checking account and already have had multiple issue with my account mainly with not being able to fund my account, nowhere in my account does it show me how I can order my debit card, the customer support is terrible they have no idea what they are doing and when I said I just wanted to close my account they gave me the run around talking about how it would take some time to close my account and that they would reach out to me via email once the “process” is complete. It shouldn’t take much time to close my account as I don’t not have any money In it! I will have to continue to harass these people to close my account cause if not they will charge me $10 a month for having the account open which is probably why they are giving me the run around!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE SCAMMERS
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3 years ago, JAbreu610
Highly rated bank; subpar app
I just created my account today but I have already run several technical issues: - External accounts added via thier instant verification system sorta works, it added both of my accounts, savings and checking, but labeled them both “checking” with my bank name as the label, leaving me to guess which is which... - The mobile app shows the last four digits of external account while the web interface doesn’t. Thought a workaround would be to simply change the nickname for the account via the mobile app. Yay...except no. While te app claims the nickname change was successful, with a green banner across the top of my screen, it fails to actually apply the change and my accounts remain indistinguishable :( - to top the last two headaches off, the app renders incorrectly on my iPhone 12 Pro, with what appears to be zero padding near the bottom and top of the screen making it difficult to access the tabs on the bottom and any buttons of top. It’s doesn’t render like demonstrated in the App Store screenshots at all. I hope this is fixed soon, this is day one of my new account with Radius and we’re off to a rocky start. I’m moving from Simple, which is unfortunately shutting down. I really liked that app and this one certainly has a way to go to meet that level of quality. Disappointed so far.
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3 years ago, MrsEJU
Bait and Switch!!!
Do not use this bank. Everything seems great and convenient at first but don’t be fooled! Their “processing time” doesn’t start from when you make a deposit or make a transfer from another account. It begins when they initiate the process. This can be 2-3 days later. I’ve had transfers take over week. Even after the money was removed from the other account. The final straw came today when after 6 months of making deposits, they decided that my hyphenated name wasn’t valid. The customer service representative refused to even acknowledge the fact that I had a reason to be upset by this random decision. He kept using the “I’m sorry you feel that way” line. I did “go Karen” and ask to speak to a supervisor and his response was that “there is no one he can transfer me to”. Now I have to find a new bank that understands that marriage isn’t every woman’s whole identity and we still have professional lives and names.
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3 years ago, Bubala60
Great on-line bank with easy to use app
I became very frustrated with my small local bank and started investigating banks nearby and also on-line/app based. I chose Radius and “so far” am very pleased. It was very easy to add my account of my local bank account so I can make easy transfers until I have all my bills and automatic pay checks set up. There are no crazy charges at Radius. No minimum balance and when I had to call for support, I had great service. There are other reasons I chose Radius but this review is about the app. Once your account has been created the menu you are given is very intuitive. You can add payees easily and make deposits through external transfers or through scanning in a check.
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5 years ago, bosox4142
Easy to use and convenient!
I can pay and request money from friends right from “transfers & payments” section of the app. The feed gives me a complete overview of my accounts and helps me keep track of my transactions. I like that I have the ability to see a separate card for “recent activity” as opposed to having to click into each of my accounts to view recent transactions. I’m also able to see a month-to-month overview of what I spent and earned for each particular month - very helpful! If I have any questions on my accounts, I can quickly contact Radius customer service directly from the app’s “Secure Messaging” feature which feels more like sending an iMessage/text - very cool!
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6 months ago, BigBusa1300R
Good Enough Savings Bank
Pros: They actually pay a market savings rate and adjust each month to stay competitive with market leaders. They aren’t the highest rate, but probably top 3, and they stay on top of adjusting it. Cons: Money is inaccessible for a few days longer than I’d like. I just tried to make a mobile deposit and after being accepted, I got an email it was later rejected since I didn’t write “for mobile deposit only” on the back. That was super annoying. After moving money from another account or from mobile deposit, the amount just disappears into the ether until a few business days later. It’s disconcerting when you’re dealing with high dollar amounts leaving one account but not showing up until many days later.
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1 year ago, oceanjeremy
Horrible customer service, buggy platform
Having a horrible, horrible experience with this bank (for a personal high yield savings account). That interest rate is sky high, which is great for me, but otherwise everything about LendingClub is a *nightmare.* Definitely do NOT recommend. The website and iPhone app are awful and buggy and riddled with problems. Which is a SERIOUS flaw when you’re an online-only bank. And every time I’ve contacted customer service it’s been a Kafkaesque excruciatingly painful experience. The internal departments in this company do NOT talk to each other, and I’ve caught customer service reps straight up lying to me. They are often ignorant about how things in their company even work, ignorant about basic wire transfer procedures, and just overall wrong and sometimes downright rude. No idea if their loan side of things is just as awful, but I would not trust them.
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2 years ago, Techi9
So far really good
Opened a Savings account for the great rate and no strings attached. The phone app seems good so far. Had some issue integrating my account with Mint, called customer service and we worked through it together even though the initial rep wasn’t sure we got through it together and they did not have to transfer me. We cheered each other on, fun…human touch. I was going to open an account with Axos for their checking product that has all these strings attached. Has similar issue with Mint and they could cared less it seemed. And so now we have checking and savings at Lending Club! I look forward to setting up bill pay soon.
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12 months ago, Zpmqanebiojfvytrewchi
Mobile Deposit Rules Ridiculous
The mobile deposit rules are ridiculous. None like I have ever had at any other bank. My first deposit I checked the box that says for mobile deposit only. 2 hours later it was rejected. I called and was told I have to write out mobile deposit only, which I did for a 2nd deposit, that was rejected 2 hours later. Once again, I called and they said you have to include For Mobile Deposit Only at Lending Club. Let’s hope my 3rd attempt is approved. FYI-you are an online bank, you should have the most efficient rules for depositing money, not the most cumbersome and difficult. I have banking accounts at Wells Fargo, BofA and 2 local banks and have never had an issue like this. On a positive note, customer service agents answer quickly and are very helpful.
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8 months ago, IIShadowRiderII
App has gone downhill
I started using LendingClub before they took over Radius bank, honestly I loved Radius and for the past few years i’ve loved LendingClub personal. What really makes me angry is a change they made recently where instead of being able to transfer money from your savings to your checking anytime you want at any time of the day, you instead now only have from midnight to around 5 or 6 pm to transfer money. Very inconvenient if you work a 9-5 like me and do most of your shopping after work or past business hours. I would have rated this a 3 or 4 star too if it weren’t for that, the app is so glitchy, however, that it keeps it from getting a five star. Combine that with the money transfer thing and I think I am going to switch to another bank now.
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2 years ago, pupalein
Transfers & Writing checks.
I like everything ok BUT transfers of monies from your account to a linked account take much too long. Hours If not days. That is too long. And I transferred my money from a goal keeper account (like a savings account) to my checking. It took days for my own money to transfer. I finally had to call. They didn’t offer me a reason why. The money appeared in my checking account moments after the call. I needed that money days ago when I first transferred it. Also, on another account I have with a competitor, when you send a check out, the monies are taken instantly from your checking account. NOT Radius/Lending Club. It’s kinda old fashioned. I do like the Goal Keeper feature. It is a way of setting a goal money wise and every pay day a portion is automatically put into that account. Sort of like a savings account but not really.
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1 year ago, Bkdvet
Yield - It doesn’t equal service
Lending Club offers an amazing yield on your savings account. But, it comes at a price! That price is service and access to your money. If you transfer money into the account, it takes 7-8 days before that money shows up in your account. If you request to transfer larger than the daily limit of $10,000 into your account, your told, no, you have to wait 90 days. If you want to be able to have ATM access to your account, your limited to $600 I believe per day. They refuse to raise the limit. The rate at 2.06% is wonderful, but it probably isn’t worth the trouble. I know it’s a “savings” account, but if I deposit the money, it should be available to me. Nope, it’s very very limited. Almost scary to know you can’t get your money out of the bank.
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2 years ago, Girl Boy13579742
RUN From This Horrible Bank
They locked my account, refused to give a reason why, refused to communicate with me and left me stranded trying to pay my contractors and expenses. Their only communication was that they demanded that I re-identify myself, which I did, and demanded an invoice for the small 5k payment I received, which I sent. Btw the payment they’re demanding invoices for came from a legitimate company that I have a contract with. I am a new small business and this is a horrible nightmare. Still no communication on their part, no reason for locking my account, no reason for shutting my business down or taking my company’s money. I can’t pay anyone, can’t pay taxes, can’t function and am suffering extreme financial harm because of this reckless bank. If you care about your business ignore the fake reviews and run as fast as you can in the other direction.
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3 years ago, CRT1989
Please make goals easier!! The app needs work.
I was a Simple bank customer and was devastated when it closed. Part of the joy came from easily being able to create goals. While you can create goals in Radius, it is unnecessarily complicated! Why do I have to pick a picture for my goal? Why can’t I use a shared account to fund the goal? Also, why can’t accounts truly be separate? Our shared checking account in Simple was totally separate, with its own goals that weren’t linked with my personal checking goals. I think the app is way too cluttered. If they could clean up the app, give you the option to separate your accounts, and make it easier to create and fund goals, I’d be thrilled. All I do now is lament that I can’t use Simple anymore because this bank is way too complicated. Simple it is not.
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2 years ago, Mike C in Orlando
Blind users beware!
The attention to accessibility on this application has gone downhill ever since lending club got control. Radius was an amazing institution with inclusivity for everyone in everything they did including their applications. This version is broken when it comes to voiceover on the iPhone for blind users. It requires me having a cited person do everything from logging in, because touch ID doesn’t work, to filling out the two factor authentication screen which is totally inaccessible. Transfers are impossible for me to do independently anymore. Clicking the “I agree“ button results in me being shown the blurb about what happens with my information, but I never get an opportunity to agree and continue with the transfer. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Fix this or I will be going elsewhere! A very unhappy customer!
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11 months ago, TheNumber_Tw3lv3
Great rates, easy app but very long transfer times
Rates are better than almost anywhere else for liquid savings and cd rates but to transfer money it takes sooo long. 2-3 days to verify your account with a micro-deposit and withdrawal and then 7-8 days for the transfer of funds. I started a transfer on the 12th, it’s been 5 days and there is nothing that’s happened on either bank’s side. Make sure you don’t need money you put in this bank because it will take about a week or more to get it back if something unexpected comes up. Update: 9 days have passed since I tried a transfer from capital one to my lending club account and it still has not drawn from cap one. What is wrong??
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2 years ago, Lefemmerevoltaire
Best online banking
I set this account up for my boyfriend. He hates dealing with money and saving, paying bills etc. He’s old school wants to pay for everything in person. This bank helped him move out of the 1800’s. Set up the app and he’s been banking, setting up auto pay for student loans etc. Thank you for making online banking easy. And you’re customer service reps are always beyond helpful with security, answering questions, being patient and knowing how your system works making them quick and efficient.
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3 years ago, Santii_99
Optimize margins/graphics for iPhone 12 Pro Max!
The app itself is pretty functional, however, it does not “fit” the iPhone 12 Max screen. The menu option on the top left is too close to the time so it takes a bit to actually get to it. Also, the bottom options are too close to the swipe up bar and it actually covers the “Deposit” and “Transfer & Pay” so there are times when I try to choose one of those and I end up at my home screen so it’s a bit frustrating.
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3 years ago, ForthRiver
Nowhere Near the “Best” Online Experience
I’ve used Radius bank a few times. A few years ago they were the bank for Aspirations (an investing app). Their online options were severely limited at the time, so it’s nice to see some improvements. I signed up this time because I read so many great reviews about the update. However I’m very disappointed. Everything has been just okay. The customer service is okay. The user interface is okay. The integrations work okay. Nothing about it stands out. My local bank has a more polished online interface, it allows me to have both business and personal accounts accessible under one login, transfers are easy, and the customer service is great if you pick up the phone. If my local bank can pull off a polished app interface, the “Best Online Bank” should be able to as well. They also pulled in my address from a credit report or something that was wrong. So they sent checks to the wrong city, and then charged me $20 to send them to the right address. Not the worst experience and the rates are okay but it could be much better.
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2 years ago, Driver338
Clunky interface, hard to keep track of your $
This app mostly works, once you learn the quirks, which are many. Transfers use a slot-machine like selection system which makes it very easy to select the wrong account. External transfer history is frequently incorrect. It’s not possible to tell at a glance (or even several glances) whether you have transfers outstanding. This problem would be so easy to fix that one wonders if it has been designed to generate overdraft fees. The customer service folks try to be helpful but they are hamstrung because the software their app is created by a third party, Narmi, which seems to be quite aloof and unresponsive to the banks that it serves.
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4 years ago, TRRadiusUser
Almost great
The app is really convenient and being able to withdraw from any ATM without worrying about fees is awesome. I just wish the balances would update in something close to real time. Transfers take days to go through and most transactions aren’t reflected in the balance for several days, even when you do it all through the app. It doesn’t show what’s pending or what you just did so it’s hard to trust that everything is working. If they can figure this out it would be a fantastic way to bank. It’s just hard when you can never be sure how much money you have without keeping a very close eye on it.
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2 years ago, Big Bidenology
Really Good So Far
Honestly I have tried a good amount of different banks but this one so far has been the best. They are quick and efficient. The customer service is great over the phone and in the app and is pretty helpful. The card is nice and came quickly. The only issue sometimes is the app with its bugginess but it fixes itself after a relaunch. If your looking for a card with no fees and a savings account with good rates this is your bank.
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1 year ago, chefjamar
Information update
I have recently made a mobile deposit and my check was rejected with no reason why… I had to call and wait to find out that I am suppose to write additional information on the check. Which I have never done in the past and the instructions are not in the mobile deposit section on what is needed on the back of the check. Now I have to wait additional 2 more days until I can pay my electric bill, which is in danger of disconnection. How inconvenient this is for me. And you think after being with your bank for over a year, I could get the check verified and cashed in a shorter amount of time.
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1 year ago, Extremely satisfied!!!
Horrible app and bank!
Nothing but problem after problem with this place! I opened a checking and savings account. Added my other bank’s info and verified to transfer initial deposit into lending club. All good. Then a couple of weeks later had to reverify it again. Then again. What a pain! So I closed lending club acct and went with a different bank. Then 6 months later they withdrew the initial deposit from my other bank AGAIN! YES 6 months later! I was in the process of closing that account. So it caused my acct to be in the negative!!! lending club account was ALREADY closed for months! Scam company! Save yourself headaches and money and don’t bother with lending club.
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11 months ago, Scott Diebold
Many improvements needed
The ability to control alerts and notifications and toggle sms vs push vs email notifications needs to be added. Insights on spend and net worth is lack luster and mostly an after thought. Ability to manage your cards, track your cards being sent out, and just overall functionality is also lack luster leading to many more interactions with customer service than doing things self service. Customer service has been great however. The app overall is incredibly bare bones and needs to be brought into the 2020s.
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1 week ago, Oliver kk
Bad App
Fix the password reset in the app. If you request to reset your password in the app IT DOESN’T WORK! you have to reset your password on the actual web store or you’ll never receive your temp password emailed to you. Also once you actually are able to rest your password you CAN NOT USE THE APP!! It makes you use the website. This is extremely frustrating for anyone who has forgotten there login info, it took me a long time to figure this out. It’s been like this for MONTHS. Hey developers instead of sending me some bull$#%* response, go fix the problem.
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5 years ago, Christopher Keith Blue
This app is simply bad......
What happened to the ability to simply bank with this app? You can’t. No running balance do I ever seem to find when I need it. No logically planned layout of functions seem to have been taken into consideration... and speaking of functions; where are they? I can’t make a mobile deposit or external transfer with any confidence because the transaction is buried in the “feed” or simply disappears for days to reappear once it posts. It’s all very bad and unsettling as it is my finances. Radius Bank, if you are reading this—please correct this massive and I’m almost certain expensive mistake that you have made with this new app. Please!
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2 years ago, teltraan1
New app "upgrade" is really a DOWNGRADE
The face recognition drops off all the time, without warning, and there is jo clear way to fix it. Turning it off and then on again in Settings doesn’t work. Delete and reload the app maybe? What a pain! Awful app. Much worse than before the recent 2018 "upgrade." Looks like they must be losing money and cut back on tech support costs seems counterintuitive for a bank that sells itself on being so technologically forward-thinking and -acting...
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1 year ago, robbingjoe
Worst Customer Service Ever Experienced
Lending club has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. They locked my account for a reason they’ve changed every time I call them. I sent them the additional documents they asked for to unlock the account and it took them 2 weeks to review the documents and unlock the account. I called plenty of times to try to move it faster and never got anywhere with moving the process faster. If you’re a small business owner, do not use lending club or you’ll be unable to access your funds for weeks at a time…
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1 year ago, CaitA12151983
Banking is fine, app is not
The app is a mess. It won’t keep “sign in with Face ID” on for its life. And if you don’t sign out, but close out) and then go back in (talking HOURS later) it opens up to whatever screen you were last in. Then it does a weird glitch and you’re just still logged in. Seems so unsafe and then makes me question if they can’t keep an app working safely, is my info/money safe? My other banking apps don’t have this issue and always log me out “due to inactivity” after a couple minutes.
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1 year ago, Doug's MacBookProLogic
Horrible Business and Customer Service
Truly do not believe the time they tell you for processing. It will not be accurate. If you want a balance transfer expect 2 weeks before the bank will get the money. Not the 2 to 4, 3 to 5, 1 to 4, and 5 to 7 day processing time. That was 3 different people I spoke too and got 3 different answers the 4th one I listed was the time listed on the application. It was the shortest time and the farthest from the truth. This personal loan will be paid back in 1 month and I will NEVER use them again. Rude rude rude customer service that are not there to help.
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2 years ago, Kaivon83
Great but not great
Had this account and read the info , $2500 a month to earn 1% cash back on credit card purchases , cool but not great . Earn interest on cashback accounts . Awesome. Unlimited atm withdrawal with no fee , great . Early direct deposit 2 days earlier, awesome ! …. Now my bickering !! No Zelle , can’t link with plaid connections for certain investments, rather maybe all! Savings apy is not top rate either . Not enough rewards and too many stipulations to get cash back . Mehhh… may go back to discover 🤷
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1 year ago, Ugh Apple
App Issue
It has been a year, and this app still does not sign me to my account. It never worked on my iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13 mini. My password and log in information are being typed correctly because I can access the website from a PC just fine but I can’t access it from my phone. Aside from that, I have been banking with these guys for a while and it’s been a great experience. The 2 stars are in reference to my experience with the app only not Lending Club themselves.
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4 years ago, Fairygyal
Thank you.
I am grateful for this online bank for its another place to securely place my wealth. And there’s benefits with atm withdrawal reimbursement and high interest on funds. I am a continuing customer since aspirations turned over to this. As it is electronic it’s convenient for accessing your wealth whenever. I look forward to continuing a positive experience with Radius bank. Thank you
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2 years ago, Tired of gettin screwed
Don’t do it! Go anywhere else. No customer service. Wires and transfers take days. If you call and ask why it takes so long they will give you an attitude and hold the transaction for another day. For being online everything takes several days to process. Don’t do it.
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1 year ago, Arlington VA Guy
Challenging & Not User Friendly
This online bank must be new to savings accounts. Tried to link two external accounts and when it was time to verify the micro deposits, the app wasn’t telling me for which account I was adding them. I used the wrong deposits for this specific external bank and the bank linking failed. It’s a week later and after hours on the phone with LendingClub reps I still cannot link the bank account. Save your frustration and go with a more reputable online bank. LendingClub certainly isn’t one of them.
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4 years ago, natejames325
Good services, terrible design
I’m able to accomplish most things the app but ultimately it’s too complicated with its layout. Sometimes it requires multiple taps just to get to my spending history. If I see a transaction in my Feed, I can’t modify it unless going back to view Trends and then finding it to change the spending category for example. It’s very poorly designed, it just looks so like an excel spreadsheet with zero thought on real world user interaction or pleasing the eyes.
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5 years ago, Mrbanktester
Good Bank& App, but transfers are extremely slow.
I use Radius as a 3rd bank to make small purchases and transfers to buy stocks. Good bank, customer service is always available and new app. looks great!(Gives you a detail summary of your monthly spending and so much more) My only issue, is that bank transfers move extremely slow. I think a turtle can cross from California to Florida and make it back faster than Radius can transfer ur funds. Hopefully, they will improve in this area and I think Radius can make a splash. It remains to be seen.
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10 months ago, Big Dan NH
What a great bank
I wanted to hate lending club, but opened an account because of the great rate. I am so pleasantly surprised. The app just works. Connects to all my other banks so easily. Not flashy, but everything works so well. I can’t comment about customer service because I haven’t needed to contact them. Super impressed.
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4 years ago, RickM81
Mobile deposit
It would be great to get some money in your account instead of waiting 3 days to get all the money that’s got to change ASAP and why can’t you change your phone number on line I tried to change it 3 times and you still have my old number on file very frustrating
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5 years ago, jsils1314
New version
I really dislike the new version of this app. It is confusing, hard to use, and not user friendly at all. I can’t find anything I’m looking for. I can’t even log out without it completely forgetting my device, it has some new lock feature which makes no sense. I wish customer input was taken into consideration or a warning was sent out to inform us that everything on the app would look different and be located in different areas. I really wish they'd change it back.
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3 months ago, yggrrr
This could easily be a 5 star but the bank has a couple of flaws one being the biggest flaw direct deposit doesn’t come on holidays my old bank that I switched this bank for I would get my direct deposit on holidays so frustrating that even if the payday is a day before the holiday won’t receive the direct deposit until after the holiday
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1 year ago, Jeff in DELAWARE
Amazing bank!!!
Outstanding online bank. I was a bit nervous to go all online…..Have been with them for over a year now. Moved three business accounts from PNC. Was the best choice ever. Also a big bonus Savings interest rate is one of the highest offered. Excellent customer service as well. Thank you! LC!
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2 years ago, Flyscot123
Great design and great service
The online and mobile experience from radius is amazing. The app is simple and fast and has everything you need, and the bank is a great partner. One issue - on iPhone Pro Max, the sizing is slightly off so the top left and right corner menu items are hard to click. This needs a fix in next update.
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