Lenme: Investing and Borrowing

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Lenme Inc.
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4 weeks ago
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13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Lenme: Investing and Borrowing

4.23 out of 5
27.5K Ratings
5 years ago, ProundMomtoBKAMJ
Suggestion - Please allow loan requests submitted to be modified or cancelled
Please allow an additional loan to be requested if an offer expires instead of waiting 30 days. I had an offer but didn’t see it in time within the 48 hours and missed the opportunity (my Mom was in the hospital so I wasn’t paying attention to my phone or my offers). I would like the ability to request a new loan of an offer expired prior to 30 days or refresh my current loan to get an offer. This app has so much potential. Please consider these updates to make this a positive experience! Good afternoon! I enjoy using this app! I have one suggestion. Please allow a loan requested to be modified or cancelled so a new loan request can be submitted. The reason is if I submit a loan request that isn’t receiving any offers I may want to change the terms of the number of months to a lower number to pay the loan off more quickly and to attract potential lenders. This would be a significant improvement to the loan request process. Right now the app says I can’t cancel an existing loan request until I have one offer but I’d like to cancel it or modify it to change and lower the number of months I initially submitted to pay back the loan. Thank you!
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5 years ago, jerizin1208
Good start but needs refinement
I like Lenmo in general, it is relatively easy to use and I’ve been using it for a few months successfully. I’ve funded and had repaid several loans. However I often have errors with the app and customer service is not super responsive- it often takes days to have issues resolved. I also wish the app had a way to keep track of transaction history. For example being able to see when your lenmo account is funded, when and how much is paid out, when and how much is refunded. It will give notifications when a loan is funded and repaid but I would like something more like the transaction record of a bank account where I can the deposits and withdrawals. Also recently I didn’t receive notification of a repayment until a week after it was due- I don’t know if payment was late or lenmo was delayed in showing the notification- I would like to know so that I know whether I should be following up with lenmo about receiving my half of a late payment fee. I wish Lenmo was more transparent about where your money is and what is happening. When payments are late- are they collecting a late fee, are they making other attempts to collect, have debts been sent to collections, breaking down what’s been paid and when, keeping a running account balance. I expect these issues stem from the youth of the app, that improvements will come as the app becomes more established. I will need to take a break until current issues are resolved but I hope to be back. 🤞
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2 years ago, jusssbeinghonest:)))
you will NOT get a $50-$200 loan
“to ensure current borrowers are able to get their loan funded, we are not accepting new loan requests at this time” this is what it said to me after i quite literally spent all day on this app. wouldn’t let me connect my bank, when i would click my bank it would be stuck on a white page instead of going to the bank page so i can login. i tried to upload my id at least 15 times, i did it correct every time however it would say can’t verify id. emailed support they said they kindly require me to resubmit my id for verification. still didn’t work. after like the 15th time it finally said success, now time to add my bank so i can get funds and also pay them back. okay cool, finally working. success! bank account added. now time to request funds, i only need $60, the minimum is $50 and max $200 i think. so i set up my repayment date which is in a month, everything’s set up, time to get some money that will help me stay by the next week and a half. nope. “to ensure current borrowers are able to get their loan funded, we are not accepting new loan requests at this time” so you couldn’t tell me this before i gave you literally all my information? like it could have mentioned this at any step but no they wait until right when i go to request some money, thinking all i have to do next is wait for someone to fund me hopefully. hate this app. will be going online to find anywhere i can rate this 1 star. do not use this app. complete waste of time.
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2 weeks ago, ARVIN MAGUSARA
Nice so far
I like the UI. It’s very customer centric. However, the actual human service is Not very customer focused despite nice bells and whistles that the app has. It’s gets lost quickly in the face of bad customer service. Upon iD validation, I was told that “passports were not an accepted form of ID.” Well I was taken aback by this ridiculous assertion. Of course passports are a valid form of ID, I thought. The agenda explained that it was their vendor that had this policy, and told me in a way that was matter of fact and final. I didn’t take kindly to this as it is my expectation that customer service always try to help to the level r then at they ate empowered to. The very best will find a way to go beyond their level of empowerment. That it was just expected that I take this info and move on was a little insulting to me. Their vendor Clearly needs to understand what forms of ID are legal and valid and must be accepted and can’t be turned away because, idk, they lack the technical skills to build an ID scanner that accommodates the size of a passport (I hope it’s not that embarrassingly simple?)? Bottom line, it’s unfortunate that my initial pleasant interaction with your app was soured by a human that didn’t want to or didn’t want to be of true help rather than just fielding questions and reading back from a script which was the true disappointing issue. I still have high hopes, though. We’ll see.
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2 years ago, xbearS88
So you put in a request for a loan, then you wait and wait for an investor to offer you a loan. You can either accept it or decline it. If you accept it, you now have to wait again for the investor to sign the loan in which they have 48 hours to do so. If they do not sign the offer within 48 hours the loan offer they gave you is now expired! Now you are waiting AGAIN for an investor to offer you a loan. Mean while in your feeds on the app you’ll see multiple people accepting and getting loans for money every few hours, but yours is just sitting there. My frustration and confusion came from when the investor has 48 hours to sign the loan. Why would someone offer you a loan and then they never “sign it” and now it’s expired? You put your loan out there and an investor should either want to borrow you the money, accept the terms and monthly payments and its done sense you already filled out all of your part, and boom you got your loan! But everything takes days to go through and it makes no sense. If someone is trying to find a loan immediately this isn’t the app for you! I put in a loan on October 5th, got a loan offer within 2 hours, I accepted it immediately! Then waited and waited and waited for the investor just for them to never sign it and it ended up expiring. So now my loan is still just chillin days later still no offers. And it’s only for $200. I do not recommend!
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3 years ago, toad611
Who doesn’t accept a passport as a form of ID
Nice app though easy enough to useful youre allowed too of course. I don’t have license I have a valid passport in there eyes I am not a real person odd… I did assume the federal photo ID would you know out rank a state ID as far as legitimacy to get a license you have a birthday and pass a silly test to get a passport you send all of your stuff Proof and verification directly to the federal government who verifies it how they do it takes weeks not a couple of minutes and some spam mail…. Something in my humble opinion does not feel right about that. Yes my opinion is biased but you do realize how difficult it still is to go the dmv in most areas… fun. Can’t wait for your license to expire and then see how it’s so easy to get a new one or a state ID because it isn’t and you are unreasonable for that, again in my humble opinion as is this entire review. My personal opinion.
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3 weeks ago, mrbrad187
I think it might be a scam, really seems like it…
So 9 months ago I requested a loan and it expired, i still got charged the monthly fee. They been charging me since then. 3 months ago I tried again and the loan request expired again after 30 days. So I redownloaded the app and figured I’d try one last time, well it’s been 9 days and it looks like this one will expire too! I reached out to their customer service (which is horrible) and the girl Shereen asked for a screenshot of my error, even though I said there is no error, no one is offering to take my Loan request and she never responded back after a week. Ridiculous! I wanted to let them know that I don’t think my requests are actually being put in the marketplace, and someone else responded and it said to look at the help options! No help at all, but they are still charging their fees! Same exact Loans for the same amount that I requested are “supposedly” being funded, but mine just sits there. I think this app might be a gimmick and just charges you the monthly fee and you wait around thinking that you might get a loan. And they pretend other people are getting loans and you can see those ones! I’m very disappointed with the app and the customer service! I cancelled my membership! Would be nice to get all my monthly subscription fees back! What a ripoff!
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2 years ago, TeeeeeeRoses
Worst app
Have been trying to use this app probably for the last 2 months. However, whenever It came time to “Request a loan” each time it said that my request couldn’t be completed and to reach out to support. I must have done this about 8 different times trying to reach out to support to see what the problem was. They only answered me TWICE in the 8 times I have reached out in the past 2 months. The first time was right after I made the account and we emailed back and forth a couple of times, she asked me for a screenshot of what I was seeing, I sent it and then never heard back from her. The next time they FINALLY answered was just this last week, but of course their answer to me really was NOTHING about fixing my account, and they only answered me about the second part of my question to them which was needing help switching my connected bank because I had recently switched banks. They answered that that can’t be done for whatever reason, and of course NOTHING about fixing my account as to why I can’t request a loan or go forward with seeing the loans that are available as it is a “peer to peer” loan system. So at this point I am DONE trying to use this app, if you need any help whatsoever using this app, good luck trying to get ahold of anybody. Cuz the support for this app is AWFUL.
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4 years ago, Arthinon
All looks, zero function.
It’s a very pretty app, the UI looks great! The problem is, absolutely nothing works. Want to borrow money, you’ll need a $0.99/month subscription. But what does that subscription actually get you? Nothing. Nada. Zilch. You sign up for it thinking now you can apply for a loan, but when you go to that section again, it wants you to subscribe. Click the button to subscribe and your iPhone will tell you that you already have! It’s an infinite loop from there. Contacted support over a week ago for this issue, never heard from them. So that’s 1 out of 2 functions this app is supposed to have but actually doesn’t. The next function is that you can be the one to loan out money, sounds great, right? Sure! If you could actually load money onto the app. Heck, people have been complaining that they can’t even get their banks to connect. I was lucky to be able to do that, but when I click the button to transfer money, the screen shades grey for 0.25 seconds before it returns to normal. Absolutely nothing changed. Of course, I contacted support; stupid me! Never heard back. TLDR: Don’t waste your time and mental energy on this fancy tech demo of what this type of thing would look like. It doesn’t actually work. I’ll give this a week before I report this App to Apple for being useless and not delivering on what is advertised.
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6 years ago, fed up thanks
I downloaded this app because, obviously, I need some extra cash right now. everything went so smoothly in the beginning, I had just submitted a loan request and gotten an offer! all I needed to do was add my bank info, and after about an hour of trying and failing to connect one bank account I finally gave up and connected my other one. so after all of that was done, I went and accepted the offer. it takes you to a second page where you have to push the “accept offer” button again. okay, no problem. well, I’ve pressed this button probably 1,000 times and nothing happens. so I think, go check your bank info and see if it was added. when I go to the link for your bank info and click on it, it brings me to the page but it’s just constantly loading. this has been going on for about 12 hours, I thought that if I just left it alone and waited that it would load but I was wrong. I decided to cancel the request I made and make a new one, but of course that didn’t go well either only this time because my SS doesn’t match my last name or something? I’ve had the same last name my entire life, I’ve had the same SS for my entire life, and when I first signed up I didn’t get an error message about that at all. please fix your app and tell me how to delete my account because this is complete bull.
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1 year ago, kevin echeverri
Worst experience on the App Store
I downloaded lenme around 2019 and loved the idea. The experience was smooth but I quickly learned of its failures. I had multiple people never repay me which was upsetting but expected with dealing with such a new app/company so I expected it to be difficult to get help. I wrote of my losses and was told they would take the borrows to collection in a effort to collect my funds and 3 years later I’m happy to say I got back $100 out of the hundreds a of losses. Now that I got this money I tried to retrieve it from the app however there is no means for me to withdraw the money. On the app I had a old bank account and I was not able to remove it and when I contacted customer service they simply asked me for further explanation or didn’t answer my question. Multiple times I requested q supervisor while doing my best to repeat my situation over and over again, I had a old bank acc which no longer exists and I had no means to replace it via the app so my money is sitting in lingo. Their customer service team is full of some of the most incompetent people I have ever spoken to and I run a customer service team managing over 2M in yearly orders. I think everyone should stay away from this app as a investor I can only imagine what a borrower or others have to deal with
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3 years ago, Jerry ancklseonlin
Poor Customer Support
I tried setting up an account to borrow and was met with an error that said “please contact support”. I went ahead and sent out the request ticket and was met with a response that nothing could be done for me because, “Unfortunately, our security verification partners we’re unable to verify you with the information you provided“. At that point I was confused Because I had literally submitted everything from my SSN and my Drivers License what else more can I do to prove that I AM ME??? As confused as I was I emailed back asking what else I needed to do in order to fix this, I would like to use the app if possible and if I need to resubmit photos of my ID I can certainly do that but to sit here and tell me that I’m not ME is ridiculous. The worst part about this is that after I responded to the first email I never got a reply back… I literally forked over the .99 cents to use the borrow feature just for them to say “sorry we can’t verify you and we also can’t help you, better luck in the next life” like what?? I normally wouldn’t be this upset but the fact that there wasn’t even an attempt to help me just pisses me off. At this point I really don’t want to use the app anyway since it seems that if I ever encounter other issues I’ll surely be screwed over.
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5 years ago, Hellocynthia23
Would really like customer support to reach out to me
After doing tons and tons of research about peer to peer lending and reading about each and every single app + reviews , I decided to go with your app. Heard nothing but amazing things except for the customer service not being top notch. So after entering all my info and praying I got accepted I did. Finally added my bank account. In which my bank account + my income and qualifications met each and every requirement ( the whole process took about a month or so for me to do ) my account verified , im excited about being able to finally apply for a loan and boom my heart breaks a message pops up “ saying basically there’s to many people asking for loans , they need to be taken first “ which nothing the whole time or emailed , nothing about this was brought to my attention. So after all this time trying to get my account together , I can’t use your website. Which to me was disappointing because not only was I not told any of that! Nothing was emailed , no warning , nothing. I really want to use your website so bad! I’m doing this comment because I’m hoping someone will read it and get back to me. Although I would love to win the $100 , I would be happy with just a reply back and able to use your site. Thanks for your time!
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5 months ago, MyDayJanuary14th
I have had problems with this app since day one. First off I downloaded it and signed up but once I got to the part where it asks for your SSN and put mine in it kept saying that my social was associated with another account. I then start a chat asking if they could tell me what account my social was associated with so I could use that one to try to get a loan. Eventually I got a response and they asked me to give them all the possible emails I could have used so they could try to find the account. Once I did that they told me what email is on the account my SSN is associated with and they they could reactivate it if I sent a photo of my ID and the last 4 of my social. Once I did this however nobody has responded. I have tried to start multiple chats and they all say “a customer service happiness member will get back to you soon” just for a couple hours to go by and I see “ticket closed” without even getting a response. I’ve called the customer service listed on google numerous times and left numerous voicemails and nothing. I’ve even reached out via email and got nothing. Customer service is nonexistent and I’m over it at this point. Save yourself the wasted time and frustration DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!!!
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2 years ago, Ana748rfv
This app doesn’t work and don’t expect any loan. When you submit a loan you for sure will get a quick “fake” offer after you accept such offer the “investor” will never sign the papers and you will not be able to get any loan soon. This has happened to a lot of people I’m guessing this investors are just the app people trying to make you stay for another month waiting for a “loan” just so can continue paying the monthly subscription. Don’t waste your time and money it’s the worst app ever nothing works just when it’s time to charge the monthly subscription that’s the only thing they do right is take your money. If they are here for the money only and not to help people I don’t even want to know what this app people do with all the personal information provided like ss and bank info. Horrible experience and I don’t even have an option to delete my account. They don’t care about anything just about charging your monthly subscription payment. I will for sure report this app “business” is a scam. Don’t fall for the 5 stars reviews they just will ask for a review in exchange for a chance to win a $100 prize so people just make fake 5 stars reviews to win. Beware of this app!
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3 months ago, taylorraewhitmer
Lenme is a game-changer in the world of lending apps. From its sleek interface to its unparalleled functionality, Lenme redefines the borrowing experience. With Lenme, securing a loan is not just a transaction; it's a seamless journey. The app's intuitive design guides users effortlessly through the process, ensuring transparency and efficiency every step of the way. What truly sets Lenme apart is its innovative approach to peer-to-peer lending, empowering users to connect directly with lenders and negotiate terms in real-time. This groundbreaking feature not only streamlines the borrowing process but also fosters a sense of community and trust. Lenme's commitment to customer satisfaction shines through its responsive support team and commitment to security, providing peace of mind to users at every turn. Whether you're seeking a personal loan or looking to invest, Lenme is the ultimate financial companion, revolutionizing the lending landscape with its cutting-edge technology and customer-centric approach. Simply put, Lenme is not just an app; it's a financial revolution.
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5 years ago, funeebee
must be a hit or miss or a scam
I registered for an account and received a “verified” by all possibly required profile information I provided. Unfortunately, when attempting to get my rates (which I guess is the first step in the loan application process) I keep getting a message that tells me “cannot process at this time... contact customer service”. I expected that since the message gave me no other direction, I would receive that once I contacted CS, but no... instead they tell me to verify everything on my account or to get in touch with my bank??? Why would my bank know why your app is not working for me? Is it my credit? My documents not acceptable? No available loans? Some direction and actual customer support would do this app wonders! With the lack of support, no direction within the app to walk you through the processs and what requirements are expected, etc., this app is starting to feel like a scam where they collect all this personal info on a bunch of individuals, while issuing select loans to seem legit. I have emailed the company asking to remove my personal information since I cannot get in touch with any legitimate support staff outside of one vague response on a CS ticket I put in. My advice, DO NOT USE THIS APP!!!! Not worth the anxiety...
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4 years ago, DEANOWEANO
Risky but worth it when in a pinch
This app is a life saver. It just need some updates. The banking function should give the option to change primary accounts . I only say this because the customer service is horrible . Like bad . Just bad. The response time should be quicker since you are sending money out to random people. I had a closed account as my primary and of course I changed it to my open banking account ,It is still taking customer service time to send me a message back about them just changing the primary bank . That should be the easiest thing. That banking function is a problem because you can’t delete banks. If you haven’t had a loan approved you should be able to switch the bank or at least set the primary bank when you need it since the experts are just not helpful. BUT, this is a good app. Just a little clunky on some parts . Customer service response time needs to be better. It is a 5 star app because once you are approved you get money . I am rating you a 3 star app because of your horrible customer service . I should rate the app 2 stars because when a loan request is canceled LenMe never connects you to another investor you have to wait the 30 days . But for today 3 stars .
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2 years ago, schaebaebay
Please take advantage of literally any other app
This app is a very big disappointment. It’s obviously meant to be used by people who are in need of help. It’s extremely frustrating to have to get an offer on a loan from a lender, accept their offer, then have to wait for the lender to agree to the same terms they had already agreed to when they first sent the loan offer. If they don’t respond within 48 hours you don’t get the loan. It’s happened to me several times now. I’ve had quite a few different issues with this app. The most recent one is my bank account was compromised (unrelated to app) so i had to open a new one. It’s literally with the same bank and has the same routing number but it’s a new account number. I reached out to customer support to see if they could update my bank account info and they responded by saying they don’t allow bank accounts to be changed. So once you add a bank account you are stuck with it. If anything ever happens to it and you need to get a new bank account i guess you are barred from being able to use this app since you cannot change bank accounts. It’s so odd considering this is a loan/financial app.
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1 year ago, ThatBoyBigP
30 days, no loan. Use SoLo instead.
You are not allowed to cancel or change a loan request until you have been offered a loan or 30 days pass and customer service can’t even bypass this rule. The investor portal puts your credit score range, payment history, credit utilization, inquiries, etc on display. So if you wouldn’t be approved in most places, you probably won’t be approved here. And even if your credit is good, you may still get buried under all the other request. I highly recommend SoLo instead. Everything Lenme does wrong SoLo does right. Including letting you earn a lower risk score by paying back loans on time. The cost can be a bit higher though, depending on your lender, but you have the option to reject offers, and cancel or modify requests. I’ve never really been one to leave reviews but SoLo gave me my second chance in an emergency. They seem to understand the market a bit better. I have bad credit but with them my credit is beautiful. Just wanted to help anyone in a tight spot. I don’t think Lenme realizes how many customers are lost when they have to wait long periods of time for cash they need now.
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6 years ago, merk240
Actually works
I downloaded this app because I was considering taking out a loan for financial reasons. I first requested a loan then asked myself if this is actually legit so I went on the apps page and come to find majority of the reviews 1 star, most of them stating how it took too long, or how the customer service was bad. That wasn’t the case with my loan! 6 days ago I requested a loan and yesterday I got a notification stating my loan was fully deposited, as I check my bank account I noticed nothing was different... okay.. so I then write an email to the Lenmo team and they responded within 3 hours! Stating my lenders transaction was successfully initiated and it will only take 1-2 more days. And come today! It came in. I see at first when this app launched, yes it had problems but it’s apparent with the service I’ve received that they may have fixed a lot of those problems. Highly recommend.. was better and easier than applying for a loan at a branch.
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3 years ago, dude ghis kd lsyhetic
Set up
So I went into the borrower sections and asked for a $100 loan as soon as I downloaded the app. Not even within two hours of having been approved it’s my information validated somekne offered me a loan. I didn’t really look too much of the deal but it did seem like the interest rate was low and I hadn’t really looked at the app to compare. Well the person who very quickly sent me a loan offer suddenly wouldn’t approve the final paperwork. As soon as several hours had passed and no sign of this person I knew I’d gotten trolled. This individual basically just goes around offers people a loan but never actually signs off the paperwork and so you’re stuck for 48 hours without the ability to sign in rk another loan. Sure enough it’s been over a week now and I have no sign of getting ay type of loan anytime soon. Customer service was awfuI asked them to please cancel the loan because this person is trolling people and they neither cancelled it nor looked into said individual who I’m almost positive just goes around and does this to people. If you’re new and you get a loan offer from CG don’t take their offer.
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5 years ago, ben48846
Broken app
I tried this app both as an investor and a borrower first red flag I had I did 3 loan all where supposed to have been paid with in 30 days it ended up being almost 60 days before I got my first loan paid back and I wasn’t compensated the late fee and every time I tried getting a hold of customer support I keep getting the same generic email and I do get there is some risk involved but come on then I tried the borrowing portion just to see how that faired and if your someone who can’t get a loan the traditional way this may help you if the app will ever work I gotten an offer to borrow on a loan and it said you got an offer I accept it then the investor backed out then it said I had another offer and it’s the same page I had before with the previous investor that showed I had a new offer and the old expired one was still there and when I messaged customer service I get an email saying no new offer when I’m looking right at the screen on the app saying I can accept it all in all I’ll stick with the traditional way of lending this was a good idea but broken software and no reassurances on both sides it’s too easy to loss out on money with this app
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12 months ago, FundsinLend
Highest level of support
One of the standout features of lend me platform is the speed at which loans are processed. Unlike traditional lending institutions, where the loan approval process can take days or even weeks, this platform uses advanced technology to expedite the process. I was astounded by how quickly my loan application was reviewed and approved. Within a matter of hours, I received the funds in my account, enabling me to address my financial obligations promptly. This level of efficiency is truly commendable. Another aspect that sets this lending platform apart is its commitment to transparency. From the initial stages of the application process, the platform provided me with clear and concise information regarding the loan terms, interest rates, and repayment options. I never felt blindsided by hidden fees or ambiguous policies. The transparency instilled a sense of trust and confidence in the platform, further enhancing my borrowing experience.
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2 years ago, CoriR915
I recently downloaded this app as I had hit a small little road bump in life and was short a few extra dollars so I began to search for an app like one that I already have and totally love because it lends a small amount with decent payment plan and reports it all to credit bureau which is awesome when you make your payments on time. Well, I came across Lenme and read a few reviews and thought what the heck. Well as I’m filling out the application and enter my ssn, I get a pop up that says my ssn is already linked to an account, hmm, idk about you all but to me that’s very concerning when I’ve never even heard of this app. I decide to shoot them an email which they really were pretty fast and efficient with, and all they had to say was “sorry we cannot provide details about an account you’ve created, we suggest you report it to authorities if you think someone is using your ssn” lol, well yes thanks for the tip, I most certainly will have to contact authorities at this point, but it sounds RIDICULOUS if you ask me to say that I’ve created such and such account with MY ssn and not give me info on it!
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1 month ago, WHY8K
Whenever in need , lemme is the place to be!
They helped me when I was at my lowest in life trying to figure things out all over again it’s as simple as connecting your band and having the money deposited into your account and they also work with you on payments , I will say I will give them a better rating then cleo because cleo will harass and email and try pulling at your account no matter the time of day definitely would recommend lenme before cleo cleo may offer you more or better amounts to majority of people but they’re not worth the harassment if you’re already facing financial troubles and they don’t have any real customer support team to assist you on making the payments in smaller installment like they say they do on their website , sometimes I feel scammed by it’s just another app with poor customer support that doesn’t assist you .
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2 years ago, DWizardStream101
Don’t Be An Investors
Ok, I made a stupid mistake so you don’t have too. Lenme platform is good at determining low risk, medium risk, and high risk that’s a big plus. However the problem comes with a cost as do you really want to jeopardize your majority of your money trying high risk or medium risk things. NO OF COURSE NOT! Your here to make money not loose it. We’ll bad news for you can’t do that. All borrowers are extremely high risk guarantee if you lend your money you won’t get a single borrower pay you back not one. YOU WON’T REGRET READING THIS REVIEW. Here the thing if your looking for something stable with decent consistent returns this is not it. PEOPLE THINK THERE DOING GOOD OVERCHARGING PEOPLE FOR LOANS THEY CAN’T PAY OFF NO YOUR NOT YOUR SETTING YOUR SELF UP FOR FAILURE. You can give it a try I encourage you to do it but just try one and then you’ll see what I’m talking about people will not pay back. I’m gonna try one more thing on this app and if that doesn’t work then I’m done. Worse app for investors. Looking for safe stable investment like I said this is not it. Not giving away my settings I’m working on to see if it makes a difference
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3 years ago, jobsofsteven
Great concept
It keeps saying I can’t request a loan because there’s too many requests on the app or something like that. I had the free trial but I’m glad I wasn’t paying for it. It’s not great that they charge people for this but then there’s not even a chance for you to request a loan. Basically people are being charged for just having the app at the moment. Sure you can use the lend part but if you need to borrow, then you’re being charged for nothing. Maybe in the future more people will sign up to be lenders but for now I can’t even use the app. It’s a awesome concept though which is why I gave it 3 stars. Also a really annoying thing about the app is that it automatically goes to lending when you open the app and I don’t see any way to keep it set on borrowing or lending. Not a huge deal but a bit annoying and something that can be easily fixed. I’ll keep it installed and hopefully can use it one day and I will update my review :)
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3 years ago, CassieEckert012
I found this app literally at the time I needed it the most. I wasn’t sure about if it actually worked or if there was a catch, but it DOES WORK and THERE IS NO CATCH! I needed diapers and formula desperately. I made a request for $50, chose how much I wanted to tip the person who would loan me the money and then chose the date that I could pay it back. Within an hour, I got a notification saying someone loaned me the money! It’s literally a MIRACLE APP! I paid the money back a few days earlier than my chosen date and now my request amount is $100. As long as you pay the people back within the time frame that you give (it’s all on your terms), your amount that you can borrow goes up by $50! I am SO grateful for this app and the people who are kind enough to loan their own money to people like me who really need it. 100% HANDS DOWN RECOMMEND GETTING THIS APP! Trust me, you will NOT regret it!
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3 years ago, Ryline
Incredible customer support
Would like to applaud the application as a way to help people during times of emergencies. While also allowing those that have a bit extra not being used to loan out to those in need. I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum and have such a deep appreciation & respect for what they have accomplished here. Don’t be ashamed if you get caught in a financial emergency. I know I have. Please reach out and know 100%. That companies like this will get you the help you need while never, ever making any sort of judgments about you or anyones situations for that matter. I highly recommend this app for both helping and getting help without judgment. I will continue to recommend this app to friends family, etc… based on its core values, abilities and a customer support team that stands behind it and behind its customers.
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5 years ago, Icemoney01
Haven’t borrowed but am an investor
So I like the ability to help someone in need but also make a few dollars as well. As I’m investor it’s an easy process. I set the interest rate and if I’m willing to find the borrowers full amount which is a made available prior to investing (very helpful). The customer then has the choice to review all their offers and hopefully they choose mine. From a borrowers mindset, it can seem aggressive as some folks can get interest rates at 200% of the borrowing rate. I get if it’s a desperate situation but I’m those situations I feel like it’s not the best practice from the investor just trying to squeeze the last few dollars you may have. I give the app an 4 because I wish there was details from an investors point of view as to what the funds would be used for. Overall I’m happen to continue helping people and building my portfolio.
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4 years ago, jw20181989
Please Fix This App
I have tried to use this app multiple times with no success. I put in the amount and payback date I wanted, chose the monthly subscription option, and got the confirmation message that the subscription would start after the free trial. Then the screen just sits loading forever. I force quit the app and tried again, it asks me to subscribe again (IVE ALREADY SUBSCRIBED, it’s showing under my Apple Id subscriptions). I turn my phone off and back on and then try again. Same results. I unsubscribe through my Apple ID and try again. I choose the monthly option and AM NOW CHARGED because I guess I used my one free trial WHICH I HAD TO DELETE BECAUSE YOUR APP WONT LOAD. So I go through the process again to try to request my loan and it just spins and spins after choosing a membership option. My phone is fully up to date with the latest software version. This app has never worked for me. I tried multiple times at the end of last year and this is the third time I’ve tried within the last couple months. What is the issue???
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3 years ago, jackl2021
App isn’t worth it and there is no customer service support
I downloaded this app because I was in a pinch and needed a loan. I applied for a loan and received an investor offer the first day of posting the request. I accepted the terms that same day as well. Then I get notification that the investor needs to make their final approval and they have 48 hours to do so. So that was Thursday, it is Tuesday. I have contacted support probably 5 or 6 times with only one response and that was on Friday last week when I asked them what my next steps were after accepting the offer on my side of things Thursday. Now that there is an actual problem I have not received any further assistance or responses. It just says “waiting for investor’s approval” which has to be over 48 hours ago, which I think if it goes over that 48 hours I might not be able to request another loan for 30 days because of a glitch in the app? Something isn’t right and I wish they’d just respond and let me know? It will be funny to see if they respond to this review but not any of the tickets I submitted.
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3 years ago, Don't like the lag
WORST APP EVER, don’t waste your time
This app never ever works, they will not provide services to you but will continue to charge your account a membership fee. I even requested that they do charge my account and they still continued to do. Don’t bother downloading, it’s a waste of time and money! Truly the worst investment and borrowing app I have ever seen! I think it’s borderline fraud to be honest! They will not refund or stop charging my account but provide NO services. Don’t attempt their loan option it hasn’t worked in 6 months! I am not sure how they can get away with this! Do NOT use this app, I feel it could be fraudulent. I am reporting rid to Apple, they should remove from their App Store! It never works, the only thing that works is when they take your membership fee out of your account again without providing any services!
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5 days ago, Heliousz
🌟Transform Your Financial Future with Lenme!🌟
Hey everyone! I just wanted to share my experience with this fantastic app called Lenme. It’s been a real lifesaver for both borrowing and investing. For Borrowers: 💸 Easy Loans Up to $5,000: I love how I can get a loan without dealing with banks or paperwork. The process is super quick and straightforward, and my loan limit keeps increasing as I build my borrowing history. It’s so reassuring to know I can borrow up to $5,000 if I need to! 📈 Boost Your Eligibility: It’s great to see my loan limit increase as I maintain a good borrowing record. It makes managing finances a lot less stressful. 💰 Same-Day Funds: Once, I needed money urgently, and I got it in my bank account the same day. The speed and ease are truly impressive. 💲 Flexible Rates: Having multiple investors compete to offer the best rates really puts me in control. I can choose the loan that works best for me without any pressure. Lenme has made managing my finances so much easier. Whether I need to borrow money quickly or make smart investments, this app has everything I need. It’s been a reliable and user-friendly tool that I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to handle your financial needs, give Lenme a try. It’s definitely worth it! 🚀💰
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1 year ago, pippican
Persistent but patient
I have put off finishing my application due to being turned down from other loans I’ve applied for and it’s discouraging to say the least. My credit score was greatly affected during the quarantine having to live off my credit cards that I got for the purpose to build credit after my divorce. Since the score is what’s the deciding factor in receiving a loan, I’m discouraged to apply again just to be denied. Lenme stands out among the hundreds of mass amount of emails I now recieve with lenders offers for a loan. Lenme I appreciate your kind persistence, you do it in the best way, I’ll complete my application verification as requested and I’ll apply for a loan soon as well. I’m sure my need for a loan will be the same then as it is now. Tough times. Thank you for the encouragement to finish what I started.
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4 years ago, Banilla623
No stars
I had this for a while got a few loans everything was great payments came out. All of a sudden I’m being charged to use their service. Figure fine OK no big deal I’ll pay the $10 for a year subscription I use the app. Well for some reason every time I try to get a loan it goes right back to make me pay another $10. I reached out to customer service got a generic response after four days responded to them they asked for more information, I gave it to them and didn’t hear from them for about a week. Same generic response. I followed up and requested a refund of my $10 because I wasn’t able to use the app got crickets, no response. Finally went back into the app and put in another ticket just to get another generic response! If you’re going to make people pay to use your app and charge the lender and try and extort more money out of borrowers that in my book has become a scam! Never once did they mention a refund of my $10 just told me to be patient their IT department is working on some issue or another! Requested refund from Apple we’ll see what happens.
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6 years ago, Anjie07
This app is terrible
Ok so i downloaded this app thinking it was going to be a good one. This app is terrible because once i downloaded it and created an account i went to put in a request to borrow and it kept saying my address data was missing or incorrect and i put in all that information when making the account. So i contacted customer care which in my opinion are rude and lazy. They dont like helping you at all. I contacted them and told them what was going on and they said that if their information does not match during the verification process there is nothing they can do. I kept asking how are you verifying the information and i get no response about how. They just keep saying if u recently moved use your old address and im like i never recently moved, this is my first time making an account with you all this has got to be a joke. So basically i downloaded the app and put in all my information for nothing. Customer care was no help at all they should have been able to do something on their end but thats where their laziness comes in. Terrible terrible app smh.
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3 months ago, Fun_times59
Lack of funding
I’d give this site more stars, but I’m now on my 3rd month of attempting to get someone to fund my loan. It’s ridiculous. If I could wait 3 months, I probably don’t need a loan through here. Your requests just get pushed down. When I searched for mine, it didn’t even come up. Then when someone did offer to fund it, they never responded. I literally signed it 1 hour after they chose to fund me. Then 48 hours went by without that person ever finishing. So then I had to start all over. Lenders shouldn’t be able to select someone and then never follow through. It prevents others from choosing the borrower and it gives you hope only to take it away. 3 months!! It’s almost been 3 whole months without anyone lending. But it looks like lots of others are getting funded. SoLo drives me crazy, but the longest I have ever gone waiting on funding was maybe 24 hours tops. Usually, it’s only an hour or two. This is absolutely crazy to take 3 months!! Ridiculous. I’ve even paid all of my loans back on time. No reason for this.
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1 year ago, Thisissthebesstttthshadh
App needs work
As an investor, you have only 48 hours to sign off on a loan after making an offer, but it takes 4-5 days for the money to arrive in your Lenmo account from your bank! Also, I’m only seeing the option to connect one bank account. Serious design flaw here and an instant transfer feature is needed. UX is starting to age a bit and I would like more features to analyze a loan before I make it. For example, someone extended a loan on me and I didn’t even know they could do that. You also get 45+ notifications EVEY SINGLE DAY, all of which are ads that have NOTHING to do with the product. Plus, I have had several borrowers with high ratings default on their loans. The default process is so un-transparent. Very little is communicated to you and you basically have no way of communicating with Lenmo, your borrower, or the third party repo company that is supposedly collecting your money with regards to the defaulted loan. If a borrower defaults, it’s as good as flushing your money down the toilet.
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6 years ago, Goddieman
Terrible app and service
This app is terrible but i am sure it can be improved. So i signed up to test it and it doesnt allow to manually type your own address. It crashes a million times. I tried both the lender and borrower profiles but all leads to a dead end. With a lender profile, i tried to add my bank info and it wouldnt allow to add money to my profile. It seemed useless to me so i asked them to delete my profile and info since there is no option to delete account from the app. Then a few weeks later, think about 3 weeks i got a notification that my account was verified, looks like i can now use the button add money. It takes them almost a month to verify my account? Now that i can add money, i tested it and your profile balance doesnt update i think probably when the transfer is verified or till a week. I still dont see it updating. Now whats the point of this app if it tales more than 4 days for the funds to show on the profile? This means the borrowers are experiencing tones of issues. I dont see the point
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2 years ago, Kaitmanda
If I could give 0 stars I would. This is absolutely the worst app to try to work with. My very first request for a loan was accepted by a lender within minutes of me posting. However, as soon as I accepted the loan terms the lender cancelled the loan. This would have been fine except everything froze from that point. It wouldn’t allow other lenders to see my request (I confirmed this with a friend checking). It would not allow me to delete and retry…. NOTHING!! Then, the joke of contacting customer service began. It was like it was just a robot answering my emails. They did not acknowledge or help in any way with my issues but kept repeating the same crap over and over that didn’t apply. This was an ALL DAY thing and I never got my problem fixed. I couldn’t even get my account cancelled. You are required to pay a fee to even start and I’m truly starting to believe it was a scam when the lender accepted then cancelled so quickly my loan so o couldn’t go any further.
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4 years ago, Saige420
Update: so I used it and one my loans went great. The other didn’t and I reached to support and they sent me to the right team. But I have been waiting for 2 months and haven’t gotten a single reply. So that’s upsetting, this was back when they were still called Lenmo. So changing from 5 to 3. Hope they can improve this aspect of the support team and getting out money back. I love the idea and tbh this app is one the top 3 when it comes to personal loan apps. Lets alone ones that let you do the loaning. I wish the support team was better or had more tools and training, also the legal team needs major improvement for like missed payments and collections. I’m going on about a month with no response yet and I sent a few emails. But other then the support the app it’s self is clear, professional, and enjoyable to those with extra money wanting to help out others and make some quick cash along the way.
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3 years ago, CKyleJ
Difficult to actually attain loan.
Whomever came up with this idea was definitely headed in the right direction. However, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get a loan - even for those with good & above average credit. I like it, for both borrowing and lending (you can only do one or the other, of course - but you can switch between the two easily). Many improvements could be made to the app itself, but overall I believe this to be a good start to what ultimately will become an extremely successful app for both its owners & customers. Extremely important suggestion: please extend the expiration period to at least 72hrs instead of only 48hrs. Or get rid of the 30-day waiting period as a penalty for being able to request a new loan if the loan offer expires.
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2 years ago, bkr99999999
Useless App
Unfortunately this app pales only comparison to similar apps. Virtually impossible to actually borrow money. Very very few lenders. You can’t resubmit a request for 30 days and if your loan doesn’t get funded within the first hour or so you will end up so far down the list that you will never have a chance. Very poor design for this app. Adding another terrible experience. After months and months of never receiving an offer, I finally received one. I accepted the terms within minutes. And then was told the investor, for some reason, has to yet again finalize the offer they already made and was accepted. Of course, for nearly 3 days it just sat there, being held hostage, and then the “investor” never finalized and I wasn’t funded. On top of this, I was told my loan would be put back in the marketplace, but it was not. When I questioned if investors receive any negative punishment ect for doing this, I was told they do not. So any investor can hold peoples offers hostage ar anytime with absolutely no consequences… bet it wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t pay that loan back. This is by FAR the worst p2p app on the market. Run away fast. There are plenty of better options out there. This place is a scam. Plain and simple. 1 star is far too generous, if apple had a negative star rating, it still couldn’t go low enough for what this app deserves. Miserably bad customer service as well. Run. away.
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2 years ago, Sweetheartjayxo
Just ok
It’s alright so far it took me like 2 months before I was able to even request to borrow anything there was a lot of glitches and now that I am finally able to request a loan I haven’t received any offers it’s been 5 days and nothing. Also you can’t cancel your loan request to try and resubmit a new one because they say your need to receive an offer on your loan before you can cancel it which makes absolutely no sense. So far it seems like a waste of time honestly it’s pretty misleading saying it’s so easy when in reality it’s not. Going on three months without anything. Solo funds it’s much easier to work and I received a loan and have built up my score in less than a month. I will wait another week or so and delete the app if I am still unsuccessful. If you are really in a pinch and need money quick don’t use this but if you have time to wait then hey this might be for you.
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12 months ago, ricksman95
Lenme 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼
Allowed me to create an account, pre-approved me for $200, took my subscription of $9.99, when I tried to apply for a loan from on of their lenders I got an error pop up that said their “partners” couldn’t verify some of my info “even though all my personal info had been verified through the app previous to this” and to contact support to continue. Support reply’s back to my submission saying there is nothing they can do to help or change it and I wouldn’t be able to loan through their application and for security purposes they couldn’t give me more info than that. I reply to the email just to have the same message sent to me. Being as stubborn as I am I then go to the app and get on their chat with support feature and am told I’m speaking with a supervisor after explaining what had happen I get the same exact message sent to me and anything I asked after that was answered with the same exact message…. Don’t waste your time
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1 year ago, Lenmecansuckit
Worst app ever.
I honestly don’t understand how this app has so many 5 star ratings. Obviously they have people and employees boosting these reviews just to make the app seam legitimate. I have requested a loan SEVERAL times. The loan never gets filled. The loan will automatically close out and cancel after like 2 months of waiting. I’ve done this over and over and over. I don’t even need the money at this point. I just wanted to see if lenme would actually work or if it was just a scam. And after months of nothing happening I’ve come to the conclusion it’s a scam. You share your information with this app and allow access to your bank account. Then the app will just stop working. This app needs to be removed from the App Store ASAP. Solo is a better app that actually allows peer to peer lending. This app just pretty much copied solo and then didn’t even go far enough to allow peer to peer lending. I reached out to customer service probably 17 times. Nothing.
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5 years ago, solartrio
So So Gains
This app has been fairly good for me so far. It’s nice to be able to help someone by loaning them some money at a much lower rate then a payday loan business. You have to charge 100% internet which ends up only being $8.33 profit to the lender (pretty minimal for risk). It would be much better and make more sense as the investor if you could charge a small setup fee as well as the interest (it would really help with the risk tolerance), just like any other loan they would be getting. If that was the case I would definitely inject a lot more capital. They should also make a same day transfer to the loanee instead of it taking 2-3 business days to transfer them the money. It would drastically increase the amount of people applying for loans and returning for more loans. Lenmo would drastically scale if they implement my 2 suggestions.
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5 years ago, Meg-yee
Lenmo is great!
It’s really helped me out when I’ve been in a bind. It’s amazing to have an app where you can borrow discreetly from others that truly want to help you. Their customer service is amazing! If you should run into any issues or problems they reply to you in less than 24 hours. This app really takes the headache and shame out of needing to ask someone- whether it be family or friends for financial help. You have the option to break your payments down into a time period that works best for you (over 2, 6, or even 8 months) and they give you a heads up into when your next payments are. This app is amazing and yes this is a real review, for anyone reading this that feels skeptical about it! Please give it a try you will not regret it.
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