Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi

1.7 (311)
62.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Lennox Industries
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Lennox iComfort Wi-Fi

1.73 out of 5
311 Ratings
4 years ago, Justin Playfair
Not cool
I have the same complaint regarding the new app version as other people: without the animations that were present in older versions it’s not obvious what the system is doing. Yes, sure, now that I’ve read other reviews I realize that a blue temperature means the system is cooling, but one shouldn’t NEED to read reviews to understand how it works. Oh, and I happen to be a software developer myself with a background in UI design, and a fundamental rule of designing a good GUI / HMI for widespread use is that you NEVER rely on color alone to provide information. Because there’s this thing called “color blindness” that affects a significant portion of the population and, well . . . see the problem there?
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3 years ago, ranbaker
I have owned and used 5 years+
I have had my moments. I’ve gone from ready to pull it and my hair out to pure satisfaction. It’s been like raising a child. (A sick child sometimes.) #1 frustration: Lennox support does not have any idea about what is going on. The app has gone through a couple of updates. When doing so it has quit working completely. When eventually reaching Lennox support they had no idea as to what was happening. They are so clueless as to not even knowing they had such a product. I’ve never had any satisfaction from Lennox or their dealers. #1 solution: WAIT and you may wait a very long time. I’m talking months. It has always eventually worked out the issues. #2 frustration: Every update seems to have removed some features. In the beginning I recall I could adjust its temperature with the time of day. This feature no longer exists. I miss it. I’m building a new home so I have been researching other manufacturers Wi-Fi Thermostats. It appears that few owners are happy with their devices. Thinking back to business school I think I know what is going on. These little ad on features generate no revenue for the company. It’s a free-ish feature. It’s probably contracted out to a cheap foreign developer. You get what you get but it’s still evolving. Patience has no fans. As of this writing it’s working great!
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4 years ago, Starkadhr
It’s an improvement
I have to admit that until I read the response to one of Other reviews I was going to give the app a poor review. I couldn’t believe the system status was gone. Apparently it’s not... it’s there but not obvious. I’ll chaulk that off to poor communication... something we’re all quilty of from time to time. Anyway...I like the new format. It’s simple and unambiguous. What’s most impressive is the performance. Its tremendously better than before. That alone makes it ok for me. As for the system status bringing indicated by the color of the temperature... clever but not readily apparent. But, before we criticize this developer... Apple does this all the time with their products. After many years of using an iPhone I just found out that to undo a deletion in Notes you shake the phone! Who knew? Regardless, the color thing is not earth shattering.. give the developer a break
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4 years ago, HappyHarpist
New App Stinks!
Update: After repeated requests to Lennox directly, still no response to getting a link back to the old app. Since my initial review another problem has arisen. I needed to reboot the wi-fi box. All other apps and devices reconnected immediately. This Lennox app DID NOT. It took almost a WEEK for Lennox to recognize and get the app going again. I am handicapped and rely on the app for temp control. With the oncoming of winter the Lennox lack of app support and monitoring is NOT acceptable and could be life threatening. The new app is BORING and TOTALLY USER UNFRIENDLY!!! DO NOT UPGRADE!!! NO animations (needed, needed, needed!!), NO beautiful weather forecasting (just extremely downsized, barely there and confusing line drawings). I WANT THE OLD APP BACK!! This is NOT an upgrade! It is a SEVERE DOWNGRADE! Where can I go get the previous version?? I HATE THIS UPGRADE! They took away what was a beautiful app and replaced it with TRASH! Again, DO NOT UPGRADE!! Reply to the email they give in the description so we can get our old app BACK!!
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1 month ago, 775 Sg
It works
I’m using the iComfort app because our thermostat has died. Is this app a direct replacement for the thermostat? No, it’s not. But it works and allows us to control the temperature in our home. Unfortunately, Lennox doesn’t want you to have full functionality in an app. They would rather you purchase a new thermostat! The app is a temporary fix until you buy a new thermostat. And it does what it is supposed to do: Turn your system on and turn your system off. Eventually, we will purchase a replacement thermostat. Until then, the app is fine.
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4 years ago, walldiver4
Same old crappy app
I’ve been waiting a long time for an upgrade that actually provides useful new features and a fix for the one major flaw that has plagued this app for several years. Unfortunately, no such luck My major beef with the app, aside from the useful features it lacks, continues. The WiFi service interruptions, which used to be occasional, are now a regular feature. I now find that the Lennox app disconnects from my network almost every other day and unless I take the time to manually log in again it might take a week or more for Lennox to re-establish the internet link between my modem and their server. I have never before encountered a WiFi dependent app that behaves in this manner.
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2 years ago, Delirious35
One way information
The app allows you to see the status of your iComfort thermostat but not control it. Despite changing the mode from heat to cool using the app, the thermostat remained in heat mode even though it showed in cool mode in the app. Also, my first thermostat died so I replaced it and now I cannot remove the old thermostat from my account. Not a big deal but it just shows the poor controls on the app.
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4 years ago, wonderingthru
Bring back the old app. I could easily tell when the system was running now I have to guess. The app doesn’t do anything more than the last app and actually is worse because you cannot tell the status of the unit. Do better Lennox The developer sent me a comment that the different colors tell me if he system is running. I know the colors are basic but having to remember the meaning of each color is problematic. Also, the old graphic was clear concise and at a glance I could tell what the system was doing. Now I have to think about each color and what it means. The app is terrible - no new functionality and this color coding which can be difficult to remember.
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2 years ago, mdbarbee
Blank white screen
Why does the app no longer work for me? It shows only a blank white screen when I open the app. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it, but it still opens up a blank white screen and nothing more. My thermostat is connected to wifi, and I can log into my account via your website and control my thermostat there, but the app on my iphone will no longer open up and work. It has worked fine for many years. Why won’t it work now?
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4 years ago, lsiener
App doesn’t ALWAYS change temp.
I hoped new app would fix this problem but it didn’t. If I use app to change temp, the temps does not ALWAYS change. It does always change if I go to thermostat on wall. I’ve deleted app and reinstalled it several times. Talked to app tech support and my HVAC installer. No one has seen this. I have 2 zones if that matters. I even change the temp and then turn app off and on to signal a change. I’ve even changed the temp and then swiped to other zone and swiped back. The temp goes back to what it was before I changed it!
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4 years ago, Praise music 1
Update is a downdate
I don’t usually write reviews but since Lennox touted its thermostats as app-compatible I feel compelled to write. This is by far one of the worst updates I have encountered. There is less functionality and you can’t tell if the system is doing anything. After reading other reviews, I see that you’re supposed to KNOW that the system is functioning by a color change. Also, no other useful information or function is provided in the app. Come on Lennox, you can do better. Let us hear from you when you are going to redesign the app to be truly useful or give us the old one back.
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3 years ago, EliTheWolf
Works, but room for improvement
There is one annoying bug that really bothers me. If you load the app, change the temp, then immediately minimize the app, sometimes the new temperature doesn’t get synced to the thermostat. You have to change the temperature then wait about 10 seconds before minimizing the app to make sure it actually syncs. This should be easily fixable but it has existed for as long as the app has existed. I would also love to see some sort of Alexa/Google/HomeKit support.
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4 years ago, Gldwgzylwicz
Prototype quality
A shockingly bad app. I had a new thermostat installed for $1000 today. The old one failed after only 5 years. My WiFi is working and the new thermostat is connected to it, but the iComfort app is somewhere lost in space. It can’t connect to the WiFi which it has been connected to for the last 5 years and dead ends in an error message page from which there is no exit to, say, a trouble shooting page like any other app. Surprisingly, the only option is to call Lennox and pay for a technician. A real step down in app and Lennox service quality.
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4 years ago, Techie 99
Don’t know when system running
Like the other reviewers I did’t know that the color change indicates when the system is running. Should state this in the app window. Besides this I like the enhancements added. An issue I found is it can take many minutes until temperature change made in app actually happens at thermostat. Perhaps the developer can improve this.
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4 years ago, ShelbyGT500
Even the new version is unacceptable
Sorry but the version states it adds text. Lacking a real view that does not come close to the competitors. Missing external temperature which should be a direct feed based upon the location. Also there is an assumption that the color of the text can seen by all people versus the past version of this same product it was easy to see. Lennox your app developer personnel should be replaced with developers who understand air comfort systems and proper customer friendly interfaces. This one is not.
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3 years ago, shamful fox and terry
Don’t waste your time. For the past year or 2, all I keep getting is your Icomfort is offline. Please check your Wi-Fi. But my Wi-Fi is fine. I called numerous times. It’s always some issue where their servers aren’t picking up my thermostat. I do everything they say and then connect for a day or 2 and back offline. On top of it customer service isn’t available on weekends if it’s a/your rental/vacation home. Go elsewhere for your own sanity. This product/company has gone downhill fast…
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4 years ago, aacura98
Previous version is find. On thus new version look new but i wanna see is running at the moment like the snow flakes when its actually on cooling. And when the system on cycle, the animation flakes stop. Please include back the animations so i could see if system running. Update: after reading review found out that blue on temp. Is cooling is running, white is on cycle. I can read minds for app developer.
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4 years ago, bkennedy5359
Revision is awful and now will not work
This revision, as others have noted is positively awful. It has become so much less user friendly. Today I changed my password online. The Samsung Galaxy version of this app allowed me to change my password. But this horrible iPad app just returns errors and won’t give me the ability to change my password. I even uninstalled and reinstalled it twice. So now the app is completely useless because it won’t even work. Lennox, please just let me go back to the previous version.
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2 years ago, i hate Lennox
The Lennox iComfort Thermostat last almost to the day that the warrantee runs out and then stopped connecting to my iPhone, iPad, etc. Unbelievable!! Tried to contact Lennox and waited for one full hour before getting someone who apparently was clueless — in the middle of the conversation they cut me off. Worst HVAC experience EVER!!! NEVER AGAIN! What a terrible company. Their product is garbage. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY AND THEN YOUR TIME TRYING TO GET SOMETHING FIXED. They should not be able to sell their product as it is one frustration after another!!!
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4 years ago, i am d2
Very poor update(s)
We ended up choosing a particular furnace setup since my sight impaired mother could use the app to change settings through accessibility features. It worked very well. However, the recent update(s) have made it impossible for her to change settings, and harder to monitor, rendering the app virtually useless. The app seemed fine before the updates. Now it looks worse and is less accessible. Not sure what the developers had in mind with the changes but it made things worse for sure.
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4 years ago, Hot/cold on this app
Connectivity issues
Never had a problem with the old app. The new version is terrible. The old app connected with the thermostat without issue whether I was at home on my WIFi or on my cellular network but with this new update regardless of whether I am on WiFi or cell network the connection usually fails with this new version of the app. Please fix these issues or just restore the old version otherwise my “smart thermostat” is useless and becomes just a standard run of the mill thermostat.
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4 years ago, trgsrv
Much worse than old app
Instead of improving things by adding precise monitoring of AC on/off time history and energy usage like the nest does they stripped this down to where you can’t even edit a custom schedule. Maybe it’s buried in the there somewhere but it’s certainly not obvious. While I am not a fan of the custom schedule edit process on the thermostat they could have used the app to make a better one instead of deleting it. Come on folks, do better. Go buy a nest thermostat and get a clue what people want.
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2 years ago, 8080Texas
Used to work
This app worked great for many years. Today I opened it and it don’t load I get nothing but a white screen. You cannot send an email to support and that’s ridiculous. They want you to call and then your in the dreaded phone system I don’t have time for all that holding or transferring. Provide an email address for support
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1 year ago, hill to hill
Poor app load
The app is very slow to load a second thermostat if you have to units in your home. First thermostat loads data pretty quickly but can take up to 2 minutes to load the second thermostat. I also don’t see a way to swap the order of thermostats if you access one more then the other it would be nice to reorder which one comes up first.
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2 years ago, Kreckster
How is there not a class action suit yet?
I inherited this thermostat as part of a system that the prior owner purchased. I love the variable speed system, it’s top of the line. But Lennox designed this proprietary system to make sure owners can’t use a nest or ecobee or a truly smart thermostat. When I contacted a dealer to explore my options, they told me that Lennox decided to discontinue this model but would happily sell me the “upgraded” S30 version for $1000. Consider me one of the thousands of unhappy and trapped customers.
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4 years ago, Boojumbuddy
Worst app I have ever attempted to use
This app worked with my thermostat for two years after my Lennox installation. For the past three plus years it will not stay connected to Wi-Fi no matter what I do. Everything else I have that connects to my Wi-Fi works perfectly. And there are MANY things that connect to it. Adjustable bed. Garage door opener. Apple TV. And on and on and on. This thermostat has been a piece of junk for so many years that I won’t even attempt to use this new version. Good luck to you all.
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4 years ago, DaleSF
A celebration indeed!!
I’ve been waiting for an update for years. The new layout is easy to read and so far functions beautifully. So much easier to use. I hope this is a trend of future enhancements and improvements. Like a history of usage? Energy consumption. Etc. but seriously. Thanks for this update. Very nice!!
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4 years ago, ttin0msn
Add zone names
I really like the app it’s simple and easy to use. Red means heat and blue means cool don’t know why others are so confused? My complaint is that I have a zoning system with 4 zones. Please add a way to customize each zone with a name: upstairs, basement, master bedroom, etc. currently the zones are labeled 1 - 4 and it’s hard to figure out which zone controls which area of the house? Todd
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4 years ago, Raptor-01
A real set back
The previous version was working just fine. In this new version, the only way you can tell that the system is on is the color change of the temperature number. In cooling for example, the number changes from white (off), to blur (cooling). The previous version had animations for cooling (snowflakes) and heating (red radiant wave). Please bring back the animations!
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4 years ago, V-Powered
We’re not mind readers
The team involved in developing this app must have thought we are mind readers. How do you think that we would have known that when the system is on that the temperature turns blue (cooling) or red (heating)? I’m glad I checked out these reviews to find out this info. A quick popup when opening the app for the first time would have been helpful.
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3 years ago, QTbgud
Feature Lean
That app functions ok once you understand its design language. Simply layout is nice but so many other features could easily be added by pulling info from Lennox thermostat such as outdoor temp/humidity, programming capabilities and as so many have noted, animations to indicate cooling/heating status…just for fun.
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4 years ago, Baller 1234
Worst Update Ever
This company of “professionals” took a fairly decent app and made it infinitely worse. The layout must have been drawn by someone’s 5 year old on a ‘bring your child to work day’. The genius who put the logout button at the bottom of the page where your finger hits it every time you close the app should be fired. Gone is the similar view of the thermostat, replaced by a cartoonish useless mishmash. The air conditioners are good but beware of awful Thermostat apps.
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4 years ago, DGA_Director
Huge improvement!
Thank you! Nice clean look. No more issues with those dials not holding the temp you try to input. Now has the ability to set programs. Only thing I see missing is outside temp. So long overdue. I see someone has been making the most of their COVID quarantine time!
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4 years ago, DaSuss
Cool graphics. Less function.
In a continuing saga of disappointing tech from Lennox, the new mobile app looks pretty, but it no longer displays status of system, only selected goal. The website does show system status, however. So why not the app? Why HAVE the app when it’s inferior to the website? Please fix it.
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1 year ago, Lu Gunn
The app + the air system leaves much to desire! We can’t control the humidity settings (from this app) or any other setting besides temperature (heat/cool) and fan mode from this app. One must be at home to change any settings beyond temperature and fan mode!! How truly lame! Lenox AC/Heat system central humidifier doesn’t work well making a mess out of the windows! Even in the lowest of humidity settings, the humidifier creates severe condensation on glass surfaces (such as glass doors and windows) which in turn mold and rotting wood!! After paying a ton of money, I’m not happy at all with this system.
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2 years ago, Big Steve 1946
Needs to be updated
Ever since I updated my iOS to 15.4.1, this application is stopped working, all I get is a white screen! The original version that mirrored the thermostat display worked, and I have had nothing but trouble with this version. Is Lennox ever going to fix this application, or am I going to have to replace my thermostat with one that has an iPhone/iPad application that works?
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4 years ago, wjtaggart
Worked for a few days?
On iPhone XS, iOS 13.5.1 (current), it worked after installation. It worked when I changed the “cool to” (big improvement). However, now, I just get a spinning circle upon opening. I can get to my thermostat via the website, but not the app. Whoops, right after this review, tried again, and it worked. :-)
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4 years ago, Abbottboy
New Version is a Failure
I hadn’t logged on to the app in a while and I found the new version shows my thermostat is offline. I checked the thermostat and it is connected to Wi-Fi. So the problem seems to be the app. The new interface is simplistic and provides no way to reset itself or the thermostat. I am very disappointed with this “upgrade.”
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3 years ago, fixdna
WiFi connection and date/time
I hope Joe S finally called Lennox. I assumed the message that the error was at their end; the help desk guy said manually resetting the date and time was needed. He was right. In my case the date had reverted to the birth year of the device after the unit was powered off overnight.
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3 years ago, acurioustongue
This app has become a piece of cr...
Used to work great. About a month ago it started coming back with device offline errors. Checked the thermostat and the device is connected no sweat. Today I’m just getting a white screen with a spinning wheel of death. My smart thermostat is acting pretty dumb and because of the performance of this app is likely headed for the landfill.
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4 years ago, RKS Music
Not user friendly
Previous version was ok why change to this less user friendly. Doesn’t let you do much Doesn’t show real time temps out side freezes into one temp sometime during day and sticks. Cannot clear error messages and doesn’t allow changing if you did maintenance.
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4 years ago, lenox user
When a developer has to reply...
I didn’t realize how many people were as disappointed as I was with the upgrade of the app. First, I wish the app mirrored the functionality of the actual thermostat. Second, I can’t believe how many responses the “developer” made to ratings. Clearly there was a fail in communication/ change management. Hope someone pays attention to all this VOC!
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3 years ago, Aqua 4x4
App stopped working
I’ve never had a problem logging into my app but now I can’t log in. It gives an error stating user name and password is incorrect, but goes to a blank white screen and no way to area to add user name or password. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled numerous time but same issue!! This needs fixed ASAP.
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4 years ago, drw66pred
System Running Indicator
Just a note for those who might have missed it- you still can see if the system is running- the temperature turns blue when cooling- I assume it turns red when heating. The temperature is white when the system is not running.
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2 years ago, Keatsmrs
App stopped working
For the past two days when I open the app to adjust the temperature on my furnace, the screen is completely white. I tried re-booting my router, uninstalled then reinstalled the app. Still nothing. Up until now I have never had an issue with the app. Any suggestions appreciated.
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4 years ago, WilkStep
Update is ok, but lost a feature
The new update is ok, but we lost the feature of seeing when the unit is running (when the system is actually cooling or heating). Please bring that back.
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1 month ago, Syates16
Works pretty well for changing the temperature or fan setting. Mostly *doesn’t* work for changing between programs (winter to summer). It will often show the program changed in the app but is not set on the thermostat.
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2 years ago, Majesticu
This app and the thermostat do not connect to Wi-Fi
Neither your app nor your thermostat connect to wifi for any length of time. It crashes constantly. What is the point of bringing out new versions if they are worse than the previous. Your customer service is a joke. I’m very disappointed in this thermostat system.
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3 years ago, Gas cheapskate
Garbage thermostat
I learned recently that my Lennox heating/AC system requires using iComfort thermostat. The software in this thermostat is crap. So I’m stuck with a very inferior thermostat! And should I ever need to replace the thermostat, I was told a new iComfort thermostat costs $800!!!! Needless to say, I’ll never again purchase a Lennox. And I strongly recommend to anyone reading my review to go with another manufacturer.
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5 months ago, HHKBrookview
Worst UI ever
Its perplexing to me that a Company that can develop and manufacture reasonably high quality products cannot offer a web or mobile app experience that’s even remotely current. The UI is circa late 90s. This will put Lennox out of business as the poor UI tolerance threshold for new consumers is very low. Hire a front end developer and UI designer pronto.
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